bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 63) (Proposal, Haldi and mehendi special)

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Sanskar desperately roaming here and there waiting for some chance to take his princesses for date.
All were busy in dancing, no-one is leaving her alone.
He tensely sitting at corner and seeing everything, All were busy in dancing. Someone patted his back,he turned other side to see that person.
Two girls standing there with smile on their face.

Sanskar: finally you both also reach here.
Shivangi; umm sry for late, well congrats.
S : yup congrats for engagement, well where are other. They all leave you here alone.
Sanskar: don’t ask about anyone, no one is leaving her alone. Our frnds are trying hard but it nothing coming in favour of us.

Shivangi: why? What problem?
Sanskar: leave it, you both enjoy. I am coming in two seconds.
He sadly went from there,

S: let ask from others they must know.

Shivangi: hmm, I think you’re right.
They went near their group of frnds who were planning something.
Deeksha: they are very clever.
Simin: yeah see na, they are not even giving us any chance.
Voice: then wat is problem?

All turned back and became shocked seeing s and shivangi there.
Shivangi: then let’s use their idea on them only.
S: but what is actual problem? Sanskar was also sad.
Vyshu: let me tell you ( she told everything how sanskar wanna suprise her but he is not getting any chance to take her)

Febi: so guys any idea, you both have.
Shivangi: yup, now listen carefully.

All make group and discussed some thing.
Samaira: so let’s implement it.
Srsl : arre wait guys, also inform sanskar. He must be sitting like devdas.
Stg: well gud idea, but how do you know about it.
Sri: yep I guess you come now only.
Srsl: magic, now stop your interrogation. First we have to complete our plan.
Milestone: I think she is right.
Sus: let’s do that.
Soujanya: so me, deeksha,Sri,stg, vyshu will go to sanskar and others will go to stage. All are okay with it???

All nodded in yes.
Someone listened last line, that person run to somewhere.
Some of them went to sanskar and others went on stage.
Seeing them on stage swara’s frnds and adi became shocked.
Kakali: I think they are planning something.
Mica: hmm let see.
Voice: guys they have some plans for sending shona with them.
Shan; what plan Sammy?
Swarmayi: vo I don’t know but I just know they are going to execute it here.
Rabia: don’t worry girls we will fail there every plans.
Simi: yeah sure.

Chandu and shivangi come on stage.
Chandu: so boring guys, let add some fun in it.
Shivangi: yeah,let call our two couples over stage for dance.
Tani: seriously dance, it’s part of their plan. I think we are taking tension without any reason. May be they just want see them dancing.
Sammy: no it must be part of plan.
Vidhi: let see it’s part of plan or not.

Krystle: yeah , expect it we don’t have any choice.
Swasan and adira come over stage. Light become more dim. They started dance on ‘janam- janam’. Both couple were closely dancing with each other following every beat of song.
Suddenly all lights became off.
All started move here and there.
After sometime when light came swasan was not there, only adira was standing there still seeing in each other eyes.
Sanskar team give hifi to each other. Swara’s team understand it was all their plan.
Swasan side
Swara: what are we doing here.
Sanskar: so many questions princesses, I bring you here for surprise.
Swara: surprise, umm I remember.
Sanskar: what is this, no expression.

Swara: nothing just I was thinking about us.
Sanskar: what are you thinking?
Swara; leave na, you tell me where are we going.
Sanskar: soon we are going to reach , till then you tell what is disturbing you.
Swara; I was thinking now no one can separate us na?
Sanskar: no one, not even you. If you also wanna leave me then also I will not let you go.
Swara: why you think I will leave you ever.

Sanskar: just in case you become bore by me.
Swara: hmm point.
Sanskar: Acha point, let me tell you what is point.
He lift her in arm.

Swara: sanskar what are you doing, leave me. I can walk.
Sanskar: I don’t hold you to leave you, I can take you in arms for lifetime. Moreover it’s best feeling.
Soon both reach bank of sea, there a boat is waiting for them.
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar: I know what you wanna say, just wait for some moments. By the way I gave you one packet where is it?

Swara: uff I forgot there only.
She slap her forehead.
Sanskar: I knew my princess will forget it, so before only I ask someone to keep it in boat.
Swara: you know me so well.
He places kiss on forehead.
Sanskar: even more than you.
He made her sit in boat, boat was only for two person. He started the boat. She was still in engagement dress, she touching water with hands and sprinkling on him.
Sanskar: Swara don’t trouble na.

