Bigg Boss 12 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree gets happy club nominated

Bigg Boss 12 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 49
Deepak is singing tere bin nai lagda. Romil says to Somi that lover has started. Somi says I was feeling weird in Bharti’s task. Romil says you were enjoying and having fun. Somi says I was not serious. Romil says he actually feels something about you, Bharti praised him too. Somi says what he is doing with me is made fun of. Romil says you like him too. Somi laughs and asks him to stop it.

Jasleen asks what is happening? Rohit says they keep making halwa of people here. Deepak says people become fools here, he looks at Somi.

Deepak says to Surbhi that Rohit said that people are fools here. Somi says I know for whom it was for. Deepak says it was not for you, it was not my fault, I didnt give you any hint, I respect you. Surbhi says they

make fun of your couple then stop them and tell them you are not comfortable. Somi asks Deepak to not do it again.

Jasleen and Shiv are washing dishes. Jasleen says you are not washing nicely, just about to run. Shiv says I am working, dont say I am here to run.

Jasleen asks Shiv what happened? he says nothing.

Jasleen and Shiv are walking in garden. She says I am noticing that you are miffed with me. Shiv says this is my real side. Shiv says I dont have any friend in this house. Jasleen says I am your friend, I try to talk to you. Shiv says everything is wrong here, I dont want to be in this house. Jasleen says you are lost right now, Shiv asks her to give him 5 minutes, she leaves. Shiv asks Bigg Boss to make him meet psychiatrist, he counts till 5 and starts running. He jumps on jail roof and tries to jump from walls. Inmates see him and scream to not do it. Jasleen asks him to come down, it will hurt. Shiv says let me go, please stay silent, KV comes to him and asks him to come down. Shiv jumps down and says its okay, I am not doing anything. Jasleen says are you out of your mind? Shiv says my time here is done, I want to leave. Surbhi says what are you doing? Shiv says dont create a scene, I want to leave. Deepak says fine. Surbhi asks him to stop it, you are a strong man. Shiv says I am normal, I am not leaving. Deepak says he is creating a scene. Jasleen says you think its easier to jump from here? Deepak says he was fine and now doing all this.

Sree asks Shiv to think. Deepak says all wolf pack will leave like this? Shiv asks him to stop it, I didnt ask you. Jasleen asks Deepak to leave him. Deepak says chill. Sree asks what happened? Shiv says I dont want to leave anymore, Sree says think about me, I am here with you. Shiv says I am lonely here.
Jasleen says to KV that Shiv seems lost, he keeps blabbering. KV says he got affected by Salman’s words and then he was called Sree’s sister.
Sree says to Shiv that you can leave on Friday. Shiv says they will call me that I dont deserve it, I cant be insulted like this. Sree says you were making me listen, dont do this. KV comes there and says you would have fallen down.
Jasleen says to Sristy that I gave him space, he was expecting something.
KV asks Shiv to wait till tomorrow. Shiv says I cant wait, Sree says you can wait for me. Shiv says I dont a choice.

Dipika says to Sristy that Deepak thinks he is doing drama, Deepak thinks everything is a joke.
Deepak says to Surbhi that Shiv was hurt that he was placed lower on rank, he has a lot of ego.
Sristy says to Dipika that they think only they have real emotions.
Somi says to Romil that he was not acting.
Surbhi says to Shiv that running is a low level thing.
Jasleen says to Sree that I asked you to talk to Shiv. Sree says I dont do all this, he was talking normally to me. Jasleen says I was expecting you to talk to him. Sree says you all are nice, only me and Shiv are bad. Jasleen says dont keep linking things like that, this is not funny.
Romil asks Jasleen what did he say. Jasleen says nothing.
Sree starts practicing cricket. Jasleen says well played.

