Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update : A disguised Vibhuti visits Angoori’s Shop

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari brings foos for Ammaji and Angoori. Amma looks at it says you eat this nad make something good for my daughter in law. Tiwari says that’s okay but first tell did you sale anything. Tillu says no we didn’t sell one or two underwear. Tiwari says to Ammaji I told you earlier uts not there cut of tea come and handle kitchen. Tillu says I’m saying that Bhabhiji sold worth 25000rs undergarments. Tiwari in shock and Angoori give cash to Ammaji. Ammaji slaps Tiwari and says to Angoori lets celebrate and have white sauce pasta, Tillu come with us. Tillu says to Tiwari you only eat this.

Vibhu says I buied 25000 undergarments now where should I hide them lets keep in almera, no she opens it in every 5minutes, keep it inside bed she will not look there. Anu come and ask what are you doing down did your drop something. Vibhu says no, I was having back ache so was stretching out. Anu says did you paid light bill. Vibhu says did you checked message should have checked it first then ask. Anu says did I do something wrong asking you. Vibhu scolds her and ask her to sleep. Anu says its not time to sleep its time to romance. Vibhu says I’m tiered. Anu scolds her. Vibhu says we are not in college now. Anu says you remember when you sneaked into my room dad came and we hid under bed. Vibhu says and when I got down from you balcony pipe your father caught me and hit me with pipe. Anu laughs and says you don’t remember our romantic moment under bed. Vibhu says with every romantic moment a bad moment is also there. Anu says today you will not have any bad moment lets go under bad. Vibhu thinks if she get under bed she will see all. Anu says what are you thinking, lets do a play role you be the goon and I’ll hid under bed and see me. Vibhu says what childish is this we are grown up now. Anu says there is no age for romance a couple in France has broken all the limits of romance if they can do then why can’t we. Vibhu says they have different culture and I’m not in mood. Anu says but I’m in mood. Vibhu says okay then do it by yourself I’m going yo sleep. Anu his him with pillow and says I requested you a lot.

Gupta on call woth Thekedarji informing about his bad health. Vibhu walks in, Gupta asks whats wrong, Vibhu starts crying, and says he will die, Gupta asks who, Vibhu says Anu’s father, we have managed 4.5 lakh need 50,000 more, Gupta says don’t worry all will be fine, Vibhu says you give me money will transfer after Anu has it, Gupta says okay.

Meenal tells Anu on call that Anurag is unconscious because of fire in Sri Lanka bio gas plant, Anu starts laughing looking at Tiwari, Tiwari says you laughing on me again, new joke, Anu says something like that and did you wash clothes, Tiwari says yes, Anu says iron them before you send them back, Tiwari says okay.

Angoori at shop with Tilu, scolds Tilu for not keeping it clean, Vibhu disguised as woman walks to them, and asks is this lingerie shop, Tilu says no, she says you misbehave with customer, Angoori says I will handle her and asks what you want, Vibhu says kachori, Angoori says even I like that kachori. Tilu whispers to Angoori this woman doesn’t look good, Angoori says go get kachori.

Angoori asks Vibhu what she does, Vibhu says romance and only romance, Angoori says what after that, Vibhu says romance, Angoori says look like your husband is very romantic, Vibhu says no Suresh Kachori man is. Angoori says what does your husband too, Vibhu says he went to Meerut for a project, and then after that we don’t do romance, Angoori says you must be so bored, Vibhu says I have suresh, and I am here to buy him lingerie and will gift him worth 50000 because he likes it. Angoori says okay. Vibhu hands him 50000.
Vibhu imagines singing with Angoori.

Teeka with Saxena the dog, Teeka asks will you pee, do one thing you wait here I will pee and come. Two men catch Saxena saying he is tge dog in human face, Teeka asks who are you, he says dog squad officer, he asks who are you, Teeka says I am teeks, officer says his owner, Teeka says no I am his friend, Saxena likes it. Teeka says leave us alone, Officer says he is dangerous, Teeka says he is very sweet dog, try feeding biscuit, officer eats biscuits, Teeka says it was for Tommy not you, Saxena bites officer while giving him biscuit, Teeka says he is very mischievous, Officer takes Saxena away, Teeka starts crying and keeps apologising to officer. Officer sees Teeka and Saxena bond and realises Saxena, Saxena goes hug Teeka.

Pre cap: Amaji says to Angoori, Tiwari thought you will fail, Angoori says let it be, here is today’s money 50,000.
Angoori dancing and Vibhu in Arab attire.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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