Bigg Boss 11 8th January 2018 Written Episode Update: All are nominated for last week

Bigg Boss 11 8th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 98
Shilpa says to Puneesh that I will make your and my food only, Aakash and Vikas cooks their food so Hina will eat from theirs as I am unhygienic.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that you cant trust people, if they take you up, they cant bring me down but I have trust, I have been real here, they ask me to to shout and jump around in tasks, if you guys are jumping around then Hina wants me to jump around too so I cant.

Vikas comes to Hina and says Shilpa keeps talking about her fan following, clarity and all that. Aakash says she said that I am unhygienic so I will make food for Puneesh and myself only. Vikas says she does this, she never washed bathrooms, look at her untidy section in luggage room. Hina comes to Shilpa and asks if she cooked anything? she says nothing. Hina says stomach gets upset with yesterday’s food. Shilpa says Aakash, Vikas makes their food, I cant make food for one, two people, yesterday’s food is remaining too, Hina says I get ill with it. She says to Vikas that I will eat from your food or Aakash’s food.

Hina asks Shilpa you made the dish? Shilpa says yes I cooked, I just wanted to show off that I cook and when I dont then what happens. Hina says you want so show off cooking? Shilpa says you are eating my parathas too. Vikas says I made the parathas, Shilpa says I did stuffing in it and I knead flour, you waste food. Vikas says I dont make extra food, I used your parathas because I didnt want to waste your food, if you wanted to make food then why you wanted to show off? Shilpa says Hina doesnt know cooking but she shows off so I wanted to show off too. Hina says what did I show off? Shilpa says I am mental, hina came to me and asked purposely about what I made today in cooking and then you b*t*h about me that I am always in kitchen. Hina says your ego is hurt that I called you unhygienic. Shilpa says you have been eating from my hands only, Hina says I will make my food only. Shilpa says you are eating my food right now, I did stuffing in parathas. Vikas says we didnt do anything, I am making food from last week because I felt bad that.. Shilpa says oh you felt bad now? vikas says this is your behavior? Hina says she is doing deliberately because she has got votes so she is showing her reality. Shilpa says last week too, she was bickering about tap water use in food and all like I am servant here. Hina says I clean washrooms here too, everyone does their work here, if you have something bad in your habits then change it, Shilpa says I am unhygienic? Aakash says you are, have you seen your luggage area? everything is a mess there. Shilpa says what you people want me to do? should I hit my head with slipper? Vikas says what kind of words are you saying? check your language, I didnt eat your food from one week because I was not feeling it so I made my food but I didnt fight you on that. Aakash says lets leave from here, Hina says better, Hina, Vikas and Aakash leaves. Hina says she has ego from yesterday’s voting. Puneesh asks Shilpa why they are fighting in last week? Shilpa says I am not fighting.
Hina says she is behaving so badly because of a call? Vikas says she is taunting me about using her stuffing in parathas? Puneesh says she wanted to say that if she is unhygienic then why you are using her cooked food. Vikas says we said that her area in luggage room is messy, not for food.

Hina says to Aakash that since I am cooking for first time, can you tell me how to make curry? Aakash starts telling her recipe and says use musterd seeds, she says what are they? He sees those seeds in kitchen.

Shilpa sits in washroom area and cries, she says they all are getting mean just because I got votes? Puneesh comes there and says its clear that everyone will try to put you down at this stage, Shilpa says they are doing this just because I got the votes.

Vikas says to Aakash that Shilpa has this plan from start that poke others and they get angry on her then she will act all great and cry rivers, dont fight her, dont give her chance to act all saint.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that Hina doesnt eat yesterday’s food but she can eat 2-3days old food if it has come from outside? She has hidden so many eggs and milk packets, what will she do with them now? Puneesh says hit on head with them.

Day 99
Inmates wake up to song baby ko bass pasand hai. They all dance and enjoy. Aakash says good morning top five.

Hina says to Vikas that I am today’s girl, I compete with every boy for everything, Shilpa knows that she is going to win the show 99%, she has fan base so she doesnt care about anything now? she has been doing drama this whole season, it was all soap opera, she said no to make food for me, I know survival cooking but she is winning the show by cooking in kitchen? Vikas says its her game. Puneesh says she didnt win it till now, its remaining, Hina says you just see.

Bigg boss says to inmates that we congratulate you for reaching to finale week. All thank him. Bigg boss says this is your last nominations, your last test. Bigg boss says only 4 will be finalists. Bigg boss says you all are nominated for this week so people can decide who four will be finalists for this season. Shilpa says Puneesh see I am cleaning table, see I am cooking, she taunts Hina.
Puneesh says to Hina that Shilpa’s arrow is flying high and she can hit anyone if someone tries to attack her so let fly, Hina says yes.

Aakash says to Shilpa that you are looking nice in yellow clothes. Shilpa says tell me something which I dont know. Shilpa cooks food and says Puneesh I am making paratha for you, Puneesh says this paratha is coming with many debts, Shilpa says I want to mky fans that I did favor on Puneesh so send him some votes too.. she Puneesh I have to work all the time in this house. She is taunting Vikas who is cooking in kitchen.

