Bigg Boss 10 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inmates wake up to the song ‘Mast baharon ka main aashiq’. inmates dance.

Manveer says i will try to enter igloo, if i dont get to enter then i will leave. He sees Lopa doing makeup and says she does makeup and doesnt get up before it even for anything. Swami comes there and says why all are against me? i dont want to become captain even, Manver says you become against us, Swami says you both even got physical, Manveer says do anything, we wont say anything.
another ‘Toofan'(storm) strikes the house and the contestants rush inside the igloo. The last one to enter the igloo is Bani and she gets disqualified from the task.

Swami is waving at camera. Swami blabbers that bigg boss you are scared of Manu and Manveer, i didnt want to


Swami is singing song that my own people didnt support me. Manu says what we did? Swami says i love you people a lot, i am singing for my earlier life, i didnt get love and my teachers used to scold me too much, Rohan says even then you are like this? Manveer says you will have rebirth? Swami says yes i will become president of United Nations then, Niti says who is its president rightnow? Swami says i dont know, i am an illiterate man, Niti says you know everything, Manveer says he is doing all this to be in camera.

Bani tells Manveer that she wants him to become the captain and joking says that she would nominate him if he fails to win. She says i want you for Manu to be captain but he doesnt seem interested, what about Swami? Manveer says he is monkey, she laughs.

Swami is sitting infront of igloo, Rohan comes ahead of him and sits, Swami says you prince of India. Swami says people will be injured now, Rohan says you cant be physical. Swami tries to move ahead of him but Rohan sits at entrance of igloo and says because of this man, all have to come nearer entrance, i wont allow him now, he says dont show aggression and says i wont let this man cheat now, enough, Rohan says dont show anger because i can raise hand too, Swami says i will say ill words, Rohan says i can slap you too, Swami says i can raise hand too. Swami says i am young. Lopa asks both of them to come back, Swami says i will take off clothes. Swami says i am feeling hot, sorry Manu. Manu says do anything, we wont stop you. Swami says i was stopping because of a girl. Rohan says i dont care. Swami starts taking off his clothes and says i am feeling hot sitting in garden, Bani says what is he doing? he is taking off his pants, he is in his shorts now. Swami says i am feeling hot. Lopa looks down, and says whole india is seeing. Manveer asks him to put pants, Swami says Rohan forced me to do it, Swami says i am wearing pants, i am stopping because of you Lopa then i will tell Rohan about being goon.

Rohan is painting igloo, he says then Swami will paint. Swami says bigg boss send Rohan and me in jail, be careful not to send any girl with me, Rohan says it will be fun in jail. Lopa says Swami you have to paint too, Swami says i wont do anything, i will go to jail. Rohan takes stool at entrance of igloo again, Swami sits behind him and says it must be nice scene in camera, your stardom is lost after our scene, Lopa says what rubbish? Swami says this is first scene in India, it happens in America.

Mona makes paratha for Gaurav. Bani comes there and says dont give him paratha, Bani says he didnt knead flour, did you do any work? Gaurav says you didnt ask me to do it, i made roti yesterday, Bani says you have yogurt too, you are amazing, you thought i wasnt waiting for you to eat with you? and here you are eating alone, Gaurav stops eating and says what are you cooking? i will cook for you, she says no thanks, you go and eat alone, Gaurav smiles at her and says i feel amazing that we have to do this on camera, its difficult to make you understand, Bani says then dont talk, Gaurav helplessly looks at her.

Swami pushes Rohan’s stool to move him away from igloo. Manu says i am not getting involved because then i will be physical with him.

Gaurav says to Bani that you are miffed on such small thing? Bani says you think its small thing but not for me, i feel like you dont care, it seems that you have difficult saying sorry, i dont care about saying sorry to anyone, Gaurav says i care that you feel bad, i want to eat food with you everytime, i am sorry, if you felt bad, its small thing and we argue about such thing which doesnt look good on camera, Bani says i am moving away so this conversation is over as you wanted, she leaves.

