Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update : Tiwari starts acting sensitive to impress Anita

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori, Tiwari, Anu and Vibhu together in Tiwari’s house. Tiwari start crying saying Vibhu made me think of my sheep Santo with whom I use to play many hours but one time a wolf attacked her whole night but Santo fought against him her horns were broken and she was covered full in blood. Vibhu gets uneasy after listening this. Anu says calm down and says to Tiwari why are you talking like this you know his blood pressure shoots up after listening sad things. Vibhu run away from Tiwari’s house. Anu and Vibhuti in there bedroom Anu says relax sit on bed. Vibhu says how can i relax everything thing is dizzy I think so my blood pressure is shooting. Anu says don’t think about that you didn’t told me how am I looking. Vibhu says you look like sheep, all I can see sheep. Anu says forget about sheep and look into my eyes and tell what do you see. Vibhu says I can see many things in your eyes, I can see sheep in your eyes. Anu says why are you loving that sheep come out of it. Vibhu says I’m trying my best to cone out of that sheep. Anu says its all my fault I shouldn’t have taken you for that dinner its all because of Tiwari, I’ll give you medicine and you will feel relaxed, now close your eyes I’ll make you meditate now think, feel its you your wife a beautiful scenery and I’m lying in your lap now look at me. Vibhu open his eyes and shouts and says when I open my eyes and sees in my lap it was sheep who was laying down in your clothes and was looking at me. Anu says it happens lets go to sleep. Vibhu says no I want to meditate come lie down again. Angoori gets angry and goes to her bed ask Tiwari what you did today and why were you doing. Tiwari says I didn’t ment to hurt anybody. Angoori says but you hurt Vibhu. Tiwari says I didn’t tried to hurt Vibhu and you know how emotional I’m. Angoori says I never saw you that emotional before, you were getting emotional time to time so I was feeling different. Tiwari says okay I accept it happen because of me now what should I do. Angoori says I’ll Vibhu and Anu on dinner again. Tiwari says good idea.

Helan, Saxena, TMT, Vibhu and Anu all sitting together in Vibhu’s house and laughing. Saxena says one more and start saying comic poem. Vibhu says ohh god Anu asks what happen. Vibhuti says please ask him to say something decent joke and create humour. Helan says I’ll tell something and start her joke. Vibhu says to TMT what’s there to laugh in this joke, says to Helan for god sake kids also don’t laugh on this story they also need something English humour. Anu says to Vibhu you are right. Helan says then why these three are laughing so much. Tillu says we are helpless. Teeka says we were making Vibhu feel relax. Vibhu says so tell some good humour. Saxena says I’ll tell you something its sarcasm of the day and mocks Vibhu. TMT start laughing Vibhuti gets up and slap them. Anu says what happen to you Vibhu, Anu shouts on them and says why did I called you guys to make him happy and Helan please upgrade your jokes. Helan says to Anu I was called specially in kitty parties to tell joke. Vibhuti says enough. Anu says now nobody will say anything and says to Vibhu I need to go for grooming classes I’ll be back, says to everyone please take care of him don’t trouble him and leaves. Vibhu says everybody freez.

Tiwari walking on street Anu going to her grooming classes on rickshaw and see Tiwari and stop by. Tiwari greets Anu. Anu says stop this hello hi and listing what am I saying please control your emotions someone else is getting hurt. Tiwari gets emotional and says sorry to Anu and start thinking what Anu said to Vibhu while scolding him for being emotionless and says to himself I know Anu you like emotional people. Prem and Masterji coming and Masterji shouting in pain says I cannot walk anymore. Tiwari asks what happen Masterji. Masterji says I got sprain. Tiwari gets emotional and start crying. Prem says shouts on Tiwari and says can’t a teacher can get sprain. Tiwari starts his mellow drama and start crying. Masterji says i got sprain but why are you crying. Anu says control your emotions. Tiwari says I cannot control and says to Masterji I’ll drop you to your house. Anu says to rickshaw wala let’s go they will see on there own. Masterji says pick me up, Tiwari and Prem shouts on him and leave.

Saxena, Helan, Vibhu and TMT sitting together and laughing. Vibhu says it was good Saxena. Teeka says to Helan now you tell some joke. Helan tells her joke. Vibhu says it was good. Saxena says I also want to tell a joke and tells his joke. Vibhu says it was too good now I’m feeling good. Angoori come and says hello everybody. TMT and Saxena greets Angoori. Helan says to Angoori come sit and tell us some joke. Angoori says I don’t know any joke and asks Vibhu how are you, you seem to be in good mood so come tonight for dinner. Vibhu says sure. Angoori says okay I’ll go now and leaves. Vibhuti says bye.

Tiwari sitting on dining table and says to himself how he will get emotional in front of Anu. Angoori come to Tiwari and says dont do anything and don’t say something which hurt Vibhu. Tiwari says okay I’ll not say anything I’ll be quite. Angoori says don’t be quite talk about politics, climate anything but don’t talk about your sheep. Anu and Tiwari come to house. Anu says why did you accept the invitation Tiwari says anything. Vibhu says to Anu don’t disturb me you know I’m patient of high blood pressure you are giving me stress.

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