Bigg Boss 11 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikas becomes a ruler

Bigg Boss 11 11th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 102
Inmates wake up to song Gupt song. All point at Vikas. They all dance.
Puneesh says something secret is going to happen.

Vikas says many legendary things happened. Vikas says one time she put garlic in my blanket, Shilpa says I washed it and then put it. Vikas says I didnt know your game. Shilpa says I used to tease him when he didnt have attention. Shilpa says I used to bump into him and then say sorry.. Shilpa says I dont remember so many things.

Hina says Vikas won ‘Arshi wants’ task and now Vikas is getting a chance to win money, task will be ‘Vikas city’, he will be cruel dictator, inmates will have to follow his orders, and Vikas will try to irritate them so much that inmates try to leave the task. Inmates have to fulfill Vikas’s orders as soon as they are given. Hina reads that if they dont want to fulfill the order then you have to play the buzzer and get out of task, when an inmate presses buzzer then Vikas will win 3 lacs, if all inmates leave task then Vikas will win 9 lacs, as much amount as Vikas wins, that amount will be deducted from winning prize, Vikas will not do any household work, Hina says who will make my food? all laugh. Hina says Vikas have to chance to win amount upto 9 lacs.

Hina asks Puneesh if Vikas asks you to go bald then will you do it? Puneesh says no, I will give him 3 lacs. hina says if he asks for personal things then it will be problem, this task is about showing his mean nature, like in last task.

Buzzer plays, Vikas dresses up as dictator. Shilpa says I am Shilpa. vikas says I cant forget your name. Vikas says I will have to tell things which make you press this buzzer, if you dont press this buzzer then you will have to follow my orders. Shilpa acts like trying to press it and says its not pressing. Puneesh says Vikas dont try to end it. Vikas asks hina to fold his clothes, she nods and leaves. Vikas says she will cry now.
Hina says now I will have to take Vikas’s dirty clothes.
Vikas asks Puneesh to go bald. Puneesh says no I wont go bald before finale, you are showing your reality for 3 lacs? Vikas says then play the buzzer. Puneesh says you waxes my chest which pained me so much and now you want me to go bald. Vikas says I dont want you bald so press the buzzer. Puneesh says take your order back.

Hina is folding Vikas’s clothes and says his clothes are smelly.

Puneesh says Vikas is doing all this for money, he knows that I wont go bald, he wants to play with my looks only, he has crores and doing this for only 3lacs.

Vikas orders Shilpa to make food for him. Shilpa says I am again in kitchen.

Vikas says to Puneesh that I know what is important in life for you, please brother press the buzzer, I want this task to be completed.
Puneesh comes to Hina and says sorry, if you win the show then you might lose some money because he wants me to go bald and I cant. Hina says try to pacify Vikas,dont press buzzer.
Puneesh comes in garden and says Vikas has asked me to go bald but I cant so I am pressing the buzzer and going out of task. He presses the buzzer. Shilpa says if I win then I will take that money from you. Puneesh says I cant go bald.

Vikas says to Hina that its not about money but doing task and I am doing it.

Vikas says to Hina and Shilpa that from now on, you both will be sisters, you both will hug each other after every 10 minutes and ask about life and such, now hug each other. Hina hugs Shilpa and says he doesnt know how good actors we are. Hina says Shilpa didi I am coming, she leaves. Shilpa laughs and says where I am stuck.
Vikas comes to Shilpa and asks her to go to her didi. Shilpa says there is still time for 10minutes, Vikas says you are counting? Shilpa laughs.

Vikas comes to Hina and asks her to hug her didi. Hina runs and hugs her didi Shilpa, she acts like crying and says I will miss you didi, she kisses her cheeks. Vikas says see magic in house.

Vikas says to Puneesh that I will make them wear saree and work in that and then make them dance. Puneesh says I am enjoying this task now.
Hina shows Vikas that she has folded all this clothes. Hina says I just want to tell you that I have girl problem so.. vikas says I wont throw you in pool and anything. Hina says my back is hurting,it happened 10 minutes back. Hina tries to lift Vikas’s bag, Puneesh says should I help you with it? vikas asks hina to not pack his bag, she has back problem. Vikas says to Hina that show your indian wears to us. Hina says I have just one indian wear, Puneesh says I like that saree, Vikas asks her to press and wear it in 10minutes. Hina says I will try. Vikas says you have to. Hina says there were no time limit in instructions. Vikas says this is Vikas city, if you dont want to do it then you can press the buzzer. Hina says I wont press the buzzer, I am doing my work but at my pace. Vikas asks her to do her work otherwise he will ask her to jump in pool. Hina says if you think its not fair then do it. she leaves. Puneesh says I want water, Vikas asks Shilpa to make him drink it, Shilpa makes Puneesh drink water from her hands and says all men are jerks.. have this dog.. Puneesh laughs. Puneesh says this will cost you 3 lacs. Shilpa laughs.
Vikas says to Hina that your timing is wrong, this is bad luck, he gives Hina stool. Vikas leaves. Hina asks Puneesh to give him ideas, let him play dirty, I dont think Shilpa will give either.

Puneesh says to Vikas that I feel like hina is lying to cheat, we cant do anything. Vikas says if she has said it so we have to be easy. Shilpa comes there. Vikas asks her to show indian wear. Shilpa says I dont have it. Vikas says I know you them, she shows her sarees. Vikas asks her to wear that orange one, she says why? he says dictator wants to see you in saree otherwise you can play the buzzer. Shilpa laughs and says what joke is this.

Shilpa wears orange saree and starts working in kitchen. Vikas comes there and says wow.. all matching, he calls Puneesh too and look. Shilpa says you jerks.
Hina comes to Vikas and says why you destroying my dress, Vikas says there are many things remaining. Hina says I wont press my buzzer, I am Hina Khan. Vikas says I order you to not talk negative, just say positive.. Hina says donkey.. I saw it in zoo. Vikas says you wont talk now, you will have talk fast. Hina hums, Vikas says you are talking. Hina says sorry, she eats food and says its spicy, sorry. Vikas says Hina you are not following rules. Hina says I am saying sorry. Vikas says I asked you to not talk, I am sorry. Hina says I did a mistake. Vikas says if you say one more word then you press the buzzer and if you dont press the buzzer then I will press your buzzer and Bigg boss will see the matter, hina nods and acts like crying. Vikas says bigg boss is seeing it. Hina acts like laughing. Vikas says she is faking her girl problem on TV, saying it started 10 minutes, she couldnt walk and now she is jumping around? such a liar. Vikas asks Hina to go and wear that blue saree, she hints in five minutes as she sits down and shows she is in pain, she sits and rests. Vikas says you are not following orders, Hina says okay. Vikas says she is not following the orders nor pressing the buzzer, I cant play this game. Hina says you are so cheap that you want to raise the girl problem. Vikas says I will play with Shilpa, you go and press the buzzer. Hina says I am going to change saree, she leaves. Vikas says Bigg boss has to intervene. Hina laughs and leaves. Puneesh says Hina has lost. Vikas says yes. Shilpa says you can press her buzzer. Vikas says I am sorry but I have to press her buzzer and only Shilpa remains in the task. vikas goes and presses Hina’s buzzer. Vikas says bigg boss Hina was not following orders nor pressing her buzzer so I am pressing her buzzer, I am sorry, he presses it.
Hina comes to Vikas and asks if she has to wear the saree? Vikas says your task has ended, you dont know how to do the task. Vikas asks Shilpa to bring rabri. Hina says to Puneesh that I said sorry to him but he didnt listen to me.

