Bigg Boss 11 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: And Vikas wins the last task of bigg boss 11

Bigg Boss 11 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 103
Inmates wake up to the song badshah, they al dance and enjoy.

Vikas says to Shilpa that you will be out of task in 5 minutes and even then you will have to help me with Hina, she says okay. Vikas says I cant give her physical tasks. Vikas says you have to help me with Hina, I cant give her physical task as that will be unfair, others should not know about your buzzer, when you are not able to do something and presses the buzzer, even then you will be part of task as I wont be part of it alone. Shilpa says so you want the money? Vikas says give it please, you are taking all other amount, Shilpa laughs. Vikas says Hina wants to mess in task.

Hina is eating food and says camera is following me everywhere.

Puneesh says to Shilpa that Hina makes so much noise while eating, like cow is eating. Shilpa says she shows herself as stylish and so much hygienic, I would want to show her her reality but I dont like to argue with her.

Vikas asks Shilpa if I ask you to put foot on my parents photo then will you do it? She says not at all with my parents. Vikas says I will use my parents photo but you wont do it, I know. Vikas says I will keep my precious things and ask her to break them, she can cry for her things but lets see if she wants to win 3 lacs so much that she will show how much mean she is.

Vikas city task starts. Vikas asks Shilpa to make him eat papaya, Vikas comes to Hina and asks her to wear the saree. Shilpa is trying to make Vikas eat papaya, Shilpa says I am running behind Vikas to make him eat. Vikas says you were behind me in first week too, Shilpa laughs. Vikas says you have brought with love so I will eat it, he eats from her hands. Vikas asks Puneesh to bring photo frame, he says are you serious? he says yes, Puneesh leaves. Vikas asks Shilpa to press the buzzer and says I dont want to do this task, Shilpa presses buzzer. Puneesh comes there and says she pressed buzzer? Vikas says dont tell this to Hina, she kept saying that I am mean and all that, now we will put our precious things infront of her and ask her to break them. Puneesh says I wont let her break happy(his bracelet)Vikas says I will stop her.
Hina wears saree and says I am doing this for you bigg boss.
Puneesh says to Shilpa that Vikas wants to use family photos, Shilpa says his family’s. Puneesh says I wont give my bracelet.

Vikas asks Hina to bring coffee which you kept saving for your parents. Hina brings it. Puneesh says coffee doesnt matter, she can take more coffee. Vikas says its her memories. Vikas and Shilpa brings chair. He makes Hina sit on chair and ask Hina to wear blindfold, Hina says on eyes? Vikas says you wear somewhere else. Vikas asks Hina to talk nicely about Hina, he whispers to Puneesh that bring coffee from kitchen, Puneesh does, Vikas hides Hina’s coffee which she kept saving for her parents and keeps the coffee jar of kitchen there. Hina says Shilpa looks nice without makeup. Vikas hides makeup. Vikas asks what you dont like about Shilpa? Hina says she use rai in food which I dont like, she looks good in western but she doesnt feel comfortable, she wore a dress but was uncomfortable so wore jacket. Shilpa says I look good but I dont like it myself so I dont wear much western. Hina says when someone leaves, she becomes emotionally detached with them. Shilpa says I dont try to act too nice, its not like they left the world so I dont have to be overly emotional, I dont like her loudness and how she becomes agressive, and she knows how to cook but she keeps saying she doesnt know how to cook, she is liar. Vikas asks them to take off blindfolds, they do. Vikas asks Hina to throw the coffee she kept saving for her family in water. Hina says this task is so important for you that you dont value memories. Vikas says absolutely I am doing it so you can press the buzzer. Hina says you wont let me do it. Vikas says you put this coffee in water or press the buzzer, hina says I saved this coffee for three months. Hina puts coffee in water and says I know this coffee is not mine. Vikas says she knew it. Vikas says I wont ask you to break your things. Shilpa says if you knew coffee is not yours then you could have told before and dont throw in water, Hina says I would have thrown my coffee too.

Hina says to camera that Vikas will make us break his things so we look bad, I know his plan but this is a task, so either his things or mine, I will break them, I want to keep 3 lacs safe for winner, mugs and things can come back.

Shilpa says to Vikas that you can take my things but save them. Vikas says I will not let her break them. Hina comes there. Vikas asks Hina to crush his bracelet, then you will destroy bangle then that pillow and then you will win. Hina says you want us to look bad, I am ready to break my own things, you are playing so we look bad, that we are destroying your things, for me, pillows, bracelets, my prem are not more important than winner’s 6 lacs so I can break my things and others as well. Vikas says I have already got 6 lacs, Shilpa have pressed the buzzer. Hina crushes his bracelet, Vikas asks him to throw it outside then. Shilpa runs away with her bangles. Hina says this bracelet is not breaking, Hina acts like dumbbell hurt her, she says its not breaking, she winks in camera. Vikas says you are not even hitting. Vikas brings his mother’s photo, puts it on pillow and says tear it with your feet. He says sorry mom. Hina says task is that much important for you? Puneesh says this is mean. Vikas says if you dont respect then put foot on her photo. Hina says you dont respect your mother. She acts like putting foot on her photo but keeps putting foot beside it. Vikas says you dont want to do tasks, you want me to look bad. Viaks says I gave it back to you today, you dont want to do tasks, I am sorry Bigg boss says she is not doing tasks. Hina says I am doing them, let me break the bracelet. Hina says I will try, Vikas says after that you can tear the photos or do whatever you want, Hina starts breaking bracelet. She says to Puneesh that he doesnt want to look bad infront of the world but what about inside himself? Vikas says she wanted dangerous ideas so here they are, Hina says you are asking me to put foot on your mom’s photo, I was just scaring you but you have to do all tasks. Shilpa says you strangle someone and say its task? she cant do everything in task. Vikas says I am not playing with her things. He takes bracelet and says I dont want your 3 lacs. He says sorry mom, I had to show people wanted me to look bad.

Shilpa says to Vikas that you didnt have to do it, Vikas says I wanted to show her how dramaqueen she is, she did put foot on photo.
Puneesh says to Hina that he asked Shilpa to jump in pool so she pressed buzzer. He lost task even if he won 6 lacs. Hina says he is so cheap, he wants me to put foot on his mother’s photo.
Hina comes to Vikas and says I didnt put foot on your mom’s photo,we are smart too. Hina says dont cry over it now, you asked me to do it, dont cry that I put foot on your mother’s photo, Vikas says I wont cry. Hina says I didnt put foot on your mom’s photo, you didnt even leave your mother’s photo for a task. Vikas says you won the task.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that I didnt see character like Hina. Puneesh says Vikas too. Shilpa says Vikas is playing with his mind, whats his fault?
Hina says he wasted coffee too.
Vikas says she could have broken her things too, I wanted to scare her with my mom’s photo, it was my fault that I thought she wont put foot on my mom’s photo.
Hina says he is producer, he must have written a script, they must be talking how bad I am, I wanted to save money for winner,

Puneesh says to himself that Shilpa doesnt see anything wrong in Vikas’s deeds, she doesnt have emotions.

Shilpa says to Vikas that Hina doesnt work, she always have problems. Hina comes there and says spare your mother atleast, on last day you showed your reality. Shilpa says you put foot on his mother’s photo, you cant give a simple task? Hina says why should I? I didnt even put foot on her mother’s photo. Vikas says I even saved her coffee and thought she wont do it. Hina says Shilpa you do your work.

