Bigg Boss 10 31st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 31st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Newyear Special
Salman comes stage on song humka peni hai. Salman welcomes everyone and wishes newyear to everyone. He says some celebrities will come here. Celebrities of Jhalak Dikhlaja and comedy nights Bachao. This night is special because i will get chance to meet inmates as i will go in house, i will have fun and some will torture me too. He says BANI, GAURAV and MONA are nominated. Salman says many things happened in 2016, kids have become superhit in shows and bigg boss might brings kids in next season and will bring nagin to host it, all laugh. Salman says inmates made some newyear resolutions and also reminisced about time in this house, lets see.
Clip plays. Mona says this was lifetime experience for me,
Lopa says 2016 has been incredible, phenomenal.

i Want girls to follow and get inspired
Bani says it was emotional, i am happy thats its ending, i have high expectations i will do all tasks now .
Manveer says i have created world
Swami says i have learned to bear insults, i will promote Bigg boss in world.
Rohan says my resolution is to be happy
Manu says i want to marry and have daughter
Niti says i will enter bollywood. Clip ends

Call is connected to house through Tv. Salman asks what are plans? Lopa says party. Salman says all your friends must be having party and you are stuck in this house, how lucky, all laugh, Salman says you guys will see Swami’s face, Mona’s cries, all laugh. Salman says Swami what is your resolution? Swami says i will become bigg boss winner then i will have world tour and will promote Bigg boss. Salman asks whom will you go with? Swami says i will go with followers, if bigg boss provide any creative team member then it would be good, Salman says 60creatives resigned after you came, all laugh. Swami says more people will join, Salman says people are searching for one who found you and brought you, all laugh. Salman says to Manu that you want to have daughter this year? Manu says yes, Salman says you will have to dig for it right after coming out of house, all laugh. Salman asks if Piku is watching? Manu says yes, i took her name too, Salman says how will you propose? we read your love letter, you were talking about kabaddi, all laugh. Salman asks Niti if she wants to become heroine? Niti says i will try to presue acting, Salman says will you try for 60years? Niti says then i will get mother’s role. Salman says Bani has decided to do all tasks, Salman asks Manveer what he thinks if Bani will put efforts? Manveer says she become emotional and gives up. Salman says suppose Lopa has to decide Bani’s resolution, Lopa says i will suggest her to not quit conversations. Salman asks Gaurav, Gaurav says she should have more maturity and be calm, she has much mental strength but needs to put in right direction, Salman says thank you Gaurav priest, all laugh. Salman asks Swami what he wants for Rohan? Swami says i would want him to be more mature and become superstar, Salman asks Rohan. Rohan says i would want Swami to not do bad, not see bad,not say bad, Swami says i never do it. Manu says he didnt interrupt you when you were talking, Swami says he is saying wrong, Salman asks who agrees that Rohan is wrong? Rohan says he should try to not say anything at all.
Salman says you people dont know about outside world. Salman says i will have quiz with you and know much you guess about outside world. Salman asks Mona on which song remix, Lokesh did item dance in a movie? all are surprised hearing it, Manu says wow. Salman says she sang and danced too, she used to sing in this house. Salman sings that song and says you know with whom she did it? they say who? Salman says with Shahrukh Khan, all are stunned, Salman says Amir Khan was cameo, and Akshay directed it, Manu says good joke, Salman laughs. Salman says one contestant filed defamation case on Lopa or Rohan? Lopa says Priyanka might have done it but why? Salman says Lokesh filed it because she didnt want to do that song and said Lopa is suitable for it, all laugh. Salman asks if Swami has any followers or only Om is his follower? Swami says i have 50lacs followers, all laugh. Salman ends call.

