Bigg Boss 10 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 81
Inmates wake up to the song Seesha Se Seesha Takraye. Inmates dance.

Swami says to Bani that make me captain, you called me father.
Manu says to inmates that Bani has become more nicer since last two days, captaincy task started and she became fine, all laugh. Swami i asked Bani to make me captain as she called me father and she became captain earlier. Manu says cant you silent ever? Rohan says to Mona that we did task, we will get anything? Swami says i have got beaten up, cursed out so much so make me captain now, Rohan says you want captaincy to get immunity? Swami says no, Lopa says what if Swami leaves home this weekend? Manveer says he will become safe for next week. Manu says after thinking everything, i am on Swami’s side, rohan says i want Swami to become winner from outside so i want to vote for Bani.

Swami says to Bani that you called me father in confession room, make me captain before i leave home, Bani sighs and leaves humming music to avoid him. Swami says Bani was acting in confession room showing me respect, if task gets physical then i will forget that she is a girl. Bani says to Mona that how cameras are bearing Swami’s voice? Mona laughs and says he just wants cameras. Swami says to camera that i will do anything to win task so public dont hate me for that.

Swami is taking things to store room and says Bigg boss has asked for it. Manveer frightens Om Swami by telling him that he will check his bags to seize all the unnecessary things that he has buried inside. Swami says that will be crime to check my bag, Mona says why you are scared of your being checked? Swami says my perfume is missing, Manveer says should i check how many things you are hiding? Manu jokes that Swami wont talk to Bigg boss but will keep ranting that Manveer will check his bag. Bigg boss might have given him medicine for constipation.

Swami picks one bowl from fridge’s roof and is taking it away. Manu asks why you need it? Swami says i want to use it. Swami brings it in bedroom, there is some mug hidden behind his side table too. Swami keeps bowl there.

Bigg Boss introduces the captaincy task wherein Bani and Om Swami compete against each other and Manveer is made the Sanchalak (referee). For the task, two pyramids of miniature blocks with Bani and Om Swami’s pictures are placed in the garden area on two tables. While the contestants are given an option to destroy the pyramid of the contender they do not wish to support by throwing squishy balls at them to displace it by staying outside the border line of pyramids. Bani and Om Swami have to protect their pyramids. They also have the liberty to build it all over again, contenders of captaincy and attack each others pyramids using balls after coming out out of border line. The contender with a maximum number of blocks standing in a shape of a pyramid by the end of the task will be declared as the winner. Taking into consideration that both Bani and Om Swami are feeling unwell, Bigg Boss also gives them the option to pick up a representative who will perform the task on their behalf. Bani says i will do my task myself, Swami says i will fight it on my own too.

Bani says to Rohan that main thing is to keep Swami away from smashing my pyramid, Rohan says dont worry i will handle him.
Swami takes his basket in washroom in a hurry. Manu says to Manveer that i will attack both pyramids. Manveer says make task entertaining. Swami comes out of washroom bringing his basket with him then he picks something from his side table.
Rohan says i will go against Swami. Swami comes in garden with his same basket and keep basket in corner. Manveer says lets start task.
Buzzer plays, Swami is standing infront of his pyramid. Rohan is attacking his pyramid with balls. Swami tries to hit Bani’s pyramid but falls on ground, Manveer laughs. Swami is eager. Rohan says balls wont hurt anyone if they get hit because they are spongy ball, Swami hits ball on Rohan’s head, Rohan laughs it of. Swami sits on his table. Swami says Rohan is hitting me with ball. Inmates are enjoying hitting pyramids. Swami’s whole pyramid is broken. Lopa, Mona and Niti are enjoying. Bigg boss says to Manveer that have you all forgotten what task it is? you people have to hit pyramid of boxes, not to play by hitting each other. Swami says they are all against me, give me individual task then i will tell.

Rohan says to Bani that keep making your pyramid again, i wont Swami make his pyramid again. Manveer says why you keep telling her all this? Rohan says i am showing support, Manveer says dont keep saying rubbish, Rohan says you play your game, Manveer shouts and says show support till its needed, Lopa asks Rohan to calm down. Rohan asks Manveer to ask Swami to make his pyramid again, Manveer says play fair. Rohan says you all keep shouting on me but i will do what i want, Lopa says why you are shouting on me? Rohan says why you are making me understand? Lopa says why you are bringing me in this? i am trying to make your understand, i didnt break Bani’s pyramid but you tore Swami’s boxes which he cant use again which is not done, you are losing your mind, Rohan says you are not doing what you preach to me. Rohan says keep going Bani.

