Bigg Boss 12 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mannu and Pritham in house

Bigg Boss 12 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 96
Song sattay pe sattay. They all dance and enjoy. Romil doesnt get up from bed.

Romil is sitting in garden and looks down, alarm plays, he says I was not playing. Surbhi says go and freshen up.

Romil is in washroom and alarm plays. Surbhi asks him to come out, you can take 10 minutes max in washroom, Bigg boss even knows that you are sleeping in washroom. Deepak laughs with Sree. Romil comes out and says they need allegations today to send me to jail.
Somi says he is next level. Surbhi says its wrong.
Romil sits in washroom area and says what is wrong, he throws all items from shelves angrily and says they shouldnt put man so much down.

On TV, Manu and Pritham are shown. Pritham says this season’s important topic was who will go to jail. Manu says Surbhi became captain for 5th time but she is not safe too. Manu says we will give you allegations and you have to choose which inmate was alleged for that. Manu asks who is double faced in house? They turn off TV. Deepak says Romil is doubled face. Romil says Deepak has always been double faced, he was with singles. Manu says to Pritham that Dipika and Sree wont talk here. KV says Romil is double faced, he is always nice to me but takes my name for jail. Manu says they will take Romil’s name. Surbhi says I agree but KV gives statements which are two way, he wants to please everyone and use two faces. KV says I am amazed that you are alleging to have good rapo with everyone. Somi says Romil is double faced, he even used me. Dipika says I want to take KV’s name, I helped him become captain but he is using that to show me as captain. Sree takes KV’s name for battering him but always taking his name for jail, he never says sorry genuinely. KV says you commented on my father and even said that I will say it. Pritham says to Manu that they can take Surbhi’s name too. Sree says KV enters others fight too. Surbhi says its a tie. Romil says I will give my vote to KV from Deepak. Surbhi says majority is saying to send KV to jail. KV says they cant change decision after gong. BB says you all have chosen KV for jail so he will go. KV says its not right.

KV goes in jail and says to Surbhi what statement I gave that was double faced? I told when you were wrong on your face. Surbhi says all are diplomatic here.

Surbhi says to Somi that if I talk about behavior then its Romil, he is double faced.

Manu and Pritham comes on TV. They ask who has worst behavior in house? They turn off TV. Sree says its Surbhi’s behavior, she has been improving but she doesnt used to listen. Dipika says we used to inform Surbhi that her behavior is not nice, she never listened but when feedback came from outside then suddenly she changed, I never crossed my limits in showing aggression, she instigate others so much that they cross the limit, you instigated Sree so much and when he got angry, you were like thats great, I wanted that. Manu says Dipika is such a nice talker. Surbhi says I have always been nice with Dipika, you go against me or become my friend for your convenience, all get negative remarks here. Manu says she will keep saying this stuff. Somi says both Sree and Surbhi are aggressive but Sree pointed at KV’s father, its not right. Pritham says Sree has legacy and they point at everything for them. Surbhi says he breaks all rules. Deepak says Surbhi calls other fake and she have done everything which Sree did, she changed overnight then, you even cursed your brother. Surbhi says I am sorry if you think I am more aggressive than Sree. Sree says you have stooped so low, talked about Harbhajan and everything. Romil says Sree always go to jail but Surbhi never does for her mistakes. They mutually decide to send Surbhi to hail.

Surbhi comes to jail and says to KV that I thought about it and it was wrong to take your name for statements only.

Manu talks to inmates and asks who is most irritating in house? They turn off TV. Dipika says Romil is irritating, he doesnt understand mind frame of others. Deepak says Romil taunts a lot and is irritating. Pritham says Deepak is irritating. Somi says Deepak is irritating. Manu says even Somi is irritating when she is shouting. Romil says Deepak doesnt know limits, he even kept taunting Megha that she had to throw sandal on him. Dipika says you were taking his side. Deepak says I was not talking about her character. Manu says Deepak didnt say it with that intention. Sree says Deepak is nice but he questioned Anup too. Manu says Sree has changed and puts his point across after meeting his wife, great work bhabhi. Sree says Deepak knows how to irritate others. Deepak says I will go to jail. Deepak says I will work on it. Sree says we mutually decide to send Deepak to jail.

Deepak thanks Dipika and leaves. Dipika says to Sree that Romil is more irritating. Sree says he is double faced and makes others look bad.

Deepak says to KV that I am irritated. KV says you are irritating.

Manu and Pritham comes in house. Manu calls Sree bro. Manu says I made food for 105 days here. Pritham praises Sree.
Manu says to Deepak that your voice has pain when you sings. Manu says to Surbhi that you are a game. Manu says to KV that you shouldnt be in jail. Manu says to Romil that you dont need anyone, put power in yourself. Deepak sings for them. BB welcomes Manu and Pritham. Manu says I love you. Pritham says we have a special power to save one inmate from jail. Manu says bring KV out of jail. Pritham says reason is that others are double faced too here. Pritham says it was wrong so we brought him out. BB thanks them. They greet everyone and leave.

Romil says to Somi that if I got to 14th week without doing anything then fine, if I am lazy then tell me which work I didnt do? Somi says you have insecurity that others will get preference. Romil says its just 7 days, you are the winner of the show, I will meet you once outside to say goodbye, I am done. Somi says you have negative thoughts. Romil says I am always like that, I am not lazy. Somi says really? Romil says I feel like you are playing the best game, well played. Somi says what? you say anything in anger, Romil says you are the one. Somi says this person is impossible.

Surbhi asks KV to give her lemonade, he asks her to ask from Deepak. Surbhi says to KV that if I am flipping, then you have no clue what goes in my mind, I am handling hell lot of allegations, she gets emotional and tells him how helpless she feels, I try to make myself happy alone here, dont give me lemonade, everyone’s family week was nice except me, Salman and Bhuvneshwari took me on then all inmates went against me tasks, still I am here handling alone, its difficult for me sleep at night, they have put so many allegations on me and you are worried about being called double faced or irritating? please act human sometimes. Deepak says all have been alleged. Surbhi says I am talking to KV not you. Deepak says we are all sitting here, Surbhi says shut your mouth. KV says its okay.

PRECAP- Ranveer Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan and Rohit Shetty comes on stage. Salman congrats Ranveer on marriage. Salman asks where is their producer Karan Johar? Ranveer brings his cutout. Salman says you have to answer some questions like Karan would do. Salman asks if he ever asked someone to zip their pants? Ranveer says Salman you would know. Ranveer dances like Karan on Radha, all laugh. In ranking task, Deepak says no. 7th should be given to Dipika. KV says I agree, she looks scared and playing behind backs. Surbhi says she have been playing for Sree instead of herself.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Luv u pritam nd manu nd ur comments too…..???dpka is relly a nice talker nd romil is the laziest person i had ever seen in my lyf nd surbhi chanakya ki family s h was quite interesting??

  2. Sree hi ek contestant he jo real he

    1. @Sss…
      Je baat…….❤️

    2. Sree ek hi contestant hai Jo sabse jaayda besharam hai, match fixer.

  3. Deepak made me laugh hard today..
    KV- Deepak how r u feeling?
    Deepak- I’m feeling irritated because I’m the most irritating person in the house.

    1. Lokesh

      ???? yup I also loved that, bade pyaar bhade gusse se bola usne

    2. Rajjo

      I found deepak funny too…
      When question for most irritating person in the house came he was laughing from before as he knew everyone will take his name only…. ???

    3. Yes Deepak was too good today

  4. AnuAnu

    I have seen Pritam interview before, His favorite is Sree??. Manu was on previous season? Was he the winner?
    I felt bad when Deepak joked about him saying ‘Manu’ KV bhai toh bathroom
    Chala gaya toh i suppose he was not the winner?

