Bigg Boss 12 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree under stress

Bigg Boss 12 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 50
Deepak says to Sree that you are fake and liar. Sree says stop it, he keeps saying that we will remain safe so he will remain safe too.
Dipika says to KV that if you have understood its all a game for him then you do it too. KV says I am not like that, Dipika says I understand you.
Somi says Shiv and Sree have done all this. Surbhi says Shiv have no mind, he is an idiot. Somi says dont take his side, he was part of all this. Deepak hears light sparking and says it will all fall here.

Deepak says to Sree that dont come to talk to me. Sree says dont cry kid. Romil says Deepak supported you to become captain and you did this? Surbhi says all truth is out. Romil says I didnt expect you to take his name, you cant play cricket on someone’s emotions. Sree makes

noise like calling a dog. Romil says its good that I gave his bracelet back. Sree asks him to look at himself. Somi blames Jasleen. Jasleen says I didnt know Shiv will break yours. Surbhi says to Sree that you spit on his name but said sorry behind everyone back. Deepak gives bracelet back to Sree and says we dont deserve it. All are shouting at each other. Deepak says Sree has lost my respect.

Sree says to Shiv that we are alone, Deepak and Romil were so close but Dipika didnt stop them.

Deepak says he gave reason that my hand is broken but he knows that I will perform in tasks. Surbhi says he didnt perform in any task, he is a liar, fake person. Deepak goes in bed ad cries. Dipika tries to console him. Deepak asks her to leave.

Buzzer plays, Dipika says I wanted happy club to be nominated, you people keep joking about celebrities and commoners but when we take even a word out, you create a hovac over us. Surbhi says you are here to nominate me or what? I am not here to listen to my mistakes. Dipika says it shows your values, she breaks Surbhi’s scarecrow. Surbhi says wow, get away with your swag. She breaks remaining scarecrows. Jasleen says this is craziness.

Bigg Boss says Romil, Deepak, Somi and Surbhi are nominated.

Romil says to Deepak that we four are going so we will make this week very difficult. Romil says to KV that you can be safe and one with you, KV asks Deepak to create hovac and I will be with you. Romil says we have one more member. Romil says Dipika took all credit and said that she wanted to nominate happy club.

Shiv asks if KV is fine? Dipika says no, he would not be on your side now, you people keep going behind his back.
Romil says to Sree that Deepak stood in task for you, you have pain in feet so you should leave too, you are nothing. Jasleen says why did you support him? now you are gone, cry. She says to Deepak that you are doubled faced person, Deepak says dont call me that, get lost. Sree asks him to not say like that. Romil says you are talking cheaply, we didnt say anything.

KV asks Shiv what is Megha to Sree? he doesnt want to fulfill friendship then fine, we have understanding but he keeps hurting me, he is unpredictable, he uses his relations, you are in his books right now but be cautious.

Sree says to Shiv that Surbhi was wrong to break all scarecrows. Megha says they will go to jail too. Sree says Romil became personal with me.
Romil says to Somi and Deepak that all are against us. Somi says you people supported Sree and see what happened.

Deepak hides jail keys and says its captain’s responsibility and I have hidden it.

Sree is silently crying in bed. He leaves from there and says in camera that they keep taking bullshit on me, I cant bear this, they are taunting my family, I am done here. He lies on sofa and weeps.

Day 51
Inmates wake up to song idhar chala main udhar chala.. Sristy dances in raing water. Jasleen smiles. Deepak hugs KV. Sree says Surbhi and Romil are still sleeping and breaking rules.

Romil says to Surbhi that we have four days, we will make them very difficult for them. Somi says they will cry to nominate me. Surbhi says some people have no identity. Jasleen is there. Surbhi taunts her that she doesnt have to answer people, she will go out and go on dates. Jasleen laughs and says sour losers.
Surbhi sings mujhe budha mil gaya. Megha says this is cheapness. Somi says we will say what we want.

KV asks Deepak to tell it was a joke. Deepak says we wont. Jasleen says this is a cheap joke. KV says to Romil that Anup is respected so dont do it. Romil says she called Anup budha. Jasleen says I will pull their tongues if they talk about Anup like this. Surbhi says I am just singing. Jasleen says dont act like a kid. She asks Romil to control his tongue. Romil says you are cheap. Jaslen asks him to get lost. Deepak says you are weak.

Somi taunts Shiv that I cant hear you. Shiv says I am not stammering. Somi says who stammers? She leaves. Deepak asks her to have food.
Somi comes to washroom and says Shiv is taunting me.

Somi stands infront of Shiv and doesnt let him exercise. Sristy says to KV that Romil have set his targets. Shiv says I will take off my tank top. Somi says waht you mean? Deepak says you people cant talk truth, Jasleen says you people have no guts. Surbhi says I didnt take Anup’s name. KV asks Deepak to not go personal. Somi says to Shiv that you deserved to be kicked. She keeps distracting him from exercising. Jasleen says Deepak called me ******. Deepak says she said she is gold digger. Jasleen says I didnt say that in that sense, she asks Romil if he thinks she is a gold digger? this is a sensitive issue for me, he is talking about dignity. Romil says Deepak this is wrong. Jasleen says he is blaming me that I faked my relation without telling my parents. Deepak says she said that it takes guts to make a relation like that and I said it takes money from Anup too and she agreed. Romil says Megha started this property talk. Megha says Deepak was taunting Jasleen that she is a gold digger. Romil says it was a general question.
Jasleen cries. Rohit consoles her.

