Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update : Tiwari’s love for his granny.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari says Angoori these are dadis earrings she looked so pretty in it its her birthday today and i miss her a lot, Angoori says stop crying show me these earrings these are so pretty, Anu walks in and asks whats in this box, Tiwari says cheerishing old memories,Anu says its good this reminds we shouldn’t do past mistakes, Tiwari says I haven’t done any except i coukdnt take my dadi to chardham,Anu says calm down, Angoori says he loved his dadi a lot, Panditji walks in and hands tiwari a list, Anu asks oh dadis birthday party,im so happy to see this love. Vibhu at door standing and listening.

Tiwari shows Anu belongings of dadi and a dairy which has all her details, Anu asks what’s this,Tiwari says my dadi used to wear a wig, Pandit asks was she bald, tiwari says yes she was and so dadaji got her this and this reminds me of Angoori asks whoes this small dress is,tiwari says yes dadis,dadi loved Helen and even dadi used to perform Cabera dance and so dada got her this dress. vibhu decides throw a prank

Boys thrown out of house for not paying rent, tilu says he isnt our uncle to let us stay without rent, teeka says lets go to saxena,tilu says it’s better to stay on footpath. Gulfamkali driving and Hapu teaching her dashes boys.

Anu says vibhu tiwari loves a dadi so much, vibhu says may be she handed him all the wealth,anu says nit always greed and if this was so why would he remember her after death,vibhu says point, anu says anyways do you miss your dadi,vibhu says I don’t have much good experience with her, dada use to go to bars and bar dancer which turned dadi alcoholic and so mom kept us away. Anu says i could never see my dadi and you know my mama was missing my dadi and mamaji had dadis soul in her body and mama served mamji a lot,vibhu thinks thats a good idea for a prank.

Tiwari with dadis picture and says with your blessings,i am capable that i could arrange a pooja for you and so i will, Tiwari asks who all shall we invite, Angoori says first amaji, Tiwari thinks how shall i tell her ama and dadi never did well, Angoori asks what are you thinking, Tiwari says let’s not bother her, Angoori says what nonsense she has to be there, tiwari says okay call her, Angoori calls amaji, and says Tiwari will talk to you, Tiwari says i saw dadi i dreams and she asked me to arrange pooja for her and so will you come,amaji gets angry, and keeps the call.

Boys in hospital, Gupta says that was a bad accident, hapu says will they recover, and who was it,boys say its his mistake was enjoying with Gulfamkali in car, hapu says keep mum i will pay for your hospital, Gupta says arrange money we need to do some tests.

Pooja begins at Tiwari house. vibhu starts teasing tiwari. Tiwari gets upset,saxena says calm down why dont you narrate some story about dadi, Tiwari says once a robber entered our house dadi was changing clothes, dadi did whack him but he saw her in state only a husband can,and then they married actually it was ny dada who went to see her in disguise.

.pre cap: Vibhu starts acting werid, Gupta says the bettle nut he ate had her soul into it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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