Bigg Boss 11th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Salman tries to break herd mentality of freshers

Bigg Boss 11th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Day
Salman Khan comes on the stage and welcomes everyone. Salman says yesterday Nikki was chosen to be ‘confirmed’. All had questions.

In the House:
Nikki thanks the seniors. Abhi congratulates her. Eijaz says she is a senior now. Can you do my work? She says I will. Eijaz says you know you had hurt Pavitra and Sarah in the task, you didn’t even ask her how she is. Nikki says I will talk to Sarah alone. Eijaz says you have no humanity? Nikki says you don’t tell me when to show it.

Hina tells Pavitra that we have to watch all the points. You did well but Nikki did better.

Sarah cries so Jasmin consoles her. She asks what happened? Sarah says they ask to be yourself and then say to show something different. Jasmin says we have come to play a game. Sarah says if I am a nice person then I can’t be real? Jasmin says this is a game, you don’t want to change your life for it.

Nikki tells Eijaz that this is my personality. I am not showing anything fake. Eijaz tells Sid and Gauhar that Nikki has hurt Sarah’s eye and she has got that reward for it? Sid says no she is just being real, you want her to not be real? She is doing her work. Sid tells Eijaz she is showing her strong personality. Eijaz says but people are getting hungry because of her? If someone is making others hungry then she is doing her work? Sid says she has got her work done, you people bow down to her so she has a strong personality. Eijaz says but there is no humanity in that? Sid says you have to show personality here. Eijaz says she doesn’t care if people are hungry because of her and she is getting rewarded for that? Gauhar says she has won the task two times, she was hurt in the task too. You are being partial Eijaz. Sid tells Eijaz that you are being biased. Gauhar says Nikki is making an effort. Eijaz says if she doesn’t have humanity then how can she lead us? Gauhar says we won’t agree with anything silly she does. Eijaz says she is in a power position already.

Rahul tells Pavitra that now it will be fun. Pavitra says Nikki is a senior now.

On the Stage:
Salman says whoever is seen as the weakest inmate will be eliminated today. Salman says cricket is the game of uncertainty. He calls Hardik, Kunal and Ishan. He talks to them. He says you can join BB after you retire from cricket. Salman says I will do your BBQ test. He asks who will dance most in the BB house? They say Hardik. They ask Ishan.

Salmann connects the call to the house. He says we will talk a lot but some guests are coming. The cricketers Hardik, Rahul and Ishan. He introduces everyone to the cricketers. Salman says they will ask some questions.
Hardik asks Eijaz who is playing sixes in the house? He says me. Hardik asks Gauhar who is an underdog? Gauhar says I think Rubina as she was in the garden only. Salman says she could have banged her head like Swami Om so get the attention. Rahul asks Sid who will do hit-wicket? He says Shahzad was a hit-wicket. Hardik asks Rubina who between Abhi and Rubina will reach the end? Who will make the other run out? Rubina says I think I will get him run-out. Rubina says I play Chess so I don’t know cricket. Abhi says I am impulsive so she might get run-out because of her. Ishan asks Hina who will have the wicket lost first? Hina says I think Sarah. Sarah says I took time to kick-start. Salman says but they will kick you out. Rahul asks Jasmin who will play googly? Jasmin says Rubina plays googlies here. Rahul asks who plays on the front-foot and who on the back-foot? Pavitra says I play on the front foot and I think Jasmin plays on the back-foot. Jasmin says I am taking my time to come to the front foot. Salman thanks the cricketers and ends the call.

Salman tells the inmates that Sid is getting married. Hina says really? With whom? Salman says he is getting married on 12th.. he is getting married on Balika Vadhu. All laugh.
Salman tells the inmates that we all have to play the right game to get the TRP. Be honest with this platform. You people are getting a great response. Salman tells the seniors that you are keeping a close eye on the freshers but they are keeping an eye on you also.
Salman says I will say the statements about seniors. The first statement is that ‘they will keep sending seniors to fool us’. Sid says I think Eijaz might have said it. Salman says right. Salman says the next statement is ‘Sid wants to show his importance’. Gauhar says I think it’s Abhi and Rubina. Salman says the other statement is ‘they have come for two weeks so let them enjoy then we will play our game’. Gauhar says I think Pavitra must have said it. She says not at all. She says then Nishant. Pavitra says you people think that I disrespect you, seniors. Salman says Nishant said it. Pavitra tells the seniors that you people are accusing me when I don’t say anything. Gauhar says I am just reading body language.

