Bigg Boss 13 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Vishal becomes the game changer

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Bigg Boss 13 12th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 45
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song kaam kar. They all dance.

8:30 AM
Sana and Sid are in bed. Shefali asks if they are friends again? They nod. Asim says love is love. Sana says this is a silent friendship. Sid says we should have gone to roam around at night.

10 AM
Vishal asks Sana if she is happy? Play strongly. Sana says I want to play for myself. Vishal says you are right.
Devo tells Paras that she comes to you when she has a problem. Paras says Sana has a problem with Mahira. Rashami says both have a problem with each other. Mahira says no, I just tell her when I feel bad, I am not jealous of her. Rashami says I am not talking about jealousy. Paras says she said that she is standing with me and she won’t go back to Sid now.

12 PM
Vikas tells Arti that people are waiting for Arti outside. Vishal says what is going on. Vikas brings Vishal to Arti. Sid says to Arti that you always say that Vishal is good looking. Sana says you also said that if you make a connection with Vishal then you will marry him. Arti laughs. Vishal says let’s do it then. He hugs Arti. Arti blushes. All cheer for them. Vishal asks Arti if she seriously loves him? Arti says you are a good man. I like you. Sid says she accepted the guy. All laugh. Sana says let’s bring the guy and marry them. They pull Arti and Vishal in the bedroom. Mahira cries saying that they took my girl. Vishal takes off Arti’s veil and says my bride is here. He holds Arti’s hand. All clap for them as they exchange rings. Devo tells Rashami that they are upgrading the relation when it was not even there, should we marry each other? Rashami says you leave it, my love is jumping around. Mahira says what love? Devo acts like filling Rashami’s forehead with her blood. Sana asks Vishal and Arti to kiss so they can censor it, all laugh.

Vikas and others are cooking in the kitchen. Rashami asks Vikas to tell them that food is ready. Vikas comes to Sid but Asim says that we don’t each bhurji so why did you cut the veggies for us? Sid comes to Arhaan and asks if they didn’t cut veggies for them? Arhaan says I am making the food for everyone. Paras says we will make the food that the majority is eating. Paras says if they want special food item then they can make it. Sid says this is their job so they have to cut the veggies for us. Chopping is part of the food making. Shefali says all will do the chopping.

12:30 PM
Devo tells Shefali that tell all the clean people to keep the food capped as it’s not good to leave it open. Shefali says don’t leave the food in an open container. Arhaan says I keep cleaning the tissues here. Sid says you leave your glasses everywhere, you people talk about cleaning but you are the most unhygienic people. Devo says you are the good man, you are the right one and all are wrong. Sid shows the dirty items on the kitchen slab and says this is cleaning? Rashami says keep doing it. Sid says this is what Rashami Desai too. Rashami says you can’t do anything without me? Sid says yes my life is revolving around you. Rashami says I like that.

12:15 PM
Kisari talks in bhojpuri. Sid says talk in English. Kisari says you talk in English the whole day but I don’t ask you translate. Sid says he talks without any reason. Kisari says I am not clever like you, you have a problem with food. Sid says what do you want to solve? Kisari says you have a problem with rice. Sid says then tell Bigg Boss that throws me out. Kisari says I was not talking to you. Sid says good. Kisari says why you get so hyper? Become normal, talk like a man, why you are so angry about such small things? I am not a meter that like you, you keep running like a meter. All laugh. Sid says keep talking and laughs. Kisari says don’t laugh in a fake way.

12:30 PM
Sid asks Devo to sit down. He is chopping and says you can sit here. Devo says you look good when you are calm. How are you now? Sid says I am fine, how about your back? She says it’s off. Paras says who ate the eggs? He counts everyone. Devo tells Sid that you look nice when you smile. Paras asks Sid if he is eating the eggs? Sid says yes, Asim gave it to me so I don’t know, why do I have to tell you about all the eggs? Paras says we don’t count rotis of others like you. Sid says you said you are bankrupt so stop it. Devo says to Sid that you like to fight with everyone? Sid says you people fight together unlike me so I have to take on everyone. Devo says I really want you to remain happy.

Arti asks Sid what was Devo talking about? Sid says she wants to sit and talk to me, she likes it when I smile. Arti says she just wants to be everywhere. Sid says she is a dumb-ass that thinks that she is cool. Arti says I think that Devo is jealous of Sid. I am not talking about Rashami but Devo.

