Bigg Boss 11 6th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Rani Mukrji becomes inmates’ teacher

Bigg Boss 11 6th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone to the show. Salman says this is last weekend ka vaar and next Sunday we will know the winner of this season. Salman says Puneesh and Aakash are in finale week and we will know who will move ahead from nominated inmates. Salman says there will be 5 inmates in finale week. Salman says ballot box is in house which will tell fate of inmates. Salman says inmates mimicked each other today and see what happened.

In house,
Aakash is mimicking Vikas
Shilpa is mimicking Hina
Luv is mimicking Puneesh
Puneesh is mimicking Luv
Vikas is mimicking Aakash
Hina is mimicking

They all wake up as their mimicking characters.

Shilpa is mimicking Hina. Hina is cooking in kitchen and mimicking Shilpa. Vikas mimics Aakash and says Shilpa you have done nothing in show, I have done everything in the show. Shilpa mimics hina and says she didnt give me breakfast, Ro please take me away, I dont want to stay here, she acts like crying, all laugh.

On stage, Salman says inmates had a class and master Rani Mukrji went to take their class.

In house, Rani comes in house. Vikas says you look so nice on TV. Rani meets them all. Rani says I am a teacher in my new movie so I will take a class today,you have to mimic each other. Rani says first is Puneesh who is mimicking Luv, topic is Hina and Luv’s friendship. Puneesh mimics him and says first I shave my chest hair as Hina doesnt like them, we had good friendship but I am now commoner, Hina you are nothing, Rani claps and says your time is up.
Rani says now Hina will mimic Shilpa, Hina asks Rani will you eat something? she says I will make something for Vikas, then goes and murmurs that Vikas eats so much. Rani says your topic is game player, Hina says she plays like that. Shilpa says when you act so much then you think that if someone is cooking food, then it must be her game. Rani says to Shilpa that you will mimic Hina now, you are very beautiful Hina, you looks like Manisha Koerala. Shilpa thanks her. Rani says Shilpa your topic is Perfect Hina. Shilpa mimics Hina and says how much is 14+14? its 21. Shilpa says I know all the tasks, I have seen all seasons, Shilpa says I am perfect, Ranis asy no one is perfect, Shilpa says but I am perfect.. Rani says but how.. Shilpa says I never said that I am perfect, when did I say it? all laugh.
Rani says next is Vikas who will mimic Aakash. Vikas comes rapping like Aakash, be sings bang bang. Rani says your topic is no one is like Aakash. Vikas mimics Aakash and says I am rockstar. Rani says your accent is not foreigner? Vikas says I lived in India for years so I dont have foreign accent, I am a rockstar and I will talk to indians like indian, all laugh. Vikas mimics Aakash’s raping, all laugh. Rani says Vikas your time is up. Vikas says I will tell you more if you give me your number bang bang.. Rani says Vikas can become actor.
Rani says next is Aakash who will mimic Vikas. Aakash starts mimicking Vikas, Rani says your topic Vikas- the Mastermind. Aakash says I play in group and then throw them out with my masterstroke and now I feel I am going to leave, all laugh. Aakash says now I am master blind. Rani says your hair looks more like Sanjay Dutt, Aakash says I am bald, he shows his bald head, Rani laughs. Rani says you didnt give me much performance.
Rani says next is Luv who will mimic Puneesh. Luv wears Bandagi’s picture and says we are called Buneesh together, all laugh. Rani says topic is most sensible commoner, Luv says I loved here, I fought here, threw slipper at my brother, he shows slippers to Vikas and shouts like Puneesh, Rani says your voice is like R. D. Barman, all laugh. Rani says the one who mimicked most nicely was Vikas, the way you rapped, mimicked Aakash was beautiful. Rani says this mimicking task ends. Rani says we get hiccups in life, sometimes our conscious gives us hiccups too, I want to ask whose thinking gave you hiccups in this house? Aakash says I got hiccups from Shilpa as she says we used her shoulder to become celebrity from commoners. Shilpa says I have hiccups from Aakash’s thinking, he praises my food so much and then he flips and says I make oily food, he flips so much, I get hiccups from that. Vikas says boys had some boy conversation and girls felt bad about it but Shilpa said that boys do talks like that, I felt women shouldnt be saying that, I have hiccups from that thinking, boys and girls both do dirty talks but nobody should be doing it. Rani says you all did nice in my class, you showed love to your teacher, didnt lie to your teacher, time for this teacher to leave. Rani hugs Shilpa, she wishes them luck and leaves.

In house, Vikas says to Hina that Shilpa is miffed with me calling out to her, Hina says she is like that, she hasnt studied much so her thinking is that girls should work in kitchen and should not be competing with boys thats why she doesnt work against boys in tasks too. Vikas says its her thinking, she thinks girls cant do what boys do.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says Rani came in house, she took class? all laugh. Shilpa says I became Hina. Salman asks Hina if she was mimicking Shilpa or Arshi? all laugh. Hina says I had nothing to wear what Shilpa wears. Salman says your brought night suits? Hina says Shilpa doesnt wear night suits. Salman asks Vikas to mimic Aakash’s rapping. Vikas raps that baldie has gone mad.. bang.. bang.. Salman says Aakash is looking like irritating, Aakash you look insulting, Aakash says sorry. Salman says Aakash you are in finals and nobody likes you, thats an achievement. Salman congrats Puneesh and Aakash for reaching to finals. Salman says nobody likes Aakash. Hina says he has sides too. Puneesh says he will change. Salman says he didnt change till now so when he will change? when God hits him with silent stick then he will become right. Salman says nobody wants to talk to you because you irritate people but when you do all this outside, people will beat you. Aakash says this is for show only.
Salman says to inmates that Shilpa, Vikas, Hina and Luv are nominated. Salman says Luv your luck has been good, Luv says till now. Salman says who is going to leave is closed in that ballot box. Vikas says this box has been here from last night. Salman says this box will tell who is going ahead. Salman says you people are less popular according to house ranking thats why you four nominated, you people are weak, Aakash and Puneesh have taken their places with right, they are top players, all laugh. Puneesh says inmates took Aakash’s side that he is entertainer so he should be first one. Luv says I didnt agree to give him first position. Salman says fighting with people is entertainment? Aakash says guests call me entertainer too. Salman says if these guests recognize you outside then we will see, all laugh. Salman says Shilpa you took Aakash’s side, you called him no. 1 entertainer. Shilpa says he has been telling me from day 1 that he is best entertainer, I cant argue with him so just take the position, its like giving lollipop to a kid. Salman says you people got a chance to win finale ticket but didnt get it, you people won 50lacs too. Salman says you people were asked to honestly do the ranking task, keyword was honesty, did you do it with honesty? Vikas says no, I said that I see Aakash on 3rd or 4th but people started agreeing that he can be first one and Shilpa agreed to stand in last, Hina said that we cant fight with them so she can take last spot too, then whole exercise was futile, nobody wanted to fight in that task so they just gave up. Shilpa says they said that we have top rankings because of celebrity status, we are commoners and we entertained people in house. Vikas says Puneesh and Aakash fought for it and we didnt, so its our mistake. Salman asks Hina about celebrity status. Hina says if we are popular from before thats doesnt mean we havent done our efforts in show. Salman asks if anyone sees Aakash as number one? Hina says no. Aakash says I have to fight for it, I gave my point and they agreed. Salman says viewers cant believe that Shilpa, Hina and Vikas didnt show right on top positions. Luv says they gave us top three positions easily. Vikas says we didnt have any choice. Puneesh says show is ending, I want to be number one, I will fight for it, I cant give it in platter, Vikas says but you gave first position to Aakash, Puneesh says because I cant argue with Aakash too. Salman says basically to not fight, to not argue, you gave position to Aakash and got nominated. Puneesh says I dont agree with them, this is not Vikas Gupta show, he says that he sees Punesh on 6th, he doesnt know what is happening outside. Salman says lets take out whats in your hearts.
Salman assk Puneesh to bring props from store room. Puneesh does. Salman says to Vikas that you have tell ranking which you wanted. Vikas says: 1st Shilpa, 2nd Hina, 3rd Vikas, 4th Aakash, 5th Luv and 6th Puneesh. Salman asks Hina to tell what she wanted as her ranking? Hina says Vikas’s ranking is perfect. Salman asks Shilpa what was her thinking about ranking? Shilpa says if I see Vikas as mastermind then I can see Vikas as m1st too, all other ranking of Vikas is fine. She gives first rank to Vikas, 2nd to Hina and 3rd to herself. Salman asks you think Hina is 2nd? she says no, she gives 3rd ranking to Hina and 2nd to herself, she says I see Aakash at 6th and Puneesh at 4th. Salman asks Puneesh what was thinking? Puneesh says I feel 1st is Shilpa, 2nd is me, 3rd is Vikas, 4th is Hina, 5th is Aakash and 6th is Luv. Salman says now see the difference between that day’s ranking and now’s ranking, top two must be between Hina, Vikas and Shilpa.. we will know soon the reality when this ballot box opens, he ends call.
Hina says to Vikas that we avoid Aakash because he starts blabbering. Aakash says no one likes me? I messed up things for myself in last week.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that Aakash’s behavior was was very bad, he hurt me so much, Puneesh says Aakash cant change. Shilpa says people told me in mall that they will beat Aakash, he will get it like this.

