Bigg Boss 10 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 63(continued)
Mona comes in store room and sees pile of cloths sent by her boyfriend, she is stunned to see it and says they are not at all good, Manu asks he is miffed with you? she says see it. Mona takes clothes and comes out of store room. Manu says show it. Mona says i had designer sarees but he didnt send it, i would never wear these clothes, Manu says you can see his mood with these clothes.

Manu says to Mona that he did wrong, how can we take revenge with him? Mona laughs and says i feel weird, Manu says after seeing clothes? Manu says now i think his message was truth, Mona says you didnt tell me about it, Manu says you will leave soon so tell him that you left show for him, Mona says all thought i would leave in one week, its not in my hands, Manu says i would nominate you, ask inmates to nominate you and if you get evicted then tell him you got evicted for him.

Gaurav asks Bani if you think my friendship with your is for convenience? Bani says i feel so, when you want to have fun and when you want to eat then you come to me but when it come to nominations, you promised me to support me but you didnt, i dont have trust in people here, all india knows that Bani cant trust Gaurav, you failed test, Gaurav says i failed for me, Bani says what are you trying to say? Gaurav says i had to bear in this association more than you, i can tell you from day one, Bani says who remember from day one? i dont have memory card for all that, Gaurav says dont do drama, Bani says what is your problem? you cant even let me talk in my style, i dont trust you, i dont know why i am talking to you, Gaurav says fine and starts leaving, Bani says now you are walking out, i am trying to clear, Gaurav says you exaggerate things, i didnt know you would get nominated, Bani says you didnt have **** to nominate Mona so i got nominated, Gaurav says i am not scared of anyone’s daddy here, Bani says then why you didnt nominate? Gaurav says she is part of celebs side, i had to protect her, she was holding my harness, i had to protect her, Bani says wrap it up, Gaurav says if you dont want to talk then i wont, do what you want, Bani says thanks for permission, i will do what i want, Gaurav leaves. Bani says in camera if it was as frustrating for as it was for me?

Mona in camera says i dont want to live here breaking my house, i dont even wear clothes which came for me, i understand his problem but he wont listen to me, please help me out and make me get evicted, please evict me, she cries and says i made mistake by coming here, i want to go home, she cries.

Manu tells Rohan that Manveer always follow someone, Lopa says he get influenced, Manu agrees, Lopa says he is trying to use people to go ahead too, Manu says Manveer’s problem is that he is non-striking batsman, he doesnt take charge, you know how he and Niti are looking outside? you know Niti didnt even let him sit with others, i noticed it, they always sit in garden, i thought to let him be with Niti because i knew she would get evicted this week but Manveer was in her lap, they used to say that we are only commoners remaining so they will survive together, they were in different world.

Priyanka says to Swami that we are loyal to this show, we can take off clothes and can get bald for this show, Swami agrees, Priyanka says we have made this place and now i am giving you work to not go to Manveer, dont sit with him, we have stooped low and we wont get up but we will maintain it, ask Manver to not come to you, Swami says i wont go to him, Priyanka says we will help in cooking, we will change kitchen totally, Swami agrees, dominate this house.

Day 64
Inmates wake up to song Jahan teri nazar. Manveer and Niti dances together. Niti hugs him.

Swami says in camera that make goons of this house understand to not curse out.
Manu says to Mona that if i listen his curses, i would ***********, i am tired of his words. Manveer says we are tired of his disloyalty, Manu says i would lock him in fizz fridge.

