Bigg Boss 12 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Romil becomes captain

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Bigg Boss 12 15th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day Day 60
The house wakes up to the song ‘Baar Baar Dekho’. They all dance and enjoy. Megha and Dipika hugs.

Romil says to Megha that we joke with you, Megha says there is a thin line between joke and insult, Romil says you curse us but we joke it away. Megha says you cant keep joking about my win, its my pride.

Surbhi says to Rohit that I will support Shiv but he is rich, I want to support commoners, we need to be in show.
Romil asks Megha to support him. Megha says I am with Shiv. Romil says you were supporting Somi. Megha says you dont need my support.

Surbhi says to Rohit that Romil is trying to take Megha’s support but she is scolding him, I feel bad for him, I am a real friend, I will support Shiv but I dont want to,

Romil is supporting Somi too much, Somi has given herself to him because of that video.

Deepak says to Romil that you are washing dishes to get support in task? Romil says its not about friends supporting in task, we all know who have more friends. Jasleen is washing dishes and says I will support Shiv, he is my friend, you are my friend too but we had some misunderstanding so I have to clear with Shiv.

Surbhi says Deepak said so many things but I forgave him. Somi says you misunderstood Romil too. Surbhi says you dont clear your side, I dont want to talk. Somi tells Surbhi that she doesn’t want to have any discussions with her till her health improves. Surbhi breaks down and says she wants to go home. As people come to console her, she walks away wishing to be alone. Somi also breaks down and tells Dipika that I am emotionally hurt too. Romil says she doesnt have to shout like this. Dipika consoles her. Surbhi comes to her and says lets talk. Romil says to Jasleen that she doesnt have to shout like this. Somi says to Surbhi that you call them brothers and then curse them. Surbhi says its about my emotions. Romil says to Jasleen that she is giving more importance to game. Somi says to Surbhi that its your problem with Deepak and Romil so I wont come inbetween. Surbhi says its about my ego too now.

Dipika announces the captaincy task. Shivashish and Romil will participate in the task TRP. Both contenders will run their own channel and entertain housemates. Studios have been made for both and the task will be done in three rounds. The first round will be a chat show, the second round will be dance and round 3 will be an infotainment slot, where they will tell others why they deserve to be in the house. Housemates can only watch one channel at a time in the living room. Whoever is decided to be a winner of each round will be decided by the housemates and Karanvir will be the sanchalak of the task and will decide which contender’s channel was seen more in task and who wins most rounds will win captaincy.

Somi says to Romil that we have to get support.
Sree says to KV that just think about emotions.

Romil comes to talk to Surbhi. Romil says you promised to support me. She says she is done with Romil and that they will sort out their issues outside the house. For now, she denies giving support to him. Romil says if you were in my place then I would have supported you. Surbhi says I have promised to support Shiv. She finally agrees to support him in one round.

Surbhi asks Romil to take Deepak for chat show. Romil says it should have girl acting like you.
Shiv says to Sristy that you should come to show. Sristy says I dont want to go with Deepak.

irst round begins
Surbhi goes as Shivashish’s guest on chat show and Srishty as Romil’s. Surbhi says Shiv’s extended hand of Sree. Surbhi acts like Simar. Sristy mimics Dipika and talks with Romil on show. Sristy then mimics Megha and shouts at Romil. As contestants fight over the changing the channel, the remote starts malfunctioning. KV asks them to not attack remote. Deepak says its not working. Jasleen says you destroyed it Deepak. Bigg Boss asks them to come in garden area.

Romil says to Surbhi that I still love you, Surbhi says I promised Shiv. Shiv says you can talk to her after task. Romil says she is my sister and I can talk to her anytime.

The housemates enter the living room to see the remote and other setup for the task gone. Surbhi says I performed well and now task is cancelled.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that we did hard work for that task but its now cancelled. This show is on important stage so we are giving Romil and Shiv another chance. Bigg Boss announces that the task is cancelled following damage to property. He announces another task for the captaincy contenders. Dipika reads task which has a chair is kept for Romil and Shivashish each, where both have to sit following a buzzer sound. Whoever gets up from the seat first loses. Housemates have to try to get a person they don’t support off the chair. KV will be referee of task.

Romil asks Rohit to support him. Deepak says best of luck Shiv. Shiv says I dont need it.
Surbhi says to Sree that you can talk to Deepak and sort it out. Sree says I cant take Romil out in 5 minutes but I wont do it.

Romil sits on chair and says I will go blind but wont get down from chair.