Puneesh says to Shilpa that how you flirt in maharashtra. She tells him, Puneesh says you look chikni/hot. Shilpa gives her back twerk and brings rabri. Vikas says make me eat it, Shilpa laughs and tries to feed him but he moves away. Vikas makes Shilpa sit beside her and says you have to pacify me with love and make me eat it. Shilpa fake cries and says this is bad. Vikas says you gave me so much love in first five weeks, this is karma. Shilpa asks Vikas to eat it, he says you have to pacify me with love, Shilpa says you know my love. Vikas says no I know your love can be wild. Shilpa says eat rabri.. she makes Vikas eat with her hands only. Puneesh says Vikas is lucky bigg boss. Shilpa says dont eat spoon. Vikas says you eat too, she makes Shilpa eat rabri too, she makes disgusted face and says buzzer is not that far. Vikas says you cant press buzzer till I dont say it.

Shilpa says to Vikas that Hina is saying that you look mean but we can see everything. Vikas says she wants me to do dirty things.
Hina lies in bed and says I was teasing Vikas and it was not working with him so he did this, his thinking is so bad.
Vikas says to Shilpa that politics has not ended. Shilpa says she didnt wanted to go in pool so she said she have girl problem? very smart, that pain shows on your face too. Puneesh says she thinks that Gautam Gulati won money task and he won the season too so you will win.

Vikas sees Shilpa walking in orange saree, Vikas says see her transformation. Shilpa says bhabhijee from s*xy babe. Shilpa says I look like Vikas’s …(mistress). Vikas says forgive me.. please. Puneesh says boys are shy here. Shilpa says you people are doing this with me, you will see my dance tonight. Puneesh says we are not Aakash.

Shilpa says to Vikas that if Hina wore saree too then it would have been nice. Vikas says I wanted that, but she got irritated.
Hina sees Vikas talking to Shilpa and says I tried to spice up the task but now he is just talking with Shilpa, not doing any task.

Bigg boss calls Hina and Vikas. Bigg boss asks Hina we heard you say that task is not in progress? Hina says ask him, I was ready to change saree. Vikas says I wanted to do task nicely, she was not following rules, I asked her to not talk but she kept talking, Hina says I said sorry. Vikas says she wanted to play dirty, if you want me to say that she is in the game thenI wont say it. Bigg boss says but truth is that she is in the game, you cant press the buzzer on someone else’s behalf. Vikas says but she is planning and wanting to show me bad, she doesnt want to play, she wants me to be dirty in task so India sees. Hina says you are a cry baby, you cant bear leg pulling. Vikas says I am okay, I will not be able to do this, I can work like this, I cant stoop to her level. Hina says I was following rules, I said sorry and was ready to change the saree. Bigg boss says you both know the rules of the task and know what to do. Vikas says I wont play with her. Hina says I am ready to play.

Vikas asks Shilpa to change her saree, she laughs and leaves. Hina says Vikas please do the task, he leaves.
Vikas says to Puneesh that she wants me to do something dirty. Shilpa says make her throw her makeup in pool, ask her to cut her hair. Shilpa says she wants me to look dirty so she might do that too. Hina hears it and says he is so scared of me. Hina comes there and says Vikas please do the task, I want do it, I was just leg pulling. Vikas says I wont do task with you, Hina says you are behaving like quitter, Vikas says I have tried and I cant so you will win.

Vikas says to Puneesh that Hina said she wants me to do things that would look dirty. Hina comes there and says I just said that Vikas wont give bad tasks. Hina says infact I asked Puneesh to do it and he will stop you because I know him,he wont let Puneesh go bald. Puneesh says you did say that you want him to play dirty. Vikas says if you people want me to play dirty on national TV then I will do it. Hina says its useless to explain to you, you will remain like this. vikas says I am happy like this, I dont want to be like you Hina. Vikas says she thought I will ask her to break frame but I wont.

Vikas says to Puneesh that Hina is frustrated, if I ask her to dance then she will say that I am so cheap, when I ask her to make food then she will become ill, and now when I am not playing with her then she is fine.

Shilpa is working in kitchen. Vikas says you said you will eat sweets with your own so now you have to finish this sweetdish as a reward. Shilpa says I have allergy with milk thing. Vikas says so you press the buzzer. Shilpa says 3 lacs matter a lot, you dont know about troubled girls. Bigg boss says to inmates that Vikas city tasks for today has ended. Shilpa says thank you bigg boss, you are so great. Vikas laughs.

Hina is lying in bed, Vikas says task has ended, outside task is different. Hina says I dont do things like that, Vikas says I dont want to fight now, it was a task, Hina says you said so many bad words, I as just pulling your leg, I thought to say sorry after task. Vikas says I am doing that now. Hina says i thought to make task interesting and tease task a little, I told Puneesh that he should gone till the end and when you bring trimmer to his hair then stop you, I wanted to do the task till the end. Vikas says you dont realize what you do and say.
Puneesh says to Shilpa that Hina never accepts her mistake, she is really neighbor aunty.
Hina says to Vikas that you said that I lied about girl problem, you dont know how it feels in this condition. vikas says you were jumping around. Hina says I was just teasing you. Vikas says I was just saying that a girl was making fun of girl problem. Hina says why you keep repeating girl problem? this is not illness, I was fine there. Vikas says now you are ill again?
Puneesh says to Shilpa that these people talk just so they could win a conversation.

Hina cries and says to Vikas that I am not that type of girl, I have worked in so much difficult situation, I am sorry I said those words. Vikas says you did it many times without thinking how it would look like.

Vikas brings water for Hina. Hina says I already have my sipper there, dont try to be over sweet, Vikas says you would do same if I was ill. Hina says I wouldnt want to see your face, Vikas says then dont see it, you would get different attracted, I like Ro, he is like my friend so I wont trouble you. Hina says dont worry you will win, you got this task today, I think you are winning.


PRECAP- Vikas says to Hina that as dictator, I want Hina to break bracelet and crush it. Hina says you are playing dirty but for me, prize money is more important for the winner than this bracelet and my love. She crushes her bracelet. Vikas puts his mom’s photo on ground and ask Hina to tear it by putting foot on it. Hina says this is your reality Vikas, you are asking me to put foot on your mother’s photo for a task? what a game. Hina tries to put foot on his mom’s photo.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. zara hayat khan

    Hate u mohalle ki aunty.I think hina got jealous of vikas shilpa cute nok jhok in dictator task.shilpa was looking very nice in Orange saaree.hina feels jealous and becomes frustrated over vikas…and didnt follow rules.shez also very insecure of vikas.
    mohalle ki aunty will look
    boothni ki chaachi without makeup….
    vikas gupta u r the best
    May use win this show.ameen..
    cant say much about precap becoz poora dekhne se pehle I can’t judge….

    1. Okay I know you love shilpa but please don’t insult anyone else

    2. @ Queen Shilpa
      Ha ha ha, who is saying here ”pls dnt insult anyone else..??”
      Queen Shilpa!!! u r the one who used abusive language and insulted Hina 3 days ago… Forgot?? I can remind u,…
      U were commenting frm one id ‘Qwerty’ – ”shilpa shilpa the best..”
      From another Id u were abusing Hina.. Here is ur own comment..
      Ur id name – F**Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 
      -Ur comment 1- ”Hina the b*t*h”..