Swara; I trouble
She makes face and angrily seated there. He smiled seeing her expression, it irked her lot.
Swara: (fake anger) you’re smiling
Sanskar: no how can I
She went near him and back hug him.
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar: why I feeling your intentions are not good.
Swara: I just come near you for romance, do you have any problem? If yes then also I not going to leave you.

Sanskar: I get what kind of romance you wanna, just come here to trouble me. So princess just wait for sometime, after it I will also help you.
He said it teasingly, she turned crimson red and parted away.
Sanskar: What happen princess? Don’t you wanna any romance.
Swara: don’t talk to me.

Soon both reach at their destination.
Sanskar: princess now come
Swara: no, I am not going to come.
Sanskar: As your wish.
Saying it he started to move forward.
Swara: idiot , even not try once to…
Before she complete she felt herself in air.
Swara: leave me, I will not go anywhere.

She started to beat him on chest, to stop her he kissed her lips.
Sanskar: if you again gonna do like that then no one can stop me.
Swara: shameless fellow
Sanskar: but only for you.
Both reach at dark place, he made her stand.
Swara: it’s so dark.
Sanskar: just hold my hand and keep walking. Do you trust me na?
Swara: more than anyone else, even more than myself.
Both kept walking, sudden she felt some height under feet.
Swara: sanskar

Sanskar; just some more time.
She keep feet at 1st stairs, then only her image flashes there.
Swara: it’s me, but I guess here is no mirror+ dress is also diff.
Sanskar: it’s not you.

Swara: then
She tried to touch it, image scratch little and her hand passes through it.
She sees toward him, he passes smile.
She take second step, there two image flashes. That is her pic with her di.
She kept third step, there again two pic flashes. Her and laksh.
She sees toward him, he signal her to keep walking.
She kept forth step , there her childhood pic with her parents.
She became emotional seeing it.

She kept forth step there was her pics with frnds.
Like this she reached at last step, there was not any flash. She sees toward him.
He was sitting on knees.
She give questionable look to him.
Sanskar: This time I don’t wanna give speech, I just wanna ask will you marry me?
Swara: we are already going to marry na?
Sanskar: yeah but I wanna marry you right now.
Swara: means? Here but sanskar …
Sanskar: just say yes or no?

Swara: yes but …
Sanskar: you can’t even think how much happy I am, thank you swara. I really love you so much.
He happily hug her and kiss her forehead.
Swara: i love you 2 but still I didn’t get, where we will marry.
He just clap, light turned own. Everywhere candles were burning
She started to see in all directions
Both were standing in church.

He gave her that packet, she took and open it. It’s white gown.
Swara: is it for me?
Sanskar: nope, it’s for me. I will wear it. Yes darling it’s only for you.
Some ladies came and started to take her with them. She sees toward him. He signal her to go. She nodded in yes. After sometime she came up in white gown, her hairs were curl and face was shinning in dim candles.
He hold her hand and take her in front of Jesus.

( Guys I never have seen this kind of marriage, so sry if anything is wrong here )
Father recite holy mantra and asked their constant. Both happily nodded in yes. Later they exchanged rings. He pecked her lips. Father blesses them to happy married life. Both smile seeing each other.
Both come outside with hand in hand.
Swara: sanskar, I love you so much.
He warped his hand around her waist.
Sanskar: why so sudden?
Swara: just I love your surprise, I never thought you can plan so much.
Sanskar: It’s just starting of surprise, I promise your every day will be more special than it. Your every morning start with my surprise and night end with surprise. I promise I will turn your every moment most precious.

Her eyes turned moist.
Swara: do you love me so much?
Sanskar: more than you ever imagine.
Swara: but I love you more.
Sanskar: I know, no one can love me as you do.
Swara: I was teasinig, I should say ‘ no one can love me as you do’
Sanskar: nope, we both love each other equally.
Swara: yeah it’s better.

Both touched each other forehead and loss in each other eyes.
2 hours later,

Swasan came home with intertwining hand, both have a beautiful smile on their lips. Both were lost in each other. Their trances broken by some voice.
Swara: it seems someone is fighting.
Sanskar: hmm, let’s check.
They went in lawn their Swara’s and sanskar’s frnd are doing arguments. As well as adira also doing same.
Swara: guys what happen, you all are fighting like here is world war.

Laksh: thank god doll you came, all fighting due to your stupid two best frnds.
She turned toward adira, who were angrily standing there.
Sanskar: guys atleast tell us matter na.
Kaira: nothing partner we were celebrating our first win and they specially monkey started to fight with us. That we do cheating.
Adi: yeah you all do cheating, you distract us.
Vyshu: What cheating ha, we just play trick.
Kaira: yeah right.
Adi: nope, this is cheating.
Vidhi: yes how can they switch off the light.