Vikas says to Shilpa that I am sorry, I should have listened to you, I shouldnt have used mom’s photo. Shilpa says he thought she wont do it. Puneesh says they are not Shilpa and Puneesh, why she wont do it? why would you put your family’s photo in someone’s feet? Vikas was wrong. Shilpa says she could have pressed buzzer. Puneesh says Vikas can use photo for her to press the buzzer but Hina is wrong for not pressing the buzzer and doing the task, I saw it, I was there too, she didnt put foot on photo. Hina hears it and thank you Puneesh, she gets emotional. Vikas says it was my mistake, I have different expectations.

Hina cries and says they are making me cry on last day, how could I put foot on his mom’s photo? Shilpa is saying that I put foot on his mom’s photo, atleast someone spoke up,I wish I win this show and that will be a slap to people who want to put me down.

Puneesh says to Hina that when your time is bad, your mind goes crazy too, Vikas did same thing, Vikas looked like hitler and mean today and now he is saying that he shouldnt have done it. Hina says he knows voting is going on, he really is mastermind.

Vikas says to Shilpa that Puneesh backbites. Shilpa says he misunderstood people. Vikas says he says things behind back.

Hina says they dont understand value joined with things. Puneesh says Shilpa doesnt have emotions, when she had your mug, I thought she will just scare you, but wont break, but when she did, I pooped in my pants. Hina laughs. Puneesh says now Vikas is right in everything for Shilpa. Hina says and now Shilpa is fine for Vikas.Puneesh says Vikas have web series for Shilpa now.

Hina is cooking in kitchen, her roti gets burned. She tries to cook and asks Puneesh if he ate? he says yes, she asks what was it? he says eggs. Hina says Shilpa said that I know how to cook, if I knew then my roti wouldnt burn and I wouldnt plead Vikas and Arshi to make food for me.

Vikas says to Shilpa that she have big ego, she wont ask anyone to cook.Shilpa says she knows how to cook, she have seen seasons and she didnt want to get stuck in kitchen so she simply said she doesnt know how to cook, she knows how to cook proper food. Vikas says the person who makes circular rotis cant be new.

Bigg boss says to inmates that Vikas city task ends, Shilpa and Puneesh left the task and Hina didnt so Vikas won 6 lacs and prize money is 44lacs, Vikas consoles Shilpa funnily. Bigg boss says Vikas city task was the last task of this season, well done.

Shilpa is in garden and looks around. Vikas comes there and asks if she is crying? she says nothing, its ending, I am emotional, we have been here for so much time, we have been as our own house, cameras know your reality.

Hina is in bedroom and says I cant believe I did bigg boss, I will miss this house.

Vikas says to Shilpa that not only friendships but personal relationships were created, mother-daughter, sister-brother, Shilpa says a of of nonsense happened, it doesnt feel like its last day. Shilpa says so much happened here, Vikas says this will not come back.
Hina looks at nominations screen and says everything happened to not come on this screen.
Shilpa says we four are the one who scared everyone and remained in house in the end.
Hina sings yeh galiyann.. She roams around in house. Shilpa and Puneesh looks in jail and reminisce about memories.

PRECAP- Bigg boss will show inmates their journey throughout this season. Vikas sees his entry and journey and gets emotional, he says what are you doing. Hina sees her journey, Bigg boss sensible, clean heart and clever thinking was part of your journey. Hina cries seeing it. Puneesh have tears in his eyes seeing his journey. Shilpa cries seeing her journey and says thank you bigg boss, Bigg boss gave me this chance to tell people about who Shilpa Shinde is.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Jab vikas ka task khrab ho jata h to uska dimag khrab ho jata h bechara bahut irritate ho jata h actually me usko mat hina hi de sakti h isiliye uski hina se nhi banti kyoki saap saap ko nhi das sakta.i am hikas fan but aaj jo usne kiya bahut galat tha usne esa expect hi kyo kiya ke hina nhi karegi vikas kitni b*t*hing karta h hina ki aur extradose me bolta h ki chahe kitni bhi ladai hui ho maine hina ki kabhi chugli nhi ki h vow what a joke.hina deserve to win but she will not win for sure in this bias show.

    1. @shiv bhaiya,very true…I had full hopes that hina will win kkk8 but she didn’t though she made it till last ..I think same will happened again…but hina truly deserves the trophy as a contestant she was brilliant…

    2. sampath kumar

      y vikas kept photo on pillow not on ground he is allowing hina to cheat and i can see vikas dont want shilpa to win….. he wantly went close to shilpa and tat worked for him she told vikas is a nice person …….may be i am wrong but seeing his whole journey i dont think vikas do this at last task … vikas really think he is not winning i wonder why?

    3. Neeru

      @shiv…. Vikas ne expect islye kiya kyunki he thot she is not that mean…. Hina was d one who cried wen shilpa broke her mug in arshi chahthi hai task…. Hina kept asking shilpa nt to do it nd leave d task…. Why din hina leave d task today den… ?
      Wen shilpa broke it,, hina was like emotions nhi hai ,, task ke liye itna kaun karta hai nd stuffs… Nd wat did she do today… ?
      Having said that,, i also think hina did a good job in task…. But i just wish she hadnt made it soo complicated … The task was simple… Either obey vikas or press d buzzer…. Vikas stopped playing fun, wen hina started being annoying….

    4. Still Vikas should have not bring his own parents in task.

  2. Talhashah

    Overall task was good but the last part was really disgusting
    Vikas should leave his own mom atleast for a task.

  3. Will mis the show and this place and each n everybody commenting for the first time

  4. Agar shilpa winner hai toh 44lacs uske…puneesh sayed paiso ka bag leke katle…aur vikas ne bhi 6 lacs jeet liye hai..toh hina kiya phokat jayegi ghar se.
    Hina ji,sara season apko support kiya jab app galat thei tabbhi yeh din dekhne ke liye…..but hina khan I like you too much don’t know why may be I liked akhsara too much…you played nice..ghar se bahar hoti toh shayed apko naggin 3 mein surbhi ke badle apko dekhte milta…..

    1. I wish to hina shall be win

  5. It was me who said, “Vikas has already won hearts”. It was me who said, “If not Vikas, it’s okay if Shilpa wins”. It was me who always saw the good side in Vikas as I really knew he was a pure soul.


    On the very last day of Bigg Boss Season 11,
    the so-called ‘vamp’ of the show,
    the ‘moholle ki aunty’,
    the irritating Miss Hina Khan forces me to change my views and be proud to be a woman in a country where girls like Hina exists !
    ? I literally don’t have any words for her because trust me, I was crying watching Hina cry today… And I couldn’t find any reason why I cried. (I never cried watching Bigg Boss unless some elimination of a dear contestant occured.)

    U slayed it, Miss Hina Khan. U nailed it.
    U just rocked. He was forcing you to bend before him but u didn’t. U didn’t disrespect his parents yet u didn’t give up on the task.
    Hats off, girl !!! ❤
    U don’t know what you earned today.
    The last day of BB11 at least made Hina Khan a winner to the viewers, provided with a slap who trolled her till today.

    Vikas ‘ji’ and Shilpa, u lost. ? Seriously, u lost today.

    Puneesh, thank you for supporting the right.
    The day when Shilpa broke the cup, he didn’t even utter a word in support of Shilpa. Thank God he has a mind.

    1. ”be proud to be a woman in a country where girls like Hina exists !”’

      Completely agree!!

