Bigg Boss 12 29th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Emotional journey of all inmates are shown

Bigg Boss 12 29th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman talks to Karan Johar on call, he says whom you are going to declare winner? Salman says voters will decide that, I dont know that, he wishes him for his show.
Salman says tomorrow is grand finale, lets rewind how they made us entertained.

Day 104
Deepak watches people talking about him, they say that he is their favorite. Deepak says I never thought I would be here. BB says people like you and you are this house’s Deepak Thakur, lets see what you did here. Deepak’s journey is shown. He coming in and seeing Jacuzi, then getting new haircut, doing funny antics with Romil, his flirting with Somi, confessing his liking to her. Deepak laughs seeing it. He sees Somi rejecting him and laughs. His friendship with Surbhi, Romil and Somi is shown, his fun side is shown. Their happy club is shown, then his game planning is shown, his fights with Surbhi is shown, his argument with Sree is shown, him breaking down, then his father’s entry is shown. Deepak cries watching it. Clip ends. Deepak wipes his tears. BB says your songs have made this house boom. Deepak says you made me fly, thank you. BB says nothing is better than giving back to your parents, because of you, your father sat in flight first time, came in this house for first time and said that you made him proud, you made friends with everyone, you made this house happening. Fireworks run around him. Deepak says I am glad to get parents like them and thank them for standing here, he says love BB.

KV is shown people’s clip. They says he is not fake, he is sweet and play from heart, they want him to win. KV says this means a lot. BB says people liked your performance, you always said that you wanted to have an experience, lets see your journey. His journey is shown, him getting black face, him sacrificing for others, Deepak singing for him, he funny jokes, him getting curly hair, Salman making fun of his clothes. Then his fights with Sree is shown, his friendship with Deepak is shown, then his family entering house is shown, KV cries at it. Clip ends. BB says its not easy to stay here, you flowed over these 15 weeks and made it beautiful. Fireworks run around. KV says thank you for giving me a new life, it will be strength. BB wishes him luck. KV says I love you.

Sree sees people talking about him, people say he is aggressive when he needs to be, they wish him to get trophy. BB says people followed you, lets have a recap. His entry is shown, then his fights and arguments are shown, him getting sent to jails over and over again, then his arguments with Dipika is shown, then his fights with KV is shown, Dipika taking side of him and crying for him. Then Vikas’s words are shown, Sree telling about Harbhajan to Surbhi, then him becoming captain and nominating whole happy club. Salman taking his side is shown, his happy moments with everyone is shown. Sree gets emotional. BB says this was a difficult journey for you but you are a champion, you are only one who made a real relation, you got trophy in world cup, we will see if you get trophy here. Sree thanks BB, fireworks start for him.

Romil sees people talking about him and saying he is hot, they wish him luck. BB shows his journey, his rap is shown, his strategy in games are shown, then Nirmal leaving for him shown, his determination is shown. His fights with Shiv is shown, Romil’s friendship with Deepak, Surbhi and Somi is shown. His relation with Somi is shown, Saba’s hint breaking their relation is shown, his family coming in and wife pointing at Somi as sister is shown. Then his fight with Deepak is shown, clip ends. Romil thanks BB. BB wishes him luck and firework starts.

Dipika sees people saying that she is dignified, she is real, she is always calm. BB says you were a celebrity and its not easy to stay here, lets have a recap. Dipika entering house is shown, her funside is shown, her friendship with Neha, KV and Sree is shown, then people alleging that she is acting like bahu, overtaking kitchen is shown, her fights with others in task is shown, Sree fighting for her, Deepak telling Sree that she is not really his friend, then Dipika trying to clarify to Sree. Surbhi calling her fake, then Dipika crying and nominating Sree, her crying over Sree. Sree going against her and saying he will show her real face. Then him entering house again and saying he has no relation with her again. Then Dipika breaking down and crying for him, them patching up and making a sibling bond. Romil making fun of her husband, her breaking down over it, Dipika crying over taunts, Surbhi making fun of her and saying she has no identity, Shoaib coming in house. Dipika cries seeing that. Her happy moments are shown. Clip ends. Fireworks start, Dipika thanks BB. BB wishes her luck. Dipika says I love you.

