Bigg Boss 10 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 10 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manveer, Naveen and Lokesh are singing bigg boss song, Manveer is beat boxing, Manuis dancing. Lokesh hugs pillar and says hello my family, i miss you Kanchan, Manu says she is coming to you, he acts like Lokesh and says i have come to bigg boss and soon i will be back to home, watch me in house next week, they all laugh.

Day 3 (continued)
Celebrities are in activity area, bigg boss says lets see next riddle and guess whose secret it is.
Secret no. 5:
Every mother teaches you how to fight with problems but my mother make smoking sticks to run house, i am special child of special mother, guess who?

Bani says its Manu, Rahul says her mother might be teacher, they discuss financial condition. Bigg boss ask them to leave activity area, they leave. Gaurav and

Rahul discuss about riddle.

Gaurav says to Rohan that they make smoking sticks in calcutta, i am talking about Naveen. Gaurav comes to Karan and asks if smoking sticks are made in Rajhistan or Calcutta? Karan says Rajhistan, it also happens in Bihar. Gaurav says its confusing. Rohan says Priyanka is bold too, she protect her husband when needed be, Gaurav is moping and says if i see Priyanka, she has good english and good financial situation, i see that she has learned it not from childhood but by going abroad.

All are in lounge, Rohan reads riddle and says this is secret of Priyanka. Priyanka says mother makes it. Bigg boss asks Priyanka if this answer is correct? She says no no no, never, my mom is not here, she is angry. Bigg boss says slaves lost one more time. Priyanka says this is limit. Naveen hugs her and be clam. She cries, they take her away. Rahul says i was sure it was Manu. Swami says to Priyanka that i am proud of you, i have very good daughter. Lokesh says to Priyanka that you are proud of your mother but she is mother of someone too. Naveen says you are giving wrong message, Manu says you give message that you are bold, Priyanka cries, Swami hugs her.
Nitibha says to Akansha that hats off to guy Naveen, he didnt give any reaction that it was his secret, if he gave reaction then they would have known secrets of all. Akansha says they insulted common man, Nitibha says commoners make cigarettes and do all other stuff, Akansha says they insulted common man.
Nitibha and Akansha comes to others, they say that they insulted commoners, Naveen says its no insult, stop it, he ask them to listen. Akansha says i feel that if i am common man then if commoners sweep, are janitors then we should be proud of them. Priyanka comes, Akansha says he must have felt bad, Naveen says listen to me, Nitibha says dont shout, she closes her eyes. Priyanka says if you are all blaming me that i didnt care about his mother then you dont me, Nitibha says if you think you are good hearted person then you should say sorry to them, Swami says say sorry to Bigg boss, Nitibha says let me talk, Swami says no i will talk, she says dont point at me and talk. Manu says Naveen doesnt want any sorry. Priyanka tries to hug him but he moves away. Lopa is seeing everything from far and little tensed, Nitibha says we are winning even then you have problem? Naveen says it was like i was made fun of.
Gaurav says to Rahul that Nitibha and Akansha must be defending him. Mona says everyone has past, you dont have to be embarrassed about it. Rohan says this is good thing, they laugh.

Manveer asks Naveen if he has problem? he says not at all, if i had any problem then i would have shown, i didnt make any plan, i would have forgiven anyone who had said it against me, Manveer says everything is fair in this game, lie, cheat, ditching, betraying and all, we can make strategy and ask for forgiveness from clebrities but we have to live with them too, Naveen says Nitibha was asking me take stand against them but they would apologize and it would end, this is my stand, Manveer says because of this stand, one day bike will fall.

All are lying on beds. Priyanka says to Swami that i should cal for water. She rings bell and asks if there is any slave awake? she asks for water. Rohan and Mona wakes up and says you worked hard today so you must need water. Priyanka says how you do know what hard work we did? Rohan says you are working hard in plotting and planning. Priyanka says really? i can bring whole Amritsar here. Rohan and Mona comes to kitchen and brings water for Priyanka. Rohan pushes glass to her mouth, he says you asked me to make you drink it, She pushes glass away and says this is way to make her drink water? Swami says what is this this way to give water? Rohan asks Swami to drink water, Priyanka says you brought water to my mouth, is this way? Rohan says i didnt throw on her, i was just making you drink, she says arent you ashamed to throw water on me? this is what you parents taught you? Priyanka says you stupid, i will throw water on you, you threw water on my mic. Rohan says i didnt, i am slave, i just brought water, you asked me to make drink water so i did, Swami says this doesnt mean you throw it on her. Priyanka says come here now. She gets up and says my whole mic is wet. She says now i will make you rest, she takes him away and says you play dirty with me? i will show you now, Rohan says all can see who did dirty. Swami says to Akansha and Nitibha that where is your women respect? Akansha says dont shout, Swami says where is your women power now? Nitibha says dont taunt us.
Priyanka brings Rohan to washroom and says wash my clothes, he says its just work, i will wash it, dont say i messed it up. Akansha says to Swami that we just try to sleep but you people start your drama. Manveer says to Rohan that what is this way to make her drink? Priyanka shows her chest and says see it went inside, Rohan says dont show it like this, Manveer says this is not way. Rahul asks Rohan to leave it, just end it, Manveer says why would you make her drink it, Rahul says i am just saying that this is not time. Priyanka says should i tell about that night? i am silent, i should tell about night when you jerk, Rohan says what are you talking about? Priyanka says i know him from 10years, i know from which slum you came, Manveer says you should have send someone else for water, Rohan says i am sorry, i was just giving you water and it just slipped a little, i am sorry about it, i didnt intend for it, Priyanka says i am more frustrated than you, i take you as my kid, you could have made your team win this task by telling them that you know my family, you didnt tell them that you know my family? you made them loose, if i start telling about you then it would go ahead. She leaves.
Priyanka says to camera that i just asked for water, i didnt ask for any work, even now i am not asking him to wash clothes. Swami says she is shy thats why now saying but he intentionally put water inside her shirt.
Priyanka says to Gaurav that he put water inside my shirt, i know him from before, he is cheap guy, his whole family is like this, i know his family, bad family’s bad guy, it shows what his mother taught him, Gaurav doesnt answer her.

