Bigg Boss 12 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree wants to file an FIR on KV

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Bigg Boss 12 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 45
Inmates wake up to song hai re.. larka ye. Vikas and Shilpa wakes up. Sristy dances around with Jasleen. Vikas dances with Deepika and Shilpa.

Shilpa says to Romil that your enemies make you winner here. Romil says competition is tough, KV, Sree and Deepika have fan following.
KV says to Vikas to give him tips. Vikas says you are not taking lead in tasks, you dont show aggression like Deepak, you have to get involved in tasks, you saw how Shilpa started fighting in task as soon as she enters house, there is nothing wrong or right here, dont think too much.

Urvashi says to Somi that sorry but I know you feel uncomfortable when they link you with Deepak, Somi says yes. Urvashi says then clarify that you dont have those feelings, you

have to go out of this house too and face family. Somi says he is like my brother.

Deepak starts behna.. Urvashi starts tum mile.. KV dances with Somi.

Firecracker starts, Romil and KV runs to store room, they collect things. KV gives it Deepika. Somi starts making rangoli. Surbhi says you people take so much white. Jasleen asks Somi if she is making tyre? Megha is making rangoli. Somi tries to attack her, Shiv tries to stop but Somi destroys rangoli. Megha washes her platform. Rohit throws water too. Shiv runs and steals Shilpa’s team’s colors. All hoot. Vikas asks Shilpa to hug him, she says eww and runs away. Shilpa says we dont have colors. Romil tries to take colors from Vikas but Vikas asks girls to come forward. Shilpa takes Romil from there and says let them relax. Vikas gives colors to Megha. Romil is destroying colors. Shiv says thisis not allowed. Somi writes ‘happy diwali’ on her board. Vikas says this is not allowed. Shilpa tries to destroy Megha’s rangoli, Megha says referee cant do it. Vikas says this is not allowed. They see colors thrown on Megha’s platform, Deepak says its like five pimples. Megha says its pimples from your face. Deepak says you are spitting poison, dont comment about my face, I didnt comment about your face. Megha says you are commenting on my rangoli. Bigg Boss asks to tell their decision. Vikas says she is not giving us point. Shilpa says this is not rangoli, we cant reach a decision. Bigg Boss says this round is cancelled too.

Sree asks Vikas who is going to store room from team? Vikas says same KV. Sree says you cant do this, you have to switch. Vikas says family can protect, you are not allowed to go, we have to make team win.
Vikas says to Sristy that Sree has gone mad, he is not doing anything.
Sree says to Shiv and Jasleen that who is he to not let me go? I was sitting near rangoli last night, Deepika says why are you sitting alone now? Sree says I want to protect this time. Jasleen says you have to show that you are working for team. Vikas comes there and says we are in one team. Sree says we can sit anywhere we want. Vikas says you have to understand all are watching. Sree says I know all about you. Vikas says dont cross the line. Sreesanth is angered by how Vikas has talked to him as Jasleen, Dipika try to calm him down. The argument between Vikas and Sreesanth heats up. Sreesanth calls him a ‘fake mastermind’, while Vikas calls him mannerless. Jasleen says to Sree whats the guarantee that you will play for Vikas only? Sree says to Vikas dont call me mannerless. Sree says you are an idiot, he charges to him, Vikas keeps saying mannerless to him. Romil says Vikas dont call him that. Sree says he is fake, this is the mastermind? Sree says to Megha that I can sit anywhere in house, he is fake and came to me. Megha says they are guests, dont do it. Sree says he called me mannerless, I will not spare him. Megha says you cant do it. Sree goes to sit with Shinde family. Shinde family welcomes him. Jasleen says to Sree that you cant do it. Sree says your Gupta parivar head is calling me mannerless.

Sree calls Vikas fake and line producer. Vikas says this is the first time someone is going against their own team. Sree goes and runs to Vikas. Vikas says you are mannerless, too much. Sree is about to throw water on him but Deepika tries to stop him. Vikas says you are mannerless. Sree says thank God I was not in last season. Vikas laughs at him, you cant stand because you are not a man. Vikas says you dont deserved to be talked. Sree shows him some sign and says something. Vikas says what did you say? you are cheap. Sree claps and says stand up. Sristy says to Sree that you are being mannerless by clapping. Surbhi says to girls that you cant fight alone? Megha shouts at her to be in limits. Surbhi jokes about Megha, Surbhi says she was winner? eww, throw on her face, character. Megha says see what audience does.

Jasleen asks Sree to not do this, I wont play like this, I thought you were doing that to go to Shilpa’s team to become captain.

Firecracker pays, Romil and KV runs to take colors. KV takes most colors. Sree goes to him. KV hides. Vikas asks to call Jasleen and Sristy. KV asks Sree to not touch. Deepika says brother please, Sree says dont call me brother, he asks her to not touch. KV says tell me what you can do? Shiv stands infront of KV. He holds Sree. Deepika says I cant do it anymore. She leaves. Sree says to KV that if you have guts then come out. KV says who the hell are you? Megha destroys the rangoli being made by Surbhi. Megha asks Surbhi to play. Surbhi says this is her strategy to win? Rohit says you keep doing this. Megha says it will take 10 seasons for you to win. Shiv throws water on Surbhi’s rangoli. Sree says I will push KV. Vikas tries to stop Sree. Sree screams at him. KV tries to attack Sree too. Vikas calms KV down. KV pushes Sree away. Sree screams that he pushed me. Someone pushes KV and he falls down. Deepika and Vikas helps him. Rohit destroys Megha’s rangoli.
Deepika starts crying. Vikas consoles her and says this is a game.
Shiv is throwing water on Surbhi. Surbhi gets angered by Shivashish throwing water on her. The round ends. Rohit destroys Megha’s rangoli so only Surbhi’s rangoli is remaining.