Bigg Boss introduces UC browser task wherein 3 trending contestants Mona, Manveer and Rohan get to see three controversial clips about them in the UC Browser booth.
Rohan goes in booth first. Rohan gets a motivating message from his former costar Hina Khan, where she said that he take stand for himself, i have never seen him shouting but i am proud of him. Hina suggests that hightime to fine tune himself in show, clip ends. Rohan comes out of booth. Inmates ask him, Rohan tells that Hina ji came and told what she wanted.
Manveer comes in booth, he is shown clip in which Bani says to Gaurav that Manveer was hovering over Mona in bed and was on her four limbs going towards him, Gaurav says they are totally not brother and sister, Manveer is angry seeing it. Bani sees in booth and says this is b*t*hing session, its about one when i saw them in bedroom that night, Gaurav remembers it. Niti says Manveer is pissed off.
Manveer comes to Gaurav and says Bani and says welldone, you call yourself celebs? you have done TV for 10years and you have this much congested thinking? how can you say this about someone? Bani says i said what i saw, Manveer says you should have talked to me, in Manu’s absence, did i do anything? Bani says its old clip, Manveer says you said that, Bani says he said it, i didnt, Manveer says dont shout, how can you say it about anyone? i listened that one is saying we are not brother and sister, Gaurav says what was second line? Manveer says i listened what i listened, Gaurav says i called you friends, Manveer says dont try to become father, Bani says i saw it. Manveer says you were climbing Jason’s back, Bani says he was sick, Manveer says we all know how you are, you have done Tv and you dont know how much girls and boys can be friends. Manveer says we are shown as if we have never seen girls and we never got chance to talk to them, but these celebs are really good, all have great thinking. Niti says Gaurav why did you say Manveer was sleeping in my bed? Gaurav says i said Manveer might sleep in her bed, Manu says why you thought? Gaurav says i dont need to explain, Manu says you say cheap things and not clearing it? have some shame, we didnt expect this from you, how can you say about girls? Bani says they didnt show clip which i was talking about, Manveer says you presented it wrong way, Niti says Bani you are saying nonsense, Mona says Bani you always deny it, Bani says i am not denying it, Mona says even i saw you many time, Niti says we never comment about you, Manu says i never slept hugging Manveer but you slept hugging Jason, Bani says there is no point to talk. Manu says to Mona that she can start hugging person after four days but you cant even whisper in Manveer’s ear in 60days, Mona says i never discussed anything, my mouth is closed, Gaurav says you are talking about it rightnow, your mouth is not closed, Mona says i thought you were broad minded then dont talk, Gaurav shouts that i am not saying anything, Mona says you only shout on me but dont say when it is needed, you are boring thats right for you, Swami starts shouting too. Manu starts throwing things away being angry and says make him shut up otherwise make him silent, Niti asks Swami to stop talking, Manveer tries to calm Swami but Swami jerks him away and shouts that you will use violence? come and hit me, i will show my energy in 60years, he takes off his shirt and says come fight me, Manu breathes heavily, Lopa asks him to calm down, Swami shouts that how can they say Bani slept hugging guy, she is a girl, they should respect her.
Mona says we saw character of all. Lopa says to Manu that i am with Mona but dont say against Bani too, Manu says i just said that if Bani can sleep hugging someone just knowing him for 4days then cant Manveer and Mona talk like siblings? they dont understand, Mona’s boyfriend is about to leave her, she is at breaking stage, her life is getting spoiled, she is crying all the time. Mona goes in smoking room and cries her heart out.
Bani says to Gaurav that i hugged Jason because he was sick, i get alongwith him, i would want someone to hug me when i am sick thats why i hugged him.
Manveer says if we leave then no one would get anything. Manu says all are sisters and brothers for me. Mona is crying, Lopa says dont cry, you didnt do anything, Niti says you cant cry, Lopa hugs her. Mona is not able to stop crying, Mona says they are so small minded, Bani goes to Gaurav all the time but i dont say it.

Mona comes in booth. Mona is shown clip in which her boyfriend Vikrant says that Mona and Manu are too much cozy, i cant digest it, Manu’s fiance Priya says that i think girl should have limits in friendship, Salman says guy have it to, she says right, , Vikrant says they are doing extra, i feel bad seeing them, i wont lie, i had insecurity but didnt know this much, in first week Mona said that she would change and she did, i dont know if she is acting or not, video ends. Mona is hurt listening it. Manveer takes her from there and says all clear now? dont cry at all. Manu says now you think why he said all that, dont say it infront of anyone.