Deepak is about to throw water on Shiv but Sree throws his bucket away. Sree says I can defend him. KV says you both have to wear mic and cover it. Sree stands infront of Shiv. Rohit says what is this? KV says dont throw water at mic. Sristy, Jasleen, Megha and Dipika are standing infront of Shiv. Dipika asks Sree to not do anything, she asks him to protect Shiv. Deepak, Rohit, Srishty throw water on Romil. Deepak says KV has taken off his mic. Deepak says they dont understand task. Deepak tries to throw water on Shiv but Sree keeps throwing away his bucket. Surbhi says to Sree that you cant beat him. Sree says to Deepak that I will throw you away *****. Deepak says you cant curse me. Sree says I cursed myself.
Rohit is taking ice from firdge.
Sristy throws water at Romil. Rohit is throwing ice at Shiv. KV says to Deepak that you are destroying Shiv’s mic. Bigg Boss asks inmates to protect their mics and not use it as a protection weapon. Deepak hoots.

Sree is trying to take bucket from Deepak. Deepak says he is hitting me. Sree says I am leaving the show.
Rohit says to Sristy that what is your friendship? She stops him from taking water and says I am doing my task. Rohit protects his cold water bucket and gives it to Deepak. Deepak sits in pool. Megha asks him to come forward. Deepak says I am coming, you come too. He gives bucket to Rohit, Rohit says I will throw it on myself. Megha throws water from bukcet. Sristy pushes him. Rohit asks her to not push him. Rohit throws water on Shiv. Bigg Boss says you people are not protecting mic so no one will use liquid now.

Deepak is throwing powder on Shiv. Jasleen says they will have to get up for washroom in end. Rohit throws garbage on Shiv. Shiv says its biodegradable.
KV asks to not use liquid. Rohit throws more garbage on Shiv. Megha tries to stop Deepak but he throws garbage on ground. Megha takes it and throws on Romil.

Deepak asks Sree to play. Sree says dont talk to me. Deepak says you need to go out. Sree asks him to remain in limits. Sree says dont raise your voice, I will see you outside, you have no standard. Deepak says dont threaten. Rohit says dont talk about standard.

Deepak tries to take eggs from kitchen but Megha says its Sree’s eggs, dont touch them. Deepak says you can give 2 eggs. Sree says what? Megha asks Deepak to ask for eggs from Bigg Boss. Jasleen says go and ask Bigg Boss. Jasleen doesnt let him touch eggs. Dipika says you are Deepak, we didnt stop you from anything but this is food.

Sree says to Somi that give halwa to outside. Somi says yes it was made for KV. Sree says give one egg to Deepak but use it on both. Deepak brings egg. Romil says you cant use egg. Deepak asks Megha what are you doing? KV asks to not use egg. Sree asks KV if halwa was made for him only? He says yes its sugar free. Sree says after game starting? KV says yes. Sree says this is personal choice, two people are getting tortuted in task and Dipika is making halwa for you, that woman doesnt care about anything. Sree says this is wrong.

Sree sits in bedroom and says they both can eat, we are all doing task and KV is eating halwa, this is unbelievable, their friend is in task and Dipika is making halwa for KV.

Sree asks Rohit to eat more halwa. Rohit says I ate it. Sree says take mine too. Dipika brings halwa for Sree and says you dont have to be rude all the time. He says I dont need it.

Dipika says to Shiv that if you cant control it and needs to use washroom then leave the task. Shiv says let me see.

Dipika and Sristy are outside washroom. Dipika asks him to come out of washroom, you cant cry like this. Dipika asks Jasleen and Sristy to give them 5 minutes, they leave. Dipika brings Sree out and says its task.
Sristy says to KV that she cant ask me to go like this, its insulting.
Sree cries and says to Dipika that Shiv needs us.

Shiv needs to use washroom. Megha says you performed well, you can leave if you want. Shiv says I am going. He gets down from chair. KV says Romil is new captain.
Surbhi says to Sree that you are strong. Sree is still crying for not be there for Shiv. Shiv goes to take bath.

Shiv says to Sree that I know who is with me now. Sree says Deepak was throwing water on you so I stopped him. Shiv says tasks are everything for them. Sree says to Shiv that you won hearts today, you played well.

Sree says to Dipika and Shiv that Jasleen needs too. Dipika says yes. Sree says why are you sitting with me? Shiv says dont fight. Dipika says he just try to find reasons to fight me. Dipika says someone called me actress today. Sree says I called you that. Dipika leaves from there. Sree asks if he said something? Shiv says no, she went normally.