Bigg Boss asks Lopa to draw a D-border around the igloo’s entrance and asks the contestants to stand beyond it. Swami puts feet on border, Lopa says move away, Swami says you are zero for me. Lopa says to hell with you, blo*dy idiot. Swami says this girl of 30years is cursing me, her father asked her to not insult me but she is not listening to her father too, Lopa says i am not saying anything to you, person like you should be beaten on roads.

The fifth storm shakes up the house and a conflict arises as to who amongst Lopa and Swami Om entered the igloo last. While Lopa claims that she entered before everyone and reached the igloo first, Swami Om dismisses her claims and says that he entered first. Manveer says Lopa came in before Swami. Manveer gets injured on foot. Swami says disqualify Lopa bigg boss. Gaurav says you entered in igloo first? she says yes. Manu says to Lopa that let bigg boss decide, you were giving up almost, Lopa says i saw Swami in last and entered before him.
Manveer says to Niti that Manu is taking task lightly, i was waiting for him to come inside too.

Lopa says i entered first, you have lost, Swami says you lost.
Bani says to Gaurav that they are fighting so much, dramatic representation of events.
Lopa says Swami didnt reach in igloo first, Manveer says you have to cross tunnel first then go in igloo, Lopa says its about going in igloo first. Manveer says Lopa climbed over Swami and entered igloo first but Swami entered tunnel first.

Bigg Boss steps in to clear the air and disqualifies Swami Om from the task as he was last to enter in igloo. Lopa says you liar Swami, you cant accept your defeat. Swami says Manu or Manveer will win, Lopa says i dont care about that.

Swami is reading task instructions and says where is another letter? Manu says find it, its in house only, Swami says i want to read it, i will talk about it on weekend, Manu says yes try to find it.

Gaurav says now when Swami is not in task, nobody is sitting near igloo entrance, he plays individually and forces everyone to follow him, he makes conspiracy of everything, he will have to bear it. Manu says i know he doesnt have any work after this show.
Swami says in camera that Bigg boss you saw how Rohan, Manu and Manveer tried to kill me, i will drag them to court.

Storm comes again. The sixth storm drives Lopa out of the game, making Manveer Rohan and Manu the top three contenders for captaincy. Rohan says this is not good. Lopa says its okay, it was unfair, she was away from igloo, Niti says it happens. Lopa says its okay Rohan, Lopa wishes them luck, she says i will be happy for anyone who becomes captain.
In order to give Manu a birthday gift, Manveer tells him that he is planning to back out from the task so that he can take a spot alongside Rohan in the captaincy task. Rohan says dont do this, play fair. Manveer says to Manu that we will play but you enter before me, please become contender, Manu says dont say rubbish, we will all go and see who enteres last.

Swami says i am leaving bigg boss and i know Bigg boss do injustice, i will do what Priyanka couldnt do it then they can throw me out, i am sure after today’s injustice that its not in my hands, i will win in world, bigg boss house is nothing for me, curses for Bigg boss.

Manu says to Manveer that you will go in igloo, and thats final. Swami Om decides to sit near the entrance of the igloo to watch the final run. Storm comes. Rohan, Manveer and Manu runs to enter igloo. Swami Om plays a dirty game and strangles Rohan when he about to enter the igloo during the final storm. However, he manages to get in along with Manveer. Onlookers Lopa and Gaurav are shocked to see this. Manu enters last. Manveer and Rohan has become contenders for captaincy. Gaurav says i saw what Swami did, Rohan could have been hurt, Lopa says Swami tried to strangle him, Gaurav says did he touch Rohan? Lopa says he tried hold back.
Swami Om hides inside the blanket but Lopa, Rohan and Gaurav confront him. Manveer says he did wrong. Rohan says he hit my head. Gaurav shouts on Swami that how could be enter inbetween task? Rohan throws cloth near Swami and says you donkey’s son. Lopa and Gaurav shouts on Swami, Manveer says i asked you Swami to move away from there, Gaurav says what if Rohan got hurt? Lopa says he could have injured his head, Gaurav says this man is weird, Manu says calm down, Lopa says this man cant touch anyone. Lopa throws away blanket and says what if anyone got hurt? Swami says no one is hurt, Bani shouts that he is injured, you think its a joke? you cant touch anyone like this, Swami says why you are talking to me? Lopa says you are stooping so low and asking her why she is talking to you? Bani shouts try and see how much wrong you are doing in this house, Niti says it was Swami’s plan, Lopa says he is nothing, try to be good man, king maker my foot. Manveer says i asked you to move away from tunnel.

