Bigg Boss 13 11th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Paras and Sid make the inmates their puppets

Bigg Boss 13 11th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 73
Asim tells Shefali that I don’t trust you, you have broken Bhau’s trust. Sid and I made you the captain so thank us, you have become stronger because of us. Shefali says I don’t want to talk to you, I was angry at that time, I can’t be rational all the time. Sana tells Asim to let her play the game too. Asim says then she can’t talk about trust. She is a rat.
Asim tells Bhau that I didn’t expect this from Shefali, she could have made you the captain, she played her game. Asim tells Bhau that he did a mistake. Bhau says I agree, it was my mistake.

Shefali tells Arti that I am a human, I got angry, I have patience but I lost it today.

10:15 PM
Buzzer plays, Bigg Boss says the letter is from Asim’s house. Asim comes to Rashami and says I need my letter. They all run to gets the letters from his box. Arhaan to not let anyone take his letter. Mahira. Mahira gets it and says I want to become the captain but I have emotions. She gives it to Asim. Asim thanks her. He reads his letter. The letter says that you are playing well, the way you stand up for the women and against wrong in the house is commendable and we all love you for that. At the end of the day this a game so don’t the take the relations to your heart, we love you.. your brother Umar. Asim hugs Mahira and thanks to her.

10:30 PM
Sana tells Mahira that I thought you would tear it, Mahira says I didn’t want to tear it for real, all want to become the captain here but I understand the emotions as well.

11 PM
The next letter is from Mahira’s house. They all grab the letters. Asim gets the real one and says I am sorry Mahira. He shreds her letter. Arti shouts at him and says she was waiting for her letter. Asim says I am sorry, I have shown enough emotions today, she hates me only. Paras and Sid are shocked to see it. Paras says this man is a ******. Asim tells Sorry to Mahira and says I need to become the captain, this happened with Bhau and Shefali as well. Mahira cries and tries to read through the shredded papers. Mahira asks Asim to not touch her. Asim says sorry to Mahira and says I need to play the game.
Mahira cries. Vikas hugs her and says you did the right thing by giving him the letter, you became the bigger person.
Asim tells Arti that Mahira has been fighting with me, she has been calling me a follower then how can she become my friend in a day?
Mahira cries looking at the shreds. Vikas says don’t do this. Sana says Asim shouldn’t have done this. Vikas says he played his game. Vikas tells Mahira that you played very well. Vikas hugs her and says it shows your emotions.

10:45 PM
Shefali tells Vikas that Asim said he would tear anyone’s letter, even if it was Bhau’s so how can he judge me? Asim says your friendship with Bhau is different but you broke it. I did it for my game.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the task has ended. The contenders for the captaincy are Rashami, Asim, Shefali Zari, and Vikas Gupta.

11 PM
Shefali says Bhau made me his daughter and I feel so bad for him. Vikas says some of the closest people left me in life because I helped them when they didn’t need it. Bhau comes and tells Shefali that it’s okay, Shefali says this was Bhau’s letter, I shouldn’t have done it. She cries, Bhau hugs her and says you are my daughter.

Asim comes to Mahira and says I told you that I owe you when you gave me the letter but it was my last chance so I had to become the contender, to be honest, I didn’t want the letter from you but you did the mistake by having emotions.
Asim comes to Shefali and says I am sorry for getting angry, I didn’t want you to say all that. Shefali says you were calling me a rat. I will stand by you, I don’t want to lose a friend like you. He hugs her.

2 AM
Madhu plays Vishal’s cheeks. He says you are showing too much love, what will people think? Madhu says we are spending time together as friends. Vishal says I don’t think I am comfortable like that. Madhu says you keep saying that.

Day 74
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song love karke. They all dance.

9:45 AM
The majority of the inmates are sleeping. The buzzer plays. Sid says Rashami is not sleeping. Bagga asks Rashami to sleep. Rashami lies down back. Paras laughs.

9 AM
Mahira says that Shefali is not washing the dishes. Asim says it’s Madhu and Shefali’s duties. Mahira says the washbasin is not clean too. Bagga says we are cleaning it and doing our duties. I cleaned the dishes last night, the washroom is not clean too. Mahira says it’s not my duty. Madhu says then we can change our duties too.