On stage, Salman welcomes Rani Mukrji. Rani congratulate him for Tiger. Salman says she is promoting her husband’s movie, Rani laughs. Salman asks about her movie hitchki. Rani says I am a teacher in movie and I have a Tourette syndrome. Rani says you are not getting wedding hiccup so I feel you should just directly get babies, you will get nice, good babies. Rani says I know Salman from a long time, he has always been a big star but he has good heart and nobody can host more nicely than him. Salman laughs. Rani says it was first time going in house, it was nice there, I met inmates there, Salman asks their names. Rani tells their names. Salman says she watches Bigg boss. Salman says Rani is one of the most talented actresses in the industry. Rani thanks him. Salman says Rani never forgets her dance steps and now she will demonstrate, all laugh. Music plays, they both dance on sone ka morr. they dance on old songs.
Salman says to Rani that I hiccup when I talk to my father out of respect. Rani says thats why we love you. Rani says when are you having baby? we want Salman’s babies, I have no interest in Salman’s wedding. Salman says me too doesnt have interest in Salman’s wedding, all laugh.
Rani says to Salman that I want to test your memory. Salman says okay. Rani says I will be teacher and Salman will be student. Salman sits on bench. Rani says I will say a word and you have to join another word then I will join another word then we will move this chain and we will see whose memory is better. Rani starts dialogue, Salman adds to the dialogue, they keep adding to the chain of dialogue, Rani says Salman passed in this memory test, he remembered all the lines. Salman promotes her movie. Rani thanks him and leaves.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says Luv, Hina, Shilpa and Vikas are nominated. Salman says there will be a task now, you have reached so far with honesty and today it will be test of your honesty, I will tell you things which you said about others and you have to accept or reject that you said those words. Salman says one by one, you will go to activity area and do task there, when you accept that you said those words then you will get a green signal in twisted way. Salman says we will start with Shilpa. Shilpa comes to activity area and sits on a chair, she straps herself. Salman says Shilpa do you think that Vikas is attention seeker? he wants everyone’s attention all the time? Shilpa says yes. Green slime falls on Shilpa as she accepted it. Salman asks Shilpa that Puneesh and Luv should stay away from Vikas after show because he take their advantage? she says yes, more slime falls on her. Salman asks Shilpa if Hina never accepts her mistakes? she says yes, more slime falls on her. Salman asks if Aakash is selfish? she says yes, more slime falls on her. All inmates are watching on TV, Vikas says why she is accepting everything? this is dumb. Salman says Shilpa has been honest in the task. Next one is Puneesh. Shilpa comes back in lounge, Hina asks her to sit on table and not on couch. Salman says Shilpa you have to sit on Hina’s lap. Hina screams no, hina says all will get dirty so Shilpa as well sit on couch.
Puneesh sits on chair in activity area. Salman says Puneesh you thinks you are more influential than Vikas in real world? Puneesh says yes. Vikas says he is lying. Slime falls on Puneesh, all laugh. Salman says Puneesh you think Hina is zero of house? Puneesh says no Hina is not zero of the house. Slime doesnt fall on him. Salman says you said that on camera before and now lied. Salman asks Puneesh if Shilap doesnt follow up on her promises? she changes her statements? Puneesh says yes she is, Slime falls on him, all laugh. Salman asks Puneesh if he sees Aakash as Ramu kaka, servant of house? Puneesh says 110%, Puneesh says yes, more slime falls on him. Hina says its slimy.. Salman says next is Hina Khan. Hina makes disgusting face. She sees Puneesh coming back and says look at him. Shilpa says you called me changing statements? Puneesh says I say things a lot.
Hina sits on chair in activity area. Salman asks Hina if she thinks Vikas is most weak player of the house? she says yes, slime falls on her, she ewww. Salman asks Hina if she thinks Vikas is repenting his mistakes in this house? she says yes, a big splash of slime falls on her. Salman asks Hina if she thinks Shilpa is unhygienic, not clean at all? Hina says yes, a bout of slime falls on her. Hina is stunned. Salman asks Hina if she thinks that in ticket to finale task, Shilpa was biggest hindrance for her? Hina says yes. More slime falls on her. Salman says splash on her head, Hina says please I will have to do makeup again.
Salman says next is Vikas, Vikas sits on chair in activity area. Salman asks if he thinks Shilpa is the biggest liar? Vikas says no. Salman says but we heard you say it. Vikas says but she is not. Salman asks if he thinks Shilpa just acts to be nice and is not really nice? Vikas says no. Salman says but you said that. Salman asks Vikas if Hina is trying to rectify her mistakes? he says no. Salman says you think Shilpa is plotting and not so great? He says I never said that. Salman says you said that too but lying now. Salman says Vikas was most dishonest so he will get slime, Vikas says really? Slime falls over Vikas’s head. Salman says Hina and Shilpa won the slime task. Salman promotes Nick show. Salman asks Aakash to bring something from store room. Aakash brings some boxes. Salman says Aakash you are no. 1 kid of house so there are trophies in box for winners of slime task, give it to Shilpa and Hina. Aakash gives some rocket showpieces. Salman ends call.

On stage, Salman says tomorrow will be last weekend ka Vaar as next weekend will be finale, one nominated inmate will be out tomorrow. Salman signs off from the show.

PRECAP- Siddharth and Manoj comes in house. They give task to inmates. Inmates sit on gym balls, they have to move to other end of the garden while jumping on gym balls. Inmates start jumping on ball. Manoj and Sid laughs seeing them try to move ahead.
Inmates opens ballot box which have votes for all four nominated inmates. They will count votes of their own. Puneesh helps Shilpa in counting her votes. Luv, Hina and Vikas counts their votes too. They write their vote numbers on paper. Salman says result is shocking.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I think vikas nd hina became good frnds aftr d mall task whats ur opinion @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]

    1. Samaira_khan

      @harshi yep and before tht also it was looking..

