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Bigg Boss 10 12th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman says when whole India was swept in 100rupee notes fiasco, 13 people inside house didnt know anything about it but they lost half of prize money just to get immunity. Their bids are shown, how they bid like 24lacs to get immunity and how Niti got immunity. Salman says one wall was removed, there is no difference in house, there is no celeb or commoner, no owner or servant. Salman says but situation in house shows that wall is still there, they will take time to mingle. One person in house is trying. Swami’s antics are shown, how he was following Bani’s exercises, how he entered house and touched everyone’s feet, how he said that he was out in world, not in secret room then how his lie was exposed by Bigg boss only. Salman says its time to talk to them.


comes in stage. He welcomes everyone in bigg boss, Salman says 1000rupee and 500rupee note are banned, fantastic move it was, i was in Hongkong so my 4 1000rupee notes are with me, all laugh. Salman says MANVEER, LOKESH, NAVEEN and RAHUL are nominated. We will know who will get evicted but we have to talk about captain Bani, many captains came but what Bani is doing, we didnt see it before, this is not captaincy but confusion, she gave reward to Manu then sent him jail and see what happened after that.

In Bigg boss house:
Manu is in jail, he says to Manveer that i am getting angry, Manveer says we are listening things we didnt listen in life, Manu says i am feeling breaking jail, i will break it, Manveer says i can break it, Niti says dont do it, Manu says call Bani and ask her to give key. Lokesh says she can open it. Bani comes there, Manu says our bathroom is not clean so we need cleaning things, open jail, i will go to restroom of house and bring it. Bani opens jail and ask him to bring it and comeback to jail, he says i wont go inside jail again, i am not this, this is problem, i didnt do anything to be in jail, Bani says Bigg boss what to do? we cant put him in jail forcefully.

Manu says to Mona that i will break something here, i dont want to get in trouble, its enough that i stayed here for 20days, i will tell family that he is man so he didnt go to jail.

Bigg boss calls Manu in confession room. Manu comes there, Bigg boss asks what happened? Manu says i am feeling weird there, why i went to jail? i cant stay inside, i dont know why i am feeling guilty, Bigg boss says we asked Bani whom she wanted to send to jail, she took your name, you are breaking rule now, this is not good, Manu says i am going back to jail. He comes out of confession room. He says to Manveer that this is wrong, go back to jail, Manveer says whats your fault? Manu says he said Bani punished me. Manveer says Bigg boss talks like he is our father, Manu says really, he talks like father, Bigg boss says Manu this is not good to sit here, Manu says sorry papa, i am going jail, they laugh.
Manu goes back in jail, Bani closes it, Manu says sorry Bani to give you trouble. Manu says to Mona that dont worry, we will have distance outside house too, Mona sadly looks at him.