Somi says to Jasleen that you fought with us a lot in remote task. Jasleen says you people fight so much, you broke the remote. Deepak says it was our strategy. Jasleen says you people enjoy joking like this, you tease Megha too. Somi says he is joking. Deepak says you are going to make an issue? Jasleen says you hurt people, you said that I didnt play, you said in last task too, its my style to take breaks in task, dont do what I dont like. She leaves. Rohit says I like her style, Sristy was playing but what was Dipika doing? Deepak says trying to look good.

PRECAP- Romil says its Shiv’s name I have chosen. Surbhi says captain is unfair. Shiv says you can keep ticket with you, I am not going, Bigg Boss can do anything but I am not going. Bigg Boss says Shiv has crossed all limits today, because of his ego all inmates can be punished too, not listening to captain is against rules here. Bigg Boss nominates everyone for Shiv not accepting Romil’s decision. Somi says Shiv doesnt have value for this show.
Sree says this is pure revenge against Shiv and nothing else.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. awwwww they way sree protect shiv oh god they really a good Brothers and most adorable brotherhood ???

  2. Dipika plz atleast try play the game ..instead of always being in kitchen plz concentrate on game…

  3. It was a golden opportunity..
    Shiv shouldn’t have given up…but..well done Romil…safe for another week…this guy is indeed lucky…but all in all…good task and well played…what kind of outbursts is sree suffering from..I seriously cant understand his personality

  4. These type of tasks are being performed here for many years. We saw people using worst products to make one contender leave the task. And all of them (be it Manveer Gujjar or Hina Khan or Pritam Pyaare) played it and didn’t give up. Water was the safest thing among all. Eggs to Soapy liquid to spices to mud – everything had been a part of the task. That was nothing new. But but but… Dipika, Megha, Sree – these three were busy in protecting Shiv more than irritating Romil ! What was that idiotic thing they were doing ? Deepak played well, today. At least he was the one who actually played the task. Rohit and Srishti were to disturbing the opponent to leave the task. Romil won, it was okay, but none tortured on him. How could that be a task ? It was a total bore to watch this ! Now comes Shree – “gaaonwalo”, where is Salman Khan ??? What is this insult for??? Deepak is two-faced I accept, but he always tries to make it up to Sree ! And that’s his payback !!! Brilliant . And Shree was protecting Shiv , actually , he was forcing Shiv to get up to stop him from fighting… And Dipika, now that’s too much… Shree is not a child anymore.

    1. Well said @ arohi.I agree with u .instead of targeting romil ,they were busy protecting shiv.and that emotional drama by agree is uncalled for.

    2. *too disturbing the opponent .
      *none tortured him.
      *This type of tasks.
      *amongst all. -_- sorry for the mistakes.

    3. @Aarohi
      Totally agree to all your points..what were all of them doing by protecting shiv .if u really wana help him win then irritate the opponent and make romil get up..but no..they dont have any brain…I liked the first task the TRP one more if these idiots hadn’t destroyed it..I loved shiv surbhi act but romil srishty as usually started their saas bahu saga around dipika…seriously guys invent something new ….stop with these pkau ideas

    4. Funny part is Sree himself is from a gaon..

      1. How do you know? I am from kerala and we know him better.

      2. @anu he said it while discussing his struggle days if it’s not so then I would’ve misunderstood it

    5. “Gaonwala where is salman”- sree didnt say gaonwala and You’re acting like salman hadn’t scold sree ever and if you think he’s lenient when it comes sree just cause he is not as aggressive while talking to him then he isn’t to anyone that way this season even to people who have committed bigger mistakes than sree plus if he’s using bad words to counter attack someone’s snide remark then he’s only 50% at fault so if you’re wanting him to get bashed for it then so do the perpetrators but no people only exaggerate srees part rest is invisible to everybody

      1. He’s aggressive to KV. and that’s what irritates me the most @Anonymous .

        Thank you @Sandeep and @Faty. ❤

  5. hahahaha GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL WON WON WON !!!!1 he has become the captain # well done ROMIL u deserved to be a winner and you are a winner for your fans :))-

  6. all romil haters on gelusil diet hahahah # lol GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL won # amazing we fans are over the moon now HAHAHAHA # haters keep crying lol lol lol# you are a winner GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL
    # credit to all romil supporters in the house # deepak played the task and help romil win by hook or crook # that shiv yesterday was behaving like a loser claiming that he had broken happy club # lol on you loser only muscles not win you games # sree hahaha i am going and he felt jealous on dipika being so close friend to kv feeding him halwa # dipika you have become a GEM !!!! # you are true friend kv and dipika awesome friends love u two # sree love for shiv is holding him back he is way over protective # deepak made it to hell for making ROMIL the captain #kudos to their brother hood :))-