Swami is sitting on his table. Manveer says to Swami that if you were nice person then people would be supporting you, if you had been good with Manu then you would have won. Manu says i wanted him to win but he didnt ask me to play. Manveer says you are sitting on table and not making pyramid again, get up and make it again, Swami says i dont want to do it. Niti says if he doesnt want to do it then let him be.

Swami throws Bani’s box away. Bani says what is this? you cant throw my boxes away. Rohan gives box to Bani again. Bani says i didnt touch Swami’s any box. Manu says Rohan is provoking Bani saying he is standing with her and all. Rohan says nobody objected when Swami threw box. Rohan says to Lopa that everyone is supporting Bani but you are acting like you are only one truly supporting her, Rohan says you dont say anything.

Bani has made her pyramid complete again while Swami’s table is empty. Bigg boss says only 10minutes are remaining in task. Swami goes in corner and sits there. Swami is drinking water, all are curious that he is not doing anything. Bani says he will do something, Niti says he cant do anything. Manu asks Bani to remain. Swami brings out same bowl from his basket, and throws his urine on Bani and Rohan that stirs up a storm inside the house. Rohan tries to take Swami away from Bani, Swami says this is my urine. Bani hurls abuses at him and says he is animal, Swami is still throwing his urine in air from bowl, Bani takes off he tank top and says he is *****************************, Manveer and Rohan grabs Swami, Lopa says put him in jail right now. Manu opens jail, Rohan and Manveer pushes him in jail. they lock Swami in jail. Rohan shouts to throw him out of house, Niti says Bigg boss throw him out, Rohan throws table away and is angry, hr is shouting, Lopa tries to calm Rohan, she asks everyone to move away from Swami, Rohan kicks on bars of jail being extremely angry on Swami. Bani throws her boxes on jail, Manu asks her to calm down, Bani says how can he throw his urine on me? Bani shouts that you will loose, Swami says your father, Bani and Rohan attacks Swami through bars of jail but Swami moves away, Rohan goes hysteric and screams for Bigg boss to throw this man out of house, he breakdowns and cries loudly. He comes in restroom and is puking.
Swami says to Manver that bring me out of jail, Manveer says what kind of man are you? swami says this is task and i can do anything, Bigg boss this is unfair, they are locking me in jail. Manu says you are a dog and will remain in jail.
In restroom, Bani and Rohan are puking. Lopa says lets have faith in Bigg boss, calm down both of you. Bani says to Niti that he threw it all over me.
Swami is throwing pieces of urine filled bowl in garden. Bigg boss says to Swami dont throw anything now. Swami says how can they lock me in jail?
Manveer says call us in confession room, throw him out of house. Mona is puking too. Swami says make me fight her one to one, i am requesting you to not let them do voting or supporting, they wont support me and i will do anything to win task. Niti says they will kick you out of house, Lopa says how can you think this cheap? Swami says i can do anything in task, Lopa says dont go near him, he can throw anything and hurt your head, Niti says he is an animal. Manu says you will leave more insulted than Priyanka, Swami says i can do anything in task, you people assaulted me.

Manu says this man does so much filthy work but we still give him food, Swami says i was doing my task, nothing was filthy, Manveer says you have no power, if i hit you once then you wont be able to stand up, what kind of man are you throwing urine on people? spit on you. Lopa says you should be beaten on roads, so cheap, you have no level of going cheap. Manu says i wont bring him out of jail till Bigg boss calls him in confession room. bigg boss calls Manveer in confession room.
In confession room, Bigg boss asks Manveer to keep Swami locked in jail and no inmate should talk to him and if possible then dont be near him, Manveer comes out. Lopa says Swami you should be out of house, Niti says he will be thrown out of house like Priyanka Jagga, just wait for it. Swami says its bigg boss’s decision.

Lopa says we shouldnt have sympathy for this man. Manveer says ignore this man completely, Bigg boss will handle him.
Swami says i didnt hit any person, i hit bowl on pyramid only.
Niti says to Bani that if you gave him kick then its great. Bani says Bigg boss this man is throwing his piss on us. Manveer says i didnt know he was taking bowl for all this, i should check his bag. Manveer check Swami’s bag.
Swami is in jail and says my urine was not poison that people will die with its drop, there is no law against it.

Lopa says to Rohan that you were acting like others were not supporting Bani, i was not supporting anyone but other inmates were supporting Bani. Mona says i was supporting Bani too but you were showing off as if you are with her only, Lopa says listen to me, Rohan ignores her, Rohan says to Mona that i grabbed Swami when he threw urine on Bani but Manu and Manveer didnt come to grab him, in flower task too Gaurav grabbed Swami but not Manu, nobody came to support Bani then, i am not against you people.