Sid asks Asim that you left when you wanted? Asim says I was silent after making the eggs. Sid says I was not talking about the eggs. Mahira says this is such a childish thing. Asim comes to Paras and says how many eggs did you guys take? Why did you ask Sid when you know how many eggs we take daily.
Arti tells Sid that I trust Asim but sometimes he wants to look good and doesn’t fight with others. Sid shouts at Paras that we don’t ask you how many eggs we eat. Sid says you are not rationing anymore Paras. Paras says I never ask you people how many eggs you are eating. Arhaan tells Devo that it was Asim’s topic but Sid wants to fight with everyone.

1:30 PM
Asim tells Sid that I don’t know what Arti and Sana are telling about me to you but you know you can’t trust Arti, I don’t care what they think about me. Sid says I am angry with you, you didn’t listen to me. Asim says I didn’t know your point and I was in the towel so I had to leave.

Vishal tells Shefali that we are working the most. Devo tells Shefali that Sid doesn’t work in this house. Shefali says he can’t cook, I can ask him what he can do. Sid says you already decided the duties so why you want to please everyone? These people have been doing nothing.
Shefali asks Rashami what she wants to do? Rashami says I can wash the dishes and clean the garden. Asim says we have already decided on the duties, you can’t keep changing them to please everyone. Rashami says we are not talking to you. Sid says we will talk when you allow us? Devo says you have done nothing in this house. Sid says I have been for nothing, stop with this fake acting.

2 PM
Vishal tells Shefali that you think all are working equally? Shefali says everyone has an issue, you can go and talk to them. Vishal comes to Sid. Sid says you are wasting your time, I have done these duties for a whole month. Mahira is just doing one duty. Mahira says don’t take my name. Sid says I will when I want to. Mahira says get lost, don’t talk to me like that. Sid says get lost. Sid tells Vishal that these people don’t clean the house and now talk about cleaning. Devo says it was clean till yesterday. Sid says I am not talking to you.

2 PM
Devo tells Kisari that Sid sees others helping us but he thinks we are professional cooks.
Sana tells Shefali that if you have given the duties then why keep changing it? Vishal says I should have my thought process in the house too.
Devo tells the camera that he doesn’t do any work and just make chopping an issue.

2:45 PM
Arti tells that she doesn’t want to work that was given to other people, the living room is not my duty. Sana says I can clean the living room with Vishal. Vikas says I cleaned the living room. Asim says he doesn’t have to tell Arti about all the cleaning that he is doing, I will tell Shefali if I want to. Arti says I was considerate with you Asim in my captaincy. Sid tries to talk to him but Asim that Arti you are not the captain anymore, why you are telling others that they are not working, why you keep entering others’ business. Sid says listen to me. Asim says I don’t give a shit. Sid asks him to calm down, nobody is saying anything to you. Arti says to Asim that I was so lenient with you and then you said that I was not a good captain? Asim says it was a give and take, you didn’t save me, we made you the captain. Asim tells Sid that we talked about Sana also that we don’t trust her but she came to you for 2 minutes and you changed your mind, she is back with you. Arti says very good Asim.
Kisari tells Paras that he is doing so many sins. Arhaan says he has no logic.
Vikas tells Asim that others are enjoying your fight. Asim says Arti is shouting too. Sid says we have disagreements but why are you shouting? We never shout we listen to each other, we are aggressive but we listen to each other. Asim says she started it. Sid shouts that I made her silent too. Asim says you are shouting too. Shefali asks Asim to calm down, we are not with Arti. Asim says I don’t need anyone, we are not shouting. We are friends so we might fight. Arti tells Asim that you taunt me that I don’t care about Sid now. I feel bad. Asim says well played Arti and leaves.

3:15 PM
Sana tells Asim that you need to understand the things. Sid says you have a problem that your ego is very big, this was the same as me but you can make it fine, don’t become their version of yourself. Asim says Arti said that she was right about me. Arti comes and says I am sorry.

4 PM
Devo is crying in the washroom. Rashami goes into the washroom and asks what happened? Devo says I am angry, that Sid is useless, she slaps herself and says why no one talks in front of him? Paras didn’t say anything too. Rashami says I was with you. Devo says he looks bad.

4:15 PM
Shefali reads the task ‘demon’. There are caves made in the garden. Inmates will have to be afraid of the demons. Asim, Vishal, and Arhaan will be the demons and others will be villagers. When the buzzer plays, the demon that comes out of their cave first will be able to break the plate of one inmate. That inmate will be out of the captaincy race. At the end of the task, whoever has their plate safe will become the contender for captaincy and the demon which has broken the most plates will become the contender too. Villagers will also put things in the caves as to block out the demon that they don’t want to come out.