    1. See, I don’t really know whether Romil is golden hearted or not ! But what I really like about him is that he doesn’t make an issue out of smallest things. We are humans and we have pain. But in front of the world, he is always with the smile, he doesn’t show his tears.. that’s really sweet unlike Sree or Srishti or Deepak! And if he gains haters, the only reason is BB’s biasness towards him.
      Bigg Boss is so biased towards him that we now feel he is the scripted winner.
      He has no fault in this, Salman and BB are at fault here to make him look ugly.
      And galtiya hum sab mein hoti hain, keeping the bad aside, if we see the good, there are certain good things in him which we can’t ignore.
      He is MASTERMIND just because other housemates do not have any mind !
      Sree isn’t mastermind , he is emotionally unstable.

  7. True, they did nothing on behalf of the task.

  8. Someone said Romil is ‘golden hearted’. My foot! He’s using all to go ahead in game! He cudnt solve the issue with surbhi before the captaincy task, when in task he’s buttering up surbhi. Such a shame! There’s no true friendship in happy club. Only using eachother to eliminate celebrities and go ahead. That’s all! Romil is disguisting. He understands the weakpoint of others and attacks them. He instigates Sree to create a bad impression on him, he did the same with dipika and sristy to break their self-confidence, as he knows that self-respect is important for celebrities. And nw insulting megha, making fun of her to bring her evil side out and then humiliate her. So much cunning and disguisting! I hate romil and deepak alot!! Doing all evil things n using people and then humiliating others for their small mistakes.

    1. You said correctly about him, both are irritating and disgusting even somi also they will humilate a person as much as possible and tell them they are disgusting if they react or doasmall mistake,he clearly doesn’t want to save somi but always saying v Happy club are slefless people.they are real bullies and gunda Lok in bb ,their behavior towards megha and jaseleen is shameful but they are thinking it’s cool and funny,I am happy that nobody torture romil if they do bb will make Salman to bash at celebrities bcoz romil is the hero who actually a zero ,got a good family but no respect for girls or anyone,was so rude to so called sister expectations from Deepak he will do anything.the way they speak to mega in last few days looks like some disgusting people sitting on the wall and saying bad comments on girls whoever passing.last week little bit sympathy towards Deepak but both are cunning.i think everyone scared to react bcoz of Salman or their image.atleat megha is bold enough to react.a girl should react to this cunning people like this

    2. May be Romil is not golden heart but for sure you mentioned Romil’s quality to be a good player. It is important to know others weak point, that means that his observation and analytical power is good. Neither Sree is a kid to be instigated and he admitted himself what he does mostly is his strategy to show all shades of his personality. And what you understand as self respect of celebs to me that sounds like image caution and status botheration.

    3. I totally agree

  9. I feel sorry for Shiv, so much for support…It seems like happy club has more hunger to win because I found little support for Shiv. Yes Sree protected Shiv in the beginning but then left in the middle because yet again he got upset and decided to just leave Shiv when he needed him most then got upset with the whole halwa thing…Like seriously if I had a friend in that situation my main focus would be helping Shiv to win, forget hunger forget my emotions…as for Depika, what was she busy doing making halwa… yet again focus should be on helping Shiv…also why was she telling Shiv if he needs to go to the toilet he should go…She should have cheered him on to rather stay as he got this opportunity and shouldnt give up… also what kind of help does Shiv get from a defence strategy, why was there a lack of attack. They is no real friendships here…it’s a game…a strategic one…one has to build alliances like Romil telling Megha he was joking then asking for support…Im glad Megha told him off….he speaks to Surbhi even telling her he loves her and asking for support. Surbhi’s response to Romil telling him she will see if things can be sorted after the show is so true…After this show is done and dusted…only on the outside a real friendship will be more reflective of how strong it really is, without the camera’s and the need for strategic alliance’s…And lastly everyone has a right to support whoever they want and if Romil been called golden hearted is their opinion then let them call him that…if anyone doesn’t like it…just let it be…please don’t argue or respond…just ignore…And no I dont support Romil… I hope he doesn’t win…actually I can’t stand him, Deepak, Rohit, Shristy…But I’m not gonna get upset with others if they support them…to each their own…Hell I don’t care if Romil is called Diamond hearted…it’s cool with me… Also how Bigg boss made money from last week’s eviction facade, left voting lines open but cancelled the eviction… I wish we could sue them for false advertising or something to that effect.