Somi says to Surbhi that will not joke with Jasleen, she gets miffed. Jasleen says you people have stooped low. Romil says to Deepak that dont go there, we will look bad. Deepak says she talked about it. Romil says she didnt take Anup’s name. Jasleen says Romil knows what I was talking about. Romil says let me clear. Jasleen says I dont want to talk, I know why I am here, I wouldnt have come here without telling my parents to fake a relation. Deepak says Anup called it a fake relationship. Jasleen shouts at him that if Anup leaving me makes you happy then be happy.

Deepak says to KV that you are free from chachi tag as Megha is new chachi. Megha says you have no standard to say that. Romil says dont talk about standard. Deepak says we are here to make standard. Megha says I have a tag and you people have no value to call me that. Surbhi hugs Megha and says you need a hug, are you feverish?

KV reads about luxury task ‘yahan wahan’. All contestants will be sent to the dilapidated house. They have one ticket to the main house, which they have to shred after one use. Similarly, a ticket in the main house will allow housemates to go back into the dilapidated house. The side which will have the least contestants will win. Srishty is the coordinator of the task. Sristy will make sure that ticket is used when buzzer plays.

Rohit says to Sree that KV is on their side. Shiv says we have to increase our number.
All inmates come to outhouse. Surbhi says its terrifying.
Shiv says to Sree that game will change when 6 people are inside and 5 people are inside.
All are in horror house. Surbhi asks Sree what he can do? will you spit? Sree pushes leaf away from his face which Surbhi held. Surbhi says you are miffed? Deepak sang for you and you are nominated? Sree leaves from there. Surbhi says you are leaving again. Sree says to Bigg Boss that I dont care about game, there is a limit to everything. Sristy disqualifies him as he went out without ticket.

Sree says to Shiv that people are making teams here. KV says you are making it too, you are a brother. Sree says you are on other side, dont come our side. KV says you are illmannered. Sree says your whole family is illmannered. KV says this is what I was talking about, you are disgusting, you are going on my family. Dipika asks him to not do it. Sree says I am extremely sorry if you felt bad.

Rohit gives his ticket ad buzzer plays. Rohit leaves from horror house.
Dipika says to Jasleen that happy club can win if they get one inmate. Buzzer plays, Megha gives her ticket, Sristy shreds it.
Rohit says I want to be captain, Sree says to Rohit that we will come to main house one by one, when we are four here. Rohit says then send Jasleen or Megha there so I can become captain.

Sree says Surbhi went closer to my face. Megha says let them see their real face.
Rohit talks to Sristy. Sristy is taking food from house but Rohit says its not allowed, captain tell her. Sristy gets angry and says I dont like it when you stop someone for food. Rohit says she was taking it outside.

Buzzer plays, Jasleen says they left. KV thinks and talks to Sristy. Romil says you cant do it. KV gives his ticket and goes out of horror house.
Deepak says to Romil that if one leave then it will 8 tickets vs. 8 tickets. Surbhi says we should wait.

Sree says to Megha I was man of the match against South Africa then I was in Tihar jail not even for my fault, this is not a torture, jail here remind me of a lot of things, Surbhi was close to my face so I could hit her, if they are not respecting me then fine. Sree says Surbhi wants me to go out, KV is calling me illmannered, I wont silently listen to all insults, why he was silent when girls were insulted? KV is not grateful.

Sree says to Deepak that you must be missing KV, call him. KV says what? Sree says what you want? They both move to each other.

PRECAP- KV says to Sree that you missed 10 years of your life. Sree says I will see you, you smell like shit. KV says to Sree that you want to see me outside then meet me anywhere you want, you smell like spit. Sree says you talked about my life. They both move closer.
Sree says to KV that you have to mop as you were sleeping and alarm played. KV says sorry but I am not doing it. Sree says you have to do it, its your duty. KV says I am not doing it. Sree says then you will go to jail and you wont get food.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The best part of this week was Shree’s move in disguise . The best part of this week was completely dedicated to Karanvir’s fans.
    And I am extremely happy.
    Firstly , Happy Club got Nominated.
    Now anyone of those four will leave. That’s a good thing.
    Secondly , if Bigg Boss doesn’t let anyone of the Happy Club leave this week , all the four members will support Karanveer no matter what. As KV is against Shree. And KV gets a strong team as support thereafter.
    Thirdly , in between all these, KV is coming on screen for a longer span of time.
    So, basically , everything is going good for KV and I am so much in love with this week. Afterall, Karma will do good if u’re good. And KV is a good human being from heart. He deserved all the good things. Not from Salman. At least from people .

    1. @Aarohi..