On stage, Salman welcomes comedy nights team. Bharti and Krishna comes there. They have become note of 1000 and 500. Krishna says we are garbage now, we are lost from market. Bharti says Salman is good, he didnt have cash, he donated all. Krishna says people who took loan from him might be in trouble. Bharti says 2000note is our boss now. Krishna and Bharti leaves.
Salman connects call to house. Swami is running to lounge, Salman says where you left? Swami says i went to toilet, Salman says you could have done in mug, all laugh. Salman says i will give you task and you people can win goodies, go in activity area.
Inmates come in activity area. There is bull riding machine. Salman says girls will be on bull and guys have to guide them to pick tags for goodies. couple are Gaurav-Mona, Rohan-Niti, Manu-Bani, Lopa-Manveer. Swami is referee, Swami says what i have to do? Salman says just stay silent. Salman says tags picked by pair will be allotted to them only, if Bani wants to share then she can, all laugh.
Task starts. Gaurav makes Mona sit on bull. Bull starts moving, Mona is hitting tags hanging in air by using stick, Mona falls from bull, Gaurav says we got cupcakes, nuggets and brownies, Mona squeals and hugs Gaurav. Niti and Rohan comes forward, Niti has got cookies and cupcakes by hitting their tags. Lopa is next and wins donuts and cupcakes. Bani is next, she hit tags using stick on bull, she has got things too. Salman says next is Om Swami. Manu and Manveer makes Swami sit on bull, Swami hits tag but falls from bull funnily, Salman laughs and says he has got pizza. Salman says it was fun. Salman ask inmates to come in garden, there is surprise there, inmates leave.

In Bigg Boss house:
Inmates see garden decorated and tables set there. Bani says its good. Voiceover says this never happened before, guest will come in house who is not really guest, he loves you a lot but cant meet you, he tells you mostly about your journey, get ready to welcome him. Dancers come in house, Jumme ki raat plays. Dancers dance, inmates are enjoying. Gate opens and its a kid not Salman. Kid comes on stage. Kid hosts like Salman, kid says you people get saved because of me as i vote for you. Kid says i didnt think about newyear as i thought about you people. He says Bani you are looking beautiful, Bani laughs. Kid says Swami breath, kid takes of his shirt, Lopa says uh oh. Kid says you cant believe who is coming to entertain you, she has lived in this house, he welcomes Karishma Tanna. Karishma comes on stage set in garden. Karishma dances aaj jane kis zid song then she dances Laila mei laila, inmates enjoy her dance, Karishma brings Manu and Manveer on stage and dances with them, Lopa and Rohan are laughing. At the end of her dance. Gate opens and Karishna brings Salman in house, Manu, Manveer, Swami, Rohan touches his feet and hugs him, Gaurav hugs him, Lopa, Niti hugs him. Karishma hugs Bani and wishes everyone happy new year, she leaves house. Salman says i had to come here today, Salman sees kid there. Bigg boss welcomes Salman, and wishes newyear. Salman says kids have taken over TV, this kid is behind my job, Kid says i am new Salman. Salman says you have proof? Kid comes on stage with Salman and mimics Salman, he repeats his dialogues, kid dances like Salman too. Salman says you become Salman, forgive me, Salman laughs. Salman says this kid is in jhalak show, he asks kid if he can handle Swami if he stays in house? kid says i will ignore him and will eat his apples and i want to go in swimming pool with all. Salman says you come here after becoming 18years old, Kid takes selfie with Salman. Kid dances with Salman and hugs him, kid leaves waving to everyone. Salman sees him off.
Salman says to Swami happy new ear.. all laugh, Salman says your both ears should have been dead, all laugh. Bharti and Krishna connect with them through TV. Krishna says there is no need to say hi to Swami because he is getting haye haye too much. Bharti says Salman you gifted us stage today, how are you feeling like contestant? can you feel Swami’s smell? Salman says i am away from him. Krishna says Bharti have made resolution to not become elephant in birthday parties, all laugh. Salman says my resolution is to ignore you, Bharti says he is saying to you Krishna, Salman says you both, Bharti says he must be joking, Salman laughs.
Lokesh, Vindy and Ravi Krishan comes on stage. They dances with Krishna and Bharti. Lokesh waves to all inmates, Salman wishes birthday to Salman and also newyear. Bharti mimics her. Ravi asks Mona how are you? Bharti says she might start crying, Ravi says all are going crazy for you, be happy, i thought you would come out in one week, all laugh. Ravi says you are strong Mona, you will become star. Vindu says to Bani that everyone is happy for you. Bharti and Swami to relax, Vindu says Swami have out strength too much. Lokesh says to Manveer that people are loving you, Manu you are playing well too, Lokesh says Swami you are playing nice too. Krishna says Vindu is famous in every country not because he is winner of Bigg boss but he is banned there, Vindu laughs.
Krishna says welcome Bharti and Balraj. Bharti come there as kid. Bharti says you people might have thought Ranbir Kapoor came, all laugh. Bharti says Lopa hug me tightly, its cold, Lopa says come to me. Bharti says Lokesh’s voice is like Ravi eaten pan, all laugh. Balraj comes there as Bharti’s father. Balraj says i have brought stick for Swami, he need to get beaten, all laugh. Bharti says if Mona become hindi film heroine then hero will die lifting her on shoulder, Ravi should be saluted, Mona laughs.