Salman tells the seniors that we will send a report card now. You have to tell which statement should be given to which fresher. Pavitra is upset that the seniors took her name for back-biting about them. Pavitra gets emotional and cries. Gauhare consoles her. Salman says how can they think like this. All laugh.
Salman says the first statement is that ‘he is a joke’. Hina says it’s Eijaz, Gauhar says I think it’s Rahul. Sid says I think it’s Eijaz. Salman says who is the fakest till now? Hina says Nishant. Gauhar says Nishant. Sid says it’s Jasmin, she is not being herself. Salman says who doesn’t have guts for this game? Hina says I think it’s Sarah. Gauhar says Sarah has shown strength in the tasks. Rahul has shown power while taking a stand. I can’t do this. She takes Rahul and Sarah’s name. Sid says I think it’s Sarah, she tried her best in the task but she didn’t stand out in the house.
Salman ask who is over-planned and over-calculated? Hina says I think Shahzad as he always says that he has watched all the seasons. Gauhar says it’s Rubina as she is creating confusions because of her calculations, she is making things complex. Sid says it’s Nishant and Shahzad, they have planned how to look in the house.
Salman asks who is perfect for the Bigg Boss? Hina says Nikki is a senior now so it’s Pavitra. Gauhar says it’s Pavitra as she has all the qualities. Pavitra thanks her. Sid says it’s Pavitra for me also. I have worked with her so I know if she wants to take on everyone then she will, she is just opening up and will show her colors. I have bet my money on her.
Salman asks who is a disappointment? Hina says it’s Rubina, she is not showing herself. Gauhar says I think it’s Abhi, he is forward and is taking a lead but when there is a time to talk, he doesn’t make things clear. He doesn’t talk black and white when it’s about Rubina. Sid takes Rubina’s name and says I thought she is a strong person but she is too critical and thinks that everyone is against her. She should have a more positive approach.
Salman says our new senior Nikki will give her test now. He says we will see how much you know other freshers. Salman asks Jaan and Abhi to bring items from the storeroom as they are not doing anything else.
Salman makes everyone wear balloons about misunderstandings. Salman asks Nikki what misunderstanding they have? Nikki bursts Jasmin’s balloon and says she talks behind the backs but she thinks she is a straightforward person. Nikki bursts Rubina’s ballon and says she is very smart but acts like she is dumb. Nikki bursts Abhi’s balloon saying he thinks he is shown on the show but he isn’t. She bursts Nishant’s balloon saying he is not showing himself. She bursts Jaan’s balloon as he is not taking his decisions. She bursts Rahul’s balloon as he thinks he can get a kiss from anyone. Sid says it was his task by us. Nikki bursts Eijaz’s balloon as he doesn’t know BB has started, he is still in the shock. Eijaz says yes I am in the coma.
Salman asks other freshers to bursts two balloons. Nishant bursts Shahzad’s balloon as he thinks he knows the game. He bursts Rahul’s balloon as he thinks it’s a singing show and he should show his personality. Salman laughs and says you are not seen yourself. Rahul bursts Nishant’s balloon as he is very fake. He bursts Jaan’s balloon as he is not showing his personality. Salman asks Pavitra. She bursts Jaan’s balloon as he doesn’t know what stand he has to take, he is confused here. Sid says what’s his misunderstanding? Pavitra says he thinks he is playing his game but he is not. Pavitra bursts Eijaz’s balloon and says he is not opening his cards. She says sorry and kisses his cheek.
Rubina bursts Jasmin’s balloon as she is playing a damsel in distress. Jasmin talks behind others’ backs. She bursts Pavitra’s balloon saying she pretends somber in front of the seniors. She wants favoritism to be done to her. Pavitra says I never ask for their favors. Rubina says I think you have a misunderstanding that if they don’t favor you then you are not playing well. Pavitra says they guessed my name when a statement against them was played. I was hurt because I respect them and that’s why I cried, I don’t want their favoritism. Rubina says I just want to tell you that you shouldn’t have misunderstanding to feel bad about them thinking anything about you.

Salman tells the inmates that you know who seniors are favoring now. You all should play properly. He asks them to meet guests in the activity area.

