Bigg Boss 10 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 89
Inmates wake up to the song ‘What is mobile number’. Inmates dance on song.

Mona says to manu that Bani was saying Niti is worried, Manu says Niti told me Manveer talked to her, Manveer says i didnt do any promises to her, Manu says it seems like she is showing that you are her boyfriend and using her, Niti is very clever, she knows everything and she thinks we dont understand it but we do. Manu also says that she is stretching the matter way too far now and has personal motives behind sorting out things with Manveer.

Bigg Boss resumes the call centre task wherein Lopa, Manveer and Manu play customers while Bani, Rohan and Nitibha become the call centre executives. All are happy now. Rohan says to Bani that whatever they say, dont

put phone down.
Manveer says to Lopa that you are not Rohan’s friend now, Lopa says i will call Bani, Manu says irritate her about eggs, Lopa laughs.

Lopa says to Manu to not get too much angry. Manu calls Bani, Bani says how may help you, Manu says you have become so humble for a call but if you had treated people well then people would have been you friends, you had one friend in house but what you did with Gaurav? you didnt even cook for her, he was a celebrity so couldnt say it clearly but if it was some open minded man then he wouldnt have seen your face, he was bearing you, Bani says you are right, he say that she kept her birthday cake to herself and didn’t even share it with anyone, you cant live normal life, all are bearing people here, you are insecure, there is life above food, you were hating Swami and otherside you were thinking about his eggs, sing for me. Bani sings Twinkle twinkle little star, Manu says i want to compliment you, you look really good, Bani says this would be best compliment for me for a day, Manu says i request you to become good, Bani says i will try, he says what you did say to Niti? you said that dont call you if she comes to Mumbai, Bani says i wanted to give her real suggestion, i want to reach heights herself. Call ends, Manu says welldone Bani.

Manveer says to Lopa that you have points, Swami and Bani are similar.
Niti says to Bani that Lopa will call you, Bani says she wont be able to say much to me.
Manu says i told her that she eats more than a cow.

Lopa calls Bani. Bani takes call and says you have called BB call center, i am Bani, how may i help you? Lopa says i have not come here to talk to fake people, you are fake, you have applied injections and botox, you say you like real things but you put so man fillers on your face? i know everything, you are hypocrite, you have no guts to talk face to face with me, you dont have balls, you never appreciated Gaurav, you used to treat him like puppy. Manveer says to Manu that she should be jailed. Lopa asks Bani if she hated Swami? Bani says 100%, Lopa says you have him had to many similarities, Lopa laughs out before she cant control it, Lopa says he used to hide food and you used too, he was selfish and you are selfish, when he said wrong about your mom, i fought him, i took stand for you but you never took stand for me, Ban says you called me man by saying that i dont have balls, Lopa says i am really sorry about what happened with your mother but you try to gain sympathy by using it, you use that incident as weapon, Bani says if you say anything about my mother then it will be out of limits, Bani bangs phone on table, Lopa says i took stand for you when things were said about your mother but you didnt take stand when wrong was said about me, you said it was okay when i was called as ***************, Bani asks Rohan to tell her to shut up, Bani says say anything about me but dont talk about my family, Lopa says to Manu that i told her she doesnt say anything when Priyanka said things to me, it was okay for you listen her comments, you have problem with others problems, Bani says we are trying to understand your problem, call ends. Bani bangs phone and says come here Lopa, Bani charges at Lopa and pushes her away, she says dont you dare say anything against my mother, Lopa says dont you dare touche me, Bani says i can say anything about mother, Manveer tries to hold back Bani, Lopa says i didnt say anything against her mother, Bani screams and cries, Lopa says you use your mother like weapon this way, Bani grabs Lopa’s waist and says dont you dare say a word against my mother, all ask Bani to leave her, bani says to Lopa that look at me when i am talking, Lopa pushes Bani’s face away from her, Bani says you tried to choke me, Bani says her hand was on my neck, Bani pushes Lopa away, Manveer tries to stand between them, Lopa says you *****, they hurl abuses at each other, Bigg boss says this kind of behavior is unacceptable. Manu and Manveer takes Lopa away from her. Bani says stay in your limits, Lopa says you cant even reach to my nose, you character is short like your height, you make people look bad, Lopa says i didnt say anything wrong, Bani says whole india listened what you said, you will never be able to come back from this.

