Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update – Hanuman realizes shrikrishna as shri ram avatar

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gomtimai cursing herself saying whom I devoted my life his devotee I cursed & sudama explains her you are a true devotee what you have words on your mouth is in your heart too so she pleads sudama & tells him that I have prepared this bhog for hunuman so please give him & takes the bhog along & sudama tells her this will bring light in your devotion as nobody can ignore this bhog of you made with so much love.
Krishna comes asking gomtimai that what you wish tell me so she says to take me in yourself & Krishna boons her wish.
Hanuman is thinking I was never so much away from my meditation of shri ram but I can’t go also without devi rukmini’s permission while Rukmini sees him thinking & tells him I understand your confusion so hanuman asks her then can I go as I can’t be away from my shri ram’s meditation while Krishna comes saying I too can’t be away thinking about you & hanuman asks Krishna where were you & he explains him what you need I have brought for you but hanuman says I had my food so you can have it but Krishna tells atleast see what is it so he is surprised seeing butter laddoos & says that except prabhu shri ram nobody knows I love these but how you knew then Krishna tells him if I am late to give this to you then something wrong may happen & hanuman eats as he reminds of gomtimai cursing him in past & he realizes Krishna itself is prabhu ram & he bends down praying him while Krishna explains hanuman how & whatever happened was planned by me itself.
Hanuman asks Krishna what work you have from me tell me so Krishna tells him to teach lesson to his devotees who has arrogance of devotion & you have power as well as devotion but hanuman tells Krishna that I do not have knowledge of world devotion then Krishna tells him sudama will help you in this while you have power knowledge.
Narayan chats with prabhu mahadev saying one side mahabali hanuman & other side prabhu Krishna which is an ultimate joint.
Hanuman is explaining in krishna’s palace to all devotees that I will teach you how to do devotion which I do for my prabhu ram & he prays devotional song while sudama helps him with his band & Rukmini feeling very happy seeing this. All gods including mahadev also feels happy watching hanuman & sudama’s devotion.
All devotees eyes are opened & they curse themselves telling Krishna that were wrong as we had arrogance towards our devotion so Krishna explains them that this is what I had to show you & they praise hanuman & sudama as their true devotees while sudama says it was advised by prabhu krishna itself & they all praise Krishna.
Narayan tells mahadev how prabhu showed example of devotion & power to be balanced within himself & mahadev also states they are true example for world. Brahma rishi vishwamitra comes telling mahadev that this is not acceptable while mahadev asks him how come you here on Kailash then he tells him shrikrishna acts two timingly so mahadev asks by what reason you can prove then he tells mahadev that Krishna plays double game as one side he says something & other side he does something also says that krishna’s life is entire tricky so Narayan asks him what is truth then he replies that I am true as in this world if anybody has experienced life than it’s me dharam rishi vishwamitra. Narayan is thinking just now all devotees arrogance is washed out & this new arrogant has immerged while mahadev explains rishi vishwamitra that you are also rishi so you should obey Krishna but rishi says that he is in human form so I can’t obey him but mahadev tells him you are also in human form then he explains mahadev that I have acquired powers of gods so I can’t be ignored & they chat explaining each other.
Hanuman tells Krishna that to take me in himself but Krishna tells him this is not possible as you are needed for me to complete various jobs ascertained to clear this world’s problems.
Mahadev explains vishwamitra to asks answers from shri Krishna itself to resolve your thoughts of confusion about him & he takes leave from mahadev.
Narayan talks with mahadev saying what is this happening that rishi vishwamitra not understanding shrikrishna so paravati mata explains Narayan that once dev rishi understands then the whole world will know the truth behind & Narayan accepts her advice.
Rukmini is preparing food while she is chatting with her helper about what shrikrishna’s likes.
Sudama comes telling Rukmini that to please convince my friend to let me allow to go from here while Krishna is watching this.

Precap: Rishi vishwamitra comes to Krishna asking how you will prove sudama is your ultimate devotee & how will you fulfill your promise. Krishna tells him I have to make sudama a devotee god to prove this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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