Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,manmohan tells vibhuti tat he has himself herd tat anita was talking to a boy named jasveer and vibhuti says tat wat nonsense and manmohan tells tat heherd anita was talking to jasveer saying him tat she loves him and also was giving kisses and vibhuti then says wat wrong have I done and then they go on a tea stall and both are having tea and manmohan says tat y did anita choose a boy from America there were boys here to and vibhuti asks wat does he mean and manmohan says I don’t know wat did she find in a boy from America and then vibhuti starts crying and comes saxena singing a song and haves tea and leaves singing a song and vibhuti gives him badwords and then he starts crying and manmohan too starts crying and vibhuti stops and asks him y is he crying and then manmohan says he is crying because he cant see u crying and again vibhuti starts crying thinking tat anita has cheated on him.
Vibhuti comes home and anita is siting in hall chatting on mobile and vibhuti starts romancing and says a shayari and anita says good and asks from whom did u copy and vibhuti then says tat lets go for a candle light dinner and anita rudely says its afternoon and people work at this time and u should also go and do some work and then vibhuti says tat then lets go for lunch and anita says tat she has some work and vibhuti asks wat work and anita says tat y should she tell u this and then he sits close to her and she says to vibhuti wats wrong with ur perfume and vibhuti says tat u used to like this so I applied and anita says tat now her favorite perfume has changed and so he should also change himself and leaves vibhuti is crying tat night he calls manmohan and tells tat now anita does not like his perfume and is crying and manmohan then tells him tat he should not worry as he will not let anita go anywhere and hungs up
Manmohan then says to himself wat have u done bhabhiji and is upset and then comes in anguri with a glass of milk and pan for manmohan and ask him to have it but when he looks a bit upset she asks him wats wrong and manmohan shouts at her to go and sleep and she jumps in to bed and tat night anita wakes up and checks if vibhuti is sleeping and calls him twice when he does not reply she hides in the blanket and calls jasveer and tells tat vibhuti is asleep and she canceled the plan of candle light dinner and will meet soon and vibhuti hears this and is crying.
Next day in rikshaw vibhuti tells manmohan to do something and save his marriage and manmohan suggests tat they should hire a goon so tat we could kill tat jasveer and vibhuti says we don’t want to do any kind of killing things and manmohan says we can hit him and then vibhuti asks where could we meet this goon and manmohan says tat only business man like he knows where can we meet these goons and they see a police taking away a goon and vibhuti asks who is police catching so early morning and manmohan sees him and says tat he is the goon we were going to meet.
Vibhuti is siting in rikshaw sad drinking from a bottole and manmohan comes and says to vibhuti is it water in the bottole or something else and vibhuti says tat u can mix poison in it and manmohan says wat a bad human being u are if u die like this no one will respect u and u should face this situation and two people are taking a man to hospital and comes panditji and says to them tat soon take him to hospital or he may die and manohan and vibhuti ask him wats the matter and pandit tells tat he was liking a wife of another person but that women run with some another person as she loved him and so he drank poison to kill himself and he then says tat keep ur wives safe and then vibhuti asks manmohan to go and check wat is anita doing and manmohan agrees and then vibhuti asks how is anguri and they leave manmohan rings the bell and anita opens door and asks him how come he here and he then tells tat he has one problem to solve and anita asks him wat and he asks how is her work going on and she tells its nice and she asks him to tell her his problem and manmohan tells tat his friend has a problem and he wants solution for it and tells tat his friend is like vibhuti and has beautifull wife like u and has a handsome neighbor like me and his wife is having an affair with some other man and anita asks him wat does her husband do and he says nothing and anita tells tat this is the problem as if he starst working his wife wont get attracted to any other man and manmohan says are u sure this will work and anita says definitely and manmohans says promise me and anita says tat y should I promise for ur friends wife and he says u r right
Vibhuti goes to meet anguri and anguri asks him how are u and he sasy tat he is not fine and tells tat his life has become like a boat in a river in which he was ridding has left him and in another boat where he wishes to be is been occupied by a mad person indicating manmohan but anguri doesn’t understands anything and says tat u were doing business of policy when did u start this business of boat and vibhuti says u wont understand my pain
While anitas phone rangs and she asks manmohan to wait for a while as this call is important and sasy stat she will bring tea for him and he sits and anita picks up the call and sasys hhi jasveer and manmohangets shocked and pain to hear it.

Vibhuti sees tat anita is not beside him at night and then manmohan is with him and he is very upset about it tat anita is not around.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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