    1. Lokesh

      Nahi , he was in season 10 first battle of celebrities and commoners Wahi se commoner first tym aaye the.
      He was the finalist along with manveer , Bani, Lopamudra .manu take 10 lakh ( sayad) jo 4 the position pe quit karta hai show Ko like what Pritam also did ( I read today somewhere ki he also quitted at no. 4 in final.).
      So he was not the winner , but won many hearts, he was my favourite too over manveer.

    2. Manu was there in last to last season n was not the winner but one of the finalists…….Manveer became the winner that season……

    3. Manu is sree’s fans as well he rooted for him all season long but as some sree fans here have agreed that his aggressive side will go against him in final decision manu believes that too & has now been saying deepak will win

  5. I loved the way KV took stand for himself today.. who says he doesn’t take any stand..

  6. Lokesh

    Oooho loved manu, that chankya dialogue and hindi wala line vyakran , he nailed there , Maine season 8 nhi dekha so Pritam g was new for me , poor kvb ??? Mai nhi jaunga jail, manu Pritam ne daya dikhayi.
    Aaj SAB bhut calm the , yesterday someone commented ki ye fixed rhta ki aap itne week tak pakka rhoge , then after u have to play ur self, so sayad Deepika g ka wo parol khatm ho gya now , she is taking part every where with full power and loudness. Gud to see her character but ab kuch nhi hoga , if she thinks she is Hina Khan , then lol for her , Hina was much entertaining and active , she make plans for task, she talks , she take stand nothing like those in Deepika g.

    1. Rajjo

      Hahaha…. Good one??

  7. Lokesh

    I m truly interested in precap, although wkw are always boring, unable to tolerate a biased host . But
    I’m interested in that rank spot, loved that point of Somi , Maine to Deepika ki aaawaz 10 th week tak nahi suni.
    Sometimes Somi looks alike Lopa mudra Raut season 10, fair stands and fair points.
    For me on that task , Deepika g not on 7th but on 6th or 5th not above
    1 to 4 me sree, romil, Deepak, Surbhi kisi Ko bhi Kahi bhi dal do , all 4 are equal.

    1. Lokesh
      I agree with your ranking

    2. Instead of romil I would like to keep kv/dpka in top 4…I know both of them didnt emerge as strong personalities in the show but either one of them (in top3) will make me happy

    3. @lokesh..

      Lopa mudra.. And fair?
      Sara season bas bani se jealous hi hoti rahi..

    4. @XYZ Yes now I know whom to compare Dipika with. Bani and Dipika are alike. Bani didn’t do any task, ande par lari and kaun tha wo Chopra k sahare rahi. Here Bhaiya is being used like Chopra. Though I would give Dipika a brownie point that she is better with her opponents than Bani. Bani had worst comment for Lopa in telephone booth task when Lopa did give her fit reply. I have never seen any woman stoop so low to demean any other woman. And yes Bani was jealous of Lopa’s balanced nature and beauty.

    5. @Hope,
      You loved Lopa over Bani.
      I loved Lopa and hated Bani. :))
      I agree. Lopa always took right stands and she was a beauty with brains.
      Bani was extremely jealous of Lopa and couldn’t tolerate her. She quit tasks. Lopa never gave up. Bani’s jealousy was skyhigh. And she just stayed so long as she was Salman’s favourite as Dipika is.

    6. Lokesh

      Nahi yaar lopa bhot positive thi wo sab ke liye stand li thi, She was not so famous like bani fir bhi she reached to finale

    7. Oh plz yaar.. Bani have atleast a standard.. Lopa tph pata nhi kahan se hi uth k ayi thi.. She was very jealous of bani and gaurav’s frndship..
      And as u said.. Bani chopra k sahare tiki hui thi.. So i will say that was a genuine frndship.. Unlike lopa.. Who uses rahul rohan and others..
      Even rahul tell her many times to be in limits…
      Lopa wants chopra’s attention and he was not even looking at her.. So uske bhi sara season hath dho k peeche padi rahi..
      And at the end… Sare contestants bhi bani ki hi side they… Cz she was much more real than lopa… Jo pata nhi khid ko kitni badi beauty queen samajhti thi..

      And in booth task.. It was not only bani who went beyond the limits.. Lopa was no less..
      Buth the difference is.. Salman har seadon m favour karne k liye kisi ek ko choose karta h.. Us season m lopa ko choose kiya..

    8. And plz dont compare even bani and dpka too..
      Bani have unique personality… She was very real in her season…. But dpka is not that real..

    9. @Hope…

      And to comapre romil and manu???
      R u serious??
      Look at manu’s season and this season.. He was the performer.. Romil is not a performer..
      He was intelligent.. Romil tries to be intelligent but in actual he is not
      Manu was much dignified.. Romil was just a bully.
      Manu was a great frnd.. Romil uses his own grp for his own benefits

      Bully ko chod usne kuch kiya nhi..

      So plz dont compare a dignofied person woth a bully.. To compare romil woth manu is actually an insult of manu..

    10. @hope..
      Lopa and beautyfull…
      Ha ha.. Best joke of the 10 yrs..
      Come in delhi.. And go in metro.. Each n every girl looks far better than lopa…
      Wo bhi without using 5 kg makeup

    11. @Aarohi..
      She quits task.. Bcz she have some standard.. She was the known face.. And task m baaki logo ki tarah neeche nhi girna tha usey and i support her for this..

      At the 3nd sabko lopa ka real face d8kh gaya tha chahe wo manu ho ya manveer sab bani ki side they…

    12. And lopa was disgusting even after the show..
      Again like shilpa wo bhi nas bani bani kare ja rahi thi aona toh kuch tha nhi uska..
      And on the second hand.. Bani said sry to her mom for one of her statement even said good things about lopa.. And this is called standard…

    13. @XYZ I am a Delhi girl since I finished my education in Delhi. Beauty has it’s own meaning for everyone. Manu will be pleased to know that you love him more but Manu too has told they are alike. Watch his response to what he thinks about Romil. Lopa ne booth m bani ka jawab Diya tha. And any day bani was just into fittness and was rude, arrogant and selfish.
      Dipika is for sure better than Bani. Isko tameez hai and yes she watches her words unlike Bani

    14. Lokesh

      @xyz I agree to one point that bani was much better than dipika g. She was much active..
      @ hope i agree to u for preferring lopa over bani.
      But comparing bani and deepika, deepika us layak nhi h.

    15. @XYZ,
      If appearance was only considered, then Sushmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra, Manushi Chillar could never reach in that position where they are now ! You’ve to be an all rounder with hundreds of qualities. You’ve to be extraordinarily talented in every round with manners, behaviour and a good heart.
      Lopa Mudra wasn’t really very beautiful to look at. But she was way better in qualities than anyone else. She achieved Miss India title after efforts, she had a dignity as she was an officer’s daughter. She came from a very middle class family, and had good relation with almost everyone. Right stands, right person.
      What did Bani do special? Just she was strong and a lone soldier. What did she achieve ? Plus, arrogant. It’s not a credit how we are made or how we look. It’s a credit what we do in life.
      (P.S. Manushi Chillar cleared her Neet too)

    16. @Aarohi..
      Dont come up with social topics beauty nall..
      Agar aap itne hi mayure hote tod ada kl disrespect na krte fot her shayari skills..

      Aur yagan sab apke avcording nhi chalenge.. Ki apko k8s ka comment karna padand h kiska nhi.. Kiski shayari acchi h kiski nhi..
      Kiske views acche h kiske nhi..
      U r like agar apke haan m haan milao tpj aap khush warna apne zabardati k points prove krne m lage rehte ho..