Salman says to inmates that we will celebrate tonight. We will give you awards, award name is Faloda awards. Salman says first award is “sworn enemies” and nominees are Lopa, Bani, Rohan and Manveer. Bani says to Lopa it has to be us. Video plays, Lopa and Bani fights are shown, their kabaddi match, their fight in igloo task too. Salman says they get this award. Salman gives them slashes. Lopa says she is my sworn enemy and we will try to continue it, Bani says yes he will continue it, Bani says thank you Lopa. Salman says next award is “lazy person”, there is no nominee for it. Gaurav is given that award. Gaurav says i want to thank God, my parents and i will try that you people keep thinking that i dont work. Salman says next award is “footage king”, and Swami gets that award. Swami’s antics are played, his words about miracles are shown, how he said that he is dying, his dances are shown, his pee in mug is shown, all cringe. Salman gives him award. Swami says i requested.. Salman says please sit down. Salman says lets meet another footage king but he is funny. He welcomes Mobin and Anita through TV.
Anita comes on stage. Ravi, Vindu and Lokesh are there too. Mobin and Anita joke. Anita says i got film with Ravi, name was brother in law calling me in corner, all laugh. Mobin mimics, Sanjay, Sunil. Mobin’s dubbing is shown, Manveer’s voice is dubbed and says that i came in house to cut my beard, Gaurav’s voice is changed and says i came here to send my voice too. Swami’s voice is dubbed too, all laugh. Salman says to Om whats your message to your fans? He says to my lovers and haters I would say ommmm.
Bharti asks Lokesh who should win? She says Manveer.
Salman says next award for someone for the best hungry. Everyone says it’s a tie between Bani and Om. Salman says let’s have a look. Om said he doesn’t eat non veg but he ate it in the house and said he will eat it. Salman says second nominee. Bani said someone drank my coffee. She said who ate my muffin? I wasn’t gonna give to to anyone. Salman says its a tie. they both are given cheese burger. He says who eats first gets the award. BAni eats first and gets her foodie award.
Salman says who is the vamp? The guest Salman from Jhalak says you sent the vamp our, these women are all very good. Salman says the award goes to bani. Salman says I will celebrate you and gaurav will dance. The song ‘main hun hero tera’ plays. BAni and Gaurav dance.
Salman says next award is for the one who talks a lot but never gets to the point. The winners are gaurav and bani. gaurav says people who don’t understand me, it is because when I was in college and when I was in school.. look sparrows. Everyone laughs. Salmna says people talk about your friendship and call it more complicated than bermuda triangle. Two talented kids tried to solve it and tried to present it. Prijot and Tirya two kids play gaurav and bani on stage. SAlman calls Bani and Gaurav to come on stage and do the dance they keep practicing. Gaurav and Bani dance on I am a disco dancer. Salman says you are all cut off from world outside. Let’s see what happened outside this house when you were here this year.

Salman says next award is for, most unhygienic person in the house. We don’t have any nominees. There is only one person. It’s Om. Salman says the next is most salty personality. It goes to Mannu Punjabi.
Manveer does prophecies, he says for gaurav to make good friends. He says she cried whole season a lot. Mona. He says the other one is cute with a cute smile, Rohan. He will be just like 2016 a little immature. Next is miss India and beautiful. She has to take stands, Lopa. Next is the one who comes in between other people’s fights, Nitibha.
He says next is the greatest friend, Mannu Punjabi. He has to control emotions. The next is swami, I am scared of God, but still do what I want. He will win outside. Please wash your sins or you will be hit like you were in 2016.
Salman says so maybe there would be a romance in this house and they get together outside as well. But even today, I would suggest you not to face things Krishna had to.

Everyone in the house enjoys new year with champagnes. salman says wish you all a very happy new year. He tosses the champagne in the air. Everyone celebrates.

Precap-Salman says Rohan you shoved Om ji? Om says I was slapped. I was about to die. Salman says I will slap you now Om. I will never talk to you again. Amir says gaurav is doing this because he doesn’t have anyone else. I think it is one with benefits. One of them will be eliminated tomorrow. They hug each other in tears.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I saw a news that salman took manu s side and told bani not to make mountain from mole. If he really does that tmrw then i m going to get pissed off man.
    I thought there l be some justice. Atleast salman will scold swami and manu.
    Manu s one dirty man. Wat he did was wrong. Maybe bani overreacted but wats the need to bring her mom incident at first place man. It was unnecessary.
    I m hating this season bb man.
    If salman s going to take that stupid manu s side then tmrw s last day of bb for me.
    I l stop watching it.