Bani says to inmates that she said such wrong thing that i use my mother for my advantage, you people must have asked her to say it, Manu says no we didnt ask her to talk about your mother, Bani says so it was her thing?
Lopa is getting first aid in confession room.
Lopa comes in garden, Bani says come here, Lopa says i am not talking to you, Lopa says i will tell what i said to her, i said that i am sorry what Om did with her mother, i stood for her for it was her time but she uses her mother as weapon, Manu says it was wrong of you Lopa, Niti says you cant talk about sensitive issue, Rohan says it was wrong, Lopa says when Priyanka said cheap comments about me, she said it was okay, Bani says how it justified it with mother’s situation? Bani charges at her, Lopa says keep your distance with me, inmates try to push them away, Lopa says i didnt say anything bad about her mother, Bani says i am animal? what else did you say? Lopa says your behavior is like one, Bani says i didnt curse at you, Lopa says you have no level. Bani says she has cheap thinking, cheap heart and tongue.
Lopa says to Rohan that you were laughing when she was hurling at me, i was giving her taste of her own medicine.
Niti says to Bani that she went bad to worse to irritate you.
Rohan says you said that she is using her mother’s illness? was it good? it was sounding bad, you shouldnt have said it, you know she is possessive about her mother, Lopa says all are, Rohan says nobody goes to parents. Lopa says bigg boss take action on this otherwise i will leave this show, this is zoo.

Manu says she called Bani roadside which was not good, Mona says they were using language which dont show their background, Manu says they both went out of limits today, Bani gave reaction.
Bani says to Niti that she is represting our country?
Manu says to Mona that lopa’s image is gone today, Manveer says how could we stop girls? Manu says Bani was saying to not touch me.

Lopa says how was i wrong? Manu says if she said anything personal to you then how woul we know, Lopa says she taunted me about doing makeup for 8hours and only, Niti says it was not vicious, Lopa says she was calling me fake, i never took any injection. Bani comes there and says i didnt talk about your looks but your inner ungliness, i am not cheap like you, Lopa says dont defend yourself, dont come near me, Bani comes near her and says i dont like your words too, Lopa says i dont like you, Bani says smash at my face, Lopa says i dont like you, move away, Bani comes closer, Lopa says you invite me to curse you, i dont give a damn, Rohan takes Lopa away and says enough you two, Lopa says she is ********, Bani says dont talk about me, have some self respect, Lopa says i am not talking to you, Bani says you were talking about me, you have nothing else to talk about, Lopa says you portray things differently, this is what i was talking about, you stink, Bani says thank you for very much, how would i do with this much insult? child, she is complete child.

Rohan says to Bani that you squeezed her, you shouldnt have done that, Bani says what else wrond did i do? i held her fully, it was my not my fault. she was pushing my neck too, Lopa says you were charging at me, i feel like i am wasting my time, you dont understand things, Manu says we didnt say anything but it was very bad level of fight, Lopa says she wont be harmed, i will be harmed, she has done this kind of reality shows but i havent, Rohan pulls Lopa away and says end it, this is not looking good. Bani says in camera, that India, when you see all this, when you represent India, you do this?
Lopa says to Rohan that it will affect me a lot, it doesnt matter to her, she has no level, she curse at everything, she keep charging at people, you think i dont feel angry? i cant even tell how much i controlled my anger, i wanted to punch her but i should get award for not reacting because i know consequences, she cries and wipes her tears.

Bani is garden with Manu and Mona. Lopa comes and sits infront of her, Bani glares at her, and says why you are not going anywhere else if you find me disgusting? Lopa says i want to sit with them, Manveer says end it, Lopa says get lost, Bani says you came here, Lopa says i have sit with my friends, you said so many personal things yesterday, i gave you taste of your own medicine so you are all hyper? Manu says you girls are being immature by doing this again and again, Bani says she wants footage, Lopa says i am not like you to die for footage, Bani says you feel like victim? by showing your little finger?

