Bhagya Lakshmi 11th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Malishka reacts as her conspiracy fails

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neelam telling Kiran that she has to control Lakshmi and show her value to her, and she deserves to be the Servant of the house, which she will make her and will also show how much she loves Malishka. Kiran asks if you are sure that you can do this, and says her class is different from yours. Neelam says I have to fall to her level to win and says Malishka couldn’t win as she fights with her level. Malishka tells the reporters that Lakshmi is divorcing Rishi for alimony. She says if you publish her story then you will make fun of yourself. She says you know how such girls are taught, that they are married and then divorce their husband for money and property, so that they can run their house. She says you people thought them as power couple, but I broke your illusion, I have to tell you truth. Shalu hears her. Malishka sees Lakshmi bringing the snacks and says bye for now. She smiles and goes. Lakshmi comes there and gives the marriage pic to the reporter. Reporter thanks her and says we will go now. Lakshmi signs ok. Shalu goes to Malishka and says I heard whatever you told to the reporters. She says did your parents teach you this? She tells that they got reporters’ call who told that lakshmi di had saved her husband and praised her a lot. Malishka asks her to take her sister and do her aarti. She says your sister is not a good wife and Rishi doesn’t like her, else he wouldn’t have divorced her. Shalu asks if you know that Rishi don’t like her. Malishka says she is dating him since college and knows that he don’t like Lakshmi. Shalu asks Malishka not to lie to her, and says when Rishi realizes his love for Lakshmi, then he will fight with all the world for his love, including with her. Malishka asks her to go to hell. Shalu says after you. Malishka goes. Lakshmi comes to Shalu and hugs her. Shalu says everyone wants to know who is family of brave lakshmi. She says she has to pick Bani and says she will come to meet her tomorrow. Lakshmi feels pain in her neck.

Rishi comes to the room and asks what happened? Lakshmi says nothing and asks if he is feeling pain. He says he has taken medicines and is fine. Lakshmi tries to lie down the bed and touches her injury. Rishi sees it. Lakshmi takes the ointment to apply. Rishi asks if she needs help then can tell him. He comes to her and takes the ointment, says he can apply it to her and asks her to keep her attitude to side. He says our scores will be settled now and asks her not to tell anyone that she had saved him in the cave. Lakshmi says ok. Rishi applies ointment to her neck and blows on it. Lakshmi looks at him in the mirror.

Song plays…aap hamari jaan ban gaye plays…Rishi says I can’t apply more now, I will do work. He goes to bed and asks her to sleep on it. Lakshmi says I will sleep on the couch. She rests on the couch and feels pain in her neck. Rishi switches off the lights and keeps looking at her.

Next day, Malishka and Kiran come to Neelam’s house. Neelam says you called early morning so that I open door for you. Malishka gives bouquet to her and tells that she has changed the story. Neelam asks what do you mean? Malishka says the reporters were going to published the story praising Lakshmi as Savitri, but now they will published that she is robber and greedy bride. She tells that she has manipulated journalist that Lakshmi is divorcing him for money, now Judge will also believe thinking media don’t publish news without confirmation. She says she has changed the story, now everyone will think Lakshmi as greedy for money. Rishi asks lakshmi to have medicine fast. Lakshmi smiles. He says don’t smile and is going out. Lakshmi says khadoos. Rishi says he don’t want anyone to say Khadoos or Kanjoos. Lakshmi asks if he is coming back or going. Rishi says if you call me khadoos then I will invent a word for you, worse than khadoos. She thinks you are khadoos, but good and I like you a lot. She calls Shalu and asks where is she?

Malishka gets newspaper from Shalu. Kiran says we will see the newspaper with you. Shalu asks Lakshmi if Rishi and her news came in the newspaper. Malishka reads the headlines that Lakshmi and Rishi are made for each other, Savitri’s other name is Lakshmi who has saved her husband, the couple who is made by God, An ordinary girl Malishka trying to come between Rishi and Lakshmi. She gets angry reading the headlines and says who wrote me ordinary. She reads further, sautan Malishka, the other woman. She gets hyper and says who did this, I want to know his name. Kiran asks her to calm down. Malishka throws the newspapers. Rishi tries to calm her down. Malishka asks him to leave her alone. She goes to room and breaks the vase. She asks herself to calm down and says this is Rishi’s house. She then thinks she don’t care for anyone, she is called as sautan. Neelam knocks on the door and asks Malishka to open the door. Malishka hides the broken vase and opens the door. Neelam says it is not a small thing, and is quite disturbing. She says how dare they to publish this news, without my confirmation. Malishka says I told them A to Z, but they…Neelam says she will take legal action against media and asks her not to worry as she will handle everything. Malishka tears the pillow and throws it. she calls reporter. Reporter picks the call. Malishka asks what the hell, why did he write that she is the other woman, and is sautan to come between them. The reporter asks if she is angry that real news got published. Malishka says who gave you this news. The reporter disconnects the call. Shalu comes there and says I know who has changed your fake story with real one. Malishka asks who has done this?

Precap: Kiran says, I never thought that this will happen to my daughter because of your daughter in law. Neelam says, she is not our daughter in law. Rishi says, I never thought that Lakshmi can think something like this, but whatever is written in newspaper is true.
Shalu says to Malishka, girls like you disrespect other girls and defame them. Malishka shouts at her and tries to slap. Lakshmi stops Malishka’s hand.
Malishka says, I’ll defame her to an extent that she cannot think of it.
Lakshmi says to Shalu, I don’t know why it feels like the silence before a big disaster.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This lakshmi seriously dont have any self respect..kemistry ke naam pe nonsense dikha rahe hai

  2. This serial is going to day by day shit

  3. Really Lakshmi after all this she is still staying in that house and that ungrateful Neelam

  4. The whole story is craps! The writers are hitting around thr bush as their brain is dead alrdy😄😄😄😄😄😄

  5. I thik now Rishi will marry malishka or will phisical relationship with malishka. Then we will see so called devi what to do?

  6. WOW Neelam. She is becoming more annoying to watch than cry baby Malishka!! I didn’t think that was possible!! So the evil characters outnumber the good ones which means they get all the screen time.
    Can’t stand their ugly faces….lol AGAIN like in all of Etka’s crappy serials, evil prevails. UGH!!! not wasting my time anymore.

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