Salman says tomorrow is Grand Finale. He signs off from show.

PRECAP- In grand finale, Sree and Dipika dances on Yeh Larka Hai Dewana, he hugs her. KV does dance performance. Deepak sings.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I must say after watching emotional scene KV and Dipika are the once who suffered and cry a lot in bigg boss

  2. And the winner is revealed on Wikipedia and it is Dipika and Sreesanth is 1st runner up and Deepak 2nd runner up

    1. RKPK
      If what u say is true then I’m expecting drama on stage..sree will again get fits he will be like bigg boss yeh kaise ho gya…trophy to mujhe milna chahiheye…open the door bigg boss…mujhe bahr jana hai…hahaha…I wrote this just for fun…and I’m happy for dpka if she is winner though I love sreesanth…but sree is like a little bacha who doesnt have any filters like many of us older ppl do and we choose to behave according to situations…so if i see any of these dramas on stage i wont be surprised…but I’m sure sree will be happy for his sister…
      For me sree dpk dpka are all winners…if anyone of these 3 (even kv) wins…to main halwa bnake sabko courier karuge….address bhej dijiye????

    2. AnuAnu

      @Sandeep agreed Sree will be happy for her sister, but I am not happy I want Sree to win ?????can’t help it love him so much ?

    3. @sandeep haha,I heard romil and kv out,the rest of the three r top 3.
      @xyz. Hope you will message on last day and enjoying your travel

  3. I was longing for this “journey” day. For sooooo long. *_*
    But this year, it is so much summarized ! :-v
    Sree’s journey didn’t show Sree-Shiv bond.
    KV’s journey didn’t show Srishty specially…
    Last year, everyone was watching, crying, going back to house from activity area, hugging fellow contestants ! Everything was shown -_-
    Plus, Romil and Dipika’s journey ended so fast with Bigh Boss saying “all the best” ! This was not at all expected . -_- poora mood kharab kar diya…
    And , Romil is hawwwwwt ♡_♡

    1. Aarohi
      Yes I agreed with would have been a lot nicer if bb showed more positive journey moments like you mentioned…I immensely missed sreeshiv bond in his video..that should have been a big highlight along with dipikas but bb left it out maybecuz shiv was kicked out by Salman…and srishty should have been a huge part in kvs journey clip…I had mixed feelings after watching it too..
      And your comments are very insightful and logical…eventhough we didnt agree much on anything this season I admire you for your honesty and hopefully we will chat again coming season

    2. @Sandeep Virk,
      Shiv was thrown out?
      Shiv threw out Bigg Boss. ?
      He was morally very very correct about his decision. They should have shown Shiv in Sree’s clip.
      They didn’t even invite him for the finale.
      And watch the clip of season 10 about Manveer. I promise you will get goosebumps hearing Bigg Boss say about him even after two years.
      This year, nothing was shown -_-
      Hearing Bigg Boss say about individual qualities was the best part.

  4. Lokesh

    Hello everyone , yesterday u guys were talking about Muzaffarpur, let me introduce my self ,
    I am Lokesh kashyap 19 yrs old, belongs to Muzaffarpur , Bihar.
    Deepak Thakur is also from same place.
    Here PPL have 2 houses , one in city side where everything is present. It’s not a metro city, but is under Smart city scheme of government and developing daily.
    Other house is in rural side which we call gaon. Where only basic facilities present no any big hospital ,no malls, no theatres , no gud school. Main livelihood is agriculture only.
    But electricity is present for almost 22 hours ? yup electricity supply is very nyc after BJP govt. and roads are also nyc.these major changes happen only after Nitish Kumar and BJP govt.
    Now coming to Deepak Thakur , i was not knowing him before BB, he is doing MBA from a reputed college l.n.mishra , this college is on walking distance from my city house. I think 5 min.
    Deepak doens’t have his own house in city side ,so his family lives on rent in city probably for better education and singing opportunity with his sister’s ,
    His village is athar,which is on rural side of Muzaffarpur only,( not in Buxar , someone written that),his father is farmer and coming and going from village to rented house.
    He have t.v. in his rented house so he watched all seasons of b.b., but his own house is in village where no t.v. present isliye he said kiske t.v. pe dekh rhe hai to his father as his father lives in village for farming.
    His family is under lower middle class .
    U guys have heard of PPL from general category asking for reservation as per economy not caste , Deepak belong to that category he is general , a Brahman but poor.
    Sorry maine kabhi bataya nahi that I m from Muzaffarpur , kabhi jarurat hi nhi padi.