KV says he hit me. Deepika cries and says I cant play, she leaves. Surbhi says you cant give up. Shilpa says she is Sasural Simar Ka. Vikas says we are disqualifying this round. Surbhi says we had our rangoli ready. Vikas leaves. Surbhi asks Shilpa to take decision. Sree asks her to tell her decision.

Deepika says to Rohit that I was supporting him because I saw his condition, how fragile he was and he used to change sides because of his condition and people are pointing fingers at me. KV says to Vikas that he has no manners for anyone. Deepika says I am disappointed with myself, what he said to me and KV, I cant hear that.
Somi says to Shilpa that she is Simar and will remain in that zone.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that time for Rangoli task has ended. Gupta family have one point so they win this task. KV hugs Vikas. Deepika hugs her team. Vikas kisses Surbhi’s cheek. He hugs Shiv. KV says to Romil that you played well. Romil says we didnt win task but we won hearts, we were not bad and evil like them. Kv says dont cry like a baby.

Shiv says to Sree that you did wrong with Vikas, Sree says he called me mannerless. Shiv says you were hyper, Sree says I was doing in controlled manner, in game.

Vikas says to Shilpa that I didnt do anything this time, I was not hyper. Shilpa says its in your face, it doesnt look and feel positive. Vikas says I always like to see you.

Bigg Boss says its time for Shilpa and Vikas to leave. Shilpa says aww. Vikas hugs Deepika. Deepak sings do pal ka.. Deepika is in tears. Vikas consoles her. Shilpa is in tears and ask inmates to take care.

Vikas asks Rohit to control his words. Sree and Vikas ignore each other. Sree meets Shilpa. Shilpa and Vikas leaves.

Deepika asks Rohit to sit with her, I know what you are feeling. Sree says to Jasleen that she has found a new brother, he says to Shiv that you have to remain with us, we have only three votes.

Sree says to KV that he has hurt me and Bigg Boss is not taking decision so I will confront him. Sree says to KV that you have hurt me. KV says you have pushed and hurt me too. Sree says I didnt pull you, you were in middle of girls, you are not ashamed. KV says you have to do some drama, you are swelling to do this drama. KV says you do this on Friday only. Shiv asks Sree to calm down. Sree says you have no legacy like me. KV says he brought his legacy in middle. Sree says you are half-half, have no legacy. Megha tries to calm KV and Sree. KV says we know from where you are, Sree charges at him. Megha says he didnt deliberately push you, it from both sides. KV says you hurt me so I will hurt you, I will do it if you do it. Sree drops his bottle cap. KV says catch drop. Sree says I could drop it somewhere else, I promise what I will do to you. KV says I am waiting.

KV says to Deepika that he would never understand. Sree comes there and says you are taking revenge? Deepika says what are you doing brother? KV says you didnt come to talk earlier. Sree says you are taking revenge? KV says you were pulling me, I have nail scratches. Sree says you have hurt me, if anything happens then you will not have a good time outside, I will remember and react. Sree charges at him. All inmates stop Sree. Somi says Sree you are wrong. Deepak takes Sree from there. Surbhi says you are wrong, Sree says he is not saying sorry for hurting me. Somi says Salman will ask him.

Deepika says to KV that his scratch is not that bad. KV says when I pushed him, he fell down. Sree says dont lie, Deepika says we are not lying. Jasleen says he was reacting as you didnt say sorry. KV says he didnt say sorry, I wont say it, when I tried to talk to him, he said that I called him like a dog. Sree says to KV that you pushed and hurt me. Urvashi asks Sree to calm down. KV says to Jasleen that he has said stupid things to Deepika too, when he was pushing Deepika, I asked him not to so he said I know how to take it, not give it(double meaning), Deepika was offended, how can he say that? Deepika says he didnt target anyone but we have kept saying to not say all this. Shiv says he was not meaning it as double meaning.

Sree says to Deepak that I will filing an FIR on him, he hurt me. Shiv says apply 302 on him. KV says sorry to Sree if he is hurt and says I am telling it genuinely. Sree says I am filing an FIR.

Deepak is cleaning jail and says they might send me to jail too. He tries to come out, Somi says bro chill. Surbhi says she will make you feel uncomfortable too, they laugh. Somi says I will celebrate bhaidhoojh. Surbhi says answer uncomfortable with uncomfortable. Deepak puts blanket on Sree.

Deepak says to Romil that if he said lies to you, he accepted it. Romil says he knows game, the way he fought with KV, I felt it was strategy, I still respect him as cricketer but not as human being.

PRECAP- Sapna Chaudary and Sana Khan comes home. Sana has a clothing shop and gives a shimmering coat to KV, Rohit its for girls, Sana laughs.
Sapna performs on chori bindas, all enjoy and dance with her. KV hoots and dances.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Faggot a*sh*le most idiotic stupid duffer dumb dull most negative energy in the house is called sreesanth…I cant even describe how much I hate this person…I feel sorry for even defending this mentally sick guy…he is si desperate to please surbhi and gang that he doesnt realize right and wrong..f**king a*sh*le…shiv jasleen need to stop following him cuz there is no place for them in surbhi team…i keep saying it pls dipika kv srishty megha rohit shiv you all need to unite and fight these gundas…kv I just love this guy for his positivity and mannerism..true gentleman…I just with to see a fight between stee surbhi romil any day now cuz sree surbhi flip in no time and their combination in one team is more dangerous..I’m hating this garbage sree more than jagga and om now cuz sree is a well educated and successful man who is an ideal bowler for many youngsters…shame on you sree…
    And this shilpa aunty…why is she encouraging sree…I loved vikas..he have true advice to most of them..megha you got your keep them together…and as for don’t deserve didn’t do anything in the task..only kv shiv and megha deserve to be candidates for captaincy…cuz they actually did the task…and when did sree get hurt..wait a second..was it when he was physically tussling with deepika srishty jasleen and kv? What a lazy ass woman he is….
    Team vikas played a fair aggression no badmouthing no hitting and a fair victory…well done gupta family….pls vikas they need a leader like you…I think megha can lead them well..pls guys find that inner will to stand together and come out as a team…

    1. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    2. @ sandeep virk…..Very well said!!