Bigg boss says to inmates that you all are in 13th week of show so we expect you to endure mental pressure and remain patience but after call ended and what happened between Lopa and Bani was totally wrong, the way they both reacted was disappointing and we discourage them both for it and we want to tell that this behavior should not be repeated and we want to tell you that luxury buedget task has been discarded. Lopa says this happens when people overreact, i got involved it unnecessarily, Manveer says we have come to get involve in house, if we keep caring about our image then its your mistake, you are not mentally ready, we are physically strong but its about mental strength, Lopa says she didnt even listen to me fully, Manu says fight till one level, Manveer says end it, Manu says Lopa says you said more wrong than her, Lopa says i dont want to explain, i said what i wanted, i would have broken booth about things what she said to me yesterday but i didnt react, she taunted about my best friend, Manveer says she said it but you should be mature.

Manveer comes to Bani, Bani says sit, Manveer says then you will say i am on both side, Bani says it can be diplomatic.
Lopa says to Rohan that i should have slapped her, i would looked stupid, Rohan says these words dont suite you, Lopa says it suite me that she was charging at me and i was standing there doing nothing?
Bani says to Manveer that i am sorry, task got discarded because of me, and we wont get luxury budget, Niti says its okay, Manveer says it doesnt matter, we dont even eat it.
Rohan says to Lopa that i dont like you worried.

Manveer says to Niti that when you entered in house, i thought you were celebrity and i thought Lopa was commoner, people were scared about my looks, i had no intraction with Niti, Niti was going her way, not getting involved with commoners but she got nominated and i was praying and promising to save you, you should have known there who support you and is in your favor truly, then taxi task happened and i promised you to give you points, Niti says we thought only we were remaining as commoners, Manveer says i never say it but when i say things to you, it hits you, Niti says i dont get affected by Manu’s words but i do with your words. Bani and Manu sees them talking, Manu says to Bani that Niti has a lot to talk, Bani says she is talking a lot these days, she is tensed, she wants to talk to Manveer but he is rude. Manu says she might be showing that she wants to sort things out with Manveer but she said to me that it doesnt matter if its not sorted, Bani says she is in two minds, she was saying that she cant eat food, she should eat with you people, i laughed at her. Manu says to Niti that you have no one track, Manveer says you always interrupt in important things, Manu says i wont interrupt you ever now. Manu and Bani leaves. Manu comes to Mona and says i was talking to Niti but Manveer stopped me, i never listen orders of anyone except my father.
Niti says to Manveer that i was affected because of feelings i had for you in my heart, i wouldnt sit with you if i dont care, Manveer says same for me, Niti says you didnt call me to sort things out, Manveer says i called you with my eyes, Niti smiles and says you do sweet things too so i get confused if you care or not, i have things in heart and i care about you and i want you to care about me and our problems to be sorted because it matter to me.

Niti says to Manver that its only 14days away from finale, you are my friend, its not like i have to be friends with girls only, Manveer whispers something to her. Niti leaves. Niti comes in garden and walks alone.

PRECAP- In weekend ka vaar, Govinda will come. Bharti will enter Bigg boss house, Manveer pecks Bharti’s cheek. Salman says to Bani that what she said was not about your mother but about you. Salman says to Bani that you started it, you started your performance from high notch, you went to her mother, her marriage, her personal life, Bani says i am not denying it, Salman says first curse you said to her was on mother, you are coming across all wrong, you grabbed her waist, why you are showing physical strength? Bani says i was doing task, i got angry and spit my anger, Salman says we get so embarrassed to listen curses about parents, i am angry, Lopa is sitting on villain chair.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. nitiva n bani or rohan should be evicted first. They all r not deserve to stay in house because of their no or ill act.

    1. Rohan’s ill act.
      Kaun sa wala.
      Sochne par b yaad nahi a raha.
      Kahi wo om ko slap wala act.
      Wo to good act tha.
      Rohan should get prize for that.
      Btw apka joke acchha tha ill act wala

  2. Aarti32

    Guys plzz say watever u want to say, but don’t abuse anyone..It’s a site, by abusing d contestants we’re giving d readers a vry wrong n negative image of our personalities..