Megha says to Sree that happy club is making fun of his pain.
Jasleen says to Shiv that you are strong. Shiv says they will eliminate me in end. Jasleen says there is a way, you should take out frustration, you are not a coward to run, you can talk to me.
Sree says to KV that he is disturbed.
Jasleen says to Shiv that be with her, I am scared too.
Romil says to Somi that Sree is acting, I cant stop laughing.
Megha says to Sree that they think our innocence can be used but we will answer their laughing.

Romil says to Shiv that if it was someone else then I would have accepted it but it was very odd from you.
Deepak says to KV that it was all pre-planned, I can read Sree’s eyes.

Day 50
Tera naam liya plays, inmates wake up and dance.

Surbhi says to Deepak that if your parents come then you will be in trouble. Somi says I will not spare him. Surbhi says what if Jasleen’s father comes? Deepak says Anup can come too. Surbhi says Jasleen’s life has controversy, when you go against nature in love. Jasleen says its not against nature, he is a guy and I am a girl.

Surbhi says we commoners are simple. Jasleen says why you keep saying celebrity and commoners? its odd. Surbhi feels bad. Jasleen says I felt bad too when you gave me empty bowl when I came out of confession room, you were taunting me too.

Jasleen says to Sree that Surbhi keeps taunting me about Anup and our affair being odd, this is not good.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that its time for nominations. Sree will give 7 names which he wants to nominate. Sree takes Somi’s name for not strong enough after Saba leaving, he takes Rohit’s name for deciding his team, he takes Jasleen’s name for being a strong competition, he takes KV’s name for not showing his game, he takes Deepak’s name for being ill, he takes Surbhi’s name for being a strong contender, he takes Romil’s name for being clever player. Somi says this is not right, they supported you to become captain. Bigg Boss says nominations will happen between 7 inmates chosen by Sree. Dipika reads that remaining 4 inmates will have a chance to save 3 inmates and nominate 4 inmates from the list given by Sree. The safe contestants can go and smash the scarecrow of any contestant they like when the buzzer plays. The four smashed scarecrows will represent the contestants that will get nominated.

Surbhi says to Sree that you cant win like this. Sristy thanks Sree. Surbhi says he is crazy. Surbhi says he is scared of us.
Romil says to Sree that you played wrong game.

Romil says to Surbhi that he nominated happy club.
Dipika says to Sristy that he was smart, he gave us a chance.
Surbhi says to Deepak that he is of no one. Romil says I asked him why he took my name so he said I will be saved. Surbhi says he is spineless.
KV says to Deepak that this is stupidity now, dont be angry.
Surbhi says to Shiv that Sree called Romil his brother.
Deepak says to KV that all are scared niw.
Surbhi says he doesnt fulfill his relations. Shiv says you can talk for yourself.
Sree says to Sristy that I know they will break KV’s scarecrow.
Deepak says to Shiv that Sree said that you are not going anywhere because he would have power, he was giving hint about nominations and its against rules.

Surbhi says to Sree that you started loving sister again? you say weird things, you say we are competition now? Megha says I will nominate Romil who called audience fools for making me win. Romil says to Sree that you promised Deepak to save him. Sree says I didnt send Deepak to jail.

Romil says to Megha that please dont nominate me.
Surbhi says to Dipika that you are a clever person, its not fair to take these names on basis of performance. Dipika says if you were given a chance then you would nominate on basis of performance?
Sree says to Deepak that you taunted wolf pack last night and I didnt like it. Deepak leaves. Sree asks Sristy to go first. KV asks Sree why he took his name? Sree says I had to take one celebrity name, Dipika is going to save you, I was hurt when you said stuff. KV says you threatened me too, it hurt me too. Sree says you will be saved too. KV says this is a chance between you and me.

Sree asks Sristy to go. Buzzer plays. Sristy takes stick and says people are expecting me to break Jasleen’s but I dont have interaction with Romil much. Romil says its a valid reason? Sristy says its my decision, you placed me low in ranking on basis of that too. Sristy breaks his scarecrow.

Surbhi says to Romil that Sree is cheap, dont play with him indirectly. Romil says I will let him talk to me now.