11:45 AM
Vishal tells Madhu that you have this problem, you decide when we start and end. Madhu says nothing started between us, we are on our paths, don’t shout. Vishal says I am not shouting, you give me attention and then say this, why do you pamper me in the morning when you have to say all that? Madhu says you asked me to share the bed. Vishal says I did a mistake. Madhu says right. Vishal says you can fight anytime you want. Madhu says you said that you are not comfortable and then talk about love. Vishal says you say one thing in a minute and then change that. Madhu says you give respect to everyone except your girlfriend, this is your ****. Vishal says you are cursing again. Madhu says you keep hugging other girls. Vishal says what rubbish are you saying? Madhu says you are getting profit from others, you call me your mother’s slipper. You are a ******. Vishal asks her to control her tongue, how can you say that? Madhu says you have started it. Madhu says you are a weak person. Vishal says she is a rubbish girl. Arti asks him to stop it. Madhu says Vishal started it. Vishal says she knows that I have a soft corner for her and she is using it. Madhu says you are going near Mahira and now saying all that. Rashami says you both shared a bed as friends so don’t say all that. Arti says he was talking nicely to you about the bed also. Madhu shouts at Arti to not start. Vishal says I just asked you to share the bed. Madhu says then you say that you are not feeling comfortable. Vishal says I can understand the touch, you are my ex-girlfriend.

12:45 PM
Sana asks Madhu to enjoy the show. Madhu says all share the bed here, I don’t know why he felt bad. Sana says maybe he was getting the feels. Madhu laughs and says I touched his cheek and he felt bad. Sana says he felt something else. Madhu laughs. Sana says Vishal looks crazy, how did you handle him? What does he want?
Vishal tells Rashami that I never felt uncomfortable with anyone’s touch. Did I ever make you people feel uncomfortable with my touch? Rashami and Arti say no. Paras watches it and says then why he is getting cozy with Madhu if he can’t handle his hormones. You are hugging Mahira and then telling all this to his ex, she would be angry. Sid says you should take Mahira’s class, she is going behind Vishal and Asim. Paras says I will talk to her alone.

Bhau asks for perfume. Arti gives him Paras’ perfume. He uses it a lot. Paras watches it and says what is this? I didn’t bring the perfume for him.

3:30 PM
Sana asks Mahira to not talk to Vishal a lot, I don’t like him much. He wouldn’t have given you the letter. Mahira says to leave it. Just watch what I will do.

5 PM
Vishal comes to Sana and tries to make her smile. She is sleeping. Sid says he is not letting her sleep. Paras says he is eyeing Mahira too.

5:45 PM
Rashami asks Madhu did you fall in love with Vishal? Madhu says we fell in love at the show. We dated for some time, on and off. Madhu says then he started making me feel that I was not enough, he wouldn’t give me importance. Rashami says you people didn’t give gifts to each other? Madhu says he never made me feel special and I didn’t too. Rashami says you both didn’t make each other feel special? Madhu says no, I don’t know that feeling.
Vishal is cleaning the washbasin. Shefali says ask your madam to clean it. Vishal says she is a King Cobra.

6 PM
Mahira tells Vishal that she is still sure he would tear her letter. Vishal says are you crazy. I would have given you that, I nominated you for personal reasons, not for the game. If you are good then be good.

7:30 PM
Bagga reads the captaincy task. The task name is ‘Puppet’. They will get the tasks from their earpiece. They have to do all the tasks given to them, the person who performs the best will win the task and become the captain. You won’t tell about your task to anyone. You have to keep wearing the earpiece.
Bigg Boss tells Sid and Paras that you will give the tasks to the contenders of the captaincy. You will decide who should become the captain. Paras says I will mimic Bigg Boss.