      -Ur comment 2- ”I hate hina she’s the vamp she’ll be crying the out of a sudden she’s is like no l am girl this is why I be crying then she’ll accuses shilpa of a s*xist”…

      Then u changed name to Queen Shilpa so I messaged u
      ”@Queen Shilpa,
      ‘ F**Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ‘ – ON THIS PAGE, TODAY IT CHANGED TO
      ‘Queen Shilpa’
      F**Kkkkkkkkkk = Queen Shilpa”…
      – To which u said , ”that was for hina though well depends on the person though BTW I did like hina in the first weeks though ”….
      Now u r lecturing to another commenter ” to not insult anyone. ”

    3. Atlast vikas ke vajah se Shilpa ki Orange beauty dekhne ko mili???.She was looking howttt.Sab Ek baat samjhne ki koshish karo.Aise baat nahi hei ki Shilpa task nahi karti.Physical task usse nahi ho pata. Lekin lilliput,robot,rajarani aise wale sare task me Shilpa apni 100% diya.Aaj ka task bhi bohut khoob nibhaya.Usme zara bhi ego nahi hei.Hina ko me isiliye support karti thi kyuki me Akshara ki bohut badi fan thi.Isiliye Shilpa ke sath itna kuch karne ke baad bhi me usse nafrat nahi kar pa rahi thi.But kal ke promo dekhne k baad ye keh sakti hu Hina BB jeetne layak nahi hei.Ego ke vajah se aur 3 lakh keliye family photo pe pair rakhi.Pooh&Sherkhan mug family photo se zyadda maine rakhte hei?ap log bolo Hina ke jagah Shilpa hoti to vo apni family photo pe pair rakhti?plzz be honest

    4. Ghunawat.abhishek

      Hina ne apni family photo pe nhi vikas ki family pic par panv rkha h… Aur uska task bhi yahi h…

    5. @zara…. this is the second time.. i will not take vikas’s side ….
      cz it is a task .. vikas have to think of himself and other have to do the same…
      vikas have to make them press buzzer , Hina knows very well she have chances to win this show too … so she dont want that money to got deducted ….
      and i know it was lil irritating but vikas dont have to talk about all these things to shilpa/puneesh…
      so its ok .. no one was wrong today………..

  2. oh god what a episode yr hina was actually making task fun. not ruining but puneesh and shilpa washed the brain of vikas .
    precap -what was vikas doing yr with hina…..and if hina crush her mom photo then he will say she can do anything for task and will say ill words.
    plz vikas and hina dont fight.its shilpa’s dirty game of divide and rule
    @whoever abused me yesterday i don’t know who you are you are new here and i dont care what you say..if i dont like shilpa then i will say that if you dont like that abuse me more i dont care .
    @xyz thanks for supporting me yesterday!!

    1. Neeru

      @moksh…. Vikas din give her family photo….. He asked her to step on his family photo… He din think she will do it….

    2. Exactly. Very true.

    3. @Moksh, I meant your words are absolutely perfect. On the last day, Vikas Gupta got mould by Puneesh and Shilpa and played like he doesn’t have any brain !
      Hina had no fault today. Vikas did wrong

    4. Arohi,
      Then wot should he do???
      He s the dictator, it’s his duty to irritate his praja and make them quit… But Hina was irritating him back ( which not comes under rules..) ,so definitely he wil get angry.., he asked her to fold dress so that she’l get upset..he said to punnu now hina wil cry by packing his suitcase… In fact it worked a bit…she started telling ”ladkiyon se aise kaam karne keliye kehta hai Vikas..”
      – if he asks more mean stuffs either she should obey the dictator like shilpa did or press the buzzer like punnu did… Simple!! She was also asked to do same things later which he asked Shilpa to do …
      But she was pulling his legs…not done!!
      She understood she made mistake, then asked him to do task…. We can see Whts going to happen next day.. Jus like Vikas predicted ” she wil complain everything he asks her to do , to show he s mean..but later wil do by saying ” task and winner’s money is more important..” and won’t press buzzer…
      I dnt think shilpa brainwashed Vikas… It was him who said it first… Shilpa also encouraged bCs of Hina’s mentality…
      Hina started as very funny, but lost track

    5. @Aarohi … but photo thing was not looking good … as hina improved alot … and ppl started like her so much …

      @AMY…. agreed to u…. today was ok .. what hina did…. bcz its her atsk too and she have to irritate vikas… but what she is gonna be today .. is not good……….

    6. Plz watch episode carefully.. Shilpa didn’t make Vikas and Hina fight

    7. exactly……….

    8. @moksh … i will not take vikas’s side nor hina’s side … cz vikas have to make them press buzzer …
      but i personally think that was the masterstroke for anyone (shilpa/hina/vikas) .. what vikas did. … but hina dont suppoessed to put foot on that photo…
      i think no one shud do this…. even the same condition have to face vikas/shilpa .. i will say.. they shud not put foot on someone’s parents pic…..
      cz isse kuch nhi hona… ppl fir hina k against hona start kar denge …..

  3. Neeru

    * Gupt Gupt,, Gupt aa re,, Gupt Gupt… !!!! Aree waah kyaa ganna hai…. Dedicated to vikas… BIGG BOSS???
    * shilpa, vikas nd puns discussing the journey…. I went aww….. !!!
    * Tables turn again… Afta today’s episode shikas fans more happy dan vina fans…. !! ?
    * Task…. Mazza aa gaya…. Vikas man i m in love wid you… He made it sooo fun….. I laughed through out….. He cud hv just asked to throw makeup nd stuffs to win instead he asks Hina nd shilpa,, who wer enemies till yestrdy to hug each other.. task ke bahane dosti karwao.. ?
    * Puns tho harne ke baadh phokat ke mazee le rha tha…. Chotte kunwar… ?? By the way vikas is giving dat money to jyoti…. It was in ED… BB din air it today…
    * Shilpa : mein wapas kitchen me aa gayi…. Pichle janam me kitne logon ko bhukha rakha hai meine… ??
    * Shilpa did awesome….. She enjoyed d task and was a good sport…. Din i say she likes vikas….? Damn,, d part of my heart dat loved shikas was on high today…. Tooo many awww moments…
    Vikas : orange saree pehno..
    Shilpa : lekin kyun.. ?
    Vikas : dictator dekhna chahte hai…
    And she looked stunning today… I guess her best attire till date… Diva of vikas city… And that khaayiye naa, khilayiye naa… ???
    * Shilpa : mein tumhari wo lag rhi hun….
    Vikas : maaf karo…. Hum ladke sharam se mar jayenge… ?
    * Hina started it sooo well… That monologues wen she was packing was soo funny… Surprisingly i enjoyed hina’s irritating antics too…. It was fun at first…. She was making it hard for vikas… Tabhi tho maza hai… Warna one sided ho jata… But den her conversation wid puns.. She did say to puns ki use se karwao jis se mean dikhe nd to vch puns replied wo nhi karega,, Stupid nhi hai… Later she denied it nd twisted it… Also she used d girl thing for her benefit… I liked how both d boys helped her up wen she told dem nd den latr she din seem much affcted by it… Dats why vikas got irritated… And vikas was ryt,, she did say “vikas soch lo tum ladkiyon se aise aise kaam karwa rhe ho “.. He knew she will say something of dat sort…
    * I liked how afta task,,, vikas went to hina nd talked to her…. Vikas is a Gem of a person.. ? i am glad that d fyt was just for d task… Liked how dey sorted it out… All is well that ends well…
    Hina: mein teri shakal bhi nhi dekhungi..
    Vikas : mat dekhna… Meri shaql baar baar dekhne se hota hai ..logo ko ..dusre level ka …
    Hina : Attraction…
    Vikas : haan.. Ro ko bhai mana hai… Uske saath nhi karunga bhura..
    Hina : chup ho ja… Waise jeet rhe ho… Gautam ko last yr ye mila tha… Nd kal tumhe sabse zyada vote mile hai… Jeet rhe ho… ??

    1. Esther

      Agree with U?????…..Dictator dhikhna chaahtha hee…….that wasa soooo cute………………..
      and good that they sorted it out….and I won’t cmnt anything abt that….becoz hamko edited versions dhekhna miltha he…..we dnt even knw what really happened……and I’ve now realized how ppl outside are using evn small issues inside the house to create a world war outside???….and did Hina really crushed that pic…..I saw the epi in voot and there was no promo there

    2. Neeru

      @ Esther…. It seems soo….. I wud hv appreciated if she din…. I actually said d other day dat if arshi had choosed hina for destroying dat pic she wudnt do it…. But now i m nt sure… Braclt i wudnt mind… But stamping on someone’s mothers photo,,,dats nt done….. Vikas asked her to do it coz he was sure she wudnt do it… Hina wudnt be dat mean…. Nywaz lets wait till d episode….