Sree says to Megha that target happy club first, we can nominate Rohit later. Rohit comes there. Rohit says I will support you guys.

Buzzer plays, Megha breaks Deepak’s scarecrow as he is strong contender.
Surbhi says Sree will get us nominated.
Sree says to Sristy that I am not here to save friends, I am here for myself, I struggled a lot so I am playing.

Somi says to Shiv that you know I am not weak. Buzzer plays, Shiv takes stick and says Surbhi is straightforward and says Jasleen is my friend so I will break Somi’s. Surbhi says dont think from other’s mind, Shiv says this is my decision, he breaks Somi’s scarecrow. Romil says Sree well played.Surbhi says you are a piece of shit Sree. Somi calls ******* to Shiv, KV asks Shiv to not say anything. Somi says yesterday was Shiv’s drama. Romil says everyone knows it. Dipika laughs and says its fun.
Somi says to Shiv that I dont play? you are a fool, you are following herd.
Romil says to Surbhi that Sree planned to get us nominated.

Somi says they are donkeys. Dipika says dhechun. Shiv teases Somi. Somi asks her to cry like a donkey more. Dipika says we will do what we can do. Somi says dont talk, annoying people.

PRECAP- Romil says to Sree that you know nothing. Sree says we will see. Surbhi says play like a lion, you use relations and people. Sree says Dipika is sitting calmly.
Dipika says to inmates that I didnt take responsibility to follow everyone’s advice. Dipika says I wanted happy club to get nominated, we hear commoners vs. celebrity jokes from them but if by mistake we say even a word, you people start taking our class. Surbhi says you should made us learn before, get away with your swag.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Biased show Salman khan n bigg boss never say anything to this romil surbhi somi n deepak who have bad mouth…..when housemate pamper tgem tgey dont hv problem bt if anybody say anything against them then say lot of bad things to tge housemate…….if this time surbhi somi n deepak mein se koi out nhi hua then this is total waste of time to watch this stupid show guys……everyone is just read update that is why trp decresing bcs wen deepak surbhi somi shout too it’s difficult to watch……total headache….

    1. i guess there will be no eviction this week…… they will save happy club again.

      1. yes they should be saved..bcs without them no entertainment

    2. Completely agree with you… Last week these four were safe then everything was fine but now they are taking it to another level for non reason.

      These four havr very bad language and i dont know why they have considered surbhi anf deepak, both of them doesnt even know how to talk anf how to behavr and everytime they expect respect from others.

      And i would also say about this romil idiot. I am not defending sreesanth but he had played for the country and romil just keeps on taunting on his cricket. I mean who the hell romil is that he keeps on saying about his cricket.

      And also these four are hardly veen in the nominations so it is kind of cool that this there should be a doublr eviction and i really want surbhi and deepak out of this house. blo*dy cheap contestants.

    3. Deepak & Romil are playing like boss…Their game is open game, Surbhi is straight forward and deserves respect. I want to suggest Deepak that dont waste ur game with this lovewala angle…..U r good and an aggressive player. ….Deepika is fool and going to be next next Hina Khan….Rohit is next Love Tyagi without any stand kabhi idhar to kabhi udhar

      1. ha ha ha true

    4. bina happy club k show mein kuch hai hi nai..baaki toh kuch karte nai

  2. Waaah kya episode tha 👍🏻.. Maza aagaya.. Sree khel gaya superb.. Happy club pagal hogan😂 sad club hogaya.. Itna dar nomination se!!!!!

    1. Sree khelgaye??? How???
      He had to name 7 … So wht do u expect from him???
      He will nominate shiv srishty
      Deepika only if he has no choice… So in other situations definitely he had to include happy club… Main reason he spared Megha is she didn’t mock shiv’s emotions but understood him , unlike blo*dy cheap club who accuse shiv and sree for a preplanned drama…
      Sree does things which he wants ‘ at the spot’ only..
      He s not wise to calculate any moves.