On stage, Salman says few people are not doing anything in house. I dont understand that you come in Bigg boss show then you sleep there all the time, dont they have houses to sleep? not cool at all, i am apologizing before, He connects call to house. All inmates greet him. Salman says there is no celeb, no commoner, no team remaining now, this is how country should be. Salman says today’s episode will have serious note because of feedback we are getting. Some inmates are not doing anything at all. Fans remain awake just to see you and when they see you lazy then they get disappointed, see yourself what audience is seeing. Clips plays, a video of Rahul, Rohan and Karan tucked into their beds for the entire day, inmates laugh seeing them on bed whole time. Salman says would you want to watch show like that? you have house if you want to keep lying on bed, you have come here to work, this is your set. He says to Rahul that you saw yourself, i showed you this clips so you can see what you are looking like on Tv. Salman says to inmates that some inmates are making show boring, that are Karan, Rahul and Rohan, what happened to you Rohan, how did you get punctured? Rohan says i try to be active but somedays you feel low, Salman says commoners take part in task but you people dont have any involvement or point of view, see yourself. Clip plays, Manveer is sitting on throne and nominates Rahul, while his whole team is in bedroom whistling. Then Karan is sitting on throne while his whole team is eating food inside. How Bani was sitting on throne but all her team members were in bedroom, clip ends. Salman says you people should be active, there was no excitement, all are looking lethargic, you shouldnt fight without reason but atleast keep entertainment quotient high, i am not your father, i am host, i used to tell inmates in previous season what they are doing wrong but you people have watched show, you know what is right or wrong. Salman asks Manu if he thinks that they are doing good but their team members are getting evicted, Manu says people are voting on popularity basis so this will happen but in nomination task, my whole team was sitting in garden, under sun whole time, Salman says you people are getting votes on basis of work which you did earlier bigg boss but you are losing those fans, your personality is shown now which is boring, you made your characters hit but you yourself are boring, commoners have covered margin that was between celebs and commoners, audience dont find difference now, i told commoners that they have become celebs, many people watch Bigg boss, they all know them now. Salman says in immunity medallion task, two celebs bid highest bid just for two weeks immunity, if you are celebrity then you should trust your fans to vote for you but you deducted prize money like pocket money. He says Mona bid 1lacs, why? Mona says i thought we should bid lowest so that final prize money doesnt get low. Salman asks Lopa if she thought bids will be that high? Lopa says when i peeked to Gaurav’s bid, he put all digits in space. Salman asks Gaurav that he bid 2499993lacs, way to go, Gaurav says now i think it was wrong but at that time, i thought if not me then someone else will bid that high and will get medallion, but i agree wrong line of thought. Salman says now prize amount is 25lacs, whoever will win will get half prize money, Rahul says there was confusion too, i thought personal winning amount will get deducted, Gaurav, Niti says we had same confusion, Salman says i apologize that we couldnt make your understand but whole india understood. Salman asks Mona how did she understand? Mona says i understood soon and when all bid high, i thought i was wrong, Salman says you are going right. Manu says i cleared that it will be deducted from prize money. Salman say Naveen you bid 24lacs? Naveen says i was sure someone else will bid high too so i thought i should bid high too, Salman says i understand commoners insecurity that commoners are getting evicted so why Rahul and Rohan bid so high as if they were insecure? Rahul says it was not insecurity, in task, we had range till 25lacs, we knew someone will bid that high so we had to do it, Salman says you are scared of eviction, you want immunity, you see you are not doing anything, you are disappointing your fans, Rahul says i agree. Salman sasy Rohan you had to cross-dress in nomination task, if you get this character in movie or drama, wont you do it? i have done it too, Rohan says i had done it in show, if i had to do it for my team members then i would have done it without thinking but if i want someone to leave house then why should i do it for him? Rohan says yes, i want Manveer to get evicted, i wont even give my shoes for him, Salman says thats fair. Manveer says i told Bigg boss that Rohan wont even give me water, let alone dress for me, he is right, he is fighting me in tasks, calling me idiot, it was trap for me so be it, Salman says Rohan clearly said he want to nominate you, listen carefully, Rohan nominated you and clearly india SAVED MANVEER, Manu hugs him. Salman says Manveer you did good by shaving your beard, your fan following increased, Manveer laughs, Salman says they are able to recognize you now, Manu says my fans must have lessen due to his fan following, Manveer hugs him, Salman ends call.

In Bigg Boss house:
Manveer says i got saved, Mona hugs him and says i am happy, Manu says they are saying you are looking good without beard, Mona says Rohan nominated him straightforward and he got saved straightforward.
Gaurav says to Rohan that take rest but in breaks, he says to Rohan that he is lazy, it doesnt look for his age, Rohan says i keep lying while talking too.

