Bhai – Behen (A Humorous What-If)

First of all, thank you to everyone. *mimicks Rra* Truly humbled by your love, man, truly humbled. Very grateful. I feel overwhelmed, man.

Ok. Dumbo me realized I didn’t tell the meaning of Iztiraar. πŸ˜…

Iztiraar means helplessness, restlessness, agitation, uneasiness, eagerness, etc. πŸ˜—

So, basically, Iztiraar-e-Ishq roughly translates to helplessness in love. πŸ™ƒβœŒοΈ

And yes, Iztiraar-e-Ishq does have three more parts, which will be posted after a while. πŸ™‚

Hua ye ki..My mum and I were watching Immj2, that Riddhu ke parents ki mystery wale episodes. So, my mum said ki iske paas locket ka dusra hissa hai to isse ab iska bhai dikha denge. *sarcasm intended* And I went ek dum se waqt Badal diya, jazbaat badal diye, RiAnsh ka relation badal diya. 😭

Solely for entertainment purpose. Kripya author ke ghar pahunchkar usse tabiyat se peetne ka upkaar na karen. πŸ™ƒπŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ™‚

Happy belated Raksha Badhan, BTW πŸ™ƒ

Ever thought What-If Riddhima tied a Rakhi to Kabir?

“Vansh, hum donon ab bhai-behen hain.”, Riddhima said, teary-eyed.

“Kya!?”, he exclaimed before fainting.

When Vansh woke up on feeling water being sprinkled on his face. As Riddhima’s words echoed in his ears, he wished it was just a hallucination.

“Tum..Tum kuch keh rhi thi?”, he inquired hesitantly.

“Vansh, tum mere bhai ho.”, she said as tears welled up her eyes.

“Aur ye..kaise hua?”, he asked, kissing his teeth, trying his best not to cry out loud in front of his already hyper-emotional wife.

“Vo jaise, agar x=y aur y=z, to x=z, vaise hi Kabir tumhara bhai hai, aur aaj maine usse Rakhi bandh di, to ab vo aur main Bhai-behen hain. Matlab tum bhi mere bhai ho.”, she explained, breaking down into sobs as she threw herself in his embrace.

“Aaj main iss Kabir ko hi maar dalta hun, na rahega bhai, na bajegi behengiri.”, he thought to himself as angry tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Main thodi der mein aata hun.”, he whispered to her as he patted her back and wiped his tears, looking away.

“Kabir!”, he marched towards the man who was feasting on a pineapple cake.

“Aaj tu zinda nhi bachega!”, Vansh shouted, gritting his teeth.

“Zinda hoon hi kahan main. Meri premika ne mujhe hi rakhi baandh di, isse badi tragedy koi ho sakti hai bhala?”, he chuckled sadly as he swallowed a morsel.

Vansh’s eyes softened for a moment. Kabir indeed had gone through a lot of ordeals. He didn’t deserve this life full of pineapple thorns. As if reading his thoughts, Kabir passed him a broken smile. And the next moment, he received a bhot hard punch on his face, and he fell down on the floor with a thud, breaking his nose.

And then, Vansh went Ram Ram satya hai and did Kabir’s last rites.

Bhot hi kameena insaan tha. Acha hua mar gaya. Dharti pe bojh, huh! Isski aatma ko bhi tripti milegi.”, he thought to himself as he shed a few silent crocodile tears for the dead man.

When Vansh returned home, he saw Riddhima sitting on the sofa, eating meethi bhaat while crying silently.

Riddhu, don’t cry sweetheart. I can’t see your tears babe.”, he cooed to her.

Babe nahi, behen bolo.”, she burst into sobs.

“Shh, jaan. Maine Kabir ka kaam tamaam kar diya hai, don’t worry.”

Par Vansh, maine Aryan aur Ishani ko bhi rakhi baandhi hai. Tum phir bhi mere bhai ho.”, she said with puffy eyes.

And then Aryan and Ishani, who had been eavesdropping on their conversation went hum aapke hain kaun in a bid to save their life.

No flying chappals piliz πŸ˜‚βœŒοΈ

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