Priyanka asks Rohan to come to jail, he says lets leave it now, i am sorry, Priyanka says this is what your mom taught you? should i tell about your family on Tv? Rohan says i am sorry, i am going to jail but i am sorry, Priyanka says you are young in age and thinking both. Priyanka says if i start speaking then you wont be able to speak. Rohan says what would you say? Priyanka says dont push me, i am just silent, Rohan goes in jail, she locks him up and takes key with her. She says atleast he should think about his age. Rohan says i just met her once, we went clubbing, i met her for 10minutes only. Priyanka says to Rahul that you think that only industry people are sane one, we are not that commoner too, i told you that i am coming from very nice family, Gaurav says why you are so hurt about it? Priyanka says he is taking revenge from me, Gaurav says you should be proud of that mother, why you are feeling ashamed? Lokesh says to Rohan that anyone can get angry in that situation, he says yes, Lokesh says we will make her understand. Karan talks to Priyanka. Priyanka comes to Rohan and says you want more footage so you want to be in jail, Karan brings Rohan out, Priyanka says come out, punishment ended, Priyanka says i will be more hurt then him, i am not person who will be happy to punish anyone, Karan asks Rohan to say sorry. Rohan comes and says i am sorry, Priyanka says you should have let Mona to give me water, Rohan says i had anger, i am sorry, Rahul says end it.

Rahul says to Karan that he wants attention. Karan says no he is just kid from mind, i told him to not do any scene but he wont listen, i made him understand to not fight with Priyanka but he didnt listen, Priyanka talked about Naveen’s mother and it went to Rohan’s mind, he thought about it and reacted, Gaurav says even Naveen was not happy with all that scene, Naveen was forced too, Karan says it might be his game, Naveen has temperament, but Rohan doesnt have it, Gaurav says you think Bigg boss thought of a plan? he says might be.
Rohan comes to restroom. He washes his face and goes in washroom. Karan comes there and ask if he is fine? Rohan comes out, Karan asks what are you thinking? Rohan says nothing, Karan asks why you are swelling your eyes like this? he gives him tissue, Rohan says its not about it, i showed anger but she is taking things to wrong side, she is saying what she doesnt know what she is saying, she might know my sister or something but i just met her once for 15minutes, Bigg boss i dont want my family to face problems because of her, maybe she might have met some family friend, i just dont want my family to be in problem, she can say anything to me.

Swami is washing face. He sees axe spray of someone, he smells it and likes, it applies it on shirt, like lots of it, he hides/steal spray in his towel and leaves from there.

Day 4
Bach ke rehna plays. Mona is dancing, Manu is dancing too.

Priyanka says to Manveer that what i am doing is task, nothing else.
Gaurav is teaching Yoga to Karan and Nitibha and says twist your wrists, your mind will get twisted in this house too if it didnt happen till now, now you must feel like beating your back thinking why did you come in this cage? Karan says we brought one out of cage last night.

Gaurav, Nitibha and Karan are standing on one leg, Swami says Nitibha’s balance is good too. Gaurav says you thought she is moon only? Swami says i thought such beautiful girl wont have balance like that. Manu says to Manveer that Swami is watching everything, Manveer says Swami is 25th camera in this house. Manu says someone should make real good tea not like what they give us. Priyanka says they are saying that there is no egg but they are eating 15eggs in one go, and saying to owners that there are no eggs. now Swami has joined yoga group too. Manveer says Yoga is boring, Lokesh says its really good, you dont do it so you dont know, it makes your body flexible, Priyanka says you do it? she says yes, i got to gym too, Priyanka eyes her body, Lokesh says it doesnt show because of doctor problem. Priyanka says if i do yoga, will you do it? Priyanka shows her difficult position of Yoga, Lokesh says i used to do it in childhood, not anymore.

Priyanka says prayer before eating food. She says i have fast today but i never fasted for Karvachauth because my western husband says eat food my wife, when i fasted for first time, i asked my husband can i drink water? he says drink wine if you want, then i asked if i can eat food? he says i dont get fasting and all so dont do it at all.

Manveer says Priyanka that four people make tea. I ask Nitibha(Niti) that why she doesnt go for makeup when they do it, she says that you dont see their setup. Manu says dont irritate Niti, she is useless. Bani and Gaurav comes there, Manveer says you all are working hard for food but what you are cooking is not adjusting, we will prepare breakfast and lunch from now on, Gaurav says fine with us, Manveer says then you can wash utensils and all, Gaurav asks if they want to cook lunch now? Priyanka says yes, they dont even know how to cut apples, she eat apples, Manu says this is not answer, just say if you want to cook or not? she says yes i want to cook. Manu says they are cutting apples for you, its good. Priyanka says we can cut veggies for them but we cant break rules of task, Manu says if owners want to cook lunch then they can, Gaurav says i just want to clarify that you all will prepare lunch today? Manu says yes, he says okay.

