Bigg Boss 11 10th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Aakash gets eliminated

Bigg Boss 11 10th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 101
Inmates wake up to song Halkat Jawani. Inmates wake up and dance, Arshi dances s*xily with everyone. Arshi hugs Vikas.

Aakash says to Arshi that I said sorry to Shilpa, why she did that then? you can talk to her about it, you can tell her that Aaksh sees her as mother. Arshi says she wants to blame you that you have fallen for her. Aakash says she is pretty but I am 24 years old. Arshi says you go to her.
Punesh says to Shilpa that Aakash has gone crazy, he was massaging Arshi’s feet and asked her to give him a lip kiss in morning, she said okay.
Arshi asks Aakash why you kissed her cheek? Aakash I said sorry and asked her to give a hug, she hugged me and slapped my butt but when I hugged her in morning, she got angry.

Arshi asks Shilpa whats with Aakash? Shilpa says I have asked him to stay away, Arshi says he said you forgave him and gave him a slap on butt. Shilpa says he was doing drama so I slapped his butt and asked him to leave. Arshi says he said that he takes you as older sister.. Shilpa laughs and says keep me safe. Arshi laughs.
Aakash asks Puneesh what happened in store room? Puneesh says do you want to take molestation case from here? he says no, Puneesh says then be silent, stop it.
Shilpa says to Arshi that people told me in mall that they will beat Aakash.
Puneesh asks Askash to stop with this topic, it will be a problem.
Vikas says to Puneesh that Shilpa said that Aakash touches her in not a good way infront of TV and then when he said sorry, she said okay fine and forgave him but what was the need to hug and let him kiss you? she should have slapped him or asked him to leave, then you cutely slap on his butt, you are touching him there and not think about it? this will impact that if some woman says some guy is touching badly then nobody would believe, they used to call each other mom-son and talk about bedroom things? Shilpa shouldnt have do all this in last week.

Arshi says to Shilpa that you are stuck with man that makes your weeks bad and good. Shilpa says its not Aakash only, I am living with all others like that, I just stay away from them. Vikas hears it and leaves.
Vikas says to Hina that Shilpa is backbiting about Aakash. Hina says journalist asked me that people who have worked for 15 years are not egoistic, I wanted to tell that I know what I have achieved in 8 years and some people cant achieve it in 20 years, its not about seniority, she keeps saying that she left shows and they lost TRP.

Aakash says to Shilpa that yellow color is looking good on you, not saying in negative way. Shilpa says please, Aakash says clearing it so I dont get beaten outside, Shilpa says you do things I dont understand. Aakash says I flip because I was not raised by parents, Shilpa says I am not saying about that. Aakash says I was joking about that, you were sad so I wanted to make you smile before leaving, Shilpa says God bless you.

Buzzer plays, Aakash’s photo comes in delivery box.
Hina says to Arshi that I want to destroy his artificial chains.
Aakash asks Puneesh if he will do task against him? Puneesh says its a task so I have to do it. Aakash says you didnt do it with Shilpa. Puneesh says cutting her shoes would be very bad. Aakash says I have earned everything will difficulty.
Vikas says to Arshi that I will paint his shoes and his head too.
Puneesh says to Arshi that Aakash will start crying if we do something with him so I will just destroy his towel.
Shilpa says to Arshi that I want to slap him, ARshi says do it in joke. Shilpa says I dont want do it, he is a kid bhut I will put his red shoes in water. Aakash takes off his shirt and pant. Vikas says I will spray paint his head. Bigg boss says Vikas dont use spray paint on his head, Vikas says I can put slime on his head? Bigg boss says yes. Vikas and Puneesh throws slime over his head. Aakash shivers and cries in cold, he dances around and jumps in pool. Arshi puts Vikas’s photo on meanest board.

Arshi says to inmates that Vikas and Shilpa’s challenges are a little same, I am choosing Vikas. Vikas will put his shoes in paint and paint his bald head. Vikas puts Aakash’s shoes in green and red color.

Hina’s photo comes in delivery box. Arshi says you have to tell what mean thing you can do for Hina.
Aakash says to Arshi that Hina have back problem, I want to cut her heating pad, please select me.
Puneesh comes to Arshi that Hina’s night suits are sponsored so I will destroy one night suit as then she will have to spend money.
Shilpa says to Arshi that I can destroy five of her makeup things or break her lion makeup. Arshi says one thing? Shilpa says breaking mug is not mean, is it? makeup is really mean.. Arshi says mug one is mean. Shilpa says okay I will break her lion sherkhan mug.
Vikas says to Arshi that Hina’s favorite bathrobe can be painted, Vikas says its of blue color, I want to make it red.
Arshi says to inmates that the meanest for Hina was suggested by Shilpa that she will break her lion mug, Hina is stunned. Arshi says Shilpa wants to be mean, its my responsibility to choose the meanest option. Vikas says now Shilpa is okay to break her favorite cup? it will show her double standards.
Arshi says to Shilpa that this is really mean. Arshi says sorry to Hina and says its my task, Puneesh says Hina you be strong, you are in top five. Shilpa takes her mug. Hina is sad and says Shilpa please dont break it. Shilpa takes hammer, Hina says you didnt do it with Vikas. Shilpa says its a task baby, Shilpa breaks her mug with hammer, hina is sad. Vikas gives her a hug and says it was a cup only. Arshi puts Shilpa’s photo on meanest board. Vikas says she wanted to be great when I asked her but this was not mean? it was personal.
Arshi comes to Shilpa and says the way you broke her mug, it was really mean. Shilpa says to Arshi that they told me I dont do tasks so I want to, I will tell them what is mean.

Hina collects broken pieces of her mug and finds that lion is still not broken.

Shilpa says I have done my task. Hina says you can be this mean Shilpa, this is your reality.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that it was a task, I finally did a task, atleast I did my task. Puneesh says they all say that you dont do tasks, you did it today. Shilpa says I always kept myself behind to not break hearts and now they know when people are fed up, now they know to not poke good people as then they will bear it, Puneesh says you were teaching them a lesson? Shilpa says if someone is giving you something then you should take it, and what you get, you should give it to others too.

Hina cries and says this mug gave me so much strength. vikas says it was only a task, you will meet Rocky soon, Hina says it was my gift. Vikas says your enemy is your friend now, its Ro’s gift too. Hina says give me some time.