8 PM
Sid says we should let Rashami massage Mahira’s feet. Paras says we should make Shefali fight with Asim more.

8:15 PM
Paras asks Shefali to go and tell about his shortcomings to him and he shouldn’t know that this is your task. Shefali comes to Asim and says I was angry at you yesterday, you say that you don’t have feelings and all that. Paras gives instructions to Asim that he should tell her that he is way better than Shefali. Asim tells Shefali that she is lacking a lot of the things, you even said that Sid was right and I was not, I made you the captain so don’t tell me that I am not a good friend. Shefali says we are good friends but you don’t listen to me. Paras and Sid laugh at their fight. Shefali says Asim was laughing when I was destroying my letter. Vikas says they are fighting for the task, they are cute. Paras gives instructions to Rashami and asks her to act like a joker. Rashami does her makeup. Sid says ask her to dance. Paras says let’s ask her to mimic. Paras asks Shefali to put a mug on her head. She puts the mug on her head. Asim is talking to her and says you don’t understand the game like me.

9:15 PM
Paras asks Vikas to clean the kitchen area as a task.
Madhu and Mahira are fighting over the kitchen cleaning. Mahira says this Madhu is crazy. Madhu asks her to stay in her limits. Mahira says aunty stop it. Madhu says you are a grandmother of this house. Paras asks Rashami to mimic Asim and Shefali in front of them. Rashami comes to Asim and mimics him when he is talking to Shefali. Paras asks her to repeat Asim. Paras asks Asim to lie in the living room. Asim goes and lies in the living room. Rashami lies beside him. Shefali asks Asim if he is right? Asim says you are wrong. Paras asks Rashami to say sorry to Mahira. Rashami tells Mahira that her lips are very nice so she shouldn’t feel bad, you make it obvious. Rashami says I am sorry about the words I said, I was hurt but I am really sorry about those words. We can have fights but no other person should be involved in that. Paras asks Rashami to praise Sana. Rashami comes to Sana and says you look nice in the curls, you are very cute and you are very nice from inside out. Your smile is very pretty. Sana kisses her cheek. Rashami puts her cheek on Sana’s cheek so her makeup on her too. They both laugh. Paras asks Rashami to entertain Sana only. Rashami and Sana dance like jokers. Paras asks Rashami to mimic Arhaan. Rashami mimics Arhaan. Asim messes her makeup. Paras asks Asim to stop it. Sid says to Paras that why are you stopping Asim, let them show what they are doing to win.

10 PM
Vikas is cleaning the kitchen. Shefali asks what he is doing? Vikas says you all people don’t work. He starts brooming. Shefali is throwing the tissues there. Paras tells Sid that Shefali is doing this deliberately so Sid can’t complete his task. Asim argues with Madhu for not cleaning the dishes.

Paras asks Vikas to put the fruits in the drawer. Mahira says Vikas has got this task. Shefali hugs Vikas.
Asim tells Sana that you are not fat, you are the prettiest Katrina Kaif of Punjab. Rashami tells Sana that you are so cute. Sana says you both are lying. Rashami says no I told you before too. Asim says there is no one like Sana. Sana gets emotional and says you both are fake. Asim says we praise you all the time. Mahira takes Sana from there. Sid says Sana is feeling bad. Bhau hugs Sana and asks what happened? Mahira says no one comes to us but now it’s a task so all are coming to us. Bigg Boss tells the inmates that today’s time of the task has ended. Asim hugs Shefali and says I am sorry, I did all that in the task. She says I knew. Sid says Asim has talked about his task.

PRECAP- Paras tells Rashami to tell Vishal about his game, he says you play with your words. Vishal says I never talk to you about the game, I never b*t*hed about anyone to you. Rashami asks him to not misbehave with the girls.
Paras asks Rashami to mess up the washroom. Rashami throws things around in the washroom. Vikas lifts her and locks her in the washroom. All laugh. Paras asks Asim to spray on Vikas. Asim covers Vikas in the shaving foam. They make the inmates do crazy stuff.
Paras comes back in the house. Mahira hugs him. Paras asks Vishal to stay away. He says all friendships are fake, all have sidelined two girls? Arhaan was saying that Rashami’s bank account was zero and she was on roads? Rashami is here because of you? Arhaan says yes. Paras tells Vishal that your concern is for hugs and kisses only towards Mahira. Vishal says to keep it with you. Paras says if you are hugging Mahira in front of Madhu so she will make this an issue.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. asim is playing a good and fair game the only thing i care about is that he isnt betraying his friends like he went and apologised to cheffali , which was a good thing. i felt proud of mahira as she gave the letter to asim but i think that asim also should have….. i understand he wanted the captaincy.
    i liked the second task it was hilarious ? especially rashmi’s make up hhhhhaaaaaaaa
    i dont get gud vibes with that vikas gupta i dont like him + i miss himanshi so much .