All inmates are standing in garden. Bigg boss says first luxury budget task will end today, results will tell if commoners will keep ruling house or it will change, you all are brought near jail so you can see this jail is waiting for someone as after the end of task, two inmates will be put in jail, Rohan had trip of jail yesterday, all laugh. Bigg boss says today the one who will get punished will go for long time, Swami says everything is accepted from your bigg boss.

Gaurav comes in kitchen and says to Lopa that should i touch it? Voiceover tells that Gaurav has found black thread in kitchen, Lopa says did Swami do anything? Gaurav holds thread with scissor, Lopa says its spooky to live with people who say that they do magic and all, Gaurav says when he was telling her about it, she was having goosebumps, Karan says ofcourse he doesnt act normal, Lopa says when were alone on first day, he was telling me stories which made scared, now this black threads and all, Gaurav says it must be someone else, nothing important.

celebrities are activity area. Bigg boss says you had 2right guesses and 3wrong guesses, you are losing, lets see next riddle.

6th Secret:
Dont take name of my father, you will get confused because i call two people as my father, guess who?

Lopa says she must be respecting someone as her father, or someone’s mother played role of father too. Bigg boss says lets see next riddle.

7th Secret:
Like criminal runs from jail, like train runs on railway, like horse runs in race, likewise i ranaway from my own wedding, guess who?

Bani says Akansha? she is done, who is married? Karan says it can after marriage too. Bigg boss says lets see last riddle.

8th Secret:
Nobody knows more than me how to win a reality show, i won one show earlier and now i have to win one more show, guess who?

Karan says Manu didnt win that show? Lopa says if someone did roadies? Bani says i dont remember. Bigg boss ask them to leave. Lopa says lets make code for discussing secrets, Bani says it will be confusing, Lopa says they dont give them to discuss, Gaurav says we will get time.

Celebrities are discussing about secrets, Bani asks who is remaining for guessing? Lopa says Manu, Manveer, Lokesh, Naveen and Priyanka. Naveen has done, Gaurav says Manveer can be good candidate for two dads, he can have uncle as dad too. Karan says Priyanka can be for wedding, Gaurav says she told me that Priyanka arranged her wedding, she was even engaged, she told them that she didnt even shop for wedding, her mother said that its okay, Priyanka then asked her mother if she wants to make her runaway then she will run, she told me that, she might have runaway from that situation, Lopa says Manu took part in Malika Sherwat’s show but i think it was someone else not Manu on show, Gaurav says no it was him only, Karan says he had long hair, Gaurav Manveer can have two dads, Rahul says Priyanka calls Swami as her dad too, Bani says but these riddles are from outside world. Gaurav says to Lokesh said that Priyanka did many reality shows but Priyanka asked her to shut up, Karan says Manveer has close knit family so he must have two dads. Gaurav says lets stick to that.

Gaurav says to Lokesh that why didnt you bring your doll here? my team members were saying that you are child like, you must have doll, you act like one too but i thought Priyanka keep soft toy so she must be one, Lokesh laughs and this is our work. Mona says to Manu so your wedding is arranged? he says yes Raakhi has been done, is going to happen soon, i didnt tell my family till now. Lopa aks Manveer if papa is favorite or his mama? he says no i am not telling. She says mama(mom) is favorite right? he says yes. Lopa asks who was the one sitting in audience on premiere?
Gaurav sits with Priyanka and Swami, he says this is rare that she has maintained after two kids, Swami says yes she doesnt look like mother, Gaurav says not only that but she has kept her relation good for so long, Priyanka says that he is still my God even after years, Gaurav says girls dont say this these days, its good to listen, Priyanka says whole world on one side and my husband on one side, Gaurav says then why did you runaway? Priyanka says sorry what? he says yes sorry, he smiles and let it be, Priyanka says it was complicated, i was young and beautiful, Gaurav asks did you have misunderstanding or had pressure?
Manveer says to Lopa that i call my real father as young dad and my uncle as elder dad.
Gaurav says this is good that you realized it, Priyank says it happened 11years back.
Bani asks Manveer in which age he got married? he says 22, she says wow, what his family said when they go to know that he is coming here? he says i didnt tell them much, i have daughter too, Bani says what age? he says 3years, she asks what name? he says Vidhisha. he says to camera that hi Vidhisha
Gaurav says Priyanka that Lokesh said that you took part in reality shows, and you stopped her from talking, Priyanka says Gaurav ji you do this always, i didnt stop her, i was stopping her so you dont think we were talking about you.