Hina keeps broken pieces of her mug on bedside.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that I dont feel about it at all, they kept saying that I want to look like great saint person, now they will say that Shilpa is meanest, they would be so happy to see that Shilpa is shown as meanest, I had no idea that it can make you happy to be mean.

Buzzer plays, Puneesh says God please save us. Arshi takes out photo from delivery box and its Puneesh’s photo. Arshi says you all have to be mean to Puneesh. Shilpa says Puneesh you cant hide things.
Hina says to Arshi that Bandagi sent him a jacket, I will dip it in paint.
Vikas says to Arshi that I will wax his whole body.
Vikas says to Puneesh that I will take your bracelet.
Shilpa says to Arshi that Puneesh always wear red shoes, I will cut and destroy them.
Aakash says to Arshi that Puneesh use and washes his bathrobe, I will put it in paint.

Arshi says to inmates that I liked Vikas’s idea that he will wax Puneesh’s body. Puneesh says its not mean, its physical. Hina says its not mean I think. Arshi says its mean to see someone’s pain and not care about it.

Arshi says to Aakash that Puneesh’s sins will be washed with waxing.

Puneesh rolls his pants up and says the thing you hate most happens with you. Hina says Hiten felt so much pain. Arshi says Vikas will do it. Puneesh says you have come as devil here. Vikas says I will nicely do his waxing. Vikas waxes his legs. Arshi says if you are not mean then I will not put your photo. Puneesh says I am feeling so much pain. Puneesh takes off his shirt, Vikas asks him to bend as then it will no hurt more, Shilpa says Vikas is caring for his pain, its not mean. Vikas says I know what I am doing, I am being mean, you dont have to tell me, you just stay silent. Arshi says Vikas just do your task. Vikas says Shilpa dont tell me. Puneesh says Vikas I want to really kick you right now. Vikas starts waxing his chest. He waxes his whole chest, Puneesh cries in pain. Arshi puts Vikas’s photo on meanest board. Vikas wipes Puneesh’s body and says I am sorry. Bigg boss says task ‘Arshi wants’ ended and as Vikas’s photo was on board in the end so he won the task, Arshi’s task is done so she has to leave. Arshi greets everyone, Vikas gives her a hug and say you gave too much positivity, it was nice to see you. Arshi touches Shilpa’s feet, Shilpa gives her a kiss on cheek, Arshi gets emotional, vikas says we will meet soon, Arshi leaves.

Puneesh says to Shilpa that this was really mean, he didnt even feel my pain. Shilpa says he talks to me so nicely but when tasks come around, he shouts like a dog.

Puneesh says to Shilpa that Arshi was being biased here too, what was mean in this task? maybe it was just about me being in pain so she approved it. Shilpa says maybe.

At night, inmates are in bed when Bigg boss ask them to come to garden area. Aakash gets up and says its really time now, he hugs Puneesh.

Inmates come to garden. Bigg boss says these are the last moments for one of top 5 inmates as soon we will announce the last elimination and one inmate will leave this house. Bigg boss says its time to announce who is going to be out of finale race. There are frames with your names in frames, the inmate’s name which burns out is safe. Vikas’s name burns out first, Bigg boss says Vikas is safe. Shilpa and Hina’s names burns out. Bigg boss says you both are safe too. Bigg boss says three inmates are safe. Puneesh says its always between me and Aakash. Bigg boss says we will know soon who is going to eliminate between Aakash and Puneesh, Bigg boss says if you both want to say something to inmate then do it. Aakash says to Shilpa that our first weeks were nice, some were bad, I respect you and love you as a mother, Aakash says Hina I love you, Vikas love you. Vikas says we all love you. Puneesh says I want to say to Shilpa that she is my darling, he gives her a hug and says Hina I love you, he hugs her. Aakash hugs Shilpa too. Puneesh kisses Vikas’s cheek and says I love you, Vikas says I am proud of you, you played nicely. Aakash hugs Puneesh and says we both did tasks and entertained together. Aakash says I feel Puneesh is safe. Bigg boss says now its time to tell the results. Bigg boss says the inmate who got least votes is….. AAKASH. Aakash says I knew it. Puneesh hugs Aakash and says I love you bro, Aakash says you are my brother, best of luck. Aakash hugs Shilpa and wishes her luck. He hugs Hina. Vikas says I am proud of you, you will do nice in life. Aakash hugs Puneesh again and says its good to be in top 5. Bigg boss says it was your good journey but it ends now so please come out of house now. Aakash hugs everyone one more time and says take care of yourself. Hina says love you baldie, Aakash leaves. Puneesh says I will miss him, well done, he is a champ, Puneesh says we are finalists.
Shilpa cries and goes to washroom area, she says its bad..
Puneesh says our house is empty without baldie.

PRECAP- Vikas will become dictator in new task. He will give orders which have to be followed by inmates for prize money. Vikas asks Shilpa to wear orange saree, she says why? He says dictator wants to see you in that saree. Shilpa jokingly hit her head and says where I am stuck.
Vikas asks Puneesh to go bald, Puneesh says no never, I am not doing it.
Hina says to Vikas that you can play my buzzer.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Vikas becomes dictator? Vikas was picked by BB to do the secret task? – Remember Gautam Gulati? See the similarities? People, we have a winner VIkas Gupta!!!!!!!!

    1. Samaira_khan

      @anil khanna oh wow!!.. i dont know abt all these.. as never have watched any season of bb!1 if its true im gonna be the most happiest viwer of all time.. my first season of bb tht too with my fav winning!! yeahhh

    2. @Anil That is a very good prediction. I would love to see Vikas win.

    3. Yes, @Anvil khanna bilkul sahi kaha

    4. sampath kumar

      but hina dictator lag rahi hae ….. vikas ko eh dekh kar bahut badi galthi karthiya BB walo nae …….

  2. Really liked shilpa , hina vamp deserves this whole day she was b*t*hing with vikas now what is this really if she didn’t throw his clothes she is becoming devi and mahan and when she performs hina does so much overacting saying she showed her true nature mean , I find hina frustated all time . Full day she is complaining and although I like vikas but what is he doing in todays episode ,I like shilpa and vikas together they are best . Shilpa should win the show because apart from tasks there is much more in show

    1. Samaira_khan

      @lily i felt HINA was actually right here too!!.. See obviously if Shilpa didnt do for vikas tht too just throing clothes which was not tht mean.. but she did of HINA and the cup which was reallyyy special to her thts y she felt bad na yaar.. matlab suddenly u start doing tasks and it looked like it was personal,, u know wht i mean.. but yeah i think Shilpa was also correct!!.. as she didnt do for vikas.. hikas blamed her… now they should accept it too.. both r RIGHT at their place acc to me..