    17. @Aarohi

      Bani had something bfr coming to tje show… Isliye ghamand tha usme..
      But pata nhi lopa m toh kis baat ka hi ghamand tha..

    18. @xyz on fire!

    19. @Aarohi..
      All rounder doesn’t mean kisi ek ko pakad k usle naam pe pura show nikal do..

      And plz…. Dont even come up with sushmita’s example.. Lopa ko 7 janam bhi kam pad jayenge waisa banne m…

      Sushmita is a role model for lot of ppl so its an insult pf sushmota to compare her with lopa…

  8. Since the time Mrs sreesanth teached a lesson to surbhi she is quite disturbed and I’m feeling very sad about her. Precap was nice deepika no matter how much good she speaks, how much caring she is and how much dignified actor she is right now. The main purpose being in bb house is to play for themselves everyone plays forgetting relations why not u deepika. Pehle toh bhaut strong lgti thi now I must say that celebs ki team weak ho gyi hai and really want a commoner to win bb12… she is worried ki agar bhai ke against jayegi game ke liye tph eklota support chla jayega aur ab jis tarah surbhi akeli ho gyi hai waise wo bhi ho jayegi. Bindass ldki hai surbhi akele bhi khush rehne ki koshish kr leti hai magar dipika jaise bahu naa rh payegi..jb surbhi sree ko sunna rhi thi toh dipika ke alava koi bhi uske against awaaz nhi utha rha tha ulta smile kr rhe the, dekh kr mazeeee le.rhe the aaj pooche jane pr dost toh aise ungli tha rhe hai jaise uss waqt bda uske against the haddddd hai…..
    Suppose sree and dipika as 2 finalists
    And the winner is sreesanth?????
    Romil-?????????????yeh kya ho gya over confidence ke chakkkar mein..

    Sree- Salman bhai ek min…main apni trophy dipika ji ko dena chahunga(dipika-?) unhone hamesha mera saath dia hai…dipika ji aapke ke liye

    Dipika- nhi nhi bhai aapko iski zaroorat hai
    Sree- dipika ji plz mnaa mat kriye
    (Other contestants ??phir shuru ho gya bhai-behn ka melodrama)
    Dipika- bhai apko biwi, bchho ki kasam
    Sree- main show chodkr ja rha hoo?
    Dipika- nhi bhai rukiye?

    (Salman- hn hn ab jao show chodkr??)

    1. Rajjo

      awesome yaar… best comment… ending to epic h iss season aisa hi hone wala h

    2. @RV,
      First part of the comment – It was amazing and painful truth. :’)

    3. Lokesh

      Excellent yaar, damn funny loved ur comment

    4. Chor ki biwi chor hoti hai and Mrs Bhuvaneshwari is no exception. Her husband has a mouth which is dirtier than gutter.

  9. Lokesh

    Fate of this show is decided on first week only , when a unique controversy and argument start, which was lacking here, the major cause of its failure as per TRP.
    As I watched only season 7 ( I was a kid that tym in class 10 th), season 10 , and season 11 only
    And in all the 3 , there were Controversial week as week 1 ,
    Season 11 Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta on their controversy of bhabhi ji ghar pe hain, from there they started and it gone so nicely that people were like never to miss a single episode.
    Season 10, a feku baba Swami om , jo Salman Khan ki jeevani likhenge, mega star banayenge, unke follower pure world me hai , wo Pani pe chalte hai , bhoot pakarte h etc etc. Huh
    And the controversy queen Priyanka Jagga, omg she was the real queen her tantrums , her way of action her sporting spirit, her negativity from day 1 make viewers stick to it.
    Season 7 – I was a kid so don’t remember much , but big fight for food from 2nd day ,from 1 St task of rolling a wheel chakkii pisana type. So big fyts of Kushal Tandon , Arman Kohli, Gauhar Khan made that memorable.
    So for me the lacking in first week make it boring, although Khan sisters tried but in vain.

    1. I disagree not every season has to have explosive start to have a good season some people take time to open up and still end up making season nice that’s how older seasons were nobody fought in first week and this season could’ve been reminiscent of those seasons or completely unique but i guess editors just got too scared that this bunch wont be as exhilarating as last season contestants were and they took everything in their own hands to the point of never giving these contestants a chance to shine on their own and in that fear they tried building up many different plots and to make them successful they even cut the content these contestants were giving just so it doesn’t clash with their storylines besides if any contestant tried to step outside and unknowingly challenge the narrative they were setting up(celebs in the very starting weeks) they were demoralized through salman, so to me contestants or lack of controversy isn’t the reason for low trps its editors’s premature concern if they had been fair and let everything unfold on itself then they would’ve got their strong villain hero & love angle enemies etc but they just didn’t nurture it well or give time for it all to take shape on its own

    2. Jap
      You are right…this season could have been far better if left alone and let the contestants grow on their own without any provocation frm rhe makers…

    3. Lokesh

      Actually in old seasons, about which u r talking tgere were on celebrities so all of them maintain their dignity atlesdt for 1 week then they start the game.
      But now we have commoner too, to commoners lime light .me aane ko controversy shuru krte hai.
      I agree to u about the makers, they spoil the show and dont ate characters to bloom, even they dont show Happy
      fumny moments too like wo chadti jawani dAnce the best part which i watched on voot clip.

    4. I feel so bad when I think about the mess editing team created as they had some really capable contestants on their hands if they had just only try to pump them through words and not interfered with literally everything so much then this season could’ve been good and set its own unique trends

  10. Episode to aaj manu n pritam ki entry se hi achha ho gya tha…….finally manu gave romil an eye opener but the way he reciprocated was typical romil type#ghamandi……..kabhi apni kami accept hi nhi krte n this is his biggest weakness……..
    Manu said dipika is 100% in her verbal skills while deepak is 98%…….n its very true both of them kept their points really well……manu said sbko jana chahiye jail to somi ko dalo……..hahaha#manu ka swag……..
    One thing I wanna say the point dipika said about romil was amazingly true…….she said that romil has always been behind deepak n surbhi’s ill words n misbehaviour……..although romil said that deepak’s chal-chalan n misbehavior with megha was condemned by him but its a big lie…….he has always supported deepak n has irritated megha at par…….jhoot ki bhi hadh h wakeel sahab……..Lol……
    I didn’t find surbhi’s crying justified………her tears might be true but the reason was built up by her deeds……..WHAT U SOW,SHALL U REAP………
    Kv ko jail se nikalna was a wise decision but romil should have been there instead of him…….I mean come on romil is not double faced he is triple faced……LOL……..

    1. Rajjo

      agree with your point… romil might be there instead of kv…
      n surbhi tears feels like crocodile tears even if they are real… but i was feeling sad as seeing anyone crying doesn’t looks good na

    2. Yes surbhis tears seemed fake…and even if they were real she shouldn’t complain about that others family members scolded her in family week…bhai apne karname he ese kiye the ke shukar mnao aapko thapar ne lgaye kisi ne aakar…why does she always wana portray herself as victim in every situation when she is actually the culprit(mostly)

    3. Rajjo

      Agar kisine thappad maara hota to iss waqt surbhi 3.0 hoti…. Bigg boss ko bhi andr aana padta phir to

    4. @nandini haa yaar mne bhi yhi socha tha ki is romil ko bhjngg kv ko niklkr pr shiittt koini romil to wha bhi sota …jiskk lye bathroom m bhi cukduku bja ho vo khibhi so skta h romil ko kuchni aata bs khaat todna aur apni sahulyat k according rishtt jodna ….nd yes @dpka haters ab to mn jao dpka queen h queen even 1 of ur favourite manu said her verbal skills best nd even dpk 2

    5. Agreed…I too felt the same..

    6. @sandeep
      Karname hi aise kiye…??
      So true… she’s playing victim card whereas she started everything

  11. Mujhe lagta hai romil aur deepika ko saath hona chahiye tha shuru se iss forum ka maahol bhi kuch alag hota phir zyaada mazaa aata tab
    achha mere exams hain friends will see you all on finale
    Shayariyaan karte rahiye ada nandini airplanes

    1. Rajjo

      Hahaha… Romil deepika ek hote to Ghar court room ban chuka hota ab tak… ???