Bigg boss asks inmates to come to activity area. They come in there and finds journalists there. Hina says they are real people, nice you see you all. Bigg boss says you all have come to a long journey, people have seen your behavior and they have many questions in mind that they want answers to so this press conference is arranged and journalists will ask questions. One journalist says Puneesh and Aakash did you hope to reach till here? Puneesh says I came with one month target only. One journalist asks Hina why she has ego about being a senior in this industry? Shilpa never says that she is in the industry for 15 years? Hina says I never say that I have been in industry for 15 years, Puneesh said about it in a task, I am not egoistic and I never say that I have worked these many years and I am senior and all that. Vikas says infact she has weak memory, even if she says something in the heat of the moment, she forgets it, her upper portion is a little empty, Hina laughs. One journalist says we saw mom-son relation but it changed? what happened? Aakash says Shilpa is caring like my mom but she is my competition so I have to cut it. Shilpa says I cant act daily, I did acting of being a mom in reality show, maybe it flopped. Journalist asks if she thought her son will reach till here? Shilpa says I never thought that even if I got married on time, I would have such old son, Aakash laughs and I wanted to Shilpa here, they gave me mom’s title, I am like this in reality. One journalist says that Vikas and Shilpa fought for starting week and then they become cordial.. whats your relationship exactly? Aakash laughs and says they will get married soon. Vikas says we are colleagues, we fight and then just let things go, we are fighting right now but still if she cuts fruits then I will eat it, Shilpa says his hidden talent is he is very good actor, Vikas says she writes very well too, all laugh. One journalist says Hina you were sure that you are going till finale, why? Hina says I clarified that we were discussing scenario that ifmy friends leave then what will happen to me and if I leave then how they will leave. Vikas says we were sure that she will reach finale. Aakash says she said other times too that she will reach finale. Shilpa says Hina is a little overconfident. One journalist says to Shilpa that you keep thinking your fans will make you win, you have fan base, did you forget that Manveer won the show, this show is not about commoner or celebrity. Shilpa says I never said that I have celebrity status so I will win this show. Aakash says she is lying for the news. Vikas asks him to calm down. Shilpa says I have played alone, if someone is not respecting your work then you have to tell them your worth, if they say that what have I done in life? I have done nothing then I have to tell them what I have done in life, I had to tell them my identity. One journalist says to Hina that Vikas challenged you to cry in a minute, were they real? Hina says they were fake, I have worked in industry so I have practice. One journalist says to Puneesh that you played smart, you pleaded Hina to save you and you will return the favor but you didnt, Puneesh says I did, journalist says then you say you are friends with anyone here, you are now commoner here? Puneesh says they are all celebrities, they have fan base so if I am competing with them then I will hesitate that I might not stand a chance against them, and if someone is saving you or doing favor on you then they have more benefit and gain, Vikas says they want to show how great they are by saving others. Hina says all are playing game here. One journalist asks Shilpa that captaincy task happened, you changed your avatar? Shilpa says no one was supporting me, no one said that she deserved, so its good to give other things, you get happy by giving things to others. Vikas says she has habit of showing that she is giving her position to others but in real, she doesnt want to do tasks, we have given captaincy to many people, Shilpa says I have done too, Vikas says because you dont want to play. Shilpa says in frame task, they were three friends so they would choose each other only, Vikas says they were okay to make you captain, when she doesnt want to do hard work then she says that her fans will save her and give up in tasks, she became contender 4 times. Shilpa says thank you. One journalist asks Hina why you keep saying about Shilpa in kitchen and think that she won hearts by being in kitchen so are you jealous of her? Hina says no I am not jealous, she was busy in kitchen in prize money task, she had no involvement in tasks, Hina says we didnt come here to cook only. Vikas says all are doing work here. Puneesh says it has happened all the time in our house like it happens in India that housewives dont do useful work, what they are doing is not significant, Shilpa Shinde handles all housework, Puneesh says housewives are the one who cooks and handle all the house, housewives are the one who keep family intact. All clap for him. Shilpa has tears in her eyes. Puneesh says they dont have point against her so they keep saying that she doesnt do tasks, how she will work in tasks when she is making food all the time? she is the champion. All clap for Puneesh. Vikas says cooking is important but our mothers are not only cooking, they are cleaning, mopping, Puneesh says she does everything. vikas says she works nicrly but she needs to play the game, she cant always be in kitchen, she is handling the house but her clothes are a mess, you dont see it.Puneesh thats her personal matter. Shilpa says I am not putting my clothes away then I am unhygienic. Vikas says not only housework has to be done in the show. Other journalist says that this is not Khatron Ke Khiladi, you can win without doing the tasks, its about humanity. Vikas says I am the last person to talk about humanity with. Journalist says thank you, we see that even if you people are fighting with her, she comes to you and asks for food. Vikas says comes to me and ask about my health but then goes and backbite about me. Vikas says the person who changes statements in minutes, that person is not correct. One journalist says Aakash Shilpa asked you to stop giving her kisses and when Luv asked Aakash to stop it then Hina asked Luv to not get involved in their matter when she is a girl too. Hina says I talked to Aakash and asked him to stop it if Shilpa doesnt like it, Aakash said things like that when Bandagi leaves then Puneesh and Shilpa will start affair. Aakash says it was a joke. Puneesh says it was very stupid of you to say, she is like my older sister, Hina says I asked Luv to not get involved because in the end Shilpa will be like Luv who are you talk in my matter? Shilpa says I know Aakash acts cute one day, he plays good character some days then he takes me as mother and other days when he is bad boy then I become 24 years old, so he is playing characters, all laugh. One journalist says to Vikas that you made snake Puneesh drink milk of your portion but he poisoned you, he backbited you, it was your mistake to be his friend, Vikas says I knew he will do that, if he didnt do it in the end then he wouldnt be sitting here. One journalist says to Hina that you came here with tag of girl power but you insulted girls most in the show, you didnt stop when Shilpa’s body shamming happened, you character assassinated Bandagi, even enacting about how much blanket up, what was happening inside, for Arshi you said things like put bucket there, I cant even say those words. Hina says I didnt say it, Jyoti said it, we did involve in that conversation. She says as for Bandagi, I woke up one night and saw something weird like blanket ridden up so I discussed it, all talk about everyone here, Puneesh was involved in it too. Puneesh says who else will be involved? why my girlfriend will be with someone else? we will do what I want on TV, who she is. Hina says it was my point of view, Puneesh says I didnt do it with you, Hina says I can never think about it, Puneesh says I can never do it. One journalist says Hina what is your matter if two adults are doing something? why you want to be that neighbor aunty? all laugh. Hina says I can have point of view on things, if you live here then you will backbite too. Bigg boss says time for press conference ends, please inmates come out of room. Aakash sings bigg boss song and leaves.

Shilpa thanks Puneesh, Puneesh says we wont let you fall. Shilpa says Vikas has been trying to talk to me since morning and how he flipped, he saw others talking against me so he went against me but individually he gets scared.
Hina says Shilpa against cried. Vikas says its useless to fight, to live together.

Shilpa sits in washroom and says Vikas is such a liar, I wanted to be shown on TV in prize money task so I went to kitchen? I dont do tasks? they are all liars? I have become mad, they keep saying strong strong and then try to break you, they call you strong so they can try to break you more.

Vikas says to Puneesh that we never ask her to not cook and she doesnt make food but if she is backbiting about my family.. Puneesh says all backbite here, Vikas says thats why I realized to not go in this matter.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that its not a joke to work for so many people? I cant tell you how I cook there. Shilpa cries and says Puneesh look at my hands, they are scarred by cooking here so much, Puneesh says they dont look an actress’s hands. Shilpa says when my hands were burnt, I knew that I will win the show?
Hina says to Vikas that Puneesh is behind her. Vikas says he is doing it because he thinks she has suh bigger fan following that he will get saved by her fan base, he answered for her.

Aakash comes to Shilpa and asks if she is okay? why you are crying? be okay. Shilpa says I feel bad for you, really bad, Aakash leaves. Puneesh says now he will go out and tell that you are going

PRECAP- Arshi comes to house. Seh dances on Rashke ke kamar, she greets everyone.
Inmates are given a task in which they have to be mean with each other, they have to do things that are mean. Arshi says I want to see meaner than mean. Puneesh takes Hina’s sandals and says you will walk barefoot till the finale. Arshi says you should be so much mean that others should understand it.
Shilpa takes Vikas’s hoodies to throw them away. Vikas says just leave that one hoodie. Vikas says why you doing psycho things? Shilpa says to Arshi that I want to be mean to him and slap him, will you let me do it? Vikas looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Guys i dont get y d reporters wer bashing hina evn she does lot work othr dn cooking.Cleaning washrooms is not an easy job but bb makers doesnt show hina’s work all
    praises fr shilpa oly evn i appreciate shilpa’s cooking but dt doesnt dt she doesnt get involved in tasks nd vikas was ryt dt dy hv given shilpa ‘s name many times for captaincy. Also puneesh he wnt mum when vikas askd him to speak abt d captaincy task so dt he gets support frm shilpa ‘s fan
    Abt housewife one dr r many housewives wid cooking dy work outside too but anyways cant ignore d fact dt shilpa did cooking for evry1.

    1. @harshi… what i am saying from the starting of this season to till now????????????
      that makers have a deal with shilpa that they will help her to improve her image cget her work .. and they will buy PR team for shilpa .. and look now … every week mera doubt aur zyada clear hota h … apko sach m lagta h tat they were fair??????
      jaan boojh k hina ko bash karna cz hina is a strong competetor … vikas have chances too … but hina has more fan following who can bea shilpa ….
      y reporters talked about bad things only of ina??????????
      cz they want public again uske negatives rethink kare aur votes na de …. ya fi public votes deti bhi h toh bhai end m shilpa ko winner bana k bolenge ki bhi hina ne toh bht galat kaam kiye they…
      why no one asked shilpa about that she too said many bad things to arshi , vikas ,pri ,hina ..
      no one asked to puneesh about racial remarks n many bad words he used for hina????????
      dont u really think wo reporters paid nhi they???????