  3. Bani ka aukat kya hai? Many didn’t even know her before BB10. In fact all so called celebs are infact just 1/2 show fame except Rahulji.

  4. Yes.
    It was really idiotic of manu saying that lopa was wrong on d same point which he had already said to bani.
    Dont know why contestants are dragging their parents in this show.

  5. Aarti32

    I so badly wanted to know whom manveer would call..N of he calls nitibha, wat wud he ask her..But no..Bani n lopa had to fight..Dat too so aggressively..They didn’t end d topic even till d end of d day..It’s all bcz of d fight n d aftershocks of d fight, dat d task got cancelled..Y yaar Bigg boss..If d task wud hv continued, d fight wud hv possibly ended..I HATE U BIGG BOSS..U BROKE MY BUBBLE OF EXPECTATIONS ?

    1. Aarti32

      *if he calls nitibha

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey aaru u know I read somewhere Nitibha is getting evicted in the mid-night evictions so no more MaNiti 🙁

      1. Aarti32

        If dis is true..Then, Curse u Bigg Boss????

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      At least Manveer is still in the game and also he is in finals already 🙂 but I don’t know what is Mona doing she is still here? Nitibha was better than Mona

      1. Aarti32

        Exactly..But god knows y nitibha was evicted instead of Mona..

  6. I donot like lopa always commenting on aukat in fights.
    Tumhari aukat nahi h mere samne khade hone ki
    Tumhari aukat kya h
    Agar m is show me na hoti to tum jaise log mere samne khade hone ki aukat nahi rakhte.
    Sound filmi.
    Lagta h films bahut dekhti h aur aukat wale dialogues yaad rakh leti h.???

    1. Exactly I agree….lopa khudko kya samajthi ..hahaha really filmy.!!!

  7. Hello priti and team
    I was reading above sm fans are calling bani fans and vice versa which normally is seen on this page.
    So I have made a song on this.
    Chalo bulawa aya h lopa fans ne bulaya h
    Ho….. lopa bani ki ladai pr fir darbar lagaya h
    Chalo bulawa aya h lopa fans ne bulaya h
    M bhi to ek fan hu bhai
    Fan hi fan ko pahchane
    Pitne ki dukha kya hota h
    Jo pita hoga wahi to jane
    Ho……jisne ladna tha wo lad liye
    Yaha fan kyu apas me bhid rahe h
    Chalo bulawa aya h lopa fans ne bulaya h
    Hum fans ka gam koi kya jane,
    Jiske liye lade use to pta b nahi,
    Likh likh kar hath to thak gaye h,
    Jiske liye likha use koi fark b nahi
    Ho…… shanti se kaam lo sabhi bhai insaaf ka din b ayega.
    Chalo bulawa aya h lopa fans ne bulaya h

    1. hello sonia….good poem
      i m neither a bani fan nor lopa fan…..
      just lyk rohan….n his innocence?

  8. love u bani..we are wid u stay strong

  9. i hate this ugly dugly disgusting lopa kutra..
    .such a manipulating girls..uses everyone for her ugly image…do watever u want to do baby but u not gonna win this show n thats for sure