      Nice comment.. πŸ‘

    2. Ur right on point.

  2. All gone mad it’s too much what bad language n shit they talking about celebrities……nominated people hv trust on themselves or they get scared of nomination….one day this gonna happen……everyone ll be elminated one by one…..surbhi somi nihayati cheap standard ki ladkiyan hai….tusro ko yeh somi bolti tameez mein reh kr baat kro khudhi tameez apni aami ke paas chod ke aayi hai… aware guys these mad girls dnt marry her they ll make ur life like a hell..

    1. Commoners are using filthy language..Sometimes I doubt k who log common man ko sachmein represent kar rahe hain ???Ya ye in commoners ko represent karte Jo educated toh hain lekin dusro k fans k liye filthy language use karte hain social media pe.

  3. Surbhi you are too much…You b acha insane tumhare sath rahega toh pagal hojaega..Kits irritate large ho yaar..sree ko..Happy club is frustrated..ab pata chala nomination mein ane se kesa lagta h..surbhi sree ko bolti thi k nomination me ate hi sree ko footage chahie.
    Footage k bhuke to app ho surbhi….Fitting reply by Deepika…..Sree ko kab kya hota hai pata nahi..Banda kabhi shaant renta hai toh kabhi gussa..kV ne kya galti kardi k itna gussa..
    Deepak is irritating…

  4. Shree is getting irritating day by day…now he don’t have anyone to fight..he starts fight with kV…I hate shree…

    1. @annu… Correct..

      But this time if it is not a part of their ppan.. Then kv is wrong..
      Sree ko kisi ek ka naam lena tha.. Kv ko sristy deepika megha m se koi support kar k save kar hi deta.. And sree exactly explained the same thing..

      Kv ne agar itne time maturity dikhayi thi toh isek week k liye aur dikha leta.. Save toh tha hi.. Better hota wolf pack members ko convince karta khud ko captain banane k liye

    2. KV was favoring people who were provoking him talking crap about his life and tomorrow he himself will taunt him on his ban so of course he’s gonna retaliate, everybody likes kV here and on twitter so there’s not much room for someone who actually is feeling he is in the wrong to say so without people giving it a thought but just to put it out there first time sree got against him was when he started planning plotting with deepak who’s part of their rival group and when they betrayed him he cried over his group who he ditched just hours ago for not sympathizing with him then he took vikas side when whole badtameez drama was going on then he hit him only to deny it later and make light of it moreover if he’s such a sorted guy then he should’ve understood the circumstances under which sree sent him to jail heck he even denied using that power only used it after bb insisted him to & only based of votes as well but no kV held grudge for that and threw sree apology, which he should’ve also asked to sree considering he did hit him, into a dump later today he was upset about sree nominating him but who else could he have nominated instead? RN from the remaining 4 he has least good bond with him but he still tried saving him later but what he did in return?joined the people who’ve been mocking every member of the house… he should be concerned about deepika’s friendship with him RN actually both sree and him should reconsider her “relationship” with them seeing she’s the one making their misunderstanding into a rivalry by doing idhar ki udhar and making issue of non issues and inciting kV against sree I’m sorry deepikas fans but she’s phoney and she’s still playing her double game i;e trying to eliminate rival team with her own team help and simultaneously trying to eliminate big fish of her own team and creating a rift b/w strongest contenders of her own team so she still remains at the top

      1. So true! I wonder why no one can see what’s happening? Deepika is playing a very dirty game. But KV is quite disgusting. Sree was acquitted by the Kerala High Court due to lack of evidence. KV should think twice before opening his mouth, otherwise he just might find himself facing a defamation case!

      2. Kv only said ” sree wasted his 10 years”
        He didn’t say if sree is guilty or not, (eventhough sree is indeed guilty)
        U guys please don’t forget how sree was making cheap statements like ” I know many things about him/her…I know everything abt you ( to guest..)” ! Wasn’t it personal?? He said KV’ s all kaanthan is mannerless… Thn cover it up by saying fake sorry… DISGUSTING MAN IS SHREESHANT.. Why the hell is he inside BB now if it’s not for money ( of course he has 50cr already), ?? Then it’s to change infamous remarks on his career just like Shilpa tried… Both r failed only…
        His 50cr will b finished soon as his wife is spending on PR too much to cover up his wrong doings..
        Kv has full right to go to any team he wants… sree went to opposite team during a task last week and tried to make celebs lose the task… Idiotic arrogant man!
        Celebrities do not hav understanding each other for various reasons.. kv is hurt a lot for sree using his power to send him to jail and nominate for eviction.. sree took 7names including kv , it’s then BB announced another twist..
        Sree himself tried to vote out Megha last week, now spared her in one day and nominated kv?? Really??
        Sree is like happy club members who think they can do and say anything as their wish but others should not do the same to them… All of them need help!!
        Kv is nowhere wrong..! He has class and dignity which shreeshant doesn’t even after earning money by match fixing!

      3. @Ezra… exactly . Shree didn’t know that Bigg Boss will bring another twist . So, if they say Shree knew others will save KV – it is wrong. Shree abused KV and made one week hell for him.. and afterall everyone is a human being. How could KV tolerate more ? Even after all these, Shree nominated KV, and that was how KV got hurt ! If he teams up with the happy club, what is his fault ? KV isn’t bound to stand by Shree everytime . He has his own choices too. And I am 100% sure Surbhi won’t ‘betray’. Surbhi, Romil say everything on the face. If he gets the support of Happy Club, what is his fault ?
        Afterall, Shree was supporting Happy Club in the Rangoli task. Can’t KV support them after being desperately hurt ?

