Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Happu Arrests David for Harrassment.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu is dressed as a lady and standing at a lonely street. David is searching for Vibhu and see him dressed as a lady, he thinks that she is Mala and grabs Vibhu ( dressed as a lady ) tightly. She screams for help and Happu Singh shows up asks, whats wrong? Vibhu explains him the whole situation and says David attacked from behind. Happu Singh scolds David and takes him to Police station.

Mala, Bhure, Tiwari and Angoori are sitting together. Tiwari is making list of the the guests. Bhure asks Tiwari that who’s coming from colony? Angoori replies that they have really good relations with everybody…we should invite them all. Tiwari scolds Angoori and says then we should invite whole Kanpur. Bhure says, why not my sister is getting married and I am capable of arranging party for everyone. Master ji and Dr. Gupta comes says how’s the wedding going, because David got arrested.

David, Tillu and Malkhan are behind the bars. The constable asks them that are they the thugs of Modern Colony? Malkhan and Tillu starts to cuss him. David appreciates constable’s work and tells him that one day he will get the seat of Happu Singh. Constable gets overwhelmed and touches David’s feet. Constable thanks him and says that his mother use to say that people with dark face always tells the truth. David gets angry and also starts cursing him. Happu Singh walks in and tells David that he will never get promoted because of his  deeds. Bhure and Tiwari walks in. Bhure warns Happu and tells him to release David right now! Happu says that he cannot do that. Tiwari starts to cry and requests Happu to release David. Happu asks Tiwari why is he getting more emotional than Bhure? Bhure tells Tiwari to shut up and asks Happu if we can take bribe and release David. Happu says 5! Bhure gives him 500rs bill. Vibhu and Anu walks in and Happu sees them and starts acting if he wasn’t taking the bribe. Vibhu sees and also gives 100rs bill. Happu gets angry and tells Vibhu that he will never get sold for few rupees. Vibhu disagrees. Happu Singh says that David will not be released and will be in jail for a long time. Anu signals Happu and asks him, how much bribe will you gake to release David? Happu disagrees again. Again Bhure asks Happu how much will he take. The constable standing beside Happu asks Bhure, how much will he give? Happu shuts him up and tells everyone that now David has to complete his full jail time.

Commissioner, Tiwari, Mala, Bhure and Angoori are sitting together. Everyone is bantering over food, Bhure asks Commissioner can we talk about the main thing now? Commissioner agrees. Bhure asks Commissioner that if he can release David as he’s getting married with Mala. Commissioner says that he came to know that David is behind the bars, he has misbehaved with some lady. Bhure replies, THAT’S A LIE !. Commissioner replies that David is caught red handed. Bhure says that everyday many criminals are caught red handed but they all are released by some…trade. commissioner gets angry and asks Bhure if he’s trying to bribe him!? Bhure says no. Commissioner says that he cannot help them because he teased a woman. Tiwari and Angoori requests him. Mala also requests. Commisioner says that he can only give them liberty to get him home made food. Mala gets happy asks if she can meet him and sit with him? Commissioner agrees and says but he won’t be released.

Vibhu and Anu are laying on their bed. Anu starts to cry and Vibhu asks her why is she crying? Anu says that she is feeling sad because she ruined Vibhu and David relation. Vibhu consoles her and suggests her that they should tell everyone the truth. Anu says, no. and says that if they will tell the truth David will suffer a lot mentally. Vibhu asks Anu why is being Double faced. Anu gets even more broken-hearted and starts crying. Vibhu consoles her and goes to sleep.

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