    1. Lokesh
      Thank you so much dear for giving insight into this much debated topic…I was searching for muzzafarpur myself yesterday…and I agree with you…even in the same city or village…ppl come from different socioeconomic status…just because dpk lived in the city for sometime of his life doesnt mean he belongs to an affluent family…or all the ppl living in a village cannot all be categorized as poor…
      And you seem like a very decent sorted young man…it was good to read your thoughts on this platform…hope to see you next season as well

    2. Lokesh

      Thank u, and u too a very suljha hua personality, will glad to see u next season.yes Poor’s can be in city or village both. It’s a state jo jagah nahi dekhti.

    3. @Lokesh…….
      Thank u for enlightening us on this matter…….

    4. Lokesh

      Glad that I helped u all over this.

    5. @Lokuuuuuuu,
      Send this to lost boy who had lost it that day. ? And thankewwwww so much. ❤
      I have read in my history book in class 10 about Muzaffarpur during british rule. It had historical importance . I had no issues about this. But Deepak was never clear about where he lived and how he watched the show.
      Even he had instagram and twitter account, still Salman talked to his family on screen where there was no electricity .
      So, partially Romil was true, and so was Deepak.

    6. Lokesh

      Deepak have those accounts as he live in city ,rent pe and do study’s too. Aur bijli gao me ab aayi hogi, kyunki ab to Bihar me har gao me bijli hai hi, infact bigg Boss walo ne Deepak Ko TV gift bhi Kiya , jispe Salman ne baat Kia tha.haa 10 th history book me tha, Khudiram Bose ji Ko fasi yahi pe hui thi, Gandhiji ji Champaran movement se pehle yaha rah ke Gye the.
      Agar koi CBSE 12 th English padha ho to waha PE bhi tha Gandhiji wala chapter.
      Yes Aarohi ye sab kuch viaksh Gupta g Ko bhejna padega.

    7. thank you for clearing this about Deepak Thakur.

    8. Lokesh

      Glad that it was informative

  5. Grand finale looks grrrŕrrrrrrrand…cant wait now…I hear dpk dpka sree in finale…let’s see how true that is…best of luck to top 5….

  6. AnuAnu

    Cried for Deepak’S video. They didn’t show masti of Jas, Megha, Dipika in Sree’s video. I was shocked to see Deepak and Sree jagda in initial days bcz didn’t watch it.

    Romil and KV is out of the race I think Dipika will win ????seriously I am not happy. I only want Sree to win no one else ??

    Waiting for Sree – Dipika dance. ??????

    1. Anuanu
      I wanted sree to win too…he really deserved it after all the flack he got both inside and outside bb house…but I’m sure handing the trophy to his sister is also incredible…but yes more than dpka …sree both needed and deserved to win

  7. I m waiting to see sree-dipika’s dance performance……they r so adorable together……who’ll say that I hated them in the initial weeks…….haha…….their dance seems to be so pure n so elegant…….
    I m so surprised to see somi dancing with deepak…….so when earlier she was asked to do the same she didn’t reciprocate at all n now she’s dancing with him so willingly as if some angle was there between them……..come on yaar this is just so annoying moreover DOUBLE STANDARDS……..loved everybody’s journey but I liked celebs’ journey more……I wish they had always been together kv-sree-dipika…….never mind…….
    Excited as hell to see sree-dipika’s dance performance…….
    One more thing which I noticed is after showing the clip bb said a sentence in which he said sreeshanth n dipika JI…….its the first time I have seen bb placing a ji after anyone’s name…….this was shown in the adds but was edited from the episode……..
    Sree dipika top 2#come out with a trophy…….

