Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th February 2019 Written Episode Update : Angoori signs film.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in kitchen upset, vibhu walks to her, and asks why is she upset is it because of tiwari denied, Angoori says yes,vibhu says throw him out, he treats you like a slave, Angoori says he didnt he gave me freedom, vibhu says freedom is what anu lives go see her, Angoori says its because you are scared of her, Vibhuti says anyways go call amaji she is your getway.

The man thanks boys, specially teeka for his idea and asks i will do anything,teeka says some cash,man says im a film financer, i put my money in films, but my astrologer suggested me not to open my firm in my name i will be in loss and i don’t have kids as im not married and today as teeka helped me you are the one i trust come with me,i will make you producer, Tilu malkan jealous.

Angoori says let me call

amaji, vibhu says let me, and calls amaji, amaji says shut up give it to Angoori, angoori greets her and tells her about film offer and Tiwari’s denial, amaji says same like his father, Angoori asks then, amaji says i couldn’t act in film but you will, Angoori excited says thank you.
Vibhu says look bhabhiji, Angoori says thank you.

Tiwari visits Anu and asks how did she fall, anu says vibhu he had spilled water and i slipped, Tiwari says this man is so irresponsible just throw him out,anu asks why are you here, Tiwari says just to give you good wishes, Anu says anyways vibhu isnt home go make me coffee like vibhu does without sugar and less milk, make it strong go now.

Hapu tilu and malkan having drinks at Gulfamkalis, she walks in, tilu asks why is hapu upset,she says because he is suspended, hapu says i know who told you,malkan says forget it let the performance begin. Gulfamkali says here you begin. Teeka walks in, and says stop it, Gulfamkali wow you look so handsome,teeka says Gulfamkali you no more have to dance you will be my personal secretary, she leaves with him excited.

Tiwari asks Angoori for tea, Angoori hands him tea,he asks are you upset,look he is fraud, Director walks in and asks what fruad did i do, saxena says you just insulted film industry calling him fraud, you are here to make her career,tiwari says she wont act, amaji walks to them, and starts scolding tiwari, vibhu supports amaji and angoori, amaji says its my final decision she will act,chadda says heres agreement papers, vibhu approaches him for role of hero, Chadda insults him.

Gulfamkali as secretary walks to teeka in his office, tilu malkan walk in, Gulfamkali asks them how can i help you,tilu and Malkan flirt with her,she says behave im secretary here,teeka comes talking on call, dealing in crores, tilu and malkan in awe, teeka asks her for days schedule and asks her to address him as sir she is a secretary now and doesnt work in bar

pre cap: angoori delivers dialouge in kanpuri accent.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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