Bigg Boss 12 15th December 2018 Written Episode Update: SRK come to the show

Bigg Boss 12 15th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says 13th week ended and it went well, they got to meet their families. Clip shows families coming in house. Salman says inmates showed their other side, Somi’s sister brought questions which made Romil and Somi question their friendship. Salman says Rohit, Somi and KV are nominated, one will be eliminated. Salman says its not easy to make them do things, two guests Swara Bhaskar and Sumit Vyas went in house.

Sumit and Swara comes in house to promote their show. They say you can tell who did gender biasedness with you. Somi says some guys get physical in task, she applies cow dung to Rohit. Surbhi says they say girls shouldnt raise voice and says Deepak did it. Deepak says people touch in tasks, Dipika asked me to not touch her but pushed me away. He applies cow dung to Dipika. Dipika says boys push us so we have to push them back, if you are behind me then I will push you but I have limits, Deepak and Rohit have no limits. She applies cow dung to them. Romil says Surbhi called me characterless for eyeing Somi, Dipika created issue of interview show I did in task and I couldnt answer her back. Romil applies cow dung to them. Sree says Romil doesnt respect women. Somi says he misbehave sometimes. Sree applies cow dung to him. Sumit says our show is about it.

On stage, Salman says see what happened after they left house.

Surbhi says to Romil that you hurt me, I have doubts but you dont know to talk nicely.
Surbhi asks Deepak what wrong did I do? Surbhi says you use sister card. Surbhi says you all torture a girl. She cries.
Romil says I tried to talk to her. Somi says keep your attitude to yourself.
Dipika says how could Romil call me bias?
Surbhi sings bhaiya and cries.

On stage, Salman says a guest is coming, its SRK. Salman connects call to house. He brings beach chair and lies on it. Inmates greet him. KV says you look relaxed. Salman says I was thinking to host show like you people do in show, he acts like sleeping and says you think people like you in this position, especially Romil. Salman says do you lie down in court too? all laugh. Romil says I was sick. Salman says I am tired of lying. Salman says think if Romil reach finale and you are on stage so you will bring your mattress? Romil says I have improved. Salman says yes you are sleeping on floor now? Salman says BB doesnt know what you are here to chill. Romil says alarm plays in morning only. Salman says there are many cameras in house, you people were sleeping at 6PM when mattresses were taken. Romil says I accept my responsibility. Salman says in Appy fizz task, we asked who doesnt deserve to go in finale, I want to ask all of you who is bottom three. Romil brings faces. Salman asks Romil to come first, he says first is Surbhi for being aggressive and provoke others, he applies KV’s face and says he is greedy, he is not playing for himself, he says Rohit’s name as he is just spending time. KV takes Surbhi’s name and says she calls her fair but she is not. Salman jokes with KV and says you are looking good today. He takes Romil and Rohit’s name. Somi takes KV’s name, she takes Rohit’s name and takes Dipika’s name because of not being involved in house. Salman says why you think he doesnt want to win? Rohit takes KV’s name and Romil’s name for being egoistic as he said even God and BB cant stop him from going to finale. Rohit takes Somi’s name for being too comfortable and not showing her colors. Surbhi takes KV’s name for not showing zing to win. Salman says like you show zing? Surbhi says I show aggression but all show aggression here. Salman says you have improved so its good. She takes Romil’s name for being too egoistic and called me cheap woman, he should work on himself. She takes Deepak’s name for being aggressive, he is not entertaining. Salman says this is his real personality. Surbhi says we didnt understand each other as friends. Salman asks Sree. Sree takes Deepak’s name because of crossing the line, he takes Surbhi’s name for playing with emotions, he takes Somi’s name for not doing a lot in show. Salman says team who lost said that Surbhi was unfair? KV says yes, I took tag of both teams and put my tag on box where there were more bottles, it was our strategy. Salman says think someone changes board of your school so it becomes their school? all laugh, Salman says it was a worst idea.
Salman says we will show messages from audience, one woman says to sree that you say you have seen many trophies and dont want BB trophy so why you came in show? Sree says I was not nominated but now I am fighting for finale. One woman says that if Somi is strong then why she is justifying her relationship with Romil? Somi says I just wanted to clearly tell that he is like my friend. Salman says we can see that too. One woman says Romil backbites his friends and is using them. Romil says I might have said bad words for Surbhi as she makes me angry. Salman ends call. Surbhi says to Romil that you are disgusting person.
Somi says to Romil that you dont realize that you are rude and insult others.