all are in lounge. Lopa reads riddle about two dads and says its secret of Manveer. He says wrong answer, Lopa is stunned for a minute. commoners clap. Gaurav says lets stick to words. Gaurav reads about running away from wedding, he says its secret of Priyanka. Priyanka laughs. Bigg boss asks if this is right guess, she says no not at all, Manu dances. Manu says her mother is making cigarettes, she is running away, you guess her for every riddle. Gaurav says to his team that lets not take Priyanka’s name for last riddle too because if thats not her this time too then we will look like idiots, all laugh. Gaurav says this task should be called ‘Priyanka who?’, all laugh. Mona reads riddle about reality show, she says its Priyanka. Bigg boss asks if they guessed it right? She says no, Gaurav claps for them. Swami hugs Priyanka. Mona says tell us right guesses. Bigg boss asks Manveer to tell their secrets now. Manveer opens his bottle and reads secret which was running away from his wedding, he says all was lie. Bigg boss asks Lokesh to tell her secret. Lokesh says my secret was about having two dads, all clap. Bigg boss asks Naveen to tell his secret. Naveen tells his secret was that he mother used to make cigarettes, manu says salute to that mother, all commoners hug him. bigg boss asks Niti to tell her secret, Niti tells her secret that she had won reality show earlier and now she has to win bigg boss, celebrities are stunned to find her secret. Bigg boss asks Manu and Priyanka to read their secrets, Manu reads his secret and it was that he was scared to sleep at night and he get sleep with this toy doll only, all clap that it was his secret. Gaurav is like what is this? Manu from the time i have come here, i silently keep doll in my bed at night and sleep with her and silently put her aside in morning so no one sees it. Priyanka reads her secret and its about moon that she doesnt have anyone scar at moon. Priyanka says happy Karvachauth to everyone, moon has come to earth. bigg boss says celebrities could guess only two right and they have lost this task so they will remain slaves, Bani and Lopa are sad,

Gaurav and rohan claps. Bigg boss says commoners will remain owners and we congratulate them.

Rohan says to Priyanka that dont do this, end it, she hugs him. Rohan says i have to clear water act, Priyanka says i called Mona to bring water, Rohan says you irritated me so i thought to irritate you too, i shoved glass to your mouth, Priyanka says i couldnt move back, Rohan says you jerked my hand and water fell, Priyanka says dont touch me, he says i am just enacting scene. Bani says to Akansha that they are talking and enacting water scene, it looks funny, Akansha says who bring water to mouth. Rohan says to Priyanka that i mistakenly put it near mouth and it fell, you think i would put water in girl’s shirt deliberately? Priyanka says you didnt intend to but it happened, Rohan says it was funny, if you have nay problem then tell me? Priyanka says even when you went to jail, i was like i would sit there whole night if he is going to stay here, Rohan gives her side hug and says i know your face showed you didnt want to do it. Priyanka says to Swami that i have no grudge against anyone. Rohan says no one has grudge but we get angry on things, Swami says you are lying, you have still grudge against me, Rohan says you are different, i will expose you only then i will go, she is different, i know her, Priyanka says what expose? Rohan says he is fake Swami, i cant fake it, sorry, she leaves. Priyanka says he is young, he doesnt know about Swamis, he is still chick, still half in egg, he is not grown up to tell whats real or fake.
rohan comes to Bani, Niti and Akansha and says i know i Priyanka is good or not but Swami is provoking is me, Akansha says he did it last night, Rohan says baba was saying i am not good from heart.
Swami says to Bigg boss that put Rohan in jail as he is saying again and again that he will expose me, whole world knows about me, he is insulting me infront of world and infront of my daughter.

Karan says i am giving water to everyone. Akansha says its pious work. Niti asks if he has karvachauth fast? Karan says yes, she says aww, so sweet, Akansha says oh my God, thats so cute, Karan says i keep it always, Akansha says this should happen, he has dedication towards his wife, he is doing tasks too, Rahul says he did all work, Niti says you will eat and drink after seeing moon, Karan says i will try to find moon, Niti asks if he saw moon from this house? Karan says someone else saw it but i am trying to see for last two days but i couldnt find it, lets hope i do today.

Lopa is sweeping bedroom, she asks Swami if he can do magic? Swami says i know it all, but i dont do small stuff for lac or two, i dont make lawyers win cases and all, i work for global problems which benefit mass people. Lopa says sit here and talk. Swami says Rohan has commented about me, Lopa says he is kid, he is half your age, leave him being elder, Swami says i dont hold grudge but what i have done against Rohan? Rohan comes and says you didnt do anything but when i was talking to Priyanka, you said that i dont have good heart, you hurt me, Swami says should i touch your feet and say sorry? Rohan says just be careful with words. Swami says i prayed to devis and prayed to your age too, Lopa asks Rohan to not argue, Rohan says i am solving matter, Lopa says it will just be argument and it wont solve, Rohan says then just go for hi-five, he gives hi-five to Swami, Lopa says now dont comment about him, she asks Rohan to not taunt him too, Rohan leaves, Swami says i wont taunt him, its not reason of my living. Lopa says just dont say anything to him.

Priyanka says to Lopa that you didnt sweep bedroom nicely, Lopa says tell me where? i will sweep again but i did, Priyanka says sweep it fine, Lopa says there is carpet there, trash wont come out, Priyanka says let me show you, she takes broom from her and sweep with jerk, Lopa goes to side, Swami says this is way to sweep. Lopa says dust is going all around room, Priyanka says i just want to clean my bed, Lopa says fine you clean whole room, Priyanka says hello? Lopa says then let me do it, Priyanka says you dont know how to do it, Lopa says i didnt take special training for sweeping before coming here like you, let me do it, Swami says she didnt sweep outside her house too, Priyanka says my mother gave me training, Lopa says i am doing it as per me, Priyanka says you cant sweep, you cant cook, you cant do anything, Lopa says you were eating roties made by me only for days, Priyanka says thats why i fell sick, Lopa says and when you made roties, it was all burnt and had to be thrown away, Priyanka says it was you burnt it, Lopa says let me do work, Manu says let her do work, we will go outside, if we dont like her work then we will make her sweep again, Lopa says she gets on my nerves dude, Priyank says thats why we are here. Lopa says ouch she is on my nerves. Lopa says you married english man and taunting my english? Priyanka says i call myself indian and i didnt speak any english here, she makes face and repeats Lopa’s line of getting on nerves funnily, Lopa laughs and says you are actually funny, you should wash your face because you know what? you look funny even after washing face, Swami says their footage is out. Rohan says to Lopa come here, he dances with broom, Lopa joins him and they sing and dance o o jane jana.