    guys do u know himanshi is not going to get married ….. i seriously want asim and her luv story how fascinating

  2. Paras beta khud ko kitna mahaan dikha rha hai…beta chinta Mt kr..tu sirf is Ghar mein tb tk hai jb tk bb chahte Hain…warna humne toh tujhe BOHOT pehle hi nikal dia hota…
    All r image conscious coz they r tv actors but one needs to stand up against strongest like Shukla and vikas…who did that
    TG the matter didn’t got stretched…why this arti has so much issue with everyone…apna letter mil gya toh doosre ke samne dikhawa KR rhi hai… letter nhi chahiye tha toh bolna tha Asim pehle hi fadd deta ….mtlb vikas khele toh masterstroke aur Asim khele toh emotionless…reason kafi solid dia usne ki yeh ladki itne waqt mein Meri naa ho ski toh ek din mein kaise hi jayegi …I thought ki main thoda bad feel karoo but thik hai jk Hona tha woh ho gya ?finally ??????kl aa jayenge dono??????????

    1. Paras n Sid both r shit only shit ….why their task were too related to sana n Mahira only ..unki prase…unki chaplusi…bb plz do something …these players r not playing as game …seems totally scripted…..

      Asim did write yahi to game hai apna letter lena or dusare ka distroy karna …..

      Vikas ne kiya to koi baat nai ..Asim kare to galat…

      Hope kuch aacha ho ab bb mai ..we r loosing interest ….saaf pata chal raha hai ke top four kon hone wale hai …to kyu dekhe itna drama …sorry

    2. Haan chal baap ko mat sikha

  3. f**king biased show..who are audience here if everything is controlled by paras and sid… f**king show

    1. Well said ..hame bewakoof bana eahe hai …

  4. Bias
    Paras and Sid got so many benefits on this show. Its obvious whose team they want winning

  5. Asim did mot do anything wrong. Mahira’s TORTURED Asim.
    I dont know why Aarti is reacting. Stupid girl, i hope she gets out of the house. Pathetic girl, chamchi kahiki. You got your letter after talking so bad about Asim

    1. Arti ko pata hi nahi ki usko kya karna hai

  6. Paras and Siddharth are trashing a lady on national TV. What kind of entertainment is this? The makers want these two rowdy to win the show. I think no one should watch this show

  7. Good morning Sid HATERS n’ Sid supporters,
    Oppps… the kind of hatred the biased Sid haters having is too much, as if they have been abused by him, the poor straight forward guy never prentend to be a good guy just for TV, (hyper asim does it all the time to impress upon viewers who are so biased). Sid never try to please anyone in house, or even salman, he talks straight whether you like him or not, he does not provoke others to indulge in wrong things… even at his secret room he is not allowed to show him emotions, which haters can’t tolerate… If the wrong doings done by Sid, then it becomes the cardinal sin, and if anyone including asim does a cardinal sin then it is just a normal human erorrs… vow what a himalayan hypocrisy it it…
    i am seriously wondering what kind of viewers some of us are…. we can have our choices and preferred contenders but cant close our eyes and support them blindly…. it is just a show, a sripted show where they are just performing their roles… again i am saying the do their role at their own style and it is reflecting their true nature and character….
    i support straight forward guy even he is ruthless like Sid, and i hate cunning, crooked abusive guys even they prentend so sweet like Asim, Rashmi, Shefali and bhau….
    Mahira and sana are far far better than the crooked gang who will anything for benefits… so mean and cheap…
    anyway let the haters keep hate sid…. Sher Sid you are the star of the show… and this season is yours to conquer… and we Sid supporters are there for you… all we wanted to see from you is just mellow down your temper and understand the characters like asim who try to destroy you by keep provoking you… dont fall prey to their evil plans… go for glory Sher Sid… 🙂


      Exactly, whatever Asim is done yesterday, everyone is praising him & looking as a spirit of game. But if the same thing is done by Sid, everyone will blame him for emotionless guy….blah…blah… In Asim case, it was his game but for Vikas & Shefali case, it was not a game. How is Asim is behaving nowadays just like he is following the step of Sid.