      1. Sree will nominate Dipika even when he will have choice and his only motivation will be to be seen and talked about

  3. Bigg boss ke relatives hai happy club wale tbhi nhi krenge eviction stupid show ……whatever deepika said about surbhi romi somi n deepak if celebrities do any mistakes they bark like dog bt if the do any mistakes then celebrities dnt hv right to defend…….only these stupid happy club hv right to nominate them or put them in jail…..they do cheating in task but if celebrities do that then will say bad words….surbhi somi should be eliminated this weak n deepak lomdi also bcs heartless person always make joke of someone emotions ……khudh kitna dramebaaz hai khudho dekhe phele..

  4. Sonu Choudhary

    I think today s episode is very good. Ab lga Pt kissi ko nominate krne k baad kya hota jb tk. Aapko koi nominate na kre tb tk aap tik nhi too bekar
    Sree sree sree bs is bnde k piche pde rhte bai vo bi khelne aaya hai agr vo bnda na Hot show m to Syd bekar show hota
    Uske bina gr ka koi kaam nhi hota
    Surbi to pta ni khud ko kya smjti aaj lga pta aur yeh deepak jo romil ka chmcha bna hai aage romil se hi fight krega I
    I like today episode sree u r the genuine person in this house
    We love u yr

  5. Its true tho… commoners always have the upper hand. If celebrities do something, they are wrong. If they dont, they are cowards. It is not fair. I am still not a big fan of sree yet only because he acted very immature and said very mean things. I am actually not a fan of anyone, but to see happy club nominated made me very happy. they deserved it. Surbhi and romil needed a slap. I hate how bigg boss/salman do not lecture the commoners. its not fair and i hope they know that everyone sees this. I dont bother watching the show anymore because it is just a headache. thank you for always posting in good detail atiba.

    Who thinks there will be no nominations this week? All nominated are drama starters… BB needs the trp. if no one gets evicted this week, i am done watching this season of bigg boss.

    1. Mansi..,this is exactly I feel..
      If they evict someone it would be either Deepak aur Somi.. maza aayegi when Deepak leaves just after Urvashi.. he was treating her as zero.
      Sree fans too wont vote for happy club now..

  6. Sree#khel gaye…..
    I am very happy that this stupid group is finally nominated…… the members of this group are the most fattu ones…… nominations ke baad to inki buri halat ho gyi h……
    Well played sree…… I would say that u r a very strong contender after what u have done to day……..romil n surbhi were damn shocked….
    Well the ones who were objecting that why dipika said that sree is a strong contender might have got their answers……
    I haven’t changed my opinion about sree but yes he played Well…..
    Coming to shiv……. he’s good I know must have been frustrated but the way deepak n group made fun of him……. not cool…….
    The language surbhi n somi used was as bad as them……. disgusting aunties…….
    Btw has anyone thought that the wolf pic that sree’s wife had send to him might be a sign to be on its side……maybe or else what would be the reason for this sudden change of mind……anyways well played celebs n ofcourse sree…….

    1. Hope Shiv copes up with his anxiety at least Surbhi supported him unlike the other hc members I felt like Shree was trying to show that he advised Shiv to do this by that cricket gesture when he heard deepak and hc actually bought it
      But I can’t blame them fully as Shreeshant created this whole strategy thing at first and Shiv did the same but personally I feel that running away was not his strategy but genuine emotions and he said that to cover up his mistakes cooly
      Hc needed this shock today they were in complete wrong track coz of their casual attitude and over confidence this would open their eyes
      Deepika seemed very happy with the task and finally after weeks she was noticed without Shreeshant
      Hope hc now plays their game smartly and instead of giving all the footage to Shree focuses on their own game

    2. and the best thing..

      romil and somi was making fun of sree when he was playing virtual cricket..
      and next day sach m sree khel gaya..

  7. I can happily remain single my whole life than having a girl like surbhi. GOD ! Kya bandi hai yaar . Her language is pathetic, the only way she knows how to remain highlighted is screaming and abusing others.
    Sree need to hila dala aaj is pure idiot club ko.