    3. KV bhi koi dodh ka dhola nai hai he went ahead and supported shitty club even though they were crossing line of decency for everyone not just sree, he is going on personal level that’s why sree has been so against him and he even said that he always patch up with
      likes of deepak even after they says bad things about him cause they’re doing it for game while kV is hurting him on personal level i agree ke usko ‘beecka” jaise words use nai karne chahiyein but kV bhi to use taunt Marne mein peche nai reh ra hai abhi Maine ek video dekho jismein kV belawajah sree ke muh pe use egoistic bola kal WO use phirse taunt karega just BC he’s doing it in language that’s considered respectful doesn’t mean he’s being respectful

      1. That’s the point kV slyly taunt sree leaving him shouting and cursing and people only notice that shouting and cursing, someone from the contestants even said it that he says really hurtful things then act as a Victim when people react…and yaar “battameez khandaan” is very childish and idiotic insult it and he didn’t even mean his blood relatives with it it was happy club he was referring to like it nowhere has the same magnitude of hurtfulness as mocking someone’s recent personal tragedy so I don’t understand how kV fans are making it more vile than what kV will say in today’s epi and other times that are on voot and not shown on main epis as for sree calling him beechka if he means the slur by it then of course there’s no room for me to justify it but as someone else said he could be using the wrong word and I’m not using it as an excuse but he has used words that completely means different thing then what he wants to say

  5. Yayyy loved the episode today…happy club is not happy anymore…awwwwww so sad…my goodness so scared of nominations…pathetic losers gone crazy after getting nominated…how could they comment such ugly things about anup jasleen relation..loser Deepak somi surbhi all go to hell…
    Man I just love how sree is cleverly shifting all the focus from surbhi mandli to kv sree…playing smartly now…kv should play along and take back all the footage from these losers…dont respond to their nonsense and kv sree come on boys…steal the show!!!!!

    1. I agree that Deepak should have had not talked about Anup jasleen relation but only if Anup would have not turned his back to Jasleen. He himself is denying relation and putting things across as he was fooled by Jasleen and is ready to do kanyadaan. All housemates know about Anup’s statement. If his staement is true that means these guys made fool of public.

  6. And seriously somi was crying that shiv commented about her..and what’s all the you r talking about others…I love how megha answers back to them…all the others need to learn from megha and these gundas will learn to stay in their limits…

  7. Guys I strongly feel that sree is helping kv by fighting with him so kv can get footage otherwise kv will only stay in shadows…I remember him saying that he will finish dipika by staying close to her and not by fighting with her once he returned from secret this could be his strategy by cornering dipika and bringing kv in limelight…any thoughts??

    1. @sandeep… Exactly…
      I am feeling this thing too… Cz kv ne pehle bhi dusron k liye captaincy give up kiya h.. Pehle bhi khud ko nominate kara k dusron ko save kiya h.. Dusron k oiye jaik bhi gaya h..

      Is baar toh ckear hi tha ki save hi jayega.. Then y all that fight?

      In last season vikas did the same he planned to fight with priyank so that priyank can get footage.. And in that week sapna got eliminate…

      But for me.. it not looks like he have plan to corner dpka..

    2. Not at all n u will see in d end.Shree is self centered.

    3. You do have a point about sree intentionally fighting with kV just to bring him into limelight but I don’t think kV will get it and hope this doesn’t ruin whatever friendship they share outside the house besides I think shree need to control his habit of using vulgar words and kV of being sly and pinning him on personal level or it’ll turn into real and ugly rivalry…but sometimes I feel kV is getting what’s going on like who has that big smile on their face while fighting? Lol

    4. No. Sree isn’t that smart. Sree is completely unpredictable . And dude, he comes in front of camera just to say “these people are hurting my emotions, taking my family’s name… etc. etc.”
      But think twice. Sree has told many things like that to people .
      He disrespected Vikas, Karanveer. And he not only instigates others by insulting their aukat, salary and families ; he also uses a slang “beech ka”! Why man? Is being a transgender a bane? Treat humans as humans. Use slangs like anything , be irritating like Surbhi but don’t be like Sreeshanth. He says so much without even thinking . And his respect towards women is actually an insult .
      Treat men as you treat women. Women aren’t special to deserve special attention . Men , women and transgenders hold equal positions and the respect must be given without favouring any gender. And that strikes me like anything . He was insulting Vikas in such a disgusting way. Why ??? Aren’t those people humans born somewhat different from him ? Why is clapping considered a shame ?
      People recognise you by what you do. No matter who is good or bad outside, in this home, you can’t pretend to be good for 24 hours. And if that is his real side, then its totally worst. He demoralises women by giving them special care as if they are worthless.
      Orthodox .
      And Surbhi Deepak Romil Somi – all are irritating (though I find Romil funny) but they don’t backstab as Shree does !