Bani has changed her clothes. She is in bedroom and says beat this man with shoes. Lopa says i went to save Rohan but Swami was splashing that urine bowl on me too but it was empty by that time, he threw everything on her. I saw bowl in his hands and he was throwing it, he could have hurt anyone and i was asking everyone to move away from him but nobody was moving away, Niti says we were angry, Lopa says you should be clever in angry situations, Bani says understand if someone throws your piss, how can you be mature? Lopa says i understand but thats why i said to put him in jail, he could have harmed you, Bani says you cant behave when you are angry, Lopa says i was just saying to be careful, everyone was angry, Niti says Lopa is right, Bani says this girl cant understand, Lopa says i was almost in your situation, Bani walks away. Lopa says i am supporting her, i was saying for her better, Niti says time it better, Rohan says dont keep interrupting, you dont know anything.
Rohan comes to Bani, Bani says i understand her point but i am not in situation to talk about it, Rohan says i tried to move Swami away from you but he kept throwing on it.
Manu says Rohan doesnt know what he is saying, Lopa says dont know what has happened to him.

Manveer says to Lopa that Swami didnt want to do task.
Bani says to Rohan that i will feel better after hitting him, Rohan says what can we do? i tried to grab him, i pushed him in jail, i got punished when i pushed him, what can i do?
Manu says it was not time for girls to handle Swami. Niti says Rohan is discussing who stopped Swami and who didint in this kind of situation too. Manveer asys Rohan has fed his mind that we are commoners against him.
rohan says to Bani that people will talk about it that this happened with us, Rohan weeps.
Manu says to Manveer that i told Rohan he is kid.
Rohan and Bani are weeping, did he throw on you too? Rohan says yes, i was only one standing there stopping him. Bani says Bigg boss i want to talk to Gauhar. I am not gonna take part in any part of this show now.

Swami says in jail that i have got viewers and i know i have popularity and these inmates are nothing infront of me, i am something thats why show is working, Bigg boss you take advantage of my popularity, if you want to keep me in show then i am sorry for any mistake i did, dont be unfair with me then i will be silent, it was water, not urine, even if it was urine, it was not against Bigg boss rules and law, these inmates are betrayers, i made Manveer, Gaurav and Rohan captain but these betrayers have come to this point because i will win bigg boss show.

Swami is still in jail. Bigg boss calls everyone in living area. Swami says inmates it was not urine but water. Lopa says i saw mug in toilet, he thinks we are fool? Manveer asks Bani to come living area, first Bani ignores it but then comes. Lopa throws away Swami’s things from living area.

PRECAP- Salman will take on this week in tomorrow’s episode. Salman says Swami you have upset me man, dont do this drama with tis. Bigg boss says to inmates that what Swami has done today was so low and cheap that tried to put standard of this show down too. Swami knowing he will be outcasted from show runs to washroom of jail and locks himself but Bigg boss sends his bodyguards in house and stand outside jail. Inmates are watching everything far away from jail.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ganda aadmi ganda aadmi
    hai aisa hai swami
    dimag nahi keechad hai
    jiska dil peechad hai
    nahi hai yeh ek mard
    jalega yeh in nard
    pagal hai idiot hai
    pagal hai pisadi hai
    bishap ka fan
    he is not a man
    dimag hai khiska
    aur aukaat hai phiska
    ajeeb hai yeh shakal se
    ajeeb hai yeh akal se
    jeeb nikalne ki aadat hai
    weep karne ki natak hai
    aisa namuna kahan milega???
    swami om bigg boss me milega!!!!

    dedicated to sneha aur uske das roop

    bigg boss chahte hai ki telly updates ke kp aur simran along with fan..and hritik ka fan confession room me aakar bb ko gaali de kyuki unhone aise namune ko ghar laya aur show ko living hell bana diya


    1. Nice poem very good

    2. wow…kya poem h..very nice

  2. Manveer ko as a sanchalak gussa aaya bt wht about others?sb rohan k chilla rahe the jaise ki usne koyi galti kar di ho he did nthng against rules. Bani aur lopa ka aj vice versa situatn ho gaya. Priyanka ki wakt bani kehrehi thi ignore karo nd lopa bhi wohi gyan de rehi hai bani ko