    2. After Sherr Khan Mug’s murder tonight

      Pooh be like – ” Meta balidaan bhul gaye aap?” ????

      You are still in our prayers Pooh

    3. Hi all. I have been silent reader throughout the season and now since the season is ending I decided to put across my thoughts. I will not BASH any contestant.

      1st – Shilpa does not do tasks? The idea that Shilpa does not do tasks has been planted by Hina because she did not win Ticket to Finale. Remember last time when she did not win then how she blasted Hiten. This is same. Vikash surely knows this but is supporting her because he knows that competition is Shilpa and he is trying his best to win. No problem with that strategy. As far as Shilpa is concerned she has done all the tasks as per her capacity. Remember first endurance task, BB Liliput task, cushion factory, BB Pram task and more. So Shilpa has been participating in tasks without shouting about it,

      2nd – Shilpa always brags about her being in Kitchen? I have watched all episode and did not see where she has done that. She might have said that I cook but not as a statement to enforce or brag. I remember in one episode Arshi went on defending that Shilpa never brags about her being in kitchen. Another point is the person who does not know how to cook complains the most about it. Reason- becasue she wants to be in top always in all matters but here failed miserably in front of Shilpa… So had to find a way to bring her down. Also note how Arshi behaved with Shilpa after coming back. She must have seen all episodes and seen everything. Arshi was very balanced this time unlike the time she was in the house. Very good.

      3rd – Shilpa’s behaviour towards Vikash? When Vikas patched up with Shilpa then also Shilpa said that we are not friends but have come to an understanding. It was really great to see both of them together. Shilpa’s behaviour changed after BB showed her the clip where Vikas was saying to Arshi that we will ditch Shilpa in the end. Shilpa did not fight with Vikas but started maintaining distance with him since then.

      4th- Shilpa and b*t*c*ing? These guys are trapped in a house for about 100 days and can’t do anything related to outside. With number of persons in house reducing and days going by nobody is left with any topic to discuss other than this. This will happen to everyone.

      I am supporting Shilpa and voting for her and would still have no problem if Vikas wins but will be heartbroken if Hina wins. She does not deserve to win. Current fight with Hina is also her initiation.

    4. That was not mean!! It showed how double faced she was!! She went personal! she us jaelous of hina!! Hina said right..true.colours.of.shilpa r coming out ..

    5. No who would be if they are more successful, you’re the one who is jealous

    6. @Queen Shilpa,
      ‘ F**Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ‘ – ON THIS PAGE, TODAY IT CHANGED TO
      ‘Queen Shilpa’
      F**Kkkkkkkkkk = Queen Shilpa

    7. @Shailesh Jha, u said.” Shilpa’s behaviour changed after BB showed her the clip where Vikas was saying to Arshi that we will ditch Shilpa in the end. Shilpa did not fight with Vikas but started maintaining distance with him since then.”
      1.Shilpa’s behavior towards Vikas changed after vikas revealed punish tht shilpa didnt say punish’s nam for captaincy,instead she chose her name…. That was a truth Shilpa could have simply admitted it rather than getting miffed with Vikas, since then she started instigating punish.
      2. We too had seen video clips , vikas wasn’t b*t*hing abt shilpa neither she saw anything like that… She was angry for tht captaincy discussion revelation by Vikas only
      3. Where did u see Vikas tells Arshi to ditch shilpa in the end???? Nobody else saw it…
      Vikas told Arshi to b civil with shilpa and if she doesn’t want to work with shilpa in kitchen, he wil do it….
      If you can’t understand what you see, no wonder tht y you r supporting shilpa… Or are u trying to cook new stories like ur idol?
      4. Shilpa always fighted with him zabardasti, since then she s a non stop b*t*hing lady

    8. @ hmmmmmmm that was for hina though well depend on the person though BTW I did like hina in the first weeks though

  3. wow.. wow… atlast the ? Akash was eliminated…

  4. Samaira_khan

    Hi guys this was reallyy disheartening episode!! matlab i knew aakash would go.. i dont think many would agree but he was the HEART OF HOUSE howmuch ever he maybe irritating i like this guy a lott!!..
    Coming to the tasks.
    -Shilpa well played!! proud of it finally!!.. I plzz dont want to see commnets she was mean and stuff.. i bet she wouldndt do the task today also just coz yesterday VIKAS HINA AND AAKASH were being too behind her tht she should she did!!.. and there s nuthing wrong..
    -Vikas ayhayee again u won the task!! how many records want to break!!.. i liked it,,
    -hmm Hina was too sad but its ok it was a task.. liked how aakash and vikas helped her up..
    -“yahan tumhara dushman dost bankar betha hai ” the lines vikas spoke blew up my heat!!
    if VIKASANDHINA were like this since beginning i bet no one could stop either of them winning the show!!..
    -i didnt felt tht ARSHI was biased matlab during puneesh one also i felt Vikas was the one was really mean!! so she chosed tht,..
    mid week eviction was toh OMG i was like on the verge on crying u know guys this is m 1st season to watch bb and imsoooo attached to it!!..
    Vikas and aakash were seen always on a bad note!! but see today also aakash was in favor of our MASTERMIND for his clean heart!!.. i felt if Shilpa is being soo attached with aaksh and caring for him then why always reacting and showing hate for him?!
    [email protected] can u say me tht for MTVEXTRADOSE will it come of today and show abt aaksh leaving or some scenes like tht..
    @HUMA @SHARAN if ur seeing my comment i request u to start commenting!.. i reallyy miss it i thought its urpersonal tht if u want to comment or not but now do it only few days r left.
    PRECAP-hahaha im eagerly waiting

    1. Shruthi.k.gowda

      Samaira can u plz tell me.. voot pe ek id se kithne vote kar sakthe hai.sirf ek or more than one???