    3. @Sandeep..

      even i have the same feeling for sree right now..

    4. Sandeep, true review!
      Shilpa was enjoying how sree is misbehaving with Gupta parivaar…

    5. U are absolutely right sandeep.u said my mind .

      1. Yeah calling someone homophobic slang is perfectly right even though the outlash on that person is because of that same reason haha so funny irony is 😀

    6. sandip u re right. the happy family always win by unfair game. sree is a mad dog he should not call a human bein.

      1. sandeep u re right. the happy family always win by unfair game. sree is a mad dog he should not call a human being

    7. Honest Opinion

      PERFECTLY SAID SANDEEP VIRK! I used to want to see Shreesanth in finals! NOT ANYMORE tho! He’s just mannerless, rude & extremely selfish! I genuinely hope he gets kicked out this weekend.. please!!!! He’s so arrogant for no reason.. “just watch what I do to you”.. like who the hell are you?!!! & he pushes people it’s ok.. but as soon as he gets pushed.. he throws a big fit?! He give THREATS! It has to be against rules!!!! Also- wtf- Surbhi & shreesanth are new BFFs?!!! After everything they’ve said to each other??

  2. Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate you Sreeshanth !
    blo*dy MCP ! Misogynistic male chauvinist. Hatred from the core of the heart. ❤ Hate you just so much ? God will bless you but Karma will kill you, weakness ! ?
    Oh reality check… he will hide behind the doors not behind the saree that time. ? Ehh match fixer, you don’t even deserve to be the servant of a line producer. What did u say to Karan ? What did you say to Vikas ?
    “Kharey nahi ho pata toh namard?” Like literally ?????? ? Boss, you are dead. A man isn’t less than a woman, a woman isn’t less than a man, and on the same level does the third gender stands. And please baby, get some cup of Biology in your mind !

    1. @Aarohi.. Completely agreed with u.. ?

    2. Vikas is always a gem… ?
      Finally KV and Dipika realized they wasted their time on a garbage for 6 weeks.
      I hope they will never go behind sree for taking care of him… They should ignore him completely and stand together along with srishty & Megha.
      Sree who doesn’t hav any legacy taunts
      KV who indeed has a very good legacy… ??
      Vikas motivated them whom we really want to play front foot and handled ‘the messy situation during task like a Boss..
      Sree should be kicked out

  3. Oh god how disgusting n irritating man is shree he is not only cry baby but insecure,intention seeker n bullshit personality..bcs of his bad behaviour deepika kv n shristi is suffering their personality get suppressing….they cnt understand whether to play game or just handle this stupid shree temper….how her wife tolerating this guy her whole day going like that shree shant ho jao shree shant ho jao…….if her baby play cricket with him n won from him then he reacted like that mere ko nhi khelne ka yeah cheating krta……that man cnt see failure…..uffff…..he is confused personality doesn’t know to whom support in game or not..

  4. What the hell was sree trying to do today……..he hs earned a lot of hatred in many hearts i suppose…….he was pathetic today……..last week he was intentionally targeted but this week it won’t be strange if he’ll be targeted again or maybe thrown out of this house………hate him as hell……..
    I think he did this whole drama to seek attention…….. that’s it bcoz he thought that vikas was seeking the whole attention……….sree is a big flip……..flipper of bb 12…….whatever he did with vikas kV n dipika(a bit)……..not done………
    He humiliated kv badly…….sometimes he makes me think that he is mentally unstable……..
    I support kv in this matter completely………
    I hope now dipika has seen his so called bhai’s true colours…….at least now should maintain slight distance from sree as its been damaging her own self.
    Happy that Gupta family won this task…….
    This somi n deepak’s drama is disgusting n unbearable……..I hope it ends soon……
    If u know in case somi marries deepak then their kids will be huge…..
    Will miss vikas n shilpa……..n the last season too……

    1. @Nandini.. Sristy dpka n neha deepak k lev3l k h nhi.. Wo log waise bhi isko bhaav kabhi nhi dete . Better h somi pe hi line maar lo.. Team mate h shayad wo bhi agree kar jati tph tocketbpok ho jati 3-4 weeks aur rehne ki..
      Matlab content k kiye kuch bhi..

    2. @ nandini thanks for making me laugh with ur somi deepak comment coz today’s episode was so irritating n disgusting.I hate shree n his attitude he’s so cheap n mannerless n mannerless is d right word to describe him

  5. Whatever bullshit sree said to vikas n kv was awful be it personal or anything else…….I m just hating myself that some day I was here supporting this stupid man……..nobody has given him rights to question people’s gender n all……
    When he said kv “beech wala” I was wanting kv to slap him hard on his disgusting face…….after so much of dirt he was wishing diwali after the task ended… seriously…..
    N those threats he was giving n that ridiculous happy club was supporting him……

  6. Bhai ye banda har baar main banta hai.

  7. sree was the clear villain today but first time i saw kv not being his innocent self either apart from the fact he hit him he was continuously doing things and gesture to instigate him and being an insolent immature piece of crap, sree acted on them smh He should’ve never came without media training idk how to feel about him anymore at one side i see people who came out of house or videos of people in the house saying he’s genuine person then there’s THIS part of him that you just can’t ignore regardless if this side only comes out on provocation or not he’s looking extremely bad and bb team is making it even worse by setting the tone of the epi as they’re doing, I wonder if he’ll be kicked out of the house this week considering i heard he has supreme court date..