    2. @rajjo pr yes i agree the bb panchayat task mein dpka bang on ….fr to dpka romil k sone ki safaii dte dte hi preshan hojti h aiii kitna sota h sotduuuu??aaj 1 nya rup dkha like shotae bchchae ko koi neend s uthata h to cheeze fkni shuru krdi romil ne?

    3. Rajjo

      Arey han that was natural reaction right… ???

    4. @me best of very very luck for ur xms?nd yes shayri krengg nd milnggg finale night till u focus on ur xms right?till airplanes ada nd nandini will continue shayri fight????

    5. @me…
      All d best for ur exams… ?

    6. Lokesh

      All the best

    7. @Me…….
      All the best for your exams…….n we’ll try shayaris till then…….hahaha……..see u on finale……

  12. Precap is amazing…….ranvir is the best both as an actor and as an entertainer too…….kya acting ki h karan johar ki…….dance to was exactly the way kjo does……

    1. @nandini even i love ranbir ki acting skills?

  13. So lets add manu panjabi to a list of people who knows karaneer from outside and called him out for not being himself in the house lol bachcho kitne log hogae is list mein ab?panch yani ke FIVE F-I-V-E 1-sana 2-karan Patel 3-sree 4-SALMAN 5-manu lol and his fans have the audacity of calling deepika fake hehe

  14. I always liked Manu in his season and was sad for him when BB sidelined him in that season, in many ways his and Romil’s journey were similar. He was also tagged over confident. But about that too Manu Did say in his interview ki hona chahiye agar aap overconfidence bhi bolte ho usko to hak hai overconfident hone ka. Pritam, I don’t remember much of his game but he was nice too. But seeing their interview and reviews Manu is more unbiased, he judges everyone according to everyday game and view point and not according to legacy.
    Sree I wished he was all that clear about his view point from beginning. In beginning he was more busy showing all shades of personality in one human being.
    For Deepak I like him because banda blunt hai. If he thinks his friend is at fault or is right he speaks about both things likewise and on face. He is one jo samne wale ki koi achi baat hai jo uske upar hai wo bhi manta hai. I agree that at times he was irritating but at that time point too Sree and above all Surbhi was way more irritating. Sree improved but now Dipika is more irritating, not for her view points but her voice volume. Now a days Dipika reminds me of Somi, jab dil karta tha ki Somi ko bolun ki chup hone ka kya legi, chubhne wali aawaz hai. Bahen dhire bhi bolugi and bina haath aur face k itne negative expression k to bhi sunayi bhi deta hai sabko and samajh bhi aata hai.

    1. Deepak is only being blunt now after his father came and advised him otherwise in first 10 or 11 weeks he spoke according to his convenience and when spoke on face then he twisted the words or added spice in it and has done idhar ki udhar he wasn’t truthful at all while he was part of happy club and was with rohit that’s why he got double dholki tag so many times he has it in him but he compromised it more than half the season

    2. What is bad in that. Sree, Dipika, Surbhi all changed after family visit. Some changes were convincing someother hard to believe. Dipika started dancing in morning which she never did before her husband’s visit.

    3. @sumit..
      Totally agreed with u..

    4. @hope..
      Atleast points toh aise laya karo jo thode reasonable lage.. ?
      I mean u r noticing the change… She started dancing..


      Matlab hc ko chod k baakiyon k chote chote points bhi pakad lo.. Aur hc ki har baat ignore kar do..

    5. @XYZ You won’t understand why I noticed Dipika dancing after her husband asked her to dance in morning. That is not a small thing. Agar ek celeb aise message deta hai ki Bhai mujhe husband se izzazat lene ke baad hi dance karne mein maan lagta hai to that is not too progressive. Meri aur tumhari soach alag hai to hamein samne wale ka view point utna sahi nai lagega.
      HC mein Maine somi, Deepak, Surbhi and Romil sabki galti ginayi hai. Somi and Surbhi ki to aaz bhi. Surbhi for her woman card and chest bumping.
      Deepak I supported for chal chalan Bolte hue ki uska Matlab wo nai tha but I told he is irritating. Today pritam and Manu too told it.
      Romil I condemned when he over reacted on somi and his relationship issue after family week and when it affected his game.
      Main blindly nai follow karti kishi ko.
      Romil I support as dogla bhi Bolo tum loag to
      bhi bhajan gaa Kar BB to koi nai jitega except when you are celeb. But he has never crossed limit. Wo border line par ruk jata hai, and that is what is game.
      yahan bhi bahut hai Jo celeb se isly influenced hai because they are celeb. We aspire to be celeb someday but apne mein see kishi ko uthte nai dekh sakte. There we say paya nai Kahan se uth Kar aaya hai.
      I think celeb hokar agar serial kly appreciation milni thi, mil gayi. Here you can’t consider ki ek one day Jo team Jeet le usko trophy dedo next game kly bhi based on past performance.
      Ek hi actor ki har film freshly analyze hoti hai with no credit to past work.
      And Sree I like his mind for game too besides Romil. Perfect timing for perfect emotions. Jatea jatea wo unnecessary drama Kum Kar diya as jatea hue image waisi hi achi le Jani hai. He obviously has clear cut thought process and understanding of good and bad. He will not do anything of that sort what he did till 10th week

    6. Nothing is bad in adding something nice in last moment to your image but I feel if someone is being considered to be winner then their whole journey should be taken in account and deepak 3.5/4 journey was him being really negative he had qualities in him altogether which he is showing now but it’s too late if we consider him for winner or not his impression is already set in majorities eyes..

    7. @hope..

      Manu manveer shiv jas bhi commoners they and we ppl like them alot..
      Shayad ye galatfehmi aap logo k dimmag m h ki log sree ko ya dpka ko unke celeb status ki wajah se pasand krte h..

      Aur aap apni thinking dusron pe mat thopiye… Cz we ppl like good behaviour that’s y we like celeb not commoner…

      And this is a very faltu ka point celeb vs commoner…

    8. @hope just bc deepika is dancing cause shaoib asked her to doesn’t mean she’s following old patriarchal thought process of always obeying the husband etc or is being regressive there is something called love she is doing that dance out of that emotion to make him happy as he asked her to dance not bc he wanted to be gabbar or ordering her he did that as he wanted to see her happy as well that’s all don’t go that deep where it isn’t required

    9. I loved Manu in that season…if he hadn’t left for few weeks due to his mom’s demise then he would have been a winner…he was stronger than manveer in the initial weeks…I think manveer got more highlighted after his fakened love angle with nitibha…even though I liked both Manu manverr but I wanted Manu to win that season…today both manu pritham were hilarious

    10. Lokesh

      I totally agree , manu was the best, shuruat me to man veer kuch tha hi nhi unke samne

    11. @Sandeep I agree that Manu had winner qualities

    12. @Sandeep virk…….
      I agree manu deserved to win n would have had the trophy but he had to leave the house due to his mother’s demise…….

    13. @Hope,
      I never liked Manu in his season because he made Manveer look negative in the last. And being a girl, I never liked him to flirt with Mona Lisa as he was engaged. But as a player, he was good.
      Romil didn’t make anyone look negative. His concern for them is still there. He is looking bad because he is told lazy everytime but he performs more than the others. – and he was the same since beginning. Pehle dusre log bahaut kuch karte they, isliye Romil ka laziness was not a matter of concern.
      Now, they have to degrade Romil’s character because no one else is doing anything .