    2. Neeru

      @Harshi….. Yea….. Twitter is now shipping “vina nd hikas”
      Haha…. I dnt knw abt becoming great frnds,, but dey hv definitely becme more comfortable around each other…. Nd as @xyz said,, hina hv realized dat vikas was nt at fault in shilpa nd vikas mattr…. And vikas hv realized hina is nt that a cunning person he thot… So maybe just like week 1 we’ll get to see a frndship in week 15th…??
      BTW,, did u see d exposed vdos of shilpa on twitter… ? If nt check dese out…

    3. Neha chandra

      Awesome neeru.i saw this now and came here to tell you all this.siddarth Gupta challenge people to come with allegations,I will prove with proof that my brother is innocent.she s just a gamndi aurat who thinks there is no replacement for her.
      Did you see other videos of luv saying there are lots of vikas and Hina fans present in the mall.and vikas questioning Shilpa for leaving the show herself at the time of debate and endemol won’t show anything that harm her Devi avathar.

    4. Neeru

      @neha…. Yea…. I saw it…. Luv clearly said hina, vikas sabke the…. Nd i evn saw a shilpa fan trying to show dat see evn luv said shilpa has got d most nd vikas doesnt hv supporters….???Popat ho gayi… !!!

    5. @harshi … actually hina ko samajh aa chuka h… vikas was not in a fault in vikas-shilpa matter …they knew it … makers n salman both are favouring shilpa ….
      shilpa took vikas help n cornered hina …..shilpa took hina’s help n cornered vikas …..
      hina knew this thing vikas cahe jaisa bhi ho but agar hina ya koi aur problem m hoga vikas genuinely aa k console karega .. now a days … hina is at her breaking point …. after luv matter she got really hurt .. n vikas knew this thing chahe hina n vikas k kitne bhi differences ho … vikas ko pata h hina ne kitna kiya vikas k liye …. and he consoled her….
      in mall he take care for her alot … and each n every person like this kind of careness n possessiveness ….

    6. Yeah agreed @xyz

    7. Nafiur Rahman Khadem

      not each nd every person, many fans only see positive things in their idol nd every gud things in other contestants seem fake to them.

    8. Gupta exposed

      Insecure gupta

      Scorpion gupta sare clips edit karke upload kiya.Dekho Shilpa exposed k full interview
      @Neeu kuch bhi utake le ane se pehle sach ko jaano.Shilpa nahi Vikas expose hua hei?.CINTAA ne Shilpa k sath kya kiya ye 2 yr pehle hi sabko pata hei.Unke baato ko Gupta fans believe karo.Ye Gauri jo bol rahi hei saaf dikhta hei vo purani Gauri nahi hei,bohut cash aya hei kaha se aaya kya pata?

    9. Neeru

      @kavi…. Sach jaan loon.. ? Aapne tho jaise puri investigation kar rakhi hai…. ?????
      Muje tho purani gauri kharidhi hui lagti hai….

    10. Almost.they don’t have other friends also.both of them are the smartest player.i want any of these two to win Shilpa’s chances are high bcoz bb is supporting her a lot.hope punnesh and Akash won’t reach top3,

    11. Harshi, fans wil ship Hikas, Vina etc..
      The time he ran to help her melted the hatred of many Hina fans, even some shilpa fans said.., ”he ‘s a gentle man” –
      One die hard shilpa fan said it Twitter ” I went there to slap him, but seeing his gestures to all fans I liked him.. He he
      There were a few weeks we saw Shilpa very sweet in nature.. The time she bonded with Vikas, Hiten, Arshi…Without b*t*hing having fun with them… I loved her… SHIKAS..SHIKAS bol rahe thi me bi… 😐
      But she started her dirty game again when Vikas told punnu abt in captaincy discussion she wasn’t considering him… She changed game again… Fir se vahi fake ban.. Ufff..!

      Neeru, thanks for the link… Have u read how Mia explained the controversy 2 days ago… ??
      She did awesome writing,with too much efforts..!
      Well done Mia!
      Neha – right, they r excluding Shilpa’s mistakes in episodes.. I had seen those videos… When Vikas asked her ” u quit 7 shows earlier..” ,she lied ” I completed those.. She was seen struggling for answers…!
      Xyz, He protected her like an elder brother…. Lovely..! During every task they were fighting like kids, but after tht when Hina was with him, they were discussing several other topics… Their friendship hasn’t gone completely bfr also… In this stage, where punnu and Luv backstabbed vikas and Hina, they can be helpful to each other in game…
      zinia, moksh thank u dears… 🙂
      I love writing and reading here when I have free time… M gonna miss all of you as the show s ending….
      Where is Vidu?? Any exam fever??

  2. Why salman said result is shocking !!!is luv not eliminating ??? May be it’s bigg boss house anything can happen here !! I am loving hina yr as she is same everyone is fliping but she is not love her looks and vikas to o he is sweet but shilpa is showing wht she is ……but guys imagine no it’s in real puneesh and akash in top five ??? sabse bda shock toh yahi hai inke liye woh line thi free mein aa gye kuchh nhi kiya show mein real entertainer toh arshi thi…. I had commented after many days as i was busy but missed you @neeru @smaira @xyz @hkf @amy

    1. @moksh…. really good to see u again … 🙂
      i am loving hina too but after vikas…. 😉
      she is more genuine than shilpa punnu etc…. and she is not that bad by heart jitna negative usey show kiya ….
      bdw , love to read ur comments nd its only one week left in finale so keep commenting like bfr …

    2. Agreed to you xyz,moksh.hina is more genuine and hard-working.she also have fans following,but she is giving 100%in task and doing cleaning also.i was a Hina fan later I changed now I started liking her again.yes xyz that’s only after vikas.if he wins I’m very very happy.if he cant then hina

    3. and missed u too 🙂

    4. Hina pehle se hi genuine thi.Ab Vikas ke khilaf nahi hei to Vikas fans ko Hina achi lag rahe hei.Double standard?

    5. sampath kumar

      Justify me y shilpa choosed vikas in first position …. when rocky asked her she told puneesh r aakash but now vikas …. aakash ko chodo atleast puneesh ka naam laethi….. puneesh definitely gonna blame her for this

    6. Kavi, ye sab hota he dear,
      During first week, shilpa – Hina fans were complaining each other… When They showed great fake bond, fans too praised each other… Aftr 5 weeks, they went ack to great enemies.. Omg! Fans were bashing each other… So during poultry task when they made fake deal, even Rocky got love-letters frm shilpa fans…
      What a Double standard! Or Should I cal it multiple standard by shilpians???
      So Vikas and Hina fans can also chnge their preferences… Some Vikasians always loved and wanted to see Hikas where some shipped for Shikas…!

    7. @kavi… dude … bakkiyon ka toh pata nhi… but i was the one who appreciated hina’s hard workfor captaincy n tsks … even i went against vikas when shilpa/vikas shake hands n cornered hina … but it seems like .. u only read only those comments where we wrore negative against shilpa ….. u never read those comments where we were talkiing gainst vikas too ….
      and one more thing ….jab tak shipa acchi thi vikas fans ne shilpa ko appreciate kiya … jab hina improve hui hina ko appreciate kiya … but what about shilpa fans??????????

    8. Neeru

      @Mosksh…. !!! Hey missed you too….. Where hv u been… ?
      Some ppl say hina is loved now becoz she is good wid vikas…. But no… We cnt take d credit frm Hina dat she hv changed her game… She hv definitely improved a lot… Hina is playing good from last 6 weeks or so.. Wat i nvr liked abt hina was her bistar mandali, her forgetting things nd denying dat she hvnt said nything of dat sort nd her she is d best attitude….
      But dese days no bistar mandali,, no denying things nd somewhere salman’s regular scolding her unnecessarly hv helped her to be less over confident….. I Prefer dis hina….

    9. Neha chandra

      Agreed to you neeru.i don’t think Shilpa fans understand.

    10. @ Neeru….. I agree,, you always speak my mind.
      @ Neha.. i’m Shilpa’s fan but not a blind supporter Jo galat hai woh galat n I understand.