In the Activity Area:
Meher and Sarab are in the activity area. Salman asks Meher if she is okay? She says I love Sarab but people don’t understand. Sarab comes there and says when did you come Meher? Meher says you were busy setting your turban. Salman asks about his qualities? Meher says he snores a lot. Sarab says you keep talking all day. Salman asks them to not fight. I got to know your marriage anniversary is coming up? Congrats. He says you guys make a beautiful couple and I pray for your love to grow. They thank him. Salman says we will see what they do.

In the House:
Meher and Sarab connect the house through the video call. Meher says we are enjoying the show and we were excited to come here. Sarab says we have heard that these two weeks are important and will decide your luck. Sarab says we will make your relationship with seniors exciting. Meher says seniors will sell two freshers as products. They will highlight the USP and the qualities of the freshers. Sarab says then we will select a fresher, the one that loses will have to sit on a wheel and get slapped. All cheer.
Meher calls Sid first and asks him to bring Jasmin and Sarah as his products.
Sid brings Sarah and Jasmin in the activity area. Sid says I will talk about Sarah and Jasmin. He says Jasmin is smart and good looking, she is well-looking. She is very entertaining, if you listen to her singing then you will laugh. Meher says she washes clothes nicely. Jasmin laughs. Sid says Jasmin can mop the house with her tears. Sid says Sarah sings well, she is jolly and doesn’t back down from her work. Meher says we like your dependable product Jasmin. Jasmin gets a gift hamper and she is excited to see it. Sarah will have to get slapped from the wheel. Jasmin moves the wheel and Sarah gets slapped from the propellers. All laugh. They all leave.

Meher says the next senior is Gauhar, she will bring Jaan and Nishant. They all go in the activity area. Meher tells Gauhar that I saw you in the BB house back then, I was a big fan and it’s a pleasure meeting you. Gauhar thanks her and says you both look nice as a couple. Sid says Meher doesn’t mean anything, she is not your fan, she doesn’t want you to write bad tweets about her. Gauhar says she is my fan. Gauhar says Jaan is a complete package, he is entertaining, he is a son of a big personality but he is working to make his name. She says Nishant has set the beginning of this competition, he agreed to do all the tasks. He is very respectful and very calm. I know when he gets angry then he will be dangerous. Sid says can we buy Gauhar? All laugh. Gauhar says he is so mean. Meher says we are conflicted but.. Sarab says we have made Nishant as our winner. Nishant gets one crate of eggs. Meher says you can’t share it with anyone. Nishant thanks them. He slaps Jaan with a wheel propeller.

Meher says next is Hina with Rahul and Eijaz. Hina says Eijaz eats very less to save for others, he is always ready to help others. He is very sweet. She says Rahul talks when it’s needed, he is calm and doesn’t show involvement in the irrelevant places. He entertains us with his singing. Meher says we liked Rahul. He will get coffee. Rahul says I will blackmail others now. Meher says you can make others jealous. Rahul sings and slaps Eijaz using the propeller.

Meher wishes luck to Rubina and says I am your fan, all are liking you. She thanks, everyone. They both leave the house.

On the Stage:
Salman says we gave them tips yesterday and to know what they understood. We gave them a task.

In the House:
Pavitra reads the task that all inmates try to make a place. The task is about the adjectives ‘excellent’, ‘good’, ‘average’, ‘below average’, ‘poor’. There can be more than one adjective for one inmate. Seniors will have no say in this task.

Eijaz says we will start voting. They vote for Rahul. The ranking is done like this:

Excellent – No one
Good – Shahzad, Good, Jasmin, Sarah, Pavitra, Good
Average – Abhi,
Below Average – Rahul
Poor – Nishant, Jaan

Sid says you people have done this task very poorly. Gauhar asks him to remain silent.

Gauhar says they didn’t even argue. They just took their places. Sid tells them that you should have stood up for your personalities. Gauhar says not a single one of you had a point of view. Sid says no one said that they didn’t agree with their ranking. Pavitra says I don’t agree with the ‘good’ position but I should have said there only.