Surbhi says to Somi that I am tired of all this, Sree and Deepak are aggressive but I am disappointed with Romil.

On stage, Salman says SRK is going to call us, he will call as Bawwa Singh. Salman connects call to house. He connects call to Bawwa/SRK, SRK says you are a big man, I am happy to hear you. He says to Sree that what if BB really open the door for you? Sree says now I want to win. He says to Romil that you are always lying down so I dont know your height, all laugh. Bawwa says to Salman that make me like yours. Salman asks who is Bawwa? Surbhi says he comes on radio. Salman says talk to them in original voice. SRK says hello everyone, I am coming soon stage. Salman says SRK is playing Bawwa in movie zero, he will come here. Salman says we will tell tomorrow about who is going to eliminate. All are excited about SRK.

Salman says SRK and I came here together. Salman picks SRK on bike. They stop to get corn and then attend a wedding where fake Karan Johar is dancing.

SRK comes on stage with Salman. They both dance and enjoy.

PRECAP- Salman dances with SRK. SRK have to sell faucet and jokes about it. Deepak throws color on himself to dance on Rang to gerua, SRK and Salman laughs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Baki sab kinare, I want to ask one thing why Sree was not pointed out for being gender biased. In this season the issue of gender biasness came due to him. Ladki hai so give up for her. And the girl involved Surbhi, she had objection against that attitude. And she was not wrong too mention that. Kitna scripted show hai.
    Waise biche biche mein BB favor karne ka kimat wasulta hai. First was SRK question to Sree and that lady who asked him question.
    Loved Deepak in the answer to the same question. Guy is gutsy.
    Surbhi was fish without water when she was pointed out for playing woman’s card. Her fake politeness, Salman bhaiya uff. Surbhi taking Romil’s name is still ok but the moment she took Deepak’s name. Deepak ne Surbhi kly kuch galat nai bola. KV was right when he told she used Romil, KV, Deepak, Rohit and Sree ko to itne burea see ki bus. She is on another level and thinks public is fool to appreciate her sudden change of volume of her voice. She pointed out to Romil koi galti bataye to self realize hona chahiye. I agree to that point. But madam bhul gayi that last weekend when you were pointed out you went back to say as soon as Salman turned his back ki main aam ladki hoon isly mujhe daata.
    Rohit ka jishe jishe ne naam liya bande ne wapas ushi ka naam le liya. He is a kid.
    Gradual change dikhaye to conviencing lagta hai ishe house mein jitna sudden change 180 degree dikhaya hai Surbhi and Sree ka towards end wow, commendable and hard to believe. High jump, long jump rukne ka ek bhi justified reason nai hai.
    Rest contestants have not changed much.

    1. @hope..

      Completely agreed to ur eachnevry point..
      Actually i liked when salman too class of deepak, surbhi and rohit.. But it was needed much more bfr… But what’s the point to make them quiet aur topoint out them now at the very end point of the show…
      Where were host andmakers when celebrities was on their breaking point… Tab tphbas HC HC ho raha tha..

      And even i am not liking dpka’s body language too.. Khair i was not liking hher body langauge from tje beginning of the show.. And she is the only one right now who is looking lil fake..
      Salman k kuch bhi bolne pe with in second uska decision change ho jata h..
      Did not u have guts to fight against hc.. Wete were u whole the season.. She was theonly reason for all the differences am9ng wolf pack.. She was the only reason who didn’t let wolf pack united..
      Unity was the only weakest and main point of celebs poor performance..

      The only thing is good about dpka that she remained dignified whole the season.. And it was like choosing better amongst the worst..