    2. @aarohi ur comment is the comment of this season on this forum wel done x

    3. u r judging vikas by one task hina won hearts today as vikas allowed her to cheat today by keeping photo on pillow if u really understand him u never say this vikas dont want shilpa to win this show at any cost and he thinks he wont win …… u r proud of hina now she do deserve a trophy ….. but see her whole journey and decide i saw her true deeds when she was shouting at love in moutainBB she know this ll come on promo she know people r gonna hate her as salman bash her every weekend she is strong and she know wat is good for show and she done that …..she become vikas friend went against love that was uncessary she do play mind games …… vikas just used his mind in task ….. shilpa and hina did tat with people ,,,,, sterday when vikas asked y u told puneesh to give mean ideas she told i want to show people how mean puneesh can go ,,,,,,hina is a fake person and she remain the same ………..

    4. shitipa nweakass fake

    5. Swethaa

      very well said

    6. @ Aarohi. I have a different take on the episode. I feel today nobody was wrong.

      Vikas – He thought that Hina would quit the task and he will win.

      Shilpa – She would not have even went close to the pic and gave up so she thought Hina is at fault.

      Hina – Did good by avoiding the task

      Puneesh – He felt bad because he would never have done such act.

      Everybody was right in his / her prospective but the situation was wrong. If at all then Vikas should not have taken this step.

      Overall the episode was in bad taste and I did not like it at all.

    7. @shailesh_jha sir, it’s just what I feel today.
      Vikas shouldn’t have teamed up with Shilpa ‘the one who quits her task to bring Hina down’! And yeah, Shilpa shouldn’t blame Hina if she hasn’t seen the whole thing.

    8. @Dina, if your point of view is exactly what Vikas had thought of, then I must say, I will be extremely grateful to him for making Hina show ‘queen’ on the last day. Honestly, it would have been a pleasure if this was what Vikas had thought of.
      But Shilpa proved herself even if she wins, she is a LOSER. She gave up again.

      @Alfy thankewww sweetheart. ❤

    9. sampath kumar

      yes hina done a fantastic job by not bowing down to vikas …… i am telling she too play a game as a game like vikas now crying in the corner is all not done she is just desperate to win but vikas do task to win the task hina want to play dirty vikas played it….. …. dont offend vikas he also done this as a task only …. because hina told him she cant do physical task as she is have girl problem and if vikas do something with her personnel things she ll do hungama as she done when shilpa did ….. she forced him to do it ….. i said she is fake as she always take advantage of being a girl vikas have a problem with it always so he went mean …… both are at faults

    10. Neeru

      @Arohi…. You hate vikas coz of this task… ? Are u serious… ?? Itz soo true wen wise ppl say,, ppl vl forget ur 99 saves nd only remember d 1 goal dat u let go thru…. Dissapointed…
      @shailesh jha…. I totally agree…. Evn i mentioned the same thing down somewhere…. Everyone is ryt…. I dnt understand why everyone is going all negtv on vikas…. Itz his personal things he used…. His family pic……
      If i dare someone to destroy my persnl stuffs,, dats nt coz i dnt love dem… Dats becoz i m trying to win a task coz i trust d othr person wud nvr do it…. How does dat make vikas Dirty.. ? And i agree wid Shilpa… Frankly if it was me,, i wudnt do wat hina did…i wudnt evn step in d cushion… Not dat i m blaming hina for doing it…. Itz her thing…

    11. @Neeru, did I ever say I hate Vikas? Ever ?
      Even all of my votes went for him only.
      I just told “Vikas and Shilpa” lost on the “last day”. Vikas has been my constant favourite and I won’t back off. I do support him.
      I just hated the fact that he played with Shilpa. Shilpa?
      She is the woman who ‘sacrifices’ her ‘rights’ as she has a kind heart.

      She is the woman who never took stands for the right or the wrong.

      She is the woman who quits her task on the last day just to support Vikas in bringing the real Hina on national television.

      She is the woman who couldn’t 5 shirts in paint (that could be cleaned with detergent) but COULD break the Sherkhan cup, something too precious for someone.

      She is the woman whom all encourages to be the winner, yet she can’t encourage the fact that ANOTHER WOMAN can do massive stunts in BIGG BOSS !

      Vikas Gupta, I love you still as a Fangirl.
      But when u return home, just watch the last task once. Your respect for Hina Khan will rise a notch higher.
      She didn’t leave her task. She did sacrifice her self respect ! But, u were with Shilpa whom you could manipulate in a second to press the buzzer.

    12. @neeru. There was nothing wrong in Vikas strategy. He wants to show that how Hina will look breaking other people things, until he brought his Family pic in task. Also what kind of strategy is this? I am expecting you to do not break my stuff so I can win. Obv any one will break your stuff. I am asking to disrespect my family, but don’t do it because I want to win and if yo do it You are bad person.

      Also if Vikas was so righteous than why he stopped after family pic. He suddenly realized Hina is not going to quit and he is wrong. And as usual he took his Cry baby stands and started justify his stand. Also he started talking with Shilpa how Hina is wrong etc. just to prove himself right he teamed up with Shilpa and that is wrong.

      Previous day when Shilpa broke her mug, I thought it’s ok it was task nature, still it’s mug. But bringing parents is not done.

      I am not saying that Vikas fan stop supporting him but call him out when he is wrong.

    13. Hina aapni soach ke liye ladati hain, aapne dosto ka saath honestly deti hain, Give uu toh karati hi nahi,
      She proved title of girl power.
      I like women like hina rather than housewife.

    14. @arohi…….happy to see someone else also who inspite of being a vikas fan is able to see his mistakes……..well said!!

    15. Sorry arohi but i do no agree what u said.
      Vikas trusted hina bcoz he was watching her nature from d begining and he kept on saying that she will not do it. He took a risk and i do not think that it was wrong. If hina did not want to do the task nicely she could quit it. Why doing drama and crying. I m not hina hater but she did cheating in task. It was clearly mentioned either do or leave. I felt she was jealous of vikas that he got task. If vikas trusted her that was coz she showed that emotions valued for her but what now. I agree she did not keep feet on photo but then she did not fulfill the conditions of task. For me she just lost.

  6. Alright – less than 48 hours – until BB winner is announced – which is VIKAS “THE MASTERMIND” GUPTA

  7. I really dont know how Hina Khan is wrong today. I will agree that yesterday she did look annoying rather than entertaining but seeing things from her perspective one can see that she only meant to pull his leg and Vikas did exaggerate the periods issue (why speak about it even today with Shilpa in the kitchen). I am a girl I know how periods are. One moment I am all lively and happy the next I am sobbing specially on the first day. In fact some girls are incredibly moody during their time of the month. Maybe thats what Hina was going through. When she asked him to give five minutes before she goes to wear the Sari maybe she actually had cramps and wanted to sit for a moment. She didnt deny his request (except for the not speaking part). And on observing things it does look that way because she has never behaved that way before (if she was insecure then why not show it today)

    Actually I dont even understand why any of them (specially Hina) would call it ”girl problem”. Like really? Its periods people and we are not exactly living in the stone ages

    Coming back to todays episode, why did Shilpa agree to push the buzzer? And dont say that she did this because she didnt want to go inside the pool (which btw is not that bad) as she had agreed to it when Vikas and she were in the kitchen. See thats what people mean when they say she doesnt perform tasks properly. Why quit without any reason?Just to corner Hina?

    Hina the only person who said that she would talk with Vikas when all his friends leave?

    Vikas…. shit that dude didnt even know what he was doing today. Like really asking someone to step on your mothers photo? Put your photo instead or any one elses but his mothers? Okay he didnt expect her to actually do it (which btw she didnt) but when he saw that she was going to do it (pretend to do it)why did he not immediately pick it up? Basically showing the world just how ”mean”’Hina is is more important than your mother respect?