  10. haahaah GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL has become THE CAPTAIN NOW so all haters are behaving like crybabies here # a big lol on them hahahaha

    1. Whos airplanes❓?Pls recheck grammars bad asf??

      ur name don’t make sense bad grammer alert? what’s with the heart golden romil f**k sake he’s dumb he ain’t no mastermind a man who instigates does shit to make people on his side u call him golden my f**king foot he’s creepless asf I freaking hate Deepak as soon as the show starts bruh it hurts my freaking ears and what’s with dipika why always in da kitchen fs and real question is what does sreee want I hate somi bomi lomi tomi romi hate her voice I hate rohit bohit tohit seriously Deepak or somi should be out of the bb soon I just f**king hope so why tf do u guys support these fake mfs open your eyes these people are worthless pieces of shit seriously Deepak needs to fix da f**k for the romil bomil tomil lomil komoil yomil somil homil lomil fans out there shut with this fcking heart golden romil seriously he ain’t nothing but a zero lil bastard HEART ZERO GAY GOLDEN FLOP ROMIL MY FOOT AIRPLANES GET LOST MAN Nd da more u annoy sree I swear one day he’s gona kil u deepak then u watch seriously if I was in his place I would smacked dis guy trust me you should thankfully that your here if u was somewhere in some other country u would of been cracked up killed idiotic love u dpika kv sree my favv x romil go to hell suck some boogies shit and come out wiv no throphy cuz dis man ain’t no winner he’s simply a looser if yall dont agree then niggah I don’t no wat does peace out

  11. lol image concious my foot if they are that much afraid of their so called image then why did they signed the contract lol # pea sized brainies here are commenting on image lol # then better ask the show makers to make nagin 4 or a movie not the bigg boss show # its a game of struggle and experiance # controlling emotions and giving it back when needed if the so called image is stopping them then leave it forget the money and exit the show # TELLY UPDATES look into the pea siized brainnies here a big lol on them :))-# audiences are here to take entertainment be it fight or some tear prone saga # megha is over acting shop and all knew it lol hahahah

  12. Lol Romil has fans smhh.. Yeah good for you
    And also Someone ask Deepika if she can leave her kitchen for a bit
    Please make me understand


  13. lol MEGHA hahaha dumping waste on GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # TIMES HAVE changed # this was same GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL who gave her honey in train task such a cheapo contestant she is lol # starvation of footage for her # GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL did awesomely well he remained strucked to his chair well and WON WON WON !!!!!

  14. I feel sorry for Shiv..didn’t get the support he needed…seems like happy club is more focused and hungry for the win…What’s with Sree leaving the task…If I had a friend in that situation…forget my emotions or what other people are busy doing not pertaining to the task…my main focus would be defending and attacking for Shiv anything and everything possible for the win…What on earth was Dipika doing making halwa…And why she running around with Halwa. KYA HAI YEH JALWA…why did she tell Shiv he should leave the task if he needs to use the washroom….shouldn’t she have motivated him instead…he got this chance and should make the most of it…Why because he is not KV…Really some support. Sree and Dipika have shed enough tears to fill the swimming pool…This is not a crying show…There’s no friendships or real bonds here…it’s a game…focussed more on strategy and making of alliances…Romil telling Megha he was joking and not insulting her and then asking her for support…Glad she told him off…Then he approaches Surbhi even telling her he loves her…emotionally blackmailing her…I loved her response on how she will sort out their friendship after the show…It’s true…the reality of their friendship will be confirmed away from the game and the camera’s… Also everyone is free to like or dislike whichever contestant they want and entitled to their opinions…If others want to label Romil as Gold hearted (call him diamond hearted for all I care) be it…please don’t argue…respond… just ignore…What’s the saying ignorance is bliss…don’t upset yourselves…And no I’m not a Romil fan or family member…I actually dislike him…I dislike his condescending tone which he tries to camouflage as a joke…I dislike him, Deepak, Rohit and Shristy…
    Lastly how was bigg boss’s money making trick last week…no eviction but left voting open… I wish we could sue them for false advertising or something to that effect.

    1. Well said. Really what I was thinking

  15. Dear moderator please delete my 1st comment… one that starts like this…
    I feel sorry for Shiv, so much for support…It seems like happy club has more hunger to win because I found little support for Shiv. Yes Sree protected Shiv in the beginning but then left in the middle because yet again he got upset and decided to just leave.
    My apologies for the inconvenience.