    2. @samaira….. Naa… Extradose me nhi ayega…. But maybe uncut clips will be der…. Abt akash’s elimination…. It myt actually be a 20mint thing but episode shows only 3-4 mints…. So u can watch d entire thing on uncut scenes…. The press conference was also der uncut…. Must watch…
      As for the episode,,,, i agree wid u…
      * Akash was an important part nd i still think he deserves more dan puneesh… Also i blve puneesh spoiled shilpa’s game…. I wud hv loved to see dat old shilpa atleast for two days….
      * Yes Shilpa did d task…. Cool… Waise Vikas ka nhi kiya…. But hina ka kar diya… See i was ryt…. Shilpa likes vikas…. ??? Or she hates hina a lot….
      * Vikas : Sabse pehle tho wo ye decide karle ki usne show choda tha ki nikala gaya tha.. ? Juut bol bol ke khud confused hai….. ???
      This was my fav line yestrday..
      * Shilpa ka akash ke liye itna rona samaj nhi aaya…. Just in d morning she was raising fingers at his character….
      * Yes d waxing thing was d meanest….. Nd muje shilpa ka fir samaj nhi aya…. Vikas was trying to do it a lil easily nd shilpa,, who supposedly is puns frnd,, kept saying ki pain nhi ho rha,, vikas shud do it more fiercely,, dard nhi pohuncha rha…. Nd vikas retaliates saying dnt teach me… And den she later discussit wid puns dat see how vikas shouted at me nd puns agreed…. Idiot puns, he was shouting for u…. God help dis person…

    3. @[email protected]@sampath. And all vikas fans. Wen I see ur comments I thank God that at least some ppl have their sanities left. Ppl like kauvi are actually pounding on ppl who are supporting vikas. Kitni ladaaki hai ye ladki. So much fighting tendency

    4. @neeru @samaira @amy @indian @sampath kumar @xyz @VG fan

      Guys its all about voting now! I’d like to discuss about supporting our Vikku to the fullest! If any of u are interested please do contact me on Twitter

    5. My dear friends Neeru,Indian,Samaira,xyz, Neha, Vidu, VGfan, sampath, biggbossfan, chitrangada, anjali, Esther,Jisha,Harshi, Arohi,moksh, Zinia, Zara ,Ammu, RealABC,Nidhisa, Fida,sharan and all VG fans …,
      I ‘m feeling very sad that show is going to end…
      As I wil miss Vikas and his masterstrokes.. His caring to fellow inmates, his advices and suggestions were awesome…his bond with Arshi and Hiten was wonderful… Their eviction indeed effected the house and show, now akash’s absence too made BB totaly silent… The house had 19 contestants inside once and Feeling very bad to see the corners as empty…
      And m gonna miss all these comments frm you all… I really enjoyed writing here… I loved the all VGarmy write here… Love you guys….

    6. @amy…we will definitely meet here only…in the next season…

  5. precap is awsmm.i wanted puneesh to be evicted aakash ws much btr dn him.Will miss taklani badly

  6. No words.
    Vikaaaaaaaas ! He looked too cute this week in each episode. ?
    And that moment when he told Hina “tere dushman dost ban ke khara hain…” My God ! ? That was literally cute.
    His haircut, the way he gently waxed Punnu ? , the goodbye moment between Vikas and Aakash were so beautifully shown. ?

    Chahe koyi vi jitey (knowing Vikas can’t win) ?,
    I will sincerely support Vikas till the last finale as he has won our hearts ! ❤
    Hey Mastermind, you were just too good in the precap ! ?
    And Puneesh, Vikas was scolding Shilpa so that u don’t get hurt during your waxing session. And what did u do ?
    U started talking about his behavior to Shilpa ! Disgusting.
    The way Vikas supported Hina after Shilpa broke the cup was so genuine of him . ?
    Man, u are winner in our hearts.

  7. Vikas Gupta is of double standard.. Vikas and Hina calling Shilpa as call girl.. WTF do they think they are.. Whole India is watching this.. Just come out and see the respect Shilpa has earned..This shows how down market and insecure they are.. Now where are all Vikas and Hina supporters.. This is so wrong.. #Shilpawinninghearts Shilpa is going to win.. Watch MTV Extra Dose for proofs.. Shilpa haters stay away from my post
    All Shilpa fans keep voting for her

    1. sampath kumar

      call girl tum bolrahiho chawl girl bola eh …. dont disrespect ur fav

  8. Vikas is right about shilpa.he said once that Shilpa is a good entertainer but her focus on b*t*hing.i clearly understood aarshi was in favor of shilpa from beginning.when she touched her feet it was the maximum.oh again they gave task to vikas,oh I just want to see some positivity but not possible.shilpa looking good in Orange sary.
    Wishing akash a successful career

    1. Aapko sach me lagta hei Arshi Shilpa ko support kar rahi thi?Shilpa Hina keliye 2 option diya aur Arshi ne Shilpa ko mug wali option slct karne par majboor kiya taaki Shilpa galat dikhe.Sabke samne Arshi bol rahi thi-Task hei me kuch nahi kar sakti.Ye clearly dikha ke Arshi Shilpa ko neeche dikhane aayi thi.Lekin aisa hua nahi.Shilpa rocks.Mug thodna itna bhi badi baat nahi hei.Hina to Vikas ki family photo&spcl bracelet destroy karne ke baare me soch rahi thi.I am done with Hina now.In extradose she said that Shilpa behave like a call girl.How can she say that.Hating her now

    2. chalo koi toh shilpa ka support nahi kar raha tha finally….nahi toh hum vikas fans ko toh aadat hi ho gayi thi shilpa ka support dekhne ki….aise log support se hi jeet sakte hai show…aur fir unhe lagta jai ki woh akele khelte hai LOL

  9. You guys didn’t notice Vikas comment when he heard about Shilpa mean task he was like he Bahut Dogli h she didn’t want to throw my clothes wanted to become Devi he was literally begging that this hoody is gifted during task. And she didn’t do task she wanted to become Devi she did tast today she is dogli in Vikas words.

