Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update : Putan back in Kanpur.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu and Tiwari speak negative about Putan,Angoori gets upset,Angoori says enough no word against my brother,or else i won’t speak to you,Vibhu says we are sorry,Daddy arrives,daddy slaps Tiwari for not taking his blessings, Tiwari says actually im a little stressed, Angoori asks how are you,Daddy says putan will be released tomorrow, and thakurain because of whom he was arrested is egarly waiting for him,and so putan will come straight away to you,vibhu says dont he will get more spoiled,daddy says im not worried about that bye now.

Gulfamkali buying veggies,hapu walks to her, and asks whoes cooking, Gulfamkali says i will be because i no long will be entertaining anyone,boys join too and say if you go what will we do we shall die, Gulfamkali says okay will come with my husband,soon

i shall marry to an eligible man and leaves.

Anita tired comes home and calls Vibhuti,and says im very hungry, Vibhu says right time i made shahi paneer, anu says always paneer, vibhu says what’s wrong,anu says always paneer,im so bored with routine, life sucks,vibhu says why so angry, indulge into an hobby,anu says no thank you,vibhu says why not, just get into weird things cheer yourself,anu says theres a thing i was very creative as a kid i use to write stories but that was as a kid,vibhu says baby cmon talent never dies you can do it, I believe in you,Anu says you are supportive but theres a thing an writer needs a quite place,vibhu says shall i shift to bhabhijis,anu says cmon.

Tiwari’s eye twitching, Putan arrives with Hapu, he throws hapu off the bike as soon as arrives at Tiwari’s house,hapu yells at him,putan says you are so week i tell you, and starts insulting him. Angoori makes tiwari halwa, putan enters calling for her, angoori says im getting aarti stay there,Vibhu walks to him, angoori comes out too.Angoori says i wanted to come see you in jail i missed you so much,Putan says yes but some people must have stopped you, Angoori welcomes putan by performing aarti.

Vibhu asks Tiwari why did you let him in, Tiwari says do i have an option, Hapu says why do you have an problem,vibhu says last time he stole anitas jewellery.

Angoori and Putan pray to God, angoori says putan now focus on working hard,putan says yes i will leave all bad deeds now and some good work and work hard, vibhu says Hapu do something and send putan back to jail,hapu says forget that Gulfamkali says she is gonna marry now, and thats what im worried about.

.pre cap : putan says tiwari has such bright future just after he married you, so i think even I should marry now. Vibhu insults putan angoori gets upset.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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