Bhagya Lakshmi 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Ayush doubts Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayush hearing sound coming from guest room and thinks nobody is there, everyone is doing puja in hall. Durga Devi comes there and says she came to search the Pandit who went missing from puja. Balwinder fixes his beard and comes to the balcony. His fake beard falls down and gets stuck in the light bulb. He thinks Lakshmi cursed him while going. Ayush tells Durga Devi that he might be inside only. Virender says Lakshmi is saved anyhow. Dadi says Rishi has saved her. Kiran thinks Rishi’s sight is stuck at the pot. Rishi asks whose conspiracy is this, to kill Lakshmi. Neelam says who will do this in our house. Rishi says Balwinder and that person giving him news about Lakshmi’s pregnancy have done this. They wonder how Balwinder came in the house. The beard flies off and falls on the ground. Ayush senses something fell down and turns. Balwinder thinks how to run away without beard. Ayush picks the fake beard and thinks what is it? fake beard. He thinks from where it came. He goes to the balcony and sees Ayush checking the fake beard. Ayush thinks where did I see it and recalls seeing Pandit having that beard. He says ponga pandit. Lakshmi thinks it is good that Mummy ji didn’t do the puja, Pandit ji had asked me. She comes to the guest room. Balwinder sees her there and thinks to tell her that Malishka and her mother did this. He thinks he shall apologize to Lakshmi’s ghost. He comes infront of her and falls down on her feet.

Pandit ji tells Rishi that he is not understanding and tells that in this puja, Abhishek is not done. He says I was quiet and didn’t interrupt him. Rishi says may be it was his conspiracy, he was not Pandit and was fooling us. Ayush comes inside and thinks Lakshmi bhabhi haven’t come here, I shall talk to her there. He thinks even Malishka is not here. Virender asks if he saw Durga Devi. Ayush says she is talking to her staff and will come.

Pandit ji apologizes and says I should have stop him right there. Rishi asks who is the Pandit and who has sent him here. He asks if that Pandit was Balwinder. Balwinder says take revenge from Malishka and her mother Kiran. He opens his eyes and doesn’t see Lakshmi, but Malishka. Malishka slaps him and calls him coward. Balwinder says Lakshmi is roaming like a ghost. Malishka says you have kept cheap wire, she didn’t die. Balwinder says now I shall not be afraid. Malishka says you shall be more afraid as she is alive. She says she is in washroom and asks her to run away. Lakshmi hears Malishka talking to someone. Malishka asks Balwinder to hide and she goes away. Lakshmi comes out and asks who was here?

Ayush is coming there and collides with Malishka. He hides the beard and asks from where she is coming. Malishka asks why do you want to know. Ayush says Neelam Mami is calling you. He sees Lakshmi coming and tells her that he came to know who has done this planned attack on her. Lakshmi asks who? Ayush says your only enemy Malishka. Rishi says he will punish that enemy and will punish him, that he can’t take Lakshmi’s name. Neelam asks him not to do anything. Sonia says why do you want to do it unnecessarily. Rishi says Lakshmi could have died and you are saying unnecessarily. He says she is my wife, until she is here. Lakshmi asks Ayush if he is sure? He says he has gut feeling that Malishka is her enemy and wants to move you from Rishi and her way. Lakshmi says she doesn’t like me, but can’t fall to this level. She says I can’t believe this, and you can think wrong. Ayush says whatever happened today, I was forced to think that Malishka is behind this. She shows the fake beard and says it is of that Pandit. He says he heard something falling in the guest room. Lakshmi says I was in the washroom. Ayush says that Pandit was also there. He says he can’t run away as Durga Devi is standing downstairs. Lakshmi says he is still there. Malishka hears everything and thinks Ayush understood everything. She hopes Balwinder has escaped.

Rishi says he will not leave the person responsible for this. Neelam says I know you are worried, but I don’t want you to take law in your hands. Karishma says let Police do the work. Sonia says even I said the same thing. Neelam says you didn’t use the right words. Rishi says sorry to her. Virender asks him to let Durga Devi do. Dadi asks him to be with Lakshmi. Neelam says we shall do puja. Dadi says let Lakshmi come, as puja needs to be completed with her hand. Balwinder thinks he is trapped due to Malishka and her mother. He comes to balcony and sees Durga Devi and the constables standing. He thinks his destiny is broken and thinks how to get saved. He hears someone coming and hides behind the sofa. Balwinder hides behind the sofa. Lakshmi says may be he escaped. Malishka comes there. Ayush thinks you are getting caught.

Precap: Lady constable asks if he is Balwinder. The constable tells that he is in disguise. Malishka asks Lakshmi to understand well that she is would be bahu of the house. Lakshmi says they don’t know your truth. Malishka asks what? Lakshmi says Rishi and I come closer. Malishka thinks Lakshmi’s destiny is good, though she tries to do bad with her, but nothing happens. Ayush is about to punch Malishka, but stops.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Maliska is going to pull some sad story and fool them all to get away.
    This Sonia knows the truth but trying to cover, why can’t she speak up against the evil happening, I mean someone nearly died and she’s still trying to save maliska

  2. I feeling that Malishka will never exposed because of Etka Kapoor don’t let evil one get exposed and only angel get wrong exposed 🙄

    I’m sure Malishka will brainwash to get away Ayush’s doubts to save herself -.-

    If people find it disappointed then why do you keeping watching it if you find it annoying about evil people like Malishka never exposed for long time?

  3. I feel that evil Malishka will never never never never exposed in Bhagya Lakshmi exactly same as Kumkum Bhagya and Kuncil Bhagya.

    Malishka did exposed their wrongdoing at the Jewels (beginning 1 to 139 episodes) was much better and more exposed however now is stopped exposed and started to copy linked to Kumkum Bhagya >:( I am very disappointed that I was loving Rishmi but now I hate Rishmi because of that.

  4. I was excited to watched Bhagya Lakshmi at the beginning and it was so lovely story and more exposed their wrongdoings but now I stopped watching it about 4 months ago because of changing everything including Neelam was lovely mother in law but now she is very selfish and cruel mother in law. And Lakshmi stopped self-respect and stay at toxic Rishi’s oberi house as she knows that Rishi affair with Malishka but she don’t care and no self respect???? How can she stay with Rishi if he has a girlfriend Malishka 🙄

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