Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update Vibhuti takes everyone to Chandera Gaon

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with vibhuti dreaming that he is walking in some mansion and a cobra is following him and as soon as he sees the cobra he starts running but the cobra bites him and he wakes up in fear and says to himself that I used to dream about it in my childhood but lately I’ve been dreaming about is more often lying but what is the reason behind it, thinking about it he falls asleep. The next day morning tikka malkhan and tillu are acting as Snake god and Angie was performing pooja and tiwari purposely touches the agarbathi to tikka and in anger tikka says that don’t forget I’m snake God now and if you go in search of real snake God you would get afraid after seeing him.Even anguri says that we have to serve and look after them this is what Pandora ramphal has instructed us and if you didn’t do it then just give me your mobile I’ll call ammaji and tell her. In anger he says wait don’t call I’ll give them milk to drink by the time happu Singh comes there and asks what was going on then anguri says that it is the work which was instructed to us by ammaji but happu Singh says that no need to feed them they are always gonna be beggars and goes from there.
There at Vibhuti’s house Vibhuti was resting on sofa by the time Prem comes there and he says that he has bought a new bungalow at a place 300km from Kanpur between the forest and he needed a worker to do some work. Hearing this Vibhuti’s gets furious and tells him to get out as he thought Prem was ordering him for the job. But Prem said not you but I need a contact of servant who used to work here. Vibhuti’s asks him what is the budget then Prem says about 60,000 but Vibhuti’s says I’ll do the work but I’ll take round about 70,000, Prem agrees to it and says as we have a deal done lets celebrate by drinking coffee but Vibhuti’s avoids him and sends him away.
Anguri while cooking is singing the song chandni and Vibhu comes there and says that the enjoyment to sing this song is only in the snowy areas like Switzerland. Anguri the says that she’ll tell tiwari to take her to Switzerland. Vibhu says it is way too costly for him. But I know a place which is around 20,000 and you can have fun over there hearing this tiwari refuses the offer and also tells anguri not to believe such people who have no work and them he takes anguri to the hall. At the tea stall tillu asks pandit about their horoscope and he says that you should not leave Kanpur for 40 days and if you leave you will go under great danger and he leaves. Vibhu comes there and offers them the package of 36,000 to clean the house while they were discussing that they shouldn’t leave Kanpur but agrees after hearing the offer.
○At night after dinner tiwari says today’s dinner was a delight so tell me whatever you want I’ll gift it to you. She says take me to Chandler gaon hearing this he says you should never listen to unemployed people like Vibhuti and then she too says in anger that yes you have been always telling me I’ll take you somewhere for holidays and always bluffs me wait I’ll tell ammaji. Tiwari says that go tell her what if I get loss in business, anguri says Im not going to complain because she is gonna come here as there is too much cold over there. Hearing it tiwari system no need to call I’ll take you to Chandra gaon. Happu Singh comes there and asks what about some holiday were they talking, anguri explains him all the details and tariff of the resort and he too aggressive to come and anguri tells him to bring his wife and 9 kids along with him but he says it’ll be a mess so let them be here. Tiwari says that he knows that he knew happu Singh wants to take gulfam with him. Happu Singh leaves from there in an expression of shock. The next day early morning everybody gather and decides whether to leave by bus or train and finally they decide to leave by train.

Everybody reaches chandera and asks Vibhuti about the guest house then he says I’ve so visited for the first time so let’s go and find.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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