    I used to like his way of playing but he is really weird person May the best player win

    1. sampath kumar

      she is dogli ….. vikas logic is also right and shilpa logic is also right …… shilpa use to tell whole season vikas mujsae dar tha eh and this is first time i saw him shouting at her like tat in task … wat she is telling to puneesh vikas always bark like tat to her in every task did u ever seen him doing tat shilpa ji boltha eh ho gussa mae bhi…. i just loved how he gave it back to her … she is telling if a person is nice dont make tat person to do like this kahavat bolrahithi …. same suits for her also she took advantage of him now he dont care …… shilpa is a matured person as aakash confused her with tat behaviour of flip she also confused him …. aakash never behave like tat with hina but he do that with shilpa …. she is not a kid she have to know to handle people kudh badava dekhar allegation dalna ….. i am not telling she done this on purpose but she is also responsible for watever happened and last thing i just loved how vikas told hina first let her decide she left the show for they fired her i have seen in many interviews she said i left and in some they fired…… i wish vikas to win this show

  10. Aaj Shilpa ne task pure siddat se Kiya …ye Tha reply Hina ko ..Jo baar baar kahti thi Shilpa task ni task ni krti give up kr deti h mahan banti h sacrifice krke etc …uski boli using pe bhari pad gyi …Hina k lover ne use wo gift Diya precious hai ….pr jab punees k liye mean hona tab heena ne bandagi ki diye huye gift ko spoil krne k liye kaja Jo puneesh k liye precious …apne gift precious or dusro k faaltu h …. perfect example of hyprocirsy ….. Hina is hypocrite…..Shilpa ne vikas k liye complete isliye ni ki kyunki vikas ka debt Tha Shilpa pe jab vikas ne Shilpa ko nomination se bachane k liye apni fav jacket spoil ki thi…so Shilpa wo debt clear kr Diya ….Hina ko to reply Dena hi Tha bahut chilla chilla k kahti thi task ni krti task ni krti …. Damn sure agar Shilpa ne wo mug break ni Kiya hota wahi Hina bolti dekho mahan banane ki acting kr rhi h …waise b extra dose me Hina ne kaha h game task me kuch acha hota h or kuch but b hota h….Hina chill maaro ….Kyu ro rhi ho sad ho rhi ho sympathy paane k liye ….jaise Hina ko lagta h use bahut hurt hua … Shilpa b bahut hurt hoti h jab koi galat kahhta h ….vikas b kitchen me kood pade h footage paane k liye …Chalo achi baat h thoda b*t*ing kam krega Hina k sath ……Hina ka wahi haal hua jaise khisyaani billing khamba noche ??????

    1. Double standard Shilpa ka ni h …vikas or Hina ka h double standard….fav item tumhara b select ki thi or Hina ki b wahi ki h …to yaha double standard kaha se aataa …task kro to dikkat naa kre to dikkat ….pta ni Kya chahte h dono…. insecurity kisi ko had se jyada kharab kr deti h jaise vikas or Hina ho rhe h… Hina kahti h 8 years m bahut achieve Kiya h wo b sirf ek character play krke …pr Shilpa ne different types character play ki sab successful rhi h …Hina aap Shilpa ki 50% b ni ho…..Hina ne hi ek baar kaha Tha weekend k waar pe m to yaha celebratity ka beggage leke ni aayi hu .fir yaha Kyu gaa rhi h mene 8 years me achieve Kiya etc etc…aaj k episode me Jo Hina k sath hua h wo deserve krti h ???

    2. raman u r 1000% right aaj jo hoga deserve karti hai.or kiya kaha tha shilpa dogli hai par yaha to dogli hina bangayi hai ek time pain gala fadha fadha ke bol rahi hai ki shilpa taak nehi karti or dusre time pain bol rahi hai ki shilpa mat karo ……to phir tum kiya chahate ho mohole ki aunty shilpa task na kare to prblm or kare to prblm .shilpa ne hina ka cup broke karke 100% sahi kiya hai.jab shilpa ne hina cup todne ke bad mastermind kaise hina ko sambhal raha tha jaise dudh ka dhula ho……i luv u shilpa soooo much

    3. @Raman………agree……the real dogla is hina……..she is saying that the mug was very close to her as it was gifted by someone special………n shilpa did wrong………but then she was ready to destroy the jacket gifted by bandagi to puneesh…….n family photo of vikas……..who is dear to him…….as shown by vikas……..not sure if it is true…….bcoz he changes his statements…….

  11. shilpa is the real vamp as shown today she is a flip too her name should be #FLIPA ,double faced women yesterday saying different and today exactly opposite she fake and does acting well …she is flip in task in both days and flip in akash matter too……i don’t why someone like her what she did with hina was not mean but persnal attack…i know now shilpa fan bash saying it was task but it was task yestersay too as she could paint vikas hoodies too but she only want to attack hina but its ok she is showing her true colors day by day….HATE SHILPA ……paise ke liye kuch bhi kregi.
    now i think her mms video thing was also true

    vikas again a good playerand won task loved that he was mean but not attacked personally as someone hurt by heart
    .hina ‘s ideas were gud but not approved she erlier said that she won’t mean that hurt someone it show that she is pure hearted
    shocked !!how puneesh is safe over akash as he had did nothing yr akash deserve more than puneesh.
    nice precap vikas again trying to be with shilpa but shilpa is trying to be with vikas fakely as per her game to again cornering hina
    .i like vikas and hina my votes are for u both only but more for hina
    love u vikas
    love u hina may u win.

    1. HinaKhan who wanted to destroy Vikas’s family photo & his precious Bracelet for a task…
      Now Hina &her fans doing drama on “Mug”Like seriously Dude.Mug has been more precious than a Family Photo in this world.What a joke

    2. Hina in Press C: Me apne 8 saal kam karne k bare me kbhi bolti nhi&Nxt day what I achieved in 8 yrs, no one can achieve in 20 yrs.Hina khan tumne 8 saal se jo kamaya
      “Hina on fire” se kho diya.Bahar aake to dekho


      Chup kutay salay gand kutay chup salay shilpa Jo Bai hai samnay hai hina ki tarah nahi har roz lie karti rahti aab kush galat Kar Kay kahti hai mujay kaya hi nahi hina nay hemasha galat ka Saath diya she support so many wrong guy like priyank Sharma arshi Zubair so many ok still she is good how can she is good hemasha hi another contestant kao bad comments Marti rahti hai phir jab Salman class laga tay hai Tao kis vastay chup rahti hi most fake person in house about akash he is good entertainment guy but he was become more negative towards everyone and Vikas double face person kabi hina ka Saath kabi shilpa ka Saath kabi dost kabi enemy or punish improve every day smart player but not going win shilpa is winner ok teray jese dog Jo merzi lagay winner tao shilpa hi hai

