Bigg Boss 12 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kriti-Roshmi become captains

Bigg Boss 12 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 4
Day starts with the song ‘Badshah’ as the morning alarm. All start dancing.

Karan says to Jasleen that nice lipstick, she says I will say good morning to Anup.
Anup is jogging, Jasleen comes there and wishes him good morning, he says looking good. Jasleen says I was busy in getting ready, Anup asks how is her throat? she says its fine now.

Romil says to Nirmal that you should involve more, you want to look nice but be involved in house. Deepak says these people try to find problems. Romil says Sree changed whole game but no one nominated him.

Bigg boss says to inmates its time to choose first captain, first task was rejected so you people lost luxury budget, when girls gave a good performance in task, three

males were responsible for its cancellation so we have decided that only girls have right to become captain first so single girls and girls in pairs will get a chance. He asks singles to decide who will get a chance from Deepika. Sristy and Neha to become captain and pairs will decide which pair from Kriti-Roshmi, Somi-Saba which will be up for captaincy?

Singles vote for Deepika, Sristy says we cant fight, I can be a good captain but I wont go against a group.

Kriti says to pairs that Saba-Somi fight so much, they cant handle people. Saba says there is too much wastage of food right now, Somi says I work so much in house, I have equal contribution, we will divide work equally. Anup says Kriti and Roshmi have more liking in house than Saba-Somi. Romil says captaincy is about handling house with maturity, Saba-Somi had fights that people might even not work in their captaincy. Saba says you should give a chance to us, Romil says your thinking is not wrong but way is not right. Urvashi asks Somi and Saba to work on their bonding.

Sourabh says to Saba-Somi that give them a chance. Saba says I cant lose this chance, Kriti has always been in a show.
Sourabh says to Kriti that Saba-Somi is not agreeing so you show their weak points.

Bigg boss asks singles whom they are choosing? Sree says we have chosen Deepika because she makes others work with patience. Deepak says we have chosen Kriti-Roshmi as they have good relation with everyone. Saba says we dont agree with this decision. Bigg boss says this decision had to be taken mutually. Romil says we need more time. Romil says to Deepak that you have to make them agree too, they are competing pair.

Karan says to Sristy that if they give captaincy to them then all will go against them.

Jasleen says to Romil that Saba-Somi are against them because they are crazy.
Kriti says to Saba-Somi that if we get right to choose as captains then we will give you that chance, I say it on camera.

Deepak says we have mutually decided that Kriti-Roshimi are our contenders. Bigg boss says both contenders will get a task to win.

Saba says they cant change us, I will remain like this.
Urvashi says to Karan that they did wrong so they didnt get chance to talk.

Bigg boss announces the first captaincy task ‘Raja Ki Duvida’. As part of the task, the nominated pair Kriti Verma-Roshmi Banik and the singles chosen Dipika Kakar will play it. In the task, Anup Jalota would play the role of a Rangeela Rajkumar and the girls will have to act as his ‘Ranis’. The Ranis have to earn a rose from the Rajkumar by entertaining him. Whoever would get the maximum roses will be declared as the captain of the house. All hoot and cheer for Anup. Jasleen hugs him and laughs. Romil says Jaleen will be Anup’s minister and will give suggestions to king, queens have to keep their roses protected, no one will have any say in that, we will count how many roses they have in end.

Karan says to Anup that I think Deepika will be a nice captain, otherwise everything is in your hands. Karan brings Anup in living area, Anup is wearing a crown. All start to serve him, Anup searches for his slippers. Karan says you dont have to anything, Deepak runs to get his slippers, Karan sits on his feet. Deepak makes him wears slippers.

Buzzer plays, Kriti says to Anup that Deepika doesnt care for time. Anup says they got on time so they will get their reward. He gives one flower to Kriti.
Karan is wearing a saree and says I am doing this to make minister happy so she can influence king.
Deepika wears a red dress and says to Anup that I am sorry for making you wait but wait is worth for a beautiful being. Anup says you are right. Anup says I am impressed by you, he tried to give her food but Kriti says we cam first. Anup doesnt listen and gives Deepika a rose. Sree brings tea for Anup but Shiv says he is attacking king and pushes Sree away, Sree leaves.
Shiv says to Sree that I didnt do anything, I didnt abuse you. Sree says I am in character. Sree says ******. Shiv says you are cursing me, I wont bear it.

Roshmi says to Anup that you will like a singer I have called. Anup says your thought impressed me and gives her a rose.

Shiv says to camera that he shouldnt abuse people like this, I asked if he meant that? he said that he is in character. Shiv asks Neha if some person abused you and accept it too then what? Neha asks who abused you? he says Sree.

Neha asks Sree if he abused Shiv? he says yes he pushed me, I am in character as Bigg boss wants, like in movies. Neha says dont get personal, we are only four people, you are the brains, we need brains, dont know where Karan is, avoid him. Sree says I will put him on fire.
Romil asks Shiv to calm down. Shiv says I am not ********, I asked him if he meant and he agreed, he might be a celebrity at home but not here.

Jasleen asks Anup that if we make them swim so they should wear something s*xy. Anup says nobody swims in lehenga.

Shiv says to Sourabh that I told you I have done max, I have mopped, I have cleaned and then I have to listen all this? Sourabh says I am not saying anything to you, Shiv says they can throw me out, I dont care.

Sree says to Somi that I am listening to people patiently. Somi says it will be an issue, you have to calm down more. Sree says more calm down? my anger was for 10 seconds. Somi says people can react to that, Sree says really? you are saying that? he gives hi-five, Somi says you are nice. Sree says if I start playing game, people will fight only.

Roshmi says to Shiv that you have to be near Jasleen, they are all near here, Anup wont take decision, it will be Jasleen’s mind to decide, Romil and you can convince her.