Priyanka says we are in game show, not a family show, Manu says you dont say what is needed at time, Swami says she can say anything she wants, Manu says why he talking on your behalf? i think he lives on footpath, bigg boss call me in confession room, this man is ready to die, call me inside. Priyanka says dont do this, you are not like this, Manu says dont take his side, Priyanka says i am with you, you are my favorite, Manu says then be on my side, tell him to not take your side, Swami says no one can stop me from talking. Priyanka says to Manu that i told you before, Manu says i dont care about Priya or Manveer, this is my life and i can live like i want, Mona is like my sister, anyone can think wrong, Priyanka says you made Swami star, Lopa asks Priyanka to calm down. Manveer says to Manu and Mona that we cant do more good, Mona says what he said? i didnt like what he said, Manu says what was that? he said anything on Tv, doesnt he get chance on TV? just nominate each other and go home.

Bigg Boss asks the housemates to gather in the living area for the week’s nominations process. Swami is safe as he got immunity. Lopa, being the captain of the house is safe from nominations, gets a special power to nominate one contestant directly and she chooses Bani and says she has hypocrisy. This time, the show will see a simple procedure where inmates will have to nominate one another from the confession room. Rohan goes first.
ROHAN: He nominates PRIYANKA and says she gets personal. He nominates MONA, i dont talk to her much and she is feeling low.
MANU: He nominates Gaurav, he is reason behind fights. He nominates Mona and says she doesnt want to stay, she should right things at him. Bigg boss says this is not valid reason, Manu says i nominate PRIYANKA and says she cant do things right.
MANVEER: He nominates MONA and says i cant bear seeing her break, no one is true here. He nominates GAURAV and says he is nothing, he doesnt know what he says.
NITI: She nominates GAURAV and says he is too much diplomatic, she nominates MONA and says i think she cant involve in game.
BANI: He nominates MANU and says he is too much in game, he double faced. She nominates MONA and says she is sensitive.
MONA: She nominates herself, Bigg boss says you cant do it. Mona nominated GAURAV and says he is double faced. She nominates PRIYANKA and says she pick fights.
SWAMI: He nominates MANVEER AND MANU and says he said ill words about Bani who is indian girl.
PRIYANKA: She nominates NITI and MONA and says i dont like them.
GAURAV: He nominates MONA and says she doesnt have logic of right and wrong when sensitive. He nominates NITI.

Bigg boss says to inmates that Bani J and Gaurav Chopraa, Monalisa are nominated.

Gaurav says to Mona that we should have taken care, Manveer says we didnt expect this from you, Bani says i am sorry if you felt bad, i would have felt bad too, Gaurav says we are sorry about irresponsibility, Manu says apologizing is great thing, Bani says sorry is no big deal, if you think you did something wrong then you can apologize, Gaurav says we will be careful from now on.

Priyanka says to Niti that our husband or boyfriend of ten years should be our priority, this is our religion, if she felt wrong then she would have asked Manu to keep distance and said that our friendship is right but my boyfriend doesnt like it, i will make him understand but she is still proving him wrong.
Mona is lying between Manu and Manveer. Mona says i saw him on Tv after so many days, but i couldnt feel good.
Bani says to Priyanka that i am in relationship, i came here but i will comeback to myself and will try to maintain relations, i know my boundaries, what i can do and what i cant here.
Manu says i cant talk about my girl.

PRECAP- Inmates are given task where they are made couples. Pairs are Gaurav-Bani, Rohan-Lopa, Niti0-Manveer, Manu-Mona. Manveer writes poetry, Niti laughs reading it. In task, boyfriends and girlfriends have to exchange love letters stealthily. Swami and Priyanka are given task to take love letters under custody, Swami takes love letter from Rohan, Rohan says dont do it, he snatches it from him and goes in washroom and lock it. Swami kicks door of washroom and says i would not spare him, Lopa says dont you dare touch him. Bigg boss scold Swami what he is doing? you want violence in house? we will not tolerate inappropriate behavior, what is this entertainment?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Pls bigg boss iss gatiya swami om ko ek lath mar ke ghar ke bahar nikal do. He is creating a lot of problems. Swami om izat ki layak nhi hai. He is so irritating. Dhongj baba ko bigg boss kyu le ate hai

    1. Yes i agree with you swastika this baba is crossing his limit of entertainment now just totally irritating but i am glad that bigg boss scold him very strictly

  2. Why the hell is bigg boss protecting Priyanka and Nitibha.
    Just to get ugly meaningless fights and fake romance.
    Disappointed !

