Bhootu 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shona Loses Eyesight

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Bhootu 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shona asks her friends to steal whatever they feel precious in this house. Pihu calls landline via mobile and makes Damroo hear their conversation. Barbie disguises as Gabbar singh, Damroo as thakur, Vikram as Devdas, Anandita as Paro, etc. Barbie asks Pihu/Shona howmany files she has invited. Shona says 6. Barbie mimicks gabbar singh. Anandita asks Shona why her friends looks so low class. Shona says they study in her class. Damroo says she is lying, they are street hildren. Shona says yes, Damrooo is right, they also disguised as bollywood actors. They all dance and enjoy. Shona warns her friends to steal whatever they see precious, else she will not spare them. Dance continues. Pihu thinks she will not let them steal anything and tries to do magic, but it does not work.

Mohini with Bobby walks in with cake thinking candle will blast once it is lit and then everyone will be finished. Pihu hears that and runs to inform Anandita and Shona, but Anandita lights candle and it blasts. Sona runs calling Shona, mamma. Everyone collapse. Anandita walks to Pihu and tries to wake up Shona/Pihu, but she does not. Everyone gather worried. Mohini joins back and acts. Barbie consoles Anandita to calm down, doctor is coming.

Doctor comes and checks Shona and says her condition is critical. Mohini starts acting and alleges Anandita that she tried to kill her own daughter. Vikram warns her to shut up. Pihutells nothing will happen to her. Shona wakes up and asks why they have switched off lights. Vikram can’t she see lantern in front. She asks if her lantern/eyes are gone. Sooraj says Pihu’s eyes are tearing, should he call doctor. Vikram says yes. Pihu holds Gopal’s idol and says whatever Shona is, she wants to cure Shona as she cannot see anyone in pain. She prays god that Shona should see again. Light emerges from flute and travels to Shona’s yes. Mohini continues her drama that Pihu cannot see because of Anandita. Shona gets up and says she can see. Doctor says it is a miracle. Pihu says she cannot see mamma in tears, so what if Shona is bad. Gopal says Pihu would have asked for her life or end Shona’s life, but she did not, she will be a good example for every child.

Precap: Shona pushes Anandita from balcony, and she falls into waste carrying truck. Driver says they have to burn waste. Vikram asks where is Anandita. Driver says must have burnt in waste material.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Niharika2602

    Wow!!! Just when I thought BHOOTU couldn’t get crappier. But what do you know??? BHOOTU’s creatives have surprised me in the most horrible way & yes, I wasn’t this much surprised when KinSa exited.

    I might be the worst person in this world right now for being happy when the doppleganger lost her vision.

    It’s understandable that those poor kids who grow up without the support of a family, have to struggle a lot & if you find them bitter, you have to be patient with them.

    Sorry to say, the way this story has developed so far, I have started to hate Bhootu herself. So an OTT doppleganger & her antics have failed to make me sympathize with her. In fact it’s bound to make one angry as after all the love she has received, she should have melted a bit by now. But, no. With each episode the kid becomes more horrible.

    Ace actors sometimes fail to portray a negative character. In that place, you are making a 8 years old portray such a role which neither looks convincing nor was necessary in the first place. I personally feel, Arshiya struggles a lot these days but still can’t emote properly.

    Coming to the other characters, this platoon of zombie only eat SS & audiences’ brain with their award winning performance. And it seems, not only the cast but the writer is getting replaced every few days as there is no continuity in the story. Last time I watched, a doctor advised Vikram to disclose the truth. Yesterday the caretaker said doctor advised not to disclose as Anandita will die. Really!!! Are you kidding me?

    Plus, what happened to Anandita & Pihu???

    In SEASON 1, there was no episode where I hadn’t felt sad for them. Pihu’s yearning for her mother made us cry & even though most of us were hurt as she chose Anandita over Suchi, it made sense.

    Suchi’s sacrifice made us respect & love her more because she never demanded anything & was happy with Bhootu’s happiness.

    Now that mother’s affection & concern is completely missing. And don’t even start on her ignorance. Otherwise which mother fails to notice the changes in behavior & let her daughter do whatever she wants? Anadita is mad, fine. But, Vikram??? Pihu’s urge to stay as a Bhoot only makes you agitated but not sad.

    Last but not the least, foul attempt of recreating every PiChi moment with emotionless AnPi.

    From lying on the floor to cutting a cake made of laddoo – I literally started crying after watching how beautifully they have ruined these scenes for me. And today’s precap where Anandita was being burnt & Vikram came running, this made me nauseous. Really!!! This too??? Angry You really think you can recreate that moment of Suchi putting her hand in the machine & Aarav running to rescue her. Good luck with that.

    Now that, you have literally recycled all of their moments, what will you show next? Confused Or will you introduce another doppleganger or secret admirer of Anandita & re-recycle everything.

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