4:30 PM
Sid says to Shefali that Arhaan will take time to understand the things. We can talk to Vishal. Vishal talks to Sid. Sid says they will attack Asim and we will try to block Arhaan so you are safe. We are on same page. Vishal says I will make you the captain. Sid says that I won’t become the captain. Vishal says to Sid that I really want you to become the captain as you are the strongest person.

Vishal comes to Paras’ team. Paras says we will fill Asim’s cave only. Arhaan asks if you will come out or us? Vishal says let me see the task first.

Sid tells Asim that we are not filling Vishal’s cave, we don’t have another chance, we can trust him for now.

Paras tells Arhaan that you or Vishal should come out only.
Buzzer plays, all the inmates start filling the caves. Paras fills Asim’s cave. Arhaan, Asim and Vishal sit inside the cave. Buzzer plays and Vishal runs out. He breaks Kisari’s plate as he thinks he is not strong enough to handle the house.

5 PM
Sid tells Shefali and Vikas that we have to trust him for now.
Paras tells Vishal that if you have to then break Sid’s plate first and then mine. Arti comes and tells him to think about yourself first, you can become the captain so play for yourself first. Vishal says yes. Arti says then don’t tell this to anyone, I want you to become the captain so play for yourself.

5:30 PM
Vishal tells Mahira that if I win then I will want to become the captain. Mahira says I understand that I just want you to break my plate after Sid and Sana only, I don’t care about anything else. Buzzer plays, they all run to get out of the cave.
PRECAP- Asim tells Sid that they have filled my cave so much, you should have stopped them. Sid says yes, we are doing nothing. Asim says I didn’t mean that.
Mahira asks Shefali to not shout. Shefali says what can you do? Mahira moves near her. Shefali asks Mahira to not push her, Mahira says don’t you dare touch me.
Asim tells Vishal that you are climbing a ladder and at one point, you will fall down and Sid knows that.
Sid tells Vishal that at one point, you have to choose one side. I think you will do a mistake and will choose someone from them, I just want you to take out Rashami and Devo from the task, if you are on my side then I am with you. Vishal says is that so?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Subhashini.As

    Mr Atiba.. Pls update fully am waiting for ur update

  2. Ye shukla rashmi ke piche kyu he sooo irritated and today devo also overreacting ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ my favourite rashmi

    1. Reshmi my foot is the most irritating person in the house.She does not have respect for the host Salman ur eyes before itโ€™s too late.Reshmi just has one mantra shukla shukla and shukla

      1. well said Sherly…. such an arogant lady rashmi is.. she thinks she is a queen of the house, but pathetic she is…

    2. Ass**** Rashmi

    3. Anjali dhurandar

      @shabnam. I totally agree with you. Shukla is so fuc***ng annoying. I used to think none can be more irritating than Deepak Kalal. But Shukla proved me wrong. Deepak kalal to bhagwan h iske saamne. Shukla to irritating

  3. Ab tak mein bas ek silent reader thi but yeh episode dekh ke i was really very angry. How can devo speak like this?? Woh kaise bol sakti hai ki agar aap samajh nahi sakte toh woh aapki problem hai hamari nahi. Jis show mein aayi hai uski izzat kare atleast audience ki toh izzat karni chahiye. Aur sabko khana khilana ek humble deed hai. Woh isko bhi ganda dikha rahi hai. Shilpa Shinde ke baare mein itna bola jab woh cooking karti thi aur khud ki baari aayi toh sabke liye banane mein problem ho rahi hai. She is humiliating everyone jo apni family ke liye khana banata hai. She is pathetic. Bahut mann karta hai ki vivo caller of the week ban kar devo se yeh question puchu. Yeh aurat kuch nahi kar sakti hai bas gopi vahu ban ke roti rahe. Worst contestant of bigg boss. Horrible

  4. I just hope now people open their eyes. Sid is after Rashami. Rashami is not after Sid Disgusting Shukla. He doesn’t respect any girl

    1. yeah rashmi didn’t talk to him first he is the one who instigate others and says everyone targeting him
      well unlike his group rashmi’s team is standing for themselves

  5. Debo abuse Sid for no reason .rashmi again argue with him.all want to take out strongest contestant thatโ€™s all .Sukka team wins.