    1. I m totally agree with u.nitibha sbse be kar h.pta nhi kyu rkha h show me

  3. Akshay Bhatiya

    SWAMI OM is the best. He will win this show. I love him. The guy is very entertaining. GO SWAMI.

    1. Jo girls ki respect nhi krta…..unhe uncomfortable feel krvata h….vo tumhe entertaining kaise lg skta h
      uss insaan ko sirf chillane aata h aur kuch nhi

      1. I agree ditya “if you respect the girls than god will respect you” but baba is disgusting and say’s himself bhagt of god lier

  4. Salman Mughir

    This Swami Om is so fun! I think he should win.

  5. Bani is so hot. I love her.
    Swami Om is also good. I think the house people should treat him with respect. I would love it if SWAMI OM wins.

  6. In the entire show Gaurav made one negative remark about Mona, and Manu told him that he is the reason Mona’s boyfriend is upset. Whereas Manu was having fun at Mona’s expense until now. He talked all rubbish abt Mona when he was in secret room. He badmouthed manveer also. Why didn’t bigg boss show those clips?
    Manveer is better than Manu. As soon as he Manu came back? He realized that he need to be on Banis side. Bani is a very difficult person. Kudos to Gautav for pitying up with het

  7. I love Priyanka.I love her attitude.May she wins the show.

    1. priyanka is the most disgusted person in the bigg boss house who supports a thief, double faced swamiji.

    2. Seriously! She is the shit of the house!

  8. Gavurav and Bani are the best planners actually …they said sorry to the housemates After nomination…. IT clearly Shows their face. …if they are good hearted why they are Not said at the time of manveer confession…i hate them …..

  9. Why mona wipping all the time if she knows that her boyfriend isn’t happy on what she is doing than why she still talking to manu and manveer on that matter

    and this nitibha is very clever only support to situation not the people

    and in the pair’s of bani/gaurav, rohan/lopa, manu/mona, manveer/nitibha, daaku/faku among all of them i like bani/gaurav and rohan/lopa’s pair v much and daaku/faku pair is v irritating

  10. i am silent reader at this forum… when something happens which compells me to write i do write then.
    from todays episode it is clear big boss want to protect priyanka ( though she got so much votes she was not nominated) ..and baba offcourse ( by giving him immunity)
    and big boss should show clip of manu also to show his true colours..
    manveer is far better than manu… manu day by day apni harkato se sab ke najaro me girta ja raha hai…
    about priyanka she was saying mona should not talk to manu if his bf is upset…mam what do u think… by doing that she ll prove she was doing wrong…. why a gal should always follow acc to his bf or husbands wish…. is it not the duty of his bf vikrant to understand her when he knows her from 8 years…. even if he is upset he must show all this on a national television….. he would have sorted it when mona comes out
    why he is saying ill about mona being his bf…
    this priyanka n baba only aag me ghee dalne ka kaam karte hain.

  11. * even if he is upset he must not show all this on national television

  12. Gm kp n all bb fan
    I think bani n gaurav k friendship end ho chuki h….M3 are overreacting….manveer n nitibha sirf drama kr rhe h so that bb ko kuch masala de ske aur bache rhe….n plzzz don’t vote n waste our money…..coz bb toh khud k he marji se sb krega….I will not surprised if next week rohan will be eliminated…. bb is blindly following “Jo dikhta h vo bikta h”

    1. Very good morning ditya how are you? Kya tum super dancer mai busy thi kyuki maine tumhe wahan tumhara name dekha hahaha

      And you are absolutely right that this nitibha doing only drama totally bakwaas only support situation not the people and gaurav and bani are still v good friends

  13. Right ditya,,N nomination bhi glt hai iss bar sirf 3 Log..big boss protecting niti priyanka manu n also mnveer, unfair..ab mja nhi ata big boss dekhne me,kyunki dekhne walo ki value hi nhi rhi,.sare fesle to khud show wale le rhe hai,..

  14. wat was the point in giving immunity to this baba ji…..
    and that too for 2 weeks……….
    i totally agrees with ditya….bb is blindly following “jo dikhta hai vo bikta h”
    but i think its giving wrong impression on the viewiers

  15. Hello.. Just wondering…. Bani has not been nominated by a single person.. How come she is nominated for eviction by Bigg Boss ????????

