Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th August 2017 Written Epiode Update : Anguri and Vibhuti loose their memory.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu walks in with empty glasses in bedroom,Anita says so you are a taxi driver,tikka malkhan begin messing with engine,Vibhu says yes where would you like to go,Anita says love city,Vibhu walks to and sits beside her and both act as if in taxi, and start singing.
Tiwari walks to Anita next morning,Anita asks will you have some breakfast,he says sure and gets himself a bread and applies too much butter,Anita asks what’s the news,Tiwari says good news our work is done,boys have messed with taxi,Anita says so now it won’t start, Tiwari says no ways.

Anguri walks out and says today I’m going to get veggie,Vibhu asks where,Anguri says near that corner,Vibhu says no he has stale veggies I will take you too farms,come sit in car,Anguri says it’s too far and Tiwariji will scold me,Vibhu says it’s just half and hour road come let’s go,make fresh parathas of those veggies come board the taxi and yes like yesterday take the back seat and jump in ahead,Anguri says sure sure.

Tiwari says tikka malkhan are good in messing with things,and they have messed with car so bad no mechanic can repair it,they hear car start and leave,Anita gives Tiwari cold look,both come out and see no car,Saxena walks to them and says bhabhi ma and Vibhu bhaiya went why didn’t you join them,Anita says Tiwariji what is this,Tiwari says I did ask tikka malkhan to do it,Anita says you didn’t give them money,Tiwari says I did,tikka malkhan rush to them and says there’s a problem our when we shared details with our mechanic friend he told us that the thing which we messed with isn’t engine but brakes,Saxena starts crying and says my bhabhi ma is in that car and hits them,Anita says call them quickly,Vibhu phone is out of coverage,Tiwari says Anguri cell is in home.

Anguri says the farm is far drive faster,Vibhu says don’t worry you will be home in time,Anguri says please faster,Vibhu starts driving very fast at 120, Anguri scared and says slow down,Vibhu says oh no brakes failed,Vibhu tries hand brake,Anguri says look valley ahead.

Anita crying,and says what all is this,it’s all wrong,Tiwari says my Anguri can’t leave me and go,Anita says my Vibhu can’t leave me,happu says it’s true the taxi fell off the mountains,the taxi was recovered but we couldn’t find them,Tiwari says why couldn’t you,Saxena starts crying very loudly bhabhi ma how can you leave your son and go and hits tikka malkhan and says you are behind it,you killed my ma,I will kill you,Anita says it was my idea ,its all because of me,Tiwari says no no,I gave them the contract,tikka says no no we failed,happu hits them and says two people are dead because of you,I shall sentence you to death,Anita says it’s me who should be punished and not them,happu starts crying and says I will never do that to you,Tiwari says enough find Anguri and Vibhuti I know they are alive,Happu says are you mad all is in scrap there,Anita says go search,Happu says I’m going right away.

Tikka says before that arrest me,Happu says ok and a small hut Anguri and Vibhuti lying on separate bed,husband says did they gain conscious,good they were caught in my fishing net,wife says look she is gaining conscious,he says so is he,both wake up,Anguri asks who am I,and where am I,Vibhu asks same question,he says I’m Kallu and she is my wife dullari,Vibhu asks who is this lady I don’t know her,Anguri says even I don’t know him and who am I.

Tiwari with Anguri pic and says I’m missing you,you promised to be with me for 7 lives and you left me in one,you can’t leave me,Tiwari thinks bhabhiji kept hand on his shoulder but it’s Gulfamkali.she says Anguri was with you only till now and now you are all alone,and single,Tiwari says I’m all good and not alone,please stop bothering me,Gulfamkali says I’m here to reduce your pain with my love,and I’m tired of being alone and so let’s get together,Tiwari says I don’t need anyone,Gulfamkali sits very close to Tiwari and says she is no more and me,Anita walks in and says Vibhu is so right you are so cheap,Tiwari says no no I was,Anita says it’s just a week and look at you and leaves,Tiwari follows Anita.

Pre cap : Anita tells London uncle about vibhuti accident.
Kallu tells Anguri and Vibhu who have lost their memories that they were in love and now he shall arrange their wedding.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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