On stage, Salman connects call again. Salman says Naveen that you said you got eliminated before talking to Niti? Naveen says she takes one hour to do makeup, so i thought she wont give it up for me, i had faith that maybe Mona would have given it up for me, Salman says why so much dependence on make up? Naveen says Niti is good looking without make up. Salman says Niti you didnt give make up because you wanted to nominate Naveen or you cant live without makeup which i dont believe? Niti says its confidence booster for me, it give me self confidence, Salman says who told you that you dont look good without makeup? did Lokesh said it? Lokesh says i was joking that how will you survive without makeup? Niti says Lokesh mistakenly got nominated and i dont want her to get evicted so i wanted more and more people to be nominated so her chances of going are less, Salman says if Naveen gets evicted then your goal will be achieved, Niti says its not my goal, Salman says if it was someone else other than naveen then you would have given your makeup and any other girl would have given makeup for Naveen, Mona says i would have given up, Salman asks Lopa? she says that she would have sacrificed only half of it because she has to keep her title of pageant queen, Salman asks which side of face she would have given up? Salman tells her that she looks more beautiful without her makeup that makes her blush in happiness. Rahul says i have told her that many times. Salman asks Manveer how much Bani, Lokesh and Karan pressurized Niti’s decision? Manveer says they were hovering, i asked Niti that makeup is useless but she wants to be celeb in commoners, Niti says i never said that, Manveer says Lokesh and Bani forced her too, Bani says what wrong did I do? Manu taunts as if Bani is so hardworking, she did so much work, Bani says its my opinion, i can do anything, i wanted to save Lokesh, Manveer says how nominating Naveen can guarantee that Lokesh will be safe? Bani says it has increased her chances to stay, Manveer says think about naveen, you said that Lopa wont give up makeup too, Bani says you were not in bedroom when we discussed that, Salman asks Bani why she wanted to Naveen to get nominated? Bani says i would like Lokesh to be safe in house than Naveen, Manveer says how can you say that? Bani says its my opinion. Salman asks Karan if he was feeling guilty for nominating Lokesh? Karan says i was, first Lokesh denied doing task for me but when i got call again, i thought maybe she can save me, i told her that she can save me but it was confusion and she got nominated so we thought that if Naveen gets saved then there will be chance for Lokesh. Salman says Lokesh.. Lokesh says actually Sir.. Salman says let me listen first, you understood my question before asking, Lokesh says sir actually Karan told me that i will get nominated eventually, we will convince when you sit on throne, Lokesh says i thought someone will nominate me and i would have to sit on throne so i thought to save Karan. Salman says Rohan told you that if you dont do task for Karan then there will be tit for tat, Rohan says he destroyed his wife’s photo for me so i was desperate to save him, Salman says people destroy their wives, it was just picture, but it was nice picture, all laugh. Salman says people take many pictures and delete them too, this picture would have been put in swatter(Rohan said shredder as swatter), all laugh, Salman says Karan saved Rohan so he thought to sacrifice Lokesh to save Karan, Rohan says i didnt know she would get nominated, i thought she had power to save him. Salman says Manu and Manveer asked Lokesh to listen carefully but she went and nominated herself, Naveen was clearly telling her that she will get nominated directly and you wont get chance to sit on throne, Manu says i told her that she will get directly nominated, i asked her to confirm from Karan, Niti says i was with Lokesh, what Karan was telling us, we understood that and thought she had extra power to save him then she will sit on throne, Salman says Gaurav what you were saying? Gaurav says confusion was because they were saying that whoever will get nominated will sit on throne, Bigg boss said she would get nominated, Karan thought that she would directly sit on throne but i thought she would get nominated directly, i asked Karan to confirm it but it was late. Salman says this confusion started from Karan, it was complimented call? bigg boss was talking in different language? lets see what he said on call. Salman shows a video to explain what Bigg Boss exactly told Karan in nomination task phone booth task and what he actually interpreted. After looking at the video Salman questions Karan that if it was complimented? Karan says it was clear but i got confused, Salman says you confused her that she would sit on throne after announcing her nomination. Salman says Bigg boss called you again to clear things, second call is shown too and how Bigg boss told him that Lokesh would be sacrificing her chance to sit on throne, and will get nominated directly. Salman says i will come later, call ends.

In bigg boss house:
Manveer says you people were blaming us to be not with Lokesh, Karan misled her, Manu says i told Salman that Karan wont lie, Karan says i didnt lie, Manveer says how would we know what bigg boss told Karan? we had to believe what Karan said, Rohan says we cant do anything now, Lokesh says you said tit for tat? Rohan says i didnt, i just said that we wont save you if you dont save Karan, we are on your side always, Lokesh says let it be.

Salman connects call again. Salman says caller of week will call now. Call is connected to caller Vishal, Vishal says i want to talk to Manu, he says Manu you are playing well, you are entertaining, but you didnt get support in captaincy task, Manu says there are still team inside house, we are less in numbers and some commoners are on celebs side, i wanted to be fair, i would have won but there are teams so i couldnt win because of that, Vishal says my good wishes are with you, Manu says clap for him, all laugh. Salman says Manu going good. Salman says there will be eviction tomorrow, till then stay in house, he ends call.

On stage, Salman there is too much heat in house, lets see.

In Bigg boss house:
Gaurav says to Karan that you misunderstood and told that to Lokesh, you didnt lie, Rohan says we know you, you are not like that, Lopa says mistake happens.
Manu says to Lokesh that you didnt listen to us, if you didnt understand then you should have taken back foot, Lokesh says i came to talk with you people, Manu says Karan fooled her, Niti says we trusted Karan but we wont trust him anymore. Mona says to Swami that Lokesh should have listened to us, Manveer says we are not greedy. Niti says what kind of man is Karan? Lokesh says i have watched this show, how can i get fooled here? Niti says people learn from mistakes.

Salman signs off from episode.

In Bigg Boss house:
Manu says Rohan voted against me saying he wanted to nominate Bani but she is in his team, i appreciated him because he was strong. Lokesh says Bani nominated him even then he didnt nominate her. Mona says you can have wrong opinion about commoners even when you have been with them for so many days? Manu says we told Niti that we want to hangout with you, remember you were alone here, we have become your brothers, you are commoner, those celebs cant be our friends.