    4. @moksh.. look… shilpa fans # not all .. but most of the paid.. ata kuch h nhi bas abuse karne k..
      so dont worry … if someone talk like this… they are showing just their character …….
      and showing y they are fans #khraeede hue .. of shilpa…
      kya bola tha mne …. hina/vikas fans never abuse but shilpa fans do … y????
      cz bhaade k h na……

    5. @moksh … buddy … just loved ur comment .. as i always found u the most unbiased person here…
      totally agreed to ur each n every word……

      n keep commenting like this … 🙂

    6. @neeru @samaira @amy @indian @sampath kumar @xyz @VG fan

      Guys its all about voting now! I’d like to discuss about supporting our Vikku to the fullest! If any of u are interested please do contact me on Twitter

    7. Xyz, he he…
      After reading yesterday’s comments m Glad that even silent readers felt Shilpa’s new son-daughters arrived in groups here 2 days ago… Reading first line was enough to skip those new writers…Bcs they r not fans… It reflects a lot in their comments..
      We can easily understand genuine fans of any contestants who writes here, they won’t abuse other commenters… They won’t fill frustration in words… They will describe their favourites beautifully rather than tryin with rented words… That’s what VGarmy do…! 🙂
      All VIRSHI fans check it pls

      @chitra, M already following many VGfandoms in Twitter,the only purpose of that account is support Vikku… I will also see the link you send …

    8. If you don’t like shilpa the don’t say bad about her

  12. Shilpa puneesh milkar vikas ki chugli kar rahe hai in bb extra dose..puneesh dogla insaan hai.

  13. Hina is such a drama…… too while talking to vikas abt her tenure of working in this industry……she was just bragging off………n vikas is becoming intolerable day by day……today he is feeling so bad for that stupid mug……..n saying that shilpa didn’t throw his t-shirts………like really…….he is joking man……..literally he was begging ystrdy to shilpa………he is showing his true colors now………as if a snake shedding his skin…….never thought of saying such words about vikas………..this mastermind is turning into something else……..n I m hating it right now……..pissed off with this person…….
    Coming to the good part……..shilpa did the task extremely well (as usual though)………it was a slap on a few contestants face…….
    When hina said to shilpa-mat todo shilpa……..I was like tmhra mug nhi muh todna chahiye………

  14. Shilpa suddenly cryng a lot in last week seems sympathy is much needed to her now . such a fake she is ??

  15. Guys,I am a Shilpa fan,I want to see her win also,I will keep voting for her but today while watching that elimination,I felt one thing,so it is just my opinion,you guys have all freedom to comment whatever you like in this platform,still I would say something,that is,while watching,even though I don’t like Akash still those moments were touching,though they fought,still,they have goodness and love for each other in their hearts,only two three days are left for grand finale,almost sure that either Shilpa or Vikas will win,may the best win,but,at least here,if we stop commenting negative for these last few days,it will be fun and good,like Vikas fans, Hina fans,Shilpa fans,just say all what they liked in the episode and good things about their favourites and others instead of mistakes it would be nice,just for three days,we can support by not degrading others,when provoked only there will be response,at least, can give it a try,if each person decides,cos through out we were commenting all whT we felt,now just point out the portions in each episode,what we liked.It would be good guys, but it is a request ,each one can decide what they want to,please don take me wrong.

  16. I guess vikas is suffering from split personality or what……..he changes himself in an instant…….n hina is suffering from short term memory right from the start……..that is why at the end both have become frenz………nice combination………

  17. Did Vikas and Hina really call Shilpa call girl? If they did , then it’s really Baad..Today , the only gud thing was breaking of Hina’s cup??.I am happy Shilpa did that .Shilpa is quite overconfident and with everybody already predicting she will win the show, I think Vikas will really win the show..Afterall, Vikas brought a novelty to the show which would have otherwise been like a daily soap

    1. She said chawl girl and not call girl, these people especially shilpa fans are blowing things out of proportion as usual. Hina have a habit of saying things
      in the heat of the moment but even she knows her limits. Also just incase if Hina had indeed used the word call girl don’t you think Vikas and puneesh would have stopped her.

    2. @Ammu… they didn’t call…
      if they called her like this then i dont think so even vikas/hina fan going to support them for this thing…
      hina just said chawl girl …. agar kisi bhi shilpa fan k pass proof h toh kindly show kar de….
      @mic … exactly.. negative dikhhane k liye kuch bhi…….

    3. Hii I will miss all of you too…I have exam so couldn’t commit…but will do it bcz it’s going to end now….and will miss all of you….all are nice here

    4. Ammu,
      Pls don’t even think abt Vikas wil say such things..
      I had seen that video, Nobody heard she said ”call girl” as it was muted.. The seconds(time) she took to say ‘That Missing Word’ .., was less than the seconds needed for ‘call girl’ or chawl girl… So may b she just said ‘chawl / foul/ cold..’ or some other word.
      Here s the statement
      …” It was so unnecessary.. ki i was like ki ye pagal-wagal hai.. ye kar kya rahi hai..Mene bola na ye baat aise karti hai jaise ___ (muted)…”

      To this, Vikas replied – “Pehle nahi karti thi. pehle boht achhe se baat karti thi.. abhi hua hai ye.. naya hai.. pata nahi kyon”

      – what he said also matches with ‘chawl’ more… Besides Hina was complaining abt Shilpa’s behavior abt a particular incident ( they 2 had a small argument abt who’l b using bathroom first)
      So call girl never matches with situation.. There r many muted videos, sometimes very lengthy muted..BB doing it purposely ]

      Here some desperate shilpa fans are trying to defame Hina and Vikas, bcs they r afraid now if any of these 2 wins over shilpa…
      But I wil tell u what character assassination shilpa did earlier against Hina… After Arshi watches video clip of Hina,luv talks abt lingerie…Vikas to punnu and shilpa… ” dekha kitna jhoot bolte he ye log…”
      shilpa says ” Mene iske bare me baahar bahut suna tha.bahut chalu hai..bahut pahunchi huyi cheez he ye hina Khan…”!
      Wasn’t it character assassination??
      Vikas only complains abt certain behavior of inmates when they fight each other, he never degraded anyone’s character.