Roshmi wears swim suit, She takes a swim for Anup, all clap. Roshmi swims near him, Anup says I want to give a rose to this mermaid.

Jasleen asks Anup what he thinks? Anup says I think single is better as a captain, Jasleen says I tell Deepika can do it better, Jasleen says we have given 6 roses to both sides.

Roshimi and Kriti says we will dance to baby doll. Anup says I will sing. He singes baby doll, they dance on it. Karan says to Anup that we will present something too for our queen. Karan raps, Sree, Sristy and Neha dances on it. Sree shows his robotic moves. Anup says I am impressed and gives Deepika a rose. All clap. Deepika thanks Anup and Jasleen. Romil and Nirmal steals Deepika’s roses and runs. They go and hide in washroom. Karan runs behind them.
Deepika says to Neha that we have to destroy their roses, its my fault, I gave them roses.
Karan is kicking on washroom, Roshimi says dont break the door, chill, its a task. Romil comes out. Romil says everything is fair in game. Kriti asks Nirmal to not come out. She asks Deepak to open the door.
Jasleen says to Anup that they are fighting. Deepak opens door, Deepika ask them to come out. Saba says you cant hide roses like that. Kriti gets roses from Nirmal.
Sree says to Anup that I can bring roses by breaking everything but I dont want to go to that level.

Bigg boss says time for captaincy task has ended, all come in living area. Romil asks Kriti to give roses, Kriti says I am not listening to you, I was nominated too. Deepika tries to snatch roses from Kriti, Kriti says to Romil that dont try to become great, Romil tries to grab roses from her. Kriti asks him to stop it. Deepika says to Kriti that we didnt say anything to you, Kriti says we were nominated too. Bigg boss asks Jasleen at time of task ending, how many flowers both have? Deepika have 1 roses, Kriti-Roshmi have 7 flowers. Deepiak cries. Kriti says it was not our fault, Deepika says I am not blaming you.

Romil reads instructions that Kriti-Roshmi have become captains, they have duty now to make everything work in house. Deepika says to Kriti and Roshimi that I am feeling bad because it was my mistake, Roshmi hugs her, Kriti says I cant let down my team, I understand you.
Romil says sorry to Karan, I didnt snatch it. Karan says your half team was asking to give it back. Sree passesby him.

Romil says to Somi that people are seeing if I am wrong or right, I played game. He says to Sree that I dont deserve a curse. He says to Sree that you keep cursing me when you pass me. Sree says it was a task, I am sorry, task has ended, I did give reaction in task, when I get angry so leave me, we dont have that thinking.

Sree says to Romil that I was in character and did my mistake, my tongue slipper so I am sorry, its just starting, you did your game. Shiv says we did things calmly. Shiv says you cursed us, Sree says I was in task, Sree says I said in task and said to myself. Shiv says you said you mean it, Sree says I didnt mean it.

Deepika says to camera that I am sorry.
Shiv says to Romil that he said a curse at my face, I asked him again and he said he meant it. Deepak says you are right. Saba tries to talk to Shiv but Deepak takes him, Saba says Deepak you are not that funny as you seem.

Shiv says to Deepak that he says he does things and then says he was in task. Saba comes there and says to Deepak that why you keep interrupting, as if I dont exist. Sristy says Sree didnt mean that. Saba says we wont talk if you dont want to but it feels bad, Somi says we just wanted to make Shiv understand. Saba says Deepak keeps interrupting. Deepak takes Somi with him, Shiv says to Somi that you should understand and stop Saba, if I am talking to Deepak then whats his fault?
Sourabh says to Sree that I am sorry if its my fault, I cant make your understand, he cries. Sree says whya re you crying? Sourabh says I try to make Shiv understand so much but he doesnt listen. Sree hugs him and says its okay, I said wrong thing and said sorry, Sourbah says he should accept his mistakes too, Sree says not all are alike, let him play the game.

Kriti says Somi-Saba should go to jail.
Bigg Boss says we nominate three of them (Karan, Nirmal and Romil) for eviction of next week. All are stunned. Romil says I dont agree.
Karan, Nirmal and Romil are locked in jail.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hey guys
    Today’s episode was really nice. It was funny all were enjoying task. I think this is one task which got completed without any problems although in last something happened.
    Guys don’t you think Urvashi is like jyoti similar face similar tone.
    Shiv and sree I don’t know why they are trying to destroy peace along task. Last task also got cancel due to sree .
    Celebs are looking cool calm and more smart than commoners. Commoners are also smart but they are having issues within themselves.
    Deepak is trying to be oversmart. Yes he is smart but trying to showoff and adding unnecessarily fuel when someone is trying to solve issues.
    Saba somi not so bad them seems interesting. They were behaving nice and in task also and I agree with them in case of Deepak.
    Poor deepika she lost due to her carelessness and I appreciate that she accepted that fact.
    I really don’t like kirti yaar .her voice is so irritating. And after roadies she lost all respect so hatest contestant.

    1. Prettypreeti

      Hmmm..yaa the task was cool one!I think.commoners will need time to show more if themselves and the real identity

  2. I think last thing happened in task was preplanned by kv, romil and nirmal that’s why they are in jail….

  3. Lucky Anup!!!

    1. Prettypreeti

      😂😂 yess lucky man!

  4. Love u Deepika😍😍just watching BB only for u

  5. Love u Deepika 😍😍 watching BB just for u

    1. Prettypreeti

      Yaa she is cute..felt bad when she cried

  6. Hello pretty Anu gg how are you all ? I think Kriti will be out

    1. Prettypreeti

      Simu di!!!!!! How r u ???????????Long time!!How is ur rohan hangover??HAPPY to see u here again!

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