    1. Hi Jap
      I’m sorry but I couldn’t notice any instigating gestures that kv had made against sree? Can you pls tell me if it was shown in today’s episode or other episodes? As far as I understood srees strategy was to go to get supplies..and let the other team take everything…maybe he was jealous of kv as kv was doing a fantastic job not letting other team get much supplies…and when vikas said no to sree he couldn’t digest it…I wish sree faces kv in akhara on weekend…kv will definitely kill him..sree is a bacha in front of kv be it physically emotionally or mentally…
      I liked shiv told sree directly that he was wrong..good job shiv..leave this mental guy otherwise he will drown you along himself…

      1. as soon as sree entered the kitchen kv started doing that baby pampering gesture that sree used to do everytime surbhi targeted him which clearly piqued him and kv did it even more when he saw sree looking annoyed moreover he did hit him and apologizing for that would’ve been a mature move instead he chose to let it slide and went on celebrating with his team i mean whatever happened between them they used to “act” like brothers so him saying sorry just after the act would’ve diffused the tension but instead he went the other way. I’m not saying sree wasn’t being boderline psychotic but his behaviour only got uglier cause the way kv handled it. As for him attacking vikas that was disgusting but if someone(shilpa) from outside would tell an immature idiot(sree) how a specific person(vikas) has been writing post about you that has garnered negative attention to you then that immature idiot will attack that particular person in an immature way na besides that someone also told that idiot that his friends in game are only “acting” that’s sowing a seed of mistrust which in sree case grew into a plant overnight lol

      2. Shree is just insecure ,and hates anyone getting limelight so he does anything to be in d limelight without caring how bad he behaves.and he makes friends as per his convenience n he wants d whole world to revolve around him .and I’m so happy vikas came n told d truth to kV n dipika .

    2. Sandeep Virk

      Ok thanks..I would have to watch it again now…but if I’m not wrong kv did those after they had that scuffle sree deserved it..and I’m glad kv didnt apologize..he didnt have to because sree completely deserved it since he began all would upar team member feel if you trying to get your own lose..all in all sree is loser and I take back all the defense I so far posted in previous weeks..
      Sorry to differ with your viewpoint but I have really started hating sree now and cant even give him benefit of doubt anymore…
      But I like to read your comments and I agree with you on most of them except this one today

      1. No problem lol and I’m not on sree’s side either this time he behaved like an animal however I was just trying to point out things that other did commit and might go unnoticed in the ruckus sree created regardless if his was bigger but others were wrong also and according to me behaved out of character they have been showing themselves to be that’s all..

    3. Sree the match fixer should be kicked out.

    4. @Jap..

      kv tried to sort out the things but it was sree who was disrespecting kv…
      ek toh aap faltu ka scene create kar rahe ho.. attitude dikhane ka koi solid reason nhi tha .. ulta kv ko egg task m kisi ne support nhi kiya…

      when kv call him to sort out things sree did’t go to him to talk

      It was sree who started first to use foul language..then obviously kv reacts.. kv even fall down..
      i saw one more thing.. dpka hold sree’s hand bcz they share bhai hen bond i guess and or to protect task related stuffs.. but why romil holds dpka’s hand and try to move her from their..

      agar happy club ki koi andi hoti na toh is baat ka issue bana deti..

      and sree pe kal kisi ko bhi trust nhi tha cz sabko clearly dikh raha tha usey happy club join karna h..
      kisi k sath toh loyal hona chaiye dka ko sis bolta h kv ko dost bolta h even shiv n jasleen se itni ban rahi h aaj kal… unhi k liye soch leta ki thoda acha perform kar lo so that ye logo ko captaincy ka chance mile..

      it was only sree who started the fight with kv and vikas and used really bad words..

      1. i’m not trying to be devils advocate here but whatever happened before has nothing to do with kv trying to deny that he hit him forcefully, sree is an idiot and apparently untrustworthy as well i said it in my initial comment and i’m still stuck with that idea now and will remain until he GENUINELY apologize for his mistakes and repent for them however kv was outright denying ever touching him then went on with his taunting gesture in kitchen he was subtly mocking him, his lying and attitude what irritated me a bit cause i wasn’t expecting that from him sree is still more wrong here but kv did played a sketchy part in all of this, besides as i said sree is an idiot he just don’t get it that he was the biggest threat to happy club and with kv shiv alone he could have been ruling over them, he might be the most stupid contestant to ever come on the show in last five seasons

    same dog has bitten sree that bit surbhi before..sree is now suffering from rabies..deepika kv srishty megha jasleen shiv rohit need to stay away from sree as this disease is contagious…it may even kill a person if not treated properly with a heavy dose of eviction from BB house…otherwise this disease can only bring downfall to the sick person’s emotions relations mentality and social image…so everyone avoid any type of contact with sree and surbhi as these 2 are suffering from this deadly illness…

    1. @Sandeep..
      Ha haha.. ? ? ? ? ? ?
      Just loved ur comment buddy.. ?

    2. best comment just loved it … ???

    3. this is not right shree have to played his game no one can bit him in this season .

  9. Today i am really feeling bad for vikas… again the same humiliation like last season..
    sry to use these wordsto bla bla bla fans of this season.. but is season ka koi bhi banda vikas k samne kahin bhi stand nhi karta.. na toh akal h na shakal h banne chale sab log vikas k jaise…

    sree – I think now no true sree supporter will support him bcz of his own behaviour.. i think he seriously needs a doctor.. dusro ko bolne wale hote kon h tum neha,kv now vikas… tumhara sab pata h n all.. bhai apka bhi sabko pata h.. lot of ppl supported u just bcz of happy club was standing against u that time and they are psycho like u too

    kisi ne sahi hi bola h jo jaisa hota h usey waise hi log pasand atey h… surabhi romil n deepak k agey toh sree ki bolti band thi sultani akhada task m it was only kv who voted for u… it was only dpka who said bhai bhai each n everytime.. i dont know either it was fake or not… but actually u really deserves same treatment from all the housemates like happy happy club..
    I didnt hear what he said to dpka so that she really feels bad..
    sree ko na zameen k andar chale jana chaiye.. kya comment pass kiya tha usne vikas pe.. neither u can be like vikas in real life and nor in bb game too..

    u were really disgusting today.. u r no less than surabhi.. atleast uska justify hota h content k liye itne neeche girna.. cz she needs of money.. but u r very rich.. agar content k liye h ye sab toh apni biwi ka soch leta wo bechari sab se lad rahi h iske jaise bande k liye..

