Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Manhus Kanpuri’s Spirit Possesses Vibhuti

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu is telling Prem that it’s all made up stories. Vibhu and Prem proceeds to move forward. Vibhu asks Prem if you he can hear some footprints. Prem disagrees. Angoori calls Vibhu and asks him if he’s back home yet? If not, come back fast. Vibhu tells her that he’s on his way. Don’t get stressed. Vibhu and Prem again senses something.

Tiwari is waiting for Vibhu outside his house and smiling. Tiwari see Vibhu coming from distant. Vibhu is walking with a very distinguished manner and walks upto Tiwari. Tiwari asks mocks Vibhu and asks him where was? Vibhu is only talking in poetry. Tiwari asks Vibhu if he’s acting so different to dodge Anu’s insults? Vibhu again recites a lame poetry and goes inside his house. Tiwari gets confused and asks himself, what happend to Vibhu?

Anu is waiting for Vibhu. Vibhu walks upto her in the bedroom, again in very distinguished manner. Anu scolds Vibhu and asks him where was he? She also thanks god because Master ji was there, if he won’t come, she would never know. Vibhu again starts to talk in poetry. Anu gets shocked and says that she should him to mental hospital. Vibhu again recites poetry. Anu interrupts Vibhu and scolds him why is he talking only in poetry? Is he out of his mind? Vibhu again cracks a lame poetry and goes to bed. Anu gets surprised that why is crippling while walking and who can he go to sleep right away…?

Angoori is making the bed. Tiwari walks in his bedroom crying in pain. Angoori asks Tiwari, what happened to him? Why is crying like that? Tiwari tells her that he got bit by a dog. Angoori asks, was he teasing the dog? Tiwari disagrees, but says that Vibhu told him a poetry related to dog in which he said, “the dog will first scream in pain, then it will bite me”. Angoori gets surprised.

TMT are sitting at the tea stall. Teeka asks Tillu, where is Rusa he haven’t seen her since morning. Rusa walks upto them and sits on the bench right in front of them. Rusa opens her book and starts reading her poetry. TMT listens to her very passionately and appreciates her. Teeka asks Rusa if she wrote that poetry? Rusa replies, no. But it’s written by famous poet Kanpuri. Tillu appreciates the poet and all of them starts to mock Manhus Kanpuri. Rusa gets angry and asks them why are they disrespecting him. TMT gets ashamed but Rusa leaves. Vibhu comes and sits with them dressed as a proper poet. Vibhu starts to recite poetry very loudly. TMT asks Vibhu to teach them poetry. Vibhu agrees but tell them to perform some ritual. TMT performs it immediately and asks Vibhu if now he’s going to teach them? Vibhu replies that from now on all three of them are his students forever as they have performed ritual. Teeka says that the ritual was unnecessary, they would have became his student even with the ritual. Vibhu mocks Teeka by saying a poetry and leaves.

David comes to Vibhu’s house and calls Anu. David asks Anu what happend to her face as she is having rashes all over her face. Anu replies, she’s going to consult with a doctor. David asks Anu that where is Vibhu? Vibhu comes in while reciting a poetry and sits beside Anu. David asks Vibhu, why is he wearing very different clothes and also why didn’t he greet him. Vibhu starts to recite another poetry. David tells Anu that there was a poet who used to recite and write very negetive poetries, on whichever thing he used to write poetry…always got destroyed. Anu thinks that last night Vibhu told her a poetry regarding her beauty, so is that the reason why she got rashes on her face. David asks Anu what is she thinking? Anu says nothing and leaves. David asks Vibhu why is acting like this? Vibhu replies, he’s not acting…he is like this. David says enough it not funny anymore. Vibhu agains recites a poetry and asks David to see him in his eyes. David asks him what beautiful thing does he have in his eyes? David sees him in the eyes. The colour of Vibhu eye’s pupil turns from black to white and every in the room starts to move on its own. David gets mesmerized and becomes Vibhu’s servent…

Vibhuti tells a poem to Angoori and Tiwari about a pot. A flower pot falls on Tiwari’s head.

Baba tell to Commissioner he is not the same guy he use to be, he have Manhoos Kanpuri soul in his body, whatever he says in his poem turn into reality.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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