Bhagya Lakshmi 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi gives a gift to Lakshmi


Bhagya Lakshmi 6th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Karishma telling Ahana that if she wants to wear the saree then she would have brought it. Ahana takes the saree from Lakshmi and says I like it, it will suit me. Karishma says do you know how you will look. Ahana says if I look like Lakshmi bhabhi then it will be a proud moment for me, an achievement. Lakshmi asks Ahana to learn not to behave like that with elders, and says why do you want to look like someone, and says everyone has their own qualities, and asks her to become like self, unique and different and then I will learn something from you. Ahana says I want to learn your simplicity. Karishma says cut the crab, just shut up, there is a difference between Simplicity and Class. She asks her to copy Malishka and says she has personality, class and attitude and everything. Ayush hears her and says such things shall be inside and says inner beauty is important and outer beauty is visible to eyes, and we forget it soon, and what we remember is feelings. He asks Ahana to focus on her inner beauty and asks Karishma not to ask her to copy Malishka, and says you will only throw her if she copies her. Karishma says if you was the same Ayush who was taunting her (Lakshmi). Ayush says I was wrong and says I wish you can do right. Karishma scolds him and asks Lakshmi if she is happy by making her kids against her. She goes. Ayush asks Ahana not to worry and wear whatever she likes. Lakshmi says I am making her understand something else and you. Ayush says which mother don’t want her daughter to be upset. Lakshmi says she don’t want anyone to be upset in the house. Ayush asks how she can be so selfless. Ahana says I want to become like you. Ayush says God has made her on Sunday, so that’s why she is unique. Ahana says the Lakshmi bhabhi.

Karishma comes there and tells that Ahana wants to become like Lakshmi and wear saree like her. Neelam blames Lakshmi. Karishma says you have to do something fast, else she will make us dance on her tune. Neelam says she will partition us in pieces, and says we know her truth. Karishma asks her to do something and says Lakshmi shall be insulted infront of everyone. She says we have to teach her a lesson and end this chapter for once and all.

Lakshmi comes to Dadi’s room and sees her wishing happy birthday to Dada ji. Lakshmi comes there and wishes Dada ji. Dadi blesses her on dada ji’s behalf. She tells that if he would have been alive then he would have been happy seeing her. She says I can’t forget this day till my last breath and says I wish he was here and then he would be happy to see you. Dadi kisses on her forehead and asks if anything shall be done. Lakshmi says she made sheera for bhog. Dadi praises her.

Karishma shows the prasad made by Lakshmi to Neelam. She is about to add garlic in the prasad. Neelam stops her and says we will not ruin the puja. She asks her to keep the prasad in the other bowl and mixes garlic in the remaining bowl. She says I want to humiliate her. She asks her to wash the garlic with vinegar water, so that people can know that it is garlic. Karishma executes the plan. Karishma says we will keep halwa in separate bowl and then add garlic in all. Neelam hides the halwa and tells Karishma that whenever scolds Lakshmi, then she shall bring shudh halwa. She says she will scold her a lot. She says she will show her truth to everyone. Karishma says Lakshmi’s name will be ruined. Ahana comes there and asks what are you doing here? Neelam says I came to see if prasad is made. Karishma says your Lakshmi bhabhi has taken the responsibility, but she don’t care. Ahana says now she has made halwa and added cashew in it.

Malishka comes to Rishi’s room and thinks to show him, how good she is looking? She thinks Lakshmi has no comparison with her. Rishi comes there. She asks how is she looking? Rishi says good and takes out necklace from the bag and tries it on Malishka. Karishma asks Ahana to come out.

Lakshmi comes to the room. Malishka thinks timing is perfect, Rishi gave me necklace infront of this illiterate girl. Lakshmi is about to go. Rishi stops her and tells that he brought necklace for her, and got the showroom opened early. He asks her to smile rather than thanking him and say how is it looking? Lakshmi says it is good. Malishka gets upset and goes. Lakshmi asks why did you try it on me then? Rishi says in excitement. Lakshmi says you would have waited for me, you made her hopeful and her heart broke. He says if she has wrong hopes then it will break. He asks how is it? Lakshmi says it is good. She says whatever you bring for me with love, I will like it always. He says you are indirectly asking for gifts for forever and says you are becoming my typical wife. She says I am your wife. They look at each other. Song plays….