    14. @Aarohi Romil kly BB Sona negative dikha sakte Hain isly dikha rahe. Though Parso sayad task jab fire Wala start hua Sree was shown sleeping literally. But BB didn’t say anything.

    15. @Hope…
      Ur everything started with sree and ends with sree….
      Sree ki mistakes aap dono ki itno zyada dikhti h but so called bullies ki nhi dikhti..
      Tab tph aap dono bade khuh hote they jab makers in 4 bullies ko sir chadha rahe they.. Tab toh apne kabhi ye question raise nhi kiya…????

      It is like pura season hc urff bully club ko favour mila but ab focus kahin aur h simple..

      Makers hC ki Har galti har gand ko yun hi ignore kar rahe they..
      Aaj agar sone pe tok rahe h t0h again sree start..

      One thing is clear… Not even contestants.. Public ko bhi sree sree karna h har baat m..

    16. @Aarohi Manu ne kabhi Manveer ko negative dikhaya that, I am not sure. But no comment as I don’t remember that season but Manu ka fayda Manveer ko hua tha.

    17. Lokesh

      @ aarohi i read somewhere 1 hour of mental work is equal to 6 hours of physical work, so romil thak jata hai dimag lagate he prfer a chair or bed.

    18. @hope sree popped his eyes open just as bb said something he was continuously moving his feet so how was he sleeping? They all nap and surprise bb rarely rang the bells to wake them up but romil has been breaking record of doing that besides he has done all season just watch his boot videos extra dose it is just now it is being shown

    19. Lokesh

      @hope, bb khatam hone ke baad dipika g ko pakka negative character ke offers milenge in serials?? her voice and expression s

  15. Romil can’t take criticism without getting rude & disrespectful to the well wishers first Sara than salman now many like how can he insult poor manu when he was trying to help him & only have spoken well for him in his reviews GADHA aadmi saala respect nai kar sakta jo banne ki koshish karra tha uski bhi and people say celebs have ego they’re arrogant:/

    1. Sumit
      Exactly…I have similar thoughts

    2. Rajjo

      Romil proved to be rude at certain times… We can’t explain that exactly but it’s there actually like when jasleen n megha was evicted he was in other zone that time I thought it’s natural but still it was Lil rude

    3. @sumit well said…the worst i feel when romil disrespected sara ..i mean disgusting person nd vo bhi romil k protection k lye hi sara n bola tbbhi he was so rude nd so sweet of sara?uskk bd bhi she willingly asked him to dance again nd again..nd aajbhi jaise manu k lye gnd bolta rha…kabaaada insaan manu jsa insan to y jnmo m b ni bn skta….manu y manveer gurjar y 2 hi aise commoners thaii jinke lye aajbhi respect bdhti h nd that romil the worst commoner i had ever seen even worse than surbhi…

    4. Bhai romil is exactly behaving like manu did in his season at this stage of game. Manu samajh jayega ye. Infact manu told that in one of his review. This game is about being real though no one is real in game. Jab guest k aane par somi kehti hai, I love SRK and then goes on I love Salman……….do you think that is real????That can be polite, too sweet but not real. Agar bande ko logon se baat karne nai aati to nai aati. There are many around us like that. Haryanwi loag waise bhi rude bole jate hai, wo lucknow ki nazakat nai la sakte. Not to offend haryanwi people. But I am just saying it is part of their personality. Surbhi k tareh bilkul rang to nai badal sakta na koi, ki koi jadu ho gaya jaise

    5. I’m talking about his way of telling to somi about manu he could’ve or not taken his advice it was his choice but the way he was giving expressions especially for manu were downright disrespectful I’m don’t want him to be formal but at least if you’re discussing your take on something said by a famous ex contestant who you tried to be like whole season then talk with respect atleast

    6. @sumit..
      Sara season bully club ko ghamand tha cz makers ka support tha.. Aur sabse zyada tph romil ko ghamamd tha.

      Abhi usey samajh aa gaya usse focus hat k kahin aur shift ho gaya h.. So it is more like khisiyani billi khambha noche…

      Well.. Mot feeling sad at all..
      Cz 10 th week k favours k dum pe ye logo ne rest housemates ki naak m dum kar rakha tha..
      And makers ka bhi full support tha..
      So its ok if surbhi is cornered now.. Romil is getting insulted in wkw..
      Cz i jave remember jab sree insult hota tha theae ppl claps at that time..

      Now i wish romil bilkul bhi na ho top 4 m..

    7. Well said i [email protected] nd yes u said right no comparison between manveer wla season nd this season becoz in season 10 all have their unique personality nd in this season no one is too mucb interested nd yes but i like sree ignoring sometimes his harsh reactions he is very cute …sree nd dpka ki aapsi bten bht cute hoti h?

  16. pillow hearted romil was caught skeeping the bathroom hahahahahahhahababahahahahahhahahahhahahahahah this was the funniest moment of this season

    1. Rajjo

      I was laughing because coming outside he said I was not sleeping I mean why would bigg boss play alarm if he was not sleeping… Did bb had a dream???

    2. It was indeed funny but wasn’t jasleen reprimanded by salman for sharing same thing in one wkw?lol

    3. Yeah that was so not okay I think it was the same week that surbhi smoking matter was raised and salman let romil lie on everyone’s face and even encouraged him to berate jasleen for the truth everyone in the house crew etc already knew, all these things make me think that how big of a unfair disaster this season has been…

    4. Funniest I think was when Megha and deepika were crying about happy club friendship and gifted them bracelet only for them all to fight like cat and dog just second later

  17. Rajjo

    wowww…. see who is in the house… its mannu my love…. i donno about pritam i have not seen that season…

    calm n composed episode…. felt bad for choosing kv’s name for jail good that he is out… can’t exactly say who is double faced as everyone seemed as double faced at some point of time either it is shree or deepika or kv or surbhi or deepak or romil or somi… big confusion…
    in rest of the allegations the name taken was right…
    from the first day i said verbal skills are very nice n today my love “manu” also said that m in heaven… he supports my thinking… 😛
    surbhi emotional outburst was sad too see… whatever yaar she is also a human it feels bad when you realize that you are being negative this much… but the thing is she only realizes that when she had to achieve something like this is 14th week n next is 15th so it feels like she is playing emotional card but it was really sad to see her crying…
    today i felt really good that shree put his own opinion in a effective manner… maybe its his strategy but good way to put your point across without fumbling too… 😀
    romil was angry by himself or with bigg boss i donno but itna kon sota h yaar… bathroom me bhi so rhe ho 14th week me aake… n what he meant by “sote sote yaha tak pahunch gye to acha hi h na” bhaiya baaki log kitni mehnat krre hn yaha tak pahunchne k liye aur tum agar bina kuch kiye aa rhe ho matlab tum kisi ki position chhin k aa rhe ho…

    1. Um when was sree double faced?? I just remember one thing that came close to being that when they all have planned on not working in deepaks captainship together but he back out of it and shristy was upset with him other than this I don’t remember anything?

    2. @Sonali 1st when he told so many things against Dipika and went to play with her again. HMs were amazed patch up kab hua and bataya nai, jabki bharkaya zaroor tha.
      When he told to Shiv- ladki captaincy mein khari hai to chor do ring and went back to show middle finger to girl.
      When he questioned Rohit’s s*xuality for purple shorts and was seen wearing purple himself and also denied talking about Rohit in bad light.
      When he says pehle do week tuta hua tha and would run away but also gives statement ki wo strategy tha

    3. @hope that all to me is being unsure bratty disrespectful & flippant but not double face?I mean correct me if I’m wrong isn’t being double face is saying two things to two different people at the same time?