Lopa says to Rohan that you did well, dont loose next task.
Manveer says to inmates that dont even give him food. Bani says you talk to him first, Manveer says i didnt talk to Priyanka, Bani says i dont talk to him, you people decide, he is piece of shit, Manveer says i hit my knee on Rohan because Swami blocked Rohan’s way, Gaurav says all would be stuck if someone is blocking path.

Lopa says this man should be in jail all the time. I will put you in jail.
Manu says to Mona that i wanted Manveer to go in second, Mona says i saw you could have entered before Manveer but you didnt, you know how important was this at this stage and for me too, i am wanting you to be captain since first week, Manu says i tried.
Lopa says to Rohan that dont know what kind of man Swami is.
Manu says to Mona that even if i leave now from house, i have my reputation.

The housemates celebrate Manu’s birthday by cutting a cake sent by his girlfriend Piku. Lopa says Piku loves Manu is written on cake. Manu says there are cartoons on cake which i watch a lot. Manu says my wish is that Manveer becomes captain, all sing birthday song for Manu, Manu cuts cake and thanks Piku, he makes Manveer eat first then Mona. Manu says give cake to Swami too. Mona brings cake for Swami, Swami takes it and eats it.

Gaurav says to Bani that what problem you have with Lopa? Bani says i liked Karan and Akansha in start, why you are asking this? Gaurav says i am talking nicely, Bani says i am talking nicely too, Gaurav says first listen then talk, Bani says dont do that, Gaurav says you answer before listening, Bani gets up to move, Gaurav says go now, Bani says dont talk to me like i am a child please, Gaurav says its not about age, i am not getting upset, Gaurav says you talk so much, you keep saying one thing again and again, Bani says tell every negative about me, Gaurav says you are asking for it, Bani says if i am so bad then why you are my friend, you dont like my tone, my expressions and nothing, dont talk to me, thank you for all this, she angrily leaves. Manu says you can know Bani’s mood with her face.
Bani comes in restroom and says why he has to fight with me at night? let me sleep.

PRECAP- In captaincy task, Rohan and Manveer have to put flowers in flower bed laid in garden. Bani says to Swami that if you dare touch this flower bed or try to go inside then you will face wrath, Swami says your words dont matter. Rohan and Manveer are putting flowers in flower bed, then they start plucking each others flowers but Swami comes and starts plucking Rohan’s flowers, Bani shouts and runs to him, she takes Rohan’s flowers from him but Swami plucks again, Gaurav grabs Swami and put his arm around Swami’s neck to stop and shouts that you cant enter their task, Swami shouts on him, Gaurav charges at him and shouts more, Swami pushes him away and says you are ant’s son , Gaurav shouts that dont you dare say anything against my father, Manu and Manveer tries to calm Gaurav down. Rohan gets angry on Swami and pushes away Swami hard, he takes off his mic and says i will hit you, Lopa asks Rohan what he is doing? Swami charges at Rohan and asks him to dare hit him, Lopa stands infront of Rohan to stop him. Later Bigg boss says the way Rohan took to handle situation was totally inappropriate and punishable, Rohan shouts that i dont want to play this game, just evict, it doesnt matter, he throws away mic and blanket and says i dont care. Rohan goes in washroom, Lopa is outside, Rohan asks her to leave, Lopa says you are not going anywhere, Rohan says either evict me or let me fight against people like this, he shouts nonsense.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. yaar throw this donkey om out of the house

  2. Hi guys i am new ?

  3. Hey ditya now must have seen today’s episode and your doubt must have cleared too about lopa , don’t judge after seeing the precap only or before seeing the whole episode ,how much lopa supported rohan , she is a true friend and takes stand for rohan and for right things , I truly appreciate their friendship, she was stopping rohan so that rohan don’t get physical with dhongi swami otherwise this unfair bigg boss will only take decision against rohan as in today’s episode big boss proved that he is so unfair, therefore she was stopping rohan , but she supported rohan till the end and still supporting,

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