    Yesterday he seemed reasonable but what he did today? Just against it. He totally lost all the respect I ever had for him (only because he didnt immediately pick up his mums photo when Hina pretended to step on it).

    And how come is he suddenly so friendly with Shilpa? Huge question mark. He went and consoled her when Aakash left. Why? Hmm maybe because Arshi whispered something in his ears?

    Friendships and enemies are made so instantly in the BB house that they start looking fake. But usually friendships are formed over a mutual benefit (Shilpa and Hina teamed up against Vikas for the task). Hina was the only one who initiated the bond of friendship with Vikas without any reason.
    But why did Vikas become friendly with Shilpa without any reason and so suddenly? Put yourself in Hinas shoes she would definitely feel betrayed. Maybe thats the reason she seemed so irritated yesterday and the first thing she said to Vikas yesterday when he went to her after the task. She said after his friends left she was the only to……. possibly she didnt like just how quickly and blatantly he started supporting Shilpa too.

    And Hina…… girl you rocked the task today!!!!!!! No doubt people call you the task master. She knows she may not actually win the show still she is trying to protect the prize money. And thats was super genius when she pretended that she couldnt break the bracelet or step on the photo. And that wink she gave when pretending to brake the bracelet…….Lol so much fun.

    And she even decoded the ”masterminds” plans!! She knew that the coffee was not hers lol for the first time I am thinking she might actually have a brain.

    Shilpa will probably win the show. But I really hope either Hina (my fav!) or Vikas (one day doesnt destroy the 3 months love he has earned).

    1. Neeru

      @Shreshtha….. I agree with ur commnt apart frm dese two points…
      * Well the occasional cramos nd stuffs are justified…. Nd it myt happen…. U r ryt…. But being ok to go into d pool doesn’t look like a good idea…. Dnt u think… ? Dats why i felt she was faking it….. Her exact dialogues – pool mein jane keliye baja diya.. ? Muje bol deta… Mein chali jaati….
      Really… ? Dnt u think dats fishy.. ?
      * If for a task,, i ask you to step on my family photo,, knowing dat u are a person who gives importance to such emotions,, trusting u nt to do it having seen u cry for ur mug,, how does dat make me a bad person… ? Hina said abt being der wen all his frnd left… Vikas was der too… Throughout d mall task holding her hand…

    2. pool mein jane keliye baja diya.. ? Muje bol deta… Mein chali jaati….

      Now this statement can be interpreted in 2 ways
      1) She meant that going in the pool is not that big of a deal and when she said that she would have done it, probably didnt mean in that state but some other time she wouldnt mind jumping in the pool for a task/3 lakhs.
      2) She actually meant that she would have gone inside the pool even with her periods going on. Women can swim with a tampon or a menstrual cup on, actually in the pool the pressure of the water decreases the rate of flow of the blood so with a tampon on its not a problem at all.
      So no, I dont find this fishy at all.

      And I agree that Vikas did this because he never expected her to actually go through with it. But still bringing your mother in it? Had he asked her to tear the photo I would have been okay with it but stepping on it? He shouldnt have brought his mother in the task, according to me. Still acceptable chalo bhool jate hain but when she agreed to it and was about to step on the cushion for the very first time he should have immediately stopped her. This for me is unacceptable. Theek hai Mumma ki photo laaye cause aapko bharosa tha but when you see that the person is actually ready to do it why not stop them? 3 lakh rs and decreasing Hinas respect is more important than his mothers respect and dignity?

      Yes he held her hand throughout the mall task. And since then one can easily see that their friendship went to a new level. Maybe thats why Hina was so upset when he suddenly started warming to Shipla without any reason what so ever.

      I still love Vikas and wouldnt really mind if he wins because his past actions can not be undone with just one wrong action still had he not done what he did yesterday the season for him would have ended on a high.

      But its Shilpa who is going to win according to a lot of Khabris.

  8. I liked d way Vikas manipulated Shilpa and she just gave up bt Hina khan was d real star of today’s episode……vikas ne aaj glt Kiya….I was supporting vikas and Hina bt after dis episode I want Hina to win d show ……Shilpa called her aunty ….Shilpa was so insecure that she gave up task and agreed to help Vikas just to destroy d image of Hina khan……she is a flipper…..loved Puneesh ….. Vikas u should not have done this ….he took that Mastermind tag too seriously and it backfired him….baaaki just want that all should be frndds after d show ND God bless all??

  9. Sorry to say this time against vikas as he ordered her to put her foot on his mom’s photo if you guys say that hina did wrong then you are wrong if somebody doesn’t care for his own mother then how could he expect from others if it was done to show how low she can go for task then i will say he had gone low it was a very bad order ….yaah she could not put her leg but again if somebody doesn’t care for his own mother then no one will care it’s his dirty mind shown sorry i was a vikas fan to but this time he went wrong he can make it more fun task as this was the last task 9 lacs doesn’t matters to him may all you guys are understanding @neeru @samaira @xyz @neha @abishek @amy but still its my pov #no offence we can have differnt ….vikas said hina did only for a task but what he say to her its all for him becoz it was create by him but if ends well then all is well she didn’t put her foot on his mother photo but still that idea was cheap.
    May hina don’t loose her confidence on last day ..stay strong…she had done many mistake but this time she is not responsible….vikas made a situation if he has respect for her mother he had not done that…hina is not bad he wanted to show her bad but she is not…..
    Shilpa hashtag#khel gyi ..this time i will appreciate her way of playing divide n rule but actually nice playing .but still .doing cheap things like washing vikas brain and how hina has not emotions you had no emotion she broke her sherkhan mug emotionlessly …she doesn’t want to break the bracelet but it was order and same time she want to save money she didn’t even put her foot .
    Puneesh toh free mein aaya hai free mein jyega !!!?lol

    Vikas i like you but make your friendship with everyone don’t corner anyone i know shilpa and puneesh are behind this but i can’t understand how someone could play with your mind its thier game plan which is nice but be yourself !!!
    .love u hina vote for hina the most real player of house she atleast don’t fake herself..

    1. Neeru

      @moksh…. Well if hina had sooo much respect for dat braclet nd family photo why did she select these items for arshi chathi hai task… ? Wasnt she trying to destroy dem den… ? Why nt now… ? Why dis diffrnce of opinion… ?
      Now ppl will say she wudnt hv done it dat day…. Den why blame shilpa nd puns for nt doing it dat day nd saying – Agar nhi karna tho bolte kyun ho… Kisi aur ka chance kyu destroy kar rhe ho…

    2. Agreed.. Kudos to you

    3. sampath kumar

      how hina suddenly become close to shilpa when she want to play against vikas and to vikas when she want to play against shilpa ……. everybody where playing …. hina vikas shilpa nobody were fake ….but comparatively vikas was good as he make them feel nice about themselves but hina was so selfish she really dont care about anything only intention is to win

  10. All that hyena aka hina does is eat and lie in bed. Even we can hear how loud she eats n stuffs her mouth. So much for being hygienic. Cant even cook or make tea. She is a disgrace to all women….so much for miss grace

    1. Disgrace to women?
      Will all due respect allow me to ask why?
      Because she can not cook or make tea? Darling its because of people like you that females are expected to drown their dreams in the pool of their own tears and sit back at home and spend their lives confined in the kitchen. I am a woman and I dont know how to cook food much less make a cup of tea. Does this make me a disgrace to womankind?
      Sorry to say but its females (came to the conclusion on the basis of your name) like you who are a true disgrace to women across the world who hope to walk shoulder to shoulder with men instead of just learning how to cook food.

