Bigg Boss 10 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 74
Inmates wake up on an energetic note dancing to the tunes of ‘Ooo La la la’. Inmates dance.

Swami says to Manveer that good morning captain, Manveer says dont start in morning, Swami says i am saying truth, there is no girl involved now. Manveer says he will call Rohan captain too.
Swami comes to Rohan and calls him captain too.

Manu says to Mona that must have not expected to be here for 75days, life does this with you, Mona says i get happiness with unexpected things, Manu says everything happens for good, i advise you to marry Vikrant, its not quite secure to be in live-in relation for a longtime, even if you have a kid, its good, you are a nice girl, you will leave work for kid, earning is not that important.

asks Bani to leave things behind, Bani says i dont want to talk you, you said mean stuff to me, Gaurav says its fine and leaves. Manu comes in lounge and sings song around Bani.

Much excited to see Manveer as one of the contenders of captaincy, Swami Om already declares him the winner. Agitated with Om Swami for his unjust behavior during the luxury budget task, Manu and Manveer advice him to stop making tall claims and to play a fair game. Meanwhile, while having an intense conversation, Manu advice Mona to get married to her boyfriend as soon as she gets out of the Bigg Boss house. As the day progresses, Gaurav also makes a few attempts to have a conversation with Bani after having a major fight the previous night. But still upset about their differences, Bani gives Gaurav a cold shoulder. On the other hand, she is seen mingling around with Manveer and Manu and speaking her heart out

Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task wherein Manveer and Rohan compete to become the next captain of the house. A mud bed is placed in the garden area and Rohan and Manveer are allotted two different set of flowers – Rohan (purple) and Manveer (Pink). After the buzzer rings, Manveer and Rohan have to plant the flowers on the mud bed and cover it completely with their respective share of flowers. They are given two hours to complete the task and Bani is made the sanchalika(referee) of the task. Other inmates can try to make their friend win but only Manveer and Rohan can sow or pluck flowers. The one plants more flowers will become captain.
Bani says to Swami that if you dare touch this flower bed or try to go inside then you will face wrath, Swami says your words dont matter. Gaurav says to Rohan that if Swami does anything to you then hint at me, i am staying here by your side, Lopa says we will throw him away. Gaurav says i am here, dont worry.
Buzzer plays, Bani says dont hurt each other, make this task clean. Manveer and Rohan starts playing by planting all the flowers. Both are planting flowers, Manveer says dont come to my side of bed Rohan.

Bigg boss says only 10minutes are remaining in captaincy task. Rohan and Manveer are sitting near flower bed. Bani asks you people want to do anything? Lopa asks Swami to not do anything, Swami says i wont move, Gaurav says i am standing here, i wont let him to anything. Bani comes infront Swami and doesnt let him near flower bed. Lopa moves Swami away, Swami says why she is touching me? Lopa says dont say rubbish, Swami shouts on her, Lopa says i would punch you, Gaurav asks Lopa to calm down, task is going on. Manu asks Swami to move away. Manveer starts touching flowers, Rohan says why dong this? Manveer says i am touching my flowers, you want to copy me? Manveer and Rohan starts plucking each others flowers, Swami starts plucking Rohan’s flowers, Bani pushes him away and says he is an as**ole, Lopa says put Rohan’s flowers back, Swami tries to pluck again but Gaurav comes infront of him, Bani says stop it, Gaurav grabs Swami and puts hand on his neck, Gaurav says you are not allowed, let task happen, i wont let you, Swami tries to wriggle out of his grip. Buzzer plays, Swami says Gaurav has strangled me. Swami tries to go to flower bed but Gaurav shouts that you cant go there, Lopa says we didnt pluck Manveer’s flowers. Swami tries to attack again but Manu pushes him away and says are you mad? Manu holds Swami’s hand, Gaurav says why you are dojng this? Swami says i am Swami Om, you are son of an insect, Gaurav shouts that dont you dare say anything about my father, Swami says i will listen to Manu but not you, Gaurav says let lost. Manveer says to Rohan that i didnt touch you, you were stepping on my flowers. Lopa says flowers plucked by Swami shoulf be counted. Rohan gets angry on Swami and pushes Swami away hard, he throws away his mic and says you mad man, Lopa comes infront of Rohan and stops him, Swami says this man has hit me, hit me Rohan, if you have guts, Manu says Rohhan shouldnt have done it, Lopa asks Rohan to calm down, Gaurav says take him away, Manu says what should i more? Swami is screaming and asks Rohan to come, Swami pushes Rohan away. Lopa says why you are behind him? Manveer takes Swami away from Rohan. Bani is counting flowers and says i snatched these flowers from Swami’s hand, Swami says she took it from ground, Manu says this Bani’s decision to count them or not, Swami shouts, Bani says shut up, i am doing my work. Manveer wins, Manu puts him on his shoulders, Manveer laughs and says leave me, you are hurt, Mona dances. Lopas sk Rohan to congratulate him. Rohan hugs Manveer, Lopa congratulates him. Bigg boss says Manveer is new captain. Manveer is happy. Niti says we are saved from punishment now.