    2. @XYZ.. Yes you are right, BIg boss ne bola shipa ko ki tum din rat 24 hrs ache bane rehne ka natak karooo, acha achi bankar dikhao… sara ghar shilpa ke aage piche conversation karta hai isliye use effortless way me footage milti hai..
      rahi baat task ki, wo more then 42 age ki lady hai.. wo kya hina ki tarah task kargi ????

    3. Xyz,
      Ofcourse you r right..! No doubt about those things… I wil remind in my every comment that ” what was the intention of makers to give Shilpa 77% in fake livepoll??” – jiske pas dimag hai woh sab jante hai answer… , she gets again 660 votes in mall task when her fans were indeed less in number comparing Hina-Vikas. We know who put votes inside box too…
      Same way press meet was an attempt to praise Shilpa.. The reporter who asked Hina abt girlpower, is already an acquaintance Of shilpa, their selfie is available… , & boy who said Puneesh abt he didn’t help Hina, also confessed they were not allowed to ask anything… Means BB had either given them questions or makers rechecked the questions by journalists & instructed what to do and not do… The reporter who said shilpa won hearts by cooking 🙂 is very familiar to me… Do any of you know her??? May be this makers junior artists ko bi reporters banakar laa sakte hai..

      But over all I loved episode mainly bcs of Shilpa’s reality was very visible…
      She backstabbed Hiten to break their tigadi na..ab kya hua?? I never expected Acash and Hina will be friends with Vikas again… M very happy… And Arshi is back ? ?…
      But, Why Arshi??? Achha achha.. TRP TRP..!
      Now BB understood Arshi was the real entertainer!

    4. @Abc ….. buddy … u have really long life ….
      u know what i mention almost everyone in my comment but missed ur name .. and i was seriously thinking to mention u in my comment that , if u are reading comments then u again came back as only 1 week left ..
      annd see u came back ..
      and yeah sry to missed out ur name in my comment …
      but really really very to good to see u again …..

    5. Jab hina aur vikas ko aisa lagta hai vo har bar captaincy task me mahan banne ke liye
      give up karti hai… khud nominate ho kar devi ban jati hai to vo log khud ye sab kyu
      nai karte … KYOKI unlogo ke nature me hi ye chizzz nai hai..
      vikas ko sirf master mind chalana aata hai..aur hina ko muh chalana..

    6. sampath kumar

      just watch ED in which shilpa explaining how she played the game to puneesh …. mahan and mother nature and care love sab dikjayaega aap ko

    7. oops……….. i thought u r my fnd ABC … so i got that much happy that i didn’t even read ur comment … but by ur comment it loos like u r not real abc ….
      now comes to ur comment…aur shilpa devi ko kya ata h??????
      rona , ehsaan dikhana khana khilane ka …. torture karna , give up karna..
      bhi agar kuch kar rahe hot oh mahan mat bano …. aur agar mahan banne k liye kuch karna h toh wo kaam mat hi karo…..
      jab bhi shilpa ko kitchen duty se atay wo khufd hi muh bana rahi thi jaise usey srf kitchen m hi rehna n… toh ab aur log kya kare….
      chalo atleast u said it by urself “VIKAS KO DIMAAG CHALANE ATA H”.

  2. Nd happy to see arshi back nw channel will get required trp????

  3. Parvathy0906

    I really really hope. vikas or hina jeete Sach mein. .I really don’t want shilpa to win. .kitna fake hai. ..and sab sochte hai she is real in front of camera. Sach mein I don’t feel so.anyway if she won. .then 100 % sure. .biased tha full. .????

    1. yeh show toh shilpa hin defenetly win karegi u will see soon

    2. sampath kumar

      yes we are telling how she played this game …. dirty player eh ho …. go and watch ED in which she herself admitting her game strategy which we are explaning from starting ,,,, Aarshi is back as makers also got to know devi asal mae devi nahi eh ….. i pity shilpa fans who fallen for her acting ……i never saw a mean person like her….

    3. @Parvathy0906 … no buddy sab nhi sochte ….
      jo sochte h unme se most of the fans paid h ….
      otherwise koi itna ghatiya nhi ho sakta jo shilpa ki side ne lene walon ko abuse kare ..
      aap likh k toh dekho twitter pe ya other forums pe shilpa k against … 10 galiyan padengi gandi wali …
      ye sab dekh k toh toh i have strong feeling that itna bewakoof fan koi nhi hota ki bas tv pe kisi ko dekh liya aur luske chakkar m pagal ho k dusron ko abuse karne lag jaye….
      ab aap hi dekh lo… no one said this thing hina washroom clean karti h agar shilpa kitchen work karti h toh.. bhai shilpa dont wanted to do other works that’s y she took kitchen duty …..
      aur bhai hum bh jante h that kitchen work is more better than washroom cleaning … aur hina ya baaki logo ne toh kabhi nhi gaaaya hum ye karte h wo karte h…. y only shilpa?????
      aur agar shilpa khana deti h toh ehsaan bhi dkhati h…….

  4. What the come they didn’t hear Shilpa in the industry for 15 years and I will show you outside to aarshi.ther is a limit of twisting and showing favorism.we are not fools to believe what you are feeding.shilpa is the one who tease Everytime Hina for only cooking is considered as housewife job why no one is talking about cleaning.every season people cooked for themselves why they are exaggerating Shilpa s cooking bcoz she is not smart in task like hina.hina you don’t worry v understand.waiting for updates.why shilpa’s not showing her gamand to media Wala, Everytime acting like a foot.yester Hina and vikas together proved that Shilpa was not alone in the game

    1. Shilpa saying she’s in the industry for 15 years to aarshi.

    2. @neha… exactly dear ….. whay the hell they were only talking about kitchen thing …. and bhai reporters ko toh puneesh n bandagi ki jo adult movie ati thi family show pe wo bhi acchi lagi … seriously no one asked puneesh that he asked bandagi to remove her all clothes just to give content … no one asked they planned all that drama .. y?????
      bcz puneesh shilpa k sath h na…

    3. Exactly xyz.

    4. sampath kumar

      shilpa ki vengence ko dekho yaar …. she was explaining puneesh how she played the game and vikas ko masak uda rahi thi voh mastermind nahi eh bol kar …. sapna vapna and ben sapko masak banarahithi and aakash tho iska samnae koi nahi eh …… such a dirty player she is and how can she play a victim card every time i….. puneesh trying his level best to show how dirty she is …….i am shocked ….. vikas ki alawa koi winner nahi ban sakta….

    5. Neha, exactly!
      Reporters said ” uski insaniyath ache hai, voh sabke pas aakar khane ke bare me poochti hai..” – ohhhh…! But we had seen all male-female contestants were always asking her ” shilpa, kuch madad chahiye??” – even they help her in cooking..! Many times Arshi ,Sabya,mehjabi cooked for all… Acash and Vikas learned cooking during their stay..
      Arshi feed to those whom shilpa rejected food… Lekin paid reporters wil only ask questions in her favour and claps for her..
      Xyz, pungi question was rised to Hina with a bad intention only… Question hi galat the!
      Not jus Hina all had shown concern for Bandagi’s image… Shilpa told Arshi once after seeing pungi on bed, ” ab kaunsi language me bolungi yeh dono ko…?” – fizzy caller also rised it..caller represents the public..& public indeed was irritated with pungi…Salman also warned them… So what’s the point in reporter’s question?? She should ask Salman and public like let pungi do anything…tum logo ko kya problem hai…
      Stupid reporters ko pakad pakad ke laayi hai
      Sampath – TRUE !

    6. @AMY….*Not jus Hina all had shown concern for Bandagi’s image… Shilpa told Arshi once after seeing pungi on bed,*
      exactly sabko hi problem th is cheez se…….even shilpa akash/arshi k jane baad hi puneesh-gandagi ko bahu beta banaya.. usse pehle wo bhi bolti thi unke bare m…..