      1. Well said Aarohi. I feel Sree kishi aur kly to kabhi kuch kar nai sakta

      2. What if by “beechka” he means double dholki as in someone who’s trying to be in both groups? That could be a case seeing he use many wrong Hindi words I honestly wish salman or someone else in the house question him over it just so he explain what he means like he already got bashed over that act he did for rohit he would be a complete idiot to do it again.. it’ll be a biggest face palm moment for all of us all if he really isn’t using it as a slur

      3. Arohi very true…!
        Don’t know why people even think Sree will do anything for others in which he has no profit… He s very arrogant selfish sadist! who taunts others for anything and can’t take it back.. he considers him as his Highness… he played for country , but tht doesn’t mean he is abov all contestants.
        He doesn’t hav slightest idea of giving footage to others..if he thinks so, he should give some serious footage to srishty who is invisible , his friend shiv now.. I wish KV always stay away from this dishonest Sree..

      4. Well said Aarohi !!!! Sree always think he is superior to others in the house. If he has struggled and earned so much than dude all others also have struggled for what they are today, they didn’t got from thr birth. He thinks he can say anything to others and if others say than he come and complains to BB that he is not here to listen all this. Dude all others are also not here to take his shit. An yes Sree is not helping kv he keeps people on his side who he think are weak like not shiv and jasleen, first he was with kv bcz he knows he was not playing and now when kv is playing is started telling everything with he thought from starting and got chance now to open up.
        Liking KV bcz he now started playing . Liked the KV conversation with Shiv. very correctly he said about sree.
        n Sabse zyada Deepika nhi Sree hi rota hai the cry baby of BB12. first he does all things he wants and in end play his sympathy card by crying in front of ppl or camera.
        Hope Dips and KV play together and show sree that he is not superior to others.
        Also KV is with happy club bcz he is following megha advice that if now anyone wants to be the captain than join happy club and become rival of Sree than happy club will themselve support him to become the captain.
        Lstly for dips not saving sree from surbhi : If he had came in between than also ppl would have said her and if she didn’t came than sree said. Sree she is not your guardian to protect you from others. You only say na that bro-sis relation outside the house than why do you expect from her that she should fulfill her sister duty. When you don’t think before saying anything about her than y should she be thr everytime.

  8. Pata nhi surbhi romil jasleen and somi jaise logo. Ko janta toh vote nhi kar sakti.. Tasks accha perform karte h just bcz of celebroties perform karte hi nhi and perform karte bhi h toh wo log commoners ki tarah cheating nhi karte..

    Game m bas ghatiyapan dikha k footage khanese i think koi top contender nhi ho jata..

    Surbhi romil somi deepak se i think entertainment toh zyadamila nhi..
    Abhi toh evenbully karne ki hadd ho gayi h..

    I dont know ye 4 log apne aap ko samajhte kya h.. Jab tak aap baaki logo ko target kar rahe they jail jane k liye and nominate karne k liye.. Gaaliyan dene k liye badtameezi karne k liye tab tak kuch nhi..

    Ab jab ek baar aap nominate ho gaye toh wapis gandagi start ho gayi..i wish is baarsomi hi out ho.. Bohot akad usme…. Khud ko miss universe samajhne lagi h..
    I readsomewhere.. She was telling romil and surbhi that she is uncomfortable with kv.. Bhai look at yourself… Dewpak bhi apke peeche sirf aur sirf game k liye h.. Dont take deepak’s tareef that much serious…

    Somi saba and baaki grouo k teeno members k dum pe tiki hui h otherwise uska apna kuch karne ko h nhi..

    Isse zyada ghatiya toh kuch hoga nhi ki yelogagaun n agaun kisi k achievements, profession, character and relations ko disrespect kare.. Deepak jis bamdi k sath aya thausey khush rakh nhi paya.. Jiske sath link up hona chahta h usey khush rakh nhi pa raha and he was talking about anup and jasleen.. Bhai it was their matter.. Anup gaya ab baat khatam.. Pehle apna tph dekh lo..

    Urvashi nr bhi 2 acche words nhi bole apne interviews m apke liye.. Qki aap deserve karte hi nhi acche words.. Pure episode m d8khn3 k liye bas dusre logo pe comment karna and unhe bully karna is not a good way..

    Surbhi somi and romil se chillane ko chod kuch hoga nhi.. But deepak hadlot of potential toh entertain but he is using only chikhna chillana for footage..

    Now i somewhere feel sree and kv’s fight can be part of the game.. Czz i dont think so ye log itne dumb ho sakte h ki jab sath rehna beneficial ho toh ye log apas m lad k happy club ka fayda kara de..

    I am feeling sadfor jalseen.. I know their relationship was fake.. But jaise surbhi romil deepak somi bhi badtameeziyan kar k footage le rahe h.. Jasleen ne fake relationship k through 2-3 weeks tak content diya..

    And agar usko buddhe k sath rehne m probpem nhi tph. Aaki logo ko kya problem h.. Its her personl life ab wo kisi ypung k sath ho buddhe k sath ho ya gay k sath ho.. Kisi ko kya fark padta h..