  2. OMG..heartbreaking news..Gourav evicted…raghav chopra tweeted..M juz done wid ths scriptd Bb show..ths z my last season..i started watching bb when salman bcm host but not anymore..this season bb z lways supportd so called m3 n omji n lways tried hard to degrade bani n gaurav..wtevr m3 do they lways right n baniGC lwayz wrong..still i watchd ths season juz for bani..shez 100% real person in d house..

    Gaurav z more deserving than so called commoners om n niti n saving these 3 mona for mornig dance niti for reading task letter n omji for so called entertainment..m juz totally dissappointed disgusting show ever.. plz nxt sundy evict bani lso then no1 will watch this so called reality show..but i know bb wont evict her till finale she will b in top3(as this show z running juz bcz of Bani)then ll evict her n bb will make manveer or manu as winner..

    2 min silence 4 ths Bb..m done wid ths..nxt i ll watch it for bani till she stays in d house..then no bb..goodbye gud thing happen 4 me in ma last season f 1 celebrity to love tats bani..gem♥love u Bani♥

    1. Shawna he’s not evicted just,saw in news no one will be evicted but somebody else will be evicted in mid week.hope its kuttha swami

      1. He got evicted. Its confirmed by raghav and gauahar khan

      2. Amna hez evicted..gauravs brother confirmed the nws..but in tv it wil b airing on mondayz epi..

    2. Omg gourav is evicted….. Baniz now alone…..
      Feeling really sad……

      Shazna totally agree vth u bb is gonna make manu or manveer winner….

      Vj rokzzzzzZZ…

  3. Giys chillax man…coz…ITS NEW YEAR EVERYBODY..ENJOY AND WISH A VERY HAPPY NEW 2017 TO EVERYONE..DONT spoil yor new year coz of the damn swami and damn evictions…its new YEAR!!!!!

    1. Prettypreeti

      Happy new year di

  4. Manveer and manu getting footage more than that they deserve.

    1. It’s because the celebrities barely do sh*t . And there is no entertainment what they talk about the only celebrities I like are Bani and Lopa the rest of them don’t have a stand all the do is stand around while the commoners are actually entertaining they say a lot of funny things. In this season they bought the wrong type of celebrities honestly.

  5. good episode, but too long…..all are playing good… happy new year to all biggboss contestants and all my lovely friends…?????

    1. Prettypreeti

      Happy new year godbless

  6. I will quit watching if I don’t get to see anymore Gaurav and Bani moments…
    BB is so unfair this year… I heard even salman will support Manu and criticise bani ?
    Like seriously? ???
    Manu is a dirty man who playes dirty games with everyone ?
    Mona just dances in the morning and cries the rest of the day… Nitibha just read tasks and interferes in others matters, dhongi baba will keep becoming cheaper day by day ?
    But BB will keep them because of trp ?
    And decent people will be evicted ?

  7. Actually Manu is the one who is playing Mom card. Trying to get all the sympathy votes. Manu and Om should be evicted. Om is not entertaining he is disgusting. Lopa always jumps into every fight and gets footage. Mona is a total cry baby, she does not want to spoil her name but does not leave any chance to get to close to Manu for camera. Manveer badmouthing celebrities all the time and acts nice in front If Gaurav is eliminated then I am not watching this anymore. Ihe is the only decent person in the house, does not say any bad thing about anyone and still Salman always make fun of him.

  8. If the news about eviction of gaurav is right it is really shocking. Because bigg boss says to take stands and now he had also taken it but even though he is evicted. This is totally injustice that means cheap people are inspired by biggboss and Manu’s proposal is being kept for second time. Last time he said to evict karan and it happened and now he said about gaurav and it happened too. Gaurav took stand and got footage more than Mona still he got evicted. Really sad. Bigg boss is a biased show, last time rishab was being used and now it is gaurav who had been evicted by injustice. If this happens we will not see biggest boss or colors anymore.