PRECAP- Himesh Reshammiya enters stage, he sings and Salman dances. There will be wrestling match between Bani and Lopa, Gaurav and Manveer. Gaurav attacks Manveer and pushes him down on mud. Bani pushes down on mud. Bani says to Naveen that you are lying, Naveen says dont curse me, Bani says you are a liar and liar is not a curse, Naveen shouts you dont abuse.
Tanishaa Mukerji and VJ Andy comes on stage as analyst. Tanisha says Swami why you lie so much? what will God say? Swami says i am playing game and i will do anything to win, everything is fair in love and war, all laugh. Tanisha says Bani you became clueless after winning captaincy babe, you are contradicting yourself, you are rewarding and punishing same person, Bani says it was my first day as captain so give me a break, Manu says it was her first day so she was experimenting on us, Bani says i can see their reality now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Amalina

    Atiba hats ? off to u! Wow ? write such a long update! Wow ?!

  2. really disappointed with Salman tode. He sided with the commoners all the way.the commoners start their day b*t*hing and end the day b*t*hin . wat does he expect? celebs to behave the same ?? he can encourage them rather than blast them into the ground and Karan really had a misunderstanding. Wat about Manu back stabbing Lokesh and calling her a pig and that she did not deserve to be in the house ? why did’nt he talk about that ??? It was wrong that he supported the commoners tode.

    1. You are really true but the fact its a game so most of celebs bores to audiences that not good sing for the show even that reason may be flop the show and i think salman not sided anyone he just wants celebs also come in front and actively shows their views or thoughts because now a day rohan also not involve in any matters and rahul, karan hardly showing their face that not a boost the show.

    2. manu told lokesh gundi

  3. I don’t understand one being a commoners why everyone always criticize them n one thing I knew from the beginning that makers will evict commoners first n then as a wild card entry they will start bringing celebs n what is wrong if Salman point out celebs mistake I don’t have any favorite so far but still come on we need to be fair everyone says bad things about each other’s behind their back so he can’t point out everything n it’s true that celebs are not doing anything except giving favors to each other n I can also say that why he didn’t say anything to Bani about the bed thing didn’t she gave preference to her own people

  4. Karan didn’t misunderstood he didn’t know what bigg boss was saying in first so clearly karan didn’t made lokesh purposely nominated directly. Karan just had misunderstanding. But I still support Karan he didn’t force lokesh to get nominate directly.

  5. I dont know why, but I dont like Lokesh’s voice, way of talking & expression. It just irritates me.

    1. Its so annoying I agree all this programme is scripted from word go

  6. Lakshmi Bolem

    I don’t think Bani was confused.She said clearly no one did wrong to give punishment or jail, but BB asked her to say generally nd she chose that names.Manu is most manupulative nd Manveer a great follower of him.Manu keep saying celebs r not any more frnds of commoners.whats the point???.Ra,Ro,Ka r boring,they should wake up.why BB not airing Gourav,Bani footage ??.Always airing the nonsense of Manu nd gang.Finally best r Bani, Gourav,Manveer.good r Manu,Rohan,Nithi.remaining r ok.Todays weekend ka vaar also not much interesting.

    1. agree wid u..bani thot d person who got inaam n tat peson ll get jail wont unhappy..evn manu reactd d same way aftr bani’s announcemnt he was happy n danced m d jailor n al nd late night started drama…n evn bb z nt airing celebs fun side oly karan n rahul boring left thm bt wt abt bani n gaurav thy r having mch fun bt nt airing on tv..i hav seen their fun side in insta…bb lways showing manu’s bhashan n this manu day by dy looking bad as he lways backbiting abt celebs…my personal favs. are bani n gaurav ♥♥

  7. I like today Episodes…..superb love u manu-manveer….. specially india wale gud.s salman thank u

  8. Swadarsh love u

    Guys biggboss is anti celebrity.. He is always showing footage of common man.. Even celebrities enjoy and have fun Bt its not airing on TV.. I have seen clips of them having fun and enjoyment.. Its purposely showing celebs has boring

  9. Today episode is very very fine for salman sir teaching. Bani actually not a captain but a confusion. Every time she talks and act like joker play freehand ball in circus. Hats of nitibha to nominate naveen only for her makeup. What’s her mentality II do not understand till now and what’s about Karan that he not understand hindi even two times bigboss inform him…

  10. Swadarsh love u

    Bigboss and salman is biased.. Jab manu and manveer backstab about celebs, om swami, about lokesh, nitibha.. Then the footage is not shown by biggboss to all contestant in house.. This is totally unfair.. Manu hamesha sabki burai karta hee vo nahi dikhta kya.. Agar manu ka backstab batadiya to vo kahin ka nahi rahega. Hate this manu..

  11. Celebs, don’t come to take part in bb anymore. Bb & Salman love commoners. Only they will come & only bb & Salman with his friends will watch the show. We love this season gentle celebs even if they rest. & Rohan, Gaurav, Bani the best.

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