    7. Neha chandra

      Agreed to you sampath, Amy,xyz

  5. I m excited to see arshi back in bb house again psycho shilpa is also back in her old avtar playing victim card. Well this season is karma season. Cry shilpa cry u deserve this coz of u vikas cried and vikas fans also. But there is a difference that u r faking ur tears. Seriously all reporters were favoring shilpa and she again was a devi there. I m fed up if this devi jagrata.big boss me jo b ata h big boss use pahle hi sikha kr bhejte h whom to support. Thats why salman said ki bahar tumhe pahchanenge b nahi. We all know kaun sa celebrity ye show follow krta h. Big boss btate h ki kisko ja kr support kare to bechare kaise recall krenge bahar. Salman ne apne hi show ki pole khol di. Even salman khud ye show nahi dekhta. Agar dekhta to kabhi shilpa ka support ni karta.

    1. @Big boos fan … totally agreed ……….
      salamn is getting 11 crr of oe day … so bhaad m jaye fair or unfair .. he got his script and he has to read it ….
      and as u said … yaar u couldn’t blv i stared saying this thing from the 3rd week shilpa is going to win at any how .. cz makers have a deal with her … otherwise.. bas cooking ko itni importance dena….????
      girls are not made only to cook … but this show is promoting … girls are week .. they just have to be in kitchen whole the time .. . they shud not compete to the boys ….. they shud not fight for her rights n taks .. this show is just promoting this old thinking ….

    2. Aunty Hina .. chhoti soch h isliye sabke baare me chota hi sochegi..

    3. @Raman … choti soach ye bhi h ki me boys se compete nhi kar sakti … i know girls dont have to compare themselves with boys … as they both have their own abilities ….. but what shilpa is doing , is just to promote kitchen thing … and i will say on this … y u cant do both jobs ???????
      kal uneesh housewives ki baat kar raha tha na …
      th aj kl girls sirf house wives nhi hoti jo sirf ghr k kaam kare.. they have to earcn , they have to manage home .. but i dont see this quality in shilpa..
      i know u like shilpa …. but still give it a thought that girls can do multiple jobs at same time …
      khana humare ghar pe bhi banta h.. khana banane m 24 hrs nhi lagte ki aap task m participate na kar paao ..
      ab bahane chahe jitne bhi de lo… but the factor is … shilpa khud se give up karti h…

    4. Sabke bare me chotta soch, aur peeche se unke bare me jhoot bolna sirf shilpa karti hai ab… She lies abt Vikas to everyone with high pitch, when he asks same things to her she has no words.., she starts sings… Same way, outside her brother also has no words to clarify what vikas did to her in interviews.. But Vikas and his bro r always highly confident that Vikas hasn’t destroyed her career…
      That’s enough..!

    5. @xyz. ….pta h 24 hrs ni lagte h kitchen me …kitchen work hi itna hard hota k …bb k Ghar me kisi ki b himmat ni us responsibility ho handle krna except saggy Shilpa mehjabi ….ehti baat washroom saaf krne ki or sweeping ki to usme muskil see half an hour lagta pure din me sirf one time….kitchen me 1 time khana ni banana padta h ..3 time(breakfast lunch dinner) …. 1 time ka khana banane me 1-2 hours lgte h ..kabhi b wo bed pe let huyi najar aayi h …jab itne log Shilpa se insecure the kitchen k kaam ko leke to. Sab captain wahi Shilpa ko Kyu kitchen kaa kaam dete kyunki unko b pta h koi kitchen looks sambhal no skta h…agar kisi k kapde table pe rakhe huye the use disorganized kahte h unhygienic ni kahte h …Shilpa ko bol use area me baal gire rhte h ….aaj k hi ek extra dose me dekha hi hoga Hina jab washroom area k ander apne hair sukha rhi thi Jo b baal uske tut rhe the use apne hatho se hi idhar udhar feel rhi thi … Is tarah wo b unhygienic huyi ..khud kre to sahi or koi kre to kharab ..khud to bed pe hi khana khati h wahi plate cup sab rakh k so jaati … disgusting….Shilpa task me b participate ki h as a silent player or baakiyo k tarah chillati ni h…kyunki Shilpa bahut samjhdar h isko pta h kaha pe kese behave krna h ..

    6. @Raman…. toh har season ki tarah duties q change nhi hui??
      shilpa n baaki sab apne kaam apni marji se kar rahe h kisi ne force nhi kiiya … agar shilpa ko itni problem thi toh na bol deti sab khud bana lete khana … its simple..
      but nhi zabardasti kaam bhi karna h aur show off bhi karna h.. kisine force kiya tha banao khana?????????/////..
      aur rahi baat shilpa k samajhdaar hone ki… uska khilaye sare khane ka jitna bhi punya tha na.. usne ehsaan dikha k sab waste kar liya …..
      ye toh wahinn baat ho gayi aap daan bhi kar rahe ho aur fir logo ko jata bhi rahe ho.. aisa daan lagta thode hi h…

  6. shilpa shinde you r awesome dont give damn to anyone espically hina . love you from the square of infinity .u r sooo good and kindhearted …love u …you r really great and u are blessed with agreat title #MOTHER INDIA…..

    1. sampath kumar

      mother india ka game strategy ko dekho voot pae …. shilpa admitting how dirty she is playing the game …. puneesh was not at all seeing her face i can feel he is so uncomfortable with her company….

    2. Please dont insult Mother India for mad psycho lady called Shilpa Shinde.

    3. @sampath, suman agreed to u guys …
      no mother can use their child for her own goodness and then curse them like hell ….
      and yeah no child can do bad with their mother too ….
      so there were no need of that mother child drama..
      last time rahul dev came too and he seriously did fantastic job as father of rohan n lopa….
      not like shilpa….

    4. Sirf Kya bache hi maa se acha expect kr skte h ….ma b expect krti h uske bache acha kre….pr Kya kre like Akash arshi to aaj modern bache h .jab chaha apne hisab se maa k use Kiya warna gaali de Diya …gaali dene k baad me expect krte h maa humse ache see baat kre …Shilpa apne aap ko maa ni banayi..indono ne banaya inki galti h Shilpa ki ni ..

    5. @raman…. i think u didn’t read my comment as i said this thing too not even child behave lika that.. n that was all drama….
      i think u only read that lines where i mention shilpa… but not read that line where i mention child thing too………..

  7. Hii guys!! u know what was the best thing abt the episode ARSHI KHAN ahhh seeing the promo my heart lighted up!!… coming to the episodes its really enteraining.. i dont support shilpa here tht was wrong whtever she was trying to say this time its hina for me..
    – questions asked by reporter were amazing.. gud questions one more thing to clarify everyone
    just cooking does no make u a housewife,,
    lastly i dont know what was SHILPA trying to do i really felt bad.. im not understanding this lady maybe i can never do tht!!
    guys im th samaira only actually i have to type my email fromhere only so it might show ki im different one

    1. @samaira …. he he..
      we know ur writing …
      bdw , happy too that arshi is coming…. i wish shipa ko footage na de is baar……….