    4. Lokesh

      @hope totally agreed

    5. It’s nothing just a realization he had about bbs changed behavior towards him at first he was given freepass to do anything and he very well knows how many times he had been appreciated even after his mistakes salman babytalked with him so suddenly he is getting shit where he deserves it and isn’t getting a special treatment on wkw either so it must have doomed on him that producers priority changed from him to someone else (deepak)& he won’t bag the trophy that he thought he will easily now thus behaving this way

    6. Rajjo

      @sonali if double face means saying two sentences with two people at same time then still I donno who is like this in bb house… I can’t differentiate… Anyone said like this then plz let me know

  18. First somi used to emotional blackmail her friends now romil is doing that to her now I understand why they became friends

    1. Rajjo

      Good point

    2. @Somil actually Romil is feeling used by Somi. He had confidence ki kuch ho jayea ye ladki mere side rahegi as she has feelings for me. But Banda jaan nai paya ki mazea mein era bankar peda group mein ladki ne khaya aur chanakya ko bhi chalaya which Manu hinted today.

  19. Jab sree ko galiyan padti thi har hafte uske reaction ki wajah se jab to surbhi uchal uchal ke justice bolti thi use aaj use apni harkaton ki wajah se chaar batein kya sunne milgai aese behave karrai hai jaise musobatoon ka pahad tut gaya ispe..I just know after the show she’ll be the one who put different sorts of allegations on sree kV & romil just to get negative attention off of her

    1. Rajjo

      Bilkul sahi kaha aapne…. Sabko bura tabhi lgta h jab usko koi kuch bole… When shree used to cry she used to say that he is playing victim card or emotional card now someone ask what she is doing???

  20. @rajjo pr yes i agree the bb panchayat task mein dpka bang on ….fr to dpka romil k sone ki safaii dte dte hi preshan hojti h aiii kitna sota h sotduuuu??aaj 1 nya rup dkha like shotae bchchae ko koi neend s uthata h to cheeze fkni shuru krdi romil ne?

  21. Sreepika more like sree ko thaga?

    Hey sreepika fans just remember deepika used and using sree she’ll even snatch the trophy out of his hands with her emotional control of him AND sree abused her ?so funny isn’t it?

  22. ranking from game POV
    4-Romil(or deepika if bond with sree was part of her game)

    Ranking from fanbase POV

    1. Lokesh

      Kvb no.1 nahi

    2. It’s by fanbase point of view and kV has the most fans+ good PR so if it’s only that is counted then he’ll win but if it’s about the game only then sree or deepak should

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Agreed with the ranking. But sadly KV won’t win though I want him to win

  23. these three are so damn cute together f you bb for breaking them up?????????????

    1. Sree is so innocent here and I don’t get that fake feeling either really he is really a character you can’t never be sure about, his whole personality is like a 8th grader who is really smart but snobby and act tough to impress the seniors yet really cute and innocent at the same time

    2. Wish bigg boss hasn’t restricted this part of his personality for only voot and showed in episodes as well then people could’ve better idea of a person he is 🙁

  24. @Sandeep virk Buddy saw your comment yesterday where you said ki Sree bacha nai jisko Dipika ne use kiya. Go and see unseen video jo aata hai. When Sree hurted himself in bathroom and all guys went to console him, Romil cried and the video showed this lady goes to Sree and says next jab aapka break down ho you won’t go to anyone except me, promise. Whenever he was upset Dipika made sure to remove everyone who would go to him to console him. Agar mera Bhai upset ho to I will let anyone who can console him to be with him. And I don’t know how many sisters in this world go on to tell bhai in each sentence.
    Sree being abusive and irritating half of the times has some good qualities. Kya karun Simar mein mujhe kuch acha nai dikhta. I tried to like her because she gives logical arguments but when her body language says I am not going to listen to anyone because maine jo bol diya aakash vani hai I feel ……..I can’t put that in words too……may be she needs a reality check.

    1. Ok dpka said it…and sree like a 3 year old followed along…pls…we cant fully blame dpka here…and I think dpka is protective of him..she knows sree says rubbish when emotional…so many times he has done it wid dipika even when she goes to console him…but dpka truly feels a sisterly bond and she doesnt use those words said by him in anger or emotion to target him later on or misuse in any way…and I’m sure ppl like srishty romil jass or anyone if left alone in those situations with sree wont be able to understand the words or statements said by sree with same maturity that dpka did many times…so in my opinion this is one reason why dpka wants to be the one to console him in those tough situations…otherwise I have never seen her stopping sree from talking or bonding with anyone else

    2. @Sandeep that means ki Sree needs babysitter always

    3. AnuAnu

      @Hope ha Sree ko baby sitter chahiye warna wo international cricket kaise khelta? Very true ?????

    4. @Hope,
      I still feel Sree has that revenge mindset he came up to Dipika with. To make her lonely being the closest. I just want to make Sree teach her a lesson.

    5. AnuAnu

      @Arohi me too i think i have said it here before that he had said ‘Pyaar Se nikaal denge unhe’ for Dipika for the initial days

    6. Rajjo

      What lesson you want deepika should learn????
      What she had done…. I mean lesson to phir sabko seekhna padega in the house not only deepika… M not supporting her but ek insan se itni narazagi ki aap kuch nhi dekh paate usme…

  25. In an interview it almost slipped out of Manu’s mouth that creative seem to be leaning towards surbhi(surprise ?)so y’all better prepare for her to be in top four over kV or even romil, it’ll be deepak deepika sree & surbhi and according to me winner either will be deepika or deepak…deepak has been getting a positive footage in these last two weeks he has been biggest contributor for that but in the end it’s in the hand of creative team to show it or not after all & deepika has been active as well surbhi was always favored and i always doubted her to be bbs planted mess creator but that’s all she was, as for sree, he has been the staple of this season biggest contributor to trp and majority of audience favorite but contestants with image like him rarely win sad but it’s a truth & if he was gonna win then maybe won’t just for shock value since everyone is expecting him to win

    1. @Anon2 Surbhi ko ek tareh se final mein BB ne pahuchaya hai so I am not surprised.
      Surbhi ka improvement bilkul fake hai but weekend par uske drastic change kly question nai utha. Jabki Dipika, Romil and Deepak kly ye baat uthi.
      Loved Manu when he said celebs bhi wahi hai dogle bus Bahar aaye nai.

    2. Surbhi’s position in the house was more than obvious to i think majority of people after she herself had said how she was sent to run the show since none of them could besides I feel the way she is right now this is what she must be in her real life that obnoxious behavior she showed was just for the show & to grab attention. Manu’s comment I don’t think at all fits on sree like he came out of his shell in the very first few weeks and has been showing his real face I would say he has shown everything he has to the fullest…

  26. Sree did say right to Dipika that Romil personally aapkly irritating hoga. Dipika’s face color changed.

    1. Rajjo

      Haan true…. Her facial reaction is easier to see

  27. @XYZ I have written that Sree has been cute and logical for past 2 weeks and if he would have played like that then it would have been awesome.
    Where I told so called against Sree according to you, I was telling ki BB bus Romil ka Sona dikhata hai. Baki ki English including Surbhi and Sree par koi punishment nai Hui. And ye dono Hindi bolne wali achi jante hain

    1. Sree was exactly like this since like 3rd week but it was never shown in primetime watch his videos on voot he was always act cute and likable

    2. Sree has been sent to jail for English in like 2nd or 3rd week or maybe later but it was a reason and I don’t think bb is as strict as they apparently according to you are to romil on sleeping cause hindi isn’t a language he’s comfortable in he tries but when he couldn’t express he opt for English now if English is completely banned for him he wouldn’t be able to hold a proper conversation at all romil has no issue due to which he sleeps ALL the time for bb to be considerate about it and you’re only thinking they’re targeting him as they didn’t take action on it before as they were on *safeguarding hc* zone now they desperately trying to show as it is and aren’t lenient to him or anyone anymore, you know what’s unfair? Shivs eviction after surbhi openly challenged bb that day her breaking rules all season long yesterday she refused to listen also after like 5 demands to speak in Hindi from bb

    3. AnuAnu

      @Hope Sree was always like this from the day I started watching the show. I guess you wasn’t concerned about it. There is a lot of Instagram videos of Sree with boys of the house and with Jass and Megha, KV… Nobody seemed to take the effort to see those videos. If the video title says ‘Sree villain of the house’ everybody will watch and comment on insta video but not for Sree’s masti side.
      I don’t know why makers didn’t show Sree’s funny side

    4. @hope..