    1. Totally agree last night jb mannu camera k age bol rha tha k bb ise jane do mujhe karan ka dhyan aya k jb bhi isne yehi kiya tha i think ye bb apna personal ghr se laein hain jo hrr najayaz bat kr rha hai or hone de rha hai mona ko km votes mile the tb bhi wo show mein hai mannu to pehle hi gaurav ko kuvh nhi samjhta kagega dekho mere age gorav evict hua ab to hawa mein udega really bani ko bhi nikal dein wese bhi is hfte usi ko target krenge commoners

  9. Why bani has given the title of vamp…that’s not fair..this is totally scripted show ..reality even don’t come near this show..always supporting Manu nd Manveer ..don’t know why they hav opened the voting lines when they take decisions on their own bullshit

  10. Why bani has given the title of vamp…that’s not fair..this is totally scripted show ..reality even don’t come near this show..always supporting Manu nd Manveer ..don’t know why they hav opened the voting lines when they take decisions on their own bullshit..

  11. Onceafanofbb...

    Totally agreed…. Bb wants to shw ki commoners bhi jeet sakte h… Bb khud fair nhi khelte saara scripted h saara… Warna pls mona nitibha… Kaise bach skte h… Lols thoda convincing script toh likhte atleast…. Bani ❤️… N lopa ko hi dekhlo pta nhi kya hi samjhti h.. cls n standard ki baat krti h n…kya bolti h KAAT ke rakhdungi lol… Audition se aagey toh kabhi bdegi nhi… Jaise saare logo ko audition m hi milti h… Bb ko toh bhai maan gyi… Bani bura bolti nhi aur usko target bna rkha h… It’s scripted gaurav priyanka sabka jaana… N end m mannu manvir n bani… Bani ko evict krdengey.. Phir mannu n manvir… Manvir jeet jayega simple… Gonna be my last season of bb… Salman “et tu brute”…

  12. I hope Lopa or Rohan win this season, I also Manveer to win but he seems like he cares more of his friendship with Mona and Manu .

  13. ShriyaT

    Happy new year kp,simran,preeti,sona,ria,ditya,anu and all!!!!!have a prosperous happy blessed and mast new year!❤????

    1. Thank you shriya ji i too wish you happy new year

    2. happy new year shriyaT…?????????

    3. Happy new year shriya

    4. Prettypreeti

      Gappy new year shriyo

      1. Happy new year to kp simran ditya shriya gd girl preeti anu and all bb fans .

    5. happy new year Shriya??

  14. I am surprised with the way show is going. Manu is playing dirty. Can somebody watch tv when there’s a death in the family. He said that he watched the show when he went out for his mothers funeral. Cummon man is the show bigger than ur mothers funeral. He was all against celebs nd getting cozy with mona. I guess his fiancee probably warned him nd thts why he changed his move when he came back. Actually the best thing wud be to see manu nd manveer fight. All the time bb has shown wht celebs talk about commoneres but Bb should manus comments on manveer nd mona while he was in secret room. Thy shud show how manu nd manveer plot

    1. Totally agree he is playing dirty aur mona ko bhi behla rakha hai in sab ko aps mein clips dikhaein tb inki fight hogi wo dekhenge per mannu jo gorav ko shatir keh rha hai itna shatir hai wo phr manveer ko lolipop de dega aur mona ki bhi k galat dikhaya ya purani bat hai dekha nhi us din sonakshi k bad jb nitiba boli k tumne esa bola to kehta hai 70 din mein kbhi hua k munh pr na bol kr peeche se bola hoo main bhai tu bolta hi peeche hai …and han mona aur mannu bhai behen bn gye manu k ane k bad us pr to meri hansi nhi rukti

  15. A very happy and joyfull new year and good morning to all my dear friends here simran, ditya, shriya, preeti, aakashi, swastika, anu, riya, gd girl, simple, shazna, sameera, hkf, degnerationX, bb fan, reaveler, bhiti, ravin, love you rohan, lopa’s fan, anshita, sam barua, naina, aisha, godbless, shree, pari and all friends here may god bless you all

    epi was funny but i don’t like comedy of bachao bcz they insult only on behalf of comedy but when baba sliped out from bull toh mujhe bohot bhayanker hasi (laugh) aa gayi salman sir was also laughing bcz baba ulte ho gaye hahaha pata nahi shayad kuch bhi nahi pahen (wear) rakha tha hahahaha

    and i hear that gaurav will evicted my foot what is this bb

    1. Thanks a lot kp and wish you also v happy new year and to all my friemds ditya anu aakashi riya shriya simran and all bb fans
      and kp am laughing after read your comment about baba hehehehehehehe so funny right
      and bb has fixed the winner wasting of time only