    Surbhi – she is a gutter… 2 din pehle sree k hath muh dho k peeche padi hui thi aur ab sree se itna pyaar???jo log bolte h surbhi apne words pe rehti h.. she is a ghatiya women … bhai ho kon tum
    megha jaisi bhi h apse toh acchi hi h… apne ukhada kya h abhi tak? roadies m psycho thi isi chakkarm le k aye h tumko waise bhi har season m ek contestant aisa latey hi h trp k liye .. u r sister of priyanka jagga and daughter of swami om…
    what she was doing thu n all no megha… na shakal ki h na akal ki.. difference is megha shayad tumhare jitne hadd tak nhi gir sakti

    deepak – i have noticed, ye banda besura hota ja raha h day by day.. i liked in deepak onlyhis singing.. but now it not upto the mark. and reason is jab tak ganda bologe tab tak accha gaa nhi sakte…

    romil – bhai badtameez word ka bura lag gaya.. aur wo jo happy club logo ko hit karta h animals k jaise tasks m attack karta h maa behen ki gaaliyan deta h uska kya????? bolne se pehle kuch toh sharam kar liya karo.. ki kya kar k baithe ho..
    romi is mastermind?… bhai bahar aa k dekho.. it is a joke…bcz 10 gadhon k beech m apne apni .000000000001% bhi chalaki dikha li toh ap waise hi winner ban jaoge.. yahin haal h apka…

    rohit – he was commenting on megha .. winner thi tabhi deal le k ayi.. bhai tumne kya ukhad liya happy club m ja k??
    ek pyaade ho tum.. votes k liye jab tak need h apne sath rakha hua h jis din zarurat khatam laat maar kbahar nikalenge.. aur itna ghamand karne ki toh rohit ko zarurat nhi h janta sab dekh rahi h ek single vote bhi nhi mila happy club se..

    somi – bhai kon ho tum.. matlan ho kon tum? kahan ki miss universe samajhti ho?????
    in looks .. agar pass se dekho toh bas makeup ki layers dikhti h.. every time u makefun of others like kv n dpka.. and their work..i have seen many times she alwys make fun of dpka’s simran character… aap toh us layak bhi nhi ki apko aise role k liye koi cast kare.. haan dayan k role m perfect baithegi ye bandi zarur..

    shame on shilpa.. bcz she joined somi too.. vikas k sath problem h .. lagta h indusrty k har bande k sath hi p roblem h.. tabhi dpka ka mazak bana rahi thi.. atleast she completed her serial.. look at urself first.. some one replaced u…

    to make fun of someone’s work is pathetic,disgusting bla bla bla….

    Kv- u dint perform good till now.. but i seriously respect u from the core of my heart.. u never loose ur patience.. sree n happy club behaved disgusting with u many times but u didnt use foul language.
    i just love u.. u r such a swtheart..

    dpka – after starting 3 weeks i started to dislike her. but today i really felt bad for her.. it was very pain ful to see her crying.. i think usey ab sree ka sath chod dena chaiye.. koi bhai behen nhi h yahan

    shiv n sristy – u both wre amazing today.. u were the weakestbut today u proved as strongest and straight forward person..
    srisrty took stand for vikas and even shiv said to sree that he was wrong.. i have started falling for shiv.. just bcz of his bindas behaviour.. i wish ye banda ab mujhe wrong prove na kare in coming episodes…

    urvashi -jab fayda karana hota h toh always happy club ka sath deti h baaki sara time celebrities k sath chpki rehti h .

    jasleen – ye bandi idhar udhar k chakkarm na ghar ki rahegi na ghaat ki..

    1. @xyz……..wonderful comment
      U summarised all the characters in it……I agree that shilpa was not good today…… not the one I liked last season.

    2. One of the best comments . ❤❤❤❤❤ Agreed to each and every point.
      I was in tears when that blo*dy nautanki was talking to Vikas and Karan in such a pathetic way. None can be like Vikas ever. None. And Never. And Karan is such a genuine person , such a nice person , he can’t him have the guts to polish his shoes. Seriously . This is not done. Call his wife now to take him to home.
      And His behaviour towards Deepika? She stood by him even when everyone was against her.

      1. Same i also feel very bad for VG nd KV .
        Plzzz bring harbajan singh ? for this sree .
        He really needs a tight slap … ?
        Now waiting for Saturday … Don’t know salman is baar bhi kv ko hi bolege ? ,
        Nd next captain is sree . Contenders for captainship task …jasline nd sree
        Nd sree captain banega ?.
        I m hating sree now … Or ye jis tarha se chl k aata h esa lagta h maarega ?
        Fir pussi ? . He do intentionally these dramas .. just to be in limelight ?
        Pehle bhi image achi nhi thi , yaha aa k bachi kuchi barbaar kr li .
        Nd enough of Deepika ‘s bhai bhai track yrr . Pata nhi smj kyu nhi aa rha ise ki vo kisi ki respect nhi krta ..bolne ko kv bhi bhut kuch bol skta tha sree ko , but usne nhi bola , he is a sensible person , nd that shows how good human he is ?
        Nd what he did with vikaas was totally wrong , sree?????????????????????????????.
        He really needs a doctor , or jaldi hi jaldi verna bacha kucha ? bhi ? ye ban jayega .
        I m thinking about sree’s wife …. Kese bhai is pagl ko jhelti h vo ?.. Respect bad gyi unke liye ? … Baaki sree jitna pehle muje achaa lagta tha ab utha hi chutiya lag rha h ??

