Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th October 2021 Written Episode Update Saxena’s new business

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Anu reading Marriage counseling book, Vibhu playing loud music in balcony, Anu calls him, he doesn’t answer so she throws something on him, Vibhu asks whats wrong, Anu says our neighbours do have their own radio so lower the volume, Vibhu says its normal volume your ears are sensitive, Anu says is it and why are you so insensitive, I adjust so much with me, Vibhu says I should better sleep. Vibhu says dim the light, Anu says it is and adjust.

Angoori in her bedroom, sees towel on bed and gets angry, Tiwari walks in and asks whats wrong, Angoori throws towel on his face and says how many times I have told you not to put towel on bed, Tiwari gets angry, you can go put it to dry, Angoori says this is all I do, Tiwari lies down, Angoori says get up, Tiwari asks why, Angoori says because you ate samosa here, it will catch ants, Tiwari says I don’t see anything here, you just want to trouble me, Angoori says yes I have no other work.

Angoori in garden, Vibhu walks to her and greet her, compliment her, says you love nature a lot, Angoori says yes but first I love Tiwari a lot, and my granny use to say, Angoori have good garden take care of plants and as plants grow you and your husband relationship will grow too, Vibhu says what if some mad lover destroys your garden, Angoori says why will someone, and I am married now, Vibhu tries to explain, Angoori mocks him. Anu and Tiwari join them. Saxena joins them too and asks Anu and Angoori to bless him for his new venture, and says there are lot of divorces now, and the more the marriage is old, the more differences are there and I have researched that after 10 years, the marriage starts breaking and the term is 10 year itch, and how long you two are married, Tiwari and Vibhu say 10 years. Saxena says oh.

Vibhu gets Anu coffee, Anu says thank you, Vibhu says you like coffee first thing, Anu says good to know you remember, Vibhu says I had too, and why are you making cotton balls, Anu says this is to avoid your snoring at night, Vibhu says how concerned, Anu says honestly after Saxena told about 10 yr itch I am worried, Vibhu says don’t be.

Angoori asks Tiwari what is 10 yr itch, Tiwari says meaning husband wife separate after 10 yr. Angoori says you want to separate, I will call Amaji and she will straighten you up.

Vibhu says Anu, this is relationship so there will be differences, so lets do a thing we will go back 11 years when we started falling for eachother. Anu says oh right when we went dinner and you forgot money and had to wash utensils, Vibhu says now you wpuld literally sale me for one plate biryani.

Angoori says to Tiwari this means we don’t have to fight and tolerate eachother. Tiwari says now just see how I bring back the love, Tiwari gets angry after a sip of tea but controls and says there is no sugar in this, Angoori laughs and says have it as it is

TMT at tea stall, Master sees them and turns arou, TMT call him and say we heard you believe in donation, Master says yes, Tilu says give us 20,000/-, Master gets angry and leaves. Prem walks to them and says if you three don’t return my money in three days you will be my servant and leaves. Saxena asks whats wrong, TMT tell they loaned money from Prem and if they don’t return he will slave them. Saxena says may be past life karma and now I have new business as helping hand for all separated sad women, so if you find any woman help her with my number I will give her money from my association and leave, TMT say I have a plan.

Vibhu hearing loud music. Anu gets annoyed again, Anu says you like music a lot right, Vibhu says yes I love it, Anu says but I am feeling someone is hitting on my head, Vibhu says sad, Anu says but I won’t make you stop music and get you earphones, and you can hear music all day, Vibhu says so sweet, Anu says yes, Vibhu says now like a good husband even I am putting radio down, Anu says naughty boy I know the show is over and you are sleepy, Vibhu says yes but I love you, Anu says me too. Vibhu says lets switch off lights or the electricity bill will increase, Anu says no worries it os efficient.

Angoori walks in bedroom and sees towel on bed again and gets angry, but says I like one thing about you a lot, you never change, and oh wow so many designs on the bed, Tiwari says you have pretty hands, and they work well too and now bend your beautiful waist and go to terrace and dry the towel, Angoori says you praised me so much today, Tiwari says this is love.

Pre cap: Anu says you have so many other important works why will you remember my coffee. Vibhu says I love it when you taunt me.
Tiwari asks Angoori where are his papers, Angoori says I threw them

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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