  16. lol shiv fans hahhaa jealous of GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL we know they are having a burnol moment lol # keep crying crybabies no one cares for your so called sree’s pet lol

  17. I feel like no one in celeb team is seriously supporting each other. When KV was playing some week ago he was left alone to play for stupid reasons. Shiv is playing, Sree conviently made up stories to reason himself backing out from game. His motto is main thoda der dikh liya. Not so important thing ko primary importance dikha Kar phir Sree dikhaya aaj Mera nai khelne ka reason ye hai. Nai aagea khelne ka reason ho sakta hai but Jo Banda Tere galat move ko bhi defend karta hai uska saath to de, make him win. Barea convience ki dosti hai. Hope shiv realizes ki would achi game k baad bhi barea sarea time sirf follower lagta hai.
    Dipika, when actual thing or task happens insensitive ban Kar side m baith jati hai phir jab time nikal Gaya Chaudhary banti hai.

  18. ill try understand why Ss did todays drama so first foremost imo Sree cried not over halwa but cause shiv didn’t ask him for that trp task which he thought he will that and the way he behaved with deepika, I think he really think of her as his sister, but in the end halwe ke bahane se rona laga, secondly that fit over eating halwa was genuine I mean they were sitting there without water or food for almost 8 or 9 hours so I found that opinion of his quite reasonable however if he was so conscious about them being hungry then he should’ve tried feeding at least shiv or was it against the rules or he’s indeed a dumbo?I feel we and rest of the contestants have been desensitized about these stupid torture tasks from seeing them every year but someone who clearly is unaware of basic outline of the show must find them as repulsive as they actually are and react as the way people did when they were introduced to it first time, deepak again instigated him he was sitting alone and he intentionally went there and said something snarky then cried victim later he has been doing this shit since the start so I’m sorry if you find me supporting sree on this point and BTW why deepak has that sling on when he use that hand to even pick a bucket full of water today?dramebaaz….I would really die laughing if salman really send a big bowl of halwa for kV and deepika to eat, and why it seemed like kV is just chilling there instead of doing his duty lol megha was more active than him besides this task proves celebs follow srees every move if he didnt want to participate cause of his personal moral principle then why thy followed him let him do the task in defensive mode you do the way it should’ve been done as in offensive mode they’re as responsible in romil win as he himself is, rohit was a waste of a wild card he’s a follower with not so much likable personality on the other hand Megha is someone who could’ve at least come into top 3 if season was fair and like other season before s9 but unfortunately it’s not so she’ll be discarded without a hesitation if it comes down to BBS favorite commoners and her and lastly shiv cracked me up with his walk lmao I would pay to see him walk like that again he’s unintentionally funny

  19. Guys ignore airplanes lol no need to rise your bp. everyone has their own opinions.

    I think romil is a pathetic manipulative individual. This season is bias in such obvious ways. I am glad KV’s wife wrote an open letter to BB and team. It is also nice to know that many people have agreed with her.

    1. can u please what is written in the letter???

  20. Like audience kV didn’t understand why sree made an issue about the hakwa either though if even after sree telling why he did it and audience still didn’t get then how can I blame kV over it I thought sree make relationships for game but he really do take them to seriously…but tbt I think it’s still a language barrier that’s stopping people to get the gist about him

  21. Jo task theek se ho sakta that usko boring banana koi celebs se sikhea. Tried to protect shiv but wo bhi aadhe m chor Diya kyunki 2 min ka support dikhana tha. Sree was telling something ki dark secret TRP m bolna wo see Jeet milta hai…. dude tum apna patta kholte rehte ho ki Jo tum Bolte ho you are sensitive to certain things, you are not. Sree actually knows uska controversy bikega as there are no controversial people in show.
    Surbhi aur Megha kitna apne p attention lene kly nautanki karte hai. Surbhi ka Bina baat Rona aur Jahan dekha sab somi ko bhi waise hi Mana rahe jaise mujhe to come I have to talk.
    Sree had problem ki loag kha rahe when task is going on but he did same thing sab task chor k isko Mana rahe because seemingly he was hurt ushe samay contenders ko akele chorna aur apne upar attention Lena usko insaniyat lagta hai.

  22. Why sree and shiv thinks jasleen is fake? Just cause she talks to happy club?if half of your hyena club wasn’t so after her with shristy with her dayan jaise teeth I’m certain she wouldn’t have tried to be jolly with backstabbers club she to me is being cornered now and to sree everything is bad that’s not in good books of his chaheti sisters deepika and srishty seriously, like this emotionally unstable guy should be shown his sisters planning of manipulating his dumbness
    and the many times that nutcase srishty has talked bad about him then he’ll understand no one is there for real relationships and him showing his disapproval over halwa since shiv was sitting there hungry (bohoho) might be genuine but Bhai agar khane wale ko problem nai hai banane wale ko problem nai hai aur jo bhoka hai use problem nai hai to aap kyun mahaan ban rae ho? And I’m sure by now they mustbbe as fed up of halwa as I’m am as a viewer is after watching videos of them making halwa or talking about it oR eating it ugh ab tu halwa shabd se hi nafrat o gai hai