  8. Guys am new to this group..i just wanted to share my opinion..last week sree fighted with kv wantedly coz he know that ppl who will be against him will get more footage..and thats the reason he may have fighted with them..if we see last weeks episode happy club was not on lime light but kv and sree was on lime light i think this was his strategy to not make them on lime light..

    1. Sree is not a person to create drama to get footage for others…

  9. Nonsense.. If celebrities are getting something than bb is biased
    If commoners are getting something bb is biased
    Grow up and just enjoy the show
    They knows what are they doing

    1. Show is biased towards commoners and against celebs that’s what majority concluded from the way they keep saving commoners, let alone ignore they hide their mistakes the amount of time surbhi has done her drama had it been anyone from celebrities or their supporters(shiv urvashi jasleen)salman would’ve evicted them personally they showed her smoking video with white lie that she didn’t smoke when it was clear from that clip that something was fishy there & anup sree weren’t lying romil has been getting pat on the back since the start even though he provides no entertainment and calling him mastermind is like calling jyoti kumari (bigg boss 11) a mastermind, shiv was humiliated to apologize to deepak but never once did salman questioned surbhi and saba over thm being physically aggressive towards other celebs game plan was exposed infront of commoners an kv was ridiculed for it as it was working surbhi romil have been continuously saved from nominations with new twist or vote manipulation (I mean can you believe surbhi getting more votes than anup jalota?if she might got one vote than he certainly would’ve garnered four since he got a solid following as well)on every wkw commoners are made spokesperson of bb and celebs aren’t ever given chance to put their side of story forward there are many more things I haven’t mentioned but makers are certainly taking commoners side and if they hadn’t and let it be all impartial this season wouldn’t be as bad as it is

      1. Neha Chandra

        The best example is Salman didn’t take class of Sree for the first time bcoz he stood with commoners and send kv to the are right about calling romil a master mind ,he is no way a master mind but I think he is going to win the show bcoz of favorism, surabhi is also not going to eliminate as she is also favorite.either Deepak or somi will get out , waiting to see whether bb is going to play to save them.

        Surabhi and somi are equal to Priyanka jagga , how man bad words they are using,if Sree say one word Salman and all the house mates will take class,these girls can do anything and good in playing woman card .was doing please please to celebrities and when they didn’t listen start abusing.somebody said right v need cotton to watch episode.

        Deepak expecting loyalty from Sree after nominating

        Bb saying romil Mastermind , everyone knows majority is the main thing in bb .megha went to them by asking support and making group but they teased and humiliated her what I all happy group got nominated,I’m happy, they really deserve that.sree played well,I really loved the way he played and convince everyone only happy club . hahaha I really liked the way Deepika reply to happy club about their behavior.not bothered about any other days but really enjoyed the frustration of happy club.may be Sree wife gave a clue

      2. Sana and Neha ,totally agreed to you!!
        Even if sree won’t convince others ” it’s happy club ” they r abt to nominate..
        Megha wants to break Romil’s head.. sree intervened and sent srishty first.. thn sree advise Megha to spare Rohit…
        Not at all needed..
        megha – romil
        Srishty – Somi
        Shiv – Deepak
        Deepika – surbi , would have been better..
        I am a bit surprised why BB conducted such a nomination task where only happy club will b nominated??
        Is it just to cover up their biased nature ?

      3. @Neha chandra..

        agreed to ur each n every word…!!