  3. sampath kumar

    Now people will bash vikas as a most dishonest person in the world….. if he agreed to all tat Ithana Acha honaeka natak kar rhahae …… now he is not worrying and not at all minding others …… good for him ……I liked how sarcastically he said shilpa ki soch tho sabse Hocha eh ….

    1. Nafiur Rahman Khadem

      Actually problem is shilpa fans know their main opponent is Vikas nd obviously shilpa has huge fandom from beginning, they spread even edited videos nd lies/ half truths abt vikas so soon nd so much!

    2. @sampath … he blvs in reality …. he knew it very well hina n shilpa is a very famous celebrities … so he is just giving his 100 % … aur 1 week m kuchnhi ho jana.. vikasis not over confident … and this is the main thing i like about him … that he blvs in reality .. not in a fake world………..

    3. He played smartly.

    4. Vikas was trying to play over smart.He didn’t answer a single question with honesty.And still got zillat ke laddoo when slime was thrown as a return gift.Master blind fun task bhi seriously leta hei.Kabhi kabhi enjoy karna bhi chahiye

    5. @kavi …. that was not zillat ka laddoo.. us hisaab se toh usse zyada zillat k laddoo hina/shilpa/punnu ne khaye …
      bdw , he didn’t answer directly but told everything in a indirect way .. and salman said this thing too…………….
      *Kabhi kabhi enjoy karna bhi chahiye*
      exactly … only one week bacha h finale week m.. kab tak shilpa dusron ko daant padwa k khush hoti rahegi … kabhi toh positivity dikhaye like hina n vikas …..

    6. sampath kumar

      if u feel our pov is wrong …. u go and see freese release episode divya priyank meet … shilpa was unnecessarily crying the next moment laughing and talking to puneesh ….

  4. Nafiur Rahman Khadem

    wah yaar!!! Shilpa flipped yet another time? pura week: vikas za raha hei vikas doesn’t deserve top 4, show to mei hi jitungi nd in wkw become devi: vikas at top (as she ws accused of being over-confident yesterday).
    Though vikas was lying to avoid slime, but still I think he shouldn’t hv done that.

    1. Ek taraf Vikas masterblind bolte hei ki Shilpa task nahi karti kitchen me hi rehti hai dusri taraf Ranking me Shilpa Ko no1 de diya hahahaha.. He realise deep down that he is nothing infront of Shilpa&Hina.Flipper Vikas

    2. He realised kishilpa shinde ke oehle se h fabs the aur yahan par uske saath poora favouritsm ho raha haictih actuall shilpa ko shiloa fsns aur salman fans dono ke votes mil rahe hai….isilye he did that
      Aur haan shilpa ne kaunsa task sahi se kara hai aaj tak…shayad ek aur wih bhi haari thi woh….woh bhi vikas se…..loser in tasks….zero in personality shilpa shinde iss baar ki aapki winner

    3. This s what Hina, Vikas, Acash and audience except shilpians saying…” Shilpa ka major game plan yehi he, cooking food and feeding them…apart from b*t*hing sessions.. Surprisingly it worked!!! Shilpa fans never care how she quits tasks and never does other houseworks…” they want to see Shilpa’s cute face only…. And Salman s a great worshipper of her…. Besides if u remember vikas said already ” shilpa s the smartest player… She made beautiful ma-beta-beti-jamayi relationships in game and played with contestants and viewers too…” So Vikas gave her NO 1….

      He was smartly avoiding that slime only… Salman understood it, so gave him a bath with tht … I loved it too…!

    4. @kavi …. vikas ne starting se bola h even from first week usey shilpa ranking m 1 lagti h… cz she has lot of fan following .. n usne content diya h… haan haan wahin career ka rona dhona wala ….
      atleasthe is not double standard like shilpa …. pura week bola vikas jayega.. wkw m usey no. 1 de diya … vikas ne show k starting se bola h shilpa ki fan following bht h toh wo no. 1 h uske according … ab aap hi dekh lo har 2 din m statement kon change karta h…

    5. @VGFan,AMY totally agreed to u guys …..

  5. according to salman’s talks i have a feeling dt vikas might get eliminated.I dont wnt dis

  6. For today’s episode .. I don’t know ki what I’m thinking is actually like that or not .. but I genuinely felt that .. the way salman was saying things to akash like bahar jaakr pitoge nd ol .. didn’t good .. nd it was just because in the last week akash fought with shilpa .. come on mannn .. shilpa is not devi ..
    Akash misbehaved with vikas and hina too … But salman never said that much stuff to him ever .. nd even there was a time when shilpa was at its f**king bad behaviour with vikas .. salman never raised that issue .. oh gaaaawwwd .. I think ki salman is not getting the fact shilpa is not that good as acting ..
    But the only thing which make me to feel good ki vikas got saved ..a man with brain nd pure heart ..#VG☺️

    1. sampath kumar

      ya …….. and when tat jail incident happened salman told aakash to continue ur sportsmanship……man this season is the most biased season in the bigg boss history

    2. Hello friends, commenting after a long time.
      Shilpa is d most fake personality ever in d big boss house history. I saw her interview with dibang in which she mentioned she did not want to work in tv daily soap and she was never banned from industry. Salman is favouring shilpa because shilpa has support from Raj thakrey and how can salman take panga from him. So he has no choice. Shilpa till date is lying that they people replaced me and in interview she claimed that she was offered more than double salary and she did not want to work as she can not work in a serial more than one year. She is a liar. I do not understand are people that dumb they are favoring a liar.

    3. Big BossFan, goos to see u back…!
      Shilpa fans clearly said, they won’t change their preferences even if she was lying abt ban…. So they r not dumbs but cunning like her… One side they too know shilpa s lying and hiding truths., on the other side they want to bash Vikas for everything..!
      – I had seen same videos recently, where she said she’s getting many offers, bt she s rejecting it as she s not interested in this industry…”
      Aftr jail torture, Salman said ” it’s normal from her side, bcs she didn’t get any works for 2 years…” – SEE HOW SALMAN WITHOUT KNOWING TRUTHS SUPPORTED HER LIES…. May b she sat at home bcs nobody gave her offers in bollywood but got only an item dance.. How Vikas or Cintaa s responsible for that???
      She s a habitual liar…!

    4. @Anusha, sampath ,AMY .. totally agreed to u guys ..
      @bbfAN … really good to see u back … hope we all will have discussions like bfr …. 🙂

  7. @neeru ,samaira,harshi,moksh,sampath,indian,amy,anjali,zaina ,zara ….. did u guys felt too that after coming from mall.. when vikas n others talking about the mall thing shilpa was not that much excited n her expressions were itself telling all the story behind it … or its only me who feel this thing???????

    1. @esther,jisha ….sry to missed out ur name…

    2. Which story u r talking abt i dint see ystr’s epi

    3. Shilpa ko believe hi nahi hua ki sabse zyada fans uski thi&1million trend k bare me bhi pata chala.Vikas ki tarah usne pehli baar fans nahi dekhi.So chill

    4. Kavi,
      TU wasn’t working properly yesterday, I saw ur message for me now… Quoting from urs..” Sab suna hei na Luv ne kya bola sabse zyada Shilpa fans the&Hina ki bohut zare fans the.Blind fans bolo Luv bhi biased hei.
      joke of the year:”most cheers were for vikas and Hina”Hina to samajh ate hei.Vikas???
      @Amy Vikas ke kitne aadmi the?..”
      Well.., first thing – sab ne ni suna wot luv told changu mangu.., those who watched extra dose only heard it… Not even a single time he said shilpa has ZYAADA FANS.. !
      We can’t say How many Vikas fans were in mall… omg…there were thousands in short time..!
      Kavi, my dear ☺ , how do I make u understand that BB s biased towards Shilpa, that’s why they edited the part where luv was telling punnu and Acash abt Vikas fans too…

      Checkout How I wish I were there on Voot

      ??u can skip to 1 hr 06 mnts to see ??

      luv tells shilpa ka bht fans the.. Hina ka bi the..
      Punnu ( intervenes) – ” she had done 8 years show, so it’s normal..”
      Then Luv says ” vikas ka bi fans the…m saying it genuinely…”
      Acash – ” but shilpa ka zyada the na??”
      Luv – ” aisa to me kahunga ni.., ek moment aise tha ki ”SHILPA SHILPA..” aise sun rahe the..” ( he mentioned the duration of that moment ’30 sec’ too) ??