  9. May you all be blessed with happiness and well being throughout the life
    Wishing very Happy diwali to all…😊

    1. Neha Chandra

      Happy Diwali xyz and all.

    2. Happy Diwali 😊😊

    3. Happy Diwali. ❀

  10. Today’s episode was bang on happy club back in full swing I literally was laughing badly when they were pumping each other under Romil’s leadership 4 din ko 40 etc etc, aisa lag rha tha bas ab jang ka Alain hi Baki h
    Deepika although I like her but it seems like she is desperately trying to be seen since past few days by dragging the matter yesterday for Somi even when it was not her concern today for Surbhi (too much of explanation, isn’t it simple she’s irritating you don’t like her you Have the power just finish it off man)
    Many people are telling that they are so scared of nomination, I am not taking sides but of course they should be as they have no previous fan base, moreover all 4 are nominated so in any way their team would be weakened at the end whoever goes, plus for commoners this show means a lot I would have been shocked & dissapointed if they took it lightly
    Jasleen when Romil and Shree was fighting it was not needed for her to jump in between now she is also the target of hc
    But Surbhi &Somi going too close to Shree &Shiv was awkward like if you want to blame do it verbally, if the situation was reverse it would have been another #metoo
    KV finally you are playing the game, boom, carry on
    Today it was clear that Shreeshant is unnecessaryly fighting with KV just to draw some footage towards himself as hc was ruling the day & he’s successful

  11. Happy club wale to rone lage πŸ˜›
    Fat rhi h sabki nomination m aane se islia mansik santulan hill gaya h πŸ˜‚ . Surbhi ka to wese bhi hila hua tha 🀣.
    Happy club walo ko lagta h ye bhut acha performan krte h , islia surbhi deepika ko bol rhi thi ki aap performance k basis p kro ,
    Or agr ye chance surbhi ko mila hota to vo 1 min bhi nhi lagati Deepika ko nominate krne m . Pata nhi ese kyu react kr rhi thi , Deepika uski best friend to h nhi ki use nominate nhi krti πŸ˜‚
    Or somi baby ko rona aa gaya πŸ˜‚, sirf itni si baat p , jab khud dusro ko harkuch bolti h to kuch nhi hota inko πŸ™„
    N jasleen wale matter m to kisi ko kuch bolna hi nhi chahiye , uski life jiske sath aana hoga uske sath aayegi , inki kyu jal rhi h πŸ˜• , matlab ab footage chahiye to kuch bhi krege ….😬
    Or ye deepak kyu hosiyari deta h jail k chabi chupa k tees maar khaan smj rha apne aapko
    Maybe use pata ho ki jail ka no uski ka h πŸ˜‚
    Deepika show m dikh hi nhi rhi h ..😴
    Kv or sree ki fight ki smj nhi aati kese start ho jaati h πŸ˜‚ , or kese tuche reason nikalte h sree lagne k kv se 😜 . Pr koi nhi achaa h ab jaake bigboss dekhne layak ho rha , verna kuch hota hi nhi tha 😌
    Now i want ki sree or kv ki mst ladai ho saara footage inko mile or happy club (srry abhi k liye rootlu club ) ko tullu πŸ˜‚
    Or ye surbhi jab bhi screen p aati h… Cottan uthani pdhti h πŸ˜‚ , she is very irritating 😏
    Pata h usse koi vote nhi deta islia baji padi h
    Ye wale task k winner romil surbhi megha or somi hoge … Than inke beech m captainship k liye task hoga πŸ˜›.

    1. Thullu**

  12. WOW and I was liking this b*tch πŸ™ somi you really ruined your image in these few days my perception of her totally changed I hope bb evict her she really had the nerve to irritate and invade someone personal space than cry over them being disrespectful to her, these kinds of girls are the one who have ruined the meaning of feminism like twisting it to your convenience is doing the biggest disservice to rest of women who actually need it and wasn’t she the one complaining about kV making her uncomfortable and coming into her personal space just few days ago?…deepak is really cheapak and the way he blamed Megha for bringing up that jasleen topic then getting away with it is his whole journey of bb uptil now, he’s chugalkhor haramkhor and every other khor that exist romil is a spineless idiot who has no POV and surbhi should be kicked out of the house they all are thinking just BC their mistakes are ignored on wkw they’re in the right…deepika was annoying as usual faltu Le credit le rai thi sree and kV feud ka na koi sur hai na pair kuch samajh mein nai ara kyun laad rae hain…I kinda liked Megha hope she doesn’t dissapoint me like sree(he did less) and somi did

  13. Shameless Sree should be kicked out

  14. Happy club name should be changed to GANGS OF WASSEYPUR. This best work for them.

  15. IF it isnt all a natak by sree and kv then i know Sree is fickle minded and sometimes(most times actually lol) throw controversial words around but this time KV is in the wrong, he’s taking that whole nomination thing too personally and judging it that way I mean supporting people who’re being downright disgusting to other people just for publicity is as wrong as doing it, he isn’t far off sree in being disrespectful either I would say he’s being ten steps further of him since those people aren’t just targeting the person who he has problem with. Surbhi really did PhD just to be priyanka jagga huh wasted a seat for deserving student I would say and romil the mastermind really thinks all of this he and his gang is doing is a good plan like idiot if anyone of you go three will still remain in the house and getting in bad books of everyone isn’t a good idea for the long run, deepak is really getting ahead of himself if he thinks salman won’t talk about crap he’s saying there….I now really believe that Neha would’ve been more entertaining straightforward and active than deepika she really deserved to stay and could’ve been better player than whatever deepika is