      I am sorry if I have in any way offended you, that truly is not my intention. But just to support your fav you can not make such ridiculous statements.

    2. I agree with you shreshtha. People are so blind that they cannot see what’s wrong and right. Just because you support and favour someone does not mean to call woman ”disgrace”, especially when that person shows how strong she is.

    3. @Shreshtha,

      Your comment is a perfect punch to those who are going to say that she isn’t a true epitome of woman as she can’t cook !
      Even after this??? Really?!
      If even after today, no woman supports Hina Khan after all that she did, I say,

      U people are all “Disgrace to women”!!!

      @Shreshtha, I loved your comment.
      Now I want to say something.
      Hina ma’am doesn’t know what she achieved on the last day, and I m NOT A Hina follower. But still, I screenshotted my comment and posted it on Twitter. ?
      I just loved how u wrote this.
      It will be kind of you if you open a Twitter account, and “@iyehinakhan” write some beautiful lines on behalf of her. ?
      Cuz she won’t this page of tellyupdates !
      So please, if u want, u can do it.

    4. *she won’t see

      And this is as you wish. ? Just that you wrote this thing so beautifully..

    5. sampath kumar

      sterday hina told if u would have given tat task to fell in pool i would have done that to vikas when he told i told shilpa to jump in swimming pool so she pressed buzzer ….. hina faked it thats y all this happened as vikas hate if they play women card……

    6. At shresta n her followers Get a life she eats I am entitled to my own opinion and no one asked for your comment. It is easy for you to make negative statements about other participants but no one is permitted to make comments about hina. What about when she lied she Had her periods? One days lies just to not do a task n next day it’s gone n wants to jump in pool. Millions of women get periods n do their every day tasks. But hina lied n used this to not do a task. So much for your women empowerment! You n ur trolls need to focus on your facts

    7. Wen someone doesn’t know cooking is it a great disgrace to the entire women society lol??. Mind ur words before you something on a public forum

    8. It’s not she knowing cooking that’s the problem, she has been so ungrateful to Shilpa who has cooked for her all this time .She is an ungrateful bi**ch

    9. Wen someone doesn’t know cooking is it a great disgrace to the entire women society lol??. Mind ur words before you say something on on a public forum

    10. Oh really… I am a silent reader.. But the thing u said about disgrace to all women is wrong, I am a good cook but that doesn’t mean every one should be.y sister not even steps in kitchen simply because she doesn’t like it, that doesn’t disgrace her, so u better watch your pov

    11. disgrace to all women coz she is strong?? her mentality is good unlike shilpa

    12. shilpa says coz they r boys can do anything

    13. cooking is not a women profession there is no rule that women should know how to cook

  11. Hina ? u r already a winner for us

  12. I am a Shilpa fan,but today I feel like saying something,in today’s episode Vikas shudn have kept his mom’s photo,cos there is 50- 50 chance of that getting stamped,still hats off Hina,for the first time,I liked you,you didn’t stamp on it,but seeing precap I felt that she was stamping on photo,but if we clearly observe we can see that she stamped on the edges of pillow(Puneesh observed and stood for her,very good),so I won’t blame her, can just say that Vikas like he said shudn have done that.Shilpians keep voting for Shilpa..But whoever wins,it was a good season.

  13. Hi all…
    Iam a South Indian. This is the first bigg boss season iam watching. Started to watch the show because of Heena as she is the only celebrity I knew in this season. I always had faith in this woman despite the mistakes she had committed. I trusted her and finally she had never failed to disappoint her fans and proved I was very much right abt her. She has made the feelings of all her fans stay alive till the end. Luv u for dat.

    1. Hear hear!!

    2. Swethaa

      hi..i am also from south and i saw some seasons but this season only for hina i watched…hope she win…but biased hain show kuch nahi kah sakte hain

  14. Hina molhalle ki aunty fit to eat others food n still speak bad for them. Spoilt with no class. Says she is sick but can put so much Make up curl her hair etc. Sad that this woman uses women problems to not do physical work. All she does is eat….shameless khan

    1. shame on you she did all tasks with jaan mohellke ke uncle mat bano

    2. Tumhari paison se heena makeup aur hair curler kareedi he kya? Nai nah? To phir kiss ke personal rights ka mazaak mat banao. Arey her face yaar. And it’s her wish. Maybe u r blessed with painless period. She might not be. And using that might be he strategy in vikas city task coz eventhough vikas thinks she is lying he cannot force her to do it.

  15. Nafiur Rahman Khadem

    Vikas has clearly made a wrong move today, he will regret that his last impression was bad after a gud journey. Vikas’s motive to test Hina was ok but he has completely messed it up by using family photo nd telling to step on it.

    Shilpa is going to be winner without any strong stand and with low performance in tasks, she has showed these traits even on last day.

    Though Hina was ri8 2day, but she is telling that vikas and shilpa don’t understand emotions attached with things!!! U were the 1 who had told I can destroy vikas bracelet and family photo, but cried for mug.

    1. she told coz thought vikas getbacks hearing that

    2. sampath kumar

      vikas thought a person cry for a mug never do this to win a task vikas kept that photo on pillow because he didnt took a chance he saved his photo because he dont want to regret it and he really dont care wat people think as he faced alot of allegations this is not new to him now and i think he become so strong as hina was always like that the way she handled the press i understood she is very strong and level headed girl ….

  16. Vikas use mind, but when he start loosing he becomes sore looser.

    Shilpa is emotionless and quitter. Just let go 3 Lakh.

    Hats off Hina

  17. yesterday episode heena said to puneesh that..lets do vikas to play little dirty, n tonite episode she got a big lesson from vikas mastermind ..m glad..he is the only 1 who deserve the winner.

  18. Hina is very strong girl.vikas and Hina do not want to loose the game so they tried their level best,so not blaming anyone.all the girls should be strong like Hina so that no one can take advantage of her.vikas is a master mind,he thought he could have won by that but he failed but it’s ok not a big deal.i loved the way puneesh supported Hina bcoz she was alone at that time.