    3. Neeru,
      Agree with u that I too enjoyed Hina’s monologues first and thought she’l entertain more…, but she started irritating him soon.. Task was vice versa..
      He wasn’t being cruel dictator.., he was a funloving dictator… He should’ve asked ladies to color their hair, cut it, go half bald, throw cosmetics, asks Hina to cook, drink chillies without drinking water- then may be he could win and make them press buzzer…
      I dnt think that he wil b mean to shilpa and Hina… Neither these 2 wil quit..
      – I wonder if BB asked punnu to go bald for saving Bandagi, would he done it or not..??
      -M not shipping SHIKAS again, but can’t deny the fact their chemistry was adorable yesterday… She was a stunning beauty in Orange saree.. ( M ONE AMONG THOSE WHO ENJOYS THE BEAUTY OF THE PERSON WHOM WE HATE.. 😉 )
      He again asked her to change another saaree to irritate her… He he.. She looked like a beautiful mother then….
      Why she didn’t wear both those dress till this time… Thanks vikku for saying ” dictator dekhna chahte hai…” 😛 😛
      How did Guatam do this task?? Had he won as dictator..???
      – Gotta see another finale promo with ashiqui actors, saying Either Vikas or Shilpa win..
      Earlier arjun bijlani’s promo was Hina or Shilpa… Shilpa is fixed..!!

    4. Neeru

      @Amy….yaaa… I agreee…. Evn I liked it at first…. But den she kind of killed d task…. But i liked how vikas continued it wid shilpa…. Hina ka game usi pe back fire ho gaya…. She thot afta iritating,, vikas wud give her mean tasks… But he ignored her all together…. Finally hina herself had to try nd sort out but by den puns had done his job… I wish she wud hv been a sport… It wud hv been sooo fun….
      * Yaa…. Shilpa is beautiful nd no haters can take dat from here… That action she does wen ashiqui actors wer saying her name was sooo cute…
      * Gautam’s task was a lil diffrnt… He had like 7-8 inmates den… Two wer his bodyguards,, others for his entertnmnt… Vikas’s was full funny… But gautam’s was like actual dictator thing… It was awesome too…

    5. @neeru ,AMY,Esther … agreed to u guys..
      @neer u… but as u know i will preffer hikas rather than shikas …
      so i just loved hikas conversation after task ..
      yeah hina got lil irritating but.. she have to perform the task as vikas have to play his part well..
      but what hina is doing today is looking very bad … and maybe it will affect her image again..
      and as other’s fans say.. vikas play dirty .. so they shud see this task … kitne gracefully kiya.. khud bhi enjoy kiya n dusron ko bhi karaya..
      agar ye task kisi aur ko mila hota toh shayad usne giveup kiya hota ya fir mean hua hota…………

    6. Xyz,
      HIKAS -Me too love to see them together aftr mall incident.. But these 2 r making noise pollution during tasks… He he
      He was indeed makin it funny, she too started same, then the idea of making him mean on screen rised in her stupid brain…
      But as u said it’s gonna effect her image badly….
      This is what I hate most abt every HM, they wil spoil a good running relation unnecessarily.. Also BB alwas provoke them to do….

  4. zara hayat khan

    Dat mohalle ki aunty has no sharam.periods ki baat national tv pe bolrahi hai.besharam cheapster.kitni badtehzeeb ladki hai yeh besharam insaan.dramebaaz queen.sahi pakde hain yeh naam aapke liye.u will never accept ur mistakes u ugly mohalle ki aunty.becoz kutte ki dhum kabhi seedhi nahi hoti……suder jaav hina.

    1. Zara mohalle ki aunty hogi tu… and whats there for sharam in period pain shes not talking bout s*x u mohalle ki aunty shes talking about natural stuff! If its so shamefull start watching cartoons n not big boss u auntji!

    2. I am very vocal about my periods bro. All my friends know when I am on it be it a girl or a boy. It’s a natural thing. Chupane se nahi rukegi and nahi aisa hoga ki ladhki ko nahi pata chalega. So what’s the point ?

    3. * ladhki ko pata nahi vhalega

    4. I too agree with Vidu…,
      Even while in group when any of us shout or scream for silly things, friends jokes like ” she s on her periods now” – indicating the mood swing..!
      Nothing to feel shame abt it..

    5. @Zara , Alfy .. what happened to u guys … ?/////

      @zara …. its ok… there is no shame to talk about girls thing ….
      but what hina is doing in precap looking really bad ….
      but today she was not wrong …
      @Alfy … i know .. u dont like zara’s word for hina … but still i would suggest u , that u shud n’t have to be rude to her like this ….
      @vidu….. agreed to u …. i thought u r a boy .. as ur name is vidu…

  5. First rank and second rank can’t be friends for a long time.hina is upset that vikas got task like Gautam.she was playing smartly in the beginning, she was doing well.good that vikas didn’t give task bcoz she was not well.its not easy for vikas to win against Hina, she is strong. tomorrow will see what is going to happen.its too yuck that she fold his gande dress.

    Shilpa looks great and good entertainer.wo suddenly vikas ke saath acha behave karre hei in spite of all the differences.v can’t blame her bcoz it’s a part of task.moreover she is going to win.

    1. Neha,
      ”First rank and second rank can’t be friends for a long time” – he he.., definitely some insecurity is always remains btwn them….
      Being backbencher is best feeling in school..
      😀 😀
      – I too find Hina is upset, bcs she had watched all seasons accurately… Tht’s the main problem she ‘s facing now… When Vikas got Gupt task also, she was shaken a bit… Felt like he’s the winner… But punnu said history bot repeats this season… Tht’s the sportsman spirit….
      I think if Hina or Shilpa was dictators, the scenes would b toaly changed,,, both will b in characters for sure… Vikas was a cuter dictator
      Punnu s expert in backstabbing only he won’t play front foot..!
      in ED Shilpa told Punnu ” vikas dil ka bura nhi hai, he gets aggressive when others wont hear him…but dil ka bura nhi…”
      -This lady changes her statements again and again….. I won’t forget what all she accused on him earlier nd how she did his character assassination..

    2. Agreed Amy

    3. @neha … agreed to u …
      but as we can see hina is seriously a strong contender .. and what she is facing right now .. we all can see ..
      she is lil bit insecure … and she have to be .. after all she performed really well… she dont wants to behave like this but he insecurity forcing her to do this …
      today all were ok..
      @AMY…*-This lady changes her statements again and again….. I won’t forget what all she accused on him earlier nd how she did his character assassination..*
      this is the main reason i dont like shilpa….

  6. *vikas

  7. Was hina promoting padman????Suna hai grand finale mein akhsay Kumar arahe padman ki promotion ke liye par hina ne toh aj sehi promote kar na chalu kardia…vikas hina ki partnership vohot acchi lagi mujhe season ke end mehi sahi….

    1. @Ananya …
      *vikas hina ki partnership vohot acchi lagi mujhe season ke end mehi sahi….*
      same here dear … i wish aaj k taskk baad bhi unki frndship kharab na ho………

  8. love u vikass,,you r the only 1 who deserve to b winner.. i love to watch ur game,u r mastermind..n a calm boy.

  9. Shilpa u r looking damn hotttt in this orange saree killer awesome look it looks like that wht hina has said he was just only talking to shilpa didn’t doing the task goes flat on hr beauty totally

  10. Having said that Vikas Gupta is my favourite person in the house,

    Today I say, Mr. Gupta,

    Do u even know what exactly happens during a menstrual cycle? Dude, none has constant pain. The pain comes after intervals and there are a whole lot of moodswings !
    When Hina said that to u, she trusted u.
    When Hina was irritating u, she was trying to make u feel irritated. Actually, it maybe her moodswing… AND, the pain doesn’t stay for a long time.. maybe, when she was jumping it wasn’t paining !
    My God ! Vikas, u lost half of my respect.
    Every girl bleeds every month. Do they leave their work for a week for the pain??? No.
    She was disturbing u actually. She trusted u and she knew u were good at heart.
    For the first time, trusting Puneesh and fighting with Hina made u a loser.
    It was a task for Hina too to irritate u, not like Shilpa who was agreeing to you for every reason !