      4. “calling him mastermind is like calling jyoti kumari (bigg boss 11) a mastermind”–Jyoti was way more fun to watch than this kabadi bazar mastermind lol

  10. Deepika is irritating but I agree with her that when these tatpunjiye talk about commoners celebs it’s just a joke but when celebs retaliate it’s them being inhuman? As for shiv, he is a simpleton who has been taking salman taunts for too long so what he did today was actually to me was genuine and happy club calling it drama is inhuman especially somi I really thought girl is genuine she isn’t she only pretend to have straight forward outlook when all she does is b*t*hing and romil was intentionally taunting shiv on being srees puppet not for game but just to hurt him as he has already broken the matka aur befalto mein baitha “mastermind” ban ra tha ke kaun kiska matka phode ga Abe [email protected]@@@ there was nothing to use brainpower on show bazi karna band kar…it’s sad that bb again is gonna save happy club

  11. Isn’t it funny bb gave this kind of power to wolf gang only when there’s going to be no beneficial outcome for them considering rumour is there’ll be no eviction this week so bb basically exposed sree’s motives to happy club so in future thy wary of him and he/wg couldn’t play with them anymore and they could shove “romil the secondhand mastermind” down our throats smh

    1. Sandeep Virk

      It will be totally unfair if there is no elimination this week..and pls Salman dont say bullshit like diwali bonus and stuff just to excuse saving this garbage club as diwali special wkw is you have No Excuse to save these idiots..ELIMINATE AT LEAST ONE OF THEM IF NOT DOUBLE EVICTION…I would love it of Salman announced double eviction…I get a feeling that they will send surbhi in secret house and then bring her back to create more havoc…

      1. I hope they don’t put romil in secret room his ego is already all time high with show showering him with title that he honestly hasn’t earned and if he went in secret room he’ll think himself as bigg boss

  12. I thought Megha was genuine but today she was fake sobbing then I find myself attracted to somis personality but she proved she’s no less of an attention seeker and gand than surbhi I thought romil is Mr nice guy of the season but he is Mr idiot of the season instead with inflated self importance like what kind of ganeplan was he trying to executed by *making* caption from rival group and bb is giving him mastermind title LOL I thought sree is cunning and he proved it today hope he keep this same attitude when they’re told ntheir hard work is going to shit as no one is going to be eliminated I thought deepika is fake which she proved right however she sometimes say things really as they are as well I thought deepak is chugalkhor sanp and he is exactly that

  13. Jab bff first ajata hai aur tum second last to shiv jsisa hi behave kartey gain, he’s a true friend and not jealous but just feeling inferior and happy club understands it that’s why romil kept taunting him

  14. Can someone please tell to open her mouth while speaking kuch palley nai padta bol kya rai hai

  15. omg wow hats of you sree and dipika honesyly you showed your real side haha surbhi going mental over nomination boo you was meant to be nominted one day or another right i hope this slapped most of the people out der who doubt on dipika for fkwl shes real and she aint no fake get that in your thick mental brain you dont no anything bout this girl she is who she is and shes playing rly good ik for da fact that shes gona win dis show ps bout shiv i felt so bad for him i swear if i was der with him as a friend i would tel him how amazing trusty person he is no matter what the world says hes perfect in his own ways these pitty lames words shouldnt get to him i swear these people just want attention thats al nwt else for ur kind of info he aint dumb he aint crazy he aint idiot hes much better than anyone else from than house stop calin him stupid idiot pagal wat not shiv be you do you let these haters hate always think dah dey my motivation nd the more dey fight with me thats the more il be stronger shiv is worth it in dis show he needs it i support shiv only x

  16. Sakshi maheshwari

    Finally happy club nominate ho gaya hai 😅😅commoners ki jo marzi ho vo bol sakte hai bhai celebrities kya bigada hai .celebrities ne kabhi unke bich mein differentiate nahi kiya . Commoners ne hi kiya hai . Ab pata chalega happy club walo nominate hokar kaisa lagta hai . Celeb ke paas bhi right hai apni bhadas nikal ne ka surbhi deepak somi romil inke muh ko bandh karne ke liye bohot hi zaroori tha 😷. Bas gaaliyan dena ata hai inko plz salman bhai iss weekend ka war par in commoners ki ek bar claas zarror lena . Is week nominations bhi hone chahiye . Well played dipi di ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺👌👍👏👍👍

  17. Haha…well played, Sree! Loved today’s episode, and the reaction to the nominations. After laughing at Shiv and his issues, what did the so-called Happy Club expect?!!! Poor Surbhi, she has lost the plot, totally! She gives me a headache the way she screeches. Needs treatment asap!!!!