    1. Neha is better than any of celebs by all means…
      I believed news of her wild card entry.. but 😒

    2. Jap, not only the nomination task. First, Shree wasn’t talking to KV for no reason since a week. Second, Shree abused KV in that Rangoli task for a silly stupid thing. Third, that night Shree abused him once again. Fourth, he sent him to jail (though he was his friend at a time).
      After all these, he again Nominated KV.
      Isn’t it very basic to get hurt? I mean at least he could have saved KV in the nominations one time being a friend . He left no stone unturned to target KV. So, this was very basic to get hurt. Amongst so many people , Shree could’ve nominated anyone else because KV had tolerated much the last week.

      1. There has been missteps from kV side as well yeah they weren’t as aggressive and to the face but attitude was there, since that egg task he has been passive aggressive he didn’t try to at least show some sense of regret in front of people he consider friends that he did wrong to discuss his plan with deepak or make srishty break shiv miniature he carried on with it for one week only to indirectly ask sree to sort it out with him, he could’ve directly said something to him knowing he hadn’t yet given explanation over why he did what he did and sree being an arrogant turd didn’t go either to him later vikas & shilpa came and they totally destroyed their equation & drift cold vibes into open war,since kV is close to vikas he sided with him even though at that point vikas was wrong for not giving 3 others members of his team a chance to play thus a right to have captaincy contendership later what sree did was done under provocation at that stage, but he took it too far with his words I admit, but KV could’ve sorted it all out between them but he chose to side with vikas instead aggravating sree more later he actually elbowed him but refused to take responsibility for it and joked about it pinning sree even more, shilpa had already told him that his friends are acting so seeing kV behavior must had made him believe her words and he acted on them fully unleashing his pottymouth…though he genuinely apologized for it in front of everyone …he send him to jail based on votes after he was ordered twice by bb to use the power since he actually had refused to do it if kV had forgotten everything and hadn’t still holding onto grudge he would’ve understood the situation and I actually think he was until deepika took him on negative tangent and he fought with sree again over it breaking whatever amends they had just made,(so deepika actually is real culprit here) yes sree nominated him but if he doesn’t realize that he was the strongest among the people he nominated and couldve survived without breaking a sweat and his name was only taken just cause sree has had to give names then he’s a fool and don’t understand the game and taking it too personally as someone else said sree not nominating Megha instead of kV was a smart move to get her on their side agar usne usko nominate kiya hota to WO inki waat laga rai hoti next task mein she’s better on their side than on faltuu club

  16. Best thing abt this week no one is gng to vote for all 4 cheap pplπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

    1. Ha ha.. πŸ˜‚ 🀣 πŸ˜‚

  17. Can someone please tell me why Dipika is trying to take credit of nominating Happy Club? She didn’t do anything openly till now against happy club or for wolf pack. Secondly Sree did become bad person or atleast back stabber by nominating these guys. Dipika is taking away credit from Sree but let him have bad equation with Happy Club. I love how while playing his game Sree is still exposing Dipika’s mean side without even nominating her when he says bhai bhai bolti hai but hai kahan.
    Many people here hate commoners for being badmouth and everything but these people are united atleast. They still manage to have their fun moments. When I look wolf pack they all are insecure about their own friends playing against them. KV thinks Sree is against him. Dipika and Sree doubt each other. Best is neither Celebs or public is taking Shiv as commoner because he is with celeb???? This shows that we get influenced by the tag celeb and overlook things that celebs do thinking area ye to celeb hain aur inka ye swag hai. How dare commoners say them bad words. But we heard bad words from Sree even for guests-karan and vikas, Egoistic boast of Megha-she is chahi. Megha is not visible after her 1st task.
    Celeb mein koi khel raha hai to bus Sree even if I don’t like him much. There was this thing going on ki last time bus celeb nominate hue to BB biased hai. This time Sree got opportunity to nominate, why BB is not said to be biased now??? Why special adhikar only goes to Sree………pehle bhi captains hue they didn’t get that adhikar. And Sree elimination k baad wapas aata hai. Sree behaves bad to guest but gets more power than any captain ever?????? Shilpa was trolled for supporting Sree but all of a sudden indirectly we all are doing same. Clearly Sree is fixed winner for the show baki loag time paas kar rahe hain.
    Sree aaj bhi upset hai. Like I told yesterday aajse upset hoga captaincy khatam hote phir bolega I am hurt and so I am running away, victim card. BB kuch bole to mera contract m ishe week tak hi likha tha. I fail to understand what is more wrong- commoners being loud or one celeb telling lies, breaking rules and talking about people being slave and poor.
    KV started playing now. I am bit happy ki overloaded mahanta ka baggage thoda chor raha hai but I hope he doesn’t get lost all over again.