    5. Amy dear…I will miss u too ND all xyz,neeru,Samira,mic ND all friends ….all people are good here …love to see you all….. I have exam so I could not do comnt but will try….love u all guys…..

    6. Sorry if I forget anyone’s name….ND will miss all vg fans

  18. In ED shilpa is praising vikas par ye puneesh bhadka raha tha shilpa ko, phir bhi she is constantly praising him aur kaha she don’t have a problem if VG wins because he deserves it. Really loving shilpa.VIKAS DESERVES TO WIN.

  19. Shilpa, showing real color now. Such a drama queen..!! All used to say Hina is like that now Shilpa doing same to get votes. These celebrities know how to act and get votes. Anyway it’s anyone’s game now and wish Hina wins, as she is the real game player. Vikas also playing nicely now and that’s why Hina will try to play against him. Hope to see Hina and Vikas in top 2. Aur Shipla mom, she is a real celebrity with split personality. Today Akaash is out bcoz of her, she allow to touch Akaash everywhere then complains to Puneesh and Camera that “why people do like that for camera”?? What a joke… !!

    Plz vote for Hina and Vikas, thanks.

  20. Jisha

    Voting lines are open? Please let me know how to vote as I open the voot page I just can see the BB extra, episodes and all…no voting like thing is there….

    1. Esther

      yess they’re open….try voting by downloading voot app

    2. Jisha

      @esther..thank you…I am able to vote now…

  21. Shilpa Shinde ne finally na jaane kitne weeks ke baad task kara….par kya fayda woh bhi haar gayi aur apne vikas se hi haari hai….
    Par one thing i should say ki hina ne mug pe overreact kara it was not a big thing…so i liked what shilpa did…there was nothing wong in that….
    Puneesh kab sudhrega..back b*t*hing kab band karega…shilpa ke saath reh rehkar…uske fans se votes khakar ab top4 mein pahuch gaya top 8 waala contestant… uski wajah se aaj akash joki though irritating and crazy,par jo usse jaada deserving tha woh out hogaya…i wish puneesh aur luv ki jagah arshi hiten hote toh lagta ki show fair raha hai…par shilpa ko jitaane ke liye koi kasar nahi chhodi colors waalo ne strong contestants ko nikal dia pehele hi
    ab ek hina hi thi bade fanbase waali par woh toh khud hi bekar khelrahi hai upar se uska saath unfair kar rahe hai sab specially salman…
    main toh keh raha hu ki agar winner shilpa ko hi banana hai toh hum logon se voting hi mat karao bhai banado apni devi shilpa mata ko winner…
    Par humaare liye toh asli winner Vikas Gupta hi rahega…<3

  22. What shilpa did today was right! But i hope hina wins show or even vikas coz i still dnt understand shilpa

  23. Shilpa Shinde is a psycho. Is poore season me sirf ek baar weekend ke waar pe uski insult hui aur wo paagal ho gayi. Abhi tak frustrated hai us baat ko leke. Is season ka naam Big Boss 11 se change karke Shilpa Shinde 11 rakh dena chahiye. Big boss ki team aur salmam khan shuru se sirf Shilpa ko promote karte hain.

    Usi task me Vikas ke clothes lauta diye Shilpa ne. Tab task yaad nahi tha? Hina ke case me hi kyon yaad aya usko ki task karna hai?

    Aur Shilpa ke fans bol rahe hain ki hina to vikas ki family pic destroy karne wali thi. Hina ne wo baat Vikas ke moo pe boli thi jab Vikas apni family pic Hina ke bed ke neeche hide kar raha tha. Hina openly said ki Vikas is task me tum mere competitor ho why are you hiding this pic in my bed? She said it openly.

    Dusri baat ye hai ki agar Hina ko 2 logon ke sath mean hone ka mauka milta aur wo ek ke saath mean hoti aur dusre ke saath nahi to wo galat hoti task me. Shilpa ne Vikas ke saath task kyon nahi kiya? Hina ke saath hi kyon kiya?

  24. sampath kumar

    shilpa fans more than anyone shilpa know vikas is the deserving and amazing person in real to win this show….. u believe it or not this is truth…..

  25. sampath kumar

    vikas become dictator…. great rule them like a king dear … faced alot still positive….. aakash amesha such bolta eh vikas dil se bahut saaf ehhh…….noone is more suitable to win this game than vikas

    1. True af !

  26. zara hayat khan

    Vikassssss……..u r the winner of biggboss11.
    Shilpa will not win this show…Mark my words.either vikas or hina is going to win the show.
    shilpa is considered as victim card…so obviously she will not winthis show. East or west vikasssss is the best…………I dont care about shilpians silly and harsh comments.
    Do whateverrrrrr you want to doooo mannnn.
    Hey xyz, neeru, neha, amy and all vikas fans….pray and vote for viku…

    1. ? I wish God hears your prayer. ?
      We all will be in the seventh heaven then as the deserved one will the show ! ?
      For now, people please at least for the last time vote for Vikas.

    2. Your words have been marked! I’m pretty sure VIkas is not going to win… Mark my words too..
      Coming back to hina.. Even if she wins she will forget about it in seconds as she is suffering from short term memory loss.. 😛

    3. So what if she forgets things? Are you perfect? Don’t you forget things? If so then you must be the topper in your school/college days? And if that so then whatever your closed ones or anybody said to you yesterday then you should be remembering it word by word right? It is very common to forget things… But why will you accept it.. you are Jagat Mata’s fan.. and she is always right.. vh dusro ka mazak udaye sahi hai.. emotions kamazak udaye sahi hai.. kyu kyunki vh Shilpa ka? Kya kamaya kya hai usne? Angoori ke character se pehle usko Janta kon tha? Andhina is right what she has achieved in 8 years vh. Apki Jagat mata 15 years mei hasil Ni kr payi na hi personal life mei nor in professional life.. such a fake and disguisting women she is.. and her thinking I should better not comment on that.. ek ladki hokar how can she even think that girls shouldn’t compete with boys or girls should be educated.. khud uneducated hogi isiliye esa sochti hogi I’m sure.. and agar usko itna hi hai th kyu iss industry mei.. yahan b th boys se compete krna padta hai.. wahiyaat aurat.. bs jb dekho apna victim card play krke thankyou Salman ji thankyou Salman ji krti Rehti hai..