    2. @xyz …Shilpa b koi mari ni jaa rhi rhi maa banane k liye ..saamne wale ne banaya …jab Mann Kiya maa ma jab Mann Kiya gali gali ..jab footage Chalo maa k yaad krte h ..gaali dete h taane marte h ….it hi taklif thi Shilpa se k wo maa jaisi ni h to Kyu har baar use maa kahne Chala jata Tha aakash …agar ye drama Kyu seriously le le rhe bhaiya k maa k darja Diya bhaiya aise no krna chahiye waise ni
      krna chahiye .Akashh ki mom Shilpa k sath apne bete ko b advice de deti ..agar kisi ko maa kah the ho to gaali na de…….fir to Akash k mom ko b advice ni Dena chahiye Tha after all ye drama. H sab …rhi baat khana banke khilanaa use jatana …fir to sab Ghar wale b jatate hum to Ghar k baaki kaam krte. Etc etc… actually yaha khana banane ya kitchen ki baat ni yaha popularity ki baat h Jo Hina ko bardaast ni ho rhi …kaise usase bada famous ho skta h …to Kyu uske khane pe leke hi kuch kaha jaaye ….koi is Ghar me perfect ni h…sab apne apne kisi kaam pe perfect hote h ..Hina ko kitchen ka kaam de Diya jaaye to wo rk skti h ni …uske alawa or kuch krti h m.shilpa ko agar washroom krna pasand ni to wo kaam ni krti h pr kitchen ka krti h …sab apne apne jagah perfect …Shilpa b chahe kah kti Ghar walk ko Jo kahte h hum or baaki kaam krte k kah k jatate h ….kbhi ni Kaha h Shilpa ne …pr jabardasti jatane wali baat ko leke ghasitaa ja rha h wo sirf Shilpa ko defame krne k liye …..

  8. This episode Shilpa was really funny she is really a good entertainer she really takes her revenge while entertaining INDIA…She was so funny with Puneesh..???

    VG and Hina fans please come post your mean comments no offence to anyone I know this will happen so just saying

    1. Shilpafans are the ones who post mean messages in this page always. Not other fandom. Vikas fans deal it with high dignity always

    2. @Taniya … exactly … no vikas fan abuse anyone here … but lots of shilpa fan came here just to abuse……..

    3. @vidya… #No Offence …
      but if u say vikas/hna fans post mean comments then shilpa fan can’t justify her statements n doings .. waise toh silent reader ban k baithe rehte h .. aur jaise hi koi shilpa k against bolta h aak abuse karna start kar dete h..
      atleast hina/vikas fans are only mean to shilpa .
      but shilpa fans are mean to the commentors plus hina/vikas……..

    4. Just see here. 90% of the commentators are supporting Vikas and even Hina now. Both of them are winners thereafter.
      They fought, played, cried, Hina’s friendship got proved while Vikas’s promises were kept !
      People can’t survive in this world if they don’t work in teams ! Shilpe Shinde survived by playing individually for only 3 months.

      In real life, in minds of people like u and me who already have seen the bigger picture, we say VIKAS and HINA are WINNERS. That’s it. They evolved as human beings.

      Let people who are supporting Shilpa blindly take their stands ! It won’t change the truth.

    5. Taniya, Xyz, Arohi, sahi pakde hai..! 🙂
      But Vidya had the point that shilpa today entertained viewers, tht viewers include Hina fans who once back up her false claim ”Vikas ruined her career” ! Today Hina fandom also understood her revenge drama was as fake as shilpa shinde!
      Earlier she used to cry in bathroom or under table…, aajkal camera ke neeche or aage hi baitthi hai…. Very funny she was..!

    6. Lol ? true dear ! She may now say in her win she wanted revenge from Vikas, that’s why she came to BB. SHE never wanted to win !

    7. @aarohi …jitne b yaha vikas or Hina k support h …wo log bahut hi frustrate ho chuke Shilpa ki jyada voting ki wajah se wo b 2 baar voting ki wajah ab ..ab unke fav vikas or Hina frustrate desperate ho chuke h to uske fans b honge hi apni bhadaas yaha nikaal rhe h ???

  9. Neeru

    * ok shilpa says she wont cook for Hina… Later Hina asks abt food… Rathr dan saying i wont make for u,, shilpa says kal ka khana hai,, nt making nything new so you can eat frm vikas…. Later shilpa cooks for herself nd puns… Hina questions ki aap tho banane wale nhi the…. Wats wrong in dat… Shilpa lied, hina questioned… Nd den shilpa is like jataungi nd stuffs… Fir usne vikas ko bhi involve kara ki dat stuffings u had was made by me… Who wud want to eat wen someone keeps reminding u dat… ? I dnt blame hina….
    * Promos are often deceptive…… Vikas handled the media like a boss….. ??? …. “mandal abhari hai… “??? Hina handled it too….. And did i see all reporters clap… ? Ohh god…. U r telling me all reporters are also shilpa fans… ? BB aap bhi kamal karte ho… ?
    * Reporters calling hina mohale ki aunty was really rude…. We all know who deserves it more dese days….
    * Shot 1..
    Vikas : Show khatam ho and sab pyaar se bahar jaaye nd mile…
    Next shot
    Shilpa : Bahar jaake ek ka bhi muh nahi dekhungi mai.
    * Puneesh is d smartest player…. I lijed his udta teer theory… He is sticking to shilpa only for votes…. Nd itz working… Shilpa fans are trying to trend puneesh winning hearts… And if dey actually do it, den itz Time for all of us to die…. !! ??
    * precap – Arshiiiiiiiii……. ❤❤❤❤❤

    1. very well written…agreed

    2. Hina&Vikas Shilpa ko neeche dikhane ki pure koshish kar rahe the lekin ye unpar ulta pad gaya.I don’t know what happened to Hina.Vikas k sath rehkar vo bhi Shilpa se insecure ho gayi hei.Abhi pehle haftewali Hina lag rahi hei.Hina ko Vikas ke changul se bahar aani chahiye.Vikas ko lagne laga ab Shilpa uske saath kuch nahi karenge isiliye apne true colors dikhane laga so Shilpa is back in form.Thank u Vikas.I really appreciate it.Vikas kabhi “b*t*hing ” nahi karta.Haarnewale ke insecurity&jealousy kal pure dekhne ko mila

    3. Neeru, well written yaar.
      Vikas rocked infront of the media. Hina as usual was saying her POV, but shilpaji kamal ki acting kiya. And says he’s a good actor… He he…
      ”mandal abhari hai… “???
      – Vikas’s smile seeing Arshi again, omg…. …. ❤❤❤❤❤Eagerly waiting for it…

    4. Till now I’m only voting for Shilpa…. But today is the first time I’m voting for vikash…. Have I gone mad… Anyway I don’t regrets and he deserve it. Shilpa has lost all my respect. Usko kya hogaya?!

    5. sampath kumar

      guys see in ED how shilpa explaining puneesh how she played the game …. we already knew this she is real master mind her every emotions were fake … she is using people inside the house …. and she turned against vikas as she came to know vikas got her plan ….. puneesh was stunned seeing her face now i am sure she is a dirty player and she is playing with her fans emotions and i am really sad for shilpa fans …..if she have tat mother nature in her she cant talk like this ….

    6. Dekha h extra dose …kuch galat ni Kaha h…yaha sab log group bana k ek k against game khel skte …Shilpa to akele khel rhi h … nomination time jab jab luv or Akash me se select krke usne Shilpa ko nominate Kiya …to usne b to game hi khela jisase aap sab log master stroke kahte ho ….Shilpa wahi ki hai to dirty player kr the ho or wahi kaam vikas kre to masterstroke……

    7. sampath kumar

      she was telling sapna ben and all nothing in front me i….. eh kya akela kela akela kela ……. ek bhi game vaha akela khel nae ka nahi eh ,,,,, it always depends on others …….. if u like her game play ur wish … we were just telling if she is so kind hearted she cant talk like this …. i prefer those people who anger out and stay calm … shilpa is a person keep everything inside and hate people to the core …. tats y i prefer hina and vikas over shilpa …..if u like vengence and hatred feelings then ur choice ….. i am telling u vikas and hina ll stay connected to people….

    8. @neeru : Maharaj Kitna phokat time h. Aapke pass, apne abhi parso 6 granted bigade on tweeter just for Vikas lol.