      He was cute since beginning.. But apke bully club ne uska sir kha k usey aisa bna diya…

    5. @XYZ yes sree is very cute i agree nd bht sharaaaa tq @XYZ for taking into consideration the point @aarohi said for my shayarii few days back nd yes said right zaadtr romil fans chahte h ki hum sirf vo dekhe y bole jse y log dusro ko portray krna chahte h nd theek h romil unki psnd h pr dusro ki psnd ko neglect y demean krna konsa treeka hota h heights of [email protected]

    6. @Ada Aarohi never told you to dislike someone and I never saw her use any word for any person commenting here which is anywhere near being badtameez.

  28. We all are given impression that contestant are saved and win according to the votes of viewer, but till the date it seems that all that is being edited is as per a narrative to make some housemates winner and some housemates are shown in poor light. Even host is being used to demoralize. The contestant standing among most is :

    Romil: He was liked by most of the celebrity guest who visited the BB house most of all Shoaib also liked Romil after his wife Dipika and Shree. I liked Manu Punjabi saying in an interview that being a person from the small town Karnal if Romil get this kind of popularity then he is bound to be confident or may be over confident. He earned this and deserve this confidence, he has overshadow other by his performance and support he received. He is not here for dance dance or sports or to be singer, he is here to show his patience to live in a house called BB House. There are previous winners to support this. As for laziness this is a narrative being created other have short coming too. No one is Doodh ka dhula they have their share of rule breaking. So many troller are also evidence of his stature, and that you pick one folly (sona only) of his and cry about it.
    He also showed family photograph to control Shree when he was un-consolable after Surbhis trollíng. He also told Shree to not to indulge with Deepak and Rohit, by saying that if Shree hits them they will loose nothing but if they hit Shree loss will be of Shree.. He also boosted Dipika when she was down after Bus task by saying that do not loose heart all your troller will be out of BB house in front of her eyes.
    His group used him as pillar of support and now because of insecurity are going against him. Somi and Deepak openly condemning him wow, I mean unbelievable. How he used them? This can effect the confidence some time but he is sure to bounce back.

    If maker want to connect with viewer the winner should be based solely on performance in BB house not the previous legacy. Otherwise being celeb will be sure shot quality to win this show. No one will perform in tasks and give entertainment to viewer.

    1. @yankee so true

  29. competition(s) –
    Miss United Continents 2016
    (2nd Runner Up)
    (Best National Costume)
    Miss United Continents India 2016
    Yamaha Fascino Calendar Girl 2015
    Miss Diva 2014
    (Top 5)
    Femina Miss India 2014
    (3rd Runner Up)
    (Miss Perfect Body)
    Femina Miss India 2013
    Femina Miss India Goa 2013
    (Miss Body Beautiful)
    (Yamaha Ray Miss Adventurous)
    (Miss Awesome Legs)

    @XYZ, I copied from Google. These are the achievements of Miss Lopa Mudra Raut.
    Beauty is relative. I feel she had qualities, and she’s beautiful. Beauty pageants are based on many levels.

    1. Lokesh

      Was expecting this from u , thanx for sharing, plz who said she is not beautiful plz go with it,shehave represented india many a times.

    2. @Aarohi yes to be beautiful one should be composed, clear in thoughts, being responsible for and stand by their decision, accept shortcomings and flaws, independent and respectful.
      And if you will a title, you have to prove that decision was right and you well deserved it. Lopa had all that.
      Coming after show and giving politically correct answer requires certain skills and I agree Bani had that. But saying what you feel in a correct way is also not bad.

    3. @Aarohi..

      Oh plz yr.. Dont come up woth anything.. U like negative thing more… So its ur choice..
      But dont try to change orhers mindset..

      Aitni badi badi batein krte ho yahan par falyu ka fair banne ki koshish krte ho..

      But airplanes and u r theone jisne is season sabse zyada is forum ka mahaul kharab kiya hua h..
      U like sarcasm??
      Its ur choice… U wants to onow the reason??
      Its u and ur bully group… Jb bhi koi new person aa k apne views write lrta h.. U opl bully them…
      Glad why u r fan of bully grp.. Bcz u ppl are the same…

      I dont think so sree 19 yr ki age m koi itna insensitive ho sakta h… U were telling nandini.. Dontgove false hopesto ada on her shayaris..
      R u that insensitive… Ki apkoairplanes ka sarcasm chahe woapki khudkibeozatti m ho ya kisi aur new person k liye ho aap equally bhadawa dete ho.

      But ada ki shayaris apko pathetic lagti h.. Wow… Fir aap apna sry le k aa jate ho..

      Aap sree ki galtoyo ki baat karte ho.. Aap khud bhi toh wahinkrte ho.. Rude words boloaur fir sry le k aa jao..

      I swear.. Lot of time ifelt bad when u ppl were making fun of new commemter..

      Khair mamao.. Kuch log itnamature they jinhone aap logo ki bully ko yun hi avoide kiya…

      U know what u r the one jiski wajahse fir se mere jaise log romil ko hate karne lag gaye..

      U like sarcasm veey much na..???
      So this is my sarcastic commemt for u.. And i hipe u will enjoy my sarcasm..

      Me apko ye sabbolne ka tph 1 week se socj rahi thi as i read manythings which were veryrude to others.. But lackof time i avoide to write anything..

      Aap itna jo mahan banneka natak krte ho..
      Agar itme mahan hote tohshayad airplanes ko roka hota dusron ko disrespect karne se…

      When cutipie come up with a comment and that was so much true.. Aap tph bas us pechad hi gaye..
      7s dinbhi mujhe buralaga tha aurpata nhi kin kin logo k liye kitni baar bura laga but i choose to avoide to say anything to u..
      Bcz as a mature person i dont like to say anything bad to anyone..

      But yes today u totally derserves it.. BczU REALLY LIKE AND ENJOY SARCASM..

      And this is ur personality.. Apkodusron ko insult hote dekhna pasand h but jb baat khud pe ato h toh ekdum chid jate ho..

      U ppl are too just a bully..

    4. Well [email protected] aapne to dil jitliya i like d type of people jo dusro k lye kigyi galat bto ko maturely smjhte nd respnod krte h ??keep it up nd tq tq tq for be in my favour genuinely bhle hi i like dpka pr kbhi bhi mne dusro ki choices ko disrespect nhi kiya 1 aadhi br airplanes ko chorkr kuki airplanes nd aarohi r highly provoking insaan vo apne favourite ki treef km krte h dusro ko demean zda krte h joki mujhe bilkul psndni aata nd inreturn sm response niklta h

    5. @XYZ……
      I agree what u r saying……even I have started to sort of hate romil bcoz of some people here……earlier it was nice but from a few days its been really bad……glad that someone else felt it too……
      I have already tried to do the same what u have done today…….really appreciate it…….
      Bullying is nice to an extent……too much of anything is not nice……..:-))

    6. And madam..
      Padhe likhe s8rf aap hi nhi ho..
      Google karna hume bhi ata h.. But why to waste my time to google about lopa kind of person..