    4. @zara … i wish the same…
      ..but as i said from the starting of the season shilpa is fixed winner .. so no hopes..
      and dont have to be..
      cz vikas ne jo earn kiya h na is 3 months m wo commandable h….. and i am really happy… show jeetna doesn’t matter …. but respect earn karna and itni beautifully lay karna is awesome………
      i have seen all the seasons… and i really proud to my choice that vikas is my fav. and he is the most deserving person…

  27. love u vikass u r the winner

    1. Love u 2 preeti

  28. as a viewer I found Vikas and Hina totally insecure.
    When Shilpa did not paint Vikas’s shirts she was a quitter and begging her for mercy was his game.
    When Shilpa broke hina’s mug she was mean, and what she did previously with Vikas’s clothes was to show she is mahan. He contradicted his own statement. If this is not insecurity don’t know what else is.
    And according to hina, mug given to her by her boyfriend is important but not the jacket given to puneesh by bandagi. Family photo of vikas is also not important.
    At the end vikas told if there is anyone who is mean it is Shilpa. Seriously..!! He would have put spray paint on someone’s head if it was not for bigg boss.. u can get mug remade. But u can’t cure If anything happens to someone’s skin. This little act shows which one is the meanest.
    About Shilpa being a quitter in tasks.. it was same Hina who told Shilpa gave her best in Lilliput task by tolerating everything (have seen in an extra dose or uncut episode).
    This blaming of Shilpa not doing task started from the time they came back from mall. This is because vikas and hina got to know her popularity outside. They needed a point to degrade her..
    Abt cooking.. Hina in one of the previous episodes told hiten tomorrow we will take cooking as today we have to do task. Let Shilpa cook today. This means she agreed that it is hard to give ua 100% when u cook for everyone. She changed it now coz she is indeed insecure of her position at home and there are only few days left..
    Hina was the one to appreciate Shilpa of eating bhasi khana herself and giving others gud food in previous episodes, now she changed it to “Shilpa makes extra food to eat bhasi the next day and gain sympathy.. “. First thing she asked arshi was to cook food for them.. this is very rude.. as she always tell she know survival cooking.. why can’t she cook her own food and survive for 1 week.. why she need arshi to do it. No wonder Shilpa once told I am not your naukar.
    And blaming all India for supporting Shilpa. Its the biggest mistake.. and vikas not stopping her being the most matured person after hites is more embarrassing.
    If vikas do not participate in task.. it’s coz he is missing his dear ones in bb house. If Shilpa do not do it she is a quitter.. gud analysis.
    I really liked vikas, still do it.. I see both him and Shilpa as finalists and will be happy with anyone winning. But feel vikas is loosing his game by blaming Shilpa for everything.

    1. Jinsy…. Greatly framed. Agree word by word to your statements. Vikas would get higher votes if he stops this and starts behaving normally.

    2. jinsy,agree with you ,well written.

  29. Esther

    *Akash……my fondness for him used to change after each week….from the ED and extras what I understood s…..really he is a sweet person…..but he did so much stupid things in the show for the footage…..Only the worst things did by him was shown in the main epi and that’s y ppl hate him so much……whatever it is…must say that he was the jaan of the show and will be missed…..Punnu also really cares for him
    *The thing i really don’t understand is Vikas-Shilpa’s relationship/bond….the same was asked by the journalist ..even Hiten in his post-eviction interview said the same that even HMs don’t knw what’s between them…..I really want to know what will they say about each other after coming out of the house…..
    *New task for prize money???? So what is the actual prize money of the show!!!….Anyways Punnu z not gonna shave his head for prize money …he knows that he doesn’t have a chance against H-V-S

    1. Esther,
      M sorry I forgot to reply your question..
      AsjadNazir is editor of an online newspaper, he s having close links with tv and cinema industry… I got same news from a a similar source like him… Actually news already getting leaked in a limited way ( confidentialy) which should not effect the show…but public is going angry bcs of favouritism…
      I agree abt Acash…, sometimes he irritates, sometimes he s very cute.. Yesterday he waa abt to cry in mean task by thinking they will destroy his valuable stuffs..
      BB : ”vikas spray sir pe mat use kar”
      Vikas : ok sir, kya me slime use kar sakta hai..??”
      BB : ” Qn nahi”
      I loved it when vikku punnu and shilpa together poured slime on takla…. ??
      Vikku let Acash select his own shoe to dip in paint…
      Takla’s eviction made me was expected.. Stil..! He was more deserving than punnu… Jane ke pehle he helped Hina to fix her mug and vikku said, i ‘m proud of u man… ??

      Shilpaji even bfr luv’s eviction said ..”likh ke lelo Akash top 5 me hai aur usse mid night eviction me utha ke le jaayenge” ..
      & that is exactly what happened. ?? Shilpa knows the entire script ?
      Is Vikas’ eviction postponed bcs of fizzy caller questioned her??

    2. Dear it’s not that shilpa knows everything they way akash was behaving I am not in bigg boss house but I was also confident that this will happen…these ppl are staying 24/7 without any connect form outer world instead of mall live votinv if bigg boss had done online voting I am sure vikas would have get less votes against Love…being a commoner he had a huge fan base .if this could have done Vikas would have eliminated 14 week. Itself .Some one said in this forum that Shilpa acknowledge Vikas power as well when she visisted the mall and she acknowledges his fan base too that he too can ein the show

      Shilpa is 40 year independent woman she has seen life more than us I am sure we are are young as compare to her she is mature and can under stand the same in better way.

      My support goes for Shilpa and Vikas both are deserving they have there own qualities

  30. Hina looked so fake today. Shilpa ne moh tod jawab diya tod ke uska “chuhekhan” wala cup. If Shilpa would not have done the task to problem, kare to bi kya problem. Vikas himself looked so dogla and predictable today, if shilpa wouldnt have done the task he would have said, I told u, she wont do. Uska jo ehsaan tha nomination task me Shilpa ne usko chukadiya uske hodies usko deke, beekh maang ke liya hai usne. acchai karne wale agar burayi pe utar aye to bura karne walon ko jalta hai boss. Again she started bragging about her 8-year experience. I quote Vikas own words “shilpa kya entertain karti hai, unke ird gird kya racha hai unho ne, wo meri favorite contestant”

    1. u r absolutely right jyothi

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