Bhagya Lakshmi 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi takes a stand for Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lakshmi thinking everyone is sad, where they shall be happiness, there shall be sadness. She says if everyone don’t cheer up then they will get angry on Ahana. She thinks to try to cheer them. She says everything will be fine, and asks everyone to have food. She says if Dadi don’t have food then her BP will shoot up. She says she will serve the food and will make salad for Ahana. Neelam comes to Lakshmi. Lakshmi calls her Mummy ji. Neelam asks her not to call her Mummy ji, and calls her shameless girl. She says the daughter of the house’s relation broke today and you are behaving as if nothing happened. Lakshmi says Mummy ji. Neelam says you had played enough with us. Lakshmi moves backwards and collides with Karishma. Karishma blames her for hiding this truth from her, and says what did you think that Gautam’s family will not say this to outsiders. She blames her for supporting Ahana. Ahana tells that Lakshmi asked her to reveal truth to Gautam and she didn’t ask her to keep her baby. She says it is her decision. She says when she was talking to Gautam, his mother overheard. Neelam tells Lakshmi that she has lost the right to be the bahu, says you are burden for us, you are a trouble. She asks if you will become great by doing this and asks everyone to clap. She says she made fun of us and she herself became great. She says Gujrals laughed at us and made fun of us, today you didn’t leave us for anything. Rishi brushes off Malishka’s hand and goes to Neelam. He stands infront of Lakshmi and says whatever Lakshmi did was right.

Balwinder calls Rano and tells that Lakshmi would have become his, if Rishi haven’t come. He says he raised hand on me. Rano says it would be good if he had killed you. She then says it won’t be good. Balwinder says I will not leave Lakshmi and asks Rano to make her understand. Rano says if anything happens as she wanted, then she would have played at home. He says he will come and meet her. Rano says there is nobody at home and asks him not to come. She ends the call and thinks how Lakshmi will be saved from him. Balwinder says I am Rishi’s markesh dosh.

Rishi tells Neelam that she didn’t make fun of our family’s character and respect and infact saved us. She says why she would have bear and if she wanted then would have told truth to everyone, but she hid it as she wanted to save our respect and support Ahana, says only Lakshmi supported her. Sonia says but bhai. Rishi says if Lakshmi wanted to say this, then would have told this easily, why she would be afraid. He says what we have done, we have raised finger on her character and the level I didn’t see in this house, we all said bad things to her of that level, but she didn’t react and haven’t said anything. He hugs Ahana and says she is my sister and daughter of the house. He says if Ahana is ours, then why she need to go to Lakshmi? Why she didn’t come to us. He says Ahana got the support and love from Lakshmi which she couldn’t get from us. Karishma says Lakshmi has manipulated my daughter, she is very selfish and can do anything to be here. She says she might have made Ahana have something to trap her. Rishi asks what are you saying? Karishma says yes Rishi, she can do anything and is selfish. She says my daughter was not dependent and says she must have emptied Ahana’s bank account to win her trust. Rishi says trust is earned and not brought. He says Ahana is the daughter of the house and asks when you all have spent time with her. He says I don’t remember if I sat with her for 2 mins and asks how is she? He asks Ayush and Sonia, if they asked Ahana how is she? He says Ahana feels lonely, thought there are many family members here. He says nobody was with her, and only Lakshmi supported her. He says Lakshmi asked, supported her and was standing by her. He says if Ahana had come to you, then what you would have done, if you will allow her to keep this baby. He tells Karishma that she did a big mistake, but Lakshmi didn’t make the mountain out of her mistakes and didn’t do any drama. He says we make fun of Lakshmi and nobody supports her, but today she gave hope to Ahana and stood by her. He says Lakshmi is still my wife and the bahu, and until we get officially divorce, she will be the bahu of the house. He says Lakshmi loves everyone of us, but what we did with her, showed hatred for her. He goes to her and says we treat her more worst than a stranger. He asks Lakshmi to say yes or no. He says everyone of us will get answer in Lakshmi’s eyes.

Neelam claps and says you said good and can read everyone’s eyes. She says supporting the wrong person is wrong. She says even you will be wrong. Karishma says I am stressed since Lakshmi came here, and couldn’t give time to Ahana. She says Lakshmi changed my daughter and she should have told me if she is so closer to us. Dadi says everyone is blaming Lakshmi, and asks them to ask Ahana, why did she do this, and whose baby is this? She says it is very easy to raise finger on others, but accepting own mistakes is very difficult. Neelam says Lakshmi has troubled Mummy ji too, and asks Dadi why is she favoring Lakshmi and fighting with us due to her. She asks her to think about Ahana, and says who will marry her now. Ayush says you are absolutely right, but why are we blaming Lakshmi? What did she do? He says now I understood why Ahana was taking Lakshmi’s side, going against Mom and me. He says it is easy to point finger on others, and regrets to blame her repeatedly, and she called me dewar, bhai and dost. He says we only taunted her, and she gave us love in return. He says we called her stranger and she called us family. He says he used to feel much pain in his heart, but his mind used to interfere. He tells that Rishi is right, nobody can hear like Lakshmi heard for Ahana. He says since when I became like this, and tells Lakshmi that he has become small. He says Lakshmi is his motherly figure and apologizes to her, calling her Lakshmi bhabhi. Neelam asks him to stop his childishness and says what is wrong is wrong. Sonia says if she was motherly figure then she wouldn’t have done this and then becomes good infront of everyone. Neelam says if I am elder of the house, then why she didn’t tell me, Virender or Mummy ji. She says now you will say that I will get upset and angry, but I would have solved the problem. She says if she would have told us, then how she would have become great later. She says Ahana is wrong, but she is more guilty than Ahana. She says everyone hear it carefully and says if Ahana’s alliance don’t happen or if anything happens then I will not forgive her. Lakshmi cries.