    1. Bani was directly nominated by captain Lopa

    2. big boss had given a special power to captain lopa where she had to a choose a person and that person would be directly nominated
      and u know lopa’s favourite….she chose bani ….dats y she is nominated

    3. Captain lopa was given power to nominate one person directly and she nominated bani

  16. hahaha….yeah I was busy in super dancer n won also….n kp when there is no trust in d friendship(as clrly said by bani)…how can they be friends even now….I think gaurav only want this frndship to work….bani should support n understand him….bt she is not ready for it
    at present rohan-lopa’s pair is really good…. bt I don’t lyk lopa

    1. hi ditya congratulations to being the winner of super dancer . ab aap jhalak k next season m bhi aa Jana aur wahan bhi jeet Jana hehehahah

      1. No simran nooooooo you should congratulate me because i said that ditya didn’t even know about winning herself hahahaha

        and how are you? Are you Busy with making a cheat for cheating for next exams hahaha bcz i was missing you v much 5 sneha waiting for you today about pakhandi haha

    2. no kp I was busy in studies bcz tommorow is my exam of acoountancy .
      and ya kp aap kahan so ho ( apki baaton se lagta hai k ya toh hariyana se ya Chandigarh se hi) and aap konsi class m ho

      1. Good ya am from haryana but studying in du (delhi) pursuing bba but am sorry i didn’t get “baaton se”

    3. I mean Maine aapka comment pada tha aapne kH tha k I don’t know how to do bhangra I can do haryanavi and aapne ek bar Chandigarh k bare m bhi baat ki thi . that’s why…

  17. Wowww manu, from secret room manu is dual faced.. Idiot, he talked bad about manveer and even told priyanka that Mona considers herself sunny Leone , he was coaxing a lot with mona, got irritated when Mona was with gaurav in jaccuzi… Even provoked Mona against her boyfriend on seeing the dresses today. Flirted with Mona and now shouting that Mona is his Behan like.

    Goddddd, u dual faced @[email protected]$Er.
    I like bani and manveer.
    Manveer is really good from heart.

    Bigg boss, pls play secret room clip of manu to the inmates. Wish people of bigg boss house knew his reality. Bani nominated manu with correct reason.

  18. She is directly nominate by lopa bcz lopa is captn of house n bb give her power to nominate one prsn directly.

  19. Bani is nominated as Lopa has given the power to take one person name who will be direct nominate for nomination.. she took Bani name..

  20. I dont understand what is mona’s boyfrnd miffed about. He doesnt have any problem with her doing b grade movies, exposing her b**bs in every photo shoots and all those things. If you google about her, there isn’t a single decent pics of her. And he is miffed with her closeness to manu. I believe that she loks more decent inside the house than she looked before entering bb10. She is just trying to gain audience attention and sympathy. That’s it and this manu is very cleverly trying to get rid of her so that he can make his place safe. He know nitibha is a weak contender and she wont make it to top 5. So he is slowly playing games to throw out contenders who might be a challlenge to him. Mona is not competetive, but she has huge fan following and also she has managed to save herself from nominations.

  21. Gaurav is insecure in house as he nominate niti to get save. Think he will get evict this week. Here no one r like to be say celebrity even bani give explanation that she like to hug other when he was sick but do not understand the same matter with others and feel or talk ill about others.

  22. Did Manveer and Mona forgive. Bani and Gaurav???

  23. Om swami has high chance to win biggboss 10. He is playing good although he does not give respect to girls. lekin biggboss ke ghar mei aise hi logo ne jita hai jo dusro ka jeena haram karr dete hai. he is entertaining and ek hi aadmi hai jo puri ghar ko apne under me rakha hai.
    and jis tarah se biggboss isko support karr raha hai iska matlab toh yehi hai ki om swami hi winner hai.

    1. sry to say sneha 2 but that dhongi will never win . and ye soch aapki Galt hai k hamesha swami jaise log ye season jite hai . u r tatally wrong . previous winners are faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better than that swamj

      1. but iss season mei jaise bb ka support mil raha hai dhoongi ko iss se hume samjna chaiye ki yehi winner hai.
        aapne nahi dekha ki harr baar woh chilachila k ketha hai mai hu bb 10 ka winner great person simran.