Lopa is bandaging Rohan’s wounds.
Swami says in camera that Rohan and Gaurav physically asualted me. he hit me from behind. Manveer sprinkles appy fizz. Swami says it was fair, Manveer says Rohan had everything in mind. Manu says i am so happy.
Gaurav says to Rohan that i am worried about rules being broken and then swearing and all, Bani says he is going beyond, Manveer says i pushed him away too. Swami says in camera that Gaurav dog and Rohan dog have hurt me. Manveer brings Swami in garden and says i am talking to you as my father, say everything in camera at once, i would wash your sins but dont say anything, i will go to jail instead of you, Swami cries and says what will happen to me? i cant listen from my ear.
Gaurav says to Bani that he crazy.

Manveer, Manu, niti and Mona are happy. Manveer says in camera that i am captain of Bigg boss house, and says thank you Bigg boss and everyone.

Rohan says i was in control, he will be scared next time, Manu and Manver have scared him thats why he is loyal to them, Lopa says he is not loyal to anyone, Rohan says he should not get immunity.
Swami says Rohan is at mistake, Manveer says just stay silent, Swami says he was at mistake.

Bigg boss says that if inmate have problem with other inmate than use words against them but the way Rohan took to handle situation was totally inappropriate and punishable. He gives Rohan a harsh punishment by nominating him for the entire season, Rohan says all push others here. Swami cries and says send doctor. Rohan says everyone is pushing but its allowed and i did so you punished me Bigg boss?
Rohan shouts that i dont want to play this game, just evict, it doesnt matter, he throws away mic and blanket and says i dont care. Everyone is breaking rules but i am punished, i dont care about nominations, i didnt hit anyone. Lopa says why bigg boss didnt speak up yesterday ? Rohan goes in washroom. Lopa says Bigg boss is unfair, Gaurav says nobody has authority over Bigg boss, Bani says i agree with her that its unfair. Manver asks Lopa to calm Rodhan down.

Doctor comes to check Swami.
Rohan is still is in washroom. Lopa is outside washroom and asks her to come out, Rohan asks her to leave, Lopa says you are not going anywhere, Rohan tells Bigg Boss that he will either stay inside the washroom for the rest of the season or will leave the house.
Manu says Rohan pushed Swami really hard.
Lopa asks Rohan to come out, Rohan shouts that i got hurt, i dont want anything now, he shouts nonsense, i wont come out of here, i want to leave this show.
Niti says his push’s intensity was great, Manu says people would have beat Bigg boss if he ignored it.
Gaurav comes to washroom and says Rohan this is just game, Rohan says i wont come out of washroom, i didnt come here to bear all this.
Niti says they dont take losing very well. She calls bigg boss unfair.

Manver is in confession room with Swami. Bigg boss says Swami is fine as per doctor but for full check-up, we are taking Swami outside house. Manveer says okay, Swami leaves house. Manveer comes in house and tells Manu that they have taken him for check-up.