Bigg boss says this is time time to fill jail space. Bigg boss want slaves to discuss and decide who from them was most responsible for their defeat in task, means who was weakest in their team. Otherside owners have to choose one person who was not upto mark and was not deserving to be owner, dont be emotional, take rational decision. Owners go from lounge. Gaurav says to his team that we should take practical decision, we should not send someone to jail who can be useful here, Karan says he should be strong and should be able to deal with problems in jail with rival team member. Owners say we should go for voting. Manu and Manveer says Lokesh is weak, Lokesh says what i didnt do?
Gaurav says me or Rahul would be suitable to go, Rahul says we should toss, Gaurav says yes what you all think is fair, you people are better to weigh Rahul and Gaurav’s pros and cons, Bani says no there is nothing like that, Karan says we are all same. Karan says lets toss with tissue box, Karan spins and Gaurav is decided to go to jail, Gaurav says its okay. Mona says you all did task well, you all talked to them but i think i was weak there, Karan says no.
Swami says i am going, i am ready to go, Akansha says Swami was not involved in task.
Karan says it will not be easy to live in jail, Gaurav says she will have to live with one contestant, will she be able to? Mona says he or she can say anything to me, it doesnt matter, i dont care.

Bigg boss ask owners which member will going to jail and doesnt deserve to be owner. Swami says i dont deserve to to owner, i want to go to jail, i did mistake and destroyed my prayer of 45years, i was to rectify it, my team members did efforts and we dont want to send anyone to jail so i am ready to bear punishment, accept me going to jail. Manu says dont listen to his last words Bigg boss, just take what he said first, we are making him go to jail because of his mistakes, Karan laughs. Bigg boss ask slaves which member was weak and going to jail. Karan stands up and says from our team, it was Mona, reason is that we did hard work but we didnt think anyone was weak but we had to send someone so we think Mona should go. Bigg boss says Swami and Mona youa are chosen to go to jail so get ready to go there.

Swami is packing his stuff, Priyanka says dont worry. Swami says my daughter is with me so i have no problem going. Karan says to Rahul that we cant send Gaurav. Swami is wearing three quarter shorts of Manveer, Swami laughs and says i am wearing them for first time, Manveer says we were telling you to wear jeans and shirt, Swami says i had in my heart that i will go to jail, Manveer says dont do any shit in my shorts, Priyanka says he is talking like there is honeymoon package in jail.
Rahul says to Gaurav that they have put Swami in jail because he is firing bombs and people are enjoying it.
Swami wears red dhoti with shorts, Manveer laughs and says there is no fashion show in jail.
Gaurav says this is promo of whats to come. Mona is doing her make up and getting ready to leave. Manu says Swami ji its time to go, Priyanka says let me tighten his elastic of shorts. She whispers to Swami that tell public that Mona doesnt deserve to be in bigg boss so throw her out.
Mona says to Rohan that i dont know what to do now, i will have to listen about his missile missions now.

Mona is already sitting in jail. Swami comes in jail. Bigg boss asks Manu to lock jail and keep key to himself. Priyanka touches Swami’s feet. Manu locks jail. Mona read rules that till bigg boss dont allow them, criminals wont be able to come out of jail. Criminals have ration and other stuff in jail only, except their personal stuff, their mic batteries, nothing should be supplied to them from any inmate, Mona makes sad face. Lopa asks Mona to be careful of mosquitoes.

Manu says to Manveer that going to jail can be so entertaining but Swami will make it dull too, Manveer says you can get footage all the time in camera. Naveen says i took Swami and Akansha’s name because they did mistake in task, Akansha told about her secret to Gaurav, Manu says we discussed that we wont talk about secrets but she did, Naveen says Mona saw my whole intro video but she didnt recognize my secret, Manu says she is little dumb so couldnt recognize it, Manveer says even after losing they have ego, Manu says Akansha can be on our side but because of this white girl(Nitibha), she is not coming to our side, Akansha is like us, Manu says when Niti comes in nominations, make her go out of house, she is useless, Naveen says we are like same so understand hints.