    Are yaar please explain what is Shilpa and vikas I never understood like Hms what s happening between them.l loved punnesh and Hina discussed bcoz it was true sometime ithna fight karthi hi looking like they are going to be enemies in all life.but again friends ?????I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    1. Neha, Neeru, Xyz,SK,Esther, VGfan, Vidu, sampath,Real ABC,Jisha,Anjali, Zinia, all VGarmy,
      I have 2 questions after last episode, pls give ur pov regarding same..,
      First day she told punnu, if he gave us works it’s not big deal, we’l do it…but destroying personal things r not easy..
      So when he asked her to pack his dress ,& hug shilpa.., she did, after that she didn’t obey a single thing he asked her for..
      He asked her to change dress in 10 mnts, she strtd arguing, no time limit is mentioned..etc..,he asked her to say only nice things..she says ” gadha…!! Mene dekha in zoo..” ,then he asked her to keep silent, she irritated him so much..
      He again asked her to change dress, she started acting…thn said ” tum jaise gattiya insaan….” – so Vikas gave up doing task with her.. In fact she didn’t obey him neither quit.. So kahan ki best performer he ye???
      Her basic intention was ” vikas should ask mean things, so tht people can see his cruelty..” that’s why she told punnu to give him such Ideas… But when Vikas questioned it, she changed her statement like ” I told him so, bcs I know u won’t do mean things..” – kamaal ki actress..! But Vikas understood her intention well, that’s why he thought abt placing his nom’s foto, tht’s the only thing he felt wil make her quit it…. In lilliput task she told Acash ” I want them to cut my tht peopl can see them as mean” – when they did, she played victim card…
      She provoked bandagi to throw her cosmetics on ground, when buns did same, she complained… Vikas knew it well… Tht’s why he didn’t ask her to touch her personal things… She s still a drama queen..! In mean task, she cried for mug, called shilpa mean, but secretly suggested Arshi to destroy Vikas’ foto , bracelet, punnu’s jacket gifted by buns… She even said ” I said things which I can do only.. I won’t back out like punnu and shilpa…” So that’s her mean side – which wasn’t exposed infront of HM, bcs she didn’t get chance…
      She has no right to blame shilpa & Vikas… Punnu doesn’t know Hina was abt to destroy his jacket… He thinks only shilpa and Vikas can do mean things..NEVER TRUE..!!
      Second day also she gets irritated when he asked her to change saree.., but 1st day, shilpa did it twice without complaining..!
      Vikas asked her to break bracelet and foto- she couldn’t do both.., neither she pressed buzzer.., she played trick of doing it.. ! That idea too she got frm shilpa .., shilpa acted as pressing buzzer & made it funny on first day…!
      She would have disappointed me very much if she stepped on foto.and tear it….thought it wil damage her image again… ! But, she could save 50 % damage control.. But for me other 50% she lost .. The pic was stil beneath or same level of her slippers… She wasn’t tearing she lost task bcs he asked her to tear it using foot.. If she knows she ‘s not going to do it, atleast she could have lifted it by her hand.., in both case she’s nt completing task nor a person to press buzzer…! So Vikas gave up, bcs he confirmed her intention was to frame him as mean only…. M also disappointed in Vikas for placing tht pic below her foot.. But he agreed he was wrong in doing so… Did Hina accept her faults in this task??
      Last day’s mistake doesn’t make him lose his 104 days long journey, respect, love, he earned- so m stil rooting for Vikas Gupta only… Mainly bcs his intention throughout season was best, rest of inmates couldn’t impress me like he did… In last 2 tasks Hina’s wrong intentions were visible to me., stil I find her deserving than shilpa bcs her hardwork in tasks and other housechores except cooking..! Shilpa as usaul quitted this task when Vikas played mind game with her…but 1 st day Shikas entertained well…both days I find Hina as irritating only… She didn’t win this task ,bcs of her attitude ”I won’t quit nor I obey him ” -He withdrew back.. So I praise him for it…
      – Hina’s crying was merely her last attempt to make her winner ! Bcs she thinks shilpa is going to win..! She tried to show public tht she’s nt mean… But her intention was mean indeed..!
      Second question,
      Or it was jus an attempt to skip kitchen works as Shilpa said…??
      Her own way of playing victim made me doubt so.. She says ” shilpa tells m acting..see m eating a burned parata..” ??
      But she could make a good round parata..! She’s always ungrateful..! Earlier ate shilpa’s food and b*t*hed her, then vikas came forward to cook for her, but she messed up with him for a task…he was playing very caring for her & played funny bfr she irritate him…!
      Now when one day left, she cooks for herself, showing nobody cares for her..??
      Throughout season she never accepted her mistakes… Never agreed she may forget things..,instead she keep on lieing.- that’s her major fault…! Except luv, she never apologized to anyone in this show..she remained in her worst attitude always…! As a result Luv is also not in her favour after eviction.,like many others..!
      Where Vikas never backed out frm solving problems with everyone…so all evicted contestants have good notes for him..

    2. @amy gupta ur so wrong u and @ neeru gupta both are biased

    3. Esther

      @AMY Wow 100% true……I too agree that Vikas should’ve thought wisely and shudn’t ve included mom’s pic in the task … he was wrong and he accepted that he was wrong…..
      Hina…I said naaa Drama queen for a reason……
      I do agree that she hs contributed well to the show and is deserving….but all your points are also true……all of her acts infront of the camers looked like a drama…..she wasn’t even feeling sorry….all she was saying was ,I’m not like them…they’re all mean….mujhse ye karwaaya wo karwaaya…coffee bhi waste karwaaya….arree yaar…now I know why most of the evicted contestants called her fake…..
      mostly I’m disappointed that Vikas made a stupid move which gave others a chance to make him look bad….bt the love and respect he earned will not fade away bcoz of his one wrong move❤️❤️❤️

    4. @amy….even i think ki hina ko khaana banana aata tha woh bas itne saare logo ke liye khana nahi banana chahti hogi isliye aise kar rahi thi…
      Even i dont find anything wrong in wht vikas did…woh task kar hi nahi rahi thi aur na karne de rahi thi…aur doosron ko crybaby bolti hai fir…

      Calling ” Biased ” to other commenters doesn’t look good on your comments, Bcs I know what you did here till this time..

    6. Vikas is a clever one,he understood her plan in the back. Definitely she did drama and tried to defame vikas.she disobeyed also.but bb definitely want more so they didn’t agree with vikas and they got more.but Hina was really tough to compete with.akaah said in an interview that he was always afraid that whether she win the task.she gave tough competition to boys.i loved that.why I support Hina is bcoz in India lots of harraasment is happening in inlaw’s house,so according to me if those girls are bold like Hina nobody can do anything against them.i read a girl suicide bcoz of dowry issue.i felt very bad.

  19. Samaira_khan

    Hi this is old Samaira.. Only.. Ok so don’t get confused!!.. Firstly this episode was a whole entertaining episode.. And this time even if it is Shilpa or Vikas fans.. We fans got divided..
    Not trying to be biased.. But Haan I didn’t find wht Vikas tried to do was not wrong!! Arey yaar it was a task.. Bro I mean he knew Hina won’t do.. Thts y did this.. And to all those Shilpa fans who r bashing her now I feel to bash u guys up common Hina has taunted her alottt.. And Shilpa tried to stop her too!..
    Coming to Hina and puneesh.. I didn’t expect from Hina tht she won’t Stam.. Tht was really gud if her..
    @neeru @amy @xyz u guys r only 3 who can change my views.. Plz post it..

    1. Neeru

      @samaira….. Same here…. My views,,
      * Well i understand why vikas did that…. In d morning, he evn discussed it wid shilpa nd wen asked her whethr she wud do it,, shilpa said no…. Vikas was soooo sure hina wud nvr do it,, dat he risked his own fav braclet nd his moms photo… D mistake i think vikas did was to trust hina on dis… Nd vikas did admit it…
      * Vikas targeted hina coz of wat she said yestrday….. And as he said he gave it on her face….
      * Dis task was eithr u obey vikas or press d buzzer…. hina din go by d rules…. I appreciate her game plan,, dat she acted like breaking it….. She did really well….
      * Now on twitter,, hina fans are like puneesh won hearts…. ?? and ppl who are hating vikas for a task,, forgot wat he did for hina in d mall…. He was named gentlman nd wat not… I really dnt get why hina fans are hating him…. Vikas did his task,, so did hina…. Simple…. He kept his moms photo on a cushion,, nt on d ground…. That’s respecting…. Why he asked her to do it is cozzz he wasss damn sure she wudnt do it…. Isnt dat a compliment on itz on to hina dat he thinks she isnt mean…
      * And abt shilpa,, she did well too…. Hina saying dat – pool me jaane ke liye baja diya,, muje bol deta , mein chali jaati…. Din she hv d girl thing yestrdy nd she said aise cheezin mat karwao…. ??
      * Finally, vikas saying something abt puns…. Its high time…. As vikas said lots of ppl told him of his b*t*hing but still vikas always supported him saying itz his game… Enuf… I dnt like dat guy much…