  8. @Sandeep Virk,
    Thank you so much. ❤
    I will love to see you in the next season too.
    If anything that I said to you or anyone of you (to @Ada, @Nandini, @Gayatri, @XYZ, @Rajjo) which did hurt you – I am extremely sorry for that.
    I really said whatever I felt like was right.
    At that moment , I felt I was right and I don’t regret that. Still, if u are hurt, I apologize.
    As Romil says, “Dushmani ghar ke andar hi chor jayenge…”
    So, shall I.
    Stay much blessed. :))
    Agle saal be ready for healthy debates. ?
    And I guess we agreed with each other quite a lot at the beginning when KV Dipika were close. ? @Sandeep Virk.

    it was a wonderful journey of bb12. Not only for the bb contestants but also for fans like us who used to argue agree critique oppose defend offend and do all sort of things on this platform to discuss our most liked or most disliked contestants…I will miss bigg boss and all of you guys …watching bb without sharing my thoughts/feelings here as well as reading everyone’s intake seemed incomplete…I hope to see you all next season and wish you all a very happy healthy and successful 2019!!!!

    1. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
      This was so sweet. :’)
      But before getting tears in the eyes, let us watch the last episode too.
      Never say goodbye , see u soon tonight.

    2. @aarohi yes ofcourse meet us all tonight?nd no need 2 apologize coz argument is a give nd take thing kbhi apne kbhi humne dono n hi khata ki h pr fr bhi I’ll miss u.???

    3. Lokesh

      Yup same 2 u sir, will meet today for last in this year.

  10. Yipppeeeee dpkaa winner???i wish dpk vo phle jo amount milta h vo lle better for him nd sree will definitely in shock after watching yeh kya ho gya.?pr i really like sreee sbse shottta bachcha nd sabse bda mature insaan at different zones of tym….sree Will definitely feel good for dpka….guys next yr hope bht achche contestants aaye isbr jsa 1 b n????just kidding i mean sb dhamakedaar aaye…love u allll a lot contestants nd u fans too @airplanes jiski wjh s mne phli br kisi forum pr comment [email protected] bht pure comment @XYZ jisne kitna sra support pyaar nd appreciation dya [email protected] virk sbse mature hmare grp m @me @[email protected] @aarohi khatti meethi nokjhokkkk hmariii nd koi bch gya hoto sorry….nxt yr fr s milngg guys?????????????

  11. Aireplan kaha he ???????? vese uske sare comment bahot miss karungi @Arohi @sandeep @lokesh @nandni sab ke name yaad nahi he but poora season bahot enjoy kiya sab ke sath miss you guys mene kabhi comment nahi kiya but silent reader thi me ???

    1. @Shabnam,
      ???yipeeee ! We really enjoyed these few months. ? Next time, do take part in posting your views too. Airplanes will definitely be missed by all. ?

    2. Lokesh

      We will miss u too Shabnam.

  12. Gayatri

    Is that news true? Dipika win’s bb12?

  13. Gayatri

    I was following bb for past 3 years and was a silent reader of this fourm…this year i was really excited to see bb sreeshanth was participating in this show..i know him personally coz his brother in law was my i knew his personality that was the reason i came ahead and started to comment in this forum…
    And through this forum i got to know many different ppl and their opinions and view points…
    Spcly arohi .our tastes and preferences doesn’t match bt liked the way you portray your opinions ..
    Airplanes …i liked your sarcastic comments and comedies.. bt sometimes you go overboard..
    Anuanu for always supporting sree
    Nandini for your strong comments and opinions .. all the best dear for your law graduation
    Xyz for your comments and giving appreciations for every comments you liked
    Rajo the first person who asked me how are you?
    And so on…to those ppl who are in this fourm…
    Love you all..and miss you ppl aftr bb12

    1. AnuAnu

      @Gayatri really. Madhubala krishnan sir was your neighbour??