      Only for dpka’s decency i wants to see her in top 4

    2. And answer to ur question is…. In this season ppls were supporting their frnds even on their wrongs..
      And i found both the genders equally wrong
      Except kv and dpka cz these 2 have never tried to play men or women play card neither they disrespected opposite gender…

  2. Today kv was looking so cute..?
    2 moments were very entertaining..
    1- surbhi ka bhaiya song and rona.. ??
    2-salman’s explanation on kv’s idea of changing tag name of the team…

    Now comes on serious part… Fir the second time i really very felt bad for romil..
    It is like makers have used HC completely.. Got trp from them.. And now they r trying to make them confusing, make them quiet..
    Now Romil’s condition is same like manu panjabi..
    Manu panjabi was the one who formed the grp.. He was the one who used h8s mind in tasks.. M he was the one who looked m9re negative.. He was the one who really worked hard in performance, in mind games, in entertainment, in everything.. M bit afyer some times when manu was getting negatove comments makers focused on manveer…
    In last few weeks manu’s confidence was very low. M h8s expressions was very safistic..

    Surbhi reminds me of akash dadlani.. Makers used him too for trp… Akash was doimg the same things from the beginning.. But no one have problem.. Salman always appreciate him.. When he went against of shilpa and finale was near.. salman made him quiet…

    So my question is… Pura s3ason HC accha lag raha tha host n makers ko. M badtameeziyan toh startimg se kar raha tha happy club.. But at the end y u r making them low confident…
    Makers and host are much more responsible for their behaviour..
    I really didn’t find romil’s sona as a b8g issue as how much salman insulted romi.. Season ki startog se hi ho raaha h sona tph… But is point pe aa k jin logo ko aap ab tk itma favour kr rahe they unko jaan boojh k point out karna is unfair..

    I didn’t like romil bcz of his bully part… If he didn’t do that i will definitely prefer him over dpka and wants to see him in top 3

    I am not liking somi these days.. It was deepak and romil who saved u till now.. Agar fayda 7nka tha toh apka bhi tha.. Agar romil ne apko use kiya toh apne bhi kiya.. If u r calling him ur best buddy then be with him and do not follow others and take faltu ka footage and dont follow other housmates…

    I only found sree’s name to take 3 names who do not deserve to stay…
    I really didn’t found this is a reason to not stay that romil is ahankari cz he says i am definitely going in top 3 and even god cant stop me to win..
    I didn’t found surbhi’s reason to name out kv bit i like how salman respind her..
    Sree and dpka are too ahankari in this way..

    Surbhi trying to improve may be but usey khud makers and host ne galat cheezon pe support kar k habitual bana diya h… And she is not able to handle the situations..

    But for me.. It is not looking cool pure season apne jin logo ki badi se badi mistakes ko badhawa diya ab jb finale pass h unka confidence low karwa do.. It is kind of use n throw..

    Now all the HC members are on their breaking point.. And it looks like makers have changes their plan to sent romil in top 3…
    It looks like they are planning to put deepk or somi in finals…

    1. @XYZ I think it is second or third time we have same view point.

    2. I was laughing until I got an ache in my stomach when Salman gave the example of school to KV. ??? KV is so innocent among all…

    3. @XYZ,
      This was great.
      If they’re calling Romil egoist, they should know (Somi and Surbhi) that Romil did a lot to them. Surbhi was all alone, Romil used to make her understand what’s wrong and what’s right. And even if HC bullied others, Romil neither went against them, nor bullied someone too pathetically.
      Ek insaan mein kuch toh galtiya zaroor hoga..
      After all this, Somi is against Romil just because Saba told her that it’s not looking good. Surbhi is ungrateful. And Deepak?
      I don’t know why, but I find apart from game plans, he isn’t too much wrong.
      In all the videos, he stood beside Romil in his worst times. Yes, he talks a lot. But his language isn’t foul. And we consider him irritating. And Manu-Manveer, that example was awesome. But Manveer never went against Manu, he was very very loyal.
      Here, none is that loyal to Romil.
      That year, Manu-Manveer-Lopa-Bani, if anyone would win, I would have been happy. All were gems.
      If Romil and Sree go to finals, I will be definitely with Romil because he did way more better than Sree and we can’t forget Sree’s behavior at the beginning of the show. Romil didn’t cross the line. Ever.