    2. Happy new yr kp..hav a wonderful yr ahead…m juz done wid bb..ths z ma last value for voting..saw in fb tat mona got highest vote then bani n last gaurav..i dono z tat true o nt..but wtever gaurav z a strong contender n how can evict him..m juz pissed saved om n jagga by sending secret room..they could hav @least done this wid gaurav lso..i will miss banigaurav moments n their unseen videos..still useless ppl like mona niti omji njoying..winner z lready fixed tat manveer or manu..disgusting fake show..good bye bb..ths z my last season..never gonna watch any season in future..

      1. You are right shazna winner has fixed and am feeling v sad as i heared that gaurav will be evicted bcz bani gaurav and rahul dev(my favorite) how can this mona have more vote than gaurav just inexplicable now am commenting here only for my all dear friends here bcz of addiction otherwise this would have been my last comments here after gaurav evicted

    3. happy new year kp and all

    4. happy new year kp

    5. Prettypreeti

      Kp bhai aapko bhi bhut sari mubarakein iss naya saal ke liye..asha krti hoon ki aap hmesh sukhmay jeevan btatit kre….sona di aapko naya saal ki badhai
      @shazna aap bilkul sahi keh rhi mujhe bhi dukh hai gaurav ke jaane se aapko bhi naye saal ki dher sari badhai

    6. a very happy new year to kp, good girl, n shazna ??

    7. Happy new year to all of u frenz
      Yar bani got height votes then gaurav and then mona mona ko vote kon kr rha hai dhund ker to lao ???
      Aur insta twitter fb youtube jahan bhi dekha mene to 95 percent gaurav ke hi favour mein suna logo ko mona ka to 100 mein se 2..3 log bol rhe hain to zahidr hai votes bhi inhone hi kiya hoga to kese mon ke highest votes ho gaye juthe scripted show

  16. Love u ROHAN

    Bani(endemol)/Manveer(production team ) one of them will be a winner…

    Good/bad they r promoting Bani…Gaurav got evicted just to show sympathy /isolation for Bani….

    every guest will come and said talked abt bani,lopa,manveer,manu….This shows everything is fixed…..

    The one n only deserving contestant is only ROHAN MEHRA, thats y cheapo bb team started ignoring him since day 1….They know that he is threat for their fixed winners…ban on captaincy,edited his footage,nominated for all season…..

    dumb /alcoholic randveer …Rohan doesn’t need ur suggestion …dnt fly high u will not a get hero role for a TV show also….u r immature thats y ur father has stopped talking to you for 8 yrs….dnt act smart dumbo ….

    #ROHAN hope u will get good projects…u r a True winner with out promotion…u r true HERO …as bb team also knows that winner is not worthy thats y the prize money is 15 lacs only……in personal they wont give that money also…everything is fixed biased reality show.

  17. BJ Supporter

    Happy New year guys…..
    if gaurav is evicted then i have only one thing to say that what a tribute given to gairav bani bonding by tairiya and prètjyot it was amazing…. dont u like it guyss……
    Nd i hope ki agle week bani ko bhi evict kr do fir lopa nd rohan or phir bb khelo in zoo animals k sath carry on u BIASED BIG BLIND BOSS…….

    1. U r very right everyone should boycott bb

    2. Agree

  18. happy new year kp and all

    1. happy new year Godbless?

  19. hi simran ditya kp goodgirl shriya hkf aakashi88 preeti
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of u guys. may god bless all of u and bring more happiness joys success in ur life.

    coming to hte episode it was funny. bahut majja aaya. per ye comedy ke naam pe insult kuch jyada hi tha.
    the way swami fell from bull OMG mujhe itna hasi aarahi thi ki kya batau.
    all the bad tag given to bani feeling bad per ussne bhi sportingly liya
    namikin sadasya manu my foot. sabse bada villian toh yahi hai.
    Teriya”s performance bahut achha laga.

    precap is intresting hai bhai salman om ka class lega aaj toh

    1. Prettypreeti

      Same 2 u deary

  20. Bakwas show bb Salman also favours manu and manveer all celebs should boycott the show.manu and manveer r stupid and everyone should boycott it due to injustice.

  21. Wish u all a very happy new year. And yesterday episode is gud except bachao part. Best part of show is jhalak dikhla jaa team.

