Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Tiwari gives Vibhuti warning

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu and Tiwari drinking, Vibhu asks all good, Tiwari says till now all good i saw you now, Vibhu says you can never be good, Tiwari says this love is all because of this alcohol,.

Tiwari asks what did you have for breakfast, Vibhu says some coffee, cornflakes, bread etc. Tiwari asks how long are you staying, around 5 years, Vibhu asks why are you asking, Tiwari says just checking because now you going to lie, Tiwari says I gave you 60,000 when are you returning, Vibhu says sure, Tiwari says cmon tell me when, Saxena joins them says congratulates them, I went lucknow and I am no more mad and doctor has asked me to marry and give birth to kids, Saxena congratulates vibhu says i was the worst person in colony but its you now, Vibhu slaps him, Saxena says im normal now dare you, and leaves. Tiwari says congratulations to Vibhu, Vibhu says be in your limits, Tiwari says you owe me money so I have no respect for you, Vibhu throws alcohol on him, Tiwari says return me money or else i wont spare you, Vibhu says sorry and leaves.

Angoori gets gift for Tiwari, Tiwari closes his eyes because she insists, Angoori gives him gift, Tiwari opens and sees saree and asks why are you gifting me saree, Angoori says I will wear this saree and you will feel so romantic, Tiwari says you have shopped thrice, our work isnt doing well, there is lot of competition, Amaji walks in says this means Pandit rampal was right, Tiwari asks what do you mean, Amaji says he had warned me earlier he said you have to cook and feed poor and Angoori cant help you, Tiwari says i can’t, Angoori says you have to do for business.

Vibhu on call with Anu says im missing you so much, Tiwari walks in, he hears Vibhu and Anu talk romantic on call, Vibhu sees Tiwari and asks when did you come, Tiwari says when you were trying to tease me, Vibhu says i didnt see you trust me, Tiwari says return my money now, Vibhu says you are so greedy, i will give you, Tiwari says i won’t leave you, just give me, Vibhu says when i will have it i will give you, Tiwari says i warned you yesterday, Vibhu says it just flew across, Tiwari calls Toddu inside, Toddu walks in with stick, Vibhu asks who is he why is he here, Tiwari says he has hit so many that he is called Toddu and helps people like me, Vibhu says take it easy i will give you money give me some time, Tiwari says one day or else Toddu will look after you.

Angoori in kitchen, Vibhu walks to her, Vibhu says you make such good parathas, Angoori says i am worried how will Tiwari make, Angoori tells Vibhu Amajis solution, Vibhu says i have a poor for greedy, Angoori says i will tell him you are ready, Vibhu says i am talking about Tilu Teeka Malkan, Angoori says i will go inform Tiwari.

Malkan gets call from Tiwari, and he asks Malkan is he hungry, Malkan says how do you know, Tiwari says im your well wisher do a thing come to my place, i will cook myself and feed you, Tilu Teeka greet him too, Tilu says trying to count blessings, Tiwari says dont you want food, Tilu says its strange that you are good, Teeka says forget him we are coming, Tilu says we will prefer food cooked by Angoori bhabhi, Tiwari says forget it looks like you dont wabt, Teeka says we are coming

Pre cap: Angoori Vibhu together, Teeka and Malkan having food, Malkan acts as if he has shit by gun. Teeka later tells Angoori Tiwari poisoned Malkan and he is no more

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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