  3. Conviently jab kuch nai tha show mein to Surbhi ko layea ladki ne gandh failaya and tab daat nai pari. Phir jab celeb ko jagane ka time aaya to Surbhi ko daata gaya after 2 weeks of doing outmost shitt because she was no longer required. Same for Romil pehle hero dikhaya aur ab be faltu ushe par bill fara. So Rohit and Deepak rahe Thea mattress letter waqt but no words to them. Basically Bali ka bakra do logon ko bacha Kar rakha. Sorry teen, KV counted in. As in 3 par bill pharo last mein. Engage jaan bujh Kar sanchalan mein ab Surbhi ko rakha. Screen par conviently kuch ko dikhana hai kuch ko nai aur kuch ko bura.

  4. Romil top 3 mein nai hai wo clear hai. But to whom who say he is not emotional.
    Romil ne HC tutne k baad bhi Somi ka saath nai chora. Yesterday when she told you are questioning me he told tere bhale kly kar Raha. Sarea samjhdaaron ko would samajh aaya except somi.
    Deepak k pass Banda baar baar Gaya during misunderstanding day ki Maine terely nai bola. He was connected to Deepak warna would Surbhi k pass nai gaya to explain. Surbhi got hurt, he told Sree ki ja uske pass, Deepak ko bola.
    Rahi Surbhi, if you question character to koi na jayea clear karne jayea aapse. Still after some nomination thing he hugged her.
    Aaj bhi jab Somi ko bola eviction nai hai aaj Salman ne. Romil was first to call her back.
    So Banda apne team kly that hamesha and I like to see him and Deepak together.
    Sree, I liked him to name genuine people for non deserving and he gave good reasons too.

  5. @Hope and @XYZ,
    Couldn’t agree more. Whatever both of you said, I agree.
    Few more views I have and that are,
    When SRK called as the Appy Fizz Caller, and Romil answered one question thrown to him with honest sarcasm, maybe Somi or someone told him not to be rude.
    I felt somewhere that people judge him for “being rude”, which he isn’t.
    It was a mere sarcastic reply, and we all take them casually. If these people still feel that these answers are rude, I’ve nothing to say more.
    And yes, Surbhi played the woman card which is equally gender biasness.
    And even, Sree.
    If Dipika told that three men were standing like pillars, if one man would’ve given up for girls to enter, that would also be gender biasness — people are NOT GETTING that.
    Physiologically, one is weak, not mentally.
    If Dipika could’ve used a little brain like Romil, she could’ve played the game.
    Surbhi, Rohit, Somi these 3 don’t deserve to stay more. Khatam ho gaya. Uske baad, Dipika and KV should be out.
    Deepak, Romil and Sree must go to the top 3 because they played very well.
    And did Nainji tell Sree to patch up with KV? ? I felt he was polite to him throughout.

  6. Hope and xyz both of u are spot on…
    I hope romil makes it to top 5 i feel he played good his got the brains for instance when he told deepak to choose somi rather then shree as best performer if deepak listen to romil they wouldnt have gone jail lol
    This season finale will be intresting as no one really knows who is going to win where else last season in the final dour weeks everyone knew shilpa gna win..

  7. ? Only 7 comments…

    1. AnuAnu

      @XYZ I think the episode was boring…. There was no drama…. ???

  8. Day by day my hateness for sreeshant is growing..I respect women that’s why I don’t apply kichad on them keh Raha hai..secret room me Deepika Ko kitna gaali di isne…Surabhi Ko indirectly pr*stitute kaha . .tab kaha gayi respect ..Romil Ko kichad lagana chahta that bus..isliye dialogues bhol Raha hai…Deepika Romil ka Sayya,bhaiya wali baat per Abhi bhi Romil Ko hate Kerti hai…Sreesanth ne isse jyada gaali di Deepika Ko..usse hate kyu nahi Kerti..I don’t want to see this cunning lady in top 5 also..hafte bar Sreesanth ke saath Rehti hai..weekend ke war me bhi uske saath hi hai bus .Salman ne Deepika se Baath bhi nai show me uski wajood hi kya hai..the wasteful candidate in the whole bigg Boss history is deepika

