Bhootu 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Rohini Tries to Harm Anandita

Bhootu 16th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohini asks Barbie to prepare food. Barbie prepares food and serves whole family. They all start coughing due to extra chilli and salt. Rohini scolds Barbie. Barbie’s mother tells ACP that his daughter is fit for nothing. Anandita walks in. Rohini walks to her and yells why did she come here, go back to her room. Anandita says this is her house, she should get out instead. Rohini tries to stab her with fork. Pihu alerts Anandita. Anandits twists Rohini’s hand and pulls her hair. Rohini shouts for help. Barbie’s mother shouts she told that woman is mad. Anandita pushes Rohini on floor. Family rushes to Rohini. Rohini cries that mad woman tried to harm her and asks Neelam to take mad woman to her room. Anandita warns Neelam not to touch her and walks with her to he room.

In room, Pihu asks Anandita why did she push Rohini so hard, everyone got worried. Anandita says Rohini has illegally occupied her house, she will kick them all out. Bobby comes and knocks room door. Pihu asks Anandita not to open and tells her Bobby’s truth and says he is trying to loot Barbie’s wealth and does not love her, but Barbie loves him a lot. Anandita asks her not to interfere in all this as Pihu is very small, she will ask Neelam to send everyone out.

ACP notices Anandita in air. Bobby asks Sooraj to send out Anandita. Sooraj says he will not sell his loyalty and asks him to get out instead. Rohini comes and asks what is happening. Bobby says Sooraj is backing off. Sooraj says they came here lying and are staying forcefully, now want Anandita to be out of her own house. Rohini notices ACP coming and slaps Sooraj. Sooraj says he respects her, so he is not feeling bad, if they try to send out memsaab, he will not keep quiet. ACP stops Neelam and asks why she called Anandita as memsaab and Rohini as Rohini didi. Neelam lies that Anandita is mad and if they say she is owner of this house, she will not harm them.

Barbie looking at Bobby’s photo thanks him for accepting the way she is, she was always ridiculed for her obesity. Bobby barges into ACP’s room silently and steals family jewelry, but ACP wakes up and shouts who is it. Bobby keeps back jewelry back and lies. Pihu says he is lying. Next morning, ACP tells family that this alliance cannot happen. They all get tensed. He says he wants engagement tomorrow itself and asks to invite relatives tomorrow.

Precap: Whole family dances in Barbie and Bobby’s engagement.

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  1. It is surprising that Barbie’s father ,who claims to be a retired senior police officer doesn’t even seem to know how to find our whether the house belongs to Bobby or not,why can’t he straightaway ask for property registration documents,and he doesn’t even get suspicious seeing the cheat in their bed room at that odd hour….what is this hide and seek going on…
    Suraj seems to be the only hope for Anandita now ,Pihu is not much of help to her mother and Gopal is making only guest appearances nowadays,
    I am very sorry to say that the nok jhoks and affectionate scenes between Pihu and Anandita are not as natural as they used to be between Pihu and Suchi. i feel this new track will look better if Pihu and Gopal leave ,they are n’t able to relate themselves to this new track and new cast,as it is their screen space has gone down substantially,better to show them the door also so that ths revamped version will look more natural.

  2. Today I stated watching for Anandita as I really wanted to see her aggressive behavior. There I was satisfied ^_^ But after watching Pihu I was like – this is the same kid, right???
    I mean this 180 degree change in her personality has left me shocked :O Plus the scene where she told Anandita to write sorry – made me uncomfortable :/ I think sticking to WU was a good idea.

  3. Lashmi Ji, a big reason that in Naamkaran I liked Avni & Ayesha’s bonding & in Bhootu, PiChi’s bonding more because I personally think mother-daughter relationship is not just all mushy-mushy but has different shades. Like at points, Suchi was affectionate & at points was strict & someties they even fought also. Let alone bringing up the normal situation, here they have turned the whole table & suddenly showing a 7 years old to become a guardian. And I don’t seriously understand how they want to glorify this change through Gopal & his smile. It’s not working at all.
    I do agree with you. Even Pihu & Gopal should have left the story as they only occupy a few moments & don’t offer much to the story.

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