    1. Pichle saal vikas too got a special opportunity to nominate people alone

      1. Sree and Vikas can’t be compared anyday. Except for what vikas did to Akash in jail last season, he was ok. Sree ki jo harketein rahi hain he should have been kicked out by now.

      2. Anobhi,
        Not just Vikas Puneesh was also asked to name 7 contestants.. then all other contestants were asked to nominate 2 from the 7 names.. it was different task..
        Here Deepak also got powers twice.. shiv got once.. But Neha didn’t get any power I guess.. BB is biased for sure.. they r biased to happy club and Dipika too much and they’re biased against most of other contestants.. May b they wanted fight btw sree and happy club.. or they might b expecting sree to spare surbi and romil and nominate megha and Dipika instead.. whatever the situation there will be fight! BB knows it

  18. Sree’s wife saying on twitter that when sree said to kV that his whole khandaan is badtameez he meant his new khandaan aka happy club which I actually agree cause sree even said so right then and there however I think sree’s wife need to get off twitter she’ll make this uglier by taking part in daily bigg boss chatter I know she only gave clarification today since kV took her pet name that sree calls her dragging her but she needs to ignore it all especially seeing her husband has a motormouth and it’ll soon turns against them when he says something in anger that she can’t defend

  19. I wonder why when somi and surbhi were constantly calling sree chakka it was beeped but sree saying beeckka isn’t? Seeing how he has used completely off words before I can’t shake the thought off that by beechka he really don’t mean the slur but beechka as in turncoat who’s playing with both teams I really really want someone to ask him about it

    1. Anup jalota ka lota

      Jo banda vinti ko bindi aur aatmsamarparn ko darparn etc bolta hai uske saath ye possible hai ki vo beechka kisi aur hi cheez ke liye bol raho seriously he should have come after doing Hindi crash course

  20. KV shiv ko bhadka raha tha aur phirbol ra hai main ye bhadkane ke liye nai bolra haha he’s playing too safe and stupidly i swear and koi is bewakoof ko samjhao that if sree had nominated Megha instead she would’ve gone and joined hppy club happily and she’s a strong performer while you kV have a strong following who’ll save you regardless but in next twist sree tried saving you too so why be backstabbing provoking b*t*h?

  21. Both kV and sree wife are in cold war too on twitter why this is so funny but what they’re forgetting is that both of their husbands are in a house where relationship changes every second so it’ll be really awkward if both of them become friends again and did a little get together after coming out of house especially kvs wife need not to target specifically if you want to poke your nose then do it to defend{that too isn’t a best idea}like sree wife did what she’s doing is inciting kVs fan and other people to troll sree’s wife

    1. Their wives also can’t b compared.. KV’ wife has slammed him too when she found him mocking Rohit… I appreciate her moral side..
      But Sree’ wife always brings strange reasons to defend him for his all silly and major mistakes…and she is indeed a boss in it as we all saw it when she came as guest… I never heard her criticizing sree for mocking Rohit and using abusive words..
      I love Teejay..

  22. Bhai itna Andha ho Kar sree ko support kar rahe ho ki uski har galti ko positive way me put kar dete ho kamal hai yaar aap to manki baat samajh lete ho.waise to koi murder bhi karega to bolega main to population control karne ke liye ye kiya (in a optimistic way like urs).And kV good going carry on

    1. Lol you’re funny..and kV was going good but now I doubt it he will ruin his mahaan streak today(thankgod finally a good fight with strong contenders)

    2. Hahaha well said

  23. Get that mutha facka Romil pig out of the house. Happy Club back bone will break. Or Surbi c*u*n*t also can go. Too much negativity and foul language. Pity the poor slob who is her boyfriend. Must be a bland, deaf and dumb guy.

  24. for those who r saying ki kv ko nominate ku kia ek bat to ki uski celeb mese sbse km bnti h dusri bat megha ko nominate krne ki to obviously yaar fir happy club mese koi vote out nhi hota na megha hi vote out ho jati. shree ko HC todna tha or inme kv hoga to ofcourse uski fan following use bcha hi lenge. or megha ka nam ek bar b leta to wo fir hc ki side ho jati or fir unka group bad jata. ab megha b wolfpack me h pr rohit ko puchkar k use b apni side kr liya. that id why for me Shree is the real mastermind.

    for epi – i liked megha jis way me usne jwab dia that was perfect. ye esa hi jwb deserve krte h.

    deepak ko chugalkhori,cheating,nicha girane or chori k alawa kuch ata b h ya nhi??? kbhi horse chori krlo kbhi appy fizz to kvhi keys. is this call entertainment??? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    n somi madam k to kya kehne jb shiv ka mazak bnaya ki ye bolta h kya smjh nhi ata, to thik h jese hi shiv ne palat knjwab dia ki me haklata to nhi. to ye baat pe ganga jamuna beh gyi madam k. ab shiv k muh me ghus rhi h yo koi bat nhi.agr wo ek inch b agey piche glti se ho jata to physical assault ka case lga deti. reall
    y in jesi ladkio ki wajah se aajkl ache ladke b safe nhi h.

    jasleen b aaj suprrb thi muh tod jwb dia. keep it up.

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