    2. Esther

      yesss exactly….she said it that she can’t go to pool bcoz of her monthly cycle and now is lyk I was ready to go to pool…
      I still appreciate Hina for her spirit and game play….bt must say this….. “Drama queen for a reason”

    3. Was reading ur comments daily…..though our favourites are different ….I felt ur comments were right accordingly….. But today I think u missed to notice something…..not judging u but just clarifying you that a part of ur this comment seems wrong to me ( not commenting on the task) u mentioned about the order shipla refused to do ( jump in the pool ) and how hina reacted to that….hina did say that shilpa gave up for that….she also said that vikas should have given that order to her but she never said she would have done it….she only meant that if vikas would have given it to her she would have lost it because she has a reason but shilpa gave up without any reason…….this is what I understood…..plz be careful while commenting on sensible issues…..hope the best wins the show…..for me hina is best ….if not hina then vikas…

    4. @ Neeru I will miss your comments dear…we all know throughout his journey Vikas has gained a lot…but above all things he has earned some genuine , true and die hard fans like you, AMY, Xyz, Samira, Neha Chandra etc…you all are here to protect him against any false allegation…sometimes I also loose my faiths on Vikas,,,then I read your comments and through your comments my misunderstandings get clear…honesty I will miss Vikas and your comments very deeply…

    5. Neeru

      @sravani….. 1st of all thank you soo much for liking my comnts….. ?
      2nd ly thank u for pointing dat out….. I re watched dat part… Yes dat cud be d way u meant…. Nd cud be d way i meant…. Cant be sure…. Nevertheless u r ryt… It cud hv been dat way tooo nd i shudnt hv confirmed…. Accepted…. ?
      But u knw d problm dat wud hv hapnd if vikas had asked her to do it… ? She wud hv said ladki ko aisa karne ke Liye bola nd stuffs… Nywaz thank u comnting…. ??
      And ya all d best for hina…. I hope if itz nt vikas,, itz hina…!!! ??

    6. Neeru

      @meghna… Thank you so much dear…… I will miss you too….. Thank you for being such an encouragement…….!!!???? love ya….

    7. @neeru punnu wasnt b*t*hing bout vikas he was just saying vikas shudnt have dne that n he said it as a man to the face of vikas and at @samiara who cares if ur old or new damairq ur biased even if ur old or new lol

    8. Neeru

      @samaira…. Btw,, tomorrow is d episode i was talking to u abt… Journey…. ??

    9. @Samaira
      Vikas may NOT be wrong. But Shilpa WAS wrong. And supporting the wrong person makes u as guilty as the wrong done.
      Shilpa gave up on her task. Why? I ask why ?
      Because “she wanted to go against Hina” !
      If she is the ‘winner’ of the show, wasn’t it her duty to bring VIKAS GUPTA on the right track ?
      She didn’t. She quit the game just to ‘bring Hina down’! She already lost the respect.

      #Hina_Khan did whatever she could do to protect Vikas’s things. ‘YET’ she DIDN’T GIVE UP ON TASK to show her ‘sacrifice’. And that’s what made Hina different than Shilpa.
      She didn’t quit, yet she didn’t disrespect his mother. Shilpa portrayed herself as the ‘Mother’. Where did her values go when Hina was crying?
      Shilpa preferred cooking, following Vikas’s orders, supporting the wrong just to ‘bring Hina low’.
      Hina preferred fighting, badmouthing, going against everyone just to make herself right.


    10. Samaira, if anybody said 24hrs abt Hina’s negativity in BB11.,it’s puneesh !! Suddenly he felt vikas and Shilpa did wrong bcs vikku used his mom’s foto- ,as Hina didnt tear it He sides with her… but he forgot to look at the real intentions of Vikas and Hina- Punnu values personal things so he blames SHIKAS without considering the reason behind it.. But What abt Hina?? He heard it frm her own mouth tht ”to give such ideas which make him mean…” ! Vikas thought she ‘l quit, tht’s wat he wanted..but Hina wanted to show Vikas as mean, her statements like ” yehi hai mastermind vikas ka asliyath..” tells it clearly.. She got chance to play victim card!
      Neeru, if Vikas asked her to go in pool ,she wil do it instead of quitting,in tht case also he wil look cruel.. and she can play again victim… Vikas told her ”he won’t do such things to her…” – here Hina wanted to show that shilpa quit easily and Hina s a best performer in any situation… Ufff!
      Throughout this season,his first week enemies arshi,punnu,bandagi, stayed close to him more than Hina…, so he had more love for those 4 ,this s why he ignored punnu’s backstabbing…!
      Esther, right..”Drama Queen for a reason”
      Thank u Meghna, will miss everyone.., veRyan sad tht we can’t see vikku on regular basis again… 😐
      Shilpa didnt quit task to bring down Hina…she can do it without quitting also… But u forgot , it’s not first time Shilpa give up tasks easily…she did same several times. U said ” #Hina_Khan did whatever she could do to protect Vikas’s things..” – she did it not to protect his things but to show she is not mean… If she had such values of other’s personal belongings, she wouldn’t have suggested Arshi ” she wil destroy punnu’s jacket and Vikas bracelet and foto..” in mean task…, she even clarified she wil do what she said… THAT SHOWS HINA’S REAL MEAN SIDE…She doesn’t care others’ emotions ..she would have put those things in paint if Arshi gave her chance.. ( tht moment she was cheating on Vikas too.., he trusted her..he only suggested to destroy her bathrob)
      Vikas aur Hina me bahut farakh hai..
      He is a real GEM

  20. Hina is the role model for all the girls.. Who speaks of her heart and all people and girls please vote for Hina… Today Hina stole the show… Hina is the big boss 11 winner… Plz all vote for her atleast seeing her today

    1. Who ‘l vote for her seeing for a day??? Her fans who loved her when she was 100% wrong will do it again. This episode is a continuation of yesterday’s episode! Yesterday Hina wanted tht man look bad who cooked food for her??
      Why? Bcs she didnt get gupt task, she didn’t get dictator task, her insecurity again forced her to mess up with him.Throughout season she played task,but she didnt play smart or fair yet! If Shilpa is not deserving Hina is also not deserving!

  21. I am a south indian. For the first time i am commeting for the biggboss update by atiba. I am appreciating atiba for really fast and clear update. I will miss this season of biggboss. Generally i felt whole season is biased for shilpa. Any ways without any favour i started watching the whole season and have concluded that hina # sherkhan u are the most incredible person. Everytime you supported each and every contestant when they were alone shows how a beautiful person you are. I agree mistakes have happened from your side but i must say the way how you have appologized for that no one has appolozised. U cant remember or you are mohalle ki aunty or chaalu khan but the fans you have gained are the true fans who are beside you throughout your rough and tough times. I want to ask every fan can you all name any one contestant who have praised each and every contestant for his or her one or more qualities. Hina you are the only one to do it. I agree making food is the toughest thing but making food without b*t*hing and raising children without b*t*hing about them or others is the true quality of an indian mother and not cooking whole the time along with b*t*hing about people whole the time is true colour . Everyone becomes strong by experiences and situations they are going throughout life. The immaturity and mistakes you have done is because you havent gone through tough times or experiences as your whole family and work is purely visible. The onewho can lie to her father whole life i believe can be strong how she is in entire life and in that case you are innocent and pet of your parents. One incident in entire season itself proves how beautiful person you are and that is when each and every contestant made fun and laughed at co contestant when she woke up at midnight and was giving scary looks you came forward pacified her and made her asleep and asked everyone to keep quiet. Its sad that later she b*t*hed and said wrong things about you. U have gainef a betterhalf who really stood for you whatelse you need in your life . When mastermind himself was cornered by everyone you beside him. For me you are the cleanest and pure hearted one and i request every fan of hina khan please vote for her she is behind for small margin as per sources dont let your hopes surrender. Love u hina khan . Other fans please lookout journey and my comment and please vpte for hina [ iam hoping and i know it is toughest thing ] may hina khan win.