  22. Prettypreeti

    Priye sathiyon,
    Naye saal ki hardik ko-kp bhai,simu di,shriyo,diti di,jj bhsi,sona di,ria,aki di,anu,godbless,revealer,bigg boss fan,shazna,st,degeneration x,love u rohan,lopa’s fan,sameera,sam, swastika,simple,pari,naina,aisha,avum priye samarthakon…namaste,
    Kl ka epi manuranjak tha.manveer bhai bhut aachi shyari bolte hoo.anand aa gya sun kr…mene sahi padha kya gaurav chopra sach mei ja rha haii.nhiii….mujhe lga tha yeh top 5 hoga…..yeh kya hoya…..
    Naya saal pr mene aap sb ke liye ganna likha hai zaroor padhiye ga..
    Yaha pr meri sb ke sath aachi toh nhi bani pr jinle sath bani hai unke liye aur jinle sath nhi unke liye bhi-
    Naya saal aaya,
    Sang aapne barpoor khushiyaan laya..
    Kp bhai mere hai bhut mast,
    Aapni batoon se hme hassane ke kaam me rehte hai vyasat.
    Simu di meri hai prince thatha rohan ki fan,
    Hindi me hai yeh mahir,patar padh ke inke ho jata hai dukh ban..
    Sona di meri hai bhut kammal,
    Good girl hai hmari machati hai damaal…
    Diti di ka nhi hai koi jawaab,
    Sara comment likhti hai capital letters mei,kehti hai mujhe kiddo hai yeh lajawaab..
    Shriyo meri hai bilkul desi mem,
    Jeet kr trophy hmara bhi bada dia name..
    Jj bhai ko hai pasand bani,
    Fan hai hritik ke pr hai mere liye utne hi kimti jitna ki hai pani…
    Aki di toh hai patakha,
    Battein hoti hai inki like diwali ka jabardast dhamakka..
    Anu meri hai sweetheart nepal se,
    Dost pakki hai pichle hi saal se….
    Godbless,pari,shazna,revealer,bb fan,bj supporter,love u rohan,sk,swastikha,sameera,degeneration x,ravin,sam,aisha,naina,aur sabhi bb 10 ke dost,
    Love u all most…………
    Asha krti hoon aapki sari manokamnayyan samporan ho
    Aapki sakhi,

    1. ??? my god kiddo….superb song….isse pata chlta h k tum hum sub ko bahot acche se jan chuki ho…

      god bless u

    2. Love you too my little sister i can’t believe you are such a lovely girl when i was upto your age i coudn’t have even write in such a way you write everyday my god absolute beauty you are wonderfull song i thought i will never comment here again (gaurav will be out) but i can’t stop myself bcz of you perhaps addiction and am sure preeti everyone will be happy after read your comment

    3. so sweet of u preeti and thank u so much for this beautiful song dil khush kardiya

    4. Prettypreeti

      Priye diti di and kp bhai,
      Dhanyavaad didi mujhe khushi hoyi.aapko aacha laga bs yehi ek talent tha…
      Kp bhai aap hmesha comment kro ge hme chod kr nhi jaoge mujhe vadda kri aap kaise leh skte hai ki mai comment nhi kronga mujhe aacha lga ki aapko pasand aaya.
      Aap dono ko dher sara lyaar asha krti ho sbko pasand aaye
      Aapki pyari preeti

    5. BJ Supporter

      Omg so good update padne se jyada mja aaya tumhara song padh k

  23. hi kp,simran, Shriya, sona,anu,kiddo,aakashi,n all bb fan

    OK so now gaurav is evicted….too good….aur kuch expected nhi tha

    I really want k bb iss week me he bani.. lopa… rohan ko b eliminate kr de….fir partial hone me jada prob nhi hogi

    n apne fav contestants ko Aur dhyan de paega….
    apne pyare beti bahu(Mona niti)…beton(manu manveer) n their guardian(om) k saath milke show ko itna neeche gira do k fir Kbhi uth nah paye
    make it “hum saath khaas h” bb k

    WELCOME 2K17?