Priyanka is ready for Karvachauth. She is making plate for Karvachauth. Bani is helping her. Karan asks commoners if Priyanka kept fast? Manveer asys no i thought she fasted but she was eating infront of me, Akansha says i dont see the point of her doing pooja now.
Priyanka comes in garden and brings aarti plate infront of camera, she says greeting for karvachauth, even if you didnt keep fast, do this pooja for your husband’s long life, i dont know what is shown outside but whatever is happening is for winning, for task for concept of theirs so for it.. she turns to look at mirror and says for it even if i have to do anything then i will do it, i want to win this game for my family so vote for me and pray for me too, thank you, i am not able to see moon here so i will start my pooja. She puts dupatta on head and asks Swami to starts pooja, he says i started it. Rohan says moon must be coming, Swami says its reason has been done, moon can come anytime now, Lopa says but we open fast after seeing moon, Priyanka says Lopa please give me 5minutes(of footage ofcourse), Lopa says i am just talking, Priyanka says move aside from bench(which is outside jail), i want to do pooja with Swami. Lopa says he did pooja, Priyanka says he will pray more, Lopa moves aside, Rohan says we were giving company to Mona, Priyanka says just give me 10minutes, cant you stay silent for 10minutes? stand in corner, go, Mona says why you talk so rudely? Priyanka says yes i am rude, Mona says why? Priyanka says they dont listen to me, Mona says why should they? Swami says she is owner. Mona says this is way to talk? Swami says owners talk like this, Mona says you just asked him to get lost, Priyank says so you want me to say please can you move aside? you are expecting so much from me. Rohan asks Lopa to come aside and let them do pooja. Priyanka says to Swami that do pooja for my kids and my family. Sami starts mantras. Mona and Rohan are talking. Priyanka sas Shh, she ask them to stay silent for 5minutes, Swami says let them talk, i will do pooja, Priyanka says i am not feeling from inside, i am ding pooja, cant you stay silent for 5minutes? its my day today, Mona says if its your day then its our day too, Swami says you are not married, Mona says i dont like it here, we are talking, why cant Swami sit silently? Swami says i am owner, i am not your criminal, Mona says so even i am not her slave, i am criminal here, i can even sing, Lopa laughs. Manu asks what happened? Priyanka says i am asking them to remain silent for 5minutes but they are not listening? Manu says you will do pooja here? Priyanka says Swami is doing mantras here. Manu says let her just give 5minutes, Rohan and Lopa leaves from there. Priyanka says to Mona that when your day will come, then i will see how you act married, Manu says you are doing so remain silent. Swami starts mantras. Mona says her attention is on me only, Manu asks her to be silent, Mona says i can talk, i am not her slave rightnow. Swami prays for Priyanka’s husband and kids. Manu and Mona snickers seeing all this, Mona is not able to control her laugh. Priyanka gets up and pours water from container, she bows down on floor, she touches Swami’s feet and leaves. Swami says to Mona that when you came in house first day, you touches my feet then how did start hating religion and traditions? Mona says from what angle did you see me hating religion? Swami says she was doing pooja and you were not listening to her, Mona says if you want to follow proper tradition then follow it properly, what is difference? moon didnt come but yet you show to camera that you did karvachauth pooja, what drama is this? Manveer says why you have problem with their drama? Mona says i didnt say anything to them? they asked me not to talk, Manveer says whats your problem with them doing anything? Gaurav says they say a lot of things too, Mona says when you dont know anything that happened here then dont talk, Manveer says how will you explain a married tradition? tell me, Gaurav says she was not answering you but Swami, Manveer says why Mona is giving lectures on tradition and all? Priyanka can do anything infront of camera, Gaurav says let me tell you that Swami first told her that she doesnt have respect for religion and traditions, she was answering him, Priyanka comes and says i was doing pooja and she said that you are acting, i can do anything for my family, Mona says i said why you are rude and she was like yes i am rude so what? Priyanka says you are actor not me, you think i am actor? you think i am mad to get ready in dress like this for acting? Swami says if you say anything to her Mona, i wont let your one movie to work, Manu says to Swami that calm down, Mona is girl too, let girls talk. Bani asks Mona to not answer them at all, just take deep breaths. Swami says she is going against indian traditions, Gaurav asks what mistake she did? Swami says she went against Karvachauth, Gaurav says she didnt ask her to not do it, Swami says she called it drama. Mona has tears in her eyes now, she wipes her eyes. Gaurav says if she was doing pooja without seeing moon and if Mona asked her to watch moon then do it then its not against tradition.
Lopa says to Rahul that they are instigating so much, i am holding back, Rahul says let them do it.
Priyanka is in washroom and says 8people are on one side and i am on otherside, all are jumping like what is Karvachauth, she didnt take pheras and telling me what is Karvachauth.