      Yeh kis ⚟ line me aa Gaye h aap. ? ? ?

    9. @neeru …. totally agreed to u…
      *Vikas : Show khatam ho and sab pyaar se bahar jaaye nd mile…
      Next shot
      Shilpa : Bahar jaake ek ka bhi muh nahi dekhungi mai.
      i really loved this line and its true ….

    10. I too laughed when she said it

    11. sampath kumar

      shilpa fans were defending this also ……. and they were telling vikas ll make every effort to make her life hell by not letting her work ……… ithana funny eh vikas is not whole tv industry head …… handling this shitpa itself is a big task for him

  10. see shilpa is being very proudy if she wants to hide it but it is coming outside you see whn she said i want my fans to vote for puneesh ..i.hate shilpa since day one .
    hina and vikas love u keep going my anyone of you win but i want hina more to win as i have no prblm with vikas but actually hina lost her stardom here she even gain it again but if she won thn it will like all is well if end is well .and if vikas don’t win but he had won many hearts no matters if he won or not so its essential for hina and she deserve to be winner .
    shilpa ko toh top 4 tak bhi nhi jana chahiye proudy and dirty player always melodrama…..
    plz vikas and hina don’t bi*ch about her she don’t even deserve with you guys.
    journalist was a fake devi shilpa ‘s andha bhkt…so don’t upset hina with him.
    again puneesh and akash in opposite team againt eachother i don’t like both of you but this is last week so patch up.
    .why puneesh opens his mouth and show his yellow plagued teeth ugly man what housewives and ol.
    .why all are making shilpa kitchen duty a big issue see that hina being a great celeb cleaning washroom since day one ..salman will also bring this topic on weekend ka vaar and will support shilpa ..biased host..oh forget this weekend toh grand finale very sad… 🙁 gonna miss bigg boss …i is like ganesh visarjan …agle bras tu jaldi aa hehehehe:-)

    1. Go n buy some burnol for the entire week.Picture abhi baaki hei mere dost

    2. Really Hina and vikas fans ko burnol ki jarurat h ……bahut bahut jale pade h sab after all fans Jo h ..fav ki jalegi to fans k b jalegi

    3. @kavi ? ? ?

      Vote for Shilpa. ♥ ☺ ♥

      Don’t vote for ? Vikas ? – a mongrel ?

      Hina is better than Vikas at least jo bhi h same to h. Aisa to nahi k muh pe ram ram aur bagal me chhuri

    4. @moksh… hina/vikas/akash/luv/puneesh everyone knows what’s going on … puneesh is so clever n selfish person… shilpa fans can’t even look his fake side that he is just using shilpa like vikas … at the time of vikas i said this thing vikas saanp ko paal raha h.. n shilpa is doing the same… but shilpa ko loss nhi hoga.. aur shilpa ko kisi se kuch loss nhi hoga.. ye baat puneesh ko pata h… usey pata h he is not going to win.. so its better shilpa n salman k agey hath jod k jitna agey pohonch sakte ho pohonch jao… after all makers are paying them per day basis….

  11. Today’s episode was awesome……. all were sooooooooo frustrated n heartbroken after knowing that shilpa is winning hearts……..
    I feel that the kitchen matter was unnecessarily risen by shilpa but the way hina#mohalle ki aunty behaved was also weird but its not her fault…….its her shock……..
    The press conference was a trailer for hina khan she has to watch the whole film after coming out………I hope she pays for her words n actions…….the comment which she passed on sakshi tanwar was very shameful of her…….although she has done that regarding others too…….guess she is the most hateful one in the house……….once hina said that whatever the situation be she won’t involve in vikas………but they both have involved…… of the biggest enemies of this season…….I’d say……..
    Nothing to say abt vikas………its just when he was not involved in her…….he was better……..I don’t have problem if he b*t*hes abt shilpa…….as she does the same but in the PC he continuously supported hina…….which was indeed shocking………for me……..
    Precap is really nyc……….m waiting for it…….good to see arshi……..

    1. Press conference was necessary taaki Vikas ko pata chale log uska acting samajhte hei aur Shilpa ki genuine nature ko pasand karte hei.
      Shilpa-Bhediya Vikas jhund me ate hei.Akele ane ki himmat nahi.Awesome

    2. evn shilpa played in ur so called jhund.So pls dont tell anythng abt dt matter.
      nd abt acting ya vikas can become a good actor in future

    3. @kavi … press conference was necessary so that again they can make image of hina as a big vamp …
      nd fir bol denge kya kare all r against of hina toh shilpa jeet gayi….
      bhai ek do batein ye bhi bol deti na agar reorter m se koi ki kaise pueesh hina ko ganda bolta h.. shilpa khud racial n physical appearance , s*xuality pe bat karti h toh bhi maan lete that confrence was not fake..

      @avi.. i have asked u question… as i know u really hate vikas… but u like hina na?????????
      then y u can’t see what’s happening to her….

  12. Worst episode ever !
    Dearest press conference,
    Was it a motive to show Shilpa as the main protagonist of a daily soap so that all the ‘housewives’ get biased towards her and vote for her?
    Honestly speaking, in the very last week, Hina has won all our hearts. Hina IS right. I admit Hina had previously let Priyank body shame Shilpa in front of her, BUT

    BUT, Shilpa never ever gave it back to Priyank. She cried but she didn’t protest. She never fought for her rights ! She supported people whom she thought are weak contestants. She always let Akash say cheap things about women, even about her. But she didn’t protest in front of Akash till today.
    Shilpa just always used her “motherly nature” to get that so-called position of ‘woman’.

    In that house, if Hina was the vamp, then I am proud to support the vamp as she represents truly what a ‘human being’ is ! She did many mistakes but at the end of the day fought for her own rights. Women power is what exactly she has represented.

    Coming to Vikas, he always has been my favourite and will continue to be. Perfect mindset he has not to fight with people who changes frequently. And, he isn’t an ACTOR as said by Shilpa. Guys, time is less…
    If u people didn’t vote till today, please vote for Vikas for the last time. ? He deserves to win.

    1. @Aarohi… exactly.. jab hina ne bosy shame kiya toh sab uske peeche pad gaye.. what about shilpa/puneesh????
      unki sari galtiyan maaf????????
      is hina not a women?????
      bhai shilpa ne aisa kiya kya h mujhe toh seriously samajh nhi aya…….
      vikas ne starting se jo bola h wo abhi tak usi baat pe h… but shilpa har rozx apna statement change kar rahi h still logo ko wo nhi dikh raha … bandi khud hi blame kar rahi h aur khud hi bol rah h ni mujhe toh ban nhi kiya.. nhi vikas is not directly responsible……….etc etc etc…..

  13. Bcoz of just one appy fiz caller shilpa is frustrated. Doing and talking absolutely rubbish. Think about hina who was targeted the whole season. This season was just about showing shilpa as the great person the so called jagatmata and proving hina “Vamp”. Even though it’s only one week remaining the reality is for all to see as to who is the real Vamp. I will vote for hina and wish her to win.

    1. @Aarohi… exactly.. jab hina ne bosy shame kiya toh sab uske peeche pad gaye.. what about shilpa/puneesh????
      unki sari galtiyan maaf????????
      is hina not a women?????
      bhai shilpa ne aisa kiya kya h mujhe toh seriously samajh nhi aya…….
      vikas ne starting se jo bola h wo abhi tak usi baat pe h… but shilpa har rozx apna statement change kar rahi h still logo ko wo nhi dikh raha … bandi khud hi blame kar rahi h aur khud hi bol rah h ni mujhe toh ban nhi kiya.. nhi vikas is not directly responsible……….etc etc etc…..