    After 2 days, when u will return Vikas Gupta, just see once… After such a beautiful journey till today, u lost in the last task.
    Hina won hearts today because she had complete faith on u “Vikas can’t go this down”.
    It feels like u don’t even know what happens, still u are saying she is making issue on national TV and that too on such a sensitive issue !

    And Shilpa, we do laugh and smile during our week every month. Even u do smile.
    “Chehre pe” hum woh Dard nahi dikhate har mahine !

    1. ur each and every word is true. even i felt the same thing. and shipa even after being a girl she is not realizing it. hina is best. may hina win this season.

    2. Itni badi baat nhi thi yaar woh….vikas uska mazak nahi uda raha tha but aisa lag raha tha ki hina uss baat ko aoe fayde ke liye use kar rahi thi…

    3. Ghunawat.abhishek

      Agreed to ur each point…
      Mam i was also like what the hell they were doing n talking??? Was it necessary????
      Firstly hina shouldn’t have told vikas about that it was first tym have we seen something like this before in this season…
      Than vikas by puneesh help raised that topic was not at all right….
      No offence to anyone…
      In the end when vikas was imitating hina’s walk… That can be avoided…such embarrassing moment for hina…
      2 days remaining they all can avoid such things…this is time when voting favs will not change…

    4. Esther

      *Actually the task was either obey Vikas or press the Buzzer…..Hina said this to Punnu “Vikas Gupta Ko Mean Ideas Do, Taki Duniya Ko Lage Ki Woh Kitna Mean Hai” after discussing abt her prblm with Vikas…..Punnu got the idea that Hina wanted Vikas to give her tasks so that she can later complain about it……
      *Vikas and Punnu treated Hina in a very good way in the begining…….When Hina told all those words to Punnu…Punnu obviously did his job and instigated Vikas…..
      *Vikas is a person who doesn’t like woman playing “woman card”….so obviously he got angry thinking Hina is playing woman card…..
      *In the first place Hina shudn’t hv used it as a way to escape from the task….She herself said that she hs manged situations worser than this so what was the need…….
      *even Shilpa who herself is a girl was not there to support her……they all found her reason lame…..
      and we don’t know what happened in between….coz we got to see only 45 mnts clip……so I won’t blame him in this case….
      *Bt the precap one was wrong….where he asked Hina to crush his mother’s pic…

    5. @Esther , AMY,VGFan … i have a same thinking ..
      @Esther .. ur explanation is too good ….
      which shows neither hina was totally wrong nor vikas …

    6. Esther, well explained!
      Actually this is not first time she talked abt periods in this show….
      When Hina was accusing Vikas as ‘ kaamchor’ ,in second week vikas replied ”u too were completely taking rest and was on bed full day” – she suddenly got angry and told most of the inmates ” he is so mean, I was on my menstrual day..” – she said somuch bad things against him that day…
      BUT HOW DOES HE KNOW IT..,?? So later he apologised to her…
      Second month she was on bed most of the time.., so we can’t say, how she feels during….! He he
      – i feel today it is her drama to escape from his dictatorship..
      Or just like Arohi said, may be she is real too…

    7. I agree with VG…
      Vikas again won more respect frm me…. He was very gentle with her when she told him abt it…. But later he finds she used it to get task in her favour only…thats wot made him anger…. Bcs ladies of BB 11 used WOMENcard earlier alsoseveral times…
      NOT FAIR…! I’m a girl ,even I felt she was acting and lieing only for task… So shilpa also might have felt it…
      Vikas s a grown-up man, not need to be a girl to understand it.. All men women are getting such educations from everywhere…

    8. i expected exactly this from you @amy.. thats why i love your comments

    9. @Esther and @Amy,

      “Maybe” Hina wasn’t lying. “Maybe” she was jumping cuz she was feeling better.
      But telling that she is using this girl thing just to ‘escape’ the task, it was WRONG.
      That’s just my opinion. Because none knows what is going on in another’s life. ?

    10. @Aarohi … agreed to u …. ur most of the points are correct..
      but as we know boys dont know about it … and may be vikas thought she is lying ….
      i am not taking vikas’s side. .. but we know many times girls do this thing .. to escape office … to escape clg .. and its true…
      otherwise vikas could say this thing to hina directly rather thank to discuss with puneesh …..

  11. Ystrday Hina accused Shilpa telling tat how low she cud stoop for a task by breaking her Sherr Khan cup. 2day she is ready to do the same by putting foot on her family photo??? She turned out to be more mean than ever.This is the height of double standard

    1. Kavi this task is about money not stupid mean task where theres no money involved if shilpa was asked to spit on her mother she would have for money task common sense they all here for money but when money not involved they show humanity

    2. Idiot,Mean task jeetnewale ko hi money milne ke chance milenge aise bola tha BB ne.Vikas jeeta isiliye usko dictator bana diya.Shilpa money keliye aise kabhi nahi karti?

    3. @kavi .. agreed …. this time hina even i will say if vikas or shilpa was on her place then anyone of them shud not complete the task .. by putting foot on someones parent’s pic ..
      @Alfy … yeah .. u r right …they all are here for money n fame…
      otherwise kisi ko shauk nhi yahan aa k apni image kharab karane ka … as u know i like hina too now a days … but still she shud not have done it …
      today she was doing quite well … but precap seems horrible…

    4. Exactly…[email protected] n most importantly best friends forever Hina-Vikas were fighting……..that too over a task…….both of them r such a dramebaaz…….

    5. Esther

      btw they patched up tooo

    6. @Nandini …. ek time pe shilpa/vikas bhi best frnds forever they n hina kko corner kiya tha … it happens in bb house … when they perform tasks they have to go against each other and after that they patch up .. and its good if they forget their differences………

  12. I think vikas fall for shilpa may be

    1. Ghunawat.abhishek

      I think watching her in yellow… 60% indian boys fall for her

    2. Boys kya girls bhi uski adao pe fidaa hei??

    3. Esther

      @Kavi Agree with you on that ?????

    4. @kashish … i read somewhere they were in a relationship ….
      but vikas is behaving with hina in the same way …

  13. Hina is funny but played the game well. Puneesh gave up so soon.

  14. zara hayat khan

    Whatever….I just want vikas to be the winner of biggboss……east or west……viku is the best…xyz…dear I just love ur comments brother.keep it up…we r u..samaira.

    1. even i love xyz’s comments!!

    2. @zara … thanks buddy .. 🙂
      bdw , i am sister .. ha ha ha. .. :p
      @vidu .. thanks buddy …
      even i love ur comments and have conversation with u …

  15. Shilpa and Vikas were very entertaining today. Both deserve to win.

  16. zara hayat khan

    @alfy……thankyouuuu sooooo much for ur best comments for me…..I dont care…lage rahoo beta…..all the best…

  17. Though I dont like “Mohalle ki AUnty” but today i felt that her act backfire. She didnt mean it. But i must say, as i always believe, Vikas is a nice guy but he just turn weird when things does not go according to him. It is proved today. He is not mastermind, but he act intelligently in a group. I always believe he is most cunning but nice human. It was Vikas and HIna who started the story about Shilpa for not doing task, She has her own preference, she doesnt like to do any task where people go to any extend physically to win or prove their points. She was brilliant today.