Priyanka asks Lokesh if she thought her pooja was acting too? Manveer says i think it was acting, Priyanka says if it was acting then i would have fasted. Lokesh says i think it felt like you broke fast before seeing moon, Priyanka says i didnt even fast, Manveer says all knew what you were doing, Lokesh says atleast you could have waited for moon, Priyanka says i was thinking about doing pooja and changing clothes soon, Manveer says you are just a piece.
Gaurav says to Manu that now we men should decide that if someone has fight then we will jump in it too, Karan says we will open our arms to stop fight because we can go for physical fight, Gaurav says or we can just wait and see people who are fighting to end it, Manveer comes and says says this is not about just seeing fight, Gaurav says we just listened to your arguments, Manveer says when Rahul was defending Rohan last night, we all listened, either dont argue or have full of it, Gaurav says if you are done asking question, should i answer it? Manu takes Manveer away, Manveer comes back and says even if Priyanka was acting what was the need to taunt her? she can do anything, Manu says you are right, lets end it, we didnt see it. Manveer says Mona didnt have to say that she is acting for fasting and all. Gaurav says Priyanka also taunted her, Priyanka is fighting from start of show and if Mona said one word, you came to fight her? Manveer says i have listened Lopa calling her crazy too, Lopa comes there, Manveer asks if Lopa called Priyanka crazy? Lopa says yes she is, Manveer says who are you to decide if she is crazy? Lopa says why dont you call her out when she comes and taunt us? if we are talking with each other then she cant ask us to shut up, Manveer says in high voice that you cant handle nature of everyone, Lopa says talk to me in low tone and she came when i was sitting with Mona and talking to her. Mona says to Lopa that dont fight anymore, its getting loud. Manu says it was about her feelings for pooja, Lopa says so we left from there when she asked us, Bani says lets end this argument, Manu asks how? She says just go away.
Priyanka is luggage room and says all celebrities are on one side and me on side, i am not scared of their families.
Lopa says she cant shout on us like that, make her understand, Manveer says if she is doing any pooja then you cant call her actor. Gaurav says in high voice that why you are stretching that one comment so far? Manveer says its about that only, Manveer says to Lopa that you cant call her crazy, Lopa says whole world knows, Manveer says then we dont have to decide that, let them do it, Lopa says fine. Gaurav says two people were sitting here and if third person comes here then she should request that they go away, Priyanka comes and says wow, manveer asks her to shut up, Lopa says she is rude.

Manveer asks Lokesh to put lemon droplets in his sipper. Lokesh says this is to distract me, Manveer says she is clever but not coming out fully, Lokesh says i will come out, i am not cute, she leaves. Manveer says after winter? Manu says they can make her to their side, Priyanka dont make her go against you, she is like bomb which will end up bursting in our den only, Manveer says she doesnt know what to talk, whom to talk. Lokesh comes back and says there are lemons. Manveer asks to say it in camera. Lokesh says in camera that bigg boss we want more lemon and we want to yogurt too, so take some yogurt from your neighbour and send us, Manveer asks which side she is on? Lokesh says you didnt understand till now whose side i am on? Manu says she was telling how to cook pringle, she left it on stove and left from there. Lokesh says i am telling whose side i am on. she walks like model and says i am with humanity and we are common people so i am on their side and where it will be wrong, i will say it, where it will be right, i will take their side so if they think i am not standing with my group then its their problem, Manveer says take my name, Lokesh says i am saying generally, Manveer says i know you are pointing at me, i am leaving now, Lokesh dances around and says i am always with right.

Priyanka and Karan are in confession room. Bigg boss says you have both got something from your families. bigg boss says you both have got pictures and some sweets from your families, dont you wanna see pictures? Karan says if you permit, Bigg boss says yes its for you only. Priyanka and Karan open envelope and see pictures of their families. Karan kisses picture and gets emotional, he says sorry. He says Priyanka nice choice, he shows her Nisha’s (his wife) picture, she says so cute, Karan says bigg boss you made us emotional, we were keeping it inside but your brought it out, he asks Priyanka to eat sweets, she prays for his wife. Karan says Nisha babu thank you so much, i love you, he breaks laddo in half and says half is for Nisha, he eats it and says thank you bigg boss.
Priyanka says i dont understand what they are doing? they fight with me, then cry then fight then fight. Swami sees moon and starts reading mantras. Karan is watching moon too. Swami prays for all.

PRECAP- Bigg boss says commoners have broken very important rule and to make you understand your responsibilities, Bigg boss is giving one more chance to slaves to change reign of house. Akansha tries to make Bani sniff sock but Bani shoves her away, Akansha says she is going physical with me, Bani says you putting sock in my nose, thats not physical? Akansha throws sock at her. Lopa takes off Manu’s beanie playfully, Manu takes off Lopa’s hairband and throw it away, he says you are doing wrong, she says why did you throw my hairband away? Manu jerks his beanie away from her hands, Lopa charges at him but Rahul grabs Lopa, she pulls her away from him and says its okay. Swami says to Mona that you are hi fi like Katrina Kaif, Mona says you say anything, Swami says i am biggest fake of world Bigg boss i am feeling too much heat here, either arrange AC here or i will dig tunnel and come out of jail.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Please update fast .

  2. Priyanka Jagga is rude, out of line and not an individual that I want to watch on TV. Chand par daag nahi? yeh to khud poora amavasya ka chand hai…

  3. why is this so long. ??
    lokesh is girl? and manu is he?? really?

  4. Priyanka kitna rudely behave krti h sbke sath i really hate her but acc. To format she is doing her task very brilliantly. Bcs. Wo task khatm hone k baad opposite behave kregii……
    nd i just like the cmnts of loopa…

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      no priyanka will not change. ..she is like this only…..”insan apni adat badal sakta hai fitrat nahi “…..aur ye uski fitrat hai…..u will realise in upcoming episodes. …

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow 2hrs epi ? I’m kinda surprised that bb10 has aired 2hr epi due to popularity really people liking this season more? Well the actual answer will be known once bb trp comes out but if bb becomes successful Colors will become no.1 channel maybe

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    This Priyanka is making fuss out of small issues poor Rohan i pity him really felt bad for him Karan is such a sweet and nice Friend to him and also a nice person and good human being. And baba nothing to say about him . Nitibha and Manu were in reality shows???? How they can be common then? Now i really doubt if all are common even Akansha and baba also have comnections with the industry.
    And also why they share almost same name sometimes i get confused between Manu and manveer and also lokesh and lopa ???