    2. Gayatri

      Yeaa was my neighbour till 2010 ..a Villa near vytila..aftr that we shifted our home..i don’t know where he is sree is staying in edappally near my auntys home…

    3. @Gayatri,
      Thank you. ❤ Everyone of us will miss and will be missed. But don’t worry. Only 9 months left for Bigg Boss 13 !3-)

  14. Rajjo

    hello guyzzz… just a move ahead of the finale… feeling nostalgic…
    today only the journey of top 5 shown…
    i liked the journey video of deepak… the way those phrases of zero movie teaser came in the beginning of his journey video was quite suitable… dilfenk aashiq, pagal, awara, mental, chalak…etc… deepak proved them at some points… his video was very funny n interesting… every bit was shown feels like bigg boss makers gave all time in deepak’s video only n hence others video was not full n lacking behind… lol…
    like my dear @aarohi said:
    “Sree’s journey didn’t show Sree-Shiv bond.
    KV’s journey didn’t show Srishty specially…”(sorry for taking your words aaro…)
    i also felt that n deepika’s journey was also not complete… n in the last they ended rapidly…
    romil’s funny side was not shown fully his mimicry, masti n ol… i felt that…
    shree’s masti side was also not shown he had given funny n lights moments too with others…

  15. Rajjo

    hey just want to say i will miss you all… god knows when we will be able to talk like this again as its not confirm that i will watch next season… it had been great time with you all… i used to wait for the upload of episode here so that i can write my comments n get your reply… n reply to your comment… al of you had been a great part of my bigg boss journey thank you all…. love you…

    1. @Rajjo,
      We love you toooooo. Stay happy, healthy and blessed. :)) Gonna miss u too. But court only 9 months . After that we will be right back on this forum.

  16. Sreeshant hi winner honge congrats @AnuAnu

    1. AnuAnu

      @Tripura this is the first time you wrote to me. Our view points never matched may be that’s why you prefered that.
      Thank you ❤️ but I think Dipika will win she got 28%vote and Sree got only 25% so clearly she is going to win.

    2. Gayatri

      I don’t know bt saw in insta that dipika is out ..deepak and sree are top 2.. dnt knw whether its true

    3. @AnuAnu Maine aapko kabhi kuch nai kaha .. sreeshant fans ka mera MATLAB hai unke pr log paid YouTube channels me fake news Bana Rahe hai .unke baareme Maine Kahi…if it hurts you iam sorry…i respect you a lot ..

    4. @Tripura,
      Abhi toh finale raat ko hain. Till then, chant Romil and KV’s names sweetheart >,<

    5. @aarohi didi aapke Dil dukhaneke liye maafi maangti hu…Mai Abhi bhi Bhagwan se prardhana ker Rahi hu ki Romil or kV hi jeete

    6. Rajjo

      abhi to finale episode baaki h phir bhi logo ne comments krna band kr diya…. 🙁

  17. I want sree to win, if dipika wins then also ok for me… but will be feeling sad for sree…

  18. @airplanes ye comment box mein aapne char chand laga diye ……. koi doubt hi nhi hai aapke aane ke baad…… yaha number of comments badh gye hai…….aapke comments ne bahoot hasaya hai mujhe , i just like to personally thank you on my behalf …. apse ek request thi kya aap koi aur show par comments
    karenge……..agar karenge to hume bta dijiyega …… i will miss bigg boss and reading all the comments but appko sabse zyada miss karungi …….. maine bahot kam time dekha hai ki comments 250 cross karte ho ya 300 jatte ho par aapke aane se aisa ho paya hai …….. i wish main aapse mil sakti par aapse yahi kehna chahungi thank you and naya saal apko mubarak ho …….bohot sara pyar and best wishes aur haa coffee par zaroor milna hai aapko bhuliyega nahi

  19. Gayatri

    Tripura sorry to interrupt you dear…sree ko koi PR team nahi tha…if you look at the journey of other celb and common ppl they all had done lots of pr work like kv insta page was handled by his wife and used to post good videos about him…romil also had a good pr team if look at his social media page’s..the same was with dipika also…
    Sree’s wife started to promote and defend him in social media that too from her account from last month if there is any such ppl who are making fake news and spreading negativity then i must say its not sree’s PR…

    1. @Gayatri ok iam wrong…thank you for your information dear?

  20. AnuAnu

    Plzz do watch this is masti side of Romil which I used to like
    This is for @Arohi and @Airplanes..

  21. Why there was no shiv moments in sree video?he was imp in his journwy

  22. Romil evict hogaya. Mai bhi TV bandh kerli..bye bye bigg Boss 12

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