  18. Finally Vikas n shilpa both got scared of hina ,Vikas scared of hina so that he will lose d task n she gets the footage n Shilpa s so insecure that hina will get the footage.. So both thot to keep her away from the task.. So mean.. No sportsman spirit in both.. Stay strong hina

    1. Abd Baat ye hei Hina is a spoil sport.Dictator ke samne masti koyi nahi karte.Hina ko hamesha ego problems hote hei.Jab aapko task diya jaata hei ki chup baito tab chup baitna chahiye.Sorry bolke vo apne ego dikha rahi thi. Money itna important thi to Hina kal bhi utne efforts lagati.Aaj achanak money keliye Vikas ki family photo pe pair rakh diya.Hina ki Jo izzat bachi thi vo bhi aaj khatm honge lagti hei.

  19. Koi zra ye btayega ki last k ek do week se jo Vikas khulke Shilpa ki burai kr rha tha, aaj uske samne kitna achha bn rha h. Isko kya kehte h- flip hona ya fake hona ya mahaan hona. Uske man me h shilpa k liye bura, pehle weeks se, pr wo Shilpa se nii lad skta isliye uske samne jhooti achhai dikhata tha. Jb uski sachhai kuch Khul gyi thi Shilpa k samne usko Vikas ka video dikhayi Jane k baad, tb wo khulke bolne lga Shilpa k Khilaf. Vikas bura nii h, pr wo jo fake Makhan lgata h na isiliye wo achha nii lgta. Hina b buri nii h, bs maturity nii h usme.

    1. Esther

      Shilpa Vikas relation is still a mystery… Vikas,even Puneesh said this that they’ll sort out things and be together as only 2 days are left….fights do happen…bt the end is near…what’s wrong if the show ends on a happy note

    2. Nothing wrong in a happy ending, actually it’s very good. But ye happy note show ke beech me b aya tha. But kyoki real nii tha Vikas ki side se, to fir se wo kadwahat bahar aa hi gyi. Koi turning point b to hona chahiye na jaha cheeze justify b ho, jse last time tha Vikas ne kuch to apni galati maani thi or Shilpa maan gyi thi, or uski Side se fir normal ho gya tha. Or please ye Shikas kya h yr. Is term se muje bdi chid hoti h, kaha se logo ko aisa angle dikhta h

    3. Extra sweet kyo ho jate ho, normal nii ho skte itni ladai k baad. Nii to aise saaf saaf fake dikhta h

    4. Esther

      Yes there are Shikas shippers…..and they were asking alot for Shikas in the show…..I do think that colors did this to satisfy Shikas shippers……coz we knw how even Salman discussed the same in one wkw and showed that mrg pic???….Shilpa and Vikas came together in the show…maybe BB wants them to leave together….and Hina-Punnu were discussing how inconsistent both Shilpa and Vikas are abt their bond… I’m really confused whether they hate each other or like each other or playing with each other….will get all answers once the show ends

    5. I think if rumours areto be believed Arshi told Vikas there is no point in going after Shilpa bcos she has big fandom and its going against him as it is increasing Shilpa’s voting. So, I think now he is competing with Hina now bcos Hina was not that bad today but he completely got fired. Bcos Vikas is the same person who raised Goochipoo issue in robot task out of proportion so that Priyank could get footage along with sympathy. I don’t think Vikas will do anything that is beyond the game. I still think this is not real Vikas.

    6. @Shruthi
      Rumors are not to be believed, it’s are to be checked if true or not.
      Shilpians always cooked stories. No wonder in their activities.
      Arshi told vikas, public likes Virshi alot and many shippers are there for them together
      Abt Vikas’s fans he was surprised to see them in mall!
      If Shilpa goes against him, he wil also give it back, he won’t consider if she had fans more…. Or you can believ Arshi said Vikas had more fans, thats y shilpa now acting nice with Vikas, so that his fans also love her..
      Vikas didnt fight with Hina unnecessary, he s the first one went to her after task and still cooking food for her ( shilpa showed punnu in ED, wot Vikas cooked tht day- he did it bfr task for her)

    7. Vikas never said that much bad abt her ,but she said worst things abt her…
      Bfr entering show she said he was mislead by bhabhiji producers against her
      Then first 2 weeks she irritated him, said mean things behind his back
      when he tried to patch up, she went cool for a week..
      Then again flipped and tortured him for weeks
      After tht Vikas understood her game and reminded calm and sorted things with her.
      She was lovey dovey with him for 5 weeks and said ”vikas dil ka saaf hai” –
      Again flipped & said dirty things abt Vikas again?
      Keep on accusing Vikas for anything happen inside house
      All the time she was b*t*hing abt Vikas with punnu,Luv,Hina, later turned against Hina too..
      Now after acash’s eviction vikas consoled her and said to not fight for remaining days.., he took her to room and made all 4 of them spent time together….so vikas suddenly became good on her book???
      Aftr dictator task she said ” vikas dil ka bura nhi…” – who flipped all time???? Shilpa shinde!
      Vikas on the other hand always takes initiative to sort out fights with everyone… Shilpa, Hina, priyank, Arshi, Acash, sapna,Puneesh whoever it is… I felt he hated luv, but Vikas even praised he s a good hearted and tried to motivate him alot until luv was revealed as double dholki.
      Nobody else in this house took half responsibility of what he took till this time… He shared good relationship with everyone bfr they got evicted…!! Praised and encouraged everyone while they leave…!

    8. @shv, Esther,… but frankly speaking .. i dont want shikas moment .. bas wo log cordial hi rahe aur ek dusre se dur rahe … wahin kaafi h …
      na accha kare ek dusre k sath na bura ….
      @shv..#NoOffence .. but as u said vikas is being good to her ..
      even shilpa said to puneesh that vikas dil ka bura nhi h ..
      so they both do this thing … and i really dont like it …isse better toh hikas ka relation h.. fights only task m uske baad acche ho jao…

  20. Esther

    wow….I was never a Shikas shipper….maybe bcoz Arshi was there and I liked Virshi more…..but yesterday Shikas shippers ka Diwali tha???…I can’t believe even I loved them….I was not able to sleep thinking about these two…..and VG….

    1. Esther

      VG was sooo cute…….that khaayiye naa, khilayiye naa part???….me aapko pyaar doongi….bohath pyaar ????,,,,,I just love Vikas Gupta ❤️❤️❤️…..Hina was irritating alot …bt still I found her antics
      funny??? ……. and Shilpa was looking gorgeous….
      and yes Hina and Vikas fought and then patched up…..
      I think it took almost 2 hrs for Vikku to convince Hina ?? …..Shilpa and Punnu were praising him for having that much level of tolerance level ??….

    2. Esther

      Did Hina actually crush that pic??????……
      Hina Said to Puneesh “Vikas Gupta Ko Mean Ideas Do, Taki Duniya Ko Lage Ki Woh Kitna Mean Hai”…..She said this to Punnu and Punnu has a big role in this fight…..God…Punnu bhi naa ???…

    3. @Esther .. if hina broke vikas mom’s pic then that will be so wrong and it will again turn hina’s image as a negative person ..
      i love vikas .. but dont want hina’s bad too……….

    4. @Esther .. actually he is handsome n cute at the same time …
      *Did Hina actually crush that pic??????……
      Hina Said to Puneesh “Vikas Gupta Ko Mean Ideas Do, Taki Duniya Ko Lage Ki Woh Kitna Mean Hai”…..She said this to Punnu and Punnu has a big role in this fight…..God…Punnu bhi naa ???…*
      exactly …cz she is lil insecure now .. as she thought she is the only competitor of shilpa and its between shilpa n her … but last 3 days m vikas ko itni footage milegi toh uske chances thode kam honge … so she is not atually 100% wrong ….

    5. Esther

      @Xyz …..yeaaa totally agree with you on that

  21. Jisha

    @Amy…. thanks for that virshi link…loved it…
    Xyz, Amy,Neeru, Samaira,real ABC,Sampath, Chitrangada, vgfan, Zara and all vikasians….
    Gonna miss you all and your comments…
    Keep voting for the man who made the entire bb11 in his name by his intelligence and faithfulness….