    1. AnuAnu

      @Tripura hate him love but u cannot ignore him….. Haha

  9. AnuAnu

    I was literally laughing when sree said to Deepak that you have done so much against girls here… it’s true that I love Sree and want him to Win. But what wrong is wrong…. Unintentionally sahi he was punished for being rude to Surbhi so Deepak was like ‘Ye aap Keh rahin hai?’ .If KV had said that I would have agreed.
    I am not liking Somi now a days she is being rude unwantedly.. She should go next week.
    I am not liking Romil these days… I actually used to watch his unseen videos in Voot it was very very entertaining.. But now a days on those videos also he is pointing out negative of others (which is what surbhi said in WKW) anyway this is so not like him. I also found a little bit of attitude in him when Salman questioned him this is so not him. But anyway this is game..
    Deepak is becoming entertaining again.. But I don’t think Dipika played WC.. In the BB panchayat task when he touched her she said don’t touch me not how dare you touch a girl like that…
    Surbhi ofcourse played WC..
    I liked the way KV said it was a property in a task, in reply to Salman school example.

    1. @AnuAnu,
      I love this spirit you have. It’s really so nice of you to see Sree’s faults too.. I too feel Sree deserves to be in top 3, but I can’t forget whatever he had done. On that basis, I can’t see him as the winner.
      And Deepak is really becoming entertaining again.. Salman doesn’t even follow the show I guess, I never found Deepak or Romil to disrespect women.
      If Meghaji issue arises, that line he used, “chalchalan dekho inka” — he actually meant to check her behavior as she was behaving like Monjolika.
      But Sree-Surbhi both disrespected the opposite gender. And Sree feels women are very weak. Whoever wins, Dipika does NOT deserve.

    2. AnuAnu

      @Arohi thanks yaar but I really really want him to win can’t help it. i think for abusing part for Women I think only HM in the house with clean chit is Only KV. Deepak or Romil may not have used bad words but jiss way say they talk to girl is the issue for ladies in the house.. Whereas Sree directly uses bad words.. Deepak and Romil comments on them I think that’s what they are pointing and why did Surbhi not taken Sree’s name?She was the one who fought for girls ki ‘usne ladki ko gaali thi’. Which he did and kheechad must be there for him also. I think Surbhi is playing safe and getting into good books of Salman.

  10. @hope,yaar plz itna niraash mat ho..we all know romil dsrvs top 3..
    Accn to me,romil Deepak sree kV should b in top4. Kyuki baaki log dsrv nhi krte..

    And honestly yaar,season end hone Ko Aya hai,phir v kitna boring lag rha h..Mai to av bas tellyupdate ya Twitter hi flw kr rhi hu..
    Lekin wkv dekha and really Salman thinks sleeping is such a big issue????
    Lazy h Banda Magar tasks to krta h aur jeetta v h?
    Koi negative point Mila nhi to aise degrade karoge?
    And btw,Surbhi ro rhi thi?kisike character pe sawal krke khud ro rhi thi? By god,isse bada chameleon Maine zindagi mein nhi dekha..evict karo yaar usko?
    And btw,y was it not raised on wkv wat Sreesanth said abt romil’s family? Salman scolded HMS when they mocked his cricket career aur dp’s sasural Simar ka..but when romil was told ki lawyer k Naam pe dhabba h tu,y wasn’t he qstnd???? When sree became so aggressive in tasks like when he made punching gestures to Deepak and romil,y wasn’t he scolded?
    And wat has come over dp suddenly? Har baat pe romil Ko kyu target kr rhi h? Apart from saiyaan bhaiya wala comment,usne kuch galat kiya kya uske saath? I m seriously nt liking dp nowadays..she is coming of as a very insecure,grudge holding woman..she has lost her charm.
    Anyway,kisine v mereko miss nhi Kiya??..phir v mai besharmo ki tarah aa jati hu?