    3. XYZ, very well explained..??
      Most viewers have same feelings now about each and every contestant..
      Dipika left bcs Sree used some bad words..
      Without knowing it Shilpa ,somi and surbi making fun of her.. Shilpa has problems with all tv actresses I guess.. she is sadistic..
      Romil complaining on camera ” sab Vikas ki galti hai” ?? I wanna tell him ” yeh tumhara court case nhi hai Jo tum twist karte ho.., we have our own eyes and ears to understand things”. Liar lawyer!

    4. xyz i agreed to ur judgemen.

    5. @Nandini,Aarohi,Riya,Reem,Xyz.. 🙂

  10. sree was nowhere near innocent but it’s a reality that karan and deepika were on full on drama mode today as well and as much as i disliked sree i didn’t like them either heck infact i like none of them they all can go home i would rather watch last 2 year bb on repeat

    p.s-shilpa and vikas both weren’t behaving like guest at all while shilpa was instigating sree against deepika kv and vikas(idk why him?)vikas was completely trying to change whole game dynamics making it all against sree by talking deepika and kv into changing their game and alliances it’s clear he still holds grudge against him since he embarrassed him the first time he came…

    1. I did not see vikas instigating dpka n kV against shree but rather advised them to up their game unlike shilpa who came to instigate shree.I am glad kV is braving up to stand against shree for God’s sakes this season isn’t just about shree nor are they his puppets .And vikas was on point n a better person any day any time.shree really needs to reflect on his mannerisms.Vikas is right when he called him mannerless.

      1. he said to deepika to distance herself from sree and kv to play his own game i don’t remember his exact verbatim but he did said that and him not letting sree play and sidelining him and then rudely behaving with him fueled that whole drama today what sree said later is an unfortunate and ugly history but vikas has had a hand in all of it and whether he did it to satisfy his grudge or was given script by bb idk but he did have a hand in what happened…

      2. Ok on Vikas instigating wolf pack or in true sense I would say his TV serial pack- Vikas didn’t instigate but yes tried to change dynamics in house and game in house. Basically I am saying he is biased. I think a guest should not do that- saying Rohit, Dipika to play together????? preaching KV. He came there to entertain and for a task and not to influence people and be big bro……….dude you finished your season. Liked Shilpa’s whatever comment she gave for him, yes anger shows on him even though he always tries to cover it up and he always was pretentious for his season too. Again I feel so, I know people would differ on this point but no guest does that. Yes Sree insulting him was wrong or insulting anyone is wrong………. but he does that and I never liked him for that.
        KV has started playing a bit which is good but yes he exactly starts following any suggestion given to him by anyone. This wont work in long term.
        Megha did her task brilliantly but I agree to Romil that deal she tried on them shows her fear to loose and now when she goes to each one begging for her position in respective team will not work.
        Rohit, so far so good but bhai Dipika ke saath na ho jana…….bahut roti hai aur uska serial pura yahan bhi chalu hai. Clearly anyone can say she is opinionated but wo achi bahu wale role se bahar nai aati, image conscious. Though I never liked her but liked her game in starting 2 weeks.
        I like Deepak’s dedication in game but bhai wo love angle chor de.
        Shilpa, I didn’t like her negativity much in two episodes but she was looking gorgeous and khel gayi bina apne haath jyada gande kiye. But kuch bhi bolo serial agar Vikas and Shilpa par banea to chalega bahut. Love to see them together.

  11. DISGUSTING PERSONALITY MAN !!! EPITOME OF SICKNESS !!!… I dont know and i dont care aboyt anything else how he got hurt and who got him hurted BUT HOW BRUTALLY HUMILATED VIKAS GUPTA, KV & EVEN ABUSED INFRONT OF DEEPIKA IS COMPLETELY STUPID !!!!… He PLAYED the WORST DIRTY GAME today !!!… What a CHEAPO CHEAPTARD PERSONALITY… Here i support romil sreeshant can be respected AS A CRICKETER BUT NOTTTT AS A HUMAN !!!!.. He used words like “Deta nahi leta hoon, khada nahi hota” whats whats this huh… What the f*ck is this !!!… Did he forgot that HE IS USING THIS WORDS INFRONT OF INNUMBERABLE NUMBER OF CHARACTERS !!!!… Disgusting man !!!… Cannnot RESPECT him anymore he did it today !!!!! ??… He has no fear that HIS REPUTATION IS ON STAKE… How can how can such a CELEB IMAGE behave so MANNERLESS & UNEDUCATEDLY IN FRONT OF VIEWERS !!!… I lost all respect from him today !… What he not did… CHHHHIIII !!!… Created a STUPID DRAMA & CHANGED HIS TEAM…. HUMILIATED VIKAS & KV… ABSUED DEEPIKA INFRONT OF EVERYONE… MANNERLESS SHT !!!!!… IF THIS STRATEGY THEN I MUST SAY HE SHOULD BE ELIMINATED ASAP !!!!… When he was good we all supported him but NOT TODAY ATLEAST !!!…

    1. Vindy, sahi pakde hai !

    2. Yah Romil is so right shree can be respected as a cricketer but not as a human being .he’s crossed all lines of decency n humanity .how disgusting can a person be just to be in d limelight .

    3. “Deta nahi leta hoon, khada nahi hota” what does it even mean and why is it derogatory please someone explain?