    Aww…loved Vikas city…and the song Gupt..Gupt…best…Vikas took the task into an interesting way… whatever he made to do Shilpa was so cute….she was looking the best in orange sari…and the nok jhok dialogues between them was entertaining….
    Vikas very well know that punnu can’t…so he gave it and made the buzzer… punnu too knows he can’t win…so no point in shaving head for protecting someone’s 3 lakhs. Justified…
    Hina – yesterday while elimination, vikas’s photo got burnt first…and today he got the Vikas city task like Gautam…she just joined the dots and came to a conclusion which made her insecure…her insecurities came out as what we saw…
    I loved her monologues while folding clothes and that behen thing…Hina was more into behen task and made interesting.. but what she asked punnu to do and punnu conveyed it to Vikas…she went off track…was trying hard to justify her when she knew she got caught…
    Vikas understood that if he makes her do anything, she will go to camera and will say he made her do such things at this time…so he stayed away…
    I loved how Vikas and punnu took care of her when they knew her problem….
    Chote Kunwar dialogues were mast…?
    The way Vikas sorted with Hina was cute…
    Vikas could have easily ended this task today itself…but he made it entertaining and is stretching to tomorrow… hope he wins…if he is giving that money to jyoti, he kept another promise…coz I remember while leaving holding her hands, he said don’t worry…I am there for you….

    1. You are welcome dear…
      Loved your comment too..!

    2. @jisha …. as u know i am in love with ur comments ..
      each n every time our thinking matches …
      and i love the hikas moment too … i wish hina dont put foot on that pic ….

  22. mahole ki aunty i just hated you.shameless ladki apne periods ki baat ek international show main kehesakti hai.or bhi koi girls ko nehi balki ek boys se hin periods ki baat karti hai hina khan sarm nam ki chez hai ya nehi.kya bhul gayi ho ki tum abhi ek international show main ho.or shilpa ko orange saree main dekh kar mahole ki aunty ko bahut bahut jada jealous feel ho raha tha.kys kare shilpa to hai hin itni beauty. shilpa ush orange saree main aap bahut bahut beautiful dekh rahi episode mujhe bahut achha laga jab shilpa vikas ko rabri khila rahi thi pyar se.i m vry vry much enjoying this episode……. i luv u shilpa nd miss u lot bigg boss end hajayega

    1. aap jaise log hi aise topics ko ek taboo banate ho india mein…aapki yeh soch hai fir toh aapko Padman bilkul bhi nahi dekhni chahiye…even i dont like hina much par agar aap hina ko iss baat ke liye besharam bol rahe ho toh fir aap Radhika Apte,Akshay Kumar ko bhi besharam bol rahe ho….peace

    2. VGFan…who r u mujhe ye sab kehene bale.main padman movie dekhun ya na dekhun tum koun hote ho mujhe suggest karnewale.tumhe sayad hina ki woh period wali baat achha laga hai isliye tum mujhe ye sab bol rahe ho….disgusting

    3. Lol…maine aapko yeh nahi bola ki aap woh movie dekho…maine movie thodi na banai hai?….Maine toh bas yeh bola tha aapko ki uss topic ke baare mein baat karne se koi besharam kaise ho sakta hai?
      batao…ho sakta hai koi besharam?…just because aap shilpa ke fan ho aap kuch bhi bol rahi ho madam…again I’ll say…peace

    4. Dear Anjali, periods anan shameful nahi hain wase hi uske bare mein discussion karna bhi koi shameful nahi hain. Every women travel that stage.

      I hurt your comment

    5. @Anjali ….#No Offence ..
      but there is nothing wrong to talk about girls problem ..
      as u r a girl.. then u r not supposed to say like one girl got jealous to another’s beauty …
      anyways.. shilpa was looking good …
      @VGFan … agreed to u …
      @Anjali …….what we r doing here??????????
      we are discussing the same topic… and its a international forum too …

    6. @xyz you are always with the right….:)

    7. Bang on xyz. What a reply.
      Yes we are discussing d same thing on this international forum. Just because nobody is watching our face we can discuss it but hina can not because she is shown on tv. In last season also priyanka jagga was seen discussing d same issue. Not a big deal. The thing is that women herself do not want this issue to come out and do not want to be educated. This is d reason in rural area women are considered to be not pious in these days. And we also afmit that easily. I am glad that there is movie called padman who is educating women on this isdue. Girls plz we can should also take this topic normally. Why we are thinking that vikas was wrong to discuss it or hina was wrong. These days girls are vocal abt these topics. Every girl go through periods and i take it as blessing not a problem.

  23. The task given was fun to do………but the way hina n vikas behaved was not at all fun……..they both made fun of girl problem……..n vikas shouldn’t have said that she is doing drama………disappointed with all……..not at all good…….
    Shilpa was looking gorgeous………she is the real beauty……..n she always do task……admit it…
    Precap-nothing to talk abt…… is shameful of vikas to give his family pic to be stepped on…….n even more shameful of hina to do so……..vikas wanted to make the task interesting…….as he said he is not interested in money but had to do the task…….so this way he is trying to make the task fun………disgustful……….

  24. I think they’ll make vikas the winner…….as he got this task earlier Gautama gulati n he wasn’t eliminated even after being violent…….I don’t want him to win……let’s see what happens………


  25. Today Vikas and Hina proved how ugly they make each task. Arguing, shouting, and unnecessary drama. Shilpa stayed away from all these in all tasks. Girl power ke baare me naare lagane wali kud ek din bhi khana banana nahi shakthi? Kitna unnecessary drama kiya. She got irritated that Vikas got this task & started to irritate him and her plan backfired. Vikas as usual uski baat koi nai sunega tho uske asliyath pe agaya. Hina lied again today and twisted what she actually told Puneesh. Pathetic liar she is. Today both hina and Vikas proved why they are not winner material.
    Shilpa in orange saree looked damn beautiful. Usko 3 gante bait kar makeup karne ki zaroorat hi nahin ya designer kapdon ki. She was looking like a diva and she is beautiful inside out. Not like the other one who only concentrated on her designer clothes, loads of makeup, & 100+ night suits, made-up beuty outside but has gandi soch.

  26. zara hayat khan

    @ghunawat……I just love ur comments dear.u stole my words…dats,what I mean to say…aese periods ka topic kabhi start nahi hua hai kissi bhi season mein.ek sharam haya hoti hai…mera aesa manna hai ki menstrual cycle is a normal and important part of our life and our body system. To is topic ko leker issue khadaa nahi karna chaahiye.her ladki ko apni privacy mantain rakhni chaahiye.see female athletes didnt even discuss all these things in thr profession.its not a disease.
    jab khatron ke khilaadi mein difficult tasks mein yeh topic khadaa nahi kiya hina ne.
    Y in biggboss.I find dat stupidness and shamefull act., discussing periods.I dont care what other fans think over my’s my point of view.and it’s not first time ,hina be shuru mein bhi right from the starting episodes mein bhi periods KO leker issue khadaa kiya, ager aapko yaad mujhe yeh sub cheap and disgusting laga.if she thinks shez very rough and tough women, strong women…she shld hide dat pain also , usko vikas ne saari pehene ko kaha rather than doingtough physical hamesha periods Kay sahaara kyuon leti hai woh…shilpa bhi hai usne to kabhi nahi aesa bola.aesi cheezein dikhaane ya bataane ke liye nahi hoti hai.women shld be strong in all this….Even in schools, girls never discuss these things with boys……’s my point of view…..I dontcare what others think about my comments.tkcr all….it’s just a game… dont fight and go personal.

    1. @Zara hayat khan……I completely agree with u……its not something to discuss abt on a reality show………in fact its awful……..its not a disease to be discussed…..its natural………n then it was made fun of by vikas after being instigated by puneesh was also not ryt…….

    2. zara hayat khan

      Thankyou Dear nandini…thankyou soo much.