    2. Who is praising Asim…u guys r praising Sid…ND the whole house blasted on him so what’s bothering…I think u need to watch some reviews of famous reviewers on yesterday’s episode..they all r saying that Asim did all that from game ke point of view…always listen carefully how he’s defending himself… feeling bad for mahira but that doesn’t mean Asim is emotionless.. I also thought he did wrong but remember BADLA’S dialogue…
      u should know how and where he was wrong if u want to actually support the right but if u crazy fans , die-hard fans of someone I can’t help it
      JUST VISIT IT U WILL FIND HOW DEFENSIVE WAY OF ASIM IS ALWAYS ON POINT…don’t become an andha-bhakt…think from brains not heart or eyes…Asim is emotionally wrong but practically right…Paras bhi hota toh Asim ko nhi deta..khud usko bol rha hai

    3. U don’t need tasks to show your’re day to day behavior justifies your emotions…take r conducted to play for yourself..and not show them..ND he said that he will repay her favor..ND people have always had issues with sid’s anger and his negligence towards the host ND his advices…we r not saying he is emotionless…he has lack of using emotions at correct time


      Dear, if Asim is playing for the game then he should not blamed Shefali also as she was also played the game only. If you are saying someone is wrong then you should not repeat the same. He blamed Shefali for not giving the letter to Bhau & Rashmi for not stopping Vikas. Is it right to blame others & do the same for your own sake? It means only Asim is here to play and others are emotionless. Secondly, you are telling to read the review here. Have you read the reviews on another social network form. There are lots of people who are blaming Asim for his his unusal behavior like Sid.


      Secondly, if Asim was to play for the captain contender, then before scrapping the letter, he should inform to Mahira that he wants to give this letter to her but this is the last letter & I don’t have any option but to scrap this letter. Then we understood that he has emotion but for the game, he needs to scrap it. Instead of, what he does that he scrapped the letter & telling that he has done for the game. Is it right to play with some one’s emotion? Still, I believe that if the same will done by Sid, then you all people will blame as emotionless. Because he is Sid.
      Now, not only BB, but most of the reviewers are biased towards Asim.

    6. Pradeep Varma , all the people who r tweeting on Twitter r just thinking from one side..there r always two perspectives to understand a situation…they r just tweeting negative about Asim…but people who r supporting him r not just trying to defend him but also showing sympathy towards mahira.. understand ?

    7. hello everyone, I m silent reader but today I was not to stop myself to comment…
      RjR I have a complaint with u, why u only greets sid hatters and supporters, don’t other people exist for u, what about people like us, I feel bad……there are also people for them sid even present or absent or what he doing not doing doesn’t matter, we don’t hate nor we support him but if possible we can have sympathy towards him……so plz say good morning to us also we also come daily on this to read comments… I hope u don’t mind…… I wanted to say this from a long time didn’ have that much time to comment…..sorry if u felt bad of any words of mine.

    8. well said RJR you have said what i wanted to say it does not mater evil group wins but by the principles Sidd is the real winer

  8. No use to watch this shit. There is no suspense left. Feeling bad for Rashmi she is doing task so seriously but captain will be Vikas Gupta for sure because BB Ka damad chahte hai.

  9. Asim made a strong point that u don’t a need task to show your emotions , your day to day behavior shows that to everyone. Tasks mein perform krna pdta hai, emotions toh day 1 see dikha rha hai…by last promo I thought that he tore shefali’s letter and I started disliking him but TG…that I took that promo was manipulative…but I’m to support the right…the reason which he was giving coz of his game point of view is correct but someone else would have been their he /she would have given it to the girl…he is looking like a villain just bcoz mahira gave the letter to him and he didn’t…toh Asim haters yeh bhi dekho ki usne arti ko de dia..woh kaunsa uski sagi this…she also said bad things about him…so why saying he’s heartless…heart do Jeet hi liya..dono mahira aur arti ek jaisi hi toh Hain..ek ko de dia BOHOT bdiya kaam kia…dill jeetne wale ko mahaan bol dia jata hai iss show mein..Sid khele toh Asim me provoke kia, king of #bb13, Paras kare toh BOHOT bdiya inn ke sath aisa hi Gina chahiye tha(the train task), vikas kre toh masterstroke but kyunki Asim me kia aur mahira royi toh galat?????????????????????