    4. No wonder he got slapped by Harbhajan Singh.

  12. I was fan of Sreesanth from long time when he use to dance in award shows? that time I was so small but still he was my crush… When he was blamed for fixing I felt bad and I know all accusations were wrong and what indian team did with him was absolutely unfair. I still feel bad for that. I will always love Sree. Of course he had to bear lot of pain so his frustration and behaviour is absolutely fine. But Bigg boss is not the right place for him. I think Big boss does not deserve him in anyway because jb aap frustrate hote hain toh aapko normal baate bhi taunting lgti hain aur yahan to alag hi level chal RHA hain. I am sorry Sree but I want you to eliminate asap. ?? I am just tired of watching bb.

    1. Flyingfatty, Sree was a disgusting human being even before he was accused for match fixing.
      He had insulted many cricketers too.
      His frustration and behaviour is not at all fine!!
      Many cricket lovers hate him a lot too..

    2. Anonymousaa

      @flyingfatty Phirse naya crush!! Beta tu na abhi sojaa…
      Being in biggboss doesn’t only mean spoiling image.Remember last year Hiten stayed upto almost end but had his still crystal clear image. Its your infatuation again regarding crush still, pata nhi ab kitna daatun tujhe but jab ye crush ka parda uthega tab pata chalega tujhe ki Sreesanth ka nature hi wesa hai. We can choose our attitude and nature of conducr. Sree isn’t frustrated, he is hyper by nature. Fights people and later plays victim card. And I have heard he has come to clear his image so no wonder Salman will bash KV this time and speak nothing to him again. I would be no surprised if he becomes winner this season. I tell you again Shilpa was undeserving and sree is the same for bigg boss.

  13. Wow I like shiv they way he advise sree and also he played well I love him more now.. ????

  14. I guess sree himself has accepted defeat and thinks he’ll never be a cricketer again like he could be thinking that his reputation is already in shambles so being a respectful person won’t matter anymore and since these kind of show are all that’s left to him why not give what they demand seriously i would be surprised if salman don’t throw him out if salman had done it last week it would be unfair but this week he really crossed all lines despite if he was provoked he should have behaved …+ he’s depressed and all these mood swings needs serious attention

    1. it’s a fact that by the time the issue is resolved he would be too old to play in team again so these shows and those kannad movies are his source of income only and when he fights especially today it was all looking so staged and fakey

  15. I’m liking KV day by day we can say now how KV ,a person from beginning till today as same kv but sree my god.. I’m observing Sree from sultani akada kv the only person supported him there by seeing all this may b Sree thot some where kv S strong contender n behaving like dis.. Sree pls fed up of psycho behaviour.. Pls get out of d show

  16. I know next weekend salman will come and accuse kv not sree. I don’t know why he always insult kv too much. He insult him for his dressing sense too. Being a host he should not do partiality. He never found surbhi, deepak, romil & somi fault. I’m sure next weekend he will take class of KV and make joke on him. I really feel bad for him.

    1. Agree… He always pick one person whom he support , nd one whom he target ..
      Like in previous season hina khan..
      Lets see what he is up to this time ?

      1. aloo batata main nai khata

        sree IS this seasons hina khan when it comes to show being biased against aspect though hina was genuine person and never bad mouthed anyone the way he’s doing but it remains a fact that he is this season chosen villain who actually has villain qualities but sometimes also get attacked unfairly

    2. @Candy..


      waise hi kv pasand nhi salman ko is baar aur watt lagegi uski faltu hi..

  17. Ye Colors ne is Baar big boss k Naam pe Mental asylum start Kiya h ….last me jo Sabse bada mental Goga wo prize money le jayega aur jo last episode tak isko dekhenge wo khud apna asylum open karenge… Bhai agar contestants nhi mil Paa rage toh band kar do is series Ko par aise namuno Ko toh mat lekar aao…. ek bhi contestant dekhne laayak nhi h ….. I only liked Neha ..aur wo sreesanth aur surbhi….baap re…Ab samajh me aaya ki bhajji ne isko thappad kyu maara tha….

  18. even though surbhi is a psycho but the way vikas kissed her was…indecent? i’m sorry but he remains a cheapo that i remember seeing in last few tasks in s11…i wish hina has come also i really would’ve loved to see her perspective on these boring contestants as well but then again shilpa would’ve instigated shree and every other contestant and padosis against her :\

    1. yeah i agree it looked so forced and she was clearly uncomfortable he’s a creep whatever shilpa did to him i found it wrong last year but some of his actions sometimes really take me out of a mindset that he’s completely innocent, although hina’s advises to someone like sree has been really valuable at this point in a game cause they would be more elaborate and neutral unlike shilpas who took him on another disgusting tangent however she did good by staying away cause both shilpa and vikas would’ve made everyone in that house against her considering they still haven’t come out of s11 mindset

  19. Sree what legacy? You were caught CHEATING for the india cricket team. do not forget your level. Disgusting man

  20. sree is disgusting but i don’t think i’ll ever find miss deepika’s tears real like kya bhai behen laga rakha hai yaar? she already have backstabbed him and dropped him again at the time when he was being targeted so i don’t think i could digest this blame game on sree about him being hurtful to her is he coming off mentally unstable?yes! , is he mannerless?yes of course! , is he a dramebaaz? one hundred percent yes! , but is he hurting deepika?NO ye khud uske age peche footage lene ke liye ghumti thi…she used him actually they all used him little bit and then threw him under the bus and being a maha bail budhi he his digging his own grave now like if he thinks he’s getting publicity by being negative he should have first reviewed what happened with dolly bindra kkr etc before trying to take over same persona kahin ka nai rahe ga bhai tu kar kya raha hai? ugghh i really feel bad for his family and to some extent him also he is clueless