    1. Debo is the most cunning contestant n rashmi is taking the place of mahira. So irritating

    2. Shukla is so annoying . How can anyone tolerate him inside. And I think its easy to support someone like shilpa shinde for you guys. Always with the the ass*****

  6. Okay they proved it they really gang up on shukla and his mates,there was no need for all of them to sit there when shukla and his team were having breakfast, I didn’t see none of them interfering while they having theirs then why were they sitting there pinning them?and when they’ll react they all will act like victims like debo in bathroom did. This is exactly what salman was talking about, paras understood it and stayed as a normal human being do while others, especially debo & mahira, kept instigating shukla…they’re giving him attention themselves like until they fought with him he was completely off the show all of them are idiots and serving shukla trophy on silver platter

    1. mahira didn’t talk to him until he says mahira name in bedroom

      1. She was sitting in kitchen area and sarcastically smiling while looking at shukla while khesari and him were fighting she even passed few comments..her group has already have had their breakfast and were only sitting there to taunt shukla’s geoup

  7. joke of the year sid saying you have ego to asim
    well sid has more ego than him
    its asim’s wish with whom he talk or yell and in what tone
    why does he need to bottle up his frustrations when he is getting upset with his group
    sid can yell for small matters but again done by asim he says don’t shout
    asim should play neutral

  8. Sid is so much irritating sometimes he behaves like a bazari aurat oufff so disappointed wiz salman khan for being biased

  9. Some people see the show with pre-conceived notion that Sid is aggressive n’ arrogant etc. Yes we the Sid supporters are also agree to the fact that he is short tempered and aggressive. No doubt in that, but that is not his true nature but being provoked right from the day one, and at all times, anyone will loose their temper so as Shukla is.
    They know his weakness and play so cunningly to let him vent out his displeasure and anger, and then keep abusing him left, right and centre by stating that he is arrogant, egoistic etc. One can’t say that SID is cunning, double faced, cheap or a cheater, yes he is a straight forward gutsy guy who never indulge in cheap tactics to gain image or to impress upon housemates or audiences with hypocrisy.
    But pity is that few hypocrites keep supporting double faced, cheap, arrogant, egoistic Rash n’ team, off late behaviour of slightly changed Paras is far better than Rashmi whose return to the show is disgusting, not a pleasing sight to the show…
    Look forward to the exit of Rashmi, Mahira, Devo, and few good for nothing characters… ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Biased salman

      Stay with shukla for 1 day….u will come to know….if u have self respect

  10. Every time reshmi snaps at Asim as if she is queen..ab iska bhi sun na padega…what do u mean? He is a contestant and he is here to play…she thinks herself as queen victoria…
    The fact is BB and Salman also let that happen. On Wkw when he said Rashmi n mahira targets Sid. That’s his opinion…why would you yell at him…and Salman didn’t even stop and let that happen…
    I understand he is not a Biggie as Sid, reshmi or Devo…but he is a good player and have performed better than reshmi n Devo at least…
    Secondly to all those who celebrated Asim Sid fight, they are brothers n will be together even after all the disagreement…
    Sid cares for him n was stopping him from fighting in front of others…he doesn’t want their team’s weakness to come out in front of opposite GRP…
    Sid is definitely playing the game very smartly…now that devo reshmi has come back, Sid – Asim team needs he is conveniently forgetting arti n sana issues and including them in their group.
    arti doesn’t have the guts to say to Sid that u r not working..Sid will definitely give her back whereas Asim never does that…so she pinpoints Asim every time…arti kinda instigates Sid against Asim…
    Asim getting furious on Sana topic is justified cos he is worried that Sana will again fool him…but this time it’s the other way around.
    Asim stopped himself from saying what Sid talked about Sana… that’s bro code…a true friend…
    Concentrating on arhaan cave was a good move coz team getting divided in two and filling both caves would be tough compared to other team filling in Asim cave. Sid is checking on Vishal’s loyalty and whether to include him or not…and at an early stage of task, u could take that risk…

    1. You really think shukla and asim have a brotherly bond?according to me if there’s one then it’s one sided and from asims side, shukla behave badly with him and wants him to fight his fight like a puppet.

  11. Asim would come out of the hkuse with tainted confident and even more servile attitude if he kept himself in shukla’s company, that guy is toxic & way too much controlling and wants to completely finish off asim’s and other group members personalities like he wanted asim to fight over his stupid egg arguments and when he didn’t he showed him his ugly attitude. Seriously I used to think people exaggerate but he proved that he’s using all his “friends” as a shield..bigg boss should eliminate either him or put asim in secret room or he would keep getting abused by this shit head

  12. Whatโ€™s wrong with all of you rashmi is such a sweet girl. I was big fan of shukla but watching him in bigg boss he is such an arrogant and have no respect for ladies. He only wants those girls who praised him and say yes to whatever he says.

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