Swarna: yeah that’s why we losses first game.
Simin: lol, just accept we are better rather than fighting.
Mica: never, just wait for tmrw function.
Simi: yep our shona will first one who apply haldi to him.
Stg: challenge accepted, tmrw also only we will win.
Swasan looked toward each other, Swara’s frnd drag her from there.
Swara: guys…
Shan: not any word, tmrw at any cost we have to win.
Swara: but
Rabia: no if and but..

Adi: yeah shona, pls atleast for us na or that duck will tease me.
All started to buttering her.
Swara: hmm kk, I will try.
All: tryyyy
Swara: no try definitely we will win, now happy.
All give HiFi to each other.
At other side, Sanskar’s frnd also giving him lesson.
Sanskar: don’t worry guys this time also we will win.
Kaira: definitely partner, after winning I am imagining monkey condition.
Febi: really Kayu you’re too much.

Stg: yeah or else who leaving their haldi concentrating on game.
Kaira: arre I am single piece na.
Chandu: yeah totally crazy just like us.
Soujanya: guys now we should take nap for sometime.
Sanskar: you all go and take rest. I am also going in my room.
All bid bye to him and wishes good night.

Next day,
Swara was coming down in yellow suit, she suddenly felt someone hand on her waist. Before she could react someone pulled her.

Voice: you are becoming more beautiful day by day. I can’t wait till marriage. Moreover we already married twice. So what you say?
Swara: keep patience….
Sanskar: what can do when you have such beauty in front of you. Then how to keep patience.
She wrapped her hand around his neck.
Swara: then who is saying you to control?
She pecked his lips, due to sudden action his grip became loose. She naughtily smiled and apply something to cheeks.
Swara: girls, now come here we win.
All swara’s frnd come there and happily hug her.
Krystle: yipee we win.

Shreeyu: yeah thank youuuuuuu shona, now points are equal.
Sanskar sees in mirror, his left cheeks were full of haldi, all were giving him winning looked.
Sanskar frnd also come there.
Dharani: you are really unique piece, can’t you umm leave it. Now no use.
Sanskar: arre sry but seriously I
Sri: leave it, and you all don’t happy so much. In next function we will definitely win.
Swara’s team: in your dreams.
Sanskar’s team: sometimes dream can also become true.
Sanskar’s all frnd went from there.

Shreeyu: okay shona, we are going downstairs for checking decoration. You go and wash your hands. And yeah come fast.
Ria: I don’t think she will come fast. Hain na shona.
Swara: you all go.
Ria: bye but come fast.
Swara: ria
Rai: yeah going
All went from there leaving them alone, swara also about to go from there. Before she could go he held her hand.

Sanskar: congrats for winning but I should also get something na.
Swara: losers not get anything.
He pull her more close, and touched his lips to ear lobe.
Sanskar: I already told you I am ready to loose in front of you. If after winning I can see this smile on your face then I ready to loose for forever.
Swara: this smile is not for winning but it’s due to you. I am happy that I am first one who able to haldi to you.
Sanskar: can I also get this chance.
Swara: but I don’t have any more haldi.

Sanskar: but I have.
Swara: I guess you’re day dreaming.
Sanskar: just wait
He rub his cheeks on her soft cheeks, she became numb by sudden action.
Swara: s..a…
Sanskar: shh let me enjoy it.
She started to breath heavily, he make her turn toward him.
Sanskar: you’re looking more beautiful with haldi.

Saying it he started to give wet kisses on cheeks, she clutch her dress.
Sanskar: swara, see na I still can’t believe we are going to marry with everyone blessing and most importantly with happiness.
She places her lips on his lips and started to kiss it gently.
Between kiss she mummers “ now you able to believe “. He naughtily nodded in no.
She started to kiss with more passion.
Swara: now???

Sanskar: little
She entered her tongue inside his mouth and started to explore it.
Both started to explore each mouths, they break kiss due to lack of air. Both were heavily breathing. She became crimson red and turn other side. He back hug her.
Sanskar: still not
She pushes him and run from there with shy smile.
He touched his lips and smile happily.

After sometime,
Their frnds,raglak applied haldi to both pairs. Both couple were shinning due to it, A different glow is on their face. Specially on both girls.
After haldi Ragini took both girls from there.
Swara: di, are you happy na?

Ragini: why this question so sudden?
Swara: just want to ask.
Ragini: I am very happy, finally my baby is going to get her happiness.
Both sister were becoming senti, kaira was also becoming senti seeing their bond. She always adore their bond. Seeing them she badly wanna a sister.
Swara sees her.
Swara: you can also join us.
Kayu: I love you both.
Ragini: me 2 love my both sisters.