  14. Vikas is not trustworthy, He was the one who hit Shilpa back when she was trying to help him in a task (where vikas hit puneesh). He started to be coordial with Shilpa and at the same time he was forming his team with Hiten and Arshi. People, outside, must be aware of him. Hina is useless, hence Does not need to be mentioned here.

  15. Shilpa should have sone common sense. She is comparing cooked food with raw eggs and milk. Like really?
    Puneesh is a flip. He is backbiting shilpa and supporting her at the same time.
    Hina confessed that shilpa will win. Smwhere they are stretching the cooking matter. Bigg boss house seems like master chef where every1 is like you came here so you have 2 options…either acknowledge the person who is cooking or cook food youself( BUT WITHOUT USING ANYTHING THE OTHER PERSON HAS MADE)

    Vikas is lost. He actually became lost boy..
    Its better not to talk about akash. Following bigg boss for so many days…but i still dont know who is the real akash

  16. Hip hip hooray can’t I have an opinion.slap on journalist face by hina.came to insult Hina but got a tight slap.this is real girl power.they Al heard things said against Shilpa and bands ,then what about Shilpa and puneesh b*t*hing.oh good when the hell , body shaming is the only bad thind,how many times they said about hinas color,her hina not girl.if you talk about Shilpa in the name of girl power so should speak about Hina also.otherwise keep your mouth shut. puneesh. said vikas won’t get votes bcoz he is not good looking.

    Vikas master mind said about cleaning, that’s what I said.hosewifes are not only doing cooking.its not a daily soap that you do drama of cooking for many and showing ✋

    1. @neha… even i prod of these three vikas/hina/akash …. ye log nhi jhuke makers k partiality k agey…. they spoke by heart … and give it back to the reporters………..

    2. Neha.., he he.. Never expect any miracle from BB…. Laadli ki image bachane ki poore koshish me hai makers

  17. Hina or vikas Dono hi jaleous h Shilpa k popularity se…… specially Hina to kuch jyada hi jealous hai…Shilpa bb k sab task kiye h as a silent player…or baakiyo k jaise chilla chilla ke no khelti hai iska mtlb ye ni h k wo task ni krti h….ab jab last week aaya hai to viewers k saamne Shilpa ko defame krne ki kosis kr rhe h jisase use kam vote mile Hina or vikas Dono milke ..kyunki in Dono ko akele game play krne ki himmat to h hi ni…Dono k group member jaa chuke hai ab Dono vikas Hina naa chahte huye b ek dusre ka sath Dena pad rha h….Mr Mastermind vikas dogli Shilpa ni h …aap hai dogle…last week se pehle b Shilpa aapke liye khana banati thi or aapki burayi b krti thi ye sab pta Tha lekin tab b khana khate the ..dogla kon hua aap vikas… Aunty hina khan 3months k baad yaad k aapke pet dard ho rha h baasi khana khane k baad ..gajab?…Hina or vikas Dono Shilpa ko kahte h b*t**g krti h …to tum Dono kis dudh k dhule ho ..tum b to wahi krte h …… Aunty Hina khan aapko khana banane to aata ni h …1 insaan ka banane me tumhari hawayi ud jaati h …6-9 logo ka khana banana pad gya to kya hoga ….agar pure Ghar k kaam me dekha Jaye sabse jyada or difficult kaam kitchen sambhalana hota h …Jo Hina jaise log kabhi ni samjh skte .. vikas or Hina Dono Shilpa ko defame krne ki kosis kr rhe h ,,per wo Dono khud hi defame ho rhe h viewers k saamne . NEIGHBOR AUNTY was 100% true …I like it ???? . Shilpa you are best….1000 times better than Hina … Shilpa is winner

  18. I feel bigg boss is a schoolm where all are students and salman khan is teacher. The dynamics in bigg boss change daily and it changes monthly or yearly in school. Today we are enemies next year best friends then next next year enemies again. There is this obedient child(shilpa types) who help teachers, clean boards, arrange the benches and therefore is so busy and tired and so doesnt get to complete the homework( tasks). But but but the TEACHER loves her and is partial. And all the other students envy het but nobody has guts to say anything.
    Then some are like really clever. Really really clever. But they forget even other have brains.
    And there is this super stylish girl who unfortunately mostly comes second. She will fight and fight her heart out. Sometimes she will say anything and the nxt moment abra ka dabra..memory loss. She actually doesn’t think b4 speaking

    Baki ar normal students idhar ki udhar or udhar ki idhar

    Akash is like that student who butters the 1st girl/boy and then fi8s wid her and gets scolded

    1. awesome analization.

    2. @shreya …. he he…
      nice example……..

  19. I read many yesterday comments against bb11 for supporting so happy that lots of people felt the same way I’m .
    In previous season they clearly scold many people for less activeness

  20. OMG.. Hina and Vikas were looking so desperate and insecure of Shilpa..
    Hina again proved that she is a liar..
    Slow claps for hina
    Reporters asked correct questions to Hina and Vikas.. Hina and Vikas are again friends for what.. Hina getting support from Vikas.. Biggest joke.. We can see old Hina and Vikas
    Puneesh came up with a valid point.. Salute you Puneesh
    Let’s see who will win Bigg Boss 11
    Fingers crossed

  21. What happened to Shilpa, why she is behaving so rude with Vikas from last week?? They were good with each other & suddenly from somewhere I don’t know again Shilpa is saying all those stuff…!! Not liking it. I like both Shilpa & Vikas both but not liking Shilpa this time 🙁

    1. Aap ko Vikas ki b*t*hing nahi dikh rahe hei?Saturday, Sunday k episodes me Rani&Sid k samne bhi Shilpa k khilaf bola kal media k samne bhi.Shilpa fight back kiya hei

    2. Don’t worry yaar …yaha pe jyada comments vikas or Hina k fan h ..jale to pade huye h ..isliye apni bhadaas yaha nikaal rhe h …???….. Sab k sab desperate ho rakhe h …

    3. @piku ….

      she was doing drama tlll now… a logical person like u n @Deepika.. will definitely change their mind after analyzing all her drama…
      @raman … #No Offence …
      as u said hina/vikas fan jale pade h… toh bhai yahan kisi ko paise nhi milne wale hina/viks se …. and second thing … we dont have to be jealous as we knew it very well from the begnning of this show that shilpa is fixed winner……….

  22. zara hayat khan

    Hate u shilpa aunty……….shedding for crocodile tears…….I’ll support my vikas…May u win this show nice to see arshi in todays episode..eagerly waiting…..

    1. Gupta aunty kab tak ache banne ka natak karenge.Kal sare jealousy bahar aa gaya

    2. @kavi …. like shilpa??????????
      wo bolti h me khana khlati hu aur sabko ehsaan dikhati h … aise wala accha banne ki koshish ki baat kar rahe ho aap????????

  23. @cutie pie and sweetie loved the yday’s comments! Each and every word! Just Wow! What people wants to say , you guys just cleared it off!

    Hell to all Shilpa Paid fans and Blind people ! I don’t care for your comments! @[email protected]@[email protected]@samaira If I missed any daily views sorry! You guys are awesome! Gonna miss the comments after BB11!

    Comming on to News reporters! Shilpa ji ‘s sweet BB had given money for them to praise her! Even puneesh had a deal with Shilpa after comming out from BB,Shilpa:” I will give you the price money! So please Puneesh my dear! Praise me so that I can give you hot paratas and extra curry! till this week! ?

    Praise me so that BB will eliminate Acash instead of you! ?”

