Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu and anita at home. anita scolds vibhu for being jobless. Saxena hears this from out and says I like it and goes. At tea stall vibhu is there and saxena says why don’t you do a singing competition with anita and prove that you have some talent in you. Vibhu thinks over it. at home saxena tells this in front of vibhu anguri anita and Tiwari. Anita says okay and vibhu says okay too. Tiwari goes for anitas help in singing. Anguri goes to help vibhu. Vibhu says how do I sing well and I don’t even know how to sing better than anita. anguri says she has a plan and lets call Bollywood singer kumar shanu for help. There Tiwari tells anita that they will call Bollywood singer alka yagnik for help.
The competition is decided and the audience is called. The audience sit on street with chairs. Anguri and vibhu are in anguris balcony and Tiwari and anita in anitas balcony. The first chance is for vibhu to sing. Vibhu starts singing kaali kaali ankhein song. Vibhu is just lipsing and kumar shanu is singing from the bedroom. Anita hears this and says this vibhu sings very good and how do I defeat him? Tiwari says we have alka yagnik and Tiwari goes in bedroom and tells alka that please sing for anita and she will do lipsing. Alka says okay and then says this voice is like kumar shanu’s. Tiwari says no its vibhu singing. After vibhu is done, saxena says wow vibhu has sung very nice and the public say wow vibhu you sang well. Saxena says now its anitas chance. Tiwari says this vibhu sang very nice. Anita gets up and the song anita is singing is ek do teen. Alka is singing the song and anita is lipsing. Saxena hears the voice and flattered and says she sings well. Vibhu says she is singing very good. The public is dancing. Saxena says I like it. the song is done, everyone whistle and clap hands. Happu says wow anita you sang well. Vibhu claps and says bravo. Tiwari goes and thanks alka and says I am very grateful for this. Alka says you really support your Bhabhi. Tiwari says yes. There saxena says so the results now, the audience will decide. Tika and malkhan and some people say vibhu will win, happu slaps them, and says no anita will win. Saxena says the result is 50-50 so vibhu will sing again. Vibhu says okay I will just get ready, vibhu goes in bedroom. He tells kumar shanu that please sing one last song for me please. Kumar shanu says okay I will sing and go because you are married I will help you. Vibhu comes out and he starts lipsing, kumar shanu sings ye dil bhi kitne pagal hai. Saxena is impressed and vibhu dances with saxena. Anita says he sang well. People whistle and clap. There alka says to Tiwari this is 100% kumar shanu and I know it. Tiwari says are you sure? Alka says yes. Anita comes and starts lisping. Alka sings song kasam se. there kumar shanu tells anguri this voice is a little known. Anguri says yes its anitas. Kumar shanu says no I am sure its alka yagnik and I know it. anguri says this means cheating and I will go and check it. anguri goes. Anita sits after singing. There kumar shanu starts singing again and vibhu is lipsing. Then he stops. He says thank you. Tiwari comes and sees kumar shanu. Malkhan whistles. Vibhu sees Tiwari and kumar shanu. Tiwari is shocked.
There anguri comes and sees alka yagnik and anita is shocked.
In tiwaris house, everyone come. Anita says you cheated vibhu. Vibhu says as if you did not and even you cheated. Kumar shanu and alka yagnik say you both cheated. They say yes. Alka says its okay and don’t sing from now you both don’t sing because your singing is injurious to health. Everyone laugh and vibhu says yes that’s true. Anita and vibhu say but after all this we at least got to meet you and we both are big fans of yours. Anguri says me too I cant sleep without listening to kumar shanus voice but when I sleep again tiwaris snoring wakes me up. Tiwari says shut up. Everyone laugh. Vibhu says shanus voice is nice and even alkas songs are all hit. Vibhu says in singing is both your chemistry like this? Tiwari says even I need such a chemistry with Bhabhi. Vibhu looks at Tiwari, Tiwari says with your bhabhiji. Vibhu says even I want such a chemistry with Bhabhi, he says your Bhabhi. Anita says how many songs have you both sung together. Alka and kumar shanu say around 12,000 songs together. Alka says we sang together a lot and even had fights but we have a good chemistry.
Vibhu says if you sing a duet song it would be nice because your singing makes me remember my love. Vibhu looks at anguri, Tiwari says me too and looks at anita. kumar shanu says we will sing but dance with your loved ones. They say okay. Vibhu gets up and dances with anita and Tiwari and anguri dance. Kumar shanu and alka yagnik sing the song maine socha na tha. Vibhu and anita are dancing and Tiwari and anguri are dancing. Vibhu hits Tiwari while dancing and Tiwari hits vibhu. They all sit after the song.
Vibhu says to kumar shanu that is he ever forced to make coffee? Anita says are you directing this question for me? Vibhu says no don’t worry. Kumar shanu says no I am not forced to make coffee. Vibhu says I am and he knows a very dominating woman in his life who is his wife. Anita says excuse me I am very sweet. Vibhu says no you read the chant saheli magazine and trouble me. Kumar shanu and alka say what she does is right. Anita says I love both of you. Alka says she is very sweet.
Happu comes laughing and says I am very big fan of yours and after listening to your romantic songs I don’t know when I became dad of 9 kids and my wife is pregnant for 10th child. Happu says please sing just one song jeet gaye baba. Kumar says okay and says anguri will sing with me. Kumar shanu sings the song and anguri sings too. After the song is done tika and malkhan come. They say we are very huge fans of yours and we love your song chura ke dil mera and nowadays tease girls with that song. Kumar says you wont do that from now and I will sing that song with alka but everyone has to dance. Kumar and alka start singing and everyone dance. Tiwari beats tilu and happu too beats tilu. They all dance.

Precap: next Saturday: anguri says yes my old friend he has come. Vibhu is at door, anguri comes running to hug, vibhu thinks she is going to hug him but anguri goes back and meets actor ravi kishan. In bedroom ravi kishan is saying dialogue from his movie that he loves her a lot and can never stay away from you. Anguri says dialogue from the script that she loves him too. Vibhu is outside bedroom and thinks anguri is doing extra affair.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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