  22. Miss Hina Khan, Shilpa looks good even without makeup but you look horrible without makeup….

  23. Hina deserve to win big boss 11 .just you observe how silpa always talking behind dirty things about hina. Every one did mistake. But only hina mistake was highlighted why ?

    I was shilpa fan. Unfortunate last few weeks my opinion totally changed .She always pitching behind one time she said akash kutta we bhi gaya gujra , just u remember which all words she used for hina .Every body doing there job .So shilpa also cooking. House not just only cooking work.

  24. Vikas asked Hina to stamp on his mother’s pic intentionally becoz he wanted to win the money and knew she wouldn’t do it .I do not feel wen Hina cry becoz whenever she cries, she brags about how good she is.

  25. Shilpa which task did ? Because of hina mount bb task she survive till 4th position. Instead of thankful to hina .She started blame to her .what kind of person she is ?

  26. Tats

    What hina did today was right. 200% right. And the people who were calling her shameless just because she told vikas about her periods then i will call you shameless. Nothing is wrong telling someone that i am sick. We ourelves are making it a issue and i believe that most of the people already know about this and if someone is telling that she is on periods then thats wrong. woah great. I dont get people. What they want. I hope hina will win the show. Vikas,puneesh and shilpa all the best. Hats pff for puneesh because he stood for right.Also everyone stop spreading hate in the air, because we are breathing in this air too. Its a show and its almost about to end. Stop bashing people. Hiten, arshi, luv, bandagi,priyank, ben and everyone did a great job. And the rest in the house are also doing great. 🙂

  27. Y Vikas thinks he is not winning this show …… Polls r also Hina r Shilpa ….. I feel his journey is most amazing compare to anyone …. First few weeks don’t know what to do then learned bashed by Shilpa fans and Hina fans most popular figures in India for no reason as both Shilpa and Hina also done many such things tat r worse than wat Vikas do…. Faced allegations people making fun of his s*xualities preference ….. Hina ka desperation to win this show is another level not because of photo but she really want to win she unnecessary made love bad in last few days she is doing everything to stand out ……and she really deserves to win as she is the one made this show superhit by doing all insensible things and dramabaaz bhi eh …..but I feel one who played this game so gracefully is Vikas leaving tat photo as he really wants to win the task ….. Vikas showed today who real Shilpa Shinde is …… I don’t think he ll get influenced by her easily …. Shilpa praised Vikas today by telling wat is wrong if he use mind and tats is wat he want now Shilpa fans ko bhi Samaj aagaya he is not wrong …. Hina fans ll bash him now telling he made Hina look bad but actually Hina was shouting there telling this is wat real Vikas is and Hina gracefully won tat task respect …. Hina take tat trophy and become history ….. But this show is remembered only as Vikas Gupta show…

    1. Shan, loved your comment..!
      Indeed he introduced a new way to do tasks and win without shouting, fighting,being physical, and cheating and it will be written In history of BB… The season will be known as season of brilliant mastermind Vikas for ever… Bcs not just In the tongues of lovers, but haters too said ‘Vikas…Vikas..Vikas..” more than their favourite!
      He s in top 4 by his own capabilities, not by a contract..! Not like climbing on others’ shoulder..!
      Most important person of the house- VIKAS DESERVES THE WIN always- though He already Won!!

  28. To all the vikas n shilpa fans who watched precap yesterday n said hina looks evil for stamping on vikas mum photo well dnt jusge by precap well done hina…
    @zara hayet khan or shall i say gupta zara gupta wats ur views now!
    Hina has won for me today she deserves it! @neeru is hina still a vamp? N to @xyz plz comment i like ur comments

    1. Neeru

      @Alfy…. Well my comnt yestrdy was something like dis – ” it seems so… I wud appreciate if she dnt…Vikas asked her to do it coz he was sure she wudnt do it… Hina wudnt be dat mean…. Nywaz lets wait till d episode…. ”
      So i dnt think i concluded dat she did…. Today i dnt blame nyone…. Nt hina, nt vikas, nt shilpa…. Vikas played his game thinking hina wud nvr do it…. Hina played her game by nt actually doing it…. Shilpa played her game nd said thise things coz she din think evn stamping on d pillow was fair, coz accidentally hina’s foot myt touch d pic….. All fair….!!

    2. yeh sahi hai hina ke fans ab pandit bann gaye…namkaran karne lag gaye aap?
      jo vikas ka fan woh gupta ho gaya…ohh sorry aap toh hina ke fan ho toh logic se aapka kya lena dena hoga..

  29. A speacial mention to puneesh by standing with truth today he deserved his top four finish

    1. Neeru

      @Alfy… I disagree with dis though…. One day,, d last day actually,, he supports hina nd u think he deserves…. No he doesnt….

  30. Fitst of all i would say ki haan vikas ne woh thoda galat kia…par usne galti maani bhi toh hai apni…agar iss baat ko doosre perspective se dekho…toh vikas ne woh sirf isliye kia tha taaki hina buzzer dabade…hina ne pair nahi rakha photo pe toh woh bhi galat nahi hai…
    for me dono hi galat nahi the…
    Par kal toh mujhe hina hi galat lagi thi…na vikas ki baat maan rahi thi aur naa hi buzzer baja rahi thi…i found it very irritating jab woh table pe sorry sorry bolne ka natak kar rahi thi…that is the reason why she might not win…arrogance hai usme…maanna padega..usi ki industry waale logo ka yeh manna hai jo use jaante hai ache se…toh hum kaun hote hai kuch kehne waale?
    Shilpa aur Puneesh dono ko toh bas b*t*hing karni hoti hai..bhai last 2 din mein bhi shaanti nahi hai tumhe?Poora season nikal gaya yeh puneesh…non deserving ladka ek potentia finalist ki jaga lekar baitha hai sirf shilpa ke side mein rehkar…loser…darpok bhi hai bohot
    I am regularly voting for vikas…par mujhe bohot irrelevant lag raha hai aisa karna…kyuki winner toh decided hi hai??
    Anyways koi nahi lets hope agla season itna biased na ho…aur deserving log finale tak aaye
    Precap!!! I love these episodes

    1. I know you are Vikas fan. But when you are not able to see what he did wrong you become blind fan. Vikas brings his mom pic task expecting she will not get disrespected , it shows how barely he wants win task any cost. And once it’s doesn’t goes his way he start acting sore looser

    2. VGfan, I agree with you… But Hina’s intention was to show herself as good and vikas as worst only…
      Nami, you totally mistook the comment..what VGfan said, Vikas did wrong by bringing his mom’s foto.. And he too accepted he did wrong..! Accepting mistakes is a biggest thing which Hina never did here… But that doesn’t undo the wrong thing Vikas already did..
      Then comes the basic intention of doing so, that ‘s the part where his thought is not wrong.., He thought Hina wil quit it without going near to the pic..!

    3. @amy thanks for telling @nami the difference between vikas fans and others…aur haan blind fans shilpa aur hina ke rahe hai na ki vikas ke….main blind fan kaise hua…maine bola toh ki even mujhe galat laga jo vikas ne kara…aur usne bhi galti maani apni

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