Bhagya Lakshmi 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update: Balwinder gets locked in Rishi’s bathroom

Bhagya Lakshmi 21st July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwinder getting locked in the bathroom of Rishi’s room. Rishi comes there and says it is my room bathroom. He says the door is jammed. Rishi and Ayush try to open it. Rishi says now stay there. Ayush tells that he will not go and call carpenter in the night. Ayush goes to Balwinder and says I have locked the door, now if will not open. He says I will not leave you. He says I will play kabaddi with you. Balwinder says I am not afraid of Mr. Oberoi. Ayush asks him to stay there all night. Balwinder tries to wash his hands, but water doesn’t come in the tap. He thinks Malishka shall come and do something. Malishka comes there and tells that Balwinder is not there. Rishi asks Ayush to lock the door and gives him lock. He says we can’t take risk, his friends can come. Malishka asks what? Rishi says Balwinder is locked in my bathroom so I am getting my room locked. Malishka recalls asking him to escape and she will give him 5 lakhs to lie. Ayush locks the door and asks Rishi to keep one key and says he will keep the other. Malishka says give one to me. Ayush says I don’t trust you for now. Malishka asks Rishi if he heard what Ayush said. Rishi says it is his mind, what I can say.

Balwinder thinks he had left his childhood love Neha, and would have left Lakshmi too. He knocks on the bathroom door. Rishi tells Virender that his bathroom door was locked. He says we have to call carpenter in the morning. Rishi says if you put coconut oil on the door hinges then it will open it itself. Rishi gives her keys and asks Ayush to go and help her. He says how his friends entered the house. Virender tells that the door was locked by Mukesh. Devika says someone was here who did this. Karishma says all are family members. Ahana says Malishka and Kiran aunty are also here. Malishka says one window was open, and tells that Balwinder tried to elope from there. Lakshmi comes there with Rishi, now the door is fine, and not jammed. But he has locked door from inside. Ayush says I asked him to come out, but he didn’t come. Rishi says he will say the truth in the morning. Malishka asks what change will come in him? Kiran also says the same. Rishi says he didn’t sleep and will not sleep tonight also, and will be tired and will spit out everything whatever is in his mind. Ayush says the culprit will be infront of us, who told him about Lakshmi’s pregnancy.

Dadi tells Rishi and others that he was our driver and is an ordinary person, who took away our sleep. He says she will handle him now. Virender says Maa. Dadi says yes. Ayush says Nani. Dadi says yes, your Nani. She says I will enquire with Balwinder. Neelam asks what you will do. Karishma asks what you can do. Dadi asks them to just wait and watch, and says whoever is our enemy, think that their reverse timing starts now, and will be exposed. Malishka thinks everyone is behind me, what shall I do?

Balwinder feels pain and yearns to get wine. He thinks to join gym and drink much wine. Rishi tells Lakshmi that let Balwinder be there and says he is tired. Lakshmi asks him to sleep. He says no and thanks her for her idea to stop Balwinder from escaping. Lakshmi says he shall not escape. Rishi says I will be awake all night. Lakshmi asks him to sleep and says she will be awake. Rishi asks if you are not a human and asks her to sleep. She says she was awake many nights. Rishi asks her to sleep. Lakshmi says no, go and sleep. He asks why are you behaving like typical wife. She says she is his wife. He says but I am not typical husband who agrees to wife’s sayings. He says he will not sleep, but starts yawning. Lakshmi smiles. Rishi says I am a human. Even she yawns. He says what to do to get rid of sleep. Lakshmi asks shall I make black coffee for you. He says ok and then stops her, says you might go to make tea and I might sleep. Lakshmi says she has an idea and tells that she used to be awake with her friend during exam and used to do this. He asks what they shall do? Lakshmi asks him to look in her eyes without blinking his eyelashes. Rishi says those who are in love does such things, and their sleep goes away. He says I am not going to do it. She says ok and says I will tell everyone that you had slept and I was awake. Rishi takes the pillow and keeps in his lap.

Sonia asks Malishka if she did conspiracy to make Balwinder escape and asks her to go and confess truth to mom. She says I will talk to Mom and explain to her, that you did this to oust Lakshmi from here. Kiran says don’t you know how she will react and says they will oust Malishka. She asks if you want Lakshmi to be your bahu. Sonia says no, I just wants Malishka to be my bhabhi. She goes to get water. Kiran asks Malishka if Sonia is trustable. Malishka tells that Sonia likes her very much and will not do this thing. Kiran says you did bad with yourself. Malishka asks if you will take Lakshmi’s side and says if I would have won, then you would have praised me. Kiran says who can stop the destiny moves. Malishka says I will change my destiny and will write Rishi in my hands.

Rishi and Lakshmi look at each other while staring at each other. He asks her don’t smile. He asks why are we sitting like this, like lovers. Lakshmi asks if he is getting sleep. Rishi says no. Lakshmi says your sleep will go, this remedy/nusqa is tested. He says lets see. He asks her not to correct his hindi, else he will correct her English. She says nusqa is an urdu word. Rishi says let me see you, and asks her to talk with eyes. They look at each other. Malishka comes there and sees them having an eye lock. She coughs, but they are still looking at each other. She asks what is happening. He says it is nuqsa. Lakshmi says Nusqa. He says he was feeling sleepy, but now feeling good. He says Lakshmi has awesome ideas, and says hats off to you. He says really great and amazing. He says very good, Mrs. Lakshmi Oberoi, great personality. Malishka asks if her idea is so good, I want to see how it works. She says you and me. She sits to look at him. Rishi looks at Lakshmi while looking at Malishka. Malishka asks him to look at her. Rishi says leave it, you can’t do. I am feeling fresh now. He knocks on the bathroom door and asks Balwinder if he slept in the Pod. He says tomorrow is the last day for you here, and asks him to sleep tonight. He asks Malishka to go and sleep, take rest. Malishka goes angrily from there. He asks what happened? Lakshmi says it is nothing new. Rishi says may be she didn’t understand your nusqa. Lakshmi says nuqsa. He says lets try it again. They look at each other. Lakshmi smiles.

Precap: Rishi asks Malishka why did she get afraid of cockroach, and says you girls have phobia with it. Lakshmi sees Malishka hugging him and asks him to learn how to behave when stranger girls are in the house. Rishi asks him to say the truth. Balwinder breaks the glass bottle and keeps it on Lakshmi’s neck, says he will do something wrong when don’t drink. Rishi hits him and saves Rishi. Balwinder attacks Rishi on his hand. Rishi tries to run behind him. Lakshmi stops Rishi and says let him run. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Balwinder is playing hide and seek with oberois from last week🤷‍♀️

    1. NO KIDDING!! Stupid things dragging on and on with no real outcome. But I know that with Etka’s mentality, the outcome will be ridiculous and depressing. Stopped watching a looong time ago. No real progress in ANY of her serials. All the same repetitive, boring, and negative storylines.

    2. @Hopeful
      I am not damn sure there won’t be no proper outcome of this track and the next track will start keeping this in waiting list. If the next track goes well that’s fine or else this track will again be back with some more nonsense twists. I wish once I meet the writers of Ektha’s serials in person. I want to see facec of those “Mahaan writers” who write these “Superb tracks”

    3. @Hopeful none of the tracks ever have an outcome and a new one is introduced leaving a lot of unsolved and unanswered story line. Such crap writing from the writers of these bhagya shows.
      The story goes in circles.

  2. Faltu ka timepass

  3. I am confused about the fact that people still watching this crappie show. What a waste of time!!

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