    1. Prettypreeti

      Diti di happy new year stiol laughing reading ur comment

  24. happy new year anu??
    n I hope k salman class le uss om k

  25. Bb f****……. if u really hv guts thn u will show our (audience) opinions…… it was really disgusting…. scripted show…. guys am 100% sure tat bb thinks those who r watching dis show r fools

  26. agreed love u rohan

    Nitiba yeda ban k peda kha rhhi ha isi Tara agay badh jaegi
    Is Ko kab nikaloge

    Mona Ko pehle evict hona chahye tha
    but ye show kya ka kya Hal krdia hai

    Manveer Manu jese log commoner Ko reprent Kr rhhe h han
    Om jese pakhandi pagal

    Bani aor manveer Ko jeetane k lye kuch v krenge chahe show gir jye

    Wese he gir gya ha show ka level

    bani manveer manu Ko jetwane k lye unhe promote Kia jarha

    Salman khan g apko bani manveer kyu pasand ha

    Agr ac log Ko jeetwana ha bani jese ko Jo khanay khana i ha

    Aor manveer Jiska dimagh nahi jese log volte Han aese krta ha

    Aor gher Ko gandha Kia ha in commoners ne to

    Manveer bani Manu ye top 3 fixed

    hm kya andhe Han kya humko
    dikhta nahi
    K kya horha ha

    Scripted show

  27. Bani aor manveer sun k kan dard hogya

    Salman khan bout jyada support krta ha in duno Ko

  28. happy new year kp..simran..ditya…shriyat…anu.s….shazna…preeti and all the bb fans here…dx bhai atleast new year par toh comment dalde… ko salaam….guys ots new year just sit back and relax..ab chalo sab batao apne apne new year resolutions

  29. Biased show always favouring chugalkor and his chamcha not nice and giving chances to non deserving people and evicting the deserved ones I kindly request u 2 evict bani,rohan ,lopa in the coming weeks so I can stop watching this idiotism according to bb they want
    Om(gadha) as finalist so either many or manveer can win easily shame on u bb

  30. Bigg boss is going really unfair by evicting gaurav this week,because this week he had taken stands for right thing.That means that neither votes nor taking stands make any importance. If people quarrel without any reason or dance at morning or do cheap things like om ji, mona they last in home. If bigg boss had made fair decisions from the beginning , by evicting contestants by audience votes and performance rating, the trps would have raised anyway and the show would have become more entertaining. After unfair eviction of karan and rahul, we still watched bigg boss in expectation of justice, at least at some stage. But now it seems like top 5 will have nitibah(who got evicted as per audience, getting less votes) but still is in bigg boss for looks, manu (an wild card manipulator,backbiter),manveer ( for so called big heart),lopa and bani to keep a suspence of their enimity as it is scripted. Even rohan will get evicted to boost manu-manveer. And how can bigg boss forget om ji. At last the winner will be one who is scripted. And till sometime monalisa will be kept for dancing at morning and crying at evening. No matter she takes stands or not but still she will go on. At least gaurav deserved to be in top 5.liked the moments shared by gaurav and bani,I became their fan for the cute tiffs between them. Still waiting for the episode to be aired to become asured about the news, hope it will be a rumour as I belived bigg boss and salman bhai can not be so biased.

  31. Yar kids jab ate he aur balck clolour dress me jab dono kids dance krte he wo konce songs he dj ke .mujhe wo bht pasnd ae

  32. Yr really disappointed to know that Gaurav is evicted from the show he was the most genuine person in the house always calm and composed never backbited about anyone unlike Manu and Manveer who always keep on making fun of him and backbiting him. In my opinion this full show is biased and scripted and winner is also fixed. I can straightly predict who will be the top two and that will be Manu and Manveer and Manveer will be the winner. I think we should stop watching this stupid show and stop voting but still people those who are voting are big fools just wasting their time and money as there is no value of voting as big boss makers are just making money so they nominated Rohan for the entire season as he is a strong contender and will get huge amount of votes. It was really disgusting to watch how big boss favoured swami Om and punished Rohan and didn’t said a word to swami. All these instances are clearly showing how big boss is favouring that swami and the so-called commoners.

  33. My fav contestants are rohan and lopa

  34. My favourite contestants are Rohan lopamudra and manveer !!

  35. Hi guys can i join ur group. Happy new year to everybody. My appeal to the makers of big boss is to evict bani, rohan and lopa in the upcoming weeks and keep the so called m3 group, nitibha and the most important swami om in the show. So that i can stop watching this scripted show. Its so distuging. Its becoming worse day by day.

  36. hi maria ur more than welcome in our grup….happy new year to u 2

  37. Dis is not fare gaurav is evictd …monalisa is not deserve for bigboss…plz gaurav ku phir se aalao yr…nitibha nd mona ku eliminte kro yar

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