  24. Hey friends how are u all

    coming to the episode thik tha
    coming to contestant
    i m fan of bani but i m nt supporting anyone for today

    1 bani- agar woh khud yesi harkat karti hai toh usko koi hakk nahi hai dusro ko baare mein bura bolne ke. althogh she is strong it shows her weakness and mentality. being a girl herself she shouldnt have told all those things about mona. per iski bhi koi galti nahi hai mona
    manveer aur manu aise harkat karte hai toh log baate toh karenge hi naa.

    2 gaurav- abb thodi thodi karr ke mr chpra ka asli chera bahar aane laga hai. inse toh aise baat ki kisi ko umeed nahi thi. he has done wrong wid bani and mona both. he is not maintaing his co called friendship wid bani he is is playing for himself and not thinking about others.
    per iski baat bhi sahi hai jab individual jitne wala hai toh play individual think individual.

    3lopa- she is going good kabhi kabhi jyada acting karti hai lekin bandi hai bohout strong.

    4 rohan- he is also doing well. thoda kamm dekhraha hai lekin achha ja raha hai.

    5mona- ye ladki kitni roti hai yaar agar isko bf ko itn bura lagg raha hai toh kyun karti hai and agar ye show ke liye ye sab karr rahi hai toh ye bahar jaa ke convince karr sakti hai na. and agar isko khud bura lagg raha hai toh ye harr bakt m3 ka mala kyun japti hai. ye sach mei innocent hai ya pata nahi lekin manu ka sach abhi tak ye jaan nahi payi. bekar mei manveer ke saath ladai karr rahi thi manu se toh achha hai manveer. agar hai harkat aise karti hai toh carcha toh honge na.

    6manveer- ye ladka abhi tak game ke baare mein nahi jaan paya. kabhi manu se influence hota hai toh kabhi nitibha se. dono iska istmaal karr rahe hai aur ye ho bhi raha hai. but he is playing good. he always stands for friends and woh apni dosti jiske bhi saath hai woh puri dil se nibha raha hai.

    7nithiba- aree ye ladki kya hai abhi tak pata nahi chala kabhi om k saath ladai karti hai aur uski hi support karti hai. abb manveer ka supoort le rahi hai game mein rehene k liye. isko pata hai agar couple bann ke rahenge toh jyada game mein reh sakte hai. she is soo selfish that she is using someone for her benefits.

    8manu-bhai ye aadmi hai kya secret room toh bada aaye tha mona aur manveer ke khilaaf hoke lekin ghar mei aate hai fuss. ye toh jagga se bhi bada double face hai ek taraf ek baat aur dusri taraf dusri. ye sabske saath achha banne ke koshish karr raha hai lekin ye jyada din nahi chalega. jabb tak mona aur manver ko use karr sakta tha kiya abb jarurat nahi hai toh ye sabb karr raha hai. ye jaisa aadmi abb tak nahi deka.

    9&10 jagga and dhoongi ye done ke baat nahi karna so let it bhi lekin kall dhoongi full mood mei tha manu se ladai karne ke liye woh bhi ek ladki ke liye i was amused.

    sorry jyada lambha ho gaya. no offence. agar kisi ko bura laga toh sorry apni apni view hota hai and agar koi contestants ke relatives hai toh unko bhi sorry.

    1. Hello annu s Omg yai kya kar diya aapne my god kya aapne saare comment nahi padhe bhai yaha toh 5/6 relative hai baba pakhandi ke ab lagta hai aapko taiyaar rahna chahiya hahaha aur comment zayada nahi bhut lamba ho gaya kam se kam 5 km bhai hahaha mujhe toh abhi kuch yaad nahi ki maine kya padha

      1. haha its ok yaad nahi hai toh achha hai kon yaad karna chata hoga ye sab. dekhenge majja lenge aur bhul jayenge isliye toh lekha yaad karne ke liye thodi likha

      2. hey kp aapka full name kya hai.