    #################################Shilpa you are the best??! You will get a good husband?, who loves to eat 24 hours without a second! She is the perfect human being who won’t back b**** others, who sacrificed everything! People so called fans voted for you because you cooks well! You entertain people by not back biting others! Million tweets only for you, who says females should not work outside, always stay at the kitchen, never get educated, should not voice over the men. In this 21st century, a woman like you should be praised by Indians who vote for you! Hatsoff! Shilpa to fans” Be strong! Stop fighting guys! Don’t give up! But Don’t fight! I am alone! ”
    Do right! Do cooking! Don’t do task btw! Surely you will win dear! Because BB never says wrong about your activities, that’s why BB camera is full on for you 24 hours! Only your face! , even in BB extradose! You keep on talking alone like Gautam Gulati! Great! What a strategy! and Respect for you for that!
    Sorry to say! Now I got the fact that BB 11 is a cookery show! Now I understand! Only woman who says old concepts! can win this show! #Sarcastically

    Vikas, Hina and Acash please don’t let her to cry in front of the cameras! It looks so boring!

    # Now If at all Vikas or Hina won’t win this show! BB gone! Worst show ever!

    1. @Advay tez…. first of thanks buddy to read n like our comments 🙂
      i think u commented here for the second time … i liked ur first comment very much n this time too..
      and this time too u just nailed it …..
      i wish hina/vikas jeete ….

    2. Advaj Tej, …LOL, ur comment was funny…loved it

  24. Hi everyone, Commenting after a long time.. finally bb11 ka last week bhi aa gaya.. pata nhi winner kon hoga but mera support to vikas ko hi hai. .

  25. Neha chandra

    I think there is going to be surprise elimination on Wednesday.aksh is not going to reach top 3.dont know when but he is 5 th.i loved the way vikas and Hina understood ship is going to be the winner.

  26. Neha chandra

    I’m waiting for the comments for a long time,why it’s not showing

  27. Shilpa is a drama queen.she wants sympathy. She doesn’t look real to me .she is negative n doesn’t look happy.I prefer vikas n hina they are real

  28. Think they should rename big boss to the shilpa shinde show… how bias can it be… the press conference was completely biased towards shilpa, they may as well just end the show & make Shiloh the winner as they are so keen to force her ‘motherly nature’ down our throats . Oh please she only to layer the motherly role until it suited her.
    As usual after arguing she played the sympathy vote, became the victim & the tears came rolling out yet …. this comes from the person that takes great pleasure in laughing at others for crying…. what a total hypocrite!

    I truly hate how just because shilpa does the cooking everyone should be indebted today, she acted like a complete psycho today in order to try & create some drama where yet again she could play the ‘dont bite the hand that feed you’ game to make Hina & Vikas look bad…. ?so bored of her same old ‘woe’ is me routine.

    As for Puneesh as usual he is playing the same game he has played along and hiding behind a powerful character & using them to help him get further, he knows shilpa has a good fan base so is sticking to her like glue…. I would love to see shilpa go (but have to be realistic with the amount of support she has from big boss I doubt that’s going to happen), so truly wish Puneesh is the next to go!

    1. Fir to last fizz caller b vikas ne pehle se paise diye honge ..isliye isliye isane bola…kisi k favor me koi bole to biased …fir sabhi k sath yahi situation bananti hai…yaha vikas Hina Shilpa baki sabi contestants k fans the to Kya unhe paise diye gye h fan banane k liye..sab equal h yaha pe ….Hina ko Kya bs to 10 min ka Ghar kaa kaam krke bed pe rhti ya soti rhti h …to Kya camera aise logo pe focus krega…Jo kaam krega using pe camera focus krega …kitchen ka kaam krne se ki soch chhoti ni ho skti h …Kya logic h Hina khan k …

    2. Ye to pehle hafte se Shilpa Shinde show hei.Gupta ne kiya kya hei bed pe letne ke alawa

    3. he performed all d task nd he nd hina wer d ones who brought prize money back
      pls wtch epi again

    4. @meera ….. dear ur analyzation is sooo true ….
      @kavi … exactly
      ..*Ye to pehle hafte se Shilpa Shinde show hei.Gupta ne kiya kya hei bed pe letne ke alawa*
      haan ji bilkul …. jaise shilpa ne kiya kya h khana banane k alawa aur uske baad ehsaan dikhane k alawa …… ????
      and ye toh pehle hafte se hi shilpa shinde show h… ye baat apne khud hi bol di… cz she is fixed winner …. khud hi bol rahe ho ki vikas ne bed pe lete rehne ko chod kiya kya h… correct?????????
      wahin toh na yaani jo ladaiyaa n torture thing tha wo sab shilpa ka h start kiya hua drama tha … vikas bed pe leta rehta tha shilpa uske pass jati thi footage lene k liye ….

    5. Meera, it’s all true what you commented!
      Well written

  29. hate u shilpa..u r really irretating.. fake tears u want sympathy..u will get vote without doing drama. .dont u love to torture n hurt others to make them only puneesh is in ur side so u lost that power..?n make urself to cry..hahaa so funny..vikas or hina wil b winner.

    1. Vikas jaise negative aadmi kabhi winner nahi ban sakta.Shilpa&Hina me se koyi bhi winner ban sakte hei

    2. @preet i…. agreed…….

  30. Proud vikasian….he nailed it…like a boss…love you…to some extent he could show Shilpa’s true colours while putting across his points… though the Media was only in a mood to make Shilpa more mahan and Hina as a vamp…

    Few points which proves press was on Shilpa’s favorites and bashing Hina…
    1) Hina said about her 8 year career…i don’t deny that… but these are the words of Shilpa to Arshi once…
    “15 saal…15 saal kaam Kiya hai iss industry me Maine Arshi… dekh lungi….”
    2) about jealousy thing on kitchen… every other contestants will feel bad that they have tried hard, performed well in tasks strategized with each other,and fought for captiancy along with the household chores like mopping, toilet cleaning and all… and one woman…she just cooks food andb*t*hed about others and says my fans will save me at the time to perform….she gets all the claps and Wah Wah and appreciations… obviously others will feel bad…
    3) i agree this is not kathron…I so wish Hina should have given them back…I wish Hina should have said this…
    “I am so sorry…I didn’t know that this was a cookery show/MasterChef…it was my mistake that I mistook BB to be a show where you have to perform in tasks…”
    3) press were clapping….on housewife point…I feel Salman & press are watching some other show….mahan shilpa-Devi working hard on kitchen and feeding them and others are sitting idle and eating her food…the house, toilets cleaning mopping and pocha and rest every household works are not at all worthy…of course… Shilpa Devi is not doing it…
    Arshi, Sabyasachi have also done cooking for all the inmates…but what they do is not worthy…if Shilpa does cooking then only it is supposed to be the mahan work,…
    4) Shilpa could make the first few weeks of Vikas Gupta the producer, hell by harassing him like anything…that guy could not tolerate it and was about to leave..but she is not strong enough to say akash that stay in your limits…Hina had this doubt and told this… what’s wrong in it…
    4) Hina is a b*t*hy aunty… Shilpa talking about some one being lusty, on s*xuality,on features of others (chachundar face and all) , ‘Vikas might take advantage of you outside so beware’ are not b*t*hing… that’s just she being nice to co contestants and giving tips to them to make them better person as per the media…
    Let me clear this that I am a Vikas fan and will be voting for him…but what press was doing with Hina was very rude…I didn’t say that Hina has not done this…but Shilpa too does that…but Hina was grilled and Shilpa was given the mahan title again… that’s not done…
    And by the way…. Debina, a co actor of Shilpa had tweeted yesterday…just loved her tweet…
    Vikasians interested can go and have a look…

    1. @jisha …. yes… we proud of our choice ….
      and always will be……..

    2. Jisha, sahi bola apne..
      Besides what she told abt work experience, she even insulted commoners by saying ” these people can’t earn that much 1 or 2 years what we earn one day…” – remember???
      Press conference was purely a scripted drama by BB…!

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