    3. Vikas didn’t make fun of that but hina… He was hurt that she used women card against him…. And this is not the first time she did this….. He was just showing her acting that she did….

  27. zara hayat khan

    @hey dear anjali sen….very good.welldone …dear even I was telling this and I feel the same..dats what I wanted to u buddy…..keep it up

  28. Come out of shell Vidya, and see the facts… Pls dnt follow blindly what you hear…
    Not jus in Mumbai, in every city Vikas, Shilpa and Hina has huge fans, if luv could impress viewers he would’ve got equal fans in mall… Luv supporters were very less in mall ( I had checked all available videos )
    If he gets votes more than Hiten and Priyank doesn’t mean He s loved by india…
    His Tyagi community tried hard and spent too much to get votes for him… So what ???Did Salman ever said luv got more votes than Vikas??? Did Salman announce ”luv s safe ” before he announce ” vikas is safe” ??? NEVER!!
    Salman announced Shilpa and Vikas are safe…..then he said 4 lowest are arshi,luv,priyank nd punnu… Then why u people trying to spread fake news…
    Vikas has too many fans ( lakhs…) in Twitter,insta,and fb… How many fans luv has comparing Vikas…??
    He got earlier Hina fans’ votes to make him stay in game only…tht was a khairat only…. Stil he never got more votes than Vikas…
    BB COUNTS VOTING ON VOOT ONLY… Not the shilpa or luv fandom based polls in Twitter…
    Vikas may win over Shilpa in votes too…
    He is getting too much votes now…
    – Dekha hai na kitna fraud he luv Tyagi… He added
    100 fake votes to show people love him…
    Those close shot of boxes before counting tells he doesn’t hav 300votes… His box was 1/4th full only where Shilpa,Vikas, Hina boxes were 3/4th full… same day many Vikas Hina fans pointed it out by uploading screenshots…but after 2 days only Vikas and punnu had doubt seeing box and recounted… Punnu was also very sure vikas had too much votes than luv while sorting it. When Luv was caught, He uploaded video Saying ” it was 393 when he counted..” – LIAR!!! That was an attempt to save his reputation… His blind fans believe it.., they won’t even care to check reality.. Stupid fandom…then they and shilpa fans merely accused vikas flushed votes…my foot!!! Dumbo fans…! m happy that luv fans are very very very less in number…
    They couldnt even trend successfuly – #unfairevictionfor luv… !
    #Bailbudhi was trended more& faster…!

    1. Hi, Amy, you took it wrong did not mean that way when it comes to live voting or Digital Voting there is a huge difference. You never know about the margin you can say when Arshi was eliminated no one expected that. Mall voting was real as they can count them and one person has to vote for one candidate only but in digital people can go to any extent and can do multiple Voting.

      All are famous, being a commoner love has a good fan following and the craze for him outside was really huge.Digital Voting might have gone to Luv favor as we all know that Hina and Shilpa had a strong fan base their fan will votes for them Vikas was known but he was quite famous before coming to big boss But Love fan base was really unexpected have seen news for the rally and all.He could have a really tough competitor It’s my perception that Love might have gotten more Votes than Vikas.

      Just a small suggestion on your comment “Then why u people trying to spread the fake news” I am not doing anything it was my point of view so said that nothing personal here so please before accusing anyone just give a little thought.

      blind fans, Stupid fandom, Dumbo fans ?????

    2. Vidya,
      If u had said ‘ its just ur perception’ in previous comment I wouldnt have been harsh on u..
      But u said ” instead of mall live votinv if bigg boss had done online voting I am sure vikas would have get less votes against Love…” – like you have any evidence to claim it…
      That’s wot iam asking u and luv fans, on what basis making such statements??
      If he had huge fan following where were they in mall???
      If it’s abt news of rallies and campaign, Dear they r not the so called ‘public’ not even his fans …they r his own community people… they’r doing it jus like election rallies ( his Uncle is politician).. Which r doing for either money or for the sake of their surname ‘TYAGI ‘ only….
      You wil see such things for him in 1 or 2 states only.. But u can see the real fans of VIKAS everywhere in India,, even he ‘s trending in many countries..
      – If you r talking abt digital multiple voting, Vikas too has crazy fans, they are larger in number than luv’s…so they can also do multiple voting…!
      Vikas-Luv came in nomination twice, first one was voot voting…Salman said Vikas got highest votes with shilpa and luv s among those 4 lowest…. Hina was safe tht week, her fans too voted for Luv, stil he couldn’t make it in toppers…SO NOWHERE URs & LUV FANS’ CLAIM SEEMS RIGHT..!!
      I still believe Arshi was removed for going against shilpa & Salman only… Who believes Punnu got more votes than her..??
      U said ” Vikas was quite famous bfr coming to BB…” – sorry dear, I won’t agree.. Many of his fans never knew him before.. Besides he was famous for his controversies only.! Not a positive thing to get fans..!!
      – Nobody earned this much fans in 3 months like he did.., if u exclude Tyagi community, only a few are in luv’s support! …
      – I repeat digital voting can also never b in favour of luv when Vikas is there…it’s already proven once.! He may can beat upto priyank and Hiten only ,using Hina fans votes too…
      – He is nowhere a tough competitor for Vikas…in content base he s Zero and game base he s a cheater only..
      I called blind fans of luv for believing his video -”Saying it was 393 votes..”. I dnt ask anybody to believe me, but u can check reality… That picture of 4 boxes bfr punnu handed over to them, tells truth… If they ‘r nt ready to recheck – indeed they r blinds and stupid fandom ever seen..! Shilpians & luv fans accused already ‘vikas flushed votes..’ – I showed them 4-5 fotos which as proof of his votes were very less in box..then a shilpafan instead of agreeing luv lied, he commented back ” you r a sarvagyani and u should work with BB..” – sick mentality he had..!!
      This why I said dumbo fans… I didn’t say all shilpa luv fans… So u r nt included if u can conclude facts ur own by seeing proofs..!

      I had asked several VG fans who were in mall to know who had major fans there… They told me Hina had most, then Vikas, then only comes shilpa… I checkd with some Hina fans too, for them also second majority was vikas… But u know why Shilpa’s votes were more in number??
      1. Bcs she wrote it wrong ( according to the foto of those 4 boxes)
      2. BB put votes and they know exactly how many votes they put for each contestant..this s why they hadn’t removed those boxes after luv’s eviction ( earlier they never left any material after purpose), boxes r still there…may be shilpa or Hina too wrote approx. ( they wer nt sure abt wot they wrote)…


  29. Esther

    I don’t know whether he is doing this intentionally or not…..but PUNEESH ? really knows how to make a situation from bad to worse….He did this before with Vikas-Shilpa & others too and again in yesterday’s epi with Vikas-Hina….this is the thing which I hate about him the most…his oneliners and all are superb bt this is just ???

    1. @Esther … this is the reason wo abhi tak game m h…

  30. zara apne jo bhi comment kiya woh 100% sahi hai.i agree with u hina ko ye periods ki baat discusse nehi karna chahiye tha or bhi ek boys ke sath.main apne life ashe ladki kabhi nehi dekha hai.hina madam din bhar make-up karne se kiya hoga asalme tumhara neture bahar dekh raha.hina khan ye mat bhul kiush ghar main or bhi ek ladki reheti par ushne to kabhi ye periods ki baat jikra nehi kiya hai.hina madam ish se kiska character kesa hai pata chalta hai.agar mera comment kisiko bura laga ho to ..sry

    1. zara hayat khan

      Thankyou dear.I’m very happy ki nandini and aapne atleast mujhe samjhaa to sahi, ki mein kya convey karna chahiti hun.thankyou dear once again.stay blessed.

    2. are nehi zara thank u mat bolo it’s ok jo sahi hai woh sahi hai.ab hina khan ne kam hin asa kiya hai to topic to uthe ga na.i m vry vry glad to commenting with u.god bless u.

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