      Now u can skip video to 1 hr 10 mnts..,
      Luv – ” yaar, bht mixed crowd the..”
      Acash – ” ….let’s back to the reality, tere ko dikhne aur sunne me kiska zyada laga…”
      Luv- I can’t tel..sab mixed the..
      Acash – u don’t have that feeling..?
      Luv – No..! When I look one place Vikas (fans), another luv, here Hina, there shilpa.. !

      He didn’t felt himself who had major fans in mall, then how can he tel shilpa had..?? ?

      In episode ,
      Acash- ” bolona, shilpa ke liye zyada thi na..??
      Luv – phatte!
      Acash – matlab, zyada thi???
      Luv – phatte!
      Punnu – hota he, star hai..
      Luv – muje lagta he she’s going to win
      Punnu – muje pehle se hi janta he ki she ‘s going to win…
      Luv – muje lagta he, may b i’m wrong too, bcs when she made a pose like this ( he mimicked her) public went mad..!
      [ is this why he felt, she ‘s gonna win?? ??.. But he too had seen 1M trend poster of shilpa.. Vikas praised fandom works of everyone.., but how can punnu say he knew it already?? He didn’t see… May b bcs salman likes her only ]

      Luv told them he can’t tell who had major fans there.. But they are surprised to see Vikas fans… Vikas wasn’t a star, he earned Fans in 3 MONTHS…not like 15or 8 YEARS… Still luv couldn’t confirm Vikas had less fans than HILPA…. ☺☺
      So who ‘s the real star??
      Abt ” more cheers ” – I said those who present in mall said ” more fans and cheers were for Hina and Vikas ” – many Hina fans r stil repeating it… ( after mall task Shilpa s highly disappointed seeing Vikas fans ?)

      Thank u babe, for giving me chance to write it… Video dekhkar reply zarur dena BABE ?…

    5. Amy I know k Vikas k bhi fans hei lekin Shilp&Hina se zyada kabhi nahi

    6. Samaira_khan

      @xyz yaar even i felt something like tht u know more than shilpa i found vikas more like excited and being happy.. one more thing i wanted to know like how did vikas and hina come so close during mall taska..if ur having their vidoes share han.. it ws actually looking sooo cute and gud friendship of them

    7. @xyz: shilpa n hina looked disappointed. Unhe jhatka laga hoga vikas ko fandom dekh k. Jealous thi. Usi k baad flip hoke shilpa ne vikas ko rank 1 diya. Mann nhi tha uska. Salman sais ki rakh do unke aage tab rakha. Itni confused thi ki kya karun. Chamcho ko bhi upset nhi krna chah rhi thi. Winner shud b intelligent. She is stupid. Luv puneesh se definitely aage h fans me. Puneesh toh top 6 bhi deserve nhi krta.

    8. @harshi , kavi ,amy.. when all these 4 return from mall they were talking about how was everything in mall … hina/vikas was very excited but shilpa was not … bcz shilpa has that overconfidence that she has more fanfollowing than hina/vikas .. usey lagta tha mere samne koi stand nhi karta but wahan ja k usey pata chala hina/vikas ki kitni fan following h.. even luv ki bhi h… so uska overconfidennce tai tai fuss ho gaya ….
      n now i have to say … hina is much better than in acting … shilpa is trying to cry … but she is not able to do crying acting …..
      @indian exactly …… puneesh toh show m hona hi deserve nhi karta ….
      and i really felt bad for hina … is she not h women??????? jab akash shilpa ko kuch bolta h toh uski gandi wali izzat utarta h salman.. but puneesh jo hina k looks etc ko le k itna bolta h uski galti ko toh kabhi point out nhi kiya …..
      ekh lo… akash k no. 1 rank lene se problem thi …. but puneesh se nhi ..
      u know what.. last week m mne sabko excited hote dekha h.. but this is the only season where all are giving up … bcz all knew it very well what’s going on inside … each n every one know kitni partiality ho rahi h aur q ho rahi h………….

    9. Sahi pakde hai…..she know very well that her some fans are being faked or arranged by someone…..or she is not papolar as much as she thinks…

  8. Nafiur Rahman Khadem

    * u’ve missed an important part: lst question to vikas ws: ‘is shilpa’s thinkin small?’, he told sarcastically nd smilingly ‘no, no she has the highest thinking.’ after salman tells he is also going to get slime, he told ‘pehle bata diya hota’. if sm1 reads this wu nd doesn’t watch epi he/she may assume vikas has also become forgetful like Hina.

    1. Nafiur, right!! TU can’t help anyone to get clear picture….
      Even punnu said aftr 2 questions, Vikas s playing smart….

    2. @naifur, amy … he he… seriously vikas is sio cute n clever …
      usne indirect way m answers diye ….
      maza aa gaya kal toh….

  9. today i really felt bad for akash ….. bhai har week kisi ek ki zabardasti class lagana .. this is not right …
    it became a pattern … har week kisi ek ko pakdo .. jisne bhi shilpa k against kuch bola …. 2 week vikas , 2 week hina , 2 priyank , 2 week arshi , 2 week akash …. sabko samajh ata h aactual m kya chal raha h ….. isliye koi shilpa se pange nhi le raha h…. ye toh wahin baat ho gayi galat ko aur galat banate jao…….
    jab tak akash shilpa k sath tha salman ko akash funny lagta tha.. jab wahin bang bang shilpa k sath mil k hota tha toh salman khush hota tha …………aur ab????????? bhai itni beizatti …..
    and the funny part was salman said this thing itself bb m jo celebrities aa k tumhari tareef kar k gaye wo pehchanenge bhi nhi bahar …. means he was saying by itself that show ka standard hi bekar h …… yahan aa k kisi ko na kaam milta na koi fayda hota …
    akash se agar itni problem thi aur itna irritating lagta tha toh tab salman ne kabhi q nhi bola kuch bhi itna seriously jab wo shilpa k sath tha … puneesh ki har galat baat ko q itna ignore akrte h??????? endemol k sath contacts h n shilpa ka sath h…. salman kagey wo hath jodta h .. aur akash arshi clearly apne dil ki baat aur jo galat h wo bol dete h………….
    bhai neither vikas / salman n anyone is god…. who the hell is salman to behave like this to akash………to say like bhagwan ki laathi n all…… sirf being human bolne se kuch nhi ho jata … uske liye humanity bhi honi chaiye …..
    and seriously salman ko sirf aur sirf like karna start kiya tha uske judgement ki wajah se … aur dislike karna bhi uske judgement ki wajah se/….
    again zabardasti ka hina k peeche padna …. aaj aap shilpa bani thi but arshi jaisi lag rahi thi … like seriously … kuch aur point nhi mila us bandi ko beizat karne ka toh role change m dressing ko le k beizat kar lo….
    now i have to say this thing … it was me who said hina k ansu fake hote h etc etc etc…. but yaar ek baat toh maanni padegi … hina jitna sahi roti h…shilpa rone ki fake acting bilkul bhi nhi kar pati ….. do din se shilpa is trying to cry on small things but usse 30 secoond se zyada acting nhi ho pati aur uska rona band ho jata h..
    example kal jab ye log mall task k liye jane wale they all were discussing how they will feel …. the shilpa make some weird face like crying .. but usse ho nhi paya …..
    today , when akash was saying that shilpa thinks wo commoners uske kandhe pe pair rakh k itna agey aye h.. again she tried to cry … but again usse nhi ho paya…..
    rone ki need hi kya thi????????
    ohhhhhhhhhh my god ….. vikas acting like akash was really very awesome ….. manna padega he is a acting material too… he is such a all rounder …..
    and actually vikas was looking so cute………..