    7. XYZ
      THANKS for raising ylthese points…and I would also like to apologize in case my choice of words ever hurt anyone while commenting here…and I like bani lopa both…but bani was not a team player that season…she seemed a bit arrogant at times..lopa on the other hand performed all tasks with dedication…otherwise both of them were good in their own way …I liked bani at times more than lopa and vice versa

  30. @XYZ,
    I never went to bully someone, neither I ever told anyone here going personal.
    Airplanes used to laugh at Dipika, not anyone of u. I never knew that would ever hurt someone’s sentiments.
    @Nandini, @Airplanes, @Ada used to have funny debates with each other mocking the TV stars. That was a very funny conversation. It never questioned on any person here.
    Yes, I loved the trolls on Dipika Kakar. And everything here was like constant teasing between siblings.
    @AnuAnu is a Sree fan. But I really loved how she kept points.
    @Hope, @Lokesh, @Tripura, @Airplanes were the people who had same views just like I had.
    I also told XYZ’s views are not wrong, they are very different from me.
    And today, u mocked Lopa saying she isn’t beautiful. I told u what she has achieved.
    But I never told “BANI WAS NOT BEAUTIFUL.”
    Beautiful is a strong word. And here, we all are beautiful.
    On the finals, I was going to laugh and say sorry to Nandu (@Nandini) too or @Ada if anything had hurt them for mocking Dipika, sarcasm is natural between siblings , right ?I hate Dipika. But anyways, u judged me from another side. Take care and love.

    1. @aarohi its not about judgement its about respect u should give 2 others sentiments nd choices but u used to instigate people too much nd most of d tyms not becoz of ur pov instead just to support airplanes which is very annoying if airplanes had a habit to bully others to demean the opponent why should u join him remember u have ur own personality so carry ur thoughts in support of ur personality only dont u make others ur preference …nd yes jb aapke comments ki hum sb respect krte h out of necessity jke hum kbhi aapko reply bhini krte becoz its ur choice to follow or like ur favorite whosoever he or she is to fr aapku zabardsti apne pov ko dusro ko mnwana ek zid si bnalte h jiske lye bht br aap bht kuch glt krjti h

    2. Rajjo

      I agree… Just want to say while reading comments we often feel that certain point I may not agree so people try tell their own perspective on that point as a comment n in that process they don’t even realize that they are going off the line… Same happened with aarohi n airplanes… As they don’t like deepika hence in order to prove her wrong it can be possible that they could have hurt others sentiments… May it not be intentional but happened… Yesterday also I said same thing to airplanes….
      See we are not stopping you from saying anything just we are saying that be positive as this is just a show n comments regarding that may prove you people wrong in eyes of others… Like @xyz said the word bully…
      I know you are just enjoying n want to have fun but saying the same thing time n time makes it irritating… Others don’t know your state of mind n hence can’t judge either you are enjoying or demeaning….

    3. Rajjo

      I agree… Just want to say while reading comments we often feel that certain point I may not agree so people try tell their own perspective on that point as a comment n in that process they don’t even realize that they are going off the line… Same happened with aarohi n airplanes… As they don’t like deepika hence in order to prove her wrong it can be possible that they could have hurt others sentiments… May it not be intentional but happened… Yesterday also I said same thing to airplanes….
      See we are not stopping you from saying anything just we are saying that be positive as this is just a show n comments regarding that may prove you people wrong in eyes of others… Like @xyz said the word bully…
      I know you are just enjoying n want to have fun but saying the same thing time n time makes it irritating… Others don’t know your state of mind n hence can’t judge either you are enjoying or demeaning….

    4. Rajjo

      M extremely sorry my comment got uploaded twice…

    5. @Aarohi..

      Nothing personal..
      But sometimes u really went beyond the limits.. I have always respected ur views.. I have always respected airplanes views..
      But i dont know what happened to u in this whole week..

      U were very ride to some of the ppl.. And seriously it really irritates me if i see something wrong..

      I respect each n everyones feeling that’s y didn’t say anything bfr to u… But i was kind of feeling guilty to not point out and to stop u when u were being disrespectful to sone of the ppls..

      And i know u alnd hope and some others were kind of hating me for my comments but i tried alot to not say a single word to u. But couldn’t resist to comment…

      So if u feel hurt… extremely sry… But my words for u was very true…and dil se tha

    6. Lokesh

      Hey I m not a regular commentor, and not read much of comments , but if bullying like things happened then it’s not gud u said ur points correctly, it’s loktantra u can’t order anyone to be as I am.
      Coming to airplane and Aarohi, I joined 1 week ago ( sayad) I found most of their comments very funny like that halwa part, sometines I also felt wrong for airplanes ki wo jabardasti thop rhe hai sabko to be romil fan. Thoda SA weird ho jata hai aap leg pulling contetant kare not the people here. We all are educated PPL here so have some dignity and respect for all.
      @ Aarohi apke comments mujhe kabhi kharab nahi Lage ( or I missed something , what xyz is saying u billed on someone’s sayari) , yar if u did then don’t comment on someone’s creativity, airplane humesa se syari kar rhe honge so he is perfect, baki log jo try kar rhe , plz support them , after sometimes wo bhi accha likhenge.
      And I really appreciate ur points Aarohi
      Not only Aarohi ,I learnt a lot about human thinking and choice by reading comments here of @[email protected] hope @ [email protected] [email protected] Ada @me @rajjo @sandeep @ Yankee.and many more sorry if I missed , as I joined last week only so sabke names yaad nahi.

    7. Rajjo

      Agree with you @ lokesh…
      It’s a game yaar we all should take a chill pill

    8. @Aarohi……
      Its fine……it’s just u can’t convert other’s fans to Romil fans or somebody else’s…….n sometimes it’s better to let go…….☺️
      Both of u @airplanes n @arohi r really nice people……its always been fun to interact with u or counter u?…….keep up the spirit to an extent which is good…….lots of love…….
      I liked Lopa n bani both actually but to be true I liked Lopa a little more??…….our opinions do match at times…….haha

    9. @Aarohi..

      Either we have different of opinions but i admire ir neat and clean comments most of the time..

      But seriously jb aap apne hi comments wapis read karoge na jo apne nandini cutipie andada k liye likhe they apko pata lagega wo seriously kitna rude tha.

      Cmon yaar.. Its just a show… Sare contestants ne kahin na kahin hardwork kiya h kon jitega kon harega time pe chod do..
      Un logo kchakkar m real world k logo ko q disrespect karna…

      As i fpund ada a scl going grl.. If she is trying to write something creative.. Which skill we do not possess.. Then y to demoralise her…

      Just to respect sentiments of everyone..

      To say like dpka fans ka screw dheela h was too rude.. I amnot at all dpka fan but to read something like rhis.. Screw dheela n all for those ppl who are supporting dpka..

      Kya dpka fans ne apko aa k mock kiya???
      Kya sree fans ne apko aa k mock kiya???
      And its big no…..

    10. @XYZ well said but u r mistaken I’m not a school going girl??

    11. @Aarohi..

      Y i judged u only in this week???

      Kindly gaur farmaiyega ki dorf is wewk k basis pe hi log apko judge q kar rahe h.. Amd it is not only me who judged u in this way.. Cutipie come up with the same kind 9f comment.. But it was my fault i didn’t support her/HIM AT THAT TIME..

    12. @Aarohi..
      Why i didn’t include hope with u???

      Bcz she knows kahan kitna kisko support karna h..

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