Malishka feels humiliated and collides with Sonia accidentally. She raises her hand to slap her and realizes she is Sonia. Ayush comes to Rishi and Lakshmi’s room and says I came at the wrong time and asks them to continue. . Rishi asks haddi-kabaab and asks him to come. Ayush says I was going and asks them to continue. Lakshmi calls Ayush. Ayush says ji bhabhi. Rishi says you didn’t stop when I call you and when she called, you said ji bhabhi. He asks why did he come? Ayush says I came to see what you are doing. He says I came to see if you both are ready and asks them to continue their romantic moment. Lakshmi smiles. Rishi asks what to do? She asks what do you mean? Rishi says Ayush said and says I am saying that….we shall go downstairs as we are ready. Lakshmi nods her head. He says you like it (necklace). She nods yes. He says lets go downstairs. Rishi thanks her.

Precap: Balwinder keeps something in the kalash pot. Malishka tells him that once she gets Rishi, he can’t think how much money she will give him. Dadi asks Rishi and Lakshmi to cut the cake. Malishka looks on. Durga Devi comes there. Virender says you came at the right time. Durga Devi says Police shall come at the right time. Lakshmi touches the kalash pot and gets electrocuted, shouts and faints. Rishi and everyone gets worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Lovestobehappy

    Come on people. What Crap are the writers writing. Rishi trying on Laxmi necklace on Malishka. Also, writers if you want malishka to marryy Rishi, please stop all the crap you are writing and do it because they deserve each other. You guys are pathetic. So much insults every day. Thats why I stop looking at all the other soap. I decised to continue with one but now its totally and utterly nonsense. Im out. Cannot see all the insults.

  2. Lovestoseepeoplehappy

    Come on people. What Crap are the writers writing. Rishi trying on Laxmi necklace on Malishka. Also, writers if you want malishka to marryy Rishi, please stop all the crap you are writing and do it because they deserve each other. You guys are pathetic. So much insults every day. Thats why I stop looking at all the other soap. I decised to continue with one but now its totally and utterly nonsense. Im out. Cannot see all the insults.

  3. No now it going good Rishi and Lakshmi are getting close and both they deserve each other malishka is selfish and she only think about herself.i really want neelam know about malishka true color all her attitude will be down

    1. Do you think the writers will ever expose malishka?
      I have the feeling that lakshmi’s aunt will be blamed for helping balwinder and malishka and her mom will be free to continue their evilness.
      All we need to look out for is a fake pregnancy by malishka now, she will try to rape Rishi to get pregnant,
      They have tried every other trick that’s used in the bhagya shows only pregnancy and rape is missing.

  4. Gita 🤣🤣🤣🤣 if it happens then it will be copy paste since the same thing happened in kkb ( or see Rhéa trying to rape ranbir twice without success and ended up faking a pregnancy ) . No originality only répétions and pastes copies but I wouldn’t be surprised if this also happens in BL with malishka

    1. Grachi if you observe carefully the show has taken the same turn as kkb. It started off differently but now every new plot is a copy and paste from kkb.
      The show has lost its original plot that was sold to the viewers at the beginning.

  5. This show of Bagya Lakshmi is exactly like Kumkum Bhagya because Malishka is like Tanu. She always wins and never exposed their wrongdoings. Tanu tried to brainwashed Abhi made he hates and blamed Innocent Pragya like Malishka brainwash Rishi made him hates + blamed innocent Lakshmi.

    Tanu tried to kill Pragya to steal their husbands exactly like Malishka tried to kill Lakshmi to steal their husband Rishi.

    Tanu was first love to Abhi over wife -Pragya rexactly like Malishka was first Iove to Rishi over wife Lakshmi.

    What a same story in different actress and actors -.-

    From beginning was much better and unlike to KKB and KB but now is same story as them -.-

    1. Ekta’s serials are the same… it’s a call for help cause this woman is not happy

    2. Well given that the writer for all the bhagya series is the same person there are no creative differences in these shows.
      He keeps repeating the same plot and boring old ideas.
      These bhagya shows needs a new writer with fresh ideas.

  6. .I’m 1000% fed up with this stupidity, how is it possible in a family that says with such class there are so many insults and gratuitous insults, and this story of maliska and rish has already given what it had to give, I can’t take it anymore it’s too pathetic the course that this story took, it’s too absurd for Rish to try the laximi necklace on maliska, even more absurd for a mother to make a plan like that of neelan just because she doesn’t like her daughter-in-law will she humiliate her own family just to offend one person? It’s too much for me!!!

  7. The story is really rubbish.The joke is on us though for even watching this trash.

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