    1. and yeah …. rani was looking pretty … seriously she is soooooo beautiful n finest actress …
      just saw the promo of hichki and it seems really a good movie …. and she is looking very graceful in that promo…

    2. At first evn i used to think dt vikas is at fault bt now i hv understood its all done by shilpa herself nd evn salman doesnt points out her mistake he has sympathy towards her dt.Common yar now its high tym dt salman shud take class of shilpa nd akash i think he is left alone now nd evn salman is cornering him now all d scoldings r meant for arshi vikas hina Priyank no scoldings for shilpa nd puneesh??

    3. Neha chandra

      Agreed to you.shilpa can speak anything,no one will question her.if anyone speak against her not Salman I think it’s speaking through Salman will take class.calling saand is the dirtiest word,no issues if they b*t*h about Hina vikas aaksh . Shilpa and pun have all the right to speak these 3 are not good looking, no color looking like servant ,gay what not.but no one will question her.
      Hina is talented beautiful and young ,so Shilpa is completely insecured that’s why b*t*hing about hinas beauty all the time.shilpa is also doing lots of makeup and pretending that she is not toching make up, only Hina is come that stupid pun is thinking vikas is not good looking ,luv will get
      more votes bcoz he is handsome.just stupid.are yaar v girls like 6 feet Wala guys also.vikas is looking like a chocolate hero for me..

    4. Neha chandra

      Big boss speaking through salman.i don’t think in any other season any one got this much favor,so Shilpa chances of winning is more.

      But why don’t BB realize by favouring a single contestant throughout season, they’r looking fake and scripted only… This show s famous and a favourite show of many viewers only bcs of it’s previous seasons… Though viewers r angry over partiality, they still watch it for entertainment and in hope their favourite wil win…Mall task s best example, how many people reached there in short time… So what abt whole India who’s following this show…! I doubt people love this show and their favourites too much that they ( fans) ignore negativity of contestants, and favouritism of makers.. And BB knows it well….and everything s business for them..

    6. @Xyz. You wrote everything I wanted to write.

    7. @xya our thinking is exactly the same….salman ne bewajahhina ki beizzati kari….akash ke saathbohot jaada kara…..puneesh ko kuch nahi bola!!! Hadd hai yaar….firse ranking lagate time bhi ussne apne aap ko2nd pe rakha….bewakoof use oata nhai hsi ki woh top 6 bhi deserve nahi karta wahan taksirf isliye pohocha hai kyuki bigg boss waale shilpa ka support rakhna chahte hai ek ghar oe….par anyways “shilpa toh akele khelti hai”….Lol sabse bada joke tha woh….

    8. Xyz: exactly. All points correct. Salman ko thodi si apni reputation ki bhi fikr kr leni chaiye. Shilpa k peeche he is goibg mad. Itna bhi obvious mat karo ya. Too much nonsense. Jab akash ko insult kr rha tha toh shilpa ko chor k sabko bura lg raha tha. Hina tried to defend also. Hina was right. Shilpa is drum only. Koi entertainment nhi krti woh. All time b*t*hing. She behaves as if she is Number 1 actress of all times

    9. @ xyz .. exactly .. same thing I wanted to say in my comments ..

    10. Xyz, bcz Acash s against shilpa for last a few days.. He he… Nw I feel punnu s n top 4 not acash..
      BB saved both punnu acash in fake nomination task inside dome ( 42 mnts) ., in hope they wil support shilpa till end… But paglani flipped again….. 😛

      ” the funny part was salman said this thing itself bb m jo celebrities aa k tumhari tareef kar k gaye wo pehchanenge bhi nhi bahar ….”
      – During ranking task Acash was boasting all guests praised him, so he ‘s no 1… But no guests missed to mention Vikas-Hina-Shilpa also… Acash forgot it…. !

    11. @AMY … i said thi thing too arshi ko jaan boojh knikala cz… she was kind of a person which is very emotional by heart .. who can’t see partiality .. she was the one who said about partiality thing … she even said in her interview .. shilpa said many worst thing but why salman never pointed out her mistakes …. and u know what … hina/vikas was lil clever in this case… bcz they have experience of this industry.. arshi , akash etc are new comers … arshi ko sab samajh aa chuka tha what’s going on n usne khul k bolna start kar diya tha … and the same thing is akash doing now a days …. toh ab uska no. h jane ka ..
      bhai hina bhi toh women h… puneesh jab usko ganda bolta h salman punnu ko q kuch nhi bolta .. just bcz of he is on shilpa’s side n har wkw salman k agey hath jodta h … but i like akash’s behaviour yesterday …
      cz salman is not god ….. who can insult anyone like this ….. akash is irritating … but galat toh shilpa n punnu bhi karte h.. but why not they??????

    12. Neha chandra

      @amy and xyzThey are just saving people in fav ofShilpa. Akash didn’t understand that so he is going for sure.moreover if any body do mistakes with shipa it is Akash is against Shilpa so got scolding.hina and vikas understood this and they know how is this industry and not Shilpa is a fixed winner.

  10. Luv will be leaving as updated in Wikipedia.

    I really wish people would stop targeting other fandoms. You can praise your fandom and your idol. But most of the fans/antifans comment on others or insult them or try to brainwash them.

    1 week to Finale.

    Vikas. Fingers Crossed. Hope you win the show.

    Not because I like/dislike others. Coz all are good in their own point of view.

    But because, I have a gut feeling, which usually seems to be true ::: you are genuine and a good person + you have given your best in every task in BB + you seem more sensible.

    P.S. Whoever wins, Lets not make an issue out of it. And let this last week be a positive one.

    All the best to every fandom.


    Lots of Love to Everyone.

    1. Neha chandra

      At the time of hiten eviction Wikipedia has shown hiten eliminated so hope luv eliminate

    1. @hasrhi … koi feeling hi nhi uske eliminate hone se… cz pata tha wo hi eliminate hoga ….
      shayad wo hina k sath frndship pehle jaisi rakhta toh uske jane pe dukh hota but now i have no feelings for his elimination ….

  11. sampath kumar

    puneesh was so discusting……………………… the best task ever played by vikas is this honesty task …. i liked the way he answered salman ….. salman ko laga tha he ll say yes for everything ….. literally vikas bashed salman today when he said i heared u saying this … u would have heard but i didnt say it bang on reply ……… vikas ko murga banakar laekar agaya shilpa ki come back kaeliyae ….. shilpa gave first place to vikas shilpa devi ki jai ho ….. vikas eliminate hoga bhi teekay but i dont want hina to go because if she goes vikas life ll be hell aakash peh koi barosa kar nahi sakta…….. this one week shilpa ll try hard to make vikas life hell……

    1. Sampath,
      ”.. vikas ko murga banakar laekar agaya shilpa ki come back kaeliyae ….. ”
      -VERY TRUE….! BUT VIKAS RUINED BB’S GAME…. Ha ha ha… And he earned many many many many genuine fans….. We’r blessed to see him in BB…

    2. @sampath …. av shilpa fan bolenge … vikas bolta h shilpa task nhi karti fir bhi usey 1 rank di …… toh bhai …. vikas apne words pe starting se h… usne toh first week se hi bola h shilpa is no. 1 bcz of her fan following .. n 2nd is shilpa … but as time passes vikas performed very well so he see himself in top 3 too…
      but on the other hand.. sara week shilpa bolti rahi gupta ji jayenge luv bachega cz he is good looking .. etc etc .. suddenly no. 1 ranking?????????? he he he ….