On the Stage:
Salman says see how they did the task? He connects the call. He says we have done many ranking tasks and I have done a lot of seasons. I tell them what do they think of themselves but here I want to say do you think anything of yourself? You should fight for the top position. We work hard to be best at your job. For the first time, no one was fighting for the top position. All were agreeing to get the worst position. I am happy as I won’t have to be angry. This ranking task used to never end in the earlier seasons. You people have such a good understanding that I believe in humanity now. But is there any human quality here? Do you have any quality that you can highlight? You are proving yourself poor, worst, below average? There is no question about excellent here? No one is excellent here. We thought all were excellent to enter the house but you people don’t even believe that about yourself. You people have changed the scene. We promised it but you people are doing a good job. The audience wants to see excellence, not sub-standard. Salman asks Jaan. Jaan says we misunderstood the task. Nishant says we thought it was based on majority voting. Salman says Shahzad you didn’t say anything? Shahzad says I don’t think I am excellent at this point. Salman says you are no less than anyone, you should have called yourself excellent, you should have tried. Shahzad says I don’t think I am excellent. Salman asks Jaan and Nishant if they are poor? Jaan says I think I am standing in ‘good’ standing. Nishant says we did foolishness. Eijaz says it was my idea to do the voting. Nishant says we should have said our points. Salman says you people agreed with others and now this will affect the evictions. We didn’t open voting lines. We have given the decision to seniors so we thought to ask the freshers what they think about themselves. We shouldn’t waste time on others. *10 people should pack their bags and go home.* It’s just a waste of time for all of us. This is sad. He ends the call.

In the house, all are shocked. Gauhar says they explained to stand out. Sid says you have seen all seasons. Hina says this is a lesson to never repeat. Sarah says I would have fought if I had gotten poor. Gauhar says you people didn’t understand the game. Salman explained everything, you have to fight for your position. Jasmin says I accepted ‘good’ because it’s just week one and I can improve to become ‘excellent’. Gauhar says you should have said it in the task. Hina says you could have given a reason when they were giving you a ‘good’ tag. You should have said that you will work to get ‘excellent’. Rubina says when we don’t follow the rules then you tell us to follow the rules. When we follow the rules then we are said to make our own rules. Abhi says it was just herd following, no one tried to stand out. Sid says Eijaz took the lead and you all people follow. Eijaz says I don’t understand the instructions, you people can take the initiative. It was my mistake, I didn’t watch this reality show. Jaan says don’t take the rules folder from now on, we did a mistake by following you. We should all do things on our own. Eijaz says very well.

On the Stage:
Salman says let’s see how they will react now. They can do what they want to do. Take care.

Episode Ends
PRECAP – Nikki is steam-ironing her ex-boy’s boxers. She says I will wear his boxers. They all laugh at her ironing the boxers.
Hina asks Nikki to decide what the inmates should get. Pavitra says I want 4 items. Nikki says I am not giving any item to you.
Eijaz says my first nomination is Rahul, I am not going adjust with him. Abhi nominates Nishant. Rubina nominates Eijaz as he can do anything to win. Nikki nominates Shahzad as he talks nonsense.
Bigg Boss says the seniors have the power to eliminate one contestant and that person will go home today only. All are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Show is crap. Why are they behind Rubina and Abhinav. They are clearly well rounded individuals who don’t believe in impressing any third person( so called seniors) to gain popularity. I think they should be given time and they should be evaluated separately. If two strangers give advice to each other on this show, it’s fine. But if a couple advices one another, then they are misleading each other? They aren’t playing well? Ik this is a reality show for trp but the way things have been shaping up with all the favouritism of seniors and targeting of some specific individuals, I have started to hate it.

    1. They are trying to remove the show one of them either Rubina or Abhinav but they don’t know many people are engaging the show because of those couple

      Big love and support for Rubina and Abhi

  2. Nikki is pathetic.. day by day she is making me hate you more and more..

  3. After reading the comments yesterday, I am glad to see that I am not the only one who sees the seniors being biased. Nikki may take a stand for herself and whatnot, but she is so overdramatic and unbearing. It is so obvious that Sid and Hina like her the best and want the best for her. Pavitra definitely deserved to win the TBC thing over Nikki. I cannot wait til the seniors leave the house, they’re stealing the spotlight from the new contestants.
    And Rubina (she can get annoying too) was right, during the task… Gauhar went out of her way to give Nikki water but when Rubina asked for her husband… they said no.
    I am sure that the show will take Nikki to the end (because of her drama and “footage”).
    Also, this seems more like a Sid and Hina show more than anything