Bigg boss asks Rohan come to confession room. Rohan says i want to talk to my dad and lawyer, only then i will come out. Gaurav asks Rohan to come out first, you can comeback from confession room, Rohan says everyone is pushing people around, what wrong did i do?
Manveer says to Mona that they play immature. That Lopa says she is fair but she keep stopping us and that Gaurav is getting footage. Mona says he is weird.
Bigg boss calls Gaurav and Lopa in confession room. Manu says to Mona that Lopa will change her tone now.
Lopa and Gaurav are in confession room, Bigg boss says Rohan’s behavior is wrong, he has locked himself in washroom, its against rules and also unsafe, we hope you both try to bring him out. Gaurav says he wants to leave bigg boss house, Bigg boss says ask Rohan to come in confession room.
Gaurav and Lopa comes to washroom and says to Rohan that you have to go to confession room even if you want to talk to your dad. Rohan comes out and goes to confession room.

Rohan says to Bigg boss that as per rules, the one who does violence is expelled from show so expel me, i was hurt yesterday, Swami hit me but no one took action, i am alleged today, i remember that he was pushed by me, i remember Manu and Manveer push him like this daily, you cant allege me, Bigg boss says we didnt say you did violence, we just said that its not acceptable, Rohan says its shown that i have hit older person who is innocent and i am goon, you are targeting me only, its unfair, Bigg boss says this is fair decision, its not about you, we have responsibility towards fans too, Rohan says i wont live with this allegation that i did violence so call my dad and lawyer. Bigg boss says you cant talk to anyone till you are in this house, Rohan says i will pay fine, i was happy to come in Bigg bos, i left my number one show, i left movie which was offered to me for all this? Bigg boss says you want to leave now? Rohan says i cant be insulted here, i am sorry, i respect work but i cant, he takes off mic and says make me talk to lawyer, Rohan starts leaving, Bigg boss says dont take haste decisions, sit down, Rohan says sorry and leaves.

Rohan comes to restroom, Lopa doesnt allow him to go in washroom, he says i dont want to play, Lopa says lets go in bedroom and talk, Rohan says i dont want to give ant footage, Lopa sys dont go in washroom, Gaurav says if you stay in bed without mic then whats wrong? Rohan says i want my image to be seen, Lopa says what if anything happens to you inside? Manveer says come out, Rohan says if person is bearing and not saying anything then you start being unfair? i want to talk to my dad, he asks Lopa to leave, Lopa says dont lock it, i am telling you, Rohan locks it, Lopa says you loser, open it, Lopa says i am sitting outside then.

Rohan is in washroom and says Lopa you go and eat food, Lopa says i dont want to go, Rohan says i played game passionatly and what i am getting in return? i am feeling good sitting on toilet, i am feeling powerful, i will stay here for 30days, Lopa says you will eat inside too? Rohan says i wont eat or drink anything. Gaurav says to Lopa that you both are fool to stay here, come and have food, Lopa says i wont eat anything, she hints him that Rohan will come out if she says this. Gaurav says Lopa is not eating food Rohan. Rohan says you go Lopa. Lopa says i am hungry, come out soon, Rohan says dont do it, Lopa says lets see how much you care for me.

Manu says what kind of friends are they? Gaurav doesnt get food, why Bani is not giving him food? They joke about Gaurav eating in pan. Manu says send Gaurav to home, he cant do household work, his friends are not giving him food too, Manveer laughs, Manu says he cant do anything, Manveer says he puts utensils like crowns. Manveer says if Mona gives him roti then he will faint of happiness.

Bigg boss says sometime back Rohan locked himself in washroom, we called him to confession room and tried to make him understand but Rohan is stubborn and saying that we are unfair and wants to leave show and has locked himself in washroom again, we want to tell Rohan that if you want to leave show then as per contract you will have to bear punishment and it will tarnish his image too, so we suggest him not to take haste decision, we are giving you some more time to take decision, if Rohan doesnt come out of washroom then for his safety, Bigg boss will have to take strict decisions.