    1. He would die from heartbreak there and then if they showed him his behnas asliyat, I don’t get how can he become so obsessed with these two girls over a bond that’s not even 4 or 5 weeks long? This bit shows he’s emotionally vulnerable and irrational person and go with face value not analysing the character just a bit of buttering is enough to get him in pocket and urvashi was less boring than deepika is

  23. Just a suggestion to site owner can you guys have a system where we can like or dislike a comment?commenting will be more fun and people will involve more in discussions…………………… I’m not a sweet stuff person so seeing this halwa halwa halwa everywhere is giving me this weird tingling sensation in teeth..,………………………………

    1. hahahhahaha. exactly . 😀

  24. I saw on twitter that deepak has a YouTube acc in which he has shared about seeing wwe since childhood ummmmmm didn’t he say his village didn’t have electricity or TV? Another thing his sister has a twitter acc how? He has always made an impression of not having any sort of facility how come a village that just got electricity has mobile towers or wifi? and now his obvious false keeping the hand support when it looks like there is none you can’t pick let alone water filled 5 litre bucket but a mug the way he did..

  25. Actually shiv played very well this tym, but his so called frndz and supporter were busy in protecting him, sympathizing over his condition, and for dipika making halwa was most important thing she had to do that time.
    Why the hell, they did not even attacked romil, it was just an easy win for him
    shiv had most support, but the ones with no brain,
    Actually felt bad for shiv, Anyway well played shiv
    And dipika bigboss plz restrict her from entering kitchen, I just want to see her playing with high spirit. And I am just irritated with simar act by other contestants,
    I think all celebrity’s self confidence has become very low, they are the ones always pointed and made fun of.

  26. More than halwa I think what was important for shiv was his team should have stood by him. Agar Dipika kitchen jakar galat karti hai to Sree bhi wahan se Ander bhag Kar jata hai that is bad. These two are out in cold weather and their friends are using excuse to go inside and rest. Equally wrong is not participating in game and equally wrong thing is if he goes to confront people when someone is actually eating it, it is bad. Lakar khila do shiv ko. Kya wo dono susu potty rok Kar baithe hai to baki rok k baithe Kya. Torture wo bhi hai them thinking ki baki loo use Kar pa rahe hai.
    His prob was Dipika usko na Diya pehle, he asked aapkly particular banaya.
    Ek baar tokna I would understand but that man made issue for 15 mins.

    1. He fights on so nasty issues.. it’s a manner not to taunt when someone is eating. Even if it’s our enemy , we usually at our home don’t fight over food.. jisko khana hain, usey us pal k liye jee bhar k kha lene do.. He even fought with Srishti for taking ghee, and even with Romil for just a charger. I mean if u are so great that u can’t eat in front of someone hungry, u must be that great if someone has used your plugpoint or eaten your eggs, u shouldn’t make an issue. That is typical.

      1. Err sree didn’t fight with romil over charger though?he politely told him to put the charger back but romil was the one who got aggressive and abusive at that instance and for ghee incident it was just a misunderstanding… I don’t understand you all like even I who don’t like sree that much can see how things weren’t as as they’re presented like the way people gather stuff out of context and use against him is unbelievable

    2. Sree stopped defending shiv when his team members started torturing romil which he didn’t want to do(it’s stupid I know) so his logic was to not hit back he was going by Gandhian rule and wanted his whole team be mahaan when you can’t be that in task like this if youwanna survive but as jap above said it looks like it’s his first time seeing these torture tasks so he isn’t as comfortable as we are or othwr contestants are after seeing them on our screen every year it’s too offensive to him that’s why he takes them on personal level the maha idiots here are other celebs who followed his strategy

      1. Exactly! He wanted every person of his team to not torture romil and just to be in defensive position to set a mahaan example which they didn’t so he left as he cpuldnt defend him alone nor does the purpose of being there was getting fullfilled and it was worsening the situation besides i dont get it why people are so hell bent on understanding the notion that these torture tasks are new to him and he takes them as personally as the first person who ever did these task must have did it comes down to ego to respect and he isn’t familiarized or used to the nature of them as we who have been continuously shown them or other hms who’ve done phd in bigg boss are, it must come off too demeaning to him to react the way he did