  10. Read at
    Bani J you are hurting your popularity! You might have been the Roadies winner with your cool attitude and hatke personality. But now that the cameras are trained on you 24 by 7, we see the REAL Bani–self-centric, irritating and timid. Beneath the veneer of toughness and irreverence lies an insecure gal who gets on our nerves with her repellent behaviour. Nothing proved this point more than what unfolded in Bigg Boss 10 episode last night. When Bigg Boss asked the fellow contestants to rate themselve,s Bani J quickly assumed the much prized number 2 position. She is a self-proclaimed winner. But hey! honestly speaking, Bani has neither impressed us with her so called strength nor has she fetched our vote for whatever she has projected herself as in the glass-walled house.
    She is selfish. And doesn’t give damn about what others think of her. While the first quality is a big no no in the house since this is a team game, the other attribute (I-don’t-give-a-damn) does not work especially when Bigg Boss asked for a consensus. Bani has come across in the show as utter fake. Her cool attitude has not charmed us either for it shows duality of her selfish persona. Above all, she is a liar and wants to be passed off as someone who really cares for others. In reality, she doesn’t give a damn.
    In the name of being genuine, blunt and in-your-face, Bani is showcasing her vulnerable side. She looks rude and a complete loser too. Her celeb status might fetch her sweet words from Salman (Sweetheart, darling epithets are many for J) but viewers are not exactly fond of her. Don’t get us wrong Bani. But we request you to get us straight. You might have sparkled with your Roadies title with your undeniable spunk but Bigg Boss is a different beast altogether. And going by the way you are playing the game, or just by the virtue of being yourself, you are not going to win the show. Even though Salman was trying to convince you (he was actually mollycoddling you) you gave him some real rude answers. If you think by being rude you are being real then Bani you are highly mistake. People are watching you and they are not exactly impressed.
    We thought you were strong, caring and giving. The tough facade (doley sholey and six packs have not helped you or your team members in any task) All you were doing was giving gaalis and shouting your lungs out! Tch TCh! It is abundantly clear that you are not caring enough. Letter J in your name stands for judge, we hear. What an irony! you have clearly failed to judge yourself on whatever parameters one can employ here. But audiences will not misjudge you. They have seen the real Bani who is not exactly a sport!

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      Haha that shows how popular bani j is …articles are written about her …..and if someone like flopas supporter has written this article who cares …lol…

    2. Evn bollywoood life had written an article,, on how disappointin Bani has been…
      Hope she readz tis all,, once she’s out..
      & if at al salman is mifffd wid her recent behaviour then evryone knowz salman ka gussssa..!! hope he isn’t..

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        dude salman read scripts only as he only watches highlights. ..he doesn’t know what actually happening in the house …earlier he defended tanisha and mandana so u can’t expect him to be fair….and btw salma has no right to give life lessons to others while his own life is so much controversial …..

  11. To all the lopa haters first c wt bani did to lopa..she commented on hr mkeup on hr father n so mny stuffs…lopa.kept hr calm n she said tha same thng bt bani Cudnt take it bcs c is not a strng personality…am nt a very big fan of lopa bt yet i am happy dt c tasted bani’s patience..bani alWS acts lyk a victim and she thinks she will be winner lyk gauhar bt darling its high tym..gauhar was a gal who USD to do all the task…took a stand…she didn’t made kushal a puppet lyk u made a fool of gaurav

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      Oh commoners she didn’t say anything to her dad or family. ..and lopa didn’t feel offended. ….bani signalled her to not talk about her mother. …so she reacted that way…..flopa fan

  12. Hlw everyone in yesterday episode i don’t know who is wrong between girl bcoz both are wrong but firstly it was bani who start it but lopa in her turn take take it in other level. So no comment on them but i love rohan and sss.. when rohan act ill will u plz tell me.

  13. Guys hm.sbhi aive hi lopa aur bani ki mistake nikaal rhe hai.sari glti toh uss buddhe aur jagga ki hai jinno ne je saari gandi batein ki thi..idiots….so lopa and bani fan chillax…yeh mano ki dhongi aur dakku ki glti thi.ok
    @soni nice poem….good

  14. Axhaa.. to bani bada winnnr thi Roadies kii.. evn she was jus a runner up.. so jus dont kip barkin.. atlst she representd India,, wich can nevaa b expctd frm ur fav..
    & Aftr bani askd her not to talk abt her mum,, lopa divertd t topic to her not taking stand durin jagga’s fite..
    Lopa jo b hii,, uskii aukaat bani se to bettr hii.. & jhn tak rhii om & jagga ki baaat,, thn bani is their Guru in it.. thy wer jus mere studentz,, & bani is ofcrx a big abuser than lopa.. looooser

  15. loved the poem kiddo….
    how r u all

    1. Yeah ditya am fine how are you?

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