    3. sampath kumar

      shilpa ki fandom tho salman ki vaja se but think guys hina and vikas especially vikas earned fans by calling salman wrong …… they are true fighters

  12. zara hayat khan

    Hey dear xyz…even I feel the same..u r correct…
    @harshee……dear luv getts eliminated…so relaxxx

  13. naina plus aiman

    @xyz….same here brother.thankyou soo much for adding me in ur list.

  14. zara hayat khan

    Hey dear xyz…….highly agreed with ur comments..even I’m feeling the same about shilpa,after returning from mall……
    @harshee…luv gets finally eliminated…so relax and chill dear.

    1. Idiot fans see this.sabko paise se khareed nahi saka chota gupta

    2. Esther

      What’s to see in this….there is nothing new in this post….Romit already said all these things in the interview itself that She loves/respects Shilpa…..Sid posted that to show that Shilpa was not removed from the show but she herself quit it and he used it to troll the Shilpa fans who were abusing him…..Romit didn’t deny anything that he said in the interview

    3. Esther

      and even if that’s not enough there are other videos too which prove the same

    4. @kavi.. excatly … contestants nhi khareed skate i agree … bcz they dont have that much power n money ..
      but makers can buy a PR team .. which is exactly happening … with shilpa…..
      otherwise aap khud hisocho shilpa ne aise kon se jhande gaade h .. jo wo virat n anushka ki marriage se zyada uske fan following ban gaye..
      think logically ….
      shilpa se bhi bade bade log aye h bb house m jo as a human plus in tasks shilpa se far far better they .. like khalli … sangram singh .. n others ..still unke fan following nhi hui ..???????
      q cz unke sir pe makers n salman ka hath nhi tha na………….

  15. aayat fatima

    Guys..hina khan bhi jeet sakti hai…atleast shez better than that shilpa saand.I hate shilpa shinde a lotttt.shez having too much attitude yaar.Allah kare uska attitude ,ghamand toot jaaye aur vikas ya hina jeet jaaye.but I think its a well scripted planned show…yeh log shilpa KO hi trophy dengein………well I’m vikas fan.I’ll support him……..

    1. Neha chandra

      Agreed @a f

    Guys checkout this so cute ❤❤

  17. @Xyz – I think you are totally correct in desecting hina -vik relationship. Also I think since they are both mature adults and almost of same age they realised that its better to be in each others companionship. And if I remember correctly in previous seasons also we have seen enemies turning friends at the end. So its quite normal. But I only wish if this would have happen while pri was still there. Poor pri was trapped between these two. Still I feel like pri has worked like a secret bridge in their new found friendship as I have seen them both talking about him a lot in both unseen and ED. Like what you said about my comment yesterday and yes I agree with you. Winner should be someone who has impressed us with his overall persona and vikas has done that the most and also you are welcome:)
    About the episode,hated salman for those bashing of akash. Felt really sad for him. I mean I know salman is blind for shilpa but so much hatred? Have you guys seen the hatred was visible in his face,as it turned red.
    Loved how Shilpa flipped again and gave vikas number one position! What about 14 week mein chala jayega, top 4ka nahi hain woh and all that. Clearly mall task has made her mind turn around as she was clearly seen being jealous with vikas popularity during that convo in ED @Xyz I also noticed that and mentioned in my yesterday’s comment.And our mastermind Vikas- his mimicking of akash was superb! Also Rani finally said the same thing that we fans have been saying outside,vikas really should come in front of camera now!
    @Neeru -Yes people are shipping Vina in twitter now and I am one of them. I am a major Vina shipper already; -)And today’s episode was like a double bonanza for us. As they were both dressed in black and sitting like a true couple after that slime task. ViNa❤
    Its really sad that you were not on this forum yesterday. I commend here for the first time here and I mentioned a lot about you. But bad luck you didn’t come to this forum yesterday and couldn’t see my comment 🙁
    Won’t be so long, just want to say this to everyone with the finale is just a week away everyone should concentrate upon their fav rather than degrading others. Peace.

    1. Neeru

      @zinia… I am sooo sorry….. Yestrday I tried coming but d site was down i guess…. Cudnt log in…
      Read ur comnt today…..
      And you have no idea how much overwhelmed i am by that…. ??❤❤
      Thank you soo very much…. Itz dese comnts frm ppl like u who encourage me to keep comnting evn afta d negtvity thrown against me sometimes…… I am glad u think my POV to be worth enuf to stick by it nd i am glad my comnt is ur deciding factor….. ??❤ Glad i cud be of help to clear d confusion….
      Cant thank u enuf for mentioning nd taking ur tym to commnt nd letting me know…!!! ??❤❤ Lots of love…!!
      You shud keep commenting…. Better late dan never… ?
      Yes season 9… Prince…. Had soo much fun supporting him…. But i was already his fan before he came to BB nd dats wat make vikas d best till date for me…. Never knew him before dis .. Well othr dan for few controversies…. But d way he hv won hearts…. ❤❤❤
      As for d episode…. I totally agree wid ur points….
      * salman’s scolding for akash went overboard… Evn puns felt bad nd saud sufhar jayega…. I din like it…
      * vikas’s immitating akash was d best… Specially his laughter…. Loved it…
      * Yes pri was trapped between dese too…
      * Shilpa’s flip…LOL…

    2. Zinia, u have so many emotions for contestants…. M glad to read ur points too… I wonder why u were silent till this time.. Keep on commenting dear… 🙂
      Yess.. Vikas jus nailed as Acash…. Befor Rani entered all were exactly portraying as the given characters…. But in task, I loved Vikas’s performance most.,second bests were Punnu & Hina for me…
      -Priyank didn’t insult anyone post his eviction…. I love him for that.., he’s rectifying mistakes which he created inside…

    3. @zinia … feeling bad for priyank too … he was not that much mature …. but no doubt usse galtiyaan hi thi .. but jitna zyada uske sath hua wo bhi galat tha… cz galtiyaan yahan sabne ki h….
      i wish accha kaam mile usko .. and vikas/hina k sath suki frndship bahar bhi acchi rahe….
      and good to read ur comment…. 🙂

  18. First of all ek baat batao salman ne sirf akash ko hi kyu bola?? Pyneesh bhi equally involved tha usme….aur jhoota baad mein bolta hai ki myjhe bhi usse behes nahi karni thi isliye maangaya tha….c’mon dude
    Salman Shilpa shinde ka fir support kar gaya…yeh favourism ke chakkar mein shilpa winner bann jayegi aur fir uske blind fans aakar galat galat baatein bolenge doosre ke baare mein….
    Only vikas and hina were the two contestants jinhone apna stand nahi badla salman ke saamne…for vikas akash was in top 4 aur usne usse wahi position di and hina did the same…
    Puneesh ne pehle bola tha ki mere liye akash aur main top 2 mein hai par jab salman ne usse daanta toh bhaiya palat gaya puneesh…seedha 5th pe aagaya akash uske Liye….aur miss paltu shilpa ji ne tih hadd hi kardi….uss din akash unke liye first tha aur salman ke bolne pe akash 6th hogaya….Lol nakli aurat….
    Ek aur baat I noticed ki jab bhi salman kuch bolta hai toh shilpa hassne lag jaati hai…taaki sab log soche ki woh toh humour mein tha….apne stand pe reh toh sakti nahi hai madam…
    I loved it jab vikas ne shilpa ki le li jab sabko apni hichki bataani thi…awesome shilpa ka face dekhne layak tha….
    Mall mein jo hua uske baare mein ek baat bolunga ki jab hina ke saath woh incident hua toh sabse jaads luv se expected tha ki woh uske saath rahe par usne aisa kuch nahi kia fir shilpa se expected tha (being a woman)ki woh jaake uske saath rahe toh usne bhi woh nahi kia.I was sooo happy ki vikas uske paas gaya aur uska haath pakad ke khada raha wahan…..he gained a lot of respect….such a gentleman he is…
    Favouritism se shilpa show ki winner toh bann jayegi par hum vikas fans ke liye asli winner vikas gupta hi hai