      Exactly, if he gave the letter to Arti feeling that she is in BB house since day 1, then why it was not related to Mahira. She was also in BB since day 1. As you said, agar Arti uski sagi nahi thi tab bhi usne letter diya, then for Mahira’s case why he said that he don’t like Mahira.

    2. Arti me initially support kia tha Asim ko..ek baar nominate home se bhi bchaya…repay kia usko…mahira ka last letter tha..aur usne kbhi usse support nhi kia..Paras ke sath khelne lgi…aur day 1 mein Asim ko Jo Bhai bnaya uske liye aaj to ek stand nhi Lia..stand mtlb strong stand


      In that case, he should not told Mahira and Arti that he will give her letter if he got, if he hate Mahira that much. Brother, everyone is here to play & win the game. Day before yesterday, when Asim was blaming Shefali, everyone was supporting him & now yesterday when he has done the same, everyone is appreciating him for his game. Really??

    4. Toh woh apna game khel leti naaa…but thik hai now you will say that this the difference between the two of them…u didn’t like his act it’s alright fine…some will stand by him, some will be against him like shuklaji so it’s completely ok with me

  10. I totally hate this show. I have never seen this kind of biased task in any of the bb history. How can they make sid and paras as a king. Sid says let them show how they are playing to win. If so what sid and paras is doing. Are they doing any charity work? I started to watch this only because of sid. But now I hate his strategy. They shouldn’t give these kind of task

  11. It doesn’t feel like feels like everyone has come to paras n sid’s house…and they have to live as the owners say…
    I love paras commentary though… it’s good if he stays there forever…
    Sid seems very weak.. heard he was hospitalised yesterday…
    Letter task
    I didn’t expect mahira to give letter to Asim…a nice gesture… appreciated..
    Felt bad for her when she was crying with pieces of her letter.. having said that I won’t blame Asim for not giving…that was his last chance…last letter.. is he here to sacrifice his captiancy for every one? He has done it once for arti.. I don’t expect him to do that again and again… yesterday he said I would give letter to arti or mahira…he got arti’s letter first and he stick by his words…
    His reasoning was also justified…
    Madhurima Vishal matter… Seem to have an abusive relationship earlier…(I didn’t watch nach or their previous show, my assumptions)
    Vishal can’t easily forget and switch on the love drama just coz she’s nominated…Madhurima is hell jealous of mahira.. and that fight happened coz Vishal said Madhu cleaning dishes were not proper and agreed to mahira…
    Arti really needs to stop interfering in others matter…I am happy someone said shut up to her…she clearly interfere in every one’s matter…as paras said yesterday, let them solve their issue…y r u continuously talking in between..
    Puppet task – it seems BB has given his house on lease to paras n Sid…let them decide who needs to be nominated, who needs to be eliminated, and who’s going to be captian…
    I loved paras face when bhau used his 20000 worth perfume…
    Now that the nomination n voting are done, u can send paras back to home…
    I feel BB should do this every week.. let mahira n paras go to secret room on Monday and come back on Friday.. or any one go coz other one will get the power to save the other… automatically they are saved till top 6….

  12. why the hell BB giving so much importance to Sid and Paras both are nominated ,paras used to be in the bottom of at audience poll and now they will choose captain…………..mahira the most irritating lady of the house,her vioce and pimple face is v irritating calling aunty ,mummy to other inmates who are much better to her……………..pls BB THROW HEROUT OF THE HOUSE ……..LIZARD LIPS

  13. To all Asim lovers…if u truely want to find what’s right or wrong..plz do visit……even sid’s fans can also visit…but if u r his die-hard fan of Shukla like Vindu Dara Singh?then..???
    don’t visit as it will disappoint u

  14. @ RV
    Thanks for the link..enjoyed the video
    Agree with his every point.

  15. TG when people like u comment then I get satisfaction that people r not involved in andhi-bhakti…they want it hear both sides of the story…and people who r tweeting on Twitter just show the support to their favorite housemate..but reviewers try to give their review honestly without thinking that who is their favorite

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