Bhagya Lakshmi 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahana stops Rishi and Lakshmi’s divorce

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahana walking in the judge’s cabin in the court, stopping her. Judge asks did you know what is the consequence of stopping court hearing. Ahana says I know that this is wrong and I can get punished, but I can’t let the innocent punished. Rishi asks Ahana why did she come here? Lakshmi tells Judge that she is her nanand. Rishi asks why did you come here? Ahana tells Judge that the divorce shall not happen, as whatever Lakshmi is doing to save her and says she is not pregnant, but I am pregnant. Rishi recalls Shiv informing them about lakshmi’s pregnancy. Balwinder tells Rano that Lakshmi will bring money bag and they will have lavish life. He says he will have vacancy for Servant and tells that he will make her Servant. Rano scolds him. Balwinder asks if Lakshmi haven’t told that lalla is about to come in your house. She asks how? Rano says how can you dream this, their relation will be very strong. Balwinder says that baby is just of Lakshmi and not of Rishi. Rano scolds him and says Lakshmi loves Rishi so much, and is married to him, she is mad about him. Balwinder tells that Lakshmi is pregnant with someone’s else baby, but I am ready to accept her. Rano asks him to stop dreaming to get Lakshmi. He keeps knife on her neck and makes her say sorry. He says he will get Lakshmi once she gets divorce, and then he will not leave the persons coming between us. He leaves her. Rano goes from there.

Ahana tells Rishi and Judge that Lakshmi is acting and showing off to save her respect. She says I came to know that bhabhi will get divorce due to my pregnancy. She asks Judge not to punish her for her doings and says she is really good. Rishi asks Ahana if she is pregnant. Ahana says I was in a relationship and had a boyfriend, they have a breakup. She tells that Lakshmi supported her throughout and says she wants to keep this baby. She says Gautam, with whom I was about to get engaged, I told him the truth and he accepted me with my past. She says bhabhi asked me not to tell anything about my pregnancy, until Gautam tells his parents, but he didn’t tell them till now. She asks Judge not to punish her for her doings, and asks Lakshmi how she can be happy breaking her relation, and says she can’t see tears in her eyes. She says I want to make a new start with my life, with blessings of you both and not by breaking your relation. Rishi asks what are you saying Ahana? Ahana says I should have told you this before. She says your marriage is important to me, and that’s why I called off engagement and came here. Lakshmi asks have you gone mad? She says Gautam…Rishi asks Ahana why she didn’t tell him, and says Lakshmi suffered so much due to this. Lakshmi says we don’t have time to talk about this, for now we have to go and save Ahana’s alliance. She says Gautam is very understanding and is ready to accept Ahana with her past. She asks Ahana what she did, for her? Ahana hugs her and cries. Lakshmi pacifies her. The Judge looks on.

Anjana tells Gautam that they shall leave. Gautam says Mom. Neelam says if Ahana has a problem then she will say. Anjana says we thought her good, but she refused for engagement and went. Neelam says she is worried. Anjana asks if she is worried, then will she walked out of her engagement. She says if Gautam had done this. Virender and Neelam try to clarify and praises their family. Anjana says may be that lady was right, Ahana is having an affair with someone. Karishma says no ways, how can you think, and says bhabhi said that our family is broad minded and forward, it is a misunderstanding. Anjana says she did a mistake and tells that the bahu of the house is pregnant with driver’s baby, and daughter runs away from engagement. Gautam says Mom please, you are misunderstanding Ahana and Lakshmi. Ayush says I don’t give a damn whatever you say about Lakshmi, but you can’t say anything about Ahana. Anjana asks why didn’t you stop your sister when she was going. Virender apologizes. Dadi says kids do mistake, we shall forgive them. Anjana says we can’t wait more and asks Gautam to come.

Gautam tries to stop her. Anjana opens the door and sees Ahana. Karishma asks her where did she go leaving the engagement and asks her to answer? Rishi comes there. Anjana says she is silent and you want me to wait for her answer. Lakshmi comes there and says something is remaining. Anjana says we used to think you good, but your character is bad, we came to know all your doings. Rishi says Mrs. Gujral, I respect you a lot and that doesn’t mean that you will say anything to her. He says she is my wife. Malishka asks what? Rishi says she is still my wife. He says I can bear anything, but will not bear any word against Lakshmi. Lakshmi says sorry and says I will talk to you later. She says first we shall get the engagement done. She says I will tell the reason why Ahana went from there. She says Ahana was missing Rishi and me, and wanted us to be with her, during the engagement. She asks her to check Ahana and her mobile and says she called me many times. Anjana says if this is the thing, then she should have told us. Lakshmi says she thought that elders will refuse. She says Gautam understands everything. Gautam says yes, and says sorry.

Mr. Gujral says Gautam tried to make us understand, that Ahana and Lakshmi was not like that. Lakshmi apologizes on behalf of Ahana and tells Mr. Gujral that she will make sweet with her hand. Gautam says mom please. Virender says it is destiny game, we shall get the engagement done. Anjana asks Ahana if she is sure to get engagement. Ahana smiles. Mr. Gujral says we came for engagement. Neelam stops Lakshmi and says let this engagement happen, then I will see you. Rishi signs Lakshmi.

Rano comes home. Neha asks her to chill. Rano says I got insulted and you are asking me to chill. She says Neelam Oberoi’s words are echoing in my ears and says Lakshmi is inauspicious. Shalu asks why are you blaming Lakshmi. Rano says it is my mistake to bring you all here and blames Lakshmi. Shalu asks her not to say anything. Rano asks her to make dahi balle etc for her. Neha asks her to make juice. Rano asks Shalu to ask Bani to massage her feet.

Balwinder wears mask and tries to enter Oberoi Mansion. He sees guests in the hall and thinks they are rich and have party always. He sees Ayush and Dadi coming from opposite sides and get tensed. Dadi and Ayush looks on.

Precap: Rishi says to Lakshmi I don’t know in future we will be together or not, but in this house I won’t let anyone say anything bad to you.
Malishka says to Rishi how can you be with that characterless girl. Rishi shouts at her and says enough Malishka and from now on you won’t say a word for Lakshmi and I don’t understand who told Balvinder that Lakshmi is pregnant, but I’ll find the person who told him.
A lady says to Gautam, Parth will always with me because I’m pregnant.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. so, this wasn’t a dream after all BUT I still think that the whole family will find a reason to keep being nasty toward Lakshmi. Question: Is it normal for a guy who is in a arranged marriage, and know his fiancée is carrying another man’s child, to still want to marry her?? I mean, is that realistic?? I know, I know…since when has Etka been realistic or logical in her serials???? lol lol

    1. DOn;t worry friend it will take hardly 2-3 months that Lakshmi is not Preganant to family members

    2. Hmm…. I don’t know oh!!!, it’s not like it’s live at first sight. It’s just wrong to mentally torture all this bahu with words…. its actually, mental torture for the viewers.

  2. lol….2 or 3 months of hearing them torture Lakshmi….no thanks. I will read the update headlines before I even get back to reading the updates. Too depressing to watch and/ or read. I had high hopes when this serial first started now it went completely down the toilet.

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