    1. Esther

      those mall pics of Hina-Vikas with each other were really cute….just loved it…..Vikas is very caring person……and I think even Luv was excited seeing such a large crowd….all these things are totally new for him…maybe that’s why he didn’t react……aaj twitter trend day he VIKAS DESERVES THE WIN

    2. VGfan, punnu was lieing infront of sallu that.. ”everybody agreed to acash as no1” ….but nobody except punnu-acash accepted him as no 1during ranking….
      Yesterday Salman said ” shilpa,vikas, hina.. But viewers r not happy to see u not fighting for top 3….” That means for audience and Salman also These r TOP3…

    3. @VGFan,Esther,Amy … agreed to u … i thoght the same … luv shud take care of hina as he was her good frnd till now… choti moti fights toh hoti h but it doesn’t mean aap apne frnd ko problem m chod doge ..
      but vikas ne again humanity dikhayi …
      and frankly speaking day by day .. ye bnda na matlab itna accha lagne laga h … he is the most genuine guy………..
      and as u said .. wy salman didn’t said anything to punnu … jst bcz of he is on shilpa’s side…
      aur shilpa har task m give upkarti h aur fir mahan ban k bolti h mujhe fughts m nhi padna tha …. likeseriously..?????? shilpa fights se darne lagi ….. kabse???????????
      torture karte time hina/vikas ko yaad nhi aya tha…………

  19. Swethaa

    want hina nd vikas in top 2..

  20. sampath kumar

    i really have no clue wat shilpa was telling …. in mountain task bb hina cheated vikas not shilpa hina just used vikas to sent aakash out….y shilpa telling again and again she cheated me by joining with vikas…. shilpa is so confusing r else i am not tat much intelligent to understand her…..

  21. sampath kumar

    vikas telling shilpa y u r taking that ban thing back again ,,,,,,,,, u know it is half truth y u r doing this now and hugged her …. shilpa nae safai deraithi aakash aapko galath boldiya mae bus gussae mae kaethiya aisa …… vikas now fed up with her …..

  22. shilpa was telling whole week vikas ll be out and now she see vikas in first position ,vikas was like really expression …. shilpa telling puneesh definetely vikas ll be out mall mae tha vikas ki fans but love kaeliyae bagut sada ladikiya vote karaega wat vikas have nothing he dont have the personility tat girls ll fall for him ….. hina ko budiya bolraithi and vikas appreciate her as he already got to know here salman openly supporting shilpa he have no other option…….this 2 year ban was really irritating now …..

  23. Laxmi1996

    Yaar now I’m sure that shilpaji will win ,just look at the last episode the way host has favoured her,I thought he will atleast rise the topic that Shilpa mimic abt Hina or atleast to punish he would question,but it didn’t happened at all.
    And I have heard that celebs including hinas friends are against her and bullying her in Twitter coz of some issues.
    Itna negative kyu dikha rehe ye log,it’s really ok if she has done
    If they are trolling against Hina then they should do it against Shilpa also na,if they were true.

  24. Guyzzz… Its fun reading comments…everyone saying shilpa bad player… Nt gd at heart… Selfish… 2 yrs ka crap… Vikas ke peeche jabardasti…. Well show me usse dusro ne footage diya… Wo khud kuch ni karti.. Bt yaha bhi usiki batein hoti hai chahe negative way me hi sahi… wo har discussion ka hissa hai… Wo kharab hai baaki ache… Dis proves dat acha dikhne ke peeche kisika bura dikhna jaruri hai.. Arshi akash vikas hina ache hai kyuki shilpa buri h…sab ache honge toh maza ni ayega…after all saare din ki mehnat ke baad viewers need some entertainment nd it has to b a mixture of gd nd bad… Sahi h.. Such is lyf… Nd shilpa hamesha bolti h usne real life me isse bi bura deka hai… So guyzz… No offence… Sab acha khel rhe hai… My support is for shilpa…Baaki top 3…shilpa vikas hina…nd haa.. Salman is nt biased at all… He is a perfect host…he stands for right nd he gives fair advice to all… So gv respect to him, the show nd to contestants… After all they are there to entertain us…nd dis is the best season so far… So guyzz… Vote for ur loved one… Nd stop insulting the contestants… Tkcr….God bless..

    1. @bbfan … isse pehle hina bhi thi ..
      isse pehle arshi bhi thi … isse pehle zubair n priyank bhi they charcha k ahissa …. even gandagi and puneesh bhi they …
      baat yahan har contestant k bare m hui h …..

  25. Esther

    Maata ka jaagratha miss kiyaa …..koi baath nahi…..I think uncut twitter videos and fan cmnts are better than BB episodes…Hina fans and Vikas fans are totally positive nowadays and funny HiKas VMs be aaraha he…….Vikas and Hina were frnds in the first week and now they are frnds again…hope they will continue it till the end…even if they break their frndship…..If Vikas gets eliminated I will support Hina
    @Vikas fans……Sid was in full form yesterday…..some Shilpa fans tagged him and some other colors/BB team with a cooked up story that they saw Sid bringing 25 students (in 2 AC buses ??? ) to vote for Vikas and started spreading false news…..whereas he ws in Dubai???……so he posted video supporting hs statements, Shilpa fans started abusing him ,his family and all so he continued posting……following him Vikas fans and Hina fans also did the same…..I think most of the ppl hate Shilpa mainly because of her abusive fans….did u ppl see this
    and new masti li video ???
    I’m so proud of my first and second choice….Vikas and Hina???
    Salman is too rude to Akash now …..he is constantly insulting him nowadays…..he can talk to him in a better way……I thinks Akash is doing all these stupid things just to be in the show…..he thinks that he have to do smthng like this if he hs to stay in the game…..He has nt understood the game till now….in ED and all Akash is mostly positive,,,,even after mall task I loved the way Akash was excited and reacting to each and everything Vikas and Luv narrating……N I saw Luv’s post eviction interview……someone leaked it and now got deleted

  26. zara hayat khan

    I think hina ya vikas hi mein se koi eke jeetega…dil kehta hai shilpa nahi jeetegi.bhale hi uske kitne saare fans kyuon n.a. ho…biggboss ne yeh ahsaas to karaaya hai awaam KO ki shilpa jeete gi…….but at the same time…im feeling dat biggboss bhi latke jhatke end finalle mein hi deta hai….so I think. …..hina or vikas.

  27. Commenting after a long time, Only Vikas & Hina are two deserving contestants to win BB. Although my first choice would always be Hina. I Literally want to abuse Salman, What he did with Akash was completely not justified. Hina was right Akash also has an another side. He is definitely irritating but entertaining too. I prefer Akash more in the game than Shilpa, Puneesh & Luv. These three are the useless fellow. Shilpa Puneesh always busy in b*t*hing & Luv only work is to target/defeat Vikas. I am glad that Luv will be out of the show as I truly want to see Hina & Vikas together. I feel sorry for Shilpa fans as they are having a hard time in defending her Devi. Show biased towards Shilpa is at its peak now and If Shilpa is the winner of BB then this is definitely my last season. Other than Hina or Vikas none should win.

    1. Swethaa

      i am also thinking same..and i also want hina/vikas will win..preference is hina..vikas
      and its been long you comment..missed your views dear

  28. zara hayat khan

    Hey friends..latest news….thr will be a mid week elimination also. And I think dat changu/mangu mein se koi ek to jaayega hi and I wish dat yellow crocodile teeth pungi nikalna chaahiye.

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