    3. He didn’t stretch the issue for 15 minutes he just said what he thought to kV then deepika then just went inside he wasn’t even loud while putting his point across lol as for him crying it was made into a scene by deepika and rest especially deepika, why she even went there when she knows someone has gone inside a bathroom to vent out as place is hidden and away from all the galore and cameras?cause he didn’t want anyone to know or see but no mahaaan deepika has to go there and drag him out to give a performance for world to see and we don’t know if he was crying over halwa either it could be him getting his frustration or anger or whatever out that way, if she was genuinely concerned she could’ve asked or consoled him later and not violated his privacy

      1. True I didn’t pay attention to it but after reading your comment it really hit me that deepika shouldn’t have went to sree when he was in the bathroom crying If he wanted a shoulder to cry he would’ve done that but he wanted to be alone that is why he went into a place with no cameras or mike or people and she highlighted it by going there and being a mother Teresa I hope he understands this and tell her to not do that again it’s looking like he does it for attention but in the way I see it now it’s deepika who always make it out to be that she can be supportive but shouldn’t breach someone’s personal space

      2. Then I would imagine one of the things to be false-if he says bhagna and all is his strategy than it is last season thing and he followed BB before and that dialogue main apna dark secret batayega TRP task m. He has followed season. Or else this one can be true ki bechara mahan hai. He went on to tell shiv that he felt bad ki they were eating. The way he told to KV was to show KV in bad light.

  27. again GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL WON ! and losers kept watching hahahah such is ROMIL’s impact in house # now sree is getting jealous of kv over a halwa lol # kindergarden tiffin bx kida lol lol lol # all romil haters like MANSI lol on you all keep using burnol hahahaha and see GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL WIN WIN WIN !!!!

  28. LOL FAKE ids are here to abuse GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL FANS # lol keep abusing but get it straight losers we are not here to abuse rather support GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # lol abusing in tamil hahahaa # niggah is a slang word # but anyways by abusing you have made it clear what upbringing u have @ FAKE ID # who’s………# big lol on u haters have gelusil lol lol lol

  29. Hahaha…Deepy babes and her halwa act! Why does she make halwa all the time?!!!! Halwa cake, halwa puri, halwa chai…I am sick and tired of halwa. Btw, has anyone checked out our golden boy – Romil’s Insta account. Lol! Watch him and his golden ways??

    1. kal mere ghar bhi halwa bana tha manie nhi khya 🙂 shree mujse bhi ladne lag jata tv se bahar nikal k 🙂

    2. kal mere ghar bhi halwa bana tha 🙂 lekin maine nhi khaya ,,, sree mujse bhi ladne lag jata tv se bahar nikal kar 🙂

      1. But did your friend was sitting alone hungry for hours getting tortured? If yes then yes sree may come out like Samantha Morgan from your television screen and choke you with his big hands he might even spit on you so be ready

  30. Deepak and Romil are best and entertaining.
    Sree moody person

  31. Deepak and Romil are best.
    Sree, a moody person. I can’t understand.

  32. kya koi bta skta h ki romil is baar nomination task me ku nhi aya. jb gadi me bethke ek dusre ko nominate krna tha???

  33. kal mere ghar bhi halwa bana tha manie nhi khya 🙂 sree mujse bhi ladai krne tv se bahar a jata 🙂

  34. GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL is true athlete he will win luxury budget task now hahahaha , he is too AWESOME !!!!!# halwa lol lol lol GEM DIPIKA is so caring towards kv she is not fake she is true in her heart and we know that now kiddo sree is jealous of kv and angry towards dipika as he think she is caring more of kv than him # cute jealousy lol

  35. Everything boils down to the fact sree doesn’t take the task aspect of bigg boss seriously to him it’s childish and useless and it can be that to anyone who has played real game on international level no offence, though if he just wanted to be seen he could’ve done talk shows or participated in shows that doesn’t involve tasks or stuff like bb or he could’ve approached big brother instead and honestly someone really need to wake him up deepika or srishty or anyone aren’t his real sisters or for that matter fulfill their end of relationship demands either and he should stop behaving like a soutj indian film hero asap cause now its getting on my nerves seeing this family saga, idk he should get the manipulation and guilt tripping more since he has seen it happen from secret room himself then how is he getting fooled by it none of them are there for relationships and he shouldn’t be either and if he thinks people like to see happy family then NO sree atleast i dont i would rather like to see you play cause i know you can and please spare us all with the mahanta act kv and deepika are enough for that i want to see aggression and dedication regardless how silly or inhuman the tasks are sometimes be sporty ughhhhhh

  36. Week done Romil. Wonder why Shree has mood swings n crying like a baby. Surbhi b strong n hope u n Romil last till the end. Dipika needs to stop babysitting Shree. The good team have been more entertaining.

  37. Well played Romil n hope u last till the end as the winner.

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