Precap: Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand and says whatever you think or do doesn’t happen and opposite thing happens instead. He promises her that he will not let anyone raise finger on her respect. Lakshmi hugs him. Balwinder talks to the baby’s poster and asks baby to come out to Papa. Ayush tells Lakshmi that he will become her rakshak and will not let anything happen to you. Malishka asks balwinder if you will tell Rishi’s family that I asked you to do everything. Rishi says I will find out how and why this has happened.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hurra volvió el tridente de la novela Rishi, Lakshmi y Ayush por largo tiempo bueno eso espero. Dadi no me decepcionó me gustó la postura que tomó y que decir de Rishi por primera vez actuó como el esposo de Lakshmi. Neelam es de lo peor que visto en la novela viendo con sus propios ojos los sacrificios que ha hecho su nuera para que la familia sea feliz aún la maltrata y ni voy a mencionar a Sonia y Karishma que siempre vieron lo malo (cosa que no tiene) de Lakshmi.Me da gusto ver este avance veremos ahora que pasa.

  2. good grief…..They still blame Lakshmi for everything.??!! that is, lol.🤣🤣🤣 …Congratulations to Etka for giving us the most obnoxious, egotistical, selfish characters of all time!!! Rotten to the bone..👏👏👏👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    1. I said it earlier that lakshmi will be blamed. If karishma was watering her garden instead of maliska’s she would have seen what was happening in her garden.
      The makers really know how to portray negativity.
      Now maliska will make balwinder take lakshmi or shalu name as the person who he got the information from, more negativity

    2. yeah. me too. I knew that even when the truth came out, Lakshmi would be blamed. That is the illogical, negative outcome of all of Etka’s serials. Villains always win. The truth never comes out and the innocent get beaten down all the time. I hope her serials go off air. They are all the same theme. I guess they cant come up with more creative storylines so they re-use them over and over again. I don’t watch any of her shows.

  3. What is this?! How can people behave like this?🤧 I wish the writers would put Lakshmi out of her misery and take her way from this toxic, parasitic and ungrateful family. I love Rishmi but if we’re going to have to see more scenes of Lakshmi being treated as a rag to get more action from this pairing then I’d much rather see Lakshmi with another love interest (excluding Balwinder of course🤮). Plus a little jealousy may be good for Rishmi, God knows Rishi needs some decisiveness…maybe some competition will produce it.

  4. Oh God what kind of family is this? Their hatred for Lakshmi is too much, how can they still blame Lakshmi. Why should Lakshmi tell them about Ahana’s pregnancy, isn’t Ahana herself who is suppose to tell them? It was soo easy for them to insult Lakshmi b’cos she is not their own but when they found out about their own Ahana being pregnant, they didn’t insult her b’cos she is their own but they rather kept on insulting Lakshmi though she hasn’t done anything wrong. I can’t believe how Karishma, Neelam and Sonia can be so cruel towards Lakshmi despite the truth coming out that their own person did the mistake. it annoys me so much that the female characters in this 3 Bhagyas are always suffering from their husband’s family. The insults and humiliations are too unbearable to watch. For once the vilians have to pay for their crimes please writers.

  5. When will maliskha’s truth about the fake priest and makeash Dot be revealed.

    1. Never because none of her evil plots are ever exposed.

  6. Disgusting family 🤮🤮🤮🤮 this show is all about humilation. Nothing good in it. It is soo depressive.

  7. Why people even watching this show its just spread negativity
    Why that Lakshmi even came to their house instead of divorcing Rishi just to save his dumbass ass and act mother teresa. The concept start with markesh dosh and the one who started doesn’t give a damn about it now (Rishi’s so called mother)
    Such a pathetic show giving wrong messages to already rotten sno matter how much humiliation you got or get trampled in your in laws house.You have to be with your pati parmeshwar who didn’t even have a mind and entangled with other women.

  8. That’s reality of ekta show

  9. Sooo apparently such an affluent family’s daughter doesn’t know about contraception or plan B…. Ekta regurgitates this in each and every serial 🙄 the badly treated wife covers for the sister in laws unwed pregnancy and they try to hoodwink her illegitimate child on some other poor family. It is wrong and all these characters are dumb. Ekta says that her stories are based on what she saw in the neighborhood growing up around her… so apparently in Bollywood people are getting married while secretly pregnant with the child of another and daughter in laws are badly abused, and people turn into snakes 🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. You said exactly right. This crap is not Indian culture, it’s the culture of top 5% rich folks obsessessed with their wealth and thinking everyone not as rich has questionable morals. But it is these rich people that are a blot on Indian society. They don’t want to share their wealth or help the poor, they don’t adopt to give a better life to someone. Nothing to do all day except spew hatred. That was the world she grew up in, people who live in joint families in normal world do face some inconvenience and politics but not to this extent as in the end we have to make a living. Our problems are much more realistic than those imagined by the rich. Utter trash.

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