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      And this celebs r thinking too much why don’t they just Guess without seeing commoners and make it look like a brain teaser game they could have won this task easily. Precap very interesting a new shade of Akansha is shown i hope celebs win this time will be more interesting and baba the last part was confusing lol fake everyone knows already he is fake baba ?

    2. hrithik ka Fan

      don’t know abt nitiba but ya manu was in Malika sherawat’s syambar. ..He was finalist there. …bb is making fool out of people because commoners are not that common. ..Some way or other they have connections with industry. ….

      1. Yaa exactly

    3. Prettypreeti

      Jo u r right the commoners r not really common.
      Baba also have come on news channel.

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        ya baba slapped some lady in that live discussion show…….u r right kiddo. …???

  7. Priayanka swami both are fake manu is arrogant..lopa is also strong as bani..but this time monalisa may evicted.

  8. hrithik ka Fan

    this priyanka is one hell of a b*t*h. …I just hate her face with that weird makeup and then her voice. ..last season I hate mandy but priyanka is worse than her…..

    ……now I am liking lopamudra she is beautiful obviously. ..but she is also bold confident opinionated as well……and baba is funny. ….others are still confused what’s going on. ….

    …and ya karan mehra one of the sweetest guy in all big boss seasons. ..

  9. Well done commners…. They played brilliantly…. I was actually shocked wen they revealed thier actual secrt…. They disguised it vry well… Celebs fell into thier lies easily…. So did I… Awesome job….

    Priyanka comnting abt rohan nd his family was really rude… And no fast,, no moon but at pooja tym she needs perfct concntration…. “Sab chup raho… Andhar se nhi aa rha ” …. LOL….
    She is nt going this week nd will think thats bcoz public loves her…. I can see a speech coming from her ,,, thanking us for understanding….

    So actually priynka nd rohan met at a club… They knew each othr…
    Manu and niti wer in realty show…
    Akansha was yuvi’s bhabhi….
    As fatarajo nd hkf pointed out,, commners are nt that commn after all….

    1. Bani,, mona,, niti and akansha need to open up a lil more…

      P.S – I meant their….. Sorry for the typo…. !

  10. hi guys..
    rohan is really emerging as strong…he is taking stand ..and i got irritate when prianka said that i am not filling well by puting rohan in jail ..but reality is that she is doing this to get attention..
    but she is playing very dirty game..
    she crossed mandanabb9..atleast wo point per ladti thi…
    i like the way lopa is palying…
    guys its to early to decide favorite but based on these days rohan and lopa is my favorite..
    nitibha is also good but she is not taking stand ..she is silent……

  11. hrithik ka Fan

    Guys watch hrithik’s kabiil teaser….it’s impressive. …must watch

    1. Prettypreeti

      Bhai ur any nickname

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        ya u can call me JJ…my all friends call me by this name. …

  12. aise baba ke wajeh se pura hinduism badnam hota hai
    karan is soo sweet
    maine aj tak priyanka jagga ke jaisa rude insan nahi dekha kabhi
    rohan ko keh ri thi yai sikhaya hai teri maa ne
    i wonder wo kya sikhi hai apne mummy se …
    kal monalisa k lie bura laga priyanka was soo rude to her
    lopa is a sweetheart .
    gaurav is a gentleman
    lokesh does good entertainment but she is good girl

  13. bakwaas bb always show bakwaas……
    2hrs telecast a bit irritating……
    i hate both mehras…….
    this is totally fake…….
    i didn’t like his comment m tumhari ek bhi movie nhi chalne doonga……
    what’s this aisa karne se kya bhalai hogi……..
    ye to dhamki h………
    koi black magic karoge kya…….
    tharki buddha…… ….
    but i like the commones.,they are intelligent……..
    kept their secrets as secret well…..

  14. i think commoners played the task really well i thought they r stupid they r telling them all their secrets but i think celebs haven’t opened up yet their real face will come out somewhat late till then they will be really nice

    1. Prettypreeti

      Yup totally agree with u

  15. Prettypreeti

    Hello mai choti apni bak bak me sath back.
    Yesterday 2 hour special me jagga daku ladhti rhi hmesha ki tarah.
    Baba in gya baba.
    Mona kl boli aakir kaar..
    Guys have u chosen ny fav.
    I havent

    1. me too no one till now but i see potential in lopa she is somewhat like gauhar and gaurav i feel he isquite sharp and playing really safe he is like keith and priyanka is mixture of mandana and kishwer and baba is a comedian hahahah

  16. how all commoners are represting us . They are shouting and just fighting just for attention and priyanka omg such a drama queen that too iritating. but lopa is playing well she is being candid and just elimante this swami such a irritating and rohan is also coming out .karan and gaurav is also gud .want to see bani more might be going to see tody n somewhere I read tht tody task priyanka will win she will do win pee in his pants and will ask baani to wash that pant and they will had a big fight so just see wht hapn.

    1. I read that too that she pee’d her pants and then asked Bani to wash it…how can a human being stoop so low. That is crass, disgusting and just low.
      If she doesn’t get eliminated then I don’t think I want to watch the show. not going to spend an hour watching someone be so gross. also I want to ask my parents if I can change my name…lol…I don’t think I want even a name association with such a lowlife.

  17. Yupp.. priyanka ki voice sach m kitni annoying h nd u r right jj fitrat nhi bdlti kisi ki…….

  18. Priyanka don’t deserve bb house … so rude and overacting. .

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