  4. Gayatri

    I agree with what Rubina said…if they use their mind and figure out thing’s then seniors interfere and say follow the rules and when they follow the rules then again senior bash on them saying that you should use your mind…..
    The seniors are spoiling the game because of them we are not able to see the house mate’s personality properly.
    BB Makers are obsessed with Sid I think..this is not his season why are they always revolving around Sid
    I stopped watching the last season only coz of this man and again the same aggressive behaviour is shown in this season also.i don’t know who loves to see such agressions….
    And what yesterday Gauhar said is absolutely worng nikki won the first immunity only coz of Sid favouritism Jasmine was the deserved one ..and Gauhar said that she won 2 task.. 1 St was not a task it was a favouritism …
    Pavitra was the deserving one she sat for a long period of time..nikki got a chance to clean her face and come…

  5. Pavitra is a strong contestant and is doing good but Rubina was right when she said that she is trying to seek validation from the seniors, which is not good. There was no need for her to go on a rant as to how much she “respects” her seniors.
    Rubina is actually smart and she has already decoded that the makers and seniors are purposely putting her down and favouring Nikki. And I like it that she is not even getting much affected by it. She’s like let them do whatever they want, I’ll play my game my way.
    Every season Salman requires a new punching bag. And this year its Nishant and even Abhi. I felt bad for Nishant, hopefully he doesn’t feel demotivated by all this.
    I dont understand Jasmin. Last year when she entered as a guest, she gave such befitting replies to Rashmi, and bonded so well with the rest of the inmates (Sid’s gang), but now she just seems lost. It seems like she secretly likes Sid and even vies for his attention, but he’s ignoring her like hell. I guess she was expecting initially that Sid would give her special attention like he did to Sana.
    Eijaz is definitely living in a bubble of his own. The way he kept bringing up that Nikki didn’t show any humanity and therefore wasn’t entitled to the immunity just proves that.

  6. I like Rubina’s personality of calling a spade a spade. She is not dumb and she had perfect advice for Pavitra. Pavitra should take that advice. If she considers these people senior in the game. You never know Shukla lives in BB world forever and thinks that he is senior in real life too. Shuklaji get over Gauhar… Why can’t you just take up criticism but when other ppl show same exact personality you complain about them for cribbing. Liked Nikki’s sense of analyzing ppl. Eijaz, When ppl who are in pain don’t confront Nikki why is he doing that. But he explained it well to seniors. Shuklaji ko batao real to Swami Om bhi tha to kya usko har baar immune kar dete. Btw Nikki seems to be educated version of Arshi Khan. The only difference between two is Salman didn’t like Arshi.
    This season’s players have capabilities, it is not BB12. These ppl don’t need seniors ka tadka. Ek senior ko lag raha hai, he is still in the game. Hatao seniors and let these ppl play. Why to overshadow them. Repeated mode meine wahi nai dekhna.

  7. I feel Nikki is playing Mandana way, how Mandana was a Pian for housemates but a content queen for Bigg Boss. So i belive Nikki is actually copying Mandana who was actually a under dog initially noone knows Mandana, SAme here We donot know Nikki But the tantrums and irritating nature will be the talk of town. However, this year Bigg Boss majoriy is NOT watching. even i watched few glimpses here an there. Not going to give my money to Mafias.

  8. i just read the updates and comments for past 3 days.. salman will take senior(sid’s) side only… i respected him till bigg boss 13..but not anymore… he wont open his mouth on drug racket in bollywood.. sid itself is a drug addict.. rashmi has mentioned it once or twice in big boss 1 if u have watched carefully.. makers made a drug addict bb13 winner.. make a selfish, sadist and hypocrite bb14s winnner (nikki).. hina is no better.. all she did was crying and twisting her statements throughout her season.. they need to evict the seniors first

  9. BB 14 now going to kick off, so far only couple of them have put their best efforts Nikki & Pavi, while others are playing naive and nicety with their pretention to be nice in front of camera…. fake they are really…..
    While the seniors are doing their best to show them way as and when required these genius (particularly Abhi & Rubina) are trying to run their own show …. who cares for this couple act…. particularly one should go out as it is not a couple show…. Rubina is indeed a big disappointment… both cribbing for anything and everything…. truly ungrateful they are… it is just a week old and they talk about ill treatment etc after signing the contract… how such people going to last for 100+ days… wanted to see one of the booted out quickly so the other one plays smart game….
    While some are unreasonable with SID, he is one guy who never pretend or mince words and extremely straight forwarded he is…. We love you SID… you three seniors have really kick started this show, and hope the other catch up the momentum after their exit to make it watchable and enjoyable….
    Too early to comment about others as its just a week old…. so far no clear favorite but still Nikki and Pavi are putting their best efforts ahead of others…..

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