  18. Sree has done no such mastermind things it is predictable move.The makers want to evict somi since the love angle they want show is not working on her.But they simply can’t nominate somi or any member of happy club because if task is given then these celebs won’t perform and get nominated.I knew this is coming when somi rejects deepak approach.Very predictable move from creative team.

    1. Yes Gul. Quite obvious that is. They are simply planning evictions based on masala. Commoners are simply too disgusting this time. And celebs main no dam. Sristy is just so insecure that she plays to just not get nominated. Deepika has lost the promise. Sree confused impulsive. Kv ho sakta tha par maahanta bhari paregi uspe. Jasleen a waste. Neha jo sabse strong and deserving thi she s out.
      Shiv is good. But he needs to make his place. Jo salman use karne nhi de raha. He is good frm heart and loyal. Chamchagiri nhi karta woh nomination se bachne k liye. Na zabardasti k love angle le ke aata h

  19. Shiv was complete drama. Somi told correct. If Dipika was concerned about Shiv then she didn’t go to Shiv. Dipika insisted on showing Deepak bad…Megha got emotional??? Sorry drama hai sab. Achayi ki acting ki haad Kar rakhi hai celebs ne. These people are joke. Keh rahen Hain tum Gaye to hum akele… Ye loag Bahar ek dusre ki sakal nai dekhenge. Drama.

    1. Thank God , here most comments are totally opposite to Mr. Hope’s ..

    2. Deepika and mefga both are dramebaaz however shiv actually had a breakdown he wasn’t seeking attention and you can tell by the time he chose and how he behaved after..

  20. Sree khel Gaya but aagea phir wo do din m bhagega bus captaincy khatam hone do. Dipika is going around jaise wo game palat rahi hai. And Sree is not realizing that no one believes him today. Uski bahen bhai bolti hai to Sach lagta nai. Shiv is asking Surbhi to not talk for Romil then why shiv is defending Sree. If for shiv that is loyalty then Surbhi is also loyal to Romil.

    1. yes absolutely right

  21. Loved KV for confronting sree. He at least knows ki celeb m next Bali ushi ki paregi. Urvashi bhaiya didi karte gayi and next will be kv jab celeb k chance aayega.

    1. Srishty is next not kV, everyone from happy club except maybe sree will give kV more priority than to srishty…

  22. “Happy Club” MURDABAD. Get all them swines out of the house

  23. This is a biased show
    Jab Sree ne two weeks pehele Rohit aur Deepak ko kaha tha tab Salman ne Sree ko bash kiya tha
    Aur Phir Usne Kv ko kaha tab Salman ne Sree ko kuch bhi kaha The main reason was Sree was the member of Happy Club
    And caller of the week was also asking a lame question
    Coming to today’s Episode Sree was Calm, he planned and strategies very well
    I wish and hope he must maintain this momentum But Sree is like we love him two days and hate him two days.

    1. Sandeep Virk

      This week caller of the week should have questioned surbhi somi for saying sree deserved to go to jail this week for his behaviour but he got saved cuz he is a captain…why bb only selects fizzy callers that criticize celebrity’s choices or actions only…why not happy club for once

      1. Jawab bi apki sawal me hi hai..

  24. Should I say…
    Not being bias at all…
    For some obvious reasons,
    I loved today’s episode. 😂

    But Not Sure If Someone would get evicted or not. BB may play another game.

  25. Bhai itna Andha ho Kar sree ko support kar rahe ho ki uski har galti ko positive way me put kar dete ho kamal hai yaar aap to manki baat samajh lete ho.waise to koi murder bhi karega to bolega main to population control karne ke liye ye kiya (in a optimistic way like urs). Good going kV carry on

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