Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Prem’s wife wear Anita’s saree

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu and Tiwari together in Anita’s house sitting in hall. Ani says to Tiwari right now you said it’s only one saree left, did you guft this saree first to Angoori and then gifting me. Tiwari says no I don’t behave like this and this is not Angooris taste she like something shiny. Anu says I like this saree and it has good detailing. Tiwari why not wear this saree, I want to see you in saree. Anu says sure and on that nite I’ll make coffee for you.

Angoori in kitchen waiting for Vibhu. Vibhu greets her. Angoori greet her back and says give me my cottage cheese. Vibhu says actually Prem give me few work to do because he is uneducated so I have to do his documentation work. Angoori says he is very close to your heart correct. Vibhu flirt with her and says tell me your poem. Angoori get’s excited and tell her poem. Prem walk in between and ask Vibhu to sit it’s something urgent and whisper my wife has demanded a saree of 75,000/-. Vibhu sit with him. Angoori says to Vibhu this is not fair Vibhu. Vibhu says I’ll see you later and they walk away.

Rusa says to TMT im so proud of you and now I can says very proudly that TMT are my friends. Gupta walks to them ask what are you talking. Malkhan says we were talking about breaking records. Teeka says I’ll break Murli record. Gupta ask what are you talking are you in cricket for just breaking. Teeka says in cricket everyone breaks record. Rusa says let’s play I wanna see you playing.

Vibhu says to Prem you are such a bad person never let me hear Angooris poem, what she will think about me. Prem says I don’t care at all for that, if I didn’t give her saree today then she will think of murdering me. Vibhu says it’s not big thing for you buy and give her saree. Prem says I don’t have time I have a meeting with few gamblers. Vibhu says guve me money I’ll buy. Prem says 75. Vibhu says okay I’ll buy.

TMT getting ready to play cricket. Teeka balling, Malkhan at fielding and Tillu at batting, Gupta and Rsua watching there game. Tillu hits the ball and it directly hit Masters face. Master scold Tillu. Malkhan says can’t you catch ball. Master says I’m not a player and is this place to place cricket go and play in ground. Gupta says to Master calm down we should cheer for them. Master says what do you want I should become cheer girl for them. Tillu and Malkhan mocks Master.

David sitting talking on phone with his wife on sharing a bed with women and apologies for bringing her hair removing cream, don’t worry I’ll bring, what do you want me to parcel right now and now you want 10,000/- rs, don’t worry I’ll send and stop threating me. Vibhu walks to David with coffee says I want to talk something important to you. David says I also want to talk something important because it’s related to will. Vibhu says okay first you say. David says I need 10,000/- rs please give me my wife is asking for because by mistake I brought her hair removal cream and now she is asking for money. Vibhu mocks David. David says tell me why do you want money. Vibhu mocks him. Anu walks to Vibhu and says see Tiwari gifted me a saree. Vibhu says this is not your standard at all. Anu says it’s very important and these kind of saree you can find in riyal families. Vibhu says I’m sorry but this is not your standard, give me I’ll give it to some beggar. Anu says stop it he gifted me and you will give this to a beggar, how cheap. David says he is out of his mind. Vibhu thinks I’ll take this saree any how.

Angoori knocks on bathroom door says what happen it’s been so long you are inside, you know I wrote a poem right now. Tiwari says I’m busy inside. Angoori says you haveto hear one piem. Tiwari says wait I’ll be out soon. Angoori says you are my husband, if you won’t hear my poem then who will, come out fast I’m waiting. Tiwari make his bed inside bathroom and go to sleep. Angoori waiting for Tiwari shouts come fast and she alse start feeling sleepy.

Anu in her bedroom. Vibhu walks to her says you look in good mood. Anu says don’t talk to me and answer me who am I to you. Vibhu says you are my wife. Anu ask then who is Prem. Vibhu says he is mu friend. Anu ask then who is more close to your heart. Vibhu says take story of Krishna, Sudhama was close to Krishna. Anu says this means Prem us close to your heart. Vibhu says I didn’t say like this, see you both are different and both of you cannot take eachothers place. Anu get’s angry says I don’t want to talk to you and she go to sleep. Vibhu wait for sometime and looks at Anu. Anu says listen when you get time from your friend then please message my leg. Vibhu says alright and start massaging her legs

Tiwari in bathroom sleeping, he wakes up says I think so it’s too late, Angoori might have slept, he come out if washroom and see her sleeping, he get in bed. Angoori wakes up and about to tell her poem. Tiwari says I have to go again and he walk inside.

Vibhu outside his house with gift, he recieve message from Prem says 75, Vibhu get’s irritated and try to walk away. Angoori calls Vibhu. Vibhuti get’s scared and says mom. Angoori ask why are you remembering your mom this late night. Vibhu says I’ll meet you later. Angoori says I have written a poem. Vibhu says sorry and he leaves.

David walking he see Pelu and ask him do you want to drive taxi in London. Prelu smiles at him. Angoori see David, she about to tell her poem but David jump inside house from window.

Next Morning. Angoori walks to Anita. Anu greet her and says I’ll get coffee for you. Angoori says I have written so many poem but nobody is ready to listen my poem, will you listen. Anu says yes tell me. Angoori about to tell poem but Sheela knocks on door. Anu ask her to come in and sit. Angoori greet Sheela. Sheela says it was passing by so thought of meeting you. Anu looks at her saree and says your saree is so beautiful and it looks familiar. Angoori says yes it looks familiar. Anu ask Sheela who gave you this saree. Sheela says my husband gifted me. Anu says actually same saree Tiwari gifted me yesterday. Sheela says Prem gifted me last night. Anu says same to same Tiwari gifted me. Sheela says so what there can be multiple saree with same design and I have more costly collection then yours. Angoori says that’s good but the topic is Tiwari got that saree from Jaipur and that was one of a kind. Anu says same Tiwari said to me. Tiwari walks in and greet everyone. Anu says good you are here and ask him to see saree isn’t that familiar. Tiwari looks at saree.


Tiwari and Vibhu drinking. Tiwari says Bhabhi is going New York please stop her. Vibhu says I won’t ket her go I have an idea.

Anu says to Tiwari my wedding anniversary is after 2 months. Tiwari says I want to show love by celebrating your anniversary two months before. Anu says I’ll come in party but there’s a catch. Tiwari says okay tell

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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