Kayu: di, why you don’t use to like me.
Ragini: it’s nothing kayu, it was just insecurity.
Swara: yeah my di is very possessive for me.
Ragini: shona..
Kayu/ swara: di
Trio hug each other.
Swara’s frnd also came there and hug them.
After sometime all parted away and started pillow fights. All only fall asleep due to tiredness.
Next day, mehendi

Today challenge was find name is bride hands and also bridegroom can’t see each other.( Sry I don’t know after haldi they have permission to see or not)
Both made seated in tent, this function was also going to happen at beach only. Today theme was green, so all things were decorated in green colors.

Boys were also made seated in other tent. They were dressed in light green sherwani.
Both of their tent were in opposite to each other. Both boys trying hard to see their girls. But none of them getting any success. Their frnds noticed pale face and make some plan for them.
At other side,
Swaira were dressed up in green color lehenga. Obviously both were looking like beauty queen. Their eyes were also searching for their love. Both were desperately want to seek single glance of sanadi. Her frnds noticed their eyes are searching for someone, so they also decided to help them to seeing each other.

Some mehendi girls were applying mehendi to their hands.
Both teams girls came out outside and decided to stop game and give surprise to their frnds. All agree with each other and made some plans.
Swaira’s side
Mehndi girl was applying mehndi on their hands, both were sadly sitting and lost in their prince charming dreams.
Their trances broken by mehendi girl asking whose name they wanna be.
Kayu shyly replied Adi’s name.

Swara whispered something in her ears. She nodded in yes and follow her instructions. Swara sees her hands which were full of mehendi. She happily smiled seeing it.
Kaira: shona, I am tired going for sleep you enjoy.
For enjoyment there were some dancers who are dancing on mehendi songs. Swara nodded in yes.
Kayu was about to enter in her room someone blocked it, seeing that person she happily hug.
Kayu: I was missing you very much. Now tell me how’s my mehendi.
Adi: very beautiful,just like you.

She became shy and hide her face in his chest.
Adi: waise I am hungry and I know you also not eaten anything. Let’s eat together.
Kayu: yeah but how can I? I have to wait till this mehendi dry up.
Adi: no problem, today I will make you eat.
Kaira: really but if anyone sees us then.

Adi: All knows I am here, so no disturbance.
Swasan side
Both were still waiting for seeing each other.
Soon they also get chance.
Swara was in room and resting her head at pillow. Her hair falling on eyes which were disturbing her, being irritated she about to side her hair by hands. Someone stop her hand in middle only. She looked upward.

Swara: uff again dream, sanskar pls not come in dream na. I am sleepy let me sleep.
He chuckled at her words, he smiled naughtily. He sit down and take her head in his lap.
She smiled brightly and hided her face more.
He slowly take her name and caresses her hair.
Listening own name she started murmuring “ you started to speak also”
Sanskar: shona( more lovingly)
This time she opened her eyes and find herself in his lap.
Swara: Sanskar

Sanskar: yeah sanskar, vo bhi real one.
Swara: but we don’t allowed to see na.
Sanskar: I can’t resist moreover you were badly missing me na, see your face is also looking pale. I guess if it continued then in our marriage all attention will be only on me because no one like pale bride na.
Swara: really I am looking that much bad.
She stood up and stand in front of mirror.
Swara: yeah I am not looking good, now.

Sanskar: I said for others but still for me you are most beautiful lady.
Swara: I know you’re kidding. Just saying so I can’t feel bad na.
Sanskar: see in my eyes you will find most beautiful girl in it.
He make her turn and both sees in each other eyes. There was sweet eyelock, both were seeing each other image in it. She became shy and turn other side.
Sanskar: did you find it?

Swara nodded in yes but still not turn toward him.
Sanskar: now my turn of finding my name in your hand, by the way don’t you wanna see how’s your name look on my hand.
He kept his hand in front of her eyes, her eyes became widen seeing it.
On his hand there was two S written in bold letter.

Precap: sanskar trying to find his name, sangeet and marriage.( Last part)

Guys see last time I am blackmailing you all, so cmnt or forget marriage. If i will move to my other pending SS ( our angel) then I will only complete it after completing that SS. Moreover many already waiting for that so cmnt otherwise wait for 1 month. And pls today’s I wanna see every reader ( specially silent reader) cmnt.

And sry for such boring part. I know it’s not so good but really I don’t know anything about marriage function. I just wrote whatever came in mind.
And sry for long part as well as if again I forgot anyone name who commented on last part…….
You can tell me through cmnts….

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