    And I guess romil ne ye kaha tha ki “matarani hi mujhe rok skti h”..he dint say dat even god can’t stop me right?
    And seriously where is airplanes?and Aarohi,I really want to c romil,Deepak and kV in top3.they dsrv it tbh

    1. @Diya,
      We all know u had exams, u’re always welcome to join us, my sweetheart.. U are a part of this forum now, girl! AnuAnu asked us our age that day, Nandini, Nivika, AnuAnu all are at our age. I thought of tagging u too, I remembered. But Tripura and U’re having exams, so I thought maybe, u aren’t following this right now.

    2. AnuAnu

      No he did say that bhagvaan bhi mujhse rok nahi sakti and tujhe trophy ke as Paas bhi nahi aane nahi doongi.. BTW Sree has heard all of what he can from the starting of WKW when nobody qns Surbhi and Deepak for their behaviour.. Now if Romil is getting all attention enjoy also Sree defenitly deserve to finalist bcz he is the TRP winner he might not win bcz haters won’t let him.agar woh Iss show Mein Nahi aata toh i don’t think anybody would have watched the show.. Reason wrong or right ho He is amazing bcz he is real.. Dont say Sree doesn’t deserve to be in finale..

    3. Arey AnuAnu,gussa na karo ..I meant to say ki sree Deepak kV romil in chaaro se top 3 chunna chahiye.. and my personal favorites r kV and romil. I m nt saying he dsnt dsrv.infact I m kinda sure srisanth will win.
      And Aarohi, thanks fr Ur wishes,and I’m 20 btw

    4. I’m 19.?

    5. Anyone else? Who all are from Mumbai?

    6. @Diya we missed you. But exams are important

    1. @anu anu watch previous episodes deepak n romil talk about jasleen alot and deepak even says in english context sl*g to jasleen regarding anup no one is clean trust me sree to win

    2. AnuAnu

      @Alfy really?? I was thinking ki every ladies in the house have said Sree doesn’t respect girls and gaaali dhethi hai. But who were Sree’s friends? Jas, Megha, Dipika and Srishty…?? I don’t know why? May be others ka comments and taunts kuch next level pe hoga and they never really apologetic…

  11. Girls today said same thing that sree has said in first two weeks and such a blunder was created out of it and these same girls had pitched their voice against him, who says women aren’t equal to men even in a physical task they can show their strong will and winning spirit however when it comes to
    an impossible and lopsided physical tasks where there are 3 or 4 guys khae piye ghar ke WO bhi and you put a tiny miss sunshine in front of them to wrestle her way out would it be fair to that girl?no that would be a way for men to flaunt their natural advantage in a name of equality & make mockery of it

  12. @Aarohi didi Mai Andhra se hu..yaha board exams March me hote hai..January me pre-finals hai

  13. @Hope didi..andhra me seniors Ko akka,Anna kehna padta hai..means didi,bhaiya..waise nahi kahenge tho daant khane padte hai..muje waise bhulana aadat pad gayi hai??

    1. @Tripura my neice too says akka to seniors.

  14. I’m starting to like deepoda?whats happening

  15. Dolly not bindra

    Romil the gentleman gareebon ka masiha the mojojojo of masterminds was rude to half the people who gave him good feedback two of them being biggest superstars?????

    1. Dolly not Bindra first of all Romil didn’t know it is SRK and secondly that was sarcasm to say Alexander ban jaun. He was not rude but was replying on light note but HMs ko aadat hai khud ko acha dikhane kly they overreact ki rude mat bano. And not due to Romil saying that phrase but audience think he is rude because HMs told you are being rude. Ushe ushe se pehle Salman ne sunaya tha for a fault where more people were involved. Jab targeted lagea to aisa hota hai Dolly

  16. Dash dash dash

    Seeing romul sleep airplane too went on airplane mode

    1. Not only airplanes but most of people here went to sleep because it is clear how scripted BB is going on.

  17. I m now badly missing Airplanes! ?
    Everyone is so silent here.
    I just hope everything’s okay with him.

  18. AnuAnu

    Seriously where is Airplanes?? Kahi unke net toh khatam nahi hogaya bcz my Jio plan is about to expire. Charge karni padegi.. BTW airplanes is he?
    May be he have some exams…
    @Airplanes if you are reading this plzz come back soon….

  19. Posturecorrector

    Hope, thank you ever so for you post.Much thanks again.

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