  21. Disgusting season

    Omg what the heck did I just watch this is absolutely disgusting sree you make me sick you lil pyscho baby just to look good and show off to the Surbhi team your doing this are you f**king serious erm I don’t think so bro probz Romil nd Surbhi r thinking what a guy that he’s doing all this and actual going against his own mates are you serious ur fake bro you just want attention you was so jelouse when dipi was with rohit awrhhh blesss omg should I give u a reward for dah you hitted kv with aggressive he didn’t even touch u little sket we should do fir on u why kv I feel so bad for kv I swear coming to dipi and vikas I felt bad both ways Surbhi and sreee the biggest villain in this disgusting season wtf is bb doing kick these mofos out ur not wanted if ur gonna play ya dirty shitty game I swear I can’t wait when salman take class on u sree you’ve really disappointed ya fans the fans who looked up to u even thoe u had mental health issues they were der for u stick by ur side wanted u to be winner of the show but what are you doing you’ve disgusted ur fans I really feel sorry for ur wife and kids honestly dis is seriously sick and disgusting when u come out I swear people r guna hit u like shit WE WANT JUSTICE SALMAN WHATEVER HAPPEND TO KV VIK AND DIPI WAS NOT GOOD I DONT GIVE A f**k NO MORE M HAVING ENOUGH SUPPORTING SREE WITH HIS MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES THATS IT I CANT DEAL WITH IT NO MORE I WISH SHIRSTY KV DIPI SHIV JAS MEGHA ND ROHIT MAKE A TEAM TOGETHER I JUST HOPE DEY DO.


  22. How can we expect a matchfixer who played against the country to behave like a “gentleman” ??
    Vikas and KV on the contrary indeed are gentlemen. They won hearts yet again!
    Shilpa is a looser and will always be. Wicked. Trying to ride on Vikas s popularity. Filthy woman.

    1. ????? true. Post all these on twitter please anyone .

    2. @Indian .. exactly..

    3. ehh he didn’t do match fixing in an international game it was in ipl aka business that was already corrupt from the get go and has everyone from bcci to every participating member reaping benefit of that corruption.. he’s rude and sometime has pathetic behavior towards other though i don’t understand people always calling him a fixer whatever he is but still was a dedicated player for his country it’s an another story became bali ka bakra for corrupt businessmen who were bigger than him to me this specific leg pull isn’t funny at all and understanding his psyche made it worse to accept it for me

      1. Ok. Even if it ws not against country. It ws against the game. Cricket. Cricket which he calls his passion n bread n butter.
        Fine there must b bigger fishes involved. But right now, the one being talked about is him n so we will.
        Plz post ur own opinions n feelings widout referring to a specific comment. These ppl are public figures n will b talked abt my public. That is us.

    4. Vikas ain’t no gentleman he’s a pure nutanki who is too much camera friendly and aware of antics that could make him look good or someone else bad and kv is the biggest man child and overacting ki dukaan who has no brain and sway with even fart air as for sree he thinks he could become a staple of bb by being villain type but he don’t know he’ll be bycotted by media as well if he kept doing this shit

      1. Well Anon. May b.
        But in that case others shud b wise enuf not to act as filth.

  23. Vikas is such a fool. I don’t know but can’t hate Sree

  24. sree n jasleen are two contenders for captaincy as per the sources..

    If it is true.. then it would be really unfair to megha , kv and shiv..
    only these 3 ppl performed in the task..

    1. my god..
      sreesanth is new captain .. what the hell..
      task perform kare koi aur and captaincy mile apni hi team se gaddari karne wale ko..

  25. Finally watched all of the recent episodes on Voot.
    Though my views change with time, what I feel after watching yesterdays episode is,

    I felt disgusted. What he said to Vikas was so not done! How could he!! And moreover he was denying what he said and saying Vikas understod wrong! Well I understood exactly what heard and saw! And you meant exactly what Vikas understood.
    Actually even when he acted in case of Rohit, I so regretted ever feeling bad for Sree. (Yes, I didn’t like Rohit saying those words to Sree. But that doesn’t mean what Sree did was okay.) Moreover, I saw a clip on Voot where Sree said he himself has read a script where he is going to play a Don who will also be gay. Thus explaining Rohit… bla bla bla.

    As I ‘ve said earlier, she has good fandom. Though i sometimes felt that she was being too much about Sree and even felt she was faking sometimes, but I felt so bad for her today.
    And If Sree actually said what KV & Dipika were saying he said, Sree really has to mend his way.
    (I have noticed Sree talking for her to othera too. So i feel they do care about each other.)

    KV – I respect him . So, even if he leaves the house, i hope he leaves with respect and lots of love.

    Shiv – Since, I have only watched recent episodes, I can say, I like him. He supported Sree when he felt Sree is right. And today he told Sree that Sree was wrong to act out.
    Shiv also seems genuine to me.

    Shristy – She is fun. I like the way she speaks her mind.

    Rohit – He seemed quite okay. He is new to the game. But can do better. I didn’t like way he talked to Sree in WKW ( Sree was wrong). But all in all he isn’t bad. But lets see what happens.

    Surbhi – She irritates me. But she should smile more. ( I have no harsh feelings for her or anyone. Everyone have reasons for how they are.)

    Somi – I hope no Somi/Deepak angle or something starts.
    I didn’t like the way she was saying “Simar’s mode” on or something like that. Shilpa Shinde said that too. Maybe they took it lightly. But laughing when you know soneone’s crying he so wrong.

    Deepak – He plays well. Deepak don’t go on that crush mode.

    Urvashi – That Urvashi/Deepak fight in the room with that Sipper!
    But I guess she has fans.

    Jasleen – Why is she so intrested in “law”? Anyways, I hope she no longer mention AJ in the show like she did other day.

    Romil – He is smart. Maybe. But please don’t tag him as Mastermind. Seriously.

    Bringing Back Vikas and Shilpa must have increased BBs TRP. But no comments.

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