  25. I support rohan n lopa they r really good , rohan ne kabhi kisi ke bare me backbiting ni kari , n sare task me wo apna full on deta h ,commoners sirf 1 dusre ka use kar rahe wo jitni bonding dikha rahe wo sab fake h

    1. Absolutely ryt….. Lopa n Rohan are very genuine. else every1 are maintaining a fake relation and strategy to be in game. love u lopa n rohan. They dont have such issues lyk frndship or other contrversies. they only take correct stand for correct situstions…
      N ds Bani is just footage queen.

  26. hi kp and all bb fans
    new. task seams to be v interesting . am eagarly waiting for the episode .
    wah wah wah ???bigg boss what a strategy to save nitibha , priyanka and swami .
    ya manu ne Mona ko bahan bol diya hehehehahahhaha.
    love u Rohan and lopa . u guyz rocks (I don’t like lopa that much but bcz of Rohan she is good for me )
    guys ye Jo swami aur priyanka k jo fans hai na they just want footage like their favorites . they are doing all those comments just for fun. actually they are not their fans . we should not waste our energy by giving reply to them

    1. Hahaha i am laughing about manu and mona and about daaku and faku fans they are pagal bhai

      1. kp u r laughing after reading my comment or after watching episode

      2. kp u r laughing after reading my comment or after watching episode ?

    2. seriously ya simran….the highlight of the yesterday’s eps was the bro-sis relationship hahahaha…..n ya simran u should congrats kp….becos of him I get to know that I won???

      1. ya ditya maine kr diya kp ko Congo hehehehhaha

  27. VJ Bani ,,,,u r just superb…hope u ‘ ll win…….ol da bst..

  28. Manu after reappearance has changed & is playing a lot of games …..hope wins…

  29. Huge….. Fan of VJ Bani… Hope u win….

  30. hrithik ka Fan

    haah funny…lopa ke fan kehna rahe hain ki wo back b*t*hing nahi karti. ..kal manu aur rohan ke sath baith ke kaun si antakshri khel rahi thi jab wo nitibha aur manveer ke bare me baat kar raha tha….
    …reality is sab ek dusre ke bare me baat karte hain…sab ki tarah hum bhi to apni life me baat karte hain kisi ke bare me…what’s the big deal…aur manu to ek no..ka…chu….hai …sala har time back b*t*hing me laga rahta hai…… sab bb ka plan hai wo jisko jaisa dikhana cahtha hai waise dikhata hai… ….bani aur gaurav ne ek baar back b*t*hing ki to dikha Di. …baki yon ki bhi dikhao to pata lage kaun kaisa hai………nitibha to b*t*h hai……bani isliye best hai kyunki wo jyada kisi ke bare me back b*t*hing nahi karti….she is on the face girl. ….

    1. u r ryt hkf. ghar mei sab backbite karte fark itna hai koi jyada karta hai toh koi kam. aur aapne sahi bola hum bhi apni real life kabhi kabhi kisi baat karte hai. aur haan ye sab trp ka khel hai trp ke liye thodi thodi video dikha diya. mujhe lagta hai with time sab ke video dikha dega bb. kya pata swami om bb ke dimag par ghuss ke kya karwa raha hai.

  31. watevaa t other contestants r.. butt t mosttt Genuine of alll i find is Lopaa. Rohan ofcrz he is t deserving one to b a finalist. & then Bani. but her rona-dhona & walkin awayy..tch.!
    anyway,, may Lopa or Rohan win tis season.. alll t besttt to them..

  32. I hate this partial bb

  33. Swami is the only one who understood the big boss theme”vulgarity”.shucks now I regret watching big boss again.I stop watching 2 years ago.

  34. I’m liking Lopamudra-Rohan & Nitibha-Manveer..

    Priyanka nominates Nitibha and Monalisa by saying, she does not like them.. It is right that she hates Monalisa.. But Nitibha supports her all time, thow she nominates her…??.. she should be kicked out from house along with Omji…

    Monalisa should not break down.. she should face problems with strogness….

    Manveer and Nitibha’s chemistry is outstanding…??????????.. Nitibha should be more active, or she will evict soon…

  35. DO YOU PLAN ON UPDATING TODAYS EPISODE TELLY UPDATES? Its the next day already! Unbelievable

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