PRECAP- Swami says to Lopa that dont know what kind of girl are you, Lopa shouts that i will cut you if you say this, Swami says attack me. Lopa says you are forcing me, people like cant even stand beside me. Rohan charges at Swami, Lopa stops him, Rohan says i want to leave show, i will hit him and leave then, it doesnt matter.
There is will be court task for Gaurav and Swami. they are standing in witness boxes. Manveer says Gaurav is alleged that he doesnt take stand and Swami is alleged that he destroys every task, fights and make filthy comments. Rohan says Swami should be out of house so that he can be treated for mental condition. Manu says Gaurav is clever, manipulative and thinks before taking action so its crime to calculate his attacks which he did yesterday. Manu says to Bani that you pushed Swami earlier too, Bani says if donkey comes in wrapping of Swami and tell you that i hope your mother die, Rohan says he deserves to be pushed away. Manu shouts on Bani that you were sleeping when it was about my mother, Bani says what did you just say?she throws things away and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Feeling bad for Bani and Gaurav. Gaurav handled the sitution well by going to jail calmly and he was smiling.
    But i do not know why i have a strong feeling that by giving these kind of tasks bigboss might be upto showing the true colors of commonrs.
    Ultimately things are going positive for celebs.
    Anyways its my pov. Find positivity in negativity.
    Thoso who were liking commonrs are now hating thm and supporting rohan.

  2. I was bb fan.not now

    rohan is innocent…Bigg Boss forgot rohan was pushed was manu and manveer thrice..he was sleeping that time..what ninda…sorry salman..but you were wrong…u actually follow a script. And Bigg Boss house too have a script…they r plotting and showing commoners like hero..but actually they r vulgar and dont reserve to represent common people..they have more tantrums then celebs….its fixed..winner will be manu or manveer .inspire of the b*t*hing dirty game they are playing.last yr too it was rishabh who deserved to win and in season 8 was pritam who was deserving to win the show…but it is fix…aur hum iski kadi ninda karte h…commoners pura din celeb ki ek dusre ki b*t*hing karte h….celeb kuch bolte ni h..bolte h to Bigg Boss commoners to dikha dete me ladai karwane ke liye…celeb ko kabi ni dikhate commoners kya b*t*hing karte h unki…aur weekends par jo bhi call ati h celebs ki nooks nikalne ke liye aati h..i dont believe it ki commoners ki galti ginane ko koi call na kare…Bigg Boss is unfair and biased…and fixed…i was bb show fan..not anymore..its just preplanned another daily soap

  3. Aray kuch v kehlo manveer Ko Salman khan ne guod lelia ha
    full support ha Salman ki manveer Ko aor use he jetaega, is show boycott kro
    Bb b unfair aor Salman b unfair ha bout jyada
    ye dono Baba ko v support Kr rhe Han
    aor ghtya commoner ko kaha se pakr lye
    Ye am admi aesa hota ha kya

    Sare gunda mawali lye manveer Manu Baba pakhandi pagal

    Nitiba Mona ko v rakhawa ha
    Kya ho rha ha mere smaj nahi araha

    Ye kese aam admi hai yeh aese log bb ko represent Krenge
    Nichle drje ka show bana dia ha

    Salman khan b ab such nahi bolta hr waqt manveer Salman khan se ye umeed nahi thi bhai

    Manveer Manu aor Baba ko ghndagi krna hindsa krna allow ha

    Bani ko push krna allow ha

    Rohan ko punish Kia to swami ko punish kyu nahi Kia

    Igloo task Mai bb rohan k sir fatne ka intezar tha kya apko

    Show ka kuch standard hota ha sara level he gir gya

  4. Aj adalat wala episode bkwas ek dum

    Kal precap mai dikaya to aese jese rohan Ko justice milega pagal log

  5. Salman khan hum log aap k fan Han

    but apko bigg boss house Mai sirf char log apne fan dikhte ha

    manveer Manu Baba bani

    inki ghaltia nazer andaz kyu kere ho

    especially manveer aor Baba ki

    Ab weekend pr injustice na kro bout umeed ha apse

    Bb ne to dil tor dia sirf rohan Ko punish. Kia unfair Baba ko b punish kero

  6. Commoner my foot aesa ha am admi

    Aese gundey tuchey am admi Ko bulane se acha show he na krte is year

  7. Nitibha kuch na krne pe v agay chalejaegi
    Sub hath malte reh jaenge

  8. Om Ko bar bar chance dene ka matlab scripted nahi to aor kya ha

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