  3. Prettypreeti

    Hey guys..whats up..iss buddhe ka kya kre ………akal se pedal..guys tum logon ko kbhi kisi ko gali deni ho toh uss bande ko keh dena ki tu swami om hai woh banda usi samay heart attack se bhagwan ke paas pahunch jayega…
    Simu di u r finally registered good now be with us
    Kp bhai read my comment ehen u get time
    Aaki di fab poem….??coming to confession room konsi galli doon soch kr aati hon kyunki iss aadmi ke samne sari galliyan fiki hai…
    Hkf jj bhai aagree to uuu…
    Ek small poem on 2day epi
    Udh gya sbka fuse,
    Jaad aagi phirse woh gandi priyanka jagga mouse..
    Babe ne machaya bamaal,
    Mach gya damaal…

    1. Ya preeri ye khud bhut badi gali hai . as manveer said bahar agar jisi ko gali deni ho toh swami on keh do hehehehehe and nice poem

      1. Agreed.
        Agar kisi ko gaali deni ho to om swami kah do.
        Nice poem priti and aakashi

  4. Priya9876

    What is this yaarrrrrr…..
    Jab TV pe har baari aap edit kar k hi dikhaoge too TV pe BB dekhne ka Kya fyda…..

    Jinke pass net nhi h wo pura incident dekh v nhi sakte……
    Hadd…kar Diya aapne iss baar….har episode me kuch na kuch kaat lete ho…

  5. who is jj bhai…preeti??

    1. Prettypreeti

      Hkf hritik ka fan…bhai nick name is jj so jj bhai

    2. hrithik ka Fan

      I am jj bhai….

  6. tin tin tumo

    too entertainer……. sabko hilakar chala gaya……. celebs ko apne pee m bath kara kar chala gaya……… salman is right ye sabko hila sakta hai imam ho toh use bhi………. ab peeche se chillane ka kya matlab jo karna tha wo toh karke chala gaya………

    rohan tumhe ek advice du u r nothing u r only a brainless chick….. apne aapme celeb banta h………. manveer is totally right he is always behind a girl…… ….???????????

    bani is not a deserving contestant only because of her mad and stupid fan following she is here……

    i think lopa is more deserving then bani kam se kam apna stand leti hai walk out toh nahi karti gym gym karti h ek task properly nhi karti………

    mona is not at all deserving not a word to say……….

    niti is also more intelligent then bani….. and i like niti manveer as a cute couple… ??????

    mannu is manipulative and he spoilt his game after coming from secret room…… but he is deserving to be a finalist

    my fav is manveer a nice man and caring also i like the he care about niti and he never do all this b*t*hing like manu he play by his heart and vinod he is a nice man that’s why salman also said he different than other contestants koi bhi aise hi nhi bolta tarif karne layak insaan uska past kya hai usse kya matlab shaadi se nhi bhaaga h wo agar nhi its his personal decision we r no one to comment on this agar woh alcoholic h to stupid fans

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      manveer is an idol I think….as he comes from rehabilitation. ….His father was not in talking terms with him for 8 years and beard can’t be the reason …it was manveer’s habits which his father didn’t like and u like him …god bless u….and for lopa… take a stand and play fair as per your friends and convienence …..but oppose and target bani for everything even if the opposing person had degraded u in the show. ….good stand …..kahan milta hai aisa stand mujhe bhi chaiye.…

      1. Tumsaarenautanki

        Hinjra baby hrithik phir bola…awwww..hinjru…mumma’s boy..abhi bhi feed hota hai

  7. flop season bigg boss 10

    No one should win from such filthy commoners undeserving totally undeserving. What they are teaching people
    All this dirt is entertainment?
    Shame on such commoners,
    They are constantly instigating celebs from day one and bigg boss is promoting them and their filthy
    One stinging fish can spoil the whole tank
    only akansha and lokesh were good from commoners rest of all are dirty commoners

  8. Ngkrishnakumari

    Please god give lots of strength power and lucks foro bani & rohan fight againts all other contanstand of bb who were jealouse & insecure of their new friendship
    Be strong bani

  9. Hello priti and team
    Aap logo ka wo hindi ka patra likhna band kyu ho gya.
    Missing those letters.
    Actually it was very entertaining.
    Plz. Start writing again.
    Don’t want to read lame and useless comments by sm people and using filthy langauage.
    Plz. Ignore these comments as they are not worthy to get any reverts.

  10. idk what bigg boss was upto while selecting swami om …….I doubt whether BB views the contestants past records when

    1. while selecting the contestants or not. bcoz there were many criminal cases on swami om which were too strong against him …….If BB did know all these then why did he even select a person like him to take part in the show? just for trp’s ? ……
      hate BB,…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
      just hope either rohan/ bani wins otherwise it would be nothing jbut just a scripted creepy show.

  11. I love rohan

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