Bhagya Lakshmi 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Kiran hires Balwinder to execute her devillish plan


Bhagya Lakshmi 4th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kiran telling Malishka that if Lakshmi dies then who will get effected, and says let her die. She says with Dada ji’s birthday, Lakshmi’s death anniversary will be celebrated, and then says it will not be celebrated as you will become the bahu of the house and Rishi’s wife. She says nobody will remember Lakshmi. Malishka says one more case will be on, though Balwinder’s case is still on. Kiran says you had done a mistake and that’s why Balwinder’s case is on, but I am your Mom and will not do any mistake. Malishka hugs her and says you are my supermom and always thought about my happiness. Kiran says I am your Mom, and will always be with you, says Rishi is yours. Durga Devi tells Balwinder’s friend that they already have this information. Constable asks if this is the big news. Balwinder’s friend says if he gets such a girl then his life will be set etc. Durga Devi beats him and scolds him for his thoughts. She asks him to leave and then asks the constable to do the investigation before bringing anyone.

Neelam calls Durga devi and asks if you found out something about Balwinder. Durga Devi says she couldn’t catch him yet, but he will soon be caught and asks her not to worry. She says tomorrow I am coming to your house for investigation. Neelam says we have puja at home tomorrow. Durga Devi says I like to attend puja and says I am self inviting myself and ends the call. Neelam says she is somewhat strange. Karishma says she is sharp and that’s why she is Inspector. Neelam says I thought she will not come hearing about puja, but she self invited herself. Karishma says let her come, we haven’t done any wrong work. She says I always feel that whenever any inspector invites self, some trouble will happen. She says nothing wrong shall happen in our house.

Someone knocks on Guddu’s door. Balwinder covers himself with saree and asks Guddu to send whoever has come. A burqa clad woman comes there. Balwinder thinks who has come, my duplicate.

Lakshmi tells the Servants that she will see the decoration in the hall and temple and asks them to the decoration near the door, and asks to clean the temple area. She says I will bring out the stuff, you just have to keep it. Virender and Dadi see her happy and organizing the puja. He says Lakshmi is happy and working hard like she is working for her loved ones. Dadi says she is good at heart and tells that since she came to know about your Bauji’s birthday. She has decided to get the puja done and told that she will do all the work. Karishma says it is all drama. Virender says nobody thought of doing puja on Bau ji’s birthday, but she felt and said. Dadi says she thought this, when she has to go away from here. Karishma says she is doing this to stay back. Dadi gets happy and says she shall stay back for forever. She says she will stop her. Dadi stops Karishma and says let her do what she wants. Virender thinks of Dadi’s words in his room. Neelam comes there and sits on the sofa. She asks what are you thinking? Virender says nothing. Neelam says you might be tensed about balwinder. He says no, Durga Devi is there for him. Neelam says only Balwinder can tell us about our enemy. She asks what are you thinking? Virender says about Lakshmi. Neelam says she doesn’t deserve that someone shall think about her. She says we have to bear him for some days. Virender says I am thinking that she bear so much pain and then also she has done so much for us, gave medicines to Maa on time, cooks food for us daily, slapped Balwinder for raising finger at you, and whatever she did for Ahana. Neelam says this is her trick to melt you down and you are getting trap again. She says she is doing this to trap you. Virender says I tried to look in her eyes and never felt what you are thinking. Neelam says Lakshmi is auspicious for our family and asks him not to forget. Virender says it might be our mistake. Neelam says I did a mistake, it is my fault to ask what are you thinking? She says you had done mistake before and asks him not to repeat it again.

Guddu asks who are you? Kiran removes the veil and shows her face. She comes inside. Guddu is about to close the door. Kiran says let the door be open. She asks where is Balwinder? Balwinder comes near her. She asks who is in saree, and takes out knife. Balwinder shows his face and says he is in saree because of her daughter. Kiran says tell the Police, then you will be caught. She says I will inform Police. Balwinder asks her to tell, why did she come? Kiran says don’t forget that we have called Guddu to free you. She gives him some money. Balwinder says your daughter promised to give 5 lakhs and I asked her to take 1 lakh for parlour. He says he needs 4 lakhs. Kiran asks him to do her work. Balwinder says he is roaming in saree and Durga Devi is behind him. Kiran asks will you do my work or not? She says you have to go to Oberoi house. Balwinder says he will not go there and will leave the country. She says I will give you so much money. Balwinder says he was beaten up by everyone. Kiran asks him to agree and says she will handle everything. Balwinder agrees. Kiran shows the knife and asks him to listen. He says he will not do murder. She shares her dangerous plan with Balwinder.

Lakshmi is going to keep water in Neelam’s room. Neelam stops her and says you are clever and cunning and I can see what you are doing. She says you are taking everyone at your side, and they are praising you again. She says they have forgotten that you are inauspicious for us. She asks what is her intentions, and asks her to say that you are doing all this, to stay back in this house. She asks what are you proving by staying silent and asks her to say and asks if she is waiting for someone. Rishi is coming there. Neelam says you are waiting for Rishi and says he takes your side these days, and asks if you want Rishi to fight with me seeing me scolding you. She says do whatever you want, but I will throw you out. Rishi comes there and asks if all good, Mom. He looks at Lakshmi.

Kiran asks Balwinder if he understood. Balwinder says yes. He asks Guddu if he understood. Kiran says very good and says my work shall happen well. She goes. Guddu asks Balwinder not to fall in mother-daughter’s trap and says you will not come out of jail for forever. He asks him not to come in her talks, as Durga Devi is after him. He asks if he understood and says he will arrange money. Balwinder says ok.

Rishi asks Lakshmi what they are talking about? Lakshmi says something can be between us. Rishi asks her to keep water jug in Mom’s room as Dadi is calling you. Neelam asks him to ask Mukesh to keep jug in my room. Rishi takes the jug in his hand and goes. Neelam says since you came, he started working. He took the jug so that you don’t have to go holding it. She says everyone is changing because of you, but I will not let this happen, as I will not let your inauspicious steps stays in this house.

Precap: Malishka is happy after seeing necklace in Rishi’s hand and thinks he brought it for her. Rishi puts necklace on Malishka’s neck. Lakshmi walks in and sees them together. Rishi takes the necklace and says to Lakshmi, this is for you.
Neelam says we have to act fast or else Lakshmi will make our family apart.
Malishka says to Balwinder disguised as pandit, trust me I can give you a lot of more money if Rishi becomes mine. Balwinder sets a trap for Lakshmi and thinks she won’t be spared this time.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. So we will have another month of nothing at most maybe Rishi realizes his love for Lakshmi if she falls in danger but to what end??. The cycle goes on and on!. Pathetic all these Bhagya shows are horrible!.

  2. Can understand how Kiran can find balwinder so easy but the police can’t figure out where he is. That concept is really dumb.
    This pooja is going to take an entire month as 1 days